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"Special Assignment" : Part 11
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

When Susan and Jason got home the house was full of people. As the entered the living room from the garage they could hear a loud conversation. Jason recognized one of the voices - it was Petrova, the other voice was a man's voice that he had never heard before.

The voices where coming from the kitchen. Susan took Jason's hand, this was now a normal thing for both of them. The two walked into the kitchen. Jason Petrova and a strange man siting at the kitchen table. As both of them notice Susan and Jason their conversation stopped. "This is agent Moore", made the introduction Petrova. The man got up form behind the table. He was fairly large, at least 6'5", muscular. He looked to be in his late thirties.
Petrova continued: "He is assigned to be Mr. Downes, Mr. Robert Downes". "Rob, this is your wife Diane Downes and one of your daughters Alice". "Hello girls", said he, and smiled.
He then extended his arm toward Susan: "Nice to meet you, Diane". Susan shook his arm: "Same here. She smiled at him".
He then turned to Jason and said: "Hello Alice, nice to meet you to", and before Jason had a chance to protest he quickly picked him up.
Jason was not sure what to do. Did this guy not know that he was not a real girl, or was he just playing the role. Either way being held by him was even more embarrassing than all the things he has been through before.

Jason was about to let him have it, but just at that moment a little girl entered the kitchen. She looked to be not more than 5 years old.
"And there is my other little girl", said Rob and shifted Jason's weight to his right arm.
Then with his left arm he picked up the little kid. "I have already met Beth", said he turning to Susan.
"Now that the whole family is here let's see how you all look together", said Petrova. The big man with Jason and Beth in his arms walked toward Susan and she lovingly wrapped her hands around him.
Jason could feel the Rob muscles against his body, and that made him uncomfortable, but having Susan so near made things a little easier. Finally he just told himself that he could play along for a week. After all this was a career changing moment for him.
As Petrova admired the view, Jason could not help but wonder what would be next.