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"The Best Man" : Part 1
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

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Rob and I went to college together, in fact he was my roommate throughout the whole four years at Michigan. We where best friends. We looked out for each other as we dove into the party life of girls, beer and just pure college fun. We had some great times together. Even shared a girlfriend once, but through it all managed to stay friends. So it was no surprise to me, when Rob called me about a year ago and told me that he wanted me to be the best man at his wedding. We have been out of school for more than 2 years now. I went back to Sacramento, and got a job as an electrical engineer. He, on the other hand, was living it up in New York city. We kept in touch, mostly through email and an occasional phone conversation. I only saw each other few times, mostly when I was traveling through on a business trip. That is when I first met his wife to be - Alice. She seemed like a really fun girl - easy going and very cute. I was very happy for Rob, and was looking forward to participating in their wedding.

The wedding was scheduled for late august, and I started my preparation. As the best man I had a lot responsibility and seeing how I was on the opposite coast - I was a bit nervous. We spent a lot of time on the phone with both Rob and Alice. I have never really spoken to Alice before, and I found her to be a very pleasant person. I really liked her, and was very happy for Rob. She was smart and had a great sense of humor. During one of these conversations she mentioned her best friend Jennifer for the first time. She told me that Jennifer will be her maid of honor. "I am sure you two will hit it right off", said she. "Is she as hot as you are", joked I right back. That was the end of that. Alice asked me if it was ok to give Jennifer my number so that we can coordinate everything, obviously I did not mind.

About a week later my phone rang and I heard a very sexy female voice on the other end of the line: "Hi, may I speak to Jason". Over the past year I was not doing much socializing with women, mostly because my work was taking up so much of my time. So I was caught off guard. "This is Jason, who is this?". It was Jennifer. We had a short conversation, during which I could definitely feel that she was flirting with me. She explained who she was. We talked mostly about the upcoming event. She offered her help with setting up the arrangements, and we agreed to stay in touch. I have to admit, she had this deep sexy voice that kept me awake at night for the next few days. I also kept fantasizing of what she might look like. If she was anything like Alice I thought that this wedding might turn into something even more fun than I originally hoped for.

Over the next months I was very busy setting everything up, making sure that Rob's wedding would be well organized and fun. Jennifer and I spoke at least twice a week, squaring away the details of living arrangements guest arrival, order of events and of course the bachelor and bachelorette's parties. I also learned quite a bit about Jennifer. Turned out she was friends with Alice only a little over two years, but apparently the where very close. I was also very excited to find out that Jennifer worked at a gym in Manhattan as some sort of fitness instructor. Needless to say, that just played right along with my fantasy. I was already imagining her perfectly firm body (at least this is how I imagined a fitness instructor should look like).

Our first meeting took place on the day I arrived in New York city. It was exactly a week before the wedding. I figured that I needed a vacation from a crazy couple of month anyway, so I decided to arrive early and spend some time in the city. Also, I was secretly hoping that something might happened with Jennifer and I. And when Jennifer offered to pick me up at the airport I was feeling that maybe lady luck, who has not treated me too well when it came to women, was finally smiling at me.

So on a hot streaky sunday night in august I stepped off the plane at JFK Airport. As people slowly piled off the plane I have to admit I was a bit nervous about finally meeting Jennifer. Not that I was one of those guys that is not to sure of themselves, but I was also never known to be a lady killer. In fact I only had a few girlfriends in college and only one since, and I have not really been on a date over the past year. So, I was not surprised my palms where sweaty as I squeezed my bags and stepped into the airport building. Since the new security measure at the airports all over the country, there was nobody meeting the people arriving at the terminal, and I had about a ten minute walk from my terminal to the baggage carousel to calm down and prepare for the first meeting. As I made my way down amongst the tourists and business travelers I was trying to prepare myself for the worst: "If she turns out to be a pig - it is ok. You already like her as a person so maybe you could just be friends", as I was telling that to myself, obviously still hoping to find a model like sexy girl with a perfectly shaped body waiting for me.

Meanwhile my hand was getting a bit numb from the suitcase that I was carrying, I even thought to myself, that next time I should turn it in as baggage, instead of taking it with me on the plane. The walk from the terminal turned out to be longer that I hoped for. Finally as I came onto the escalator that would take me to the baggage carousel, which is where Jennifer and I agreed to meet I started scanning the crowd, looking for someone to match the image of Jennifer that I have created in my head.
Since it was a sunday night, the airport was almost empty, and there weren't that many people at the bottom floor. As I looked around one woman immediatly caught my eye. She stood out amongst all the other people around her. As the escalator slowly was lowering me toward her, I had plenty of time to study here. First of all I decided right away that she was absolutely stunning. She was wearing a black miniskirt that did not come down to more than a third way down from her belt to her knees, exposing her amazingly shapely long legs. She was also wearing a purplish or red sport top, that looked more like a bikini top. The woman had short pitch black hair, and as I inched toward her, pushed by an escalator I realized that this amazing beauty was waving to me. As I came closer and closer I suddenly realized that she was amazingly tall. In fact by the time the escalator had finally lowered me down to her eye level I realized that she was at least a foot taller than everyone around her.
As I stepped off the escalator, I was secretly hoping that this amazing beauty was Jennifer, in the next second my hopes came to life. I was standing right in front of her, realizing that she was by far the tallest woman I had ever had the pleasure or misfortune to stand next to. She was HUGE!

"Hello, so you must be Jason", her face was even prettier that the rest of her. I had to look way up to make eye contact.
"I am Jennifer, it is great to finally meet you! After talking to you on the phone for so long I feel like we are friends already", said she in that amazingly deep sexy voice that was driving me so crazy.
I was stunned. In shock. In all my dreams or fantasies I have never imagined Jennifer to be twice the size of any woman I have ever met, and four times more beautiful.
All of a sudden I felt like a little boy in school who is unable to talk to a girl he likes because he is so nervous. "Yeeees", managed to say I. That was all I could force myself to say at that point.
"You must be really tired", said she, explaining to both of us my strange behavior. "Six hours is a very long flight".
I was not tired, I was mesmerized. Mesmerized by this amazonian beauty standing in front of me, or should I say towering above me. Everything about her was huge. Her incredibly long and perfectly shaped legs, which were barely covered by the tightest miniskirt imaginable. Her surprisingly large for her slim and tall figure breasts, that protruded through her tiny top. Her unbelievably long fingers and giant feet. Everything about her was in such scale that I could not catch my breath just looking at her.
As I stood still in front of her, trying decide whether this was the best moment of my life or the worst, Jennifer must have though I was about to collapse.
"Poor guy", said she sympathetically, then bent down to me and padded my left cheek with her huge right palm.
I felt her huge fingers against my face and instantly got so turned on, I surprised myself.
"Let me help you with that", she reached over with her right hand for my suitcase.
Even thought the suitcase was incredibly heavy, and virtually had no feeling left in my right arm from carrying it through the entire airport, I was not about to let this girl who I just met embarrass me like that. "It's ok, I am fine, it is not heavy at all", said I. But that did not stop her, she leaned in even closer to me, and whispered in my ear: "Save your strength for later, we will need it".
I felt her left hand take the suitcase from me. I did not resist. I was drunkened by the closeness of her face, and her entire body. At that moment I was ready to give everything to her, not just some stupid suitcase.
As she pulled back, I felt her lips touch mu cheek. Was it an accident? I did not care I was too excited. "Gosh, it really is light", said she, while easily grabbing the suitcase that I had such a touch time with. "Do you have any luggage?". "No", said I. "Well, then lets get going", you need to get some rest.
We both walked toward the exit.
As she was walking next to me, she put her free hand (she had mu suitcase in one of her hands) around my shoulder. She was so tall, than when she did that my shoulder was just about even with her waist line, and seemed very natural. I could only imagine what she meant by that "saving your strength comment". Could she have possible been interested in me? This amazon beauty and me? the fact I had a vary busy week ahead of me did not even enter my mind. I kept imagining possible scenarios of me and Jennifer spending time together during the next week.
In addition to her incredible height and unmatched beauty, I noted to myself the ease with which she was carrying that suitcase which must have weighed a good 60 lbs. She was very strong. Probably stronger than anyone I have ever known.
I was dreaming about the fantasy like future, but the reality of what were to happened in the next week was far beyond anything I could have imagined. My life was about to be changed with out me having the slightest idea about it.
To be continued...
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