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"Happy Halloween" : Part 1
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

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It was a Saturday after the Halloween, and Jason and his mother were getting ready to go to a Halloween party. Jason did not often go to social parties together with his mom, but now that he was away in college and only saw her once per semester he decided to spend all his time with her. That is why he invited her to come to his friend's Halloween bash that evening.

Jason's mother, was a divorcee in her mid forties, but did not look it. She and Jason's father were divorced since Jason was 5, and Marie (that was her name) was what you would call a free-spirited woman. At first, right after the divorce, she decided to dedicate all of her time to bringing up Jason, and she did a superb job, but when Jason hit his teens she realized that he did not need as much of her time anymore. That is when she decided that it was time to start living again. Ever since that time there was always a man in her life, and sometime even more than one. She was a very attractive, tall woman, who despite her age managed to keep a near perfect figure and still turned heads anytime she went to any social event. So when Jason invited her to his Halloween party, she eagerly accepted the invitation.

Since the party required everyone to come in costume, both of them had to come up with something. Jason, who did not like the idea in the first place, took the easy way and simply got his old cowboy hat out of the attic. He also found an old pair of what looked like old-fashion boots, so that was his costume. He put all of it on rather quickly and decided to show it off to his mother. He was also eager to see what she would be wearing. But he was not prepared for what he saw when he walked into his mother's bedroom.

As he walked in and took one look, he just froze in his place.

Marie was dressed as some sort of a dominatrix or a fetishist. She had on a black-laced corset, a thong, and pair of fishnets that were held up by suspenders and garter belt. She was looking in the mirror and did not see Jason come in. He had never seen his mother with so little clothes on, and for the first time he realized that his mother had what must have been the hottest body of anyone he had ever seen.

As he stood there unable to make a sound, his mother noticed him, and without turning around asked him,
"So, what do you think?"

He did not know what to say.
"This is a little something I threw together out of some toys that I have collected over the years." She turned around with a gentle smile on her lips.

"Well don't just stand there, you can come in, I am almost done."
"You are not wearing THIS to the party are you?" asked Jason, but he already knew the answer.
"You bet I am! Why? Does it make you uncomfortable?"
This was the understatement of the century. It made him more than uncomfortable. Jason could not bear to look at his mother in that outfit.
"Are you kidding? You can not wear that! You look like a ..." Jason paused.
"Well, say it. Say it."
"Like a slut!" he finally yelled out.
That just made her laugh. "Yes, that is the idea, silly. Remember, it is Halloween."
What could he say to that? It was his idea to invite her to this party in the first place, now he would have to deal with it.
"OK OK, fine, you wear what you want. I will just stay on the other side of the room."

Suddenly Jason realized that his mother, who was a good few inches tall than him, seemed even taller than before. He looked down and saw the tallest pair of heels he had ever seen on anyone.

"Oh these! Aren't they great? I bought them just for tonight!"

"Hope you do not mind me being a bit taller than usual."
"Fine, fine, do whatever you want."
"OK, let me just get my coat and I am ready." She grabbed a bright red coat and threw it on.

Jason called a cab and 20 minutes later they stepped out of the cab in the downtown area. Jason's friend who was hosting the party had an amazing apartment, but the area it was in, left a lot to be desired. It was in an old warehouse remodeled for living space, so to get to it, they had to walk through a dark alley, and then across a small park. An unpleasant trip during daytime, but even worse at night.

It was around 10:00pm when mother and son made they way through an empty park. Suddenly they heard footsteps behind them.

Without saying a word to each other they started walking faster. The footsteps were still there.
"Do not look back," said Marie, with a nervous voice. But it was too late. Up ahead three figures stepped out from the shadows. Jason took a quick look back. There was a large man standing just a few feet behind them. They were trapped.

"Well, well, well, boys, look what we have here," he smiled, as he looked Marie up and down. "Looks like we lucked out tonight."

"Oh, I am planning to take more than just a wallet from this little bitch," said the other one as he moved toward Marie.

Jason decided that he needed to act fast to protect himself and his mother, quickly he jumped toward the guy closest to him, but the guy reacted, turned aside, and then threw a quick punch right into Jason's jaw.

Jason flew back from the punch as his mother tried to catch him.

The punch was so hard, that Jason was knocked out. His body hit the pavement like a sack of potatoes. Marie was now left alone with the four muggers.

"Not much of a guy you picked for yourself lady. Why don't I show what a real man feels like?" said the same guy, and grabbed his crotch.

Seeing that Jason was laying on the floor unconscious, Marie stepped over him and walked right up to the guy. She was now surrounded by four muggers.

"OK," she said, "I see that this is the only way." As she said that she started taking off her coat.
"That's better. Don't worry, you fuck all of us and we will let you live."

She took off her coat and threw it onto the floor. "Oh man, look at that," whistled the main guy. "You are smoking, I am going to enjoy fucking you." He moved toward Marie's now almost naked body.

"Just make sure you don't end up fucking yourself," replied Marie.
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