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"Internet Romance" : Part 1
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

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I remember how the whole thing started as if it was yesterday. In the middle of my freshman year at Springfield State I was spending a lot of time online. More specifically on icq, chatting with different women. I have never been good at picking up women in real life, but on the internet - it seemed easy. I had a bunch girls I could always talk to, all I had to do is turn on my computer. So whenever my roommates (I had two of them) weren't there all I would do is chat online.

One of the girls, or I should say women, I got along with particularly well was Kasandra, or Kas as she called herself. I was not even sure if it was her real name, but we talked fairly often. In fact, I would probably say that we were friends. I did not tell her much about myself, but I knew a lot about her. She was 41 years old, divorced, and had a daughter, who lived in New-York city. Kasandra worked in a gym, which she was a co-owner of. From our conversations, I knew that she had a pretty active sex life, as she often told me about her boyfriends, which she had plenty of. I guess she was not looking for a men permanently. I also knew that she was in a great shape, since she was teaching some aerobics classes at her gym. She also at some point mentioned that she worked out every day, and that she used to be a pro athlete in her youth. All and all I knew a lot about her, and she knew some things about me. We would talk few times a week. I would tell her about my life, she would share tings about hers.

Once, I was in a particularly bad mood, a girl I asked out on a date turned me down, I was complaining to Kasandra about the hardships of life as a college student. I said something like: "God, Kas, I am so tired to these immature college girls. I wish there was someone out there like you for me." To my grate surprise she said: "So, why don't we get together then?". I was not sure what to say, I was secretly hoping that someday I might meet her in real life, but since she never told me even what city she lives at, I always assumed it was out of the question. So I replied right away : "I would love too". That is how it started.

She asked me for my phone number, and next day we spoke on the phone. I heard for voice for the first time. I have to admit she had a very sexy voice, and knowing what I did about her life, I realized that she was a fun woman. Turned out that lived just an hour away form me, so we decided to meet that evening. She told me she would meet me at a bar in downtown, I wrote down the address and that was it.
Only after I hung up the phone did I realize what was happening. I was going on a date with a woman who I knew virtually nothing about, except that she was twice my age.

For the next few hours I was debating wether I should just not go, but eventually I talked myself into it. I was pretty excited. Knowing what I knew about Kasandra's sex life I could easily expect to end up in bed with her that night, and that prospect was amazing!

I borrowed my roommate's car, and drove into town. I stopped by a market on the way, and decided to buy flowers. I wanted to surprise her. If only I knew who was going to be surprised at the end.
At about 7:00pm, carrying a few roses, I walked into the little bar called Le Nozama. It was a cosy little bar with dim lights and comfortable atmosphere. It was virtually empty. I looked around and saw a woman sitting at the bar, chatting with bartender. I could not tell what she looked like. I was nervous.
It must have been her. I felt the blood rushing to my head, this was the moment. I walked toward the bar.
As I approached the woman, I saw that she was in amazing shape. She was wearing a short white dress that could barely cover her amazingly muscular body. Her biceps, her back, her arms, her thighs where solid muscle. I have never seen a woman that looked this strong. And in addition to that she was absolutely huge.
As I walked up to where she was sitting, she rose from her bar stool. I could not believe how tall she was. All this time talking online, she never told me what she looked like. I guess at the very beginning I did not ask, and then later it seemed inappropriate. Now, I felt like a complete idiot. I was standing next to her, unable to say anything, probably in shock from her apperance.
"You must be Jason", said she, and I felt the look of dissappointment on her face.
She was looking down on me fomr her incredibally height. "Y-y-yes", unwantingly reokied I.
"Well, it is nice to finally meet you, dear".
What I was feeling was hard to explain. On one hand, I was finally meeting the woman that I have been dreaming about, on the other, I was not sure on what to do next. I felt like I wanted to just turn and run away, but I got a gripp on myself.
"Yes, nice to meet you too Kas", said I.
"Well, what is it you got there. A flower?", she laughed, "Aren't you going to give it to me?"
"Of course", said I, "here"
Ijn reality, I could not thinki streight, I kept starring at he magnificent body, most of which was way above me.
She took the flower and we both sat down at the bar.
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