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"My Mother's Boss and Her Daughter" : Part 1
By Jason aka AmazonLOVE

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I was visiting my mom, during my spring break. I was going to school to a state school only about an hour away, but I did not come to visit that often.
It was my first sunday on vacation, and I wanted to go catchup with my hometown buddies that I haven't seen in a while, but my mom asked me to hang around after lunch.
She told me: "Jason, Would you mind staying home this afternoon. My manager and her daughter will be dropping by for a visit, and I really wanted you to meet them. The've heard so much about you."
- "Common mom" said I, "is this another one of those girls you are trying to set me up with?"
- "No honey, of course not."
- "I do not think you would want to go out with her anyway. It would just be silly."
I was not sure what that meant, but figured it was not important.
At about 1:00pm the door bell rang and my mom rushed to open the door. I had a feeling that I was stuck at home entertaining the guests. I guess if it was important my mom, I could stick around for a bit.
I was not thrilled by the idea of having to waste my precious vacation time, but I was willing to do it as a favor.
Mom opened the door, welcoming in the guests .Two women entered. One was about my mom's age, the other one much younger.
What I noticed right away was their size! They were very tall. My mom is not very tall (about 5'7"), a little taller than me, I must have taken after my dad in that department. However next to these women my mother looked tiny. I could tell that even from all the way across our living room.
Both of the women where at least a head taller than my mom. Which would put them at least 4 to 6" above me. I knew I was short, and I was used to having to be around people who were taller, but these two amazons made me a little uncomfortable.
While I was struggling to put on a brave face, all three women approached me.
They were both dressed very sexy. The older one had on a brown sweater and tight black pants. The younger one was wearing a tight, short sleeved T-shirt and a very short miniskirt, that ended just barely bellow her waistline not even half way to her knee.
Also, what cough my attention right away, where her tall black boots with a good size heel. Now, if I ever seen a girl who did not need to wear heels it was this giantess!
My mom made the introductions: "Ms. Waite this is my son Jason, the one you heard so much about. Jason this is Ms. Waite my boss and her daughter Jennifer"
Ms. Waite extended her arm and said "Nice to meet you Jason, I feel like already know you", she smiled. I was in shock.
Now that she was standing next to me I could tell that she must have been over 6' tall, because I had to look way up in order to make eye contact with her. She was huge!
In addition to that, she was absolutely beautiful. I figured she must have been around 40 or so, but she looked to be in excellent shape.
I could not help myself -- I was checking her out. I realized that I cannot be caught eating her with my eyes like that. So I turned to the daughter.
Oh man, she was even taller than the mother, and just as beautiful. Her face was picture perfect, and I noticed that I had to raise my eyes even higher to make eye contact.
I was completely dwarfed by her huge frame. All and all I felt like a little kid next to these two amazingly beautiful and even more amazingly tall women.
Conversation continued - Ms. Waite asked me something, but I could not comprehend the question as I was starring. Yes simply, uncontrollably starring at Jennifer. She was wearing a tight tank top, and her perfectly round and firm breasts where...
... where way out of my reach. Meanwhile, she was casually looking down at me from her incredible height. Her lips where bright red, and I knew that I would not forget them soon.
I finally forced myself to zoom back into the conversation. "Very nice to meet you Ms. Waite" said I, and even my voice sounded small to me.
This was very surreal to me. But, my mom, did not seem to notice anything strange about my behavior.
- "Please, lets sit down", she said with a smile. I could tell she was a bit nervous, I did not know what the arrangement was, but Ms. Waite must have been a pretty big manager at her company. I heard that things were not going very well, so maybe that is why my mother was not herself.
As she moved toward the sofa, my mom wave the guests to follow her. I turned and ended up right next to Jennifer gigantic body.
I could not help to compare my height to hers. I was about eye level with her belly button, which, by the way, was showing. According to my calculation she must have been at least 6'5" maybe even taller.
Ms. Waite turned to her daughter and said: "Honey, I need to talk to Bethany (that's my mother's name) for a few minuted, why don't you kids get acquainted with in the meanwhile. I will not be long."
While she was saying that, I caught myself, once again, admiring Ms. Waite's perfect curves. From the back she looked even more spectacular. I just could not help myself. Both the mother and the daughter were stunningly beautiful and amazingly large.
"Ok, no problem, mom", relayed the younger beauty and turned to me. She was humongous! Her beautiful, full red lips where so high up I would need a step ladder just to reach them, not that I would ever be lucky enough.
I have to say, I have never seen such an astonishing women in my entire life. I was both fascinated and completely freaked out. They were simply huge! And what Jennifer was wearing only made the whole thing worse.
Of course she seemed very relaxed, looking at me with the most amazing smile.
I was looking up at her, way up. Somewhere high above were her magnificent breasts, and somewhere even higher a pretties face I have ever seen. At least it seemed that way to me at that particular moment. I was breathing heavily and my hands felt sweaty. I was daydreaming...
While still in the daze, I realized she asked me a question.
- "I am sorry, say that again", mumbled I. - "What year are you in school?", repeated she, I had to make an effort to focus on the question.
It was a simple question, but my mind was elsewhere. I could not stop thinking about how amazing her ass looked in the yellow miniskirt she was wearing.
Finally I came to.
- "ehhhh... I am a Junior", said I, "you?"
- "Oh, me too, she laughed. What a coincidence". We went toward the sofa. - "Really, where at?", asked I.
I watched her tall, beautiful body land on the sofa. - "Springfield High", replied she, and looked directly at me.
Once again, I felt like a complete idiot. "You are still in highschool?" asked I, without thinking. "I didn't mean it in a bad way" - I tired to correct myself right away but it might have been too late. - "Oh, that's ok", smiled she, "a lot of guys think I am older than I am".
She looked amazing. And I had a tough time concentrating on our conversation. I also couldn't help thinking to myself that even though I was standing and she was sitting down we were pretty much talking face to face.
- "So you must be a junior at college then?..." - "Yes", said I. What, did she think I was still in highschool?
- "You really don't look like a college student."
I was not sure what she meant. Was it a reference to my looks, my height or maybe a compliment?
Then again, I did not really care. I was just starring at her. She must have been the sexiest woman I have ever see.
I wanted to keep talking to her. I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could, but it was not meant to be...
Both our mothers walked in from the kitchen. I noticed, that my mom was not happy. Ms. Waite said: "Jennifer, say goodbye to Jason, we need to be going."
I could not believe it. Just like that, they were leaving. Ms. Waite walked toward the door, I could tell the conversation she had with my mom was not a happy one.
While I was starring at Ms. Waite, Jen with one motion rose from the sofa, and I saw her beautiful eyes sail by me somewhere toward the sky. There wasn't much room between the sofa and a chair behind me.
I realized that I should have probably back up, but as I was just about to do so, Jen moved closer to me and gently put her gigantic left hand on my right shoulder. "I guess this is goodbye", said she, as if we were best friends for years.
At that point were standing very close to each other. Well, our bodies where, of course her face was at least a foot above my head, so all I could see where her beautiful breasts. And I have to say - the view from down there was amazing!
"y-y-yess, that's all" - was all I could muster, since the closeness of this amazon's body was making me crazy. I was not sure what she was doing, but she moved even closer. - "How about a goodbye hug little guy?" And as she said that she bent down to me.
She put her right hand under my left armpit and then, with her left palm she pushed my head right towards her body. Of course I did not resist.
At that moment I had an irresistable erge to kiss her, but her mother was in the room. Also, I probably would not be able to reach her face, even if I jumped, so I just embraced the moment.
We stood like that, locked in a hug for what seemed like forever. Finally I could not hold mysefl back any longer, and just gave in. I let my had push against her chest.
I was incrediablly turned on. Automatically, without even thinking about it, I wraped my right hand around her, and since she was so much taller than me my right hand ended up right on her ass. I could not hold myself back.
I felt the firmness of her ass, and that tunred me on even more. At that point, the fact that my mother, and her mother were in the room did not matter to me. All I could think about was this amazing amazonian butt.
We stood like that for what seemed like forever. My head on her chest, my hand on her ass. My entire body wrapped by her gigantic hands.
She did not let go, niether did I, this 'goodbye hug' was slowly turning into a makeout session, or at least that is what it felt like to me. Her beutiful amazonian body was so close to me, I simly could not resist. I wrapped my left arm around her neck.
I felt her gigantic left hand crip down my bottom and tightly gripp my butt. At that point I was so turned on, I could barely control myslef.
I am not sure what I though I was doing, but I raised my left leg of the ground and pushed onto her hip. Did I think I was going to hump her leg right here? I did not know what I was doing. Just the idea of her huge hip touching my leg felt amazing.
She leaned over even more, and our faces where finally close enough for me to smell her lipstick.
We made eye contact and I felt her gripp on my butt tighten. As she pulled me even closer to her, my right arm ended up between our bodies and I gave into the temptetion...
I gave her a kiss on her cheek. It was sensational.
As if in resposne to this gensture, I felt her body tighten up and without any visible effor she started to sreighten out. Streighten out with my ass tightly gripped in her humangous left hand.
I felt my second foot leave the floor - she was lifting me up. Not that it was that much of a shock. I must have been half her size, so it was like me lifting a 5 year old child.
I squized my right hand and to my surprise felt in it the firmmest brest I have ever touched in my entire life. It was absolutely spectacual. My mind was racing . The biggest most beutifu woman I have ever seen was lifting me up in my own livingroom.
Even though it seemed like hours had passed, the whole thing must have happened very quickly. Her mother seemed very pissed, yelled out: "Jen, how long does it take to say good bye. We need to go!"
Jen did not seem to hear her, beacuse my little body kept it's vertical movement. And I was loving it.
Jen, I said we need to go NOW!
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