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"Susan's Newborn" : Part 1
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE with help of Susan L.

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Jason opened his eyes slowly. Last thing he remembered was swirling to the right to avoid the big brown animal sitting in the middle of the road. He did not even get a chance to truly see what kind of an animal it was, all he remembered was his Toyota lousing control and the sound of tree branches braking around him. The car must have hit one of the big pine trees that were sparsely scattered around the road, because Jason remembered being thrown forward and then everything went dark.

As his eyes got used to the light he realized that he was laying on some sort of a bad or maybe a table in the middle of a small but very brightly lit room. Right next to the table stood a woman.

At first Jason thought that she was not real. She was huge. Everything about her was big. Jason himself was very short at 4'4" but next to this woman he seemed twice as small. She looked to be at least 7 feet tall.

Only then did Jason notice that he the only thing he was wearing were his underwear. He tired to get up, but his head was still spinning from being knocked out. Seeing his unsuccessful efforts to get up the large woman put her gigantic hand around Jason and with no effort whatsoever picked him up off the table.

Jason tried to say something, but he was still too weak.

His head started spinning faster and he lost consciousness again.

As the reality slowly slipped away he heard what seemed like a woman's voice singing. "Hush little baby don't you cry....

When he regained consciousness the whole thing seemed like a dream. He even wondered what a strange dreams he was having was, but when he opened his eyes he suddenly realized that it was not a dream. The strange woman was standing next to him with a big smile.

"Hello there cute", said the woman in a deep but very gentle voice.
"Hi", Jason sat up on what seemed to be a large table.

He took a good look at the woman in front of him. He tired to estimate how tall she was, but it was impossible since there was virtually nothing in the room to compare her size too. But it was obvious that she was larger than any person Jason has ever met. She also had a very beautiful face, with large brown eyes and very feminine features. "What happened to me? Where are my clothes?", finally asked Jason.
"Poor thing, you have do not even remember". She walked to the table, and put her left hand on the inside of Jason's thigh.

Her hand was so large that she easily wrapped her fingers around his leg.
"You were in an accident, your car got thrown off the road and you hit your had pretty bad. You spent the last few days in the hospital".
"Are we in the hospital now?", asked Jason.

"No baby, yesterday I took you home. This is my house".

As she said, she extended her right hand forward and slid it under Jason. She then easily lifted him off the table as if he was some sort of an infant.

"What are you doing! Stop that!", protested Jason, as he tried to free himself form this giantess' hands but she just laughed: "Shush, little one, don't make so much noise".

She was now holding him with one hand, like a toddler. Jason felt her gigantic squeezing on the inside of his thigh.

With her free hand the giantess turned Jason's head toward her.

He tired to resist, by grabbing her arm with both of his hands but could not even move it an inch.

He arm was so large in diameter, that Jason cold not even wrap his both hands around it.

As the woman started walking, carrying Jason in one hand like a helpless baby she began to explain:

"My name is Susan, and I will be taking care of you for a little while. Since you did not have health insurance, the hospital where I work could not keep you there any longer, but you were to weak to leave on your own, and I have volunteered to take care of you. So you will stay with me until you are can get back on your feet."

Seeing how there was no point trying to force himself free, Jason stopped resisting and tried to reason with the woman:
"Thank you for taking care of me, Susan, but I think I am fine now. You do not have to carry me around".
As if she did not hear what he said, Susan kept carried Jason out of the small room that they were in into a larger living room and then up the stairs. There they entered a large bedroom where Susan stopped and said to Jason:
"Mommy needs to change out of these clothes, so that she can give her baby a bath".
"I am not your baby", yelled out Jason, and made another attempt to free himself from her arms.
Susan did not even seem to notice his movements.

While holding Jason with her right hand she carefully unbuttoned her jacket.

She took off one side of it, she then passed Jason's little body from her right hand to her left hand and took off the jacket completely. She then returned Jason to her right hand as she went to hang the jacket.

With Susan's jacket removed Jason could see her humongous bra housing a pair a the biggest breasts he has ever seen.

All of a sudden Jason forgot all about his situation and just starred at these amazing curves of her body.
In the mean while, Susan finished hanging her jacket and proceeded to remove her skirt. She kicked aside her high heel, and unzipped the skirt zipper on her side.

Jason's entire body was now squeezed between Susan's right arm and right tit.

The Amazon slid the skirt down her legs and stepped out of it.

Jason was now pressed hard against her thigh and side with both of his hands squeezed by her grip.

The only part of his body that he could move was his head.

Susan dropped the skirt onto the floor and carried Jason into the bathroom while holding him her body with the right hand.

She was now wearing only bra and panties and Jason had a chance to admire her incredibly beautiful body.

She was perfectly proportioned everywhere, and if it was not for her gigantic size she could easily pass for a model of some kind.

There did not seem to be an ounce of fat on her body, every muscle was curvy and firm.

Susan turned on the water in the bath and said:
"Is my baby ready for his bath?"
"I am not your baby", protested Jason.
Once again, Susan ignored him, instead she walked toward the mirror and stood right in front of it. She then took both of Jason's legs with her right hand and both of his arms with her left hand and held him in front of her self so that Jason could see the reflection.

What Jason saw was a stunningly beautiful woman holding a tiny little man.

"You are a baby, and a very cute one", said Susan, as she admired the view in the mirror. Jason was ready to cry. He felt weak and helpless in the hand of this giantess.

His tiny body was no match for her huge frame.
"Well, I think the bath is ready", Susan walked over to the bathtub, and shut off the running water.

She held Jason like a toddle on her hip with her left hand as, she tried the water with her right hand.

He felt her huge thigh pushing against his crotch. There was nothing he could do, but to hang helplessly on her side.

"Perfect, let's get you undies off".
She put he right leg on the edge of the bathtub and set Jason atop her lap.

Grabbing both of his hand with her right palm she pulled him upward.

With her left hand she picked the waistband of his underwear and held it in place as she pulled his entire body up, leaving Jason's briefs in her left hand.

Jason looked down at his exposed penis, as he dangled from Susan's grip.

She looked down at his penis as well, with a smile. "I am glad to see that you are small all over", said she as she threw aside his underwear.

Poor Jason felt so embarrass being totally naked in front of this giant dream of a women.

She then placed him back down on her lap, face down.

As Jason tried to swing his arms to push her away, she caught them one by one and pulled both of his arms behind under her right palm that was holding Jason down.

He was now completely immobilized by Susan's one hand. As Jason's face pushed into Susan's hard stomach he realized that nothing he did could stop whatever it is this Amazon was going to do to him.

"Shhh, little one, no reason to cry, mommy is almost ready", said Susan, as she went to unhook the front of her bra with her left hand.

She then removed her bra and dropped it on the bathroom floor behind her. "Here, I mommy will be so much more comfortable this way". She pulled him back up and toward he humongous body. Jason could feel the warmth of her huge breasts and stomach.

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