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"Susan's Newborn" : Part 2
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE with help of Susan L.

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Then she gently laid him down in the tub. It was a large size tub. The sides of the tub were tall. If he had been allowed to stand up, they would still have been over his head. Sue just looked down at him with a warm smile. She started rubbing a gel all over his body; then all over his face and hair. Jason tried to stop her, but she was much too strong, and easily pushed his tiny arms out of the way, as if they were feathers.

Sitting down in the tub and looking up at Susan's gigantic body, Jason could not help staring at her gigantic breasts which were now hanging right above his head. It seemed as if each one of her bosoms was as big as his entire body.

Susan started to clean and wash him with a gentle wash-cloth. First she turned him over and started to wash his bum -  spreading his cheeks wide apart. She then started to gently clean his little anus. Jason felt totally helpless as she did so.

Then she rubbed the cloth up and down the backs of his legs, and then on his back. As she did this she gave him a gentle kiss. After telling him to relax, she said, "Mommy is going to make you feel all better." She then  turn him around and started to wash his front. As she did so, Jason noticed hair floating in the tub. Next she began to wash his pubic area, and he saw all the hair around his penis coming off. Poor Jason begged Sue to stop, but she just kept on washing him until she had his chest spotlessly clean. Then she started to wash his hair, and as she was doing so, Jason noticed even more falling hair.
"Oh God, not the hair on my head, please!" he cried.
"Its okay, my little one, mommy has just put enough in your hair to thin it out a bit, that's all. I don't want my baby to have a real thick head of hair. I am making it baby thin. It will be like a newborn baby's hair. Real fine, and thin enough to make you look even  cuter."

She then continued: "All the time you were at the hospital I was the one taking care of you. I was your nurse there; and now I am going to take good care of you here too. As far as I am concern you are mine now; I will dress you, feed you and care for you. You are going to be my little Jason," she just smiled as she said it.

She then picked Jason up out of the tub, and carried him back into the room on the first floor.

She sat him down on table and started to dry him off. All poor little Jason could do was sit there and let her do it. Sue looked down at him as she was drying him off.

She started to examine his naked little body. Her powerful hands feeling his chest and gently rubbing his helpless penis and balls. She smiled, and gave him another kiss on the forehead.

"Well,  how do you like your new room, sweetheart?" asked Sue as she snuggled his naked little body close to her. Only then did Jason notice a large baby's crib in the corner of the room.

Then she laid him down on the changing-table, on his tummy. The first thing Jason did was try to get up . But Sue gently placed her hand on his back, holding him down.

He tried to struggle, but it was no use -  she was much too strong.

Grabbing the baby lotion, she started to rub it all over his naked soft bottom. The look on Jason's face was a cross between enjoyment and embarrassment.

He felt so weak and helpless that all could do was just lay there, with his fingers close to his mouth, like a small child. He could feel her sprinkling baby powder all over his bottom, and her hands gently rubbing it in between his cheeks. After that, she gently turned him over, and began to do the same with the lotion and powder all over his crotch area. While she was doing this, she began to talk baby-talk to him in a gentle manner.

"You're mommy's cute little baby, huh sweetheart? Is mommy making you feel good honey? Yea, you like this, baby?"
All Jason could do was try to relax and take the treatment. Suddenly she grabbed his ankles and lifted them up, as she slid a diaper under his bottom.

Jason begged and pleaded with her not to diaper him; but she acted as if she could not understand him. She then placed the diaper under his bottom, folded it between his legs, and taped each side. She then bent over and giving him another kiss,  told him it was okay, and not to be afraid - and that she would protect him.

Then he saw her take hold of a pink one-piece outfit. He 'was going to look cute in this one' Susan told him, as she pulled it over his head and down his chest; she placed his arms in the sleeves, and stretched it over his crotch. Then 'snap' -  he was all done.

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