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"SUBstitute Teacher" : Part 1
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

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Jason was 23 year old, when he found himself unemployed with zero balance in his bank account and no real prospects for earning any money in any feasible future. He was just laid off from one of New York's major consulting companies that had fallen apart due to corruption and fraud that filled the executives, and along with 300 young professionals just like him that worked in his department, Jason ended up without a job. After hanging around NYC for three more months, and completely depleting his bank account, he had no choice but to move back to Connecticut, where he grew up.

He moved back into his parent's basement, a place that was his home for the four painful years of high school. The four years of "hell", as he had referred to it once he got to college. In high school Jason was not what you would call a "mister popular". He was a shy boy, whose small size and very insecure attitude did not earn him any points amongst his peers, especially girls his age. In fact there was not a single person guy or a girl from his high school graduating class, that he had kept in contact with since he left for college.

In college, Jason, had a chance to start from scratch, and he has had a fairly exciting social life there. With a few girls in the picture here and there, although none of the relationships, Jason finally felt that he had grown into a men and have forgotten all about his awful experiences of the past.

Now that Jason was back in his own room, some images from the past came back to him. The most vivid of which were the memories of Jenny Grant, Jason's first love, the girl who had caused him more tears and sleepless nights that once could possibly imagine. Her locker was right next to his, and from the day he first laid eyes on her, Jason developed the biggest crush of his life. The whole situation was hopeless from day one. Jenny was a tall and athletic blond beauty, with perfectly shaped body and big dark blue eyes, that were both seductive and innocent at the same time. Jenny was a basketball player, and she looked it. Even when both Jason and Jenny where still freshmen she already towered almost a foot over his tiny frame. By graduation time, Jenny shot up to in incredible 6'3", and thanks to her amazing basketball playing had won herself a full scholarship to one of the top schools somewhere in Midwest. Jason on the other hand, to his complete and utter dismay, did not grow much above his 4"6". During the entire four years of high school Jason was watching Jenny's popularity in school grow and every day she seemed more and more unreachable to his childish crush. In fact they have spoken on few occasions, most memorable of which was of course when Jenny walked up to him in the middle of the hallway and lifted him up off the floor, for what turned out to be a bet she and her girlfriends made. To date, that was the most embarrassing and humiliating experience in Jason's life. After the blond beauty easily held his tiny body above in the air for a few seconds, she set him back onto the floor and said: "Thanks, love, that was the easiest ten bucks I have ever made". She then turned and walked away as if nothing happened. As Jason heard light chuckle from the group of girls standing near by, he grabbed his stuff and ran straight home. That was the last time he spoke with Jenny Grant…

Now, some years later, as he moved his things into his new old room, Jason could not help but wonder what became of Jenny Grant, his first high school crush.

After being home for a few weeks, Jason started to look for work in his town, but much like in the city, there were virtually no jobs, even for someone with a college education. Finally, after few more weeks, Jason found an opening in the local elementary school as a substitute teacher. It did not pay much, but the hours were very good, and even though it was just a temporary solution, he figured this would be a good way to get back into working, while economy improves.

There must have been quite a shortage of teachers, because two days after his first interview, school's principal, Mrs. Robertson, called him to tell him that he has the job and that he could start that Monday.

Jason was never particularly good with kids. Being only 23 himself, he did not consider himself completely an adult yet, so obviously he was quite nervous about becoming a teacher, even a substitute one.

His first day, he dressed up in a nice dark suite and at exactly 7:30 in the morning he knocked on Mrs. Robertson's door. Mrs. Robertson was one of those people that just look like there were always meant to be schoolteachers. She was in her mid 50s, not very tall (although taller than Jason) Her calm voice and positive demeanor seem to put everyone at ease, yet demanded respect from everyone around her. She was a perfect schoolteacher, at least as far as Jason was concerned.

"Well, Jason, come with me, I will introduce you to your first class". Mrs. Robertson walked Jason through the maze of the school building, until they stopped in front of the closed door with a small window in it. Jason could hear the commotion behind the closed doors, and he could see kids running around. "Well, are you ready to become a teacher, Jason", asked Mrs. Robertson, with a smile, and before Jason could answer she pushed the door and they walked into a brightly lit large room with about twenty kids spread out through the entire space.

"Settle down, please", raised her voice Mrs. Robertson, and the kids obediently took their seats. This was 6th grade and most of the kids must have been around eleven years old. Jason was hoping for a younger class, but this is what he was picked for.

"Kids, this is Mr. Jason, he will be your teacher for the next few weeks, while Ms. Green is out sick". The kid's looked puzzled. Obviously Jason's small size had thrown them off, and they had a tough time viewing him as their new teacher. "Well, let's say hello to Mr. Jason, all together: Hello Mr. Jason".

Mrs. Robertson turned to Jason with a smile: "They are all yours. You will find all you need on right here", she handed him a thick stack of papers and folders with schedules and lesson plans. "Good luck". And just like that she walked out the door.

Jason was left one on one with the kids. As the day went on he felt more and more comfortable in his new role. The kids seemed to have responded well to him, with the exception of a couple of girls in the back row in his last class. During the entire time the girls would not pay much attention to Jason. They kept talking and giggling amongst themselves, with occasional stairs in his direction. He probably should have said something right away, but Jason did not want to get on any of the kid's bad side from day one, so he just let it slide.

After last class, as the kids were leaving for the day, Jason was quite pleased with himself. It seemed that the first day as a teacher went pretty well. As the kids piled out of the room, Jason could not help but notice one of the three girls in the back row.

Even though she must not have been older than eleven or at most twelve it was obvious that she was an early bloomer. Unlike most of the kids in her class, her body was already a body of a woman, fully proportioned and incredibly appealing.

Even from all the way across the classroom Jason could tell that the girl was unusually tall. At first he could not quite understand why she seemed so familiar to him, but then he realized that she looked just like Jenny Grant, Jason's high school crush.

Jason thought to himself that the blond girl must have been Jenny's younger sister. He quickly pulled out the class list and skimmed through the names. Sure enough, there was a Diane Grant in the list. In the meanwhile the girl grabbed her backpack and started walking toward the door. She had on a very short dress, and Jason could not help himself but stair at her legs and ass as she passed his desk.

He was disgusted with himself, but the girl did not look like a kid – she looked like a young woman.

Suddenly, she stopped and turned to Jason. He quickly lifted his eyes toward her face, unsure whether the girl noticed exactly at what he was starring.

She obviously did, or at least acted as if she did. She did not say anything. She was just standing and looking at Jason.

He had to say something to save the situation: "Are you Diane Grant?" asked he.
"How did you know that?", asked the girl and stepped toward Jason.
"I think I know your sister", replied he.

Diane was now standing right next to his chair. She was very tall for her age. Perhaps as tall as her sister was in high school. Jason got up from his chair, but the eleven year old still dwarfed him by almost a foot.

Suddenly the awful memories of Jenny and his humiliation in front of her came flooding back into Jason's mind, except now he was a teacher standing next to his student. But strangely the feeling was the same.

"Really", Diane dropped her backpack on the floor by her feet, and took another step toward Jason. There now was less than a few inches between them and Jason had to look up to see her face.

"Is that why, Jason, you were starring at my ass?"
She said it in such voice and manner, as if she was the teacher and he was her student. Suddenly Jason felt intimidated by this eleven year old. He mumbled something incoherent, and lowered his eyes to the floor.

He could barely feel his legs under him as his knees buckled slightly.
"I do not think the principal would like it if I reported that you were looking at me that way", the tall girl was fully in control of the situation.

Jason did not know what to say. Suddenly the classroom door opened and another girl's head popped in.
"Di, are you coming?"
"Be right there", yelled out Diane. For a second situation got back to normal, and Jason thought that he was overreacting.

"Ok, hurry up", the girl's head disappeared.
As soon as they were alone again, Diane pushed Jason's head up by his chin until he was again looking her directly in the eyes and leaning in so close to him.

He could feel the warmth of her breath, whispered: "You are mine now".

She then casually bent down, picked up her backpack and walked out of the classroom with out turning her head.

As Jason watched the stunning sexy confident woman walk away he could not believe that she was only eleven. And that he had gotten himself into a real mess.
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