By Jazzmon

  Allen gave me one of his boyish grins while running his
eyes up and down my sleek body. He slowly Outline it tracing every inch of
muscle with his eyes. The excitement in his eyes made me feel very
sensual sitting in his car without a stitch on.
I smile at him as I slowly lift the silk shirt that he handed me earlier.
I throw it slowly around my wide shoulders while leaning forward.
Taking my left arm and slipping it through the sleeves. Never taking my
eyes off him purring like a vicious cat studying her prey. Than taking my
right arm and slipping it through the sleeves of the shirt using my
left hand as if it was a big paw. Gently clawing, stroking and caressing
his leg while pulling the material of the shirt around my flawless body.

The silk shirt against my flesh felt so soft and wonderful. At that
moment my body became more aware of the mood. A cool rush of air from
the car air conditioning made me shiver. For the first time I became aware
of my surroundings.
While pulling into the Ramada Inn I quickly slip on my heels, sliding my
hands from my insteps across my calves then my thighs teasing Allen, as I
pretend not to see him watching me. The doorman opens the door of the
car and stepped back with a grin on his face. As I look down I notice my
shirt was not button only wrapped around my body showing off the
enormous size of my breast.
Before I have a change to look up Allen is standing between the doorman
and me with my travel bag in his hand. He reaches for my arm as I
gracefully hand it to him. Smile and wink at the doorman as we
stroll pass him entering the hotel. As we past the front desk
all eyes are on us. People whispering about the attire I have on and my
shapely thighs. I wonder if I would ever get use to people staring at
me. Allen stand aside allowing me to pass him as we enter the
elevator and push the button for the 10th floor. Gently, stroking his arm
and lightly brushing against his face with mine, while purring like a cat.
as I lick the inside of his right ear. The elevator passed the 5th floor

 and came to a rest at the 6th.  The doors open and an elderly couple

enters with smiles on their face recognizing the passion we shared.

It reminded them of their teenage years. The elevator is stopping at

 the 8th floor. The couple exit leaving us to ourselves. I push the close

door button then the stop button. Quickly and gracefully I use my

weight to thrust upward and buried my fist into Allen tummy.  Without

hesitation.  I quickly but gently take him into my arms while whispering

in his right ear as I take my breath in small gasps! "Jazzmon
here! There is nothing to worry about. Hold me tight and the pain will
go away." His arms instantly grip my ti
ny waist, squeezing it.
I slowly step toward the door while continuing to hold Allen and push
the button. The elevator began to move while I lick his neck, rub
my body against his purring like a cat wanting to have her fur stroked.

 I  Whisper into his ear while continuing to stroke his arms with his
body pressed up against mine. I could feel his excitement against the
front of my thigh. The elevator comes to a roaring stop on the 10th
floor. I quickly but gently swept him into my arms carrying him to the
door of our suite. He inserts key into the lock as I push the door
open with my right foot. I carefully carry him over to the bed and lie him down.

Look down at this gorgeous man with a grin on my face. Allen look so handsome
laying on the bed even thou, he had an expression of pain on his face.
"Allen I have to leave you for a moment. I left my bag on the
elevator. I got so excited from punching you in your belly I forgotten
With a nod of approval from him. I began to look for my bag. The
elevator is on its way up. The door opens and out steps the doorman with
my bag and a big grin on his face. "Thank you honey" as I handed him his
tip. He grabs my hand and would not let go. "Is
something wrong? May I have my hand back?" He attempts to pull me toward
him not realizing how dangerous this could be.. Not wanting t
o break a nail.

I did not resist. I allow him to pull me within punching range as I
Thrust forward with a left uppercut, which immediately causes him to
release my hand. A right and quick left punch to his soft belly while
forgetting I am wearing one of Allen silk shirts. I place my hands
on his shoulder and push him into position executing a perfect right
hook then a left cross knocking out some of his teeth. "Where is the
ice machine honey? You are going to need ice. You do know that don't you?"

After returning to the room finding Allen in the shower. I hurried out for ice trying to

return before he finished showering. Allen waiting patiently in the shower allowing

the water to run down his face.  "Hon I found my bag!"  I unbutton the silk shirt allowing

 it to drop to the floor of the bath.  Surprising him as I stepped into the tub along

 beside him. I am so excited I could feel the wetness building again.

As I slowly reach towards him grabbing him by his waist pulling his body toward mines. Feeling the warmth of his body I began to purr."" Oh Allen." As my chest began
to heave up and down. I could not control myself. Savagely, I pick him up throwing

 him across my back, carrying him to the sofa and sit him down gently while breathing
heavily into his right ear as I whisper sweet nothings in it. I stroke
his neck with my nails as I Caress and lick his neck. As I stroke his
right arm with my left hand. At this moment his manhood is very noticeable. He
strokes my biceps as I run my right hand down the center of his chest. My
wet thick red lips brushing across his jaw coming to a stop as they made
contact with his. Slowly and softly pressing our lips together. Our
tongues embrace one another with flicking touches while taking turns, gently
entering one another mouth. As I drop my hands to his tummy. I whisper in
his ear "Would you allow me to stroke your tummy? Will you permit me to

release your belt buckle."  I drop my hands on the
buckle or his belt. He allows me to gently tug at it. "Permit me to
stroke you
r right thigh." He starts to breathe heavily as he runs his lips
up my bicep and around my shoulder to my now hard nipple
causing, goose bumps to emerge over every inch of my body.
I carefully release his belt buckle.  I undo the button on his pants
causing them to drop to his ankles.
I continue to purr in his ear once more. I run my hands around the band of
his shorts slowly, inserting them inside. Suddenly, a loud knock came from the
I slowly release the hold I have on him and proceed to walk toward
the door when it opens. The doorman enters ou
r room looking as if a train
had hit him. I am going make sure that he would think twice, before walking in a

any guest room without being invited. Quick as lightening I sink my fist deep

 into his large potbelly. Without hesitation he immediately grabs his stomach.

Eyes opening wide causing to bulge like the headlights of a

 Volkswagen. At the same instant spraying vomit and blood over himself

as he drops to his knees. I step in closer taking my left hand pushing him

 in position by his right shoulder in an almost upright position and quickly

landing a right uppercut to his double chin causing his head to fly backward.

Then a left cross. His head fly to his left. At the same time teeth

 and blood emerge from his open mouth  "I'm not finished with you.

 What is the matter?  You seem to be having a hard time standing."

I grab him by the neck with my left hand, step back at the same instant and

release the hold I have on his neck. I execute a right jab to his
left eye causing it to instantly swell as he stumbles backward. I take
4 steps toward him grabbing him by his bloody shirt to keep him from
falling. As he cried out in pain asking me to have mercy on him which I
have no intention of giving him.   I throw a left hook and miss.  My fist 
land next to his right eye. The punch was so powerful it opens a 5-inch
cut next to his right eye causing blood to flow out of it. The blood is
flowing freely. It looks as if someone turned on a faucet. The doorman
stumbled back grabbing his eye and lean forward at the same instant.
I didn't noticing Allen standing in the corner with his arms crossed.

 I leap at the bloody fool that was standing in front of me holding

his eye trying to control the flow of blood. I forcefully ram my body

 into his causing him to lose his balance as his body began to fall


(If I may say so myself.) A perfect belly punch so swiftly and gracefully

done.  It taking him a minute or two to realize what's happening as he

 throws up blood and his dinner. What a mess he is making.

 By this time Allen's at the door opening it wide
enough for me to knock the doorman into the hall with an uppercut.

(That's the last call.) His limp body hits the floor losing
consciousness. Allen calls the front desk telling them that ou
r room isn't

 up to par and we needed a different suite.
As we step through the doorway I look down at the unconscious doorman.
I began dumping ice from the ice buckle onto his swollen face. While reacting to the
cold water and ice he tries to get up as he cries out at the same instant

 that he could not see.
. "Of course, you can't see honey.  Both of your eyes are swollen shut.

I had to teach you a lesson. No hard feelings, is there?" You needed to

be taught the correct way to enter a guest room.
The three or us know that you will be a little more professional when

it comes to dealing with the guest. Isn't that right?" His eyes is bruised

so badly. For a half of second I felt pity for him. I throw my head back

searching for Allen.  Allen isn't far away.  I extend my right hand toward him.

 He takes it and pulls me towards him as he whisper in my ear how much he cares.

.We quickly decided to go for a drink.