Another Adventure

I always seem to be rushing whenever it comes to meeting with Allen. Today was no different. It seems that something always goes wrong whenever we decide to meet. I'm leaving early today. We will meet at our favorite hotel. He checked in last night. I agreed to meet him around noon. I promised my sister that I would pick up a bag of dog food and drop it off before going to meet with Allen. I backed out of my driveway, taking the time to look behind me as I placed my foot on the gas pedal. I slowly backed onto the street. So far so good. I live on a very busy street. The cars are always speeding past my house. I moved here when it was only two lanes. Now it is a 4 lane highway. I had given my dog to my sister, out of fear she may break away from me as I walked her and run into the streets. Then, some idiot was speeding along the highway and ran her over as she tried to cross the street. Of course it would be months before that person would be able to get behind the wheel of a car again. That is if I caught him or her. But, that wouldn't bring my pet back.

Taking a look behind me after hearing the horn of a car, I almost hit a blue van in front of me. The driver of the van began to slam on his brakes succeeding in missing the car that cut him off. The van began to skid onto the wet grass. I hit my brakes to miss the car which skidded into the lane in front of me. That car was trying to avoid hitting the car in front of it. One driver almost caused a four car collision. After jumping out of my car to see if the driver in the van was ok. I continued on. As I pulled into the parking lot I noticed the car that caused the earlier incident. It was a black dodge with dark tinted windows. The tint on the windows was too dark to tell if anyone was inside until I heard a male voice say "Hi honey come over here for a minute". Of course I ignored the voice and went into the store. A few moments later, I noticed a tall man getting in the car from the door on the passenger side. Grabbing a basket and walking down the aisle for pets, taking a 50lb bag of dog food off the shelf and throwing it into my basket I headed for the checkout. After paying for my purchase I exited the store. Out of the corner of my eyes I thought I saw the dodge waiting across the parking lot. After placing the dog food into the trunk of my car, I was on my way. After stopping, then taking a right onto the main street I got onto the ramp going North on I-95. As I pulled onto the Interstate a Dodge raced around me blowing its' horn. I was thinking about Allen and my meeting today and didn't realize at the time, the car that pulled around me on the ramp was the same car in the parking lot. Getting into the left lane I assumed a speed of 80 mph. I love to drive fast. It was a rush for me. I dared not drive any faster it's the end of the month. The Palm Beach County cops are always on the interstate this time of the month, trying to make their quotas by writing speeding tickets. I passed the Dodge that pulled around me earlier. I had two exits to go before getting off the Interstate. As I exited I took a look at my watch. I was running late. The light at the bottom of the ramp was red turning green as I approached it. The next corner is my sister's home. While pulling into my sister's driveway, the Dodge appeared out of nowhere. The occupants of the car were yelling as they passed. Flying around the corner causing the wheels of the car to cry out. My sister was standing at the door as I got out of the car. Greeting her as I took the dog food out of the trunk, I heard the squeak or tires. It was the two idiots in the Dodge again. All I wanted to do today was to drop off the dog food and meet with Allen. Nothing more and nothing less. I entered the house with the dog food, placing it on the table. I took time to play with my nephews and the dog before leaving.

I thought that it would be best for me to get back on the Interstate just in case the guys in the Dodge decided to follow me. I could speed up fast enough to lose them. I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that I had not seen the end of them. I exited on Yamato Road going east, towards the beach. I continued down Yamato for a mile or so coming to a light which suddenly turned red. For a moment I could only hear the radio playing. Then, the sounds of tires spinning as they are trying to stop. Then, a loud BANG! The Dodge rear-ended me, knocking my car into the center of the intersection, causing cars to swirl around me and run off the street onto the grass. This will make me more than an hour late. It would take the cops a half or hour to an hour to get here and no telling how long to take the report. I was really angry as I got out of my car. The car that was on my right at the light pulled to the side of the road to help. She handed me her mobile phone to call the law. I also called my sister. I couldn't remember the number of the hotel where Allen was waiting. I was sure that she would notify him as to my being little later then planned. I hurriedly call her back and ask her to not tell him about the accident. More than likely I would have to return home and change my clothing before continuing onto the hotel. After giving the phone back to its owner I walked toward the Dodge. The door of the car opened from the passenger side. A hand with a can of beer in it came into view. As I stepped around the front of the car, the driver got out. A tall 6'1 man wearing a torn shirt and jeans with his belly hanging over his belt buckle. He began to yell at me. "Lady don't start any shit. I am having a bad day!" He yell as I spoke.

"Did you hear what I said Bitch?" He couldn't have pissed me off anymore than I already was! He turned to speak to his buddy who finally fell out of the car in a drunken stupor. I began to swing upward planting my right fist into his tummy causing him to puke and his eyes to bulge as he grabbed his belly by wrapping his arms around it and dropped to his knees. I said to him "Not yet buddy" while taking him by the collar of his shirt and pulling him to his feet , then slamming another punch to his belly with the rock hard fist of my left hand. By this time his buddy came flying over in a drunken state. He was yelling "You can't do that to Jim!" It didn't take much for him. I side stepped him tripping him at the same time. Jim the guy I wailed in the stomach went down for a second time throwing up beer and something red while falling into his own puke. His friend stumbled to the ground. He was having a real problem trying to get back on his feet which means he was no threat to me. Now I turned my attention to Jim. He was still on the ground holding his oversize gut, moaning. I walked over to him saying "You need some help up hon?" He threw up his arms out of protest. "NO! NO!" he yelled as I bent over and pulled him to his feet. I took him by his neck and lifted him 3 feet off the ground. I released him as I drew back my left fist as his feet hit the ground. My powerful left hook, smashed his nose. "UHHHHHHHHHHH!" is the sound that came from his mouth as the cartilage proceeded to give the right of way to my iron clad fist. His eyes closed immediately as tears rolled down his cheeks. Blood and mucus began to flow out of his nose as he quickly covered it with his hands. As he stood there with his pot belly protruding , looking as if it's begging to be hit again. I felt a explosion within my body at the same instant my inner thighs became wet. "Wow that felt good!" I yelled as I turn to approach my second attacker as he made it to his feet. As I walked towards him he ran to the car jumping in slamming and locking the door on the passenger side, forgetting to lock it the driver's door. Jim got smart and tried to follow suit but, was too slow. As he reached to open the door of the car he ran right into my left fist BAM! It not only slowed him down more but causeed him to go to his knees once more. This time he was dispensing blood with puke all over the ground with some of it spotting my white tights. "You really know how to piss a girl off don't you Jimmy boy? Come to mommy I have something to make you feel better" I said as I lifted him to his feet once again with him coughing, gagging and gasping for breath. "I will make it a little easier for you to breathe" I said to him again as he look at me in horror. With a grin on my face "Watch the birdie." I said as I lifted him to his feet this time with my left hand moving my fist in a circular motion before hitting him with a right cross which landed next to his mouth causing several teeth and blood to fly out of his open mouth as he began to stumble to his right. Like a flash of lighting I took him by his shirt once more this time to break his fall, coming around from the right once more. With a right cross that landed on his chin. "AHHHHHHH!" Could be heard coming from the pit of his stomach. Blood, spit, and two more teeth flew out of his mouth as his limp body fell to the ground. He laid there, out like a broken bulb. Now I turned my attention to the idiot in the car. I kicked Jim's unconscious body to the side while opening the driver's door hopping inside before the guy in the car knew what was happening. Taking hold of him by his shirt as he tried to unlock the door of the car. Pulling him toward me I slammed my right fist into his jaw knocking out only two teeth. This really disappointed me as he tried to speak. I still held onto his shirt with my left hand grabbing him behind his head with my right head pushing his face into the closed window smearing blood over it. At the same time demanding that he unlock the door and get out. He began to yell "NO! NO!" Which pissed me off even more and pushed me over the edge. Pulling his face around to me again I slammed my marble fist into it. WHAM! Two punches this time before he knew what hit him. He's now scrambling to open the door. He unlocked the door and pulled on the latch causing the door tofly open with me pushing him with such force. We both fell onto the ground me laying on top of him. We rolled over and over again on the ground both of us trying to take control. He's now on top of me drawing back his large arm balling up his fist. As he lunged toward my face. I was quick enough to grab him by his wrist. Lifting my knees, I flipped him over my head. Still holding him by his right wrist as I flipped my body on top of his releasing his wrist and grabbing him by his shirt with my left hand drawing back with my right lunging my fist toward his face with all the power that I could muster up in this position causing his jaw to shatter. He laid there not moving an inch. Getting to my feet standing straddled over him I let out a roar as if I had just won a fight to the death, looking down at my opponent with contempt. Feeling a hand on my left shoulder I thought that it's Jim. Rapidly turning unleashing a potent bellypunch with my fist landing above his belly button not realizing it was Allen's hand on my shoulder until it was too late. Our eyes met as my fist made contact with Allen's tummy ooooooooooOOOF! causing his eyes to bulge out of their sockets as he wrapped his arms around his waist and bent forward. Quickly sweeping him up into my large pumped arms I whispered in his ear " hold me tight and the pain will slowly go away" then, I began to nibble on his earlobes. I forgot the idiot that I had knocked out earlier was lying on the ground behind me. As I began to turn toward Allen's parked car with him in my arms, I stepped on the motionless body on the ground carrying my baby to his carand placed him in the passenger seat.

Allen seems to have recovered from the earlier bellypunch as we pulled onto the hotel property. I took my hand and gently stroked his cheek. He looked up at me with a pleasing smile as he in turn stroked my face. "How much did you see? Did you enjoy it? Uh Uh?" Shaking his head yes as he spoke while smiling at me. Allen got out and rushed to the driver side of the car opening the door. I began sliding my long sleek legs one at a time out of the car, as I teased him by opening my legs before placing my foot down. As I looked up at Allen, naughty thoughts began to pass through my mind. While walking toward our hotel room he placed his hands on my pumped biceps feeling the large balls of muscle sitting on my arms with oversize veins running across them giving them a firm squeeze before running his hand across my wide shoulders and down my arms. He gently pulled me into his arms holding me close. I didn't' expect this, not at this particular moment. I was still covered with puke and blood from beating the crap out of the idiots that hit my car earlier. We took the stairs to our room instead of the elevator. I began to playfully run up the steps. I turned and faced him as he reached the top, smiling at him in the same instant. Turning my hips quicker than he realized what was going to happen next. Catching him completely off guard with a punch to his belly. His upper body tumbled forward as he immediately wrapped his arms around his tummy. With the grace and quickness which the punch was thrown, I took him into my arms, kissing his forehead whispering "I will take care of you as I always do" as I planted a soft kiss on his neck. Breathing heavily and scooping him up. I carried him to the door of our room with my strong veiny arms. I could feel the warmth and wetness as it built up inside of my tight and muscular tunnel as Allen inserted the key in the lock. I firmly kicked the door open and entered as my shoulders brushed against the door. Allen was looking up at me, making eye contact which kept me from taking my eyes off his. I gently laid his body on the bed. As I looked down at him respecting and admiring the man that I had a few moments ago punched in the tummy. He lay there looking as if he had walked off the front cover of a GQ magazine. That caused me to get even more aroused. I leaned over him licking his waiting thin lips. I touched his mouth with my ruby red painted thick warm lips. At the same time running my hands down the center of his chest, gently but firmly parting his lips with my tongue. I was purring like a animal in the wild seeking attention from its mate. Allen responding as his eager tongue met mine. Our tongues slowly but playfully intertwined causing me to get more aroused. Allen kisses are very stimulating, very passionate. My nest became soaked with the juices which were freely flowing out of my soaked tunnel as he slowly tugged on my awaiting tongue. He pulled it slowly past the margin of his lips, causing my entire body to shake and tremble with pleasure. I in return slowly maneuver my tongue giving a little resistance which caused him to slowly but firmly give way to my returning tug. Now pulling his tongue within my mouth at the same time turning my head as I desperately tugged on it, e my hands wander over his entire body. I started from his neck stroking it slowly with my left hand, then running it passionately down the center of his chest causing chills to run through his now aroused body once more. As I slowly run my hand down his tummy stopping at his navel for a moment encircling it with the two fingers on my left hand. Now moving my hand to his waist. They now came to rest on his belt and the waist of his pants hindering me from advancing in the fashion that I wanted too at this instant. I continue to run my hand down his body dropping it to his crotch which came to rest there for few moments. My hand now started to stroke his manhood as I released his tongue. I pulled my mouth away from his dragging my lips across his firm sweet lips. I moved my mouth closer to his right ear moaning slowly into it, then purring like a wildcat which at that instant had just finished mating. I ran my hand upward slowly, slowly dragging it across his stomach and above his navel continuing up the center of his chest. My long nails sending chills & ecstasy throughout his body. Now moving up his neck, I came to a stop under his chin. My lips finding his once more began to part his, my tongue now darting in and out of his mouth. I took my lips and tongue away from him and stepped backward. My hands now took the tail of his sweater as he lifted his upper body for me to pull it slowly and skillfully over his chest up to his chin then, over his head. My legs began to get weak. They almost gave way to the noticeable weight of my body. Looking deep into the most passionate eyes I have ever seen in my life.,I began to unbuckle his belt. I firmly tugged at it. Using force to undo the buckle and the button on his pants slipping down his fly inserting my hand inside feeling the mass that had been there since the incident took place on the highway. Gently massaging and carefully stroking him. Smiling while soft moans came from within his throat. His eyes filled with lust and are now barely open. Before he realized it. I had his pants to his ankles and began to take off his shoes then, his socks. Gently removing his shoes one at a time. Quickly taking the legs of his pants, pulling them off slowly and passionately removing his shorts throwing them on the arm of a chair with his pants. I began to pant like a beast being driven by nothing but pure lust ready to be mounted by its mate. I want this to last. The only way it could was to put off mounting him for a short period of time. I now began to lick his neck moving slowly to his right ear being careful not to miss a spot. I gave every inch of his neck up to his ear soft long licks. I began to nibble on his earlobe moaning and purring once more before I removed my mouth from this particular part of his body. As I nibbled on his earlobe his hands came to rest on my cheeks. One hand on each side softly, squeezing and releasing my butt as if it was a orange, from which he was trying to extract its juices. I began tracing the length of his neck with my lips. Breathing heavily on it as I moved my lips to the base of his neck. His hands slid slowly up my back. Stopping and resting every few inches as if to absorb the splendid feel of my muscular, sexy, strong back causing my juices to flood my already wet erogenous zone.

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