Jazzmon and Carl

by Arby

Jazzmon slammed the phone down. She was very angry. She had just received another obscene phone call from an guy who identified himself only as Carl. He had made several crude sexual suggestions, and was telling her what he wanted to do with her, when Jazzmon had hung up on him. She was trembling she was so angry. She thinks this is the same guy who had been following her, stalking her for the last several days. She had called the police, but they were not too helpful. If they could not catch him doing something other then being on the street at the same time that she was they could do nothing. Jazzmon decided to go out to a bar and have some fun. She was tired of worrying about Carl. She dressed very sexily for her night out, in a tight black dress that was short enough to show off her magnificent, muscular thighs. It was sleeveless, so her strong shoulders and bulging biceps were exposed. She had on black, silk stockings, and black heels to complete black her outfit. She wore her hair in a single, long braid hanging down across her wide back. After putting the finishing touches on her makeup she was ready. She was gorgeous. Jazzmon got in her car, her Pontiac Firebird and drove to the club she had selected. It was one where she had worked as a dancer at one time. Jazzmon parked her car, and entered the club, waving to all the employees whom she knew while making her way to the bar. She ordered a Margarita and sat down. She listened to the music and was lost in her thoughts when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Jazzmon does not like for anyone to touch her, so she spun around to face the person who did it. There was a man standing there, short, about 5'7" and a bit on the heavy side, with his belly sticking out over his belt. His hairline was receding and he had a double chin. "Hi" he said. "I'm Carl. I thought it was time we met". "Get away from me" Jazzmon replied. "Aw, come on, babe." Carl said. "Get off your high horse, and give a guy a break". "If you don't leave me alone, I'll give you a break, all right." Jazzmon said with her teeth clenched. She turned to get off the barstool, when Carl grabbed her arm. "Don't walk away from me, you stuck up bitch!" Carl's grip tightened on her arm. He could feel the muscles that had attracted him to her as he had seen her photos rippling under his hand as she tried to pull away. He had grabbed her left arm as Jazzmon had turned away. Suddenly she said, "Okay, if that is the way you want it!" and spun back around toward Carl. As she turned she brought her right fist around and up in a vicious uppercut that buried it wrist deep in his expansive belly. Carl forgot all about holding her as pain exploded in his gut. He released his grip on her left arm as he folded over and grabbed his violated stomach with both hands. Jazzmon decided that she had enough of his annoying attention. Her recently released left arm came around in a picture perfect left hook, smashing into Carls nose with a loud CCRRAAKK!! Breaking his nose as is blasted in. Blood spurted on her black dress, but she was beyond caring at this point. She wanted to punish this man for what he had put her through the last several days. Jazzmon smashed her right fist into his eye, splitting the skin, and causing more blood to flow, as Carl's eye began to swell. Out of the corner of her eye, Jazzmon saw the security men for the club coming toward them, so she decided to end the brief skirmish right then. Once more her left hooked around, this time slamming into his jaw. Carl's head snapped around, he staggered back against the bar, then slumped to the floor, unconscious. Jazzmon looked down at him and said, "I gave you a break, but it just happened to be your nose", Picked up her purse and allowed the security men to escort her out of the bar. What she did not see, was two of Carl's drinking buddies, who had watched the whole episode, and as Jazzmon had beaten and knocked out Carl, knew that he would want revenge. They made their way over to him, and picked him up. His broken nose was readily apparent to them. The got him outside to their car, and took him to the hospital emergency room. The doctor on duty had confirmed that Carl did indeed have a broken nose, but no other severe damage. He taped up the nose and released Carl to his friends, Harold and Sam. Carl was fully conscious by this time and was very angry. "That bimbo sucker punched me" he complained. "I was just trying to be friendly and she sucker punched me. I can't let her get away with that" he said. Harold and Sam exchanged a glance. "We'll help you get even" Harold said. "We will track her down, and help you get her" "The three of us should have no trouble with her" Sam added. Harold and Sam were exact opposites, physically. Harold was built a lot like Carl, short and fat. Sam was taller than his two companions and almost painfully thin. The three men began to plot how they would get Carl's revenge on Jazzmon. They tracked her down and found where she lived. They observed her habits. They discovered that she often took walks in a wooded area near her house. They decided that the wooded area was the perfect place to attack her. It was away from the house, and was protected enough that no one could see what was going on. Each afternoon and evening they staked out her house waiting for a sign that she was going to take one of her walks. At last she exited the house dressed in her walking garb. Denim shorts, a halter top that showed off her flat, hard, belly, and black combat boots with black socks. The three men looked at each other. This was what they were waiting for. Carl's nose had almost healed by this time, and the tape was no longer necessary. It was just a bit swollen, that was all. They got out of their car, and cut through the wooded area to a small clearing where they planned to intercept her. They heard Jazzmon approaching, "This is it, now or never" Carl said and stepped out onto the trail. Jazzmon rounded a corner and saw Carl standing there. "This is trouble." She thought. "You didn't think you could get away with what you did to me in that club, did you?" Carl asked her. "I don't want anymore trouble with you" Jazzmon replied. "Well you got trouble, but not just with me, right boys?" he said. Harold and Sam stepped out behind her. Jazzmon's gaze slowly took in the three men. "Why don't you boys just go on about your business and let me get on with mine." She said. "You are our business, bitch" Carl said. "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been embarrassed in front of all my friends. I need satisfaction" Carl was working up his rage as he spoke. "Well, you can't get no satisfaction from me." Jazzmon replied, knowing that Carl would miss her humor, regarding the old Rolling Stones song. "Get her boys!" Carl suddenly shouted. Harold and Sam both moved at Jazzmon at the same time. Jazzmon snapped out her right foot and it landed squarely between Sam's legs. He screamed and fell to the ground. Next she turned to Harold and planted her hard right fist deep in his ample belly. Harold gagged and started to go down. Jazzmon would not allow that. She caught him and held him up. Jazzmon pumped six vicious punches into Harold's belly with her lethal right fist. Each punch seemed to sink in a bit deeper than the one before. Harold' s face was the color of a sheet as he turned white, from the fist that was plundering his soft gut. Jazzmon heard the sound in his throat, and stepped back as a gush of vomit poured from Harold's mouth. She had released her hold on him, so Harold had sunk to his knees. Jazzmon stood over him and raised her right fist high in the air, and brought it crashing down on the suddenly nauseated man's jaw. There was a loud crack as it broke under the power of that hard fist, and Harold pitched forward, out cold in his own puke. "Well, it is just you and me, it seems" Jazzmon said to Carl. With a roar of anger he lunged at her.  Jazzmon waited until he was almost upon her before bringing her right fist up in a power packed uppercut. It smashed under Carl's chin, stopping his forward momentum still, snapping his head back and causing him to topple over on his back. Jazzmon looked down at him. She was distracted momentarily as she heard Sam stirring and trying to get to his feet. "Here, let me help you up" she said to Sam. Without thinking he extended his hand to her. Jazzmon helped the dazed man to his feet. Before Sam could figure out what was happening, Jazzmon had buried her right fist deep in his belly. All the air whooshed out of his lungs but the pain was only momentary as the woman's left fist collided with his jaw, sending him to dreamland, to join Harold there. The only difference was that Sam's jaw, unlike Harolds, was not broken, only dislocated. Jazzmon turned her attention back to Carl. As she walked toward him, he tried to crawl away. She smiled when she saw his feeble efforts, and quickly caught up to him. "You wanted me, now you got me" she whispered in his ear. "I'm going to beat you until you beg me to knock you out." Jazzmon continued to whisper. Carl struggled, but could not escape her iron grasp. "I'm going to hurt you Carl, baby. Hurt you so bad that you will never think about a woman again without thinking about what I did to you" Jazzmon hauled him to his feet. She started with his fat belly, smashing her hard fist into it. Left, right, left, right, she alternated them. Carl had mucous , then blood, coming out of his mouth and nose from the ferocious belly battering the woman was inflicting on him. His stomach was a sea of pain as Jazzmon continued to pound her hard fists into his soft flesh. After twenty or so gut busting blasts, Jazzmon stepped back and let the man fall to his knees. He was heaving on the ground. Jazzmon quietly waited until he was through, then got him back on his feet. She snapped his nose again, this time with a hard, straight right causing blood to flow freely from his nose, which was broken for the second time by her. Jazzmon set out to mark him up. She closed both of Carl's eyes with hard, hooking punches, reopening the cut on the left one from their previous encounter. First her left fist, then her right went smashing into his mouth, splitting his lips, but she continued, determined to knock out his teeth. As those iron hard fists continued to smash away, Carl's teeth began to give way before the savage onslaught. One after the other, Carl's teeth, began to break and come out of his mouth. Soon he was a toothless as a ninety year old. At last Jazzmon's rage cooled. She decided to end the carnage. She drove her right fist deep into Carl's belly one last time, a spray of blood flew out of his mouth. Her left fist followed the right into is belly, producing another spray of blood. Then stepping back Jazzmon set herself, and brought her right fist up in a mighty uppercut that blasted into Carl's chin like a freight train. He sailed through the air, and landed on his back, unconscious. Jazzmon dragged Carl over to his two buddies. As she was looking down, she thought "You two guys don't look quite right." BAM BAM two quick punches to Sam's right eye and Harold's left eye, insured that they would have matching shiners when they woke up. "That's better" she said. Jazzmon stacked the three men in a pile and left to walk home. She stopped at the pay phone on the corner, not wanting to use her cell phone, and called 911. She knew that the three would need medical attention. Then she continued home.