The Battle of Joey and Jazzmon   By Jazzmon

Joey was a good fighter, but he had to face Jazzmon tonight. There were
thousands of dollars being wagered on this fight. Joey had never seen
Jazzmon, but being a man he was not worried about her. If she were dumb
enough to get in the ring with him, he would tear her up just as he had all
of his previous opponents. Little did he know what he had in store for
himself. Jazzmon was a renown fighter of men. She was quick, sly, cunning,
and very strong. She had a rage burning inside of her that somehow always
found it's way out when she punched. Joey is 6'1" 220 pounds of well
distributed muscle. Jazzmon is 5'8" and weighs between 175 and 178 pounds
of rock hard muscle. This is the smallest that she has been in years, but
she is very, very good at what she does. Joey had no idea even of what she
looked like, but Jazzmon knew about him, had studied him and his fighting
style. Every day in the gym, the guys would tease Joey about fighting a
woman. He had no choice in the matter, however. His manager had set this
up because it would be a big money fight. There were very few rules for
this bout. No hitting below the belt was about the only one, other than
that, it was anything goes. And the adversaries could wear whatever they
pleased in the ring.

Jazzmon called Allen over to the hotel where she was staying. She needed
her fix. He was there in 39 minutes, she was timing him. She wanted him
there quickly because fight time was nearing. Allen had a key, but he
knocked on the door. As Jazzmon opened the door he backed in with an arm
full of goodies. She smiled and helped him put away the stuff he had
brought, then turned and walked away from him. He followed her and suddenly
Jazzmon turned. Allen reached for her and she embraced him, throwing her
arms around him as their lips met. The kiss lasted only three minutes.
Jazzmon backed up slowly and withdrew from the embrace. She checked the
time, she did not want to run late for the fight. Then, pivoting on her
feet after turning her small hips upward after bending her shapely knees,
coming around with her fist landing on the left side of his chin, stunning
him because he did not expect it. The punch was almost an uppercut, her
mind was off track. It was supposed to be a right bellypunch. Jazzmon's
concentration was off by a lot, never the less the punch had an impact.
Stepping to the side, she came around with a left bellypunch. It also was a
bit off, but her smallish fist stung. For some reason she seemed to be
losing it. It had been a while. It was upsetting to her that she had
strived to be the best and on the night of her big fight seemed to be losing
it. "I'm losing it" she said as she turned to walk away. "Allen never
liked a loser and he is not going to stand for it" she thought. He quickly
reached for her, his hands landing on her left shoulder. Her mind was now
confused, not thinking clearly as she swung around with a right cross
knocking Allen to the floor. Jazzmon ran over and kneeled down next to him,
apologizing as she whispered in his ear "I never meant to harm you, are you
okay?" Jazzmon lifted him to his feet. Allen smiled knowing that his
panther had returned. He backed away too slowly as she came at him with a
left bellypunch following it with a right bellypunch. "Poor baby" Jazzmon
cooed as she placed her hand on his shoulder to comfort him. He looked up
quickly enough to see a right cross coming and blocked it. "My panther is
coming back but is not all the way back yet" he said. Unexpectedly from her
left came her hook, landing on his jaw, this time with a bit less impact.
"My control is back" Jazzmon thought as she came around with a right cross
barely tapping his chin. She moved in, throwing her arms around him. She
gently grabbed his crotch. Her toy was ready. Jazzmon stepped back once
more shifting her weight, came forward with an uppercut carrying it
completely through, her fist and arm going upward into the air after
contact. Allen grabbed her to keep from falling. They stumbled back to the
bed. He reached between her legs, feeling the wetness there. Since he was
now very aroused, he quickly undid his pants, slipping out of his pants and
shorts at the same time, then threw his body on top of hers. Rolling him
over, she roared and purred in his ear. Jazzmon was on top as their bodies
came to a stop. She began to rotate her hips, from left to right and up and
down. Allen was keeping up with the pace. After twenty minutes a moan
escaped both of them as the climaxed at the same time. They lay in each
other's arms for a few minutes. Jazzmon glanced at the clock. She leaped
out of bed and jumped into the shower, quickly cleaning up. She grabbed her
cutoff jeans, and torn tee shirt, yelling for Allen to bring her boots. She
slid her socks and boots on, looking ready for war. Jazzmon put on her
deodorant, and pulled her hair into a ponytail. She kissed Allen, and ran
to her Harley Davidson and sped off to the fight. Allen was supposed to
wait in the hotel room and watch the ball game. Jazzmon entered the old
warehouse outside of town where the fight was to be held. It held 150
people who had paid two thousand dollars each to watch this fight. The
betting would eclipse the amount of money paid to enter. They all cheered
as Jazzmon came through the crowd, taking off her shades, looking like she
was there for a hit or to administer a beating. Most of the crowd's money
is on her. This is the usual crowd and they had seen her destroy larger men
that Joey before. He would be lucky to escape with any of his teeth, a
couple was betting he wouldn't as she walked by. it was a two thousand
dollar bet, that Jazzmon would knock out his teeth before the night was
over. The couple placing the bet had seen Jazzmon fight before, and the
knew she had a thing for teeth. Jazzmon smiled at them and said "I have to
go". She leaped into the makeshift ring. Joey was already there, standing
in his corner. He shuddered a little as she stepped into the ring pulling
off her black leather jacket, as he looked at her huge legs. The crowd
roared with delight. This was their favorite kind of fight, Female vs.
Male. Jazzmon looked at Joey and smiled, extending her hand. He took it
whit a quick squeeze hoping she would squeeze back so he could get a reading
on her strength. Jazzmon did not respond other that with a normal
handshake. The crowd stood up roaring, cheering on whoever they had wagered
their money on. "Let's get started" the group chanted. Joey turned his
back and walked back toward his corner when a thrown beer can hit him in the
back. He thought that Jazzmon had sucker punched him while his back was
turned. Joey charged toward her. Jazzmon walked quickly toward him,
pivoting as fast as she could, coming from her right smashing upward with
her small, hard fist, landing the punch in the upper area of his stomach.
What an impact!! With Joey running toward her, and Jazzmon moving fast
forward, this monumental punch took the wind completely out of Joey, lifting
his feet up in the air. He was trying to wrap his arms around his pain
racked belly as he landed on his knees for a split second before going face
down on the ring floor. The room was so silent you could hear a pin drop.
Suddenly screams came from the crowd as men and women were making more
wagers on the fight. Those who had bet on the first punch and first
knockdown were collecting their money. First Joey started to cough, then
gag, then a little puking as placed on hand on the floor of the ring to try
to get up.
Jazzmon backed off to give them time for someone to clean up Joey's mess
that he had made on the floor. Joey, still trying to get himself together,
snorted like a bull in the rodeo, ran at her again. Obviously he didn't
learn his lesson. This time Jazzmon stepped aside and he missed his target
again. Jazzmon took four steps toward his back which was turned to her. As
Joey turned to his left she slammed her fist into his jaw, knocking him to
his right to meet up with her notorious left hook, right cross combination.
Jazzmon has a reputation for using this deadly combination. Her hook caught
him on the right side of his jaw, throwing him to his left. His head
bounced from left to right back to left again. His eyes widened for a split
second before closing in agony as he felt her fist penetrate his penetrate
his belly. Then blood spurted out of his mouth. Jazzmon
placed her left hand on his shoulder pushing him up into position. She
quickly leaned back then lunged forward putting all of her weight on to her
right foot, to use all of her considerable power for what she needed, a
knockout by an uppercut, carrying through like the champion she was.
"Perfect" the crowd shouted as Joey's body took flight backward. There was
nothing he could do, by the time his body hit the floor he was out cold.
Jazzmon approached him saying "You do not get away this easy, this crowd is
looking for some big action and I am here to give it to them." She leaned
over and lifted Joey up, shaking and slapping him back to consciousness.
Joey was still stunned, shaking his head trying to remember what is
happening to him, he looked Jazzmon straight in her eyes. She was staring
back as if to look right through him as she raised her right fist as her
small waist turned to her right, shifting all her weight to her right foot,
then her body twirls to the left with all her weight shifting to her left
foot as her right fist explodes on his chin. His head looked like it was
going to spin of his neck as Joey fell. Joey looked up at this woman whom
he had badly underestimated from the first day he got word that she would be
his opponent. Joey grabbed for her legs. He was only able to get one, her
left leg, snatching it out from under her. Jazzmon wound up on one knee
drawing back her right fist and embedding it in his jaw. She could feel his
jaw collapse under her punch. Even though he had pulled her off balance, she
used her bodyweight to ram the right cross into his jaw. Joey released her
leg as Jazzmon stood up, grabbing him at the same time. She backed away
just enough to turn her narrow hips to her left, and slightly bending her
knees coming forward with her left fist ramming into his belly, followed by
an even harder right to his belly. Joey caught his tummy crying out in pain
as he threw up blood, splashing it over her legs and boots. Poor Joey,
finally got up enough energy to try to throw his first blow of the fight, a
right cross which she ducked, then another cross which she managed to block,
as she shifted her weight once more smashing him with one of her uppercuts.
His body didn't respond as it had to the earlier uppercut, this time only
staggering back a few feet. Jazzmon took control of the situation again, as
she landed a powerful left hook at the corner of his mouth, knocking out
three teeth. The couple who had bet that she would knock out Joey's teeth
were joyously celebrating as his teeth fell to the floor. Seeing his teeth
on the floor seemed to energize her. Jazzmon stood back and beckoned him to
come to the center of the ring. Joey, not wanting to lose face with the
promoters, came forward, with his right protecting his jaw, and his left
protecting his chin. Poor Joey was praying to be fast enough not to get
hit and to get in a blow himself. He decided to aim for her belly. Jazzmon
saw it coming, and allowed him to land the blow to her tummy to show the
crowd and Joey what kind of shape her belly was in. The punch to her tummy
was nothing, she took it like a trooper. Joey looked up and came around
with a big roundhouse leaving himself wide open. Jazzmon stepped in to meet
him moving a little faster than him, throwing a right to his left eye,
causing tears to run down his face as his eye reacted to her punch. His
roundhouse swept through the air missing its target completely. The crowd
was roaring, yelling, money was being flung everywhere. More wagers, a much
bigger pot. In the meantime, Allen had arrived, mixing in with the crowd so
he would not be a distraction to Jazzmon. Jazzmon began to get a bit bored.
She took three steps toward Joey with a left causing his nose to flatten.
Then another right cross to his left eye which was closing fast, and barely
open. She came back with a jab to his right eye. Blood and tears were
running down the man's face, the man who said earlier that a woman wouldn't
last three minutes in the ring with him. Jazzmon went for his jaw again,
knocking out several more teeth this time. They flew out of his mouth in a
spray of blood. Teeth were rolling over the floor of the ring onto the
floor of the building. People were pushing each other out of the way,
hoping to get one of these grisly souvenirs of the fight by getting their
hands on one of Joey's broken teeth. While the crowd picked up his teeth,
Jazzmon left hooked Joey again, then gave him a brutal bellypunch with her
right fist. He quickly fell to his knees, looking up at her as best he
could out of his eyes which were almost completely closed. His eyes could
be seen rolling back in his head as he collapsed to the floor face first.
His arms were wrapped around his battered body, and blood was pouring from
his open mouth. An abrasion above his right eye had started to bleed also.
As Jazzmon began walking toward him again, his sponsor jumped into the ring
yelling "No more! No more!" The biggest mistake he made was to grab the
woman who had destroyed his fighter by the shoulders. spinning around
Jazzmon punched him in the chin, knocking him off of his feet. The crowd
Roared!!!!!! His partner and another fighter stepped into the ring and came
toward her. She backed up to appear afraid as one of the men kneeled over
on the floor. The fighter approached her. Wagers were starting up again.
Jazzmon, getting horny, said to the man, "It is time to get serious!" as
she twirled her body, giving at the knees, only slightly and came up with a
lethal uppercut, knocking the overmatched fighter backward through the air.
He landed unconscious on top of Joey's sponsors.
End of part one