Message From Karen

Message From Karen Part 1

Karen and I had been seeing each other for a few months. Then, without warning, she 'wanted to see other people'. Being upset and angry, I said some things I shouldn't have and walked out, amid her yells of "You'll be sorry!!"

About a week later, I went to the local strip mall. It was late in the day, and I had to park all the way in the back by the service entrance. Pulling between two delivery vans I didn't notice the car parked across from me. I got out and turned to lock my car. Turning around, I see a woman standing in front of me. She was about my height; but more muscular than I was! Long, reddish hair hung down her back...a tight GOLD'S GYM muscle tee barely covered her chest... tight jean shorts...and Doc Martin's completed the stunning vision that stood there, hands on hips, looking at me with a slightly sexy smile. "Hi," she spoke; my mouth went dry. God, I was in LOVE!! "um, h-hi..." I could hardly speak. She continued smiling at me as she slowly walked to me. "You know Karen, right?" "yea..I know her." She stopped right in front of me. She traced a finger over my lips and down my neck. My heart was racing; my cock was so rock hard I thought it would explode!! She traced her finger lower... "

My name's Jazzmon," she said, placing her hands on my hips. "And Karen asked me to give you a message. Can I...give it to you?" "Um..yea! Sure!" I knew I should be careful; but, with Jazzmon, care went right out the window! Her perfume filled my head with more thoughts than I could keep track of...." Let me have it!" She smiled sweetly. "OK. the message is.." Suddenly, she grabbed my hips and pulled me toward her. At the same time, she freight-trained her knee FULL FORCE into my balls!! My eyes went WIDE as she lifted me off my feet! Groaning, I fell against her. She kept her hands on my hips, not letting me get a chance to cup my balls. "The message is: How does THAT feel, asshole?" she snarled. I couldn't get my eyes closed tight as I tried to will the ache in my balls to go away. My eyes slowly re-focused; My head was on her shoulder...I could see someone behind her. It was Karen, arms crossed, looking smugly at us. Jazzmon looked over her over shoulder. "Think he got it?" she asked Karen. "I don't know, girlfriend... ask him again!" she replied. Jazzmon pushed me away from her by my hips....pulled me into her again...knee lift BOOOOM!!! Harder than the other one. She leaned back, getting as much lift into me as she could!! She let go, staying close... I slid down her body, to my knees,,, she grabbed my head and ground my face into her crotch. "Just where you belong, white boy!" she laughed as she pushed me to the side. I collapsed, cupping my nuts and dry-heaving. Good thing I didn't eat yet! I heard talking, but couldn't focus... suddenly I was roughly picked up. Karen locked my arms behind my back tight. Jazzmon pulled a pair of leather gloves from her back pocket and was cinching them tightly on her hands. "I told Jazz that, if she gave me a hand- or a knee- that she could get a workout." Jazzmon was warming up now, doing shoulder rolls and some quick shadow-boxing. "Remember, no face hits." Karen told her. "I don't want anyone seeing him and feeling sorry for him." "Well, it's a little restrictive," Jazzmon said, taking a stance in front of me. "But, I'll try to work around it!"