by Jazzmon

The Lethal beating before CHRISTMAS

'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the cabin, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. I hung the stockings by the chimney with care in hopes that Allen soon would be there. I paced the floor of the cabin from wall to wall. In hope that My dear Allen would call. It was snowing outside, the mountain tops were full of snow. The fire burned in the fireplace. The sparks ignited from the burning of the fire as thoughts of red sugar plums and Allen ran through my head. I started to become anxious, I began to worry about what had happened to my baby. I sat for a moment and closed my eyes envisioning the tall graying handsome man I cared so much for. It brought a large smile across my face as I was reminiscing about the great times we had shared. I twisted & turned in the chair as thoughts of pleasure slipped into my head. His boyish grin his taupe brownish sometime bluish eyes, the whispering in his ears, the bellypunching and all our foreplay before we went to bed. I became anguished and could not continue to sit. The phone rang as I stood. As I picked it up I could hear his voice explaining to me how the snow had slowed him down. He was on his way and hoped the cabin was warm. It's very cold frost & snow were all over the place he said. I smile and nodded as I whispered to him of what was ahead. My body twitched as I spoke and told him of the champagne and hor'deuvres that await him with a surprise. He knew what I meant as I continued to speak. I heard the excitement in his voice as he spoke and sighed on the other end of the phone. Just thinking about the bellypunching , which I would deliver to his tummy as he walked through the door got me excited and wet. I thought of the right crosses with a little left hook and maybe, one of my uppercuts to top it off. I thought of the teasing, taunting whispering stroking and foreplay after each bellypunch ripped through his tummy. I thought of the right crosses and combination left hooks. The uppercut to top off the evening would be the main event. I thought of the feel of my fist making contact with his flesh just hard enough to give him a rush. I smiled as the thought of his thin hungry lips. The feel of them on my red painted full lips. I needed to calm down before he walked through the door, in fear that I would be too excited and cause him harm instead of pleasure. The punches had to be erotic and filled with love. There was a knock at the door. I didn't bother to cover myself it had to be Allen. I was dressed in a long, silk, black gown and heels with a big fur ball on top. I floated to the door and swung it wild open expecting to see Allen standing there. What a big surprise there stood a man of 6'2"in stature. His eyes bulged, as he looked me over. I tried to slam the door closed as he placed his foot across the threshold of the door. With a grin on his face he began to speak "Hi honey, what a nice surprise. Let old Joe in to help keep you warm. I thought the owner would be here but, it's a surprise seeing you instead" he said as he moved toward me. He reached out to touch my chest. I quickly stepped backward leaving my left foot in the lead. Allowing my knees to be very relaxed and slightly bent as I brought my fist upward and turned my broad shoulders using all the power I possess, pivoting upward by pushing with my powerful legs as I brought my fist upward slamming it into his belly. His eyes widened as the sound OOUUFFF!! came from deep within his throat. The flow of puke began to spill out of his mouth. The smell of beer and eggnog filled the air of the cabin. OH!! My gown, my pretty silk gown, was covered with puke as he dropped to his knees in agonizing pain. I reached out and took him by the collar of his shirt as I gritted and ground my teeth while lifting him to his feet. I released his shirt drilling my fist into his jaw putting my shoulders mixed with my body weight into the punch. BAM!!!! I felt his jaw as it collapsed under my powerful punch. He stumbled and fell to the floor making a thumping noise as his body hit, rolling over on his face. Little did he know, I was just getting started. The feel of power with each blow that I had given him began to excite me. It was impossible I thought, to stop at this point. The thought of him placing his hands on something that belong to another upset me even more as I reached down again placing both of my hands under his armpits lifting him to his feet. His mouth was half open as his coffee and tobacco stained teeth could be seen. I began to lust for them even though they weren't white. I could try to clean them up to start another bracelet to add to my collection of jewelry made of teeth. Or maybe an ornament for the tree? Just thinking about gathering his teeth and hanging them on the Christmas tree got me excited. I could feel the wetness deep in my loins as it began to flourish. I removed my hands from under the pits of his arms and I drew back again with all the menace that I could muster up swinging my lethal fist. Plowing it deep into the left side of his left jaw before coming around with a left hook. BAM!!!! His head jolted to his right then to the left as the punches forced his body onto the floor with a loud thump! He cried out in pain as he tried to break his fall without success. He took his right hand and covered his jaw as blood flowed out of the corners of his mouth. He begun to spit, allowing 3 teeth to discharge from between his lips, with blood in pursuit. I stood over him with my fist clenched, holding my teeth tightly together as I growl through them. I was so angry, I couldn't speak properly as I grabbed him by his wrist pulling him to his feet he tried to murmur something, which sound like a plead for mercy I completely ignored it. I held his wrist with my left hand as I took my stance by turning my strong powerful shoulders then, pivoting thrusting upward with my powerful knees as my fist soared toward his belly gutting him. OOUUUUUF!!!! One of my bellypunches from HELL! He had no idea what he was in for the next 15 minutes as I rammed my fist over and over again, continuing to gut his belly.

The look on his face, the widening and closing of his eyes was a sight to see as I continued to turn his tummy into hamburger meat. He puked blood and the rest of his dinner after 3 bellypunches. The fourth, fifth and six brought buckets of blood wailing out of his mouth as he gasped for air. I continued to hold him by his wrist as I hammered my fist into his belly. The punches were so lethal they caused his body to raise up in the air.

His body rode my fist each time it made contact with his belly. His belly was soft and felt like Jell-O as I proceeded to land punch after punch. He tried to cry out as I released his wrist. He placed his hands across his tummy. I took my left hand and placed it under his sloppy chin pushing him upward. Just enough to step into a uppercut THUMP!!! Which sent him sailing backward out of the open door. The wind was blowing snow had blown in the cabin which I hadn't noticed before. The fire was out in the fireplace. I heard footsteps, I thought, were his. Then a voice that I knew so well. My heart began to jump as I saw his face. Yes, it was Allen. He had walked onto the porch not being able to see clearly, what was happening when a ball of flesh stumbled on him almost knocking him off his feet! He held up what was left of my prey. The hunt was almost over! Poor Joe. Allen, seeing the anger in my eyes, pushed the idiot toward me. Which made my next move a winner. As Joe's body flew toward me I side stepped him ramming my right fist into his belly once more UUHHHHHH! The impact of my fist with the speed that his body was thrown toward me caused his feet to lift off the floor. Allen stood there with a smile on his face. I quickly walked over to the man lying on the porch of the cabin, lifting him to his feet. Pulling him upward by his neck with my left hand. The weight of lifting Joe to his feet with one arm caused large balls of muscle to stand in attention with blood filled veins running across them. As I pulled Joe to his feet my arrogance began to show. I raised my right arm up with my fist tightly clenched, bending it at the elbows as I spoke. "You see the rock sitting on my arm Joe? Open your eyes, I want you to see them. Look at my powerful arms. I want you to take notice to the veins running up them. Do you see Joe because this is for you" I said as I held them their for a few moments before swinging my fist through the air releasing the hold I had on his throat as I inserted my fist into the side of his mouth. BAM!!! The impact caused his mouth to partially open as 2 teeth, a molar and front tooth, went sailing past my shoulders hitting the floor. They rolled across it with blood following his teeth. Allen made a comment saying I was getting slack with my punches "only 2 this time huh?" he said. He still had one tooth in the front of his mouth and most of his molars seemed to be still intact. "You are losing it honey. In the past you would have all of them extracted by now"

The comment really pissed me off which made it worst for poor old Joe who was still spitting blood out of his mouth. Before the poor man could close his mouth. I took advantage of him, by using my right fist as a hammer as I embedded my fist into the corner of his mouth again.

Part two

"That is better." Allen commented as 4 teeth flew out of his open mouth leaving one of them stuck in his bottom lip. His lip was soaked with blood as it ran down his mouth onto the floor. His shirt was covered with blood as were his pants and shoes. The shoes that were white are now red as well as his shirt. I started to remove the tooth imbedded in his lip, but, decided to use my fist to release the tooth. A whistling sound could be heard as my fist plowed through the air wasp!! WUMP!!!!!! My fist once more kissed the side of his lips loosening the tooth as my punch released it allowing it to hit the floor and coming to a stop near the white bear rug that Allen and I have made love on so many times.. I could see a smirk on Allen's face from the corner of my eyes. Which got me more excited then before. The feel of his flesh giving way under each blow was something indescribable. Little vibes of shock waves flooded my body as I watch Joe react to his beating. He had thrown his hands up covering his mouth trying to stop the flow of blood to no avail. The blood flowed between his fingers as they cupped his mouth. His left hand was covering his belly. He stood there somewhat bent over from the ripping pain that soared through him. His face had a lost and puzzled look on it as I moved toward him grabbing him by the shirt near his left shoulder as I gave him a hard push while pivoting toward him. My fist ripped upward landing under his chin knocking him onto the snow. UHHG! sounds came out of his mouth as his body hit the ground. The snow where he laid started to turn red from the flow of blood discharging from his wounds. What a spectacular sight it was! I stepped out the door for a quick second as the cold air brushed across my partially dressed body. It made me aware that winter is here.. I bent over him taking my left hand grabbing his jaw to look inside of his mouth. A few lose teeth was lying on his tongue. I picked them out of his mouth as I stood and return to the cabin leaving old Joe on the snow out cold. I was a sight to be seen. My black nightgown drenched with blood my shoes were a loss. The poor little puffs on them look like a drowned rat. I had blood running off my arms and biceps. Specks of it drifted off my face. My enormous chest was also soaked from the blood that dispelled from his mouth as I was gutting him. I wanted to surprise Allen but this is not what I had in mind when I spoke to him over the phone. Allen approached me with a smile as I held out my hands opening them to show he the teeth that I had gathered from Joe's mouth while he was out cold. Allen took a handkerchief and began to wipe my face as I noticed a bulge in his pants.

With a smile on his face he spoke to me softly saying, "We have to get you cleaned up. Let's get you in the shower and start the fire and settle down for an exciting evening." He followed me to the bathroom as he touched my blood ridden biceps. I threw my arms up into the air showing off the mounds of muscle that he worshipped so much. He took a moment to feel the hardness of my biceps. He began to trace my blood engorged veins with his finger then turned with a jerk to close the door and started the fire in the fireplace. The cabin had become cold which we only noticed at that particular moment. I could hear Allen on the other side of the door mopping up the blood and picking up the over turned furniture as I stepped into the shower. The cabin was a mess. Luckily the door of the cabin was on the east side of the house away from the fireplace and the white bear rug. So, nothing I had prepared for the evening was destroyed except my clothing. I noticed as the water began to flow over my tight body that the back of my hands were somewhat swollen without any pain. The tub filled with blood as the water beat down on my muscular body. I lost the nails on my right hand. This hand was the one that I used the most. I began to soak myself with soap as the water hit my body. The warmth of the water rolling over my face , neck arms, shoulders, breast, tummy, thighs, shins and feet felt spectacular! I took my time to cleanse myself for the remaining of the evening. As I stepped out, of the tub and turned off the running water. I could hear Allen on the phone calling the cops to get Joe medical attention. As I looked into the mirror I smiled back at myself. What a glorious feeling and rush. I not only felt it during the time that I administered the beating but now too. Little twinkles of excitement surged through my wet body. I proceeded to brush my hair. The long curly locks had somewhat tangled up from not combing it before getting into the shower to rinse it. I stood in front of the mirror putting on lipstick as I thought over what had occurred earlier. Allen opened the door of the lavatory and came in. He walked slowly over to me placing his warm wet lips on my neck and his hands on the biceps of my arms, stroking them gently as he ran them down to my wrist and back up. -At this point I couldn't continue to do what I was doing. His lips and touch sent shivers up and down my spine. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as he continued to caress me by filling my neck with soft kisses. He began to squeeze my arms as I began to flex them.