By Jazzmon



I was very tired & sleepy when Ramon called. I always go to him when he calls no matter what. I have not figured out why. Maybe I do know why & just don't care to admit it. The trip seemed longer then usual. I pulled into Ft. Lauderdale. I saw more accidents on the highway than usual. More than likely it is because or the rain. I'm to meet Ramon at our meeting place, Denny's. From there he will take me to get an hotel room. He asked me to stay for 3 days this time. Does that mean that we are an item? No, just a pair. Just two lonely people that do not know what they really want out or life. I know what I want but it isn't within my reach at the moment. But, that's another story.

AH! there is Ramon pulling into the parking lot. The rain sure does make a mess. His black car looks almost white. I hate to say what mine looks like. He pulled in beside me & beckoned me to follow him. I proceeded to do so. By now the people at the front desk know us. Hi Mr. Baranca & Ms. Radford nasty out isn't it? We both nodded yes as we spoke. Ramon signed the register as usual. I love watching him take care or business. The bell hop was struggling with my bags. He probably through that I had a dead body in there. I packed heavy this time. I did not know how long that it would rain. I was not planing on driving home unless the weather got better. Ramon and I got on the elevator and watched the doors close. I could tell that he was excited and happy to see me. Sometimes he has a funny way or showing it.

I had been teasing him over the phone when he called that maybe it was time for belly punch # 12. If he got all 5 belly punches this trip it would be a record for him. This had become a game for us. Seeing how much & how many times that he could take punches one harder than the other. I have to admit that I did not think that he could take so much. My punches was not light punches. His stomach was not only starting to get used to them, it seems to be getting firmer also. Which made me happy. The firmer his stomach got the more it could take. I'm contemplating at what particular moment that he deserved to receive # 8 punch to the belly. I was in kind or awkward mood. After the long boring trip in the rain. The rain always make me moody & tired. Our room is on the 12th floor. I particular asked for room 1208. The 12 th floor for the twelfth punch to the belly. The first punch or the night would be the 8th. Which I do not think he realized why I asked the girl at the desk if this particular room was available. Zero to separate the 12 from the 8. Ramon had always said that I had a sick imagination. But, are we not all sick to a certain degree?

The elevator were passing the 10 th floor. I could see the disappointment in Ramon's eyes as the elevator approached the eleventh floor. My poor baby. Just before the elevator reach the 12 th floor I brought to Ramon's attention to a run in my hose. "Look Ramon, what a shame" I said. He looked down at my strong legs as I pulled up my dress to were the run stopped. He agreed with me and promised to pick me up a pair of hose later tonight. We felt the elevator coming to a stop. As he turn toward me bam! number 8. It took him a few moments to realize that he had been hit. I did it with such speed. ( I learned that from him. He was an excellent teacher). From the look on his face I through that this was it. He is going to puke( throw- up) But, not Ramon. That is what I love about him. He could take a lick better then the next man. As he looked up at me I could see a fire in his eyes. They actually lit up, in a way that I have never seen before. As I offered him my arm for support I notice a small bulge in his pants. "Did # 8 do it?" I asked myself.

I unlocked the door to our room and helped him to the bed. I turned with a smirk on my face. "Time for a shower Ramon, I will be out in a few minutes. I have to wash the weather off or me.

Ramon should be up and about by the time that I finish showering.

Then, I could gave him the exciting news about the new company that I started. Too bad that he did not choose to join me.

Part II

Ramon slept longer than usual. It had to be a really good punch for him to sleep so long. Well, It is time to go to dinner might as well save the news for later. I have two more days to tell him. I'm so excited about my new company. He had suggested it several times. I wanted to surprise him with the news. I will do it tomorrow.

Ramon showered and got dressed. We arrived at the restaurant an hour later. We stopped by the mall to pick up a pair stockings. He love to see me in black hose with the seam running up the back with a matching garter belt. Since I do not wear panties he allowed me to get away with not wearing a matching pair which I know that he would like. Maybe I will wear a pair when we go out tomorrow.

The restaurant had a 20 to 30 minute wait. Ramon instructed the hostess to retrieve us from the bar as soon as a non smoking table was available. Ramon ordered the usual drink. I forget the name of it. Since, I'm not a drinker I have a hard time remembering the names or drinks. It is the one that make the cherries that I love so taste so Goooooood! He likes feeding them to me. I have to admit he knows how to treat a lady.

The bartender brought over Ramon's drink and placed it in front or him with 12 cherries to be exact. The bartender knew us. He knew that cherries soaked in liquor was my passion. He put my virgin Daiquiri in front or me with a wink or his eye.

The place was packed. It should have been, it is the best steak restaurant in town. Ramon took me there every time I came into town. He knew how much I love steak.

The crowd was a middle aged to older crowd. You know, the stuffy type,however it did not bother us. All the men in the place noticed us when we walked in. All the women did too. Mostly keeping their eyes on Ramon, the men on me. To be honest about it they were watching both or us. Ramon was hand feeding me cherries from his drink, with me occasionally licking & sometimes sucking the cherry juice off or Ramon's finger when ever he stuck it my way without a cherry on it. The men were loving that. I swear at least half or the crowd came in their pants including the stuffy old biddys, as I call them. Everyone was envious of us.

Ramon had about 4 drinks by now to my 2. I excused myself and exited to the little girl's room. When I returned Ramon was nowhere to be seen. The bartender walked over to freshen my drink and mention that Ramon had gone to the men's room. I asked the bartender to tell him when he returned that I had left something in the car, knowing that Ramon would come looking for me in the parking lot. I lingered in the parking lot for about 5 minutes when, I noticed the form or a man coming towards me. "This better be Ramon" I through for a moment. If it is not the man will be in for a jarring surprise. I darted behind the car and waited. As the young man step around the car. I struck him in the belly with my left fist. OOPS! Even thouhh my fist is small for my size, I throw a very powerful punch. This was suppose to be number 9. The poor guy did not know what hit him & I was not staying around to tell him. I felt like I had just cheated on Ramon with a man that I thought was him. I begun to walk towards the door or the restaurant as Ramon appeared. "Jazzmon what is wrong? What happened?" What is so funny? What did you do?" "Well Ramon," I said "Never mind. Lets go get my purse out or your car." "What have you been doing all this time?" he asked. "Oh I was talking to an old friend.". "Friend?" "Yes Ramon a friend. Come on! As we started toward the car I turned talking to Ramon while walking backward & talking at the same time. He could tell that I was excited. I begin telling him about the new Company that I had started while he was away.. "REVENGE" A company call Revenge he asked.

"Yes!" "Oh! that is what you name the company that I suggested to you a month ago?" "Oh yes baby," I said all excited. "Tell me more" Ramon insisted as I started to open the door to the car, reaching in and grabbing my purse with my left hand. Straightening up with an right upper cut and then a quick right belly punch. Ramon almost fainted. How exciting that was! I could feel wetness running down the inside or my legs. Poor Ramon, I think that I hurt him. I will have to be extremely nice the rest or the night. But, he did take it like a trooper. I said "Belly punch # 9 and the uppercut was for not coming out sooner. I wasted a punch on some guy that I thought was you in the parking lot a few moments before you came out." Ramon sometimes like the uppercut and left hook. Either or with a belly punch. But only on very rare occasions.

After Ramon got himself together we returned to our seats at the bar. Of course our drinks were watered down. The bartender brought us fresh ones with more cherries. I dumped the cherries in Ramon drink with a smile. Everyone had picked their mouths up off the floor from our earlier demonstration. I decided to make them have to pick their mouths up off the floor a second time. As I stood up Ramon quickly stood and undid the belt on my car coat sliding it over my bulging biceps. Exposing my huge breasts, broad shoulders and v shape back which went down to one or the tinniest waists that you have ever seen. I was wearing a black jumpsuit with cross straps that exposed my complete back which v down to the very top or my butt. Leaving my bulging traps, lats, rhomboid, erectors and the top or my Gluteus maximums exposed. The front was low cut exposing my huge out or this world cleavage that was deep enough for a full grown man to fall into and never be found. Everyone in the place including Ramon was flabbergasted. This was the first time that I have worn my Christmas present that was sent by a fan or mine. "Ramon come on now close your mouth." I expect that out or strangers. He smiled at me with a quick wink he turn toward his drink. "Cheers!" Then down the last or his drink. The guy sitting at my right couldn't keep his eyes off or me.

Even, after I turned and look him directly in his eyes. I smiled at him as I quickly glance at his little pop belly. If only he knew why I was smiling. I bet that he wouldn't mind being belly punched by me if I did it with a smile on my face, I through. I felt the touch of Ramon's cold hands on my on my bulging triceps & biceps. His hands were cold from holding his drink. It sent chills up & down my spine. It was a nice feeling. I think that the chills were from him just touching me. I had finished one drink and started on my second one when, the hostess came over and whisper to Ramon that our table was ready. As I began to stand up Ramon extended his hand to help me up like the gentleman he is. He slowly picked up my coat & threw it across his right arm.

With me first, we followed the hostess across the room to our table. Ramon pulled out my chair for me & then seated himself. I asked Ramon to order a drink for me and a glass or water. Then I excused myself. "Where are you going?" He asked. "To the ladies' room. Be back in a moment. OK?" I proceeded to walk between the tables to the ladies room. The guy that was sitting to my right at the bar passed me slowly grinning and winking at me as he went to the mens' room which was directly down the hall from the ladies'. I stood at the door or the ladies' room and watched the guy as he opened door to the mens' room. Looking back at me at the same time that he pushed the door open he winked again. This time I returned the wink & he beckoned me to come over. I looked to my left to see if Ramon was watching. I had a feeling when the guy at the bar got up that Ramon gotten up to follow him. He did. Now , looking at me he smiled knowing what I was thinking he stopped dead in his tracks. I started towards the men's' room as the guy popped his head in the rest room to see if anyone else was inside. He nodded his head for me to follow him. which I did with pleasure. As he turn to grab my breast I quickly turned my hips to my right slightly bending at the knees and threw a punch to his bulging belly. TAB! As I exited the men's' room I bumped into Ramon. He was waiting outside of the door to make sure that no one walked in on us. Ramon escorted me back to our table. He excitedly asked me what happen in the men room and "I want details" with that boyish grin that he sometimes sports when I've done something naughty. The waiter interrupted us asking if we were ready to order. I allowed Ramon to do the ordering for me. He ordered me a filet migeon with a baked potato. Also a salad with honey mustard dressing and another virgin Daiquiri. For himself another one or his favor drinks a filet migeon and salad. Ramon & I had forgotten that we were being watched.

I begin to sip a little of my drink as I teased Ramon while telling him what happened in the men's' room.

His eyes lit up with delight to hear what happened . Finally the food arrived. The waiter was looking at my cleavage so hard that he did not notice that the food was sliding off the plate that he was placing in front or me. Ramon really was annoyed

The food tumbled off my plate onto my lap.

Ramon immediately jumped up .

I tried to hold my temper which was hard to do.

I stood up with the waiter trying to clean off my jumpsuit.

Which annoyed Ramon & I even more.

I excused myself & hurried to the ladies room, pushing the waiter aside.

Ramon was right behind me.

Ramon were really concerned about me.

We went over to the wash basin.

Ramon started to wet a napkin.

I was thinking how nice it would be if I gave him belly punch # 10.

At that instant in walked the waitress to let us know that the manager wanted to speak to us and was waiting on the other side or the door. Ramon quickly finished cleaning off my jumpsuit and we exited the restroom. He not only deleted our bill but invited us to 3 meals on him. (The meals started at a $100.00 a plate.) Ramon held my coat out for me to slip my huge arms into it. We then left the restaurant. We gave the valet parker our ticket. We patiently waited for the car when Ramon suddenly pulled me out or the light over to the side to kiss me. He knew that would help to settle my nerves. I smile acknowledging how considerate he could be. I notice at the same time that there were no one insight for the moment & quickly took a stance with my left foot slightly in front or my right. Twisting my hips to the left while slightly bending my knees coming up with a punch to the stomach. My fist making contact slightly above his navel. A look or pleasure & pain came over his face. I turned to see if the car had been brought up. The valet parker were getting out or the car leaving the driver side door open. As I approached him he opened the passenger door for me. I looked around to see if Ramon was coming. Slowly but, surely. He slowly settled himself in the driver seat.