Contest # II Tell me how much of the story is true. What is not. This contest ends in 1 month from today Saturday, aug. 08, 2005.

Ramon II

By Jazzmon

Ramon decided to take me to the beach tomorrow. He said it will be a very warm day. He called this morning and asked if I wanted to do something different. Of course I did. He knew me well enough to know that I get bored seeing and going to the same old places each time we meet. Ramon took time from his business to come to me this time. We booked a room in the Marriott in Port St. Lucie which was the halfway point from West Palm Beach. We thought about going to South Beach, but decided it would be too crowded. We needed some privacy. Ramon arrived at my house at 2:00 PM. I allowed him to take a nap and rest before dinner. We would be dining at a steak house nearby. They served the best filets that you could get in the Orlando/Kissimmee area.

I finished my shower and walked out of the master bathroom when I noticed that Ramon was not in bed. I kept my guest bathroom door closed at all times. I didn't think to knock on the door as I passed it. I walked down the hall to the kitchen and took a glance toward the living area. I figured that he had gone to the car for something that he may have forgotten. I began to walk back to the master bedroom to get dressed. As I approached the guest bathroom door it opened and out stepped Ramon ready for an outing. Ramon always looked like he just stepped of the cover of GQ magazine. Before he had time to notice me, I stepped forward and gave him a little love tap in his belly, which in no way could be considered to be little at all. The punch was so powerful that it knocked him back into the bathroom which almost caused him to stumble into the tub. With eyes opening wide he grabbed his stomach with one hand and the knob of the door with the other, pulling it closed after him as he stumbled backwards. I continued down the hall toward my bedroom.

Thirty minutes later he entered the bedroom with a smile on his face. "Come here, baby" I said as I reached for him. I pulled him into my arms which wrapped around his body like pillars of steel that hold together the foundation of the Empire State Building. I began to gently nibble on his ear and slowly whisper to him how much I cared. His body was very warm, which made me want to sweep him up in my arms and carry him to bed. However, we had a long trip ahead of us and I was getting hungry. We loaded up the car with the few things that I had packed. In fifteen minutes we were on our way, stopping at the steak house for dinner on our way to Port St. Lucie.

I love teasing Ramon. As he drove and the wind blew through my hair, I playfully slid my left thigh toward him and flexed it, knowing that he wouldn't be able to keep his eyes on the road. I knew him well enough to know what would happen next. The car swirled as he took a longer than usual glance at my stocking covered thigh. He quickly dropped his right hand to my thigh just a few inches above the knee and slid his hand under the tail of my dress. That sent chills up and down my spine. I reclined the seat back and watched his hand moving slowly up and down my thigh. it was a very warm day, and I slept the rest of the way. Ramon awakened me as we were pulling into the Marriott, with a slap to my now relaxed thigh. He drove up to the hotel entrance. We got out of the car to stretch our legs. Ramon gave the car keys to the valet and the doorman took our bags out of the trunk. With me leading we entered the hotel. Ramon had made a reservation for a suite.

The bellman lead the way to our suite. There were ten suites on the fifteenth floor. It was really nice. The bellman opened the door and stood aside for us to enter, after he had turned on the lights. He brought our bags in and gave us a quick tour of the suite. Then he left us after putting the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. We decided to take a shower. We were going to shower together for the first time. I slowly undressed in front of Ramon, teasing him as I put my foot on the bed next to him so that he could slip off my heels, at the same time pulling my dress over my knees, exposing my muscular thighs. He skillfully slipped my shoe off my left foot. I then put my right foot on his knee making sure that my dress was high enough for him to see that I was not wearing any panties. I decided the next move would be to have him unhook my stockings from my garter belt. I was standing in front of him with my hair over my left shoulder with my right shoulder and traps bare. I flashed him a quick right arm biceps pose, which he loved. I lifted my dress just enough to expose the tops of my stockings. With a grin he looked up at me, at the same time unhooking the stocking on my right leg, which allowed the straps extending from the garter belt to drop to the side of my leg. Teasingly with both hands on my leg he ran them under my dress to my waist and gently tugged at the garter belt. He removed his hands so that I could put my left foot up for him to release my stocking from that leg also. As he ran his hands up that leg to my waist again I quickly took my foot off his knees to balance myself so he could detach my garter belt. Moving closer to me, he reached around to the hooks to undo the belt, which dropped to the floor. I moved away to allow him to stand. I took three steps back, leaving my left foot slightly in front of my right, turned my hips to the right and slightly bent my knees. I quickly brought my arms into position and gave him a punch to the belly with my right fist. It made direct contact with the center of his tummy above the waist. I didn't stop there. I laid my left hand on his shoulder and pushed him into position for the next punch. I twisted my hips to generate power and thrusted my fist upward making solid contact with the point of his chin, knocking him back on the bed! I bent over him thinking "Oh my god, I have done it thins time! I hope he is alright. I didn't mean to hit him that hard" I picked him up in my arms, cuddling him as if he were a baby. I gently laid his head on the pillow and ran to the bathroom to get a wet washcloth to try to bring him back to consciousness. As I returned to his side, I saw some movement of his eyes. Whew! I decided to take a cold shower before he awakened. I undressed outside the bathroom. I wanted to look at my body in a mirror. I was proud of my body. Large shoulders and traps, and a tiny waist which Ramon loved as much as he loved my biceps. I felt that I needed to work on my arms more, so I decided to go to the hotel gym after my shower. Ramon looked so good, lying there. I started toward him, but then turned and walked into the bathroom. I took a quick shower and dressed in tights and a cut up tee shirt and hurried to the gym.

There were free weights which not only surprised me, but made me extremely happy. I decided to blast my triceps and biceps. I took my time doing my workout. As I was finishing my last biceps exercise I caught Ramon's reflection in the mirror. He smiled at me and started to approach. I could see the bruising on his jaws from my hooks. I have to be careful not to get carried away enough to punch him in the nose. I would surely break it, and I did not want to do that, ever ! "Hi baby, I see that you finally finished your nap. How do you feel?" "My jaw is a little sore, but I'll live" was his answer. "Good" I said with a grin and stood up. He was only a few feet in front of me so quick a lightning I twisted to the right with my hips and slightly bending my knees came up with a thrust of my fist THAB!! He quickly gasped for air while going down on one knee and hand on the floor, the other holding his tummy. As fast as I had thrown that punch to his belly, I grabbed him under his arms and lifted him off the floor into my arms, whispering in his ear with my warm breath and wet red lips "Come on, baby. It wasn't that bad, was it?" By that time he was helping to support himself by placing his hand on my broad shoulders and his other hand dropped to my butt, which sent chills running up and down my body. I cradled him in my arms and carried him back to our suite. I put him in a chair and ran into the bathroom to start his bath water. I returned to his side, planting my thick, hot, wet lips over his. I started to undress him, first by taking off his shoes and socks, then rubbing my hands over his feet to relax him a little. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt admiring him at the same time. He sat very still watching and waiting to see what I would do next. He never knew with me. That is one of the things that fascinated him about me. I began to unzip his trousers, sliding the zipper down slowly. I was seated in front of him so it was easy to lift him with my arms while taking off his trousers. He was very aroused. I continued to undress him. I pulled off his shorts and started to lead him to the bath. I turned off the running water. I watched him as he sat in the tub. I began to slowly undress myself, teasing him with every movement of my body and hands. I slowly took off my top, exposing my large round breasts. Then came the bottoms, leaving nothing to the imagination. I stood fully nude in front of him. I smiled a I stepped into the tub and knelt facing him. I picked up the soap and washcloth and bathed him for the first time, not missing an inch of his body. Then I washed myself, taking my time while he watched. I handed him a towel which he took and proceeded to dry my traps. I could feel his warm breath on my neck. I stepped out of the tub with Ramon close behind. I could tell that he was excited, but this was not the time. I took a towel and with small pats, dried his entire body. I led him to the bed and sat him next to his night clothes. I turned and walked away.

I wanted to lotion my body before my skin dried. I retrieved my lotion from the bathroom and walked over to the same chair I had undressed Ramon in. I began to put lotion on my left foot, then my leg and entire thigh. I did the same with my right foot, leg, and thigh. I then ran my hand up and down over my arms and shoulders down around my breasts. Ramon was so busy watching me he hadn't dressed himself. I stood up applying lotion to my butt. I winked at him and blew him a kiss, then entered the bathroom to get dressed. I slowly walked out of the bathroom wearing a black silk gown which reached almost to my calves with a pair of stockings with the seams running up the back, and a pair of to die for pumps. My long wavy hair moved as I floated toward him. I looked as if I was floating through the air as I walked. I could see the excitement in his eyes as I approached him. I moved like a panther ready to pounce on her prey. I gave a command for him to stand with a wink of my eye. He quickly obeyed. I stepped toward him and turned my hips to the left and raised my elbow until it was perfectly in line with my arm, wrist, and fist. I swung with about twenty five percent of my power in a perfectly executed left hook. My fist connected with his jaw, knocking him backwards. I quickly followed him. I brought up a punch that imbedded my right fist in his soft, bulging tummy which made him grab his belly with both hands. This was the hardest and best belly punch he had ever received. By this time my mind was racing and I felt as if I was going to sexually explode!