The Door to Door Robber

By Arby

The sun had set. Twilight had descended, Jazzmon noticed as she looked up
from her computer and glanced out the window. There was a knock on the
front door. Since she was in the house by herself, she was hesitant to
answer it. There had been several robberies lately, and everybody was a
little nervous. The knock became more insistent and the doorbell started to
ring. Reluctantly she walked to the door, and looked out the peephole.
There was a youngish man, probably in his early thirties neatly dressed in a
short sleeved shirt and tie and khakis. "He looks harmless enough" she
thought as she opened the door. The young man earnestly introduced himself
as Charlie Hughes, and he was selling long term care insurance. Jazzmon
allowed him to get inside the front door. Almost immediately his demeanor
changed. He became first more assertive then aggressive. Jazzmon was
dressed in a tee shirt that she had torn to fit her, and shorts. Charlie
slyly smiled at her as said, "Why don't you give me a little". Jazzmon was
getting angry. "A little what?" she asked. "You know," replied Charlie.
"A little stuff, a little tail, or what ever you want to call it." As he
was speaking he reached inside the leather portfolio he was carrying and
produced a gun. Jazzmon was speaking as he did this. "Get out of my house
you weasel! Right now!" She stopped when she saw the gun. "I guess I'll
just have to take what I want." Charlie said pointing the gun at her. "Go
into your bedroom and put on something sexy. I like for my women to wear
sexy clothes." Jazzmon looked at the gun and at Charlie. Thinking that he
was the man who had committed the crimes in the neighborhood, she thought
that she had no choice but to comply. "Leave the door open." Charlie
ordered. Jazzmon selected the outfit that she thought would be appropriate
for her. Black leather. A black leather halter top, a black leather mini
skirt, and black leather boots She slipped on a pair of black leather
fingerless gloves. When she re-entered the room she was three inches
taller than she had been before she went in to get dressed. Charlie was
impressed. her broad shoulders were bare, her large deltoids very
prominent. Her arms were bulging with hard muscle. Those shoulders
tapered down to a tiny, hard, rippling,waist. "Turn around" Charlie ordered
waving the gun around. Jazzmon slowly turned. As she turned her profile
made her large breasts look like two footballs. Now Charlie had a view of
her wide back which made her waist look even smaller then before. He could
see her large, muscular thighs clenching and relaxing under the short
leather skirt. "I've hit the jackpot" Charlie thought. "This will be the
best lay I've ever had." He put his portfolio down. "Turn back" he
commanded. As Jazzmon turned Charlie's eyes were again drawn to her huge
breasts. He was almost drooling. He had failed to notice that Jazzmon had
moved closer to him with each turn that she made. Now she was standing
right in front of him. Suddenly her foot shot out and slammed up between his legs.
Charlie gasped and was overcome by the pain and nausea radiating from his
smashed testicles. Jazzmon took his gun hand in both of hers and wrenched
it high up behind his back, driving her foot into his armpit at the same
time. She continued to twist Charlie's arm until a loud crack filled the
room and the gun fell from the nerveless fingers of his broken arm. Charlie
fell to his knees in pain. "Asshole!" Jazzmon spat at him. "Do you know
what I wear this outfit to do? Well, it's to beat the crap out of jerks
like you. But wait a minute." She had a video camera set up, and she
rushed over and turned it on. "You are about to make your first commercial
video, Charlie. I hope you like it"
With the tape rolling, she grabbed Charlie by the hair and pulled him to his
feet. Jazzmon turned her shoulders and hips and ripped her right fist deep
into Charlie's belly. She dropped her hand to his shoulder to get better
balance and more room to swing, then proceeded to rip ten more punches deep
into his stomach, each one more vicious that the previous one. Charlie was
gagging and puking. "Now look at the mess that you have made on my nice
clean floor." Jazzmon said. She had let Charlie fall to his knees again,
and he collapsed into his own vomit. Jazzmon took Charlie's tie and wiped
the refuse off his face, then stood him up again. "No, we need a different
camera angle" she said. Jazzmon turned Charlie so that they were sideways
to the camera. She started flicking left jabs at his nose and eyes. Soon
his nose was dripping blood and the tissue around his eyes was starting to
swell. Still she kept it up, jab, jab, jab. Charlie's head was rocking back
and forth in rhythm with her fist. Suddenly Jazzmon changed tactics and
buried her right fist in his belly again. Charlie folded in half gagging
again. Jazzmon brought a full power left hook directly into his nose. She
could feel the cartilage break under her hard, leather encased fist and
blood squirted on the black leather halter. "Damn, Charlie, do you have to
bleed all over me?' Now her right fist crashed into his mouth, breaking
teeth as her hard knuckles slammed home on her target. Five more hammering
blows with that hard instrument of destruction and most of his teeth were
either broken off or knocked out. Jazzmon made sure to split both of his
lips for the camera. Blood was everywhere. Now back to his eyes with hard
smashes with both fists, soon bruising the soft tissue around and under his
eyes so that they would be swollen shut. Jazzmon dragged Charlie over to
the camera. "Close up time, Charlie my sweet" she said. She held Charlie
so that the camera was in close on his battered face. Both eyes were now
discolored and completely shut, his nose was squashed flat, and his lips
were swollen to more than three time their normal size, with teeth hanging
out of his mouth or imbedded in his lips her was a frightening looking
sight. "Now for your big finish, Charlie your climatic scene." Jazzmon
said. She could feel the wetness between her legs as she had become
stimulated from her destruction of Charlie. She held him so that his face
was sideways to the camera. "I need you to bend over just a bit more, honey
pie" she said. With that she once again blasted her fist into Charlie's
stomach. Jazzmon caught him before he fell. She positioned his head just
where she wanted it. She turned her body away and brought up the hardest,
most brutal uppercut she was capable of. CCRRAACCKKK!!! It exploded under
Charlie's chin. A spray of blood came out of his mouth, and two more teeth
actually flew out of his mouth in the spray. Charlie flew over backward his
feet leaving the floor and fell in an unconscious heap. "God, that will
look great in slow motion," Jazzmon thought. She quickly backed up the tape
and watched in fascination as she could see her shoulders and hips turn away
from Charlie. Then she stepped forward with her left foot and her body
started to unwind and her hard, black leather covered fist came into the
picture. It smashed under Charlie's chin and did not even slow down, but
continued on in a high follow-through. "Wow" was all she could say as she
saw the blood and teeth come flying out of Charlie's mouth, then he vaulted
up in the air and fell on his back, unconscious as a result of her monstrous
punch. Jazzmon grabbed the camera and zoomed in on Charlies' disfigured,
demolished face. "This thing will sell like hotcakes!" Jazzmon crowed.
Still standing in front of the camera she peeled off the blood soaked gloves
and held them away from her body. Charlie's blood still dripped from them.
She picked up the phone to call the police and report that the
neighborhood burglar and tried the wrong house this time.