Jazzmon Strangers Session
by Arby

The long, black limo pulled up in front of the hotel. The uniformed driver got out and went inside, tipping the doorman so that the limo could park there until he returned. The driver walked to the elevator and pushed the button for the twentieth floor. He got out and went to room 2006 and knocked. The door was answered by a striking looking woman. "Jazzmon?" he asked. "Yes" she answered in a low, soft voice. "I'm Simms. Mr. Lincoln James sent me for you." She was dressed in a tight, black dress with a split up the side, and it was also sleeveless. The driver marveled to himself, at her extreme muscular development, as she reached for the black jacket that matched her dress and put it on. The glimpse of the muscle that he had seen was burned into Simms' mind. Big, wide shoulders and back, bulging biceps and triceps were what he had seen, and what he remembered. The slit up the side of her dress had briefly exposed her huge thighs as she moved. Now he saw her beautiful face, topped by her red hair. "God the boss is gonna have a great time tonight with her. I would like to have some of that myself" he thought. "I guess it takes a lot of money to get something like that". He smiled and escorted her to the elevator and then opened the limo door for her. The limo had every possible convenience in it. It had a bar, and on it was an opened bottle of champagne on ice with a glass sitting beside it. A state of the art sound system and a television set were also there. Jazzmon poured herself a glass of champagne as the limo drove off into the night. They pulled up in front of Le Vielle Maison, a very pricey French restaurant. The driver escorted her inside, and said to the matre d', "Mr. Lincoln James' table please. "Of course" the man replied. "This way madam" as his eyes took in the spectacular looking woman. She was the epitome of dignity and class as she made her way through the crowded restaurant. He showed her to Lincoln James' table. Lincoln James was a very wealthy man in his early sixties. He owned houses in Acapulco, Aspen, and Boca Raton, and a condo on Park Avenue. He had come a long way from the boy who was a fisherman's son in Massachusetts. His interests had gone more to the erotic, and a bit toward S and M as he had gotten older. He was currently divorced from his third wife, a well known high fashion model, some say because she refused to participate in the kind of practices that he had engaged Jazzmon for this evening. Lincoln James was paying her two thousand dollars for the evening, plus this very expensive dinner. He had heard about Jazzmon, and had looked her up on the internet. He had become very intrigued by her pictures on her website, and the things that she said she would do in her sessions. Lincoln was interested in the light domination and muscle worship and was excited and turned on by the way that she described her erotic bellypunching sessions. He would try that he thought as he patted his fairly large belly. Lincoln James was only five feet nine inches tall, and weighed a portly two hundred and ten pounds. He had made his money by shrewd investing, and as a corporate raider. He would take over companies, sell off all of the assets, and then dump the shell of the company that he had acquired. He had a reputation as being very ruthless and was very egotistical and self centered. He always got his way, and was used to people jumping when he yelled, which he did a lot. He had secured one of the small, private alcoves the restaurant had for the evening. As Jazzmon entered, he rose from the table. "Welcome, my dear" he said in his clipped New England accent. Jazzmon smiled at him and accepted his hand. Lincoln pulled out her chair for her. A waiter appeared with a fresh bottle of champagne and poured two glasses. After he left, Lincoln said, "I hope you are prepared for this evening, my dear" as he handed her an envelope with her two thousand dollars in it. Jazzmon did not like his condescending tone, but accepted it for the present as she took the money with barely a glance and stuck it in her purse. "I have a whole bagful of toys in the limo" she said. When Lincoln had discussed domination with her, Jazzmon decided to bring along everything she thought she might need, paddles, whips, handcuffs, etc. that were usually used in domination sessions. She had even included her favorite pair of leather fingerless gloves in case he decided to try one of her punching sessions. In sessions she almost always used the gloves, especially if she might punch the client in the face, to protect her hands and to help keep from bruising him too badly. After all, tonight was to be Lincoln James' fantasy come true.

The dinner was excellent, Jazzmon, being a confirmed meat eater had ordered a filet mignon, and it was cooked perfectly. The one thing that she had noticed was that Lincoln had basically drank a whole bottle of Cabernet all by himself. No matter how expensive it was, dry, red wines did not appeal to her, so she had drunk very little of it, and Lincoln had consumed almost all of it. That along with the cocktails and the champagne that he had knocked back, had made him a bit drunk. He reached over and tried to slide his hand under her dress, but Jazzmon casually took his wrist and gently moved his hand away. When they had finished eating, Lincoln paid the bill and they left. As they exited the restaurant, the limo pulled around front to pick the up. Simms leaped out, and opened the doors for them. As they pulled out of the restaurant lot, Jazzmon said "Now tell me what you want to do tonight." "I want to try a bit of everything that you do" was his answer. Jazzmon smiled. This was more like it. Simms was listening intently on the intercom. The limo entered the residents' drive of a gated community and turned off on a street that ran to the intercoastal waterway. A huge, two story house sat by itself on a lot that had been originally designed for three such houses, but Lincoln James had placed his house in the center of what had been three lots. The house was magnificent, with six bedrooms, a huge family room, a separate den, and a recreation room. There was a covered patio that ran the length of the house with a dock in back with a fifty five foot yacht tied up there. An oversized swimming pool and a large Jacuzzi were also between the patio and the intercostal waterway. Jazzmon guessed that the house had cost Lincoln in excess of four million dollars to build. He led her into a room that had at one time been a big bedroom. Now it was bare except for one chair. Thick red carpet covered the floor, and Jazzmon noticed that the walls had been soundproofed. She was carrying her duffel bag in one hand and her purse in the other. "Did you bring leather, my dear?" Lincoln asked. "Yes, Mr. James. I did" she replied. "Call me Linc, please" he said. "Okay, Linc, I did bring my leather" she said. "You can change in there" he indicated a bathroom in the bedroom. Jazzmon went in to the bathroom and closed the door. She locked it. She reached into the duffel bag and pulled out a black leather mini skirt, and a black leather halter-top. After putting them on, she brought out the black, leather, thigh high boots. She had a great deal of difficulty getting the boots on even with zippers on the sides because of her huge thighs. They were loaded with muscle and now measured better than twenty-nine inches. She dropped down to the floor and did some pushups. She thought that Linc would want to see her muscles pumped up, so the pushups helped. Then she put her back to the mirror and pressed up and down with her triceps on the counter. Then she faced the mirror, placed her hands under the counter, and lifted as if she was trying to lift the top of the counter off. Her biceps strained with the effort. Jazzmon stopped her activity and looked in the mirror. Her muscles were pumped her biceps which measured eighteen inches now, were huge and veins ran all over her arms, looking like snakes under her skin. The skimpy halter did nothing to hide them and it also emphasized her large breasts. She flexed and huge cannonballs of muscle sprang up on her arms. "Old Linc might have a heart attack when he sees all of this" she thought as she grinned at her image in the mirror, picked up her bag full of toys, and re entered the bedroom.

Lincoln James was sitting in the chair when Jazzmon got back into the room. He had stripped down to his undershorts. His eyes got big when he saw the way she looked. He had seen beautiful women and he had seen muscular women, but he had never seen one that was both until now. The combination that Jazzmon presented of beauty and muscularity was far beyond anything he had ever seen. He started to sweat just looking at her. As Jazzmon walked toward him he could see every muscle in detail, she looked like she had been carved out of black marble or onyx. Beautiful and hard! "Well, well, well" she said. "What should we do first?" Jazzmon had a playful grin on her face. She could see that the intercom button was on, so Simms was listening in. Linc stood up. I'll tell you what I want to do first" he said. "What is that?" Jazzmon asked. "I want to skip all of this and get that beautiful black pussy that I paid two thousand dollars for" he said emphatically. "You want WHAT?" Jazzmon's voice became noticeably louder. "I thought I wanted to play these games, but after seeing the way you look, I just want to get the beautiful black pussy I paid for" he said. "That is not what you paid for, and you can forget getting any from me!" she said in a voice that was becoming more annoyed by the minute. Lincoln James was used to getting his way all of the time and her refusal did not set well with him. His eyes narrowed and he said coldly to her "You are not getting out of her until you come across". He observed that although Jazzmon was angry, she wasn't in a state of panic the way the other women that he had pulled this same stunt on had been. In fact she was reaching in her bag and pulling out her fingerless gloves. She looked at Linc with a look on her face that he had never seen before from anyone. She pulled the gloves on and clenched her fists several times with each hand. "I'm leaving now," she said. And I'm keeping the money because you lied to me about what you wanted me to do. I don't go to bed with anyone except the person I choose. To me sex is not something that you can sell like toothpaste, and I don't do that, so get out of my way before you get hurt!" Linc acted like he was astounded. A woman had never refused him before. He got up out of the chair. "Give me money back, then!" he demanded. "If you don't you will have more trouble than you ever imagined." He arrogantly positioned himself between Jazzmon and the door. She was carrying her bag of toys and her purse. She put them down and stepped up to Lincoln James. "Get out of my way!" she commanded through clenched teeth. "Give me my money or give me my pussy!" Lincoln said in his conceited voice. "I warned you!" Jazzmon said. She stepped forward with her left foot, cocking her right fist behind her. Before Lincoln could figure out what was happening she had driven that hard fist deep into his doughy soft belly. His eyes bugged out as his breath escaped in a loud whoosh. He crumpled over her arm as Jazzmon's fist was still buried in his belly. She placed her left hand on his shoulder and pushed him up. TTHHUUDD!! Again she slammed that hard fist into his soft gut. Lincoln had never felt such pain! Waves of pain and nausea flooded over him. He wanted to beg her to stop, but nothing would come out, just AAAARRRGGGG!! Jazzmon positioned herself for a third bellybuster. TTTHHHUUUMMMPPP!! Deep into Linc's soft belly, this one was harder than the first two. Linc's dinner and bottle of wine came out of his mouth in a big gush. It ran down his chest, and splashed on Jazzmon's boots, and some of it on her muscular arm, which was holding him up. He dangled uselessly in her strong left hand which was the only thing keeping him off the floor. She noticed that the vomit still dribbling out of his mouth was tinged with red. She liked that. In her mind, Linc deserved to be severely punished. Jazzmon flung him away from her like a rag doll. Linc bounced off the wall and rolled over. What Jazzmon did not see was that he reached out and pressed a button mounted in the wall, next to the chair. The button was a bell that would let the driver who was also Linc's bodyguard knows that there was trouble. The driver, Simms came running into the room, as Jazzmon was gathering her things to leave. Simms immediately saw Linc on the floor, and demanded to know what had happened. Linc was regaining his breath, and although still in a lot of pain, he was able to talk now. "She refused me!" he exclaimed. "Then she hit me. I want her punished, Simms. I want you to beat the shit out of her and then fuck her right here in front of me!" Simms looked at the woman. He was an experienced brawler and fighter, but even if she was a woman, she did not look like a pushover. Simms removed his jacket and tie, then his shirt. Jazzmon looked coldly at him. "You don't really want to do this" she said.

"Oh, yes I do" Simms replied. "Especially the fucking part. And I love to beat up women before I take them, and working here I've gotten to do that a lot! You are just the next one on the list, girlie!" Simms was a big man, standing six feet four inches. He was in excellent shape, and weighed around 235-240 pounds Jazzmon would estimate. This was going to be a tough battle if she could not avoid it. Lincoln James was screaming for Simms to beat her to a pulp. "I have to follow orders, girlie." Simms said to her with a sadistic grin on his face. "Beat her up bad!" Linc was yelling. "Bust her up, I want to see her bleed!" Simms advanced toward Jazzmon. She could feel the adrenaline rushing through her body, pumping up her huge muscles even more. Simms swung his right fist at her head. Jazzmon ducked and it whistled harmlessly over her. She came up with a right and then a left into his belly, but it was not soft like Linc's. This would take a lot of effort to have much of an effect on his gut. Simms feinted with his right again and slammed his left fist into Jazzmon's jaw, knocking her to the carpet. She rolled away, but Simms kept right after her. "That's it" she could hear Linc's voice. She managed to get to her feet. Her jaw hurt from Simms' punch. Again he feinted with his left this time and ripped his right into her belly. However, all that he accomplished with that punch was to hurt his hand. Jazzmon's belly was like steel. It felt to Simms like he was punching a steel radial tire. Her stomach had about that much give to it. He smiled at her and shook his hand. "You're in pretty good shape, girlie" he said. Jazzmon did not answer. Simms swung his right at her jaw again. Jazzmon blocked it with her left arm and drove her right fist into his belly again, this time stepping into it, getting everything she had into the punch. Simms stopped and blinked. He had never been hit that hard in all of his brawling life. Her fist had actually penetrated his abdominal muscle wall shield and gone deep into his belly. "AWK" was all that he could get out of his mouth. Jazzmon's fairly small, but extremely hard fist had hurt him, driven by her powerful body. Simms tried to act like that he was not hurt but they both knew better. He charged at Jazzmon, but instead of trying to avoid him she stepped forward to meet his charge which was the last thing that Simms expected. Jazzmon unleashed a power packed uppercut that smashed under the point of his chin. Again the combination of his forward momentum and her powerful body generated incredible power in the punch. CCRRAACCKK!!! It landed with the velocity of a freight train under Simms' chin. His forward motion stopped like he had run into a wall, his head snapped back so far it almost touched his back, and he finally toppled over on his back. He was still conscious, but his jaw had been broken. Jazzmon pulled Simms to his feet by his hair. "By the way, I don't like to be called girlie!" she said as she cocked her fist. KKRRAAKK!! Her left fist smashed his nose into a squashed pug, as blood squirted out around her fist, and drenched both of them. WWHHAACCKK!! Her right fist slammed into his eye, WWHHAAMM!! Her left fist hammered his other eye. Both of them would be swollen shut in a matter of minutes. A ripping belly punch doubled him over, and another titanic uppercut dumped Simms on his back again. "He can sure take a punch" she thought as she observed that Simms was still conscious. Jazzmon reached down and pulled him halfway up. She cocked that deadly fist again and sent it crashing into Simms' jaw. This one put him out as the force of the mighty punch sent his body crashing back to the carpet. Blood was streaming out of his mouth, and a couple of teeth could be seen hanging out of his mouth. Both of his eyes were discolored a blackish purple color and swollen shut, and his nose was just a red lump of crushed tissue that was still oozing blood. No wonder that Lincoln James had put a red carpet in this room, it hid the bloodstains. Jazzmon had knocked him out and broken his jaw. Now she wished that she had not knocked him out so quickly, Jazzmon had wanted to beat him some more, because her blood lust was up, but Simms was definitely out of it. His face looked like it had been run through a meat grinder. She turned with fire in her eye to Lincoln James. "You have been a bad boy, and now you have to pay for it" she said. "No, No, please, I'll give you more money, I'll do anything, just don't hit me anymore" he pleaded with her. "I don't want your money, I want your blood" she said. Linc started to run for the door, but the athletic woman easily overtook him. Jazzmon slammed him against the wall and pinned him there with her left arm. "Now it's time for you to pay the piper" she said to Linc. She began to pound her iron fist into his soft, white belly. Hard, ripping punches that sank deep into his gut, and sucked his wind while spreading agony over his body. Over and over again that terrible right fist hammered deep into Linc's gut. He would have puked again, but there was nothing left to come out. Finally one final brutal, ripping uppercut that sank far into his belly, and she was done. Jazzmon released him and Linc slumped to the carpet, unconscious. Jazzmon looked around the room, picked up her things and walked out. She had to pass through the large living room on her way to the front door. She strode over to the piano, and looked on the music stand next to it. There was another plain envelope there with "Jazzmon" written on the outside. She picked it up and opened it. It contained another three thousand dollars and a single, typewritten note. It read "Jazzmon, as usual thanks in advance for your services. You know how much I love to watch you in action. None of these drivers ever realize that they are being set up to get a serious beating from you. Simms will be gone and another replacement will be here before your next session with us. I know that most clients don't like to get beaten the way I do, but you do it so well that I must keep doing it. After tonight we will have to discuss just how much of a beating my belly can take. I know I asked you to go all out tonight, so we will have to see how I can handle it. I will take care of Simms' medical bills before I get rid of him. Please let me know if he was too large for you to fight, I can hire smaller drivers. Again in advance, it is great watching you destroy these conceited assholes, who think they can beat up any woman they see. I love watching you take them apart. I hope you do not mind playing out our little scenarios before the beatings occur to suck them in. I'll contact you in a few weeks to set up the next appointment. Thanks again, you are wonderful!


Jazzmon smiled as she read the note. This would be the third time she had done this for Lincoln James. He liked to be savagely bellypunched, and he liked to see her beat up guys, so they had worked out this little scenario to accommodate both of his fetishes. She would never punch Linc hard enough that he would require medical attention, but she would punch him hard enough to fulfill his fantasy. Tonight she had beaten him even more savagely than before because he had asked her to. "He must really want to find out just how much he can take", she thought. There was an extra thousand dollars this time, it is probably his way of asking her to be even more brutal with the next driver she beats up. Well. Linc is a good client and pays well, so she will. After all, Linc makes sure that they get the best medical attention available. The taxi that Lincoln had ordered was waiting for her as she left the house, and would drive her back to the hotel.