The Stalker cont. Part III

by Jazzmon

I was bored. So, I decided to take a walk, which I barely ever do. Maybe go for a run in the park.  I needed a little exercise in before my lunching date.  It was early morning.  I decided not to run the trail of the park. I had no idea there would be anyone else in the park at 3 am in the morning. The wind felt good blowing across my face. I decided to take a left turn. Before I knew it I was on the ground. I should have known better then to be out that early. I had received strange phone calls for several days now. I was being stalk. It never cross my mine the guy would be watching me that early in the morning. I tripped over a wire that was strung from one tree to another. I hit the ground hard. It almost knocked the wind out of me. The mistake he made was allowing me to get to my feet. He charge me. Me of all people. As I side step the rapist I embedded my right fist into his belly causing him to go to his knees. As he heave and gasp for air I took my elbows and embedded one into the back of his neck. His body hit the ground. I reach down and helped him up. He started to puke.  His breakfast flowed out of his mouth and over his shirt as I jumped back releasing my hold. I quickly pivot towards him and thrust upward with my fist. My uppercut causes his head to fly backward. Like a flash of lighting I embedded my foot into his groin.   He grabbed his groin area. As he reached for his private I threw a right cross before he was out of position.  It was one of the most powerful punches I had ever executed. My fist slammed into his jaw.

 The feel of his jaw giving away under my fist, gave me a feeling of dominance. His eyes rolled back into his head, as his head flew to the right. I skillfully executed a right hook that made contact with his nose. The blow was so lethal the cartilage gave away.  Blood and mucus flew over me which piss me Off! He reached for his nose with his eyes closed crying out in pain at the same instant. As his mouth open I could see he had a mouth full of teeth and I wanted them. Even thou, they had coffee stains covering them. I took the opportunity to thrust forward with a lethal bellypunch which cause his eyes to open wide as he wrapped his arms around his stomach.  They were almost bulging out of there sockets as it began to rain. There was blood & puke all over the trail. I was just getting started. I place my left hand on his right shoulder while pushing him upward just enough to get in a lethal uppercut.

I decided before this beating would be over on hitting a home run! BAM!! My uppercut was so lethal; it could be heard throughout the park. The loud punch cause a twinkle of wetness between my thighs as his head flew back once more. Before his head was fully back I stepped around from his right with a left hook hitting him at an angle that knock at least 10 teeth out! He looked so funny.  The uppercut made his head fly backward as I whaled my fist once again into his jaw. I was fast enough to catch him at the right area of his face with my left hook to extract a few more teeth. His head bounce  like one of the clowns; parents buy for their kids to punch. The ones that spring back and forth and knocks the kid to the floor.

Well, he didn't spring back to his feet. It sent him in a twirl as his body spent around like a top falling off a bottle of beer. His body looks like a big tornado as it spawn around before hitting the ground.

I lunge at him again landing on top of him with one knee in his chest and my foot on the ground as I drew back my right fist driving it home. I embedded my fist into his left eye causing it to immediately swell. I drew back for the second punch to the same eye as he continued to cry out. He pleads and begged for me to stop. I wanted him to see every move I made. So, I didn't take out his right eye at least not yet.  I wanted him to see my face as I beat him bloody.

He cried out once again. "No mercy here partner" "Would you have mercy on me? I don't think so. Get up and fight like a man.  I will help you up" I said as I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt

I helped him to his feet. He could barely stand. I quickly threw a right cross catching him right on the edge of his chin. "WHAM!!!!" I made a mistake by hitting him in the chin.  I didn't want him out, not yet. The punch to his chin wasn't as direct as I expected it to be but, it did give me 5 more teeth which was only 15 and that wasn't  enough.

I need at least 20 to complete my necklace made up of teeth. I had a matching bracelet from the last fight. I kicked his teeth to the side not wanting them to get misplace. He leans to his right side blowing his bloody noise and spitting out blood and teeth.

Tears continued to run from both eyes as blood flowed from his broken nose. I suddenly remembered I was suppose to meet you their later. I had forgotten the time.

I never look away from the man that attacked me.  I didn't see you standing their. You had seen my car in the park and had begun to look for me on the trail. You knew that I was going to take an early run.

You always found it erotic seeing me beat a man to a bloody pulp. You had no problem standing their in silent watching without making us aware of your present.

Well, you got your wish. I gave the guy time to get himself halfway together.

I wanted him to never forget the woman that he wasn't able to take. I smile at him asking him if he had enough. He look out of one eye at me and said "lady I'm sorry I don't know what got into me please let me go."

I looked at him with my fists clench together.  I responded "I'm not stopping you.  If you are planning on leaving this way you will have to go through me. Apologize not excepted not for what you tried to do. NEVER!"

He began to plead with me "OK You had enough but next time if there is a next time I won't be so nice.   As he started to pass me I grabbed him by his shirt which was cover with puke and blood.

I pulled him as his body swirled around as if there was no gravity. I release his shirt which I had by the right hand and embedded my left fist into his soft belly. He let out a yell. "UGGHH!" and a cough then puke again. This time the blood came out in chumps. I put my hand under his chin as I looked him dead in his good eye. After getting his chin eye level I swung from my left hooking the side of his mouth. Checkmate! I got the rest of my teeth finally even more then I had anticipated. " WOW!"

What a rush. He stumble as his legs was too weak to stand. He was hopeing if he stayed down this episode would be over. He thought wrong. He tried to violate something very precious to me. I picked him up for the last time with all my power I thrust upward with an uppercut as my fist touched base with the edge of his chin sending him flying backward.

His body landed on the ground. He laid there motionless. I knew that one would do it. I felt a hand on my arm I look around bringing my fist upward then stopped short of ramming my fist into your belly!

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