Index to the Jim Priest Stories

This provides a short summary for each story. Each can be read in isolation although a better understanding would be gained by reading the others. You can contact Jim at

Bobby, Jackie & friends

The Return of the Dominant Horsewoman Bobby Priest gets a painful lesson on how to serve an upper class woman.

Wrestling my Little Sister Bobby is humiliated wrestling his powerful younger sister in his garden then again in front of the whole school.

The Kickboxing Fight The school bully is destroyed in a kickboxing match with a younger oriental girl.

Wrestling The Twins Bobby grapples with tall leggy twin sisters & suffers the consequences

The Merit Badge Girl Guides demonstrate the power of their merit badges to a smug bully.

Best Friend's Sister Bobby discovers his best friend's sister is a real knockout.

Bobby's Birthday Surprise Bobby is outmuscled by his younger gymnast sister & foolish enough to box her.

Schoolgirl's Surprise Ling Chan kick-boxing schoolgirl gives grown fighters a shock beating.

Beaten up by the nicest girl in school Bobby and friends get a beating from a quiet God-fearing 'nice' girl.

Training Teacher Jackie dominates a bullying teacher with her powerful body and lethal legs.

Jackie The Gymnast & The Peeping Tom A dream come true becomes a nightmare when a muscular gymnast works him over

Putting my kid sister back in her place Bobby gets Judo Boy to teach Jackie a lesson. Then it all goes wrong.

Jackie's Revenge Jackie punishes her older brother while her friends take care of his.

The Riding Instructor, Jackie & the Japanese SchoolgirlTwo teen girls and their riding instructor thwart a kidnapping attempt

Saved from the bullies by my gymnast sister Jackie saves Bobby from a bully and his gang

The Mythology

THE LAST#1 Prophesy of a world dominated by powerful amazons.

Echoes from the Past Jim Priest is beaten up and dominated by an older woman.

The Dance of Death Chikrashur feels the feminine power of the Goddess Anahita

The Wrath of the Goddess Namur suffers the terrible vengeance of the Goddess Anahita.

Dancing with the Goddess The shadow assassins try to take the Goddess Anahita by stealth.

Battling the Goddess The Goddess Anahita faces the Demon Lord in combat.

The Case of the Jujitsuffragette. Victorian detective gets an introduction to female martial arts and dominance:

Part 1: The Female Pugilist/The Bare-Knuckle Pugilist Part 2: The Mistress of the Workhouse/Worshipping The Mistress

Encounter with the Schoolmarm : A Victorian tale of pain, domination and female empowerment Man enters a schoolhouse to be unexpectedly dominated by his stern ex-teacher.

The Legend of The Killer Nuns Not all nuns are peaceful and passive.

Driving Jean home 1980's young man is set up to drive a dangerous old secretary home.

Boxing my Mother on Boxing Day Young privileged man discovers Victorian female muscle and dominance.

Female fighting and dominance in Victorian India Young Indian man encounters deadly fighting women during the British Raj.

The Original Series

Squeezed by the Landlady Jim Priest gets a taste of what's to come as he is squeezed between the powerful legs of his landlady, legs developed from years cycling up a steep hill each day. She forces him to pay rent in an unusual way!

Cameraman Thrashed by Female Presenter Jim drunkenly tries to assault a sexy middle-aged TV presenter who beats him up with her sexy legs before delivering a unique form of justice.

The Nutcracker A sexy big-busted girl enjoys smashing men in the groin gaining Jim an enemy for life.

New Beginnings and the Dominant Horsewoman Investigating a series of mysterious break-ins, Jim is beaten up by the karate skills and powerful thighs of an upper-class horsewoman.

Enter the Japanese Schoolgirls! Scott is beaten up by 4 oriental schoolgirls in his care, and sexually humiliated.

The Return of the Dominant Horsewoman Bobby Priest gets a painful lesson on how to serve an upper class woman.

The Boxing Stable Girl Scott is badly beaten up and taunted by a big busty stable girl.

The Amazon Barmaid Amazon barmaid Cynthia destroys 2 men sent to silence Jim with her powerful muscles.

A Mistresses' Vengeance Sir Nigel is destroyed by the karate skills of his pregnant mistress who he has publicly dumped. Aroused, she forces Jim to service her.

The Kickboxing Amazon Princess Royal bodyguard learns the hard way not to get in the way of the lethal legs of an angry princess.

Hospitals can be Dangerous Places A powerful matron overwhelms Scott whilst a Nurse breaks bones battling 2 murderous thugs with her Aikido skills.

Sister-in-Law's Christmas Present Jim's sister-in-law demonstrates her self-defence skills from the lessons he brought her and destroys a yuletide burglar.

The Airfield - Part 1:The Loader / Part 2:The Security Officer And The Loader Again Jim Priest meets a female loader and amateur bodybuilder called Elaine. A young buxom security guard demonstrates her judo skills on Scott. Together the two women use their superior fighting skills to destroy opposition to a police raid.

The Lethal Slut Cindy kills three men as part of her sex life and gives Jim a severe beating.

The Mother In-Law From Hell Jim's mother-in-law has built huge muscles which she uses to punish her son in-laws especially Jim who also suffers her ju-jitsu and sexual skills.

Echoes from the Past Jim Priest is beaten up and dominated by an older woman.

The New Series

Death Of A Princess Jim gets calve-scissored for following a sexy office worker then gut busted by a Sloane-ranger in Paris. A Battle Royale takes place between two powerful upper class Amazons.

The Militant Wing of The Salvation Army A bad man is brought to task by the deadly legs and hands of the women of The Salvation Army.

The Power Of Sex The Salvation Army show a young arsonist the power of a woman's pectorals before becoming their practice dummy whilst an older man is interrogated with painful sex.

The Lollipop Lady Are you tough enough to handle the stick skills of a Lollipop lady?. One tough guy is left out cold, another cries over his busted balls.

Confessions of a Bimbo -Judo! Chorus-line Karate & strong legs Not-so dumb blonde comedy stooge forces two old-timers to change their views.

Upstairs, downstairs and in the Kitchen Maid's bedroom Jim is playfully dominated by a kitchen maid's Judo and sexy pastry skills.

Danger at the beach Beach stud is dominated by the self-defence skills of two young women.

Harry Carter & The Calves of Fear + The Strong Armed Cleaner A Businesswoman's calves & the mighty arms of a cleaner brutally destroy men.

Mother In-Law - Security Guard Mother In-Law & night security guard destroys a couple of intruders.

Top Bully - a tale of defeat and humiliation by three young women College bully suffers defeat from his sister, a tomboy and a victimised woman.

Disciplined By The French Mistress Jim and a young man get a leggy lesson in discipline from a sexy French teacher.

Kung Boob! Three generations of super-endowed women turn a man's dream into a nightmare.

Leggy and Lusty - a Lap dancing Strip O'Gram defends herself Policewoman strip o'gram is forced to lay out 2 men + destroy a 3rd.

Jackie The Gymnast & The Peeping Tom A dream come true becomes a nightmare when a muscular gymnast works him over.

Wrestling The Twins Bobby grapples with tall leggy twin sisters & suffers the consequences.

Granny Strongarm - A Granny's Touch A young man feels the awesome power of his fearsome Great-Grandmother.

Henrietta and the transform of Muscle A tale of magic and muscle transformation.

George and The Dragon The Commander of a secret US task force and Jim feel the power of The Dragon.

Min Jung: Humiliation Club Mature Korean humiliates a teen gang with her stunning body and TKD skills.

Danger, Fat Bully Girl At Play Jim discovers the dangers of turning down a horny fat girl.

The Dental Receptionist & The Kung Fu Nurse Sexy mature woman humiliates Jim while a dental nurse brutalises Scott.

The Maasai Warrior Queen & Her Daughter Female tribal leader and her daughter demonstrate their fighting skill.

The Legs of the Rickshaw Woman Mature oriental woman shows men the power of her legs and Kung Fu.

Wife's Surprise Tom learns the hard way a skill his wife has kept secret for the past 25 years.

Feel The Power of the Lord Jim feels the upper body strength of an old female churchwarden.

The day my mum humiliated me at the Dojo Teen troublemaker & Jujitsu black belt is disciplined by his mother at the dojo.

The Little Old Lady A little old lady saves young man from a brutal beating.

Scissored in the Supermarket car park Two men learn the dangers of looking at women.

An encounter with Jean Jim is reacquainted with an old woman as she dominates a group of youths.

Obeying Mother Jim is surprised by the dominance of his elderly bodybuilding mother.

Birthday Surprise Young man gets a birthday surprise from his demure little Indian wife.

Auntie's secret Jim's cute looking mature Indian 'aunty' demonstrates her secret skills.

The Nutcracker and The Tramp Teen ballbuster takes on dirty old men in the park & proves handy with her fists.

Mother in-Law's Break-up Conman suffers painful consequences for breaking a bulky mature woman's heart.

Karate Boots Gang get more than they bargained for from a silver haired woman in boots.

Passing Out Lecherous soldier and Jim have a passing out day to remember.

Aberdeen Agnes Jim worships a powerful elderly muscle woman.

The Hotel Manageress Jim is seduced by a fit older woman who then gives him a real beating.

Lady Helen's Daughter Jim encounters a young girl and gets more than he expected then meets mum.

Return of the Amazon Barmaid Young man's lust for a mature barmaid's bust unleashes her muscles.

The Long Legs of the Law Young man is dominated by a leggy mature Policewoman.

The Riding Instructor, Jackie & the Japanese Schoolgirl Two teen girls and their riding instructor thwart a kidnapping attempt.

The Sari of Discipline Young man experiences his auntie's dominance and power.

Alice - Secret Santa Sweet young woman surprises her boss with a special xmas gift

The Internet Date Professional male seeks female muscular Judo black-belt looking for fun.

The Perils of Kidnapping Schoolgirls Religious fanatics are broken then destroyed by a group of deadly schoolgirls.

Marriage Guidance A man's fetishes are revealed during counselling then become reality.

Madam Koumaru Assaiki Scott encounters the fearsome old Japanese woman known as Madam Ball Crusher.

Onward Christian Soldiers (Don't Lose Your Head) Jim helps Salvation Army women and Muslim sisters battle a terrorist plot.

Honour thy Mother in-law Jim sees how his powerful mother in-law deals with a thief.

Sister-in-law's legs Drunken pass in a hotel room ends in domination by a sexy pair of legs.

Dominated by a teenaged ATC Judo girl Jim finds himself outmatched by a young girl.

Into the lair of the Killer Nuns Jim gets a painful lesson from a Superior Mother.

Lollipop lady - dangerous woman at work Impatient motorist is punished by a mature crossing patrol warden.

Perils of shoe shopping with my mother in-law Shopping trip leads to humiliation & pain for some.

Wicked Step-mother's dancer's legs Man gets a brutal dance lesson when claiming his inheritance.

Sister In-Law goes ballistic at the Burger-Van Woman defends herself from a rapist and thugs.

Battling The Maid Getting frisky with the maid can be bad for your health.

Police brutality by the long legs of the law? Double trouble for Jim as two female Police officers assert their dominance.

The elegant mature receptionist Saved from a beating by the defensive skills of a cultured older woman.

The Case of the Pantyhose Society

The Taxi Driver Elegant women in pantyhose use martial arts to get confessions from bad men.

The Dojo of Humiliation Tough men learn a hard lesson when a mature Oriental woman buys their Dojo.

The Savate Lady and The Pretty Tomboy Beautiful woman dominates a gym full of male fighters.

The Ballerina P.A. and The Lingerie Shop Jim discovers Ballerinas and posh women are deadly.

Deadly Teenage Girls A rescue attempt by tough guys is foiled by teenage girls.

Schoolgirl Judo Thug gets a humiliating lesson in unarmed combat from teen schoolgirls.

Crime-lord's Surprise A bad man may escape the law but he can't escape his wife.

Busted! Thieves try to rob a shop where the women deal out a painful crushing beating.

The Vengeful Countess Jim meets a noble lady out for revenge.

Related Stories

Domination at the Women's Institute The ladies of the WI demonstrate to their men folk that they are not meek and humble.

Aunt Lilly's 21st Birthday Present Woman plans to reward her best friend's son with his fantasy.

Joan Jerry recalls his encounters and friendship with a massively muscled farm girl.

The Fbook account Hijacking your ex's FBook account is a bad idea if mom can kick your arse.

The Wild Woman of the Highlands Young man is taken captive by a powerful wild woman in the forest.

Fighting my Mother Man can't cope with his mum's muscular body and challenges her.

Emma Man finds romance and Judo with the busty girl next door.

My Sister In-Law and the Bonfire Neighbour learns a painful lesson during a heat-wave.

The Widow Man tries to resist amorous advances from his widowed aunt at a funeral.

The deadly-legged schoolgirl Man can't keep away from a girl with extraordinary strong legs.

Wrestling my Mother Things don't go his way when a young man wrestles his attractive middle-aged mother.

The Religious Education Teacher Jerry experiences a teacher's massive muscle 40 years later.

Harry and the Black Belt of Power Lunar shows the bad boys and a lust crazed Harry her martial art skills.

A Postman's Lot Postman meets a hard-wrestling woman and gets more than he can cope with.

School-bully beat down / Victim's revenge Nasty bully gets painful lesson by a skilled mother and her daughter.

My Karate Kid Sister Teen bodybuilder feels the painful skills of his little sister.

Stitched up with a muscle geek Lad set up with a geek girl he doesn't fancy is driven wild by her muscular body.

Don't mess with women of the Salvation Army Bad men learn the family that pray together fight together.

Laying The Dragon Man meets and succumbs to a formidable old battleaxe.

Filipino Mail Order Bride Caveat emptor, little bully girl.

Martial arts femdom birthday surprise Son gets more than he expected at a fetish club.

Bad Dad's MMA surprise Man is humiliated by his ex-wife and teenaged daughter at fight club.

Wrestling for her betrothal Indian man must defeat a girl in wrestling to gain a wife.

Bullied by the female jogger's muscles Man encounters Anglo-Indian girl he teased at school.

Step-Mother: pt 1. The take-over A large well-built woman dominates a wealthy family.
 pt 2. Ex-wife's/Mother's revenge An intruder in the night leads to a reunion with a kick for father and son.
 pt 3. Ex-wife/Mother takes control Father & son struggle with a meek woman's transformation into a dominant Amazon.

The Wretched Woman Two young travellers are stalked by a dangerous skinny old Indian woman.

The Deadly Cougar (why you should always pay your dental bill) Bringing a sexy mature woman to your hotel room could be bad for your health.

Lockdown wrestling with Mum Young man and his mother find a way to alleviate the boredom.

Don't mess with Indian fighting girls Sisters fight abduction by older male cousins for arranged marriages.

Mother In-Law: Seductrix, Debt-Collector Paula roughs up Jerry then takes on the marines!

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