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Lethal ladies

Lethal ladies. Martial arts and fighting. Expertly trained, dangerous and dominant females. Some quite sadistic. You can contact the author on yenglynx@yahoo.com

  • BLACKBELT GODDESS She stood, 5ft 9 inches a highly trained, muscular body. Her bare, deadly feet had walked to the disused factory unit over gravel roads and dusty paths. On entering the building she had adjusted her Dobok, the uniform she wore for Taekwondo, just one of many martial arts she excelled at. The crisp white uniform was held in place with a blackbelt. 4 gold stripes on the belt signified the high level of her ability. It bore her name. She also carried a large sports bag which she placed on the floor. (11/Apr/21) Listen to the story
  • Goddess of the Night (06/Nov/15) Listen to the story
  • Guila 01 'City of Men' (21/Jan/13) Listen to the story
  • Lady Petra 4th degree (18/Aug/20) Listen to the story
  • Lisa's training (22/Dec/11) Listen to the story
  • Lethal Lisa Lisa is a supple, martial arts trained, dominant and deadly young lady with an attitude. Causing people pain for her own pleasure is what Lisa lives for. Do not even think of crossing her. (22/Dec/11) Listen to the story
  • Lisa teaches Dean to respect her legs (22/Dec/11) Listen to the story
  • Dean tries to take revenge on Lisa after his beating Part 2 (22/Dec/11) Listen to the story
  • MARIE GOES KICKING Martial arts Marie (12/Oct/11) Listen to the story
  • Tanja The Executioner... Chapter 01 The year is 2063. (28/Oct/11) Listen to the story
  • Zarla's game 01 (21/Dec/11) Listen to the story
  • zarla's game 2 Zaria's ex feels her wrath. (12/Apr/12) Listen to the story
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