By Logan

The Task Force assembles.


This story is not suitable for minors. It contains a lot of violence, and many sexually explicit situations. If any of this offends you, do not read any further. Well, you have been warned.

All people and events mentioned in this work are fictional. Any similarities with any of the present or past are purely coincidental.



LOCATION: Storage warehouse in Manhattan, New York.

Leo Verducci steps into the office where his brother and crime boss Victor was looking at some papers.

"Well, bro. The boys have finished bringing in all they could salvage from the other warehouse," Said the younger one while sitting on a chair on the in front of his brother's desk.

"Good. How much could they recover, %50 of the stash?"

"No such luck. The Feds had already cleaned up the place. We brought what they couldn't find."

"But how much was that?"

"A little less than %5."

"DAMN!" Shouted Victor as he plunged his fist to his desk. "I'm telling you, sometimes I think those two Alphas are more trouble than they are worth!"

"How can you say that!" Snapped Leo. "If it weren't for them we would already be in prison!"

"Maybe so, but thanks to Dee-Dee's carelessness we have lost 25 million dollars worth of merchandise. Now our supplier is going to have our heads."

"Nah, We just have to think for a way out, that's all."

Their conversation was suddenly interrupted. The ground began to shake with a series of impact tremors. Thump-Thump-Thump. The light ground shaking became consecutively stronger. Two different types of impacts were distinguishable, a light set along with a much heavier one. In just a few seconds after the tremors started, they stopped, and before Leo and Victor stood two of the most beautiful and powerful women on the planet.

Stacy and Dee-Dee had walked in. The two women stand in front of the two brothers like two obedient soldiers ready to give a report. Both men were staring at the two gorgeous women. Although they have known them for over two months already, they cannot help loose their breath every time they walk into the room.

Stacy was a tall (7'9") oriental woman with a very athletic body. She was built like a mid-weight bodybuilder, with a very narrow waist, a very large pair of breasts, a very tightly round ass, and very thick and powerful legs. Her musculature was very prominent but with slender femininity. She had the most penetrating eyes, capable to reach deep into your mind and wipe it off. She had a wicked blood-freezing smile, which could alone turn strong men into cowering grannies.

Dee-Dee was much taller (8'2") and her body was much more muscular. The black woman was built like a world class heavyweight bodybuilder. Very thick layers of muscle covered her entire body. Her chest was so huge her pectoral muscles reached two feet ahead of her thorax, (without counting her excessive bosom in front of them), and over four feet when she expanded them. Dee-Dee has also a very thin waist, extremely broad shoulders, huge perfectly round and impossibly solid buttocks, immense thighs and colossal-muscular arms.

They were both wearing the same uniform-like clothes. Each had a black thong and top. The top only came down halfway across their chest, covering only the top half of their breasts (just over the nipples). Since both women had such dense musculature, each had a proportionately great bodyweight. Stacy, the leaner of the two, weighed 1400 pounds, while Dee-Dee's weight was as high as 3600 pounds. Consequently, both women walked always barefoot.

They had both tried before to wear all types of shoes, but there are only very few on their size. Besides, no shoe could possibly ever withstand the great pressure generated by their feet. If the shoes are not flattened on the first step, they are shredded if they simply wiggle their powerful toes. In fact, Dee-Dee can hardly walk without cracking the ground on which she steps. Her powerful feet had already left crack-filled footprints on the cement floor inside the warehouse.

"I have a solution to your problem," Said Stacy. "Let us get that money for you."

The brothers felt a knot in their throats as they realized the two women had heard their whole conversation. Victor was the first of the brothers to gain his speech back. "And how are you girls going to get twenty-five million dollars?"

"Leave that to us, Boss" Said Dee-Dee as she and Stacy walked off the office. Leo began to sweat cold when Stacy winked at him as she walked away. Once the two women had walked out of the warehouse Leo began to freak out.

"Shit man! I think they heard our whole conversation!" Said Leo.

"Really! You think?" Victor asked sarcastically.

"Yes bro. I think they did!"

"Of Course they DID, you Idiot!" Said Victor irritated. "We have to be very careful around those two or they might turn on us."

"Right. Hey, where do you think they are going to get the money from."

"I don't know. I just hope they are not foolish enough to go knock off a bank."


LOCATION: First Federal National Bank, Manhattan, New York. 12:10 p.m.


It was a busy day at the First Federal National Bank, with an average of thirty customers at any time, the employees had their hands full. Despite all that, nothing out of the ordinary had happened today, until now. Dee-Dee and Stacy walked in the front door and immediately everybody got very quiet and turned to watch them. Although the existence of Alphas was already of public knowledge, very few people ever get the chance to see one in person.

Dee-Dee headed towards the clerk while Stacy stayed by the door. A young man was heading out towards the exit but he was blocked by Stacy. "Please miss, may I get through?" He asked.

Stacy smiled at the much smaller man. "Let see what Miss. Nipple has to say about it." She said as she lifted her top exposing her right breast. Her deliciously large and perfectly round breast caused painful erections among all the male spectators and even some of them came in their shorts just from looking.

She put her hand on his shoulder and leaned forward, touching his upper lip with her hard nipple. "Does she say "Yes'?" She mocked bobbing her breast slowly and making her nipple slide up and down his face, rubbing her moist and tender flesh against his blushed cheeks. "Or does she say No?" She then again slowly shook her breast side to side making her moist nipple slide sideways across his face, brushing occasionally against his dry lips.

He had never felt such a wonderful sensation before in his life. The man was almost hypnotized by her gentle caresses and awesome beauty. Never had he seen such a beautiful woman before, and never had he dreamed one could posses a body as incredible as had this wonderful goddess before him. He wanted to drape his entire 5'7" body around this oriental 7'9" amazon but he could not. He was frozen and all he could do was to feel and enjoy her exquisiteness.

Stacy kept repeating "Yes or No" and switching from vertical to horizontal movements as she did. Her voice, filled with exuberant sexuality hypnotized the whole audience. Even the security guard was so dazed by her majesty and beauty he was completely useless. Stacy's nipple had hardened since she began and her boobs had swelled up as her excitement grew, bruising the man's face in the process, but he was so "out' the pain was lost in the jungle of sensations he felt. Her moistened nipples had already soaked the man's face as she kept sliding her nipple over it.

The man was so sexually aroused he came in his pants. The sudden release of his sexual tension returned him to reality and finally realized he was in danger. Reason took over but as fear was beginning to emerge, he was sucked back into the lust. His dry mouth had sought the moisture over his lips, and as he licked his upper lip, the man tasted Stacy's breast milk. Being a powerful sexual stimulant, as ALL Alphas secretions are, only a drop of Stacy's aphrodisiac was enough to sink the man's mind into total lust, abandonment and sexual submission.

She must have kept it up for about three minutes. Once she was sure she had the attention of everyone on the room, her wicked smile emerged. "I think she says-NO!" Stacy leaned forward just barely, letting her sideways swinging hooter, with the added force of her super-powerful pectoral muscles, slam against the side of his face. With her breast's dense mass and high speed of impact it completely plowed through the man's head, pulverizing it and sending a bloody gush with little meat chunks against the side-wall. The liquefied remains of the man's splattered head rained on the security guard and a few other people.

The security officer quickly released his weapon from its holster and began to fire on Stacy. The bullets flattened and bounced off her body as the lead was overmatched by the oriental woman's skin. He kept firing his gun incessantly at the woman but Stacy was only lightly amused. The woman reached out and grabbed onto his gun-wielding hand. She applied a tiny amount of pressure to her fingers and both his hand and gun were fused together and mangled. "Didn't your mommy ever tell you it is not polite to shoot at people?" She teased as the remains of his oozing hand were painfully ground to paste.

In an act of total desperation, the guard threw a left hook straight to Stacy's gut. The sound of his bones snapping was heard by everyone in the room, along his loud cries of agony, as his hand could not withstand the inhuman toughness of Stacy's body. Stacy began to laugh uncontrollably, looking at the guards broken hand and knowing he did it to himself trying to hurt her. "So, you like punching. Then I'll show you something that will blow you away. Literally."

Stacy forced the man to his knees and then turned her backside to him, while still holding on to his right hand. She grabbed onto his left hand and pull on them towards her. She jammed his face against her buttocks, with his nose buried deep between them. "Now this is a punch!" She said as she suddenly tightened her right buttock, expanding it considerably and making it thousands of times harder than diamond in less than a hundredth of a second. Her buttock slammed against the right side of his face harder than any punch he had ever felt, breaking some of his facial bones and almost all his teeth. His head was snapped backwards reaching near the strain tolerance of his neck and then snapped forward like a whip towards her now relaxed butt only to receive another punch but now by her left buttock.

She kept butt-punching him for about a minute, at an initial rate of two punches per second, and accelerating constantly. The sickening sounds of bones being crushed, ligaments being ripped, and gushers of blood splattering out followed each hit. She kept moaning with her eyes closed as she experienced to the max the intoxicating feeling of the great sexy sensation power, which completely demolishing a person with only the excessive might of her buttocks gave her. After thirty seconds the man's head was nothing more than a shapeless bag of flesh and bone-residue being dribbled by her butt muscles going back and forth faster than the eye can follow. By the time she stopped pumping her butt, the man's head had been splattered away completely.

Stacy let the corpse slump to the ground and looked around the lobby. There were many horrified people there, looking at her with fear. Among them, she spotted someone interesting. She saw a man, in his mid-twenties, completely aroused and totally terrified as well. Stacy looked at him straight in the eyes and could vividly sense an "I want you" coming from within him. She looked him up and down and saw a cute face along with a nice body and that sparked a deeper interest in her.

"You!" She said, pointing at the young man. "Come here!" She commanded. The man's fear was a dominating feeling so he refused to walk to his death and stayed right where he was. "I won't hurt you." She said, but he did not buy it. Stacy then removed her top completely and began to massage her superb boobs. "I know you want me. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of touching me." The man was sweating cold, and his sense of self-preservation was being overridden by his desire.

Stacy removed her thong, letting him see her dense hairy bush and prominent cunt lips. She beckoned him erotically, swaying her whole body rhythmically. The man finally couldn't take it any more and began to walk towards her. "Don't do it!" Was shouted a woman within the crowd and the man stopped. Stacy looked at the woman and with total scorn and indignation spit at her. Before the woman had time to realize she was in trouble, Stacy's spit reached her and hit her in the head and plunged right through her like a bullet, splattering her brains all over the wall. The high-speed spitball went through her, the concrete wall of the building and finally dug through 150 feet of ground before it lost its energy.

"Come or share her fate!" Stacy commanded. He virtually ran towards the amazon and stopped before her. Stacy put out her hand and he took it. He felt the softest skin he had ever touched in his life, and as he caressed her larger hand, he felt how it was so delicate and so much more powerful than he could ever imagine. Stacy grabbed him by the ass and pulled him to a close embrace followed by a deep and passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, Dee-Dee had walked up to the clerk. Each step she took shook the ground beneath them, as the woman likes to slam her feet down harder to further intimidate her prey. The expensive ornamental marble floor was painfully crushed under the Alpha's ebony feet. The clerk very desperately began to push the silent alarm button but the African-American Alpha's superb hearing noticed the clicks and deduced it. She grabbed the middle-aged man by the throat and lifted him cleanly off the floor with more ease than a normal woman would lift a feather. "That was not very smart, you idiot!" She hissed. Dee-Dee took her other hand and placed it under the clerk's butt and in plain sight of everyone, the incredible black woman slowly brought her hands together.

It was horrible. The clerk's body began to be compressed between Dee-Dee's ultra powerful hands. The man began to spasm as his internal organs began to be smashed together. His collarbone snapped and so did his ribs, puncturing his lungs and stabbing through his heart. The woman kept squeezing the now lifeless body, feeling how the rest of his vertebrae snapped, crackled and then loudly popped. His limbs dropped to the floor and so did his head. The main of his torso was ground to paste and dripped down to the floor in a chunky puddle of bone bits and meat shreds.

Dee-Dee walked through the counter, shattering the wooden furniture to splinters with her granite thighs. Once on the other side of the counter, Dee-Dee looked down and saw another clerk, lying on the floor and attempting to hide from her. She happened to be in the way between Dee-Dee and the vault and that was all the excuse the Alpha needed to add one more to her long body-count list. The black amazon paid no attention to the pleading woman on the floor and walked towards the reinforced steel vault. Pretending she hadn't seen the pleading clerk, Dee-Dee slowly placed her bare foot on the woman's much smaller foot. The woman felt how Dee-Dee's large bare-foot touched and almost caressed her nylon-covered foot. The woman's last coherent thought was about how incredibly smooth Dee-Dee's silky skin felt, despite that same sole had been crushing cement and marble like soda crackers.

Then Dee-Dee stepped, putting her whole 3600 pounds on the woman's delicate foot. The woman's screams could be heard for blocks. In an instant, her whole foot and ankle had been flattened completely. Flesh, bone and ligaments were all crushed and mangled along with the marble tile below them. Dee-Dee's foot not only took out the woman's foot but also half of her foreleg with it. The woman screamed and hollered for help but no one in the building was stupid enough to confront one of these women in a futile attempt to rescue her. Dee-Dee took another step, this time her left foot pulverized the woman's right thigh and hip. Before the woman had the chance to pass out, Dee-Dee took her third and final step (final for the clerk). This time, her right foot came down on the woman's chest and left shoulder, leaving her for a short but painful agonizing death.

The instant the previous clerk had hit the silent alarm a whole battery of anti-alpha security systems came on-line. Dee-Dee knew this but didn't know exactly with what kind of security booby traps the vault had been filled. Feeling a little curious, the huge black woman turned towards her busy friend and shouted: "Toss me one will you!"

Stacy, still holding the man she was kissing with one hand and without disengaging that long passionate kiss walked quickly towards the other hostages and before he could escape, she grabbed onto one. She lifted the man into the air and with a simple jerk of her wrist, Stacy tossed the grown man towards Dee-Dee.

The larger Alpha did not bother to try to catch the man in mid air and he simply slammed at 30 mph against Dee-Dee's impressive chest. His back pushed against her soft breasts and they squished, up to a point, then they became harder than stone. His back was pushed forward and the rest of his body backwards, arching and then snapping his spine. The man fell to the floor. His body was dead from the waist down but unfortunately, he was still conscious enough to see the huge woman bend down and lift him by the leg.

"Let's test this security system!" Said the huge black woman, with an evil grin on her face.

"Please-no-NO!" Screamed the paralyzed man as Dee-Dee tossed him towards the thick metal vault and watched with amazement (while the hostages watched in horror) how the man's body was assaulted with millions of volts of electricity, carbonizing him instantly. "Cool!" She said as she walked defiantly towards the vault.

She stood before the huge, 36-inch thick titanium door. It was secured against its frame with 30 reinforced hinges and 50 bolt locks. The door itself weighted seven tons. A hydraulic system was necessary to open or close the massive thing, but since the bank was in alert the hydraulic system had been set to keep the door shut.

Dee-Dee placed her delicate large right hand against the door. As soon as she touched it, a discharge of a nine million volts of electricity coursed through her body. The vault was indeed protected, Dee-Dee thought. The door itself looked tough enough to stop a lesser Alpha, one maybe with only a thousand times the strength of a human, but she had five thousand times that (in other words 5'000,000 times the strength of a human. The electricity was a nice touch, had she not been so damn massive, that jolt could have sent her to sleep. That bank was indeed Alpha proof.

Even with the nine million volts of electric current shocking her body, Dee-Dee was merely amused. The strong electrical current tickled her more than it actually caused her any harm. Her dense 3600-pound body felt only a slight numbing sensation.

The rest of the bank employees had ran for safety to where the customers were standing. They knew about the defense systems and were in complete shock at how the woman was resisting.

Dee-Dee clenched her hand and dug her fingers into the titanium vault, loudly twisting the thick metal around her powerful fingers. She felt her tiny bikini top and bottom begin to burn from the electricity, but she ignored it. After a few seconds her whole clothing (as little as there might have been of it) had turned to ashes and fell to the ground. Dee-Dee kept pulling at the titanium door with just her right hand, to let everyone see the level of her brute strength.

The people watching were already in shock. How could there exist someone so damn powerful? They kept thinking. They kept staring at the black super woman, some of them with the biggest erections they had ever had, while others had soaked their panties with their lustful excitement, while another group were pissing and crapping in their pants.

The woman stood in an impressive pose. She spread her legs lightly and put her free hand on her waist, while with her other hand she was still twisting and crumpling the three feet thick titanium vault door. She let the people see her like that for about a second and then she casually yanked her right hand outwards, ripping off the 30 security hinges and busting the 50 bolt locks. She held with one hand over her head the seven-ton door, along with several pieces of the frame and even some of the wall. "Hey Stacy! Heads up!" Yelled the mischievous Dee-Dee an instant after she had thrown the door at her oriental partner.

Meanwhile, Stacy had been sucking face with the man she "seduced' a few minutes ago. "He is pretty good, and cute too." She thought while jamming her tongue down his narrower throat. "What better way to kill the time while Dee does her stuff." She felt how the man's chest was squeezed tightly against her own as her powerful arms kept him in a bear-hold like embrace. She could feel how his ribs would bent under the pressure applied by her large breasts with every breath that she took. She liked to feel his hands probe her sides and "grab' onto her ass. He could barely reach it and he tried his hardest to squeeze her buttocks. Unfortunately, when she is standing up as she is, supporting her whole 1400 pound body with her legs, no-one short of another Alpha could possibly cause the slightest dimples on her granite buttocks. The thought "Maybe I'll let this one live" went through her mind.

Stacy heard her partner call out to her, but when she opened her eyes she saw a huge high speed metal slab less than a foot away from her heading right at her. Even with her incredible speed and heightened reflexes, the Alpha barely had the time to close her eyes. The seven-ton titanium steel door slammed flat against her body, wrapping itself around her like a sheet of aluminum foil. The metal molded itself around her body and all the hostages were able to see her beautiful silhouette under the metal wrap.

Needless to say, the guy Stacy had in her arms a few seconds ago had been ground to paste as his body was sandwiched between the seven ton door and the exponentially tougher Stacy. Stacy on the other hand took the impact as if were a light tap on her arm. Her body was not even rocked slightly by the blow.

After a second or two, Stacy spread her arms, ripping her shroud to pieces. "You bitch!" She cursed to the laughing Dee-Dee. "Couldn't you let me have a little fun for a while!" Dee-Dee ignored that last snarl and entered the vault. A few seconds later she came out with her hands full of moneybags.

"Come, get some and we are off," Said the raven Alpha to her partner. Stacy walked into the vault and took as many bags as she could carry.

"I'm ready," Said Stacy to a distracted Dee-Dee.

"Well, well, check out who is coming to join the party!" Dee-Dee said with a joyful twinkle on her eyes.

"Police sirens! The sound of men charging to their doom."

"Well, let's not disappoint them"

"Go on, I'll finish up here."

Instants later a whole contingency of squad cars surrounded the building. Dozens of men had their rifles trained at the windows and doors of the building. The press showed up too, setting up their cameras behind the police line.

Dee-Dee came out and walked half way towards the cops. "Hold it right there!" Shouted a voice over a loud speaker. Dee-Dee stopped, still holding two arms full of moneybags. "This is too easy!?' thought the officer. "Are you alone?" He asked.

"No!" Dee-Dee answered. "My partner is still inside cleaning up. She will come right out because she likes to watch!" Just as the muscle-bound Alpha had finished saying those words a loud explosion took place inside the building, blowing off half the side of the building with it. The explosion was accompanied by a tremendous heat wave, which ignited wood and melted metal nearby the building. The closest officers to the building got first and second degree burns on their faces, while the ones further back only got "sun burned'.

Once the dust settled the officers saw a whole bunch of charred bodies scattered on the ground next to the building. Obviously those bodies came from inside. The bodies had been so badly burned they were completely unrecognizable. The oddest part of the explosion, thought the officer in charge, is the lack of fire and the foul odor left in the air afterwards. The officer got an idea of what it could have been, but the thought of it was disturbing. No, he had to be wrong, he thought. No one would be capable of such thing. To his dread, the confirmation to his theory came shortly afterwards.

Stacy stepped out of the building with her moneybags. "Sorry about that folks, I was feeling a little GASSY." All the officers gawked as they saw the second naked towering super babe and realized what the explosion they saw actually was.

Once the media crews realized the two women were Alphas, they set their cameras on a remote linkup and drove as far away as they could.

Meanwhile, Dee-Dee's eyes began to shine with excitement due to all those squishies (as she liked to call them) about ready to be stomped into guacamole.


LOCATION: Room 345, George Washington General Hospital, Washington D.C.

Agent John Newman was watching the news on the TV set inside his room. The live broadcast about the bank robbery shot painful memories through his brain. As the unmistakably image of the black bodyguard to the Verducci brothers stomped a whole contingency of police officers.

Dee-Dee's face was etched onto his brain, as he will never forget her and the last seconds before he lost consciousness. Just her, holding his long time partner by the head, wedged between her gigantic pair of breasts and then without the slightest hint of compassion, crushing his head between them.

He opened his eyes again and watched the news cast. Some of the officers had managed to drive off the scene but the more than half remaining were lost forever.

He felt rage and impotence. He should have found a way to incarcerate them when he faced them but he screwed up and his whole team paid the price. At least that is how he felt about it. He feels like he should be there, with the boys and leading the fight instead of watching it from a safe distance.

There was a knock on the door, snapping him out of it. "Enter" He responded. A young agent walked inside with a doctor behind him.

"Sir, your transport has arrived. Are you ready?" The young man asked.

"Sure, as soon as the old saw-bones here gives me a clean bill of health."

"You are fine now Mr. Newman but just remember you have been here for twelve days. Your condition was quite critical."

"I'll be alright."

"You are going to have to watch yourself for a couple of weeks. Try not to engage in any strenuous activities."

"Sure, I'll be careful." He shook the old doctor's hand and then turned towards the agent. "Ok, kid. Get my things will you. I can't lift anything for a while."

The two men left the hospital and entered an automobile in the parking lot. "Shall I take you to home?"

"You kidding? I've spent enough time on a bed already. No, take me to the office. Its time I take command of my new post."

"Yes sir!"


LOCATION: Main Ready Room, Alpha Task Force Headquarters. Washington D.C. 25 feet below sea level.

John Newman is led into the main briefing room where he is welcomed by his old friend and boss Ronald Gallagher.

"Welcome John, What do you think of your new base of operations?"

"Very nice old friend. Do you expect many nuclear explosions to be set off down here?"

"Why do you ask?"

"This place has been built like a fortress, but as far as I can tell, it is reinforced more on the inside than on the outside."

"Ah, I see. Don't worry about that right now. It will al become clear shortly. Come with me to the War-Room, there you will meet your team."

"Can't wait. I just wish I could have seen their personnel files before I met them in person."

"Right, but their files were deemed TOP-SECRET, so they could not be removed from this facility."

They walked through a few wide hallways until they reached a large door with the label "WAR ROOM' Once inside they encountered two men sitting around a large metallic round table.

"Wolf?" Said Agent Newman, recognizing an old friend on one of those chairs.

"I guess you already know Agent Wolf Westcott, our Hardware Specialist." A heavy man, well in his fifties stood up and walked up to the two agents. He had a medium length reddish beard, a beer gut and a tattoo on his right forearm.

"Know him? We went to the academy together. How are you old dog?"

"It is good to see you, old man. When I heard you were chosen to lead this team I, signed right up. Listen, I'm sorry about Sparks. It really hit us pretty hard to loose him."

"Thanks. I guess you did, after all you knew him longer than I did."

"Let me introduce you to one of the brightest young hot-shots the bureau has ever had. Jeremy Anderson is the new Task Force Computer and Electronics Wiz."

"It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Newman. I've heard a lot about you." Said the eager young agent while shaking the older agent's hand.

"This kid can hack into any database or satellite network within minutes." Ronald added.

"Very impressive, huh?" Said Wolf.

"Indeed! But there is one little detail." John Responded.

"And what might that be?" Asked Ronald.

"Three people aren't exactly a Task Force."

"True. The other half of the team should be here any in any second."

As if on cue, the ground began to shake with even loud "thumps' growing near. Then the door opened and three large Alpha class women entered the War Room behind the four men. John Newman turned around, saw the three Alphas, and immediately got flashbacks of his last encounter with two of their kind.

Instinctively stood in front and protected Ronald and drew his gun and aimed it at the head of the larger one. He was surprised neither of them made any aggressive moves. In fact, the three held their hands up in the air.

The three women were very much Alphas. They had all the attributes of an alpha. Voluptuous bodies, perfect skin, great girlish beauty and large size and built. The one on the left had a dark tan skin tone, beautiful green eyes, short black-hair and a medium built musculature. She was about 7'2" tall and very young, probably 24 years of age. The one on the right, was a ravishing blue-eye blonde woman with a slim hard body. She measured 8'2" in height and was even younger than the first, maybe 21 or 22 years of age. The third was a very tall brown-eyed brunette woman with a very massively muscular physique. She measured an incredible 9'6" in height. She was the oldest of the three, probably in her mid-thirties.

"John, what are you doing?" Asked Wolf.

"Relax John, They are on our side!" Said Ronald as he lowered John's weapon.

"On our side? You can't be-"

"But I am. They are civilian volunteers."


"Yes, they are a great asset to the team."

"But they are bloody Alphas!"

"Now John, you are not being fair."

"To hell with this!" John stormed out the door and headed towards the exit. "Call me when you loose the monsters and get serious about this joke of a task force!"

"John wait!" Shouted Wolf, but to no avail. John reached the freight elevator and pushed the button. As he waited for the elevator to come down, he heard a few heavy footsteps behind him and then saw a large shadow cast over his on the elevator door. He turned his head to see the blonde Alpha standing behind him.

"And what do you want?" He said, placing his right hand on his gun and taking the safety off.

"You won't need that. I'm just here to talk." Said the sweet young woman.

"You can talk. It is still a free country. It doesn't mean I'll listen, though."

"God! You used to be stubborn, but I never knew you were such an asshole!"

"You are mad. We've never met!"

"Boy, are you blind. Look at me! Look at my face." He gave her a quick glance and then turned his back to her again.

"Sorry sis. I don't recognize you."

"It is me, Laura, Laura Jensen!" The elevator door opened, but John did not enter. Instead, he slowly turned around and took a harder, longer look at the woman.

"Laura-Jensen? As in-"

"Yes, Uncle John. I'm Jeff Jensen's niece."

"That is not possible! Laura Jensen is just a kid!"

"The last time you saw me was three years ago! I was already 19 back then."

"I don't buy it."

"Let's see. Last time we saw each other, you came over and had dinner with my uncle and I. I was going away to college the next day and you came to say goodbye. You even gave me this gold bracelet as a going away present." She shows him her arm and lets him see the bracelet wrapped around her wrist. "Now it barely fits, but I still wear it."

John looks at the bracelet and is shocked with the realization that one of the women he a few moments ago called monsters, is none other that the kid-niece his dead partner raised since her parents died fifteen years ago. He had known her through her childhood and adolescence. He was so proud of her when she graduated Valedictorian of her class and was very sad when she moved away to college.

"How-When-Where-" Was all he managed to say, as his throat was dry. He felt a mixture of happiness, sadness and confusion.

"Well-it is a long story. Three weeks after I got to Denver, I bought a necklace from a guy outside the campus. The necklace had a funny looking stone that glowed in the dark. I wore it for six days and then I got mugged and the necklace was stolen. That night I passed out. Two days later I was the woman you see now."

John stood quietly, immersed in his thoughts. Ronald, after keeping his distance through their conversation, walked up to them. "Lets get back to the War-Room, shall we!" Ronald led the way and John and Laura followed behind.

"So-What are you doing here? Why aren't you still in college?" Asked John as the two walked down the long hallway.

"I'm here for the same reason you are. To avenge my uncle's murder."

The three arrived back to the War Room, where the other four members of the team were waiting. Ronald there finished the introductions. "Well John, you already know Miss Jensen, so I'll only tell you what you don't know." He stood next to the towering Laura Jensen, the top of his head reaching only as high as mid-way up her very prominent bosom. "As you know, she has only gone to college for a little over three years, but she already has a doctorate in Electronics, Telecommunications, and Medicine. As you have pointed out before, she is an Alpha and as such she has incredible strength and stamina, but also she has developed an amazing agility and coordination."

He walked next to the tall tan-skinned brunette. Although she was the shortest of the three she still towered over Ronald. He only reached almost as high as her shoulders. "John, This very beautiful young lady is Miss Rose Dumont. She has a doctorate in Geology, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Not only is she, together with Laura among the smartest women on the planet, but as far as we could determine, she is also among the fastest."

Ronald finally moved next to the largest of the three women. Although Ronald was a tall man, he only reached half an inch below the woman's titanic bosom. "You might remember this wonderful woman. She was the very first Alpha ever recorded. Her name is Jane Cortez. She is the kind of person you want at your side in battle. As far as we can tell, there is no limit to her strength."

"I'll need to see all their files. Its time I take command of this outfit."

"That's the John Newman I remembered!" Shouted Wolf. "It'll be just like the old days!"

"Hardly." Said John. "Now, Ronald, lets go to my office and get started."

The two men leave without saying a word and let the other five members of the team in the War Room with more than concern about their new commanding officer.

"So what's up with him?" Asked Jane.

"You've all read the report on Jensen's death." Said Wolf.

"We just have to give him time." Added Laura. "He'll come around."

"Well, Lets hope so!" Said Jeremy.

"Relax Anderson, We'll be ok." Added Jane.

"Yes Junior, and if I remember correctly you didn't want us here a little while ago." Said Rose.

"Maybe I did, but that's changed." Anderson said, resting on the table right beside Rose.

"Yeah? And what brought that miracle about?" Teased Rose.

"I guess I've come to appreciate the FINER things in life." He said, winking an eye to Rose.

Rose rolled her eyes and then walked off the war-room. She was followed by Jane and Laura. Wolf put a hand on Jeremy's shoulder. "It is never going to happen my friend. Give it a rest." The bulky older man also walked out.

"Tough Crowd!" Sighed Anderson as he also exited the room.

Meanwhile, at Agent John Newman's office, the man was given the files on the members of his team. He scanned quickly through the pages files. "My God!" He exclaimed when he read Jane's fact-sheet. "Is this information accurate?"

"Impressive isn't she!" Said Ronald.

"I'll say. Jane Elisabeth Cortez , Codename: Powerhouse, Age: 36, Height: 9'6", Weight: 6024 lbs. Strength: N/A ' Above Measuring Capability." Read John. "How is that even possible? I knew Alphas were strong but within reason."

"Most are. We have been able to measure Laura and Rose's strength but Jane is a different story."

"Yes, I see here. Rose DuMont ' Strength: Approx. 13000x N. H. L. (Normal Human Level). Laura Marie Jensen ' Strength: Approx 945000x N. H. L."

"That's right."

"How come you couldn't measure Jane?"

"We tried, believe me, but it didn't matter what test we came up with, she will always defeat it."

"But you got close to her limit, right?"

"We can't tell."


"It was hard enough to get to Laura's Limit, but we did. We took the same test and increased the resistance by a hundred fold. Laura couldn't move it, nor could Rose. Not even their combined power was enough to lift the platform on the huge hydraulic weight machine we constructed."

"And Jane?"

"I guess she felt like showing off because she lifted all the way up, holding it with her pinky. She honestly said she felt almost no resistance."

"My God!"

"That's right John. She is probably the strongest creature that ever lived on this planet."

"Then she is too dangerous to-"

"Nonsense! As you will find out in less time than you think. Miss Cortez is one of the warmest, most gentle and caring women you will ever meet. She has a heart of gold. Just think about it. Had she wanted to be a bad girl, there would be absolutely nothing anyone could do to stop her. We are very lucky she is on our team."

"I'm glad she is not my enemy. I already have two rogue Alphas to worry about."

"Speaking of which-I'm sure you saw the news earlier today."

"Yes. What was the total damage?"

"The recovered security video showed there were 32 people killed inside the bank. Outside, over 46 people including policemen, reporters and bystanders were lost."

"How much did they take?"

"Close to ten million dollars were missing from the vault."

"Something is bothering me about this."

"Would you care to share it with me?"

"Those two bitches work for the Verducci brothers, but they are drug dealers and not simple bank robbers. Unless-Tell me, how much was confiscated from the site where Sparks was killed?"

"We recovered 25 million dollars worth of high grade cocaine. Why?"

"That must be it. They lost so much on that raid, they now have no way to pay their suppliers. Now they are desperately trying to get the money back."

"You might be onto something. But if they only got 10 million-"

"They'll need another strike to get the rest."

John walked behind his desk to the intercom. He pushed a button and began to speak into the microphone. "Hey Wolf!"

"Yes John!" Answered the man's voice through the speaker.

"Scan all police frequencies. Be on the lookout for another bank alarm. And put the team on standby."

"Will do. Wolf out."

"All we need to do now is wait." Said John.

"It might take a while, though." Added Ronald.

Suddenly the intercom interrupts the silence. "Attention! First Redwood Bank and Trust is under attack by two Alphas!" Shouted Wolf.

"Or maybe not!"

"Wolf, Get everyone ready. We depart immediately."


"Its time to see if this bunch is as good as you say it is." John said as he sprinted out of his office.

"Hope so. Good hunting, my friend." Said the older agent as he stayed behind.

Agent Newman ran down the corridor, loading his sidearm. He arrived at the main elevator and found his whole team waiting for him. He saw the three powerful women on his team waiting for his orders and at that moment felt, for the first time in a long while, that they might have a chance to win.

The elevator doors opened and the six stepped inside. John stood in front with his back to them looking out the door. "Alright people, lets go out there and kick some bad Alpha butt!"

"YES SIR!" they all shouted.

"Anderson-" Said John.

"Yes sir?"

"Don't you ever scream in my ear again."

"Yes sir." He said quietly. The rest chuckled.

The elevator doors closed and began to rise up the shaft, carrying the new rookie team of heroes to their first battle.



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