First Confrontation.


This story is not suitable for minors.It contains a lot of violence, and many sexually explicit situations. If any of this offends you, do not read any further. Well, you have been warned.

All people and events mentioned in this work are fictional. Any similarities with any of the present or past are purely coincidental.


LOCATION: Intersection of Broadway and Second. New York City.

Two large female figures walk down Broadway Avenue, trampling over anything or anyone foolish enough to be on their path. The two are very powerful alphas, under the devoted employment of Leo and Victor Verducci.

The one leading the way is Stacy.She is a 25-year-old oriental woman with brown hair and brown eyes and a perfectly tanned body.She is a very large and powerful woman, measuring 7'9" in height and weighing some 1400 pounds. She has a very muscular body, like a Miss Olympia champion making obvious she is very strong, but just to get the point across to all who can see her, she is carrying a large armored car above her head, holding it with one hand.

Following Stacy is her partner in crime Dee-Dee. Much larger and more impressive than Stacy, the 30-year-old African-American woman reaches a height of 8'2" and her weight is an incredible 3400 pounds.Her musculature is very overdeveloped, almost ten times Stacy's wonderful build. Not content with taking money from the bank, Dee-Dee had taken the whole vault.She had ripped the whole 100-ton vault from the bank infrastructure and is now carrying it above her head with both her hands. She is actually holding its weight with one and using the other to keep it balanced.

The two super-women wore their usual "uniform', a black thong and a black halter-top.The top only reaches down halfway across their magnificent bosom, letting the heavy and succulent bottoms at plain sight.Both women walk barefoot, since no shoe could possibly withstand the unparallel force exerted by their large yet feminine feet.

Their attire was conceived by the younger of the Verducci, Leo. He likes to see them parade around like that and since Victor had no objection about it, it remained as their uniform.

The police had long ago given up any hope of stopping these two. They only limited themselves to keep all the people (and themselves) a good distance away.

"Looks like the uniforms had gotten smarter and learned to stay away from us." Chuckled Stacy.

"Too bad, its making this mission a little dull!" Answered Dee-Dee.

"Ha! Well, at least the bozos back at the bank entertained us."


"You now what your problem is, D?"

"What could it possibly be?"

"You don't take the time to enjoy yourself. Stomping through people is fun but way too fast. You got to take your time and enjoy every "playmate'."

Suddenly the sound of a low flying helicopter distracted caught the attention of the two superwomen.They looked up and saw a large armored military gunship.A side door slid open revealing five people.

The two women were very surprised to see two men and three Alphas along with them."Well, this may not be so dull after all!" Said Dee-Dee as both women stopped.

The gunship began to fire its main chain gun at the two women. Unlike anything they had felt before, this was no simple pistol or rifle fire, but tank-busting shells impacting their almost naked bodies in a deadly spray of ammo. Stacy was caught of guard and although the weapon fire did not injure her, she was still knocked off her feet, dropping the armored car she was holding. Dee-Dee on the other hand was still too large and the rounds did not affect her.

Meanwhile, the two men and the smallest woman jumped out the hovering gunship, holding onto two safety lines, which lowered them down to the ground in a few seconds.The other two larger women jumped out and freefell to the ground. The ground cratered under their slamming feet, especially with the largest Alpha who caused a minor impact tremor.

The helicopter then pulled back and hovered behind its now grounded crew. Only one man was left in the war machine to provide air cover.When the dust and smoke died down the two bank-robbers saw the five people ahead of them.

In the middle of the five was a middle age man smoking a cigar, dressed in a black pair of pants, a white shirt and a brown raincoat and a hat. Behind and to his right was a much younger man, wearing a black suit, and holding a very big rifle on his hand. On the other side was a beautiful dark-tan woman, with short black hair and penetrating green eyes. Her body was very athletic, with strong arms and powerful-looking legs.She was the smallest of the three women, only measuring 7 feet 2 inches in height. To her side was the second tallest woman in the group, a beautiful 8'2" blue-eyed blonde. Her body was built like a voluptuous supermodel, having the most proportionately pronounced female attributes of the group. Finally, to the other side of the young man was the tallest female member of the team. Dwarfing his 6' in height, the brunette measured an incredible 9' 6" in height.The woman's body had the thickest musculature, many times Dee-Dee's awesome build. The five did not have any time to change clothes so they wear what they had on at their base, and the three women had been working out at the gym so they wore their spandex bodysuits.

The agent in charge recognized immediately the black woman twenty feet from him.She was the one who killed his partner before his own eyes and sent him to the hospital in a coma. The more he looked at her, the flashbacks of Sparks' murder replayed on his minds-eye, torturing him. He then looked to the blonde bombshell at his far right.He knows she must be feeling lousy right now.Jeffrey "Sparks' Jensen was his partner but he was also Laura's uncle.

The oldest man took a step forward, waving a badge in front of him. "FBI, You bitches are under arrest."

Stacy got back on her feet."Look, the cavalry is here!"

Dee-Dee smiled."Yeah, lets give them a proper welcome!"

"Alpha Strike Force ' Lets go get them!" Shouted the leader of the group, drawing his semi-automatic pistols.As he started to charge, a hand on his shoulder stopped him dead on his tracks. He turned to see the green-eyed French maiden pulling him back.

"Let us handle it, John." Said the dark-skinned woman.


"Rose is right" Said Laura. "Its too dangerous for you and Anderson."

"Incoming!" Shouted the largest woman.The four looked up and saw the armored car and vault flying straight towards them.

Jane took a step forward, lifted her arms and received the large 100-ton bank safe.The metal vault came down so fast; the muscular superwoman disappeared under it as it plunged to the ground.

John and Rose instinctively jumped out of the way, but Anderson's more rookie reflexes betrayed him as the car headed right for him. Fortunately Laura's reflexes were much better and she was able to throw herself on the man and take him to the ground. She laid on top of him but kept her 1500lb weight off him holding herself up with her arms. Half a microsecond later, the armored car slammed against Laura's back with so much force, it actually bounced off and flew down the street towards the crowd.

"Rose! The car!" Shouted John.The French young woman jumped to her feet and raced after the flying vehicle. Her strong feet made the tarmac explode under them as she ran at speeds nearing the sound barrier. She could easily run at Mach-10 but she wanted to avoid the devastating Sonic Boom she would cause.

Rose reached the police line and stopped in front of it, facing the incoming armored vehicle.She braced herself and caught the front of the vehicle.She stopped the vehicle, but not before her feet were dragged backwards for about twenty yards until the car lost its momentum. Fortunately the people had enough time to move out of the way. The car twisted itself and bent like an accordion when it was pushed against Rose's strong body. She gently placed the wreckage on the ground.She looked around to see if everyone was safe and found the crowd starting to gather around her. Many men and women greeted her, clapping and cheering for her. She liked the attention and smiled for her fans.

Meanwhile, Laura was still on top of Anderson. "Jeremy, are you alright?"The young agent had the large Alpha's awesome cleavage pressing down heavily on his face.He tried to speak but only incoherent muffled sounds were uttered. She sat up and looked down at her comrade of arms. He was very hot under the collar, with his brow glistening with sweat.It was unclear whether it was from his near-death experience or just by having a woman like Laura on him."I'll be alright.Thanks, I owe you one!" Said the agent, sitting up."Nah, forget it." She said, getting to her feet. "Just try to keep out of harm's way." Then, the blonde woman turned around and charged towards Dee-Dee. "I have some business to take care of."

Dee-Dee looked at the woman coming at her and smiled. "I'll handle it, Stacy.You go play with the other one." Said the huge black woman to her smaller oriental partner.Stacy then nodded and leapt into the air in Rose's direction.

John got to his feet and ran to the Bank Safe Box. "Jane!" He shouted.

"Yes?" Replied a female voice from inside the vault.

"Are you alright?" Asked the agent.

"Oh yeah, sorry-I'll be right out!"

"Right out? How the hell did you get IN?" Then, right before him the thick metal wall bent outwards and four long nailed fingers burst out of the safe. Another set of four fingers popped out right above the first set, but facing the opposite direction.The two sets pulled away from each other, tearing the three feet thick titanium wall down the middle like wet toilet paper. The large female figure stepped out and looked down at a very shocked team leader. "Sorry I took so long, boss. I got-distracted in there."

Laura reached Dee-Dee and attacked her with fury. Laura took a hard swing for the black woman's jaw. The sound of the impact was heard all through the city like a thunderbolt. Much to Laura's surprise, her opponent still stood there, smiling. Although Dee-Dee was Laura's height, the black woman's body was more than twice as heavy as Laura and three time stronger."Now its my turn." Said Dee-Dee.Laura had no time to react.Dee-Dee's devastating punch landed squarely on Laura's face.

The sudden impact created a powerful shockwave. The sonic boom shattered every window in a mile radius.

The blond Alpha was thrown into the air by the impact of her opponent's powerful fist, landing on a ten-story building and plunging through the middle of it to the ground floor.The whole building then collapsed and tumbled down on top of the woman, burring her under tons of concrete.Dee-Dee turned to see Jane walking to wards her and welcomed the new challenger.

Meanwhile, Rose was distracted soaking on the compliments readily given away by policemen and civilians.She didn't notice Stacy until she landed on the shoulders of a policewoman on Rose's right side. The poor woman was pulverized by the force of the impact and reduced to smear on the pavement at Stacy's feet. Rose backed away in horror. She threw a punch at the slightly taller oriental woman, but Stacy caught Rose's arm and pulled her closer. "Since you like being so close to this people, I'll help you mingle." After saying this, Stacy swung Rose around and tossed her towards the crowd.

Poor Rose couldn't stop her own body from plowing through a sea of people. She closed her eyes, but she could still hear and feel the sound of bones cracking as men and women were splattered against her strong back and legs.She was thankful when she felt her body hit the ground and finally stop.

Rose managed to get to her feet and opened her eyes. She saw the mangled remains of at least seven people who had been on her path.Out of the corner of her eye Rose saw some movement.When she lifted her gaze to see what it was, she only had time to see it was a young man flying towards her before he slammed against her strong body. The poor man slammed so hard against Rose's upper body, he exploded on impact.

"Eeeuuhhh!" Rose got sick by what she was "unwillingly' causing. Only a second after the man slammed against her, a second person was splattered against her again.Rose saw it was Stacy throwing the people at her. The woman had caught over ten people and she was picking them up one by one from a pile she had held between her legs.

Stacy took a third person from the human pile, a teenage girl, and threw her at Rose.Rose was prepared and stepped aside and wrapped her arms around the body of the girl and spun around with her, gently slowing her down to a stop. She released the girl."Quickly, run and go home!" The girl didn't need to be told twice and ran away as fast as she could.

"Awe, come on!Why did you do that? We were having fun. Now you've ruined the game." Said Stacy, disappointed."I guess we won't need these anymore, then." She said, looking at the pile of squirming people lying under her.She lifted her right foot and placed it on the lower back of the person at the top of the pile. "Sorry, the game is over." Said the oriental woman as she pushed down with her right foot.Effortlessly, the 7'9" 1400 pound oriental muscle-woman stepped through the pile. Her bare foot pushed and broke through a dozen people.

"They squish really good, don't they?" Asked Stacy looking at the twitching bodies at her bare foot.She looked up to see Rose's reaction but the French woman was nowhere to be seen. "Where did you run off to? Chicken shit!" Hollered Stacy.

Stacy had only finished to shout when she "felt' something above her.She looked up only to see Rose land on Stacy's face. Her tennis shoes smacked against the oriental woman's beautiful face.The seams of the shoes burst open from the impact.

Stacy fell on her back, with Rose still on her face, smacking her head against the pavement.Rose then wrapped her legs around Stacy's strong body, pinning her arms to her sides. Unleashing her anger, Rose started to punch Stacy repeatedly across the face.

A few blocks away, a desperate John Newman dug through a fallen building, searching for one of his fallen comrades. "Laura!" He yelled, while he desperately tried to remove the wreckage with his bare hands.Anderson was to his side, helping him.

"Anderson, go check on-what's her name-Rose, yeah Rose. Check on Rose."

"Sure boss." Said the young agent, drawing his weapons.


"Yes sir?"

"Just check on her and report back to me.Do not engage her adversary, regardless of the situation. Understood?"


"Its John."

"Excuse me?"

"Never mind, just go!"

Less than a block away, two of the most powerful women who ever lived stand face-to-face, ready to duke it out.

Even though Jane is almost a foot and a half taller and visibly much more massive than Dee-Dee, the black woman is not intimidated. "Before I kick your ass, I'm giving you the chance to surrender." Said Jane in her own Latin accent.

"Here is my surrender!" Shouted Dee-Dee as she drove her fist into Jane's face. Just as if half a ton of explosives had gone off on Jane's face, a bright light shone and a powerful shockwave swept the whole district.Luckily for Newman, the wreckage of the building he was digging through covered him. He still felt the explosion and was thrown against the rocks, but beside a few bruises, he was ok.

Jeremy was thrown to the ground.He was two blocks away from the blast but it still nailed him. "Jeremy!" Shouted Rose, looking at her fallen partner, just as the blast hit her and also tossed her aside.

Dee-Dee's smile quickly disappeared from her face when she saw Jane still standing in front of her.Dee-Dee took a step back, but the powerful Jane grabbed her by the shoulder. "Don't say I didn't warn you!" Said the taller woman as she effortlessly pushed down on her opponent's shoulder. Dee-Dee was plunged into the ground, like a stake through the soft sand.Dee-Dee's whole body was interred from neck to toes.Only her head was above ground.

"You won't defeat me so easily." Scorned Dee-Dee, as her cement prison cracked and then exploded around her.Dee-Dee had leapt into the air and landed behind Jane. She threw a strong kick to Jane's back.Jane was caught off guard and stumbled forward.

The surprised Jane turned around to find the very confident Dee-Dee throw another punch at her.Jane reacted fast enough and caught Dee-Dee's right hand only inches from her face. The large brunette squeezed her opponent's hands.Dee-Dee's smile once again changed to surprise.For the first time in four years she is feeling the sensation of physical pain.

Out of despair, Dee-Dee swung her other fist at Jane, but Jane's other hand caught it.Dee-Dee's face began to contort from the pain.The ebony Amazon kicked Jane between the legs, but the larger woman didn't even flinch. "You don't get it, do you?" Mocked Jane. The strongest woman began to spread her arms apart, opening wide Dee-Dee's arms in the process.Jane's arms are longer than Dee-Dee's, and the black woman's arms were spread as apart as they could while Jane still could spread them some more.

As Jane pulled harder on Dee-Dee's arms, she began to lift the body of the 3400-pound woman off the ground.Jane kept effortlessly pulling on Dee-Dee's arms. The black woman could not hold the pain any longer and let out a painful scream.Her agonizing cries were heard through the whole city as she felt how her opponent was trying to rip her in two.As "invulnerable' as she was, Dee-Dee was not sure if her body could resist any more tension.

A few blocks away, a badly battered Stacy was getting up, free from Rose's strong thigh embrace.The two women stood face to face and once again began to fight. This time, Stacy took the initiative, throwing a roundhouse kick to Rose's face.The French maiden ducked under the kick and swept Stacy's foot. The oriental woman fell on her ass, cracking the asphalt under it and leaving a permanent ass-print on the tarmac.

Rose jumped on Stacy to finish her off, but Stacy was ready for her and received her with a kick to Rose's jaw.Stacy jumped to her feet and readied herself to attack once more her opponent when she heard Dee-Dee's agonizing cries.She looked to where her partner was and saw in how much trouble she was.

Not wanting to waste any more time with Rose, Stacy jumped forward and grabbed the darker woman the throat and tossed her two blocks away. Rose landed on the sidewalk right in front of a fifty-story apartment building. She slowly began to stand up when she heard Stacy's voice calling her.Rose looked up and saw Stacy holding up a large boulder, a broken-off piece of sidewalk. "Think fast!" Said Stacy as she hurled the large concrete rock at Rose.

Rose instinctively ducked and the boulder flew above her. The boulder hit the right corner of the very occupied apartment building, blowing a chunk off it.With the huge dent on its side, the building began to tip over. The people inside began to scream as the building inclined itself and threatened to plummet to the ground, killing for sure everybody inside.

Rose rushed to the building and got herself inside the gap in the building and placed her hands under the column and pushed up on it. Using all her strength, Rose managed to straighten the building up, but she had to keep holding it herself or it will come down.

Stacy started to laugh hysterically."You make this so easy!"Said the sadistic woman as she walked up to the helpless Rose. "Lets see how long you can hold that thing up." Rose didn't respond.She was concentrating on keeping the building leveled.

Stacy jabbed Rose on the stomach.Rose's air was pushed out of her lungs.She somehow resisted the blow and kept the building leveled. Stacy kept pounding on Rose, and the French woman was beginning to feel her arm muscles weaken.

Stacy pulled her fist backwards, aiming at Rose's face. "This will hurt you a lot more than it will hurt me!" Mocked the oriental woman. Suddenly Anderson jumped on Stacy's back. "Leave Her ALONE!" He shouted as he pulled his revolver against Stacy's ear and began to fire.

Stacy stumbled from the shock to her equilibrium, but recovered from it quickly. "Oh please!" Sighed Stacy, pulling her arm back and grabbing onto Anderson's back. Like plucking a feather, Stacy pulled Anderson from her back and held him in front of her."You've seen all I can do and you think you can stop me with a GUN! If I wasn't so angry I would be insulted!"

"Jeremy-NO!" Said Rose, looking at her helpless comrade unable to help him. Could she sacrifice the hundreds of people in the building for her friend?

Stacy began to playfully slap the young agent around. "Scream!I want your friend here to se you beg for your life before I kill you." Jeremy felt his face about to explode. Stacy's slaps felt like if he were slamming face first into a brick wall."He had enough strength to lift his head up and spit on Stacy's face. "Go to hell" He bravely responded.

Stacy wiped her face. "You are so DEAD!" Shouted Stacy while she made a fist and was ready to strike him down.Just then, Wolf's attack chopper pulled in behind Stacy and fired its main Vulcan-Cannon. Stacy was hit squarely on her back and was thrown forward by the unexpected impact. Anderson was released by a jolt of her arm, although he was tossed fifteen yards away.

Wolf wasted no time and pulled up out of range. Stacy got up, dusting herself off. "Damn helicopter!"Stacy heard once again the screams of her larger partner. "Shit!I didn't think anyone could do that to D."Stacy ran to aid her friend.

Near the battlefield, John Newman was still trying to find Laura. Suddenly he felt the whole ground shake from under him."LAURA!" he shouted.

"John? Is that you?" Said a voice deep within the wreckage.

"Its me alright! Don't worry, I'm coming to get you!"

"No! Stand back."


"Stand way back.I'm coming out!"

John crawled out of the whole he was making and moved away from the fallen building.His jaw dropped to the floor when he saw the whole mountain of rubble rise, revealing the beautiful form of the gorgeous Laura Jensen lifting it from underneath. She dropped the building to her side and walked to where John was.

Their reunion was caught short when John saw Stacy dash pass them and heading for Jane."Laura-" Shouted John but Laura was already on the move."I'm on it!" She answered.

Laura was fast, but Stacy was faster.The only one who could have outran Stacy was Rose, but she was busy at the time.Stacy slammed her shoulder against Jane's back.The Powerhouse was not prepared and the strong impact made her stumble forward. By reflex Jane dropped Dee-Dee, who cradled her arms as she hit the ground.

Jane turned around and backhanded Stacy across the face, sending her flying and slamming against Laura as she chased after her. Dee-Dee took advantage of the diversion and jumped Jane across the midsection.The attacker wrapped her arms around Jane's waist and swung herself to Jane's back. Once in position and before Jane had time to react, Dee-Dee lifted the mere 6000 pounds of muscle weight in her opponent and back-dropped Jane on her head.

With lightning speed Dee-Dee grabbed onto Jane's left foot. Dee-Dee pulled on Jane's foot and swung her over her head and slammed her face down on the ground. She again lifted her and swung her back to the other side and slammed her against a fire hydrant, flattening it. Dee-Dee continued to swing Jane from side to side, not giving Jane time to regain control.

"Here, go for a swim!" Shouted Dee-Dee.She then swung Jane's foot with all her strength and threw her up into the air.Jane quickly disappeared from sight.The woman flew over the Hudson River and began to fall towards the middle of it. Jane saw a medium-size fishing boat below her. "Out of the WAY!" She shouted, but the people on the boat didn't even see her until it was too late. She plunged through the boat, turning it into small toothpick-size splinters.

No being the first time she's been underwater since she transformed, she knew it would cause more harm than good to try to swim out. Her body was too dense to float and she sunk straight to the bottom.Knowing she can survive without oxygen for well over six hours (she's never been under longer than six hours so she doesn't know how long she could hold her breath), her best choice is to walk to the edge and climb up to the surface.

Back on the battlefield, Laura was trading punches with Stacy, rolling on the ground and smearing anything in their path, like mailboxes and fire hydrants. The fight was quite even until Dee-Dee joined the party.

Dee-Dee grabbed Laura from behind, grabbing her arms. Stacy walked forward and stood facing Laura. "Look what we have here D, a porcelain doll." Dee-Dee mocked. "Lets see how this present looks under the wrapper!" Mocked Stacy. "No!" Shouted Laura.Stacy ripped Laura's sweatshirt off and her spandex shorts too. Laura was left wearing only a sports bra and white lace panties, which Stacy ripped off as well.

Stacy took Laura's large breasts in her hands and began to fondle them. "Hey D, this are even bigger than yours!"She slapped Laura across the face."Here is a lesson in life. Its not enough to beat your opponents, you must destroy them in every way possible!" Saying this, Stacy grabbed onto Laura's hairy crotch and shoved her fingers into her tight cunt.Laura screamed and shook, but as much as she tried was unable to get away from the two.

John tried to help her, firing both his firearms at Stacy. She stopped for an instant, but Dee-Dee convinced her to ignore him.Newman spent all his clips of ammo without any success.He was forced to see his kid friend get gang raped.

Dee-Dee also helped Stacy, holding onto both of Laura's hands with one of hers, she drove her free hand to Laura's rump. She stuck her long black fingers between Laura's tanned buttocks. She stuffed her fingers into her ass and stimulated her along with Stacy.

Laura resisted, but eventually the stimulation of her pleasure receptors began to create a growing sensation of pleasure. In less than ten minutes Laura's cunt began to splash cum, soaking Stacy's arm.Laura's breasts inflated and dribbled milk out of the large and poking nipples. Ten more minutes and Laura came, splashing her hot fluids over her captors.

John couldn't help but to feel horny himself after such a phenomenal display of female sexual strength.Laura went limp and Dee-Dee released her.

Now, two against one, Stacy and Dee-Dee began to pound Laura to the ground. Dee-Dee then sat around Laura's waist, squeezing her midsection with her titanic thighs. Meanwhile, Stacy sat on Laura's large breasts and hammered her face repeatedly with her fists.

It didn't take more than five minutes before Laura was out cold. Dee-Dee and Stacy slowly stood up. Their only opponent was now Newman. John tried to run away but he slammed against Stacy who appeared right in front of him. His face hit her large bouncing breasts and fell back on his butt.

Dee-Dee came from behind and lifted John above her head. She looked at him and the recognized him. "Hey, I remember you!" Said the large woman, pulling his face closer to hers."I told you we'll meet again."

John's mind was flooded with flashbacks from their previous encounter. His body began to shake like never before in his life.He had face death before but somehow Dee-Dee's face struck fear deep within his heart.

Dee-Dee lifted her top, revealing her awesome dark breasts. She said, pulling his face closer to her breasts. She pushed his face against her deep cleavage, suffocating him with her heavy flesh.Slowly her humongous hooters parted, allowing John's face to penetrate her cleavage. She wedged him in until his whole head was surrounded by her tit-flesh.

The man was trapped, with his body hanging above ground. For John, the seconds felt like decades, waiting for the inexorable instant when she will close the gap between her tits and pop his skull like a balloon.He could hear Dee-Dee's strong heartbeat and felt pain every time she breathed as her breasts squeezed tighter.He held onto her hips and hated to admit he liked the sensation of her smooth skin under his fingertips. He also found the scent of the woman's body intoxicating.

He waited for a eternity and then he felt her trapping breasts starting to move.He closed his eyes expecting the end of his existence and then suddenly he fell to the ground.

He opened his eyes and saw both women moving away. Dee-Dee picked up the vault she was carrying and Stacy fetched the remains of the Armored Car.As the marched by Newman, Dee-Dee looked at him and winked. "I'm not done with you yet.We'll play some more later." The both women continued on their way, disappearing into the distance.

John managed to stop shaking and stood up. Looking around he tallied to toll of the battle. Countless dead people, Anderson and Jensen unconscious and Cortez is missing.What else could have gone wrong? Then a familiar voice came from under a slightly tilted building."Could someone give me a hand here?"John looked at Rose, trying desperately to keep a building full of people from falling down. "Perfect!Just what I needed, a bunch of rookies."

To be continued on Star Seed ' Alpha Task Force IV: Will the recruits be washed out after their first mission or will they go for a rematch.Find out in the next exciting new episode of STAR SEED ' ATF.

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