Sheeva's Chronicles

Chapter 1 : Banishment

By Kurt Logan:


Indignation was her motive, that and fear for the future of her people. She had served the emperor loyally for thousands of years but desperate times call for desperate measures. Her kind have been betrayed by the emperor when he appointed Motaro and the Centuriads, the Shokan's blood enemies as the imperial guard.

She joined the tournament to defeat Shao Kahn and free her fellow Shokan. She was doing very well. No opponent was able to defeat her, in fact, her training as an imperial guard allowed her to maim all her opponents with impossible ease. Many noble warriors were crushed to death by her huge body, which she had honed to physical perfection. Her thousand year's combat experience had taught her how to use every single inch of her body as a deadly weapon. In the battlefield she had taken on up to 10 well armed opponents and killed them all without a single scratch to herself, so fighting a single warrior in a ring was a joke to her. Her real challenge was to beat Motaro and then Shao Khan himself.

After achieving her 20th consecutive victory, Shao Khan began to worry. Once her body count got to 50 the emperor ordered his soldiers to capture Sheeva and bring her to him. A garrison of seventeen barakas led by two centuriad warriors set out to find her and take her to Khan. Only one battered Centaur returned carrying the unconscious Sheeva.

Minutes later she awakens in the bottom of the Dragon Pit. Shao Kahn gloats staring at her from atop. "You have cost me dearly, my dear" he shouted. "Thanks to your intervention, I could lose the realm of earth for another 10000 years."

"You have betrayed my people!" Sheeva responded.

"You are no one to question my actions!"

The silence grew as the emperor rose from throne, gave a long look to the woman before him. He found it difficult to believe the harsh and tough super weapon of a woman was once (many a millennia ago) a spunky kid trying to win his respect, to the point of sharing her bed with him. Now her eyes are made of fire, pure hatred directed at him. He knows he must dispose of her, but killing her would be such a waste, and also since she is in the tournament the Elder Gods wouldn't be too happy if he were to just murder her. Suddenly the silence was broken.

"I wanted to kill you in combat, but this will have to do!" shouted the brave woman as she leapt into the air. Her teleport jump carried her very high into the air with an ease only a Shokan could achieve, and Sheeva was the best of them. But as she was nearing the edge of the 100 foot deep pit Sheeva was suddenly stopped by an invisible energy field acting as a lid to the pit. She plummeted to the bottom, but having reflexes 10 times quicker than the fastest cat she was able to control her fall and land gracefully on her feet.

"Hahaha!" laughed Shao Kahn. "Did you really believe I would have made it possible for you to escape?" Mocked the emperor as he sat back on his throne. "Escape is IMPOSSIBLE my dear, but do not worry, you will not be staying long." Then after a short pause he gave his sentence to restless woman. "Since you, Sheeva, one of my once most trusted followers and most admired soldier, and right hand to my wife Sindel, were of so much help in preventing, or at least trying to prevent, my takeover of the realm of earth, you are to be banished to that world for the rest of your pitiful life."

As he finished those words a portal opened beneath Sheeva, who was sucked down into it. Once she was through, the portal closed. Shao Kahn fell over backwards with laughter. "Now Sheeva is going to be very pissed, and she will have 6 billion humans to take it out on. Now, with his greatest threat gone, Shao Kahn can now concentrate on his lesser problems. "I guess we go after Raiden Next."


New York City. Midnight. Citibank building. 5th floor. One of the many offices in that floor.

The portal opens and a large female figure crashes through it, demolishing a heavy oak desk as she lands on it. Heavily disoriented she raises to her feet. "Damn you Shao Kahn!" She was indeed very angered. Banished, to a world she herself wanted to lead the strike force against. She walked to the window and for the first time took a look at the realm of earth. She was fascinated. She had seen many worlds before, but as a soldier, in the battlefields, all she ever saw were ruins of once great civilizations. It always made her sad to see all the destruction caused by themselves, but she was loyal to her people and to her emperor and if he ordered to kill everyone, Sheeva would do just that. Deep within herself she is glad she gets a chance to see it before the emperor destroys it.

The floor's watchman, a 45 year old Harold Smith, had gone on-duty two hours ago. He would sit by the elevators and from time to time walks around the floor checking if everything was in order, leaving his rookie partner, 27 year old William Burns, at the elevator. Harold was doing one of his patrols around the offices when he hears noise coming from the door next to him. He walked to the door and put his ear against it and heard loud footsteps coming from inside. He readied his gun, unlocked the door quietly and flung the door open with his gun pointed at a large shadow by the window.

"Freeze asshole!"

Sheeva was deep within her thoughts, living the only moment of peace she had in days, when a loud noise distracted her, followed by the voice of an impertinent human who shouted a command at her. She takes no orders from humans! And to make things worse (for him) the man spoke to her in a disrespectful and offensive tone. She turned around to face him. All the guard could see was a large (7.5 feet tall) shadow with fiery red eyes looking down at him. With lightning speed, Sheeva shot green plasma bolts from her hands at Harold, incinerating all the meat on his body, leaving only the carbonized bones where a man once stood. Harold didn't even see it coming.

The rookie guard had also heard the loud crash a short while ago. He left his post and went to check on Harold. As he neared the office he heard his partner shout something. He began to run. As he went around the corner towards the sound the open office door, a large tongue of green flame shot out the door, heating the air so much he felt his face get sun burned. When it was over he opened his eyes and saw in the floor badly burned human remains.

"H - Harold?" He almost threw up at the sight. Then out of the shadows walked Sheeva. William's jaw hit the floor when he saw her. She was large, about 7'6" in height. Built like a professional bodybuilder, but with 4 arms. Her face was very pretty, with dark lips and intense red eyes. Her body was magnificent. A symphony of muscle, broad shoulders, large pectoral muscles, a washboard stomach, a tiny waist, broad hips, muscular legs built the size of tree trunks, but her most amazing feature were her immense, magnificently excessive, breasts. She was dressed with the perfect outfit. A black leather belt around her waist, a small red thong covered her genital area, and thin red straps of cloth went from the back of her neck down to her belt attempting to cover her awesome mammaries. William was completely mesmerized looking at her, he did not notice she was walking straight at him. Only when she stopped a foot in front of him did he snap out of it.

She was a sight to behold. William was only 5'7" tall, making him eye level with her bosom. Sheeva was looking intensely at him. She could tell he was both very impressed, dazzled, and at the same time terrorized. She did not want to hurt the kid, after all he hasn't done anything to her, all he has to do is to give a sign of respect, submission, or even surrender and she will let him go.

The boy was astonished beyond believe. Was all this a dream? Could this deadly angel before him be real? How could it be? She is not human! Could she be a figment of his imagination? There was only one way to find out. He raised his hand in an attempt to touch her, but it was caught by her lower left hand. He did the opposite of what he should have done, instead of submission, he gave a sign of disrespect, trying to touch her without her permission. With the slightest effort she twisted her wrist, snapping his arm like a twig. He now knows she is real, he is feeling a some serious pain now.

He sure was a fragile boy, he swung his fist at her and punched her stomach. She had seen it coming but let him connect just for curiosity. She was amused when he hurt his hand against her abdomen. Her amusement was short lived and annoyment took its place. She ended it quickly, all she had to do was to swing her arm sideways and he was flung away from her and out through the window, to crash down onto the pavement after a five story drop.

She headed to another window on the opposite side of the building and leapt out. She landed on the floor with the grace of a cat. She wanted to stay out of sight and luckily there was no one to see her, no one except for one woman standing on the sidewalk below her, but she remedied the situation managing to land on her when she leapt, so there are no witnesses now.

She had to think quickly, she couldn't possibly be killing everyone who stumbled upon her...well, she could, but she did not want to. The first thing she has to do is be a little more discrete. She is going to need to hide the fact she has four arms. It is quite dark out, she just needs to get away from the city lights and into a wild area where she can conceal herself. She saw a place like that out the window before she jumped, a large wooden area, a big park in the center of the city.

She took a coat from the dead woman and put it on. She at least looked more human. Now she headed towards that central park she had seen. After a short while of people passing by she stopped feeling self conscious. Humans apparently don't notice unusual things very quickly, and since at this time of night there are not many people, chances of someone noticing her were slim. She found something peculiar though, most people on the streets are women, dressed much like herself actually. There are usually one or two on every corner.

Sheeva kept walking down the street towards the small forest when suddenly a man grabbed her right arm. She sensed him approaching but thought he was going to just pass by. She was surprised by his action, but maybe this was something humans did, maybe some type of courtship? "Yow, big mamma!" he shouted, "only my girls work this street!" as he finished this he tried to pull him into a dark alley. She was curious now, what does he mean work the streets? She let herself be abducted.

This guy must be really dumb, she thought. No wonder he doesn't notice something different about me, he is wearing dark glasses at night. "Since you are on my streets without my permission you are going to have to pay." She did not like his tone of voice.

"Pay?" she asked mockingly.

"Yes, pay you bitch. NOW!"

That did it, her curiosity was overshadowed by her indignation and anger. She opened her coat and let it drop. "you got f-f-four arms? What the fuck are you?" he rudely asked as he took out his shades. Now he can truly see the woman before him. Her amazing body accentuated by the dim city lights mesmerized him. She noticed how hard he was looking at her breasts and how his pants bulged immediately and his mouth began to drool.

She grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him, stuffing his whole head in between her large teats. With a little tension from her pectoral muscles, her breasts locked his head in her cleavage, trapping him. He screamed for help, but no sound came out, his face was smudged so tightly inside her cleavage he couldn't even breathe. She arched her back backwards lifting him off the ground by the head, and as a final punishment she tightened her chest once more, increasing the pressure gradually until his cranium gave and caved in. He popped like a ripe tomato, splattering blood and brains all over her chest.

She ripped his shirt off and used it to clean her bosom. Picked up the coat, put it back on, and resumed her way towards the park. She was close to the park now, just a small bridge to cross and she will be free. There is nobody around, except one male human, a young one, crossing the same bridge in the opposite direction. To prevent any more trouble she plans to rip his head off and toss it to the river below as soon as he gets closer.

She was no more than 20 paces from him. He was unsuspecting his fate, which made him an easy target. Sheeva knows she needs not kill him, for the bridge is dark and will probably not notice her, but she is Shokan, and before her banishment, before entering the tournament against her master, she was looking forward to lead the attack force against this miserable planet, so maiming a few earthlings is simply a manner of relaxation.

"Look out!" The man shouted, pointing to something behind her. As she turned around Sheeva noticed a strange vehicle speeding towards her. She had been so focused on how she was going to kill the human she failed to notice the incoming threat. It was too late for her to get out of the way and all she could do is to braise for the imminent impact.

The car slammed onto her, sending her flying off over the edge of the bridge. She was going to fall into the river and she could not swim. There are no major bodies of water where she is from, thus there is really no need to know how to swim. Had the bottom been a cliff she might be able to survive, but she cannot jump in water.

Just as Sheeva was falling over the edge and was ready to die, she felt something grab her hand and stopped her fall. She looked up and saw the very same boy she couldn't wait to kill holding her, saving her life. She looked down and saw the car falling to the bottom, slamming into the water and slowly sink to the bottom along with the driver. She couldn't get the idea off her mind that it could have been her also hadn't it been for this terran.

"Can't pull you up! Too heavy!" The young man uttered "Can you climb up?" He asked. She could see the painful expression on his face. He was obviously in pain from supporting her 300 pound body with one arm. Humans are so weak, she thought. Weak she was not, and simply by flexing her arm she lifted herself to where she could grab onto the edge of the bridge and climb up herself.

When she got to the top she looked at the boy standing before her, holding his arm. She could kill him now, but she felt she couldn't. She was after all an honorable warrior, and she owed him her life. "Thank you!" The words were very painful to say to her, specially when they were said to an "inferior' being.

Standing so close to Sheeva, the boy couldn't fail to realize how large she was. When she thanked him and vowed down in the customary Shokan manner, he was able to look at her face. Noticing her red eyes and pointy ears the boy began to freak. When he saw under her coat the existence of another pair of arms and the fact that each of her 4 hands had only 3 fingers he got really scared.

"What are you?" He asked. Sheeva tried to explain to him who she was but as soon as she took a step forward he snapped and tried to run away. She didn't need this. She could kill him and get it over with, but she realized making contact with a human might be useful. She leapt high into the air and landed a few feet in front of him. He couldn't stop on time and slammed into her back and fell to the ground. She turned around and grabbed him by the throat with one hand and lifted him off the ground.

"Keep quiet. I don't want to hurt you!" She said, but somehow he did not relax. She realized he had panicked and needed to reduce his fear. She spoke in a much softer voice. "You saved my life and for that I cannot ever repay you." The man had noticeably calmed down so Sheeva put him back on the floor.

"Who are you?" asked the young man.

"I am Sheeva of the Shokan elite." She responded proudly.

"Where are you from?" He asked.

"That is a long story."

"Well, I think we have the time."

"Very well..." And Sheeva told him about her world and her people and how they were betrayed by the emperor and how she rose up against him and was banished to earth. She withheld the part about the emperor's plans for earth.

"Wow! That is awesome!" He commented mesmerized. "I hope you can get to go back home."

"Thank you, so do I."

"If is there anything I can do to help you go back...?"

"Unless you are a sorcerer there is nothing you can do."


"Well, I must keep going. Good bye."

"Wait! Where are you going?"

"I will try to find a hidden shelter in the woods."

"Hidden shelter?" He said surprised. "You won't find any in Central Park. A million people go into the park every day, besides, it is no place for a woman to go at night. There are all kinds of sickos and weirdoes in there."

"Maybe, but I still must go."

"Well, take care!"

Sheeva turned around and resumed her walk towards the park. The boy kept looking at her as she walked away. Even under those dim lights he could still notice her incredibly delicious butt. A few minutes later she was gone.

She found a wooden area thick enough to inhabit. As the days went by, she realized the boy had not lied when he stated many people travel trough those woods. She had the time and the opportunity to observe the humans. "They are no different than the Shokan" she thought. She was surprised she thought that. A few weeks ago, she thought of humans as cattle to be slaughtered, but since that boy saved her life, she will never feel about humans the same way. Where once was contempt, now there is curiosity.

As she observed the humans, she saw interesting aspects of their lives alien to her people. She saw how males and females treated each other so differently than Shokan males and females did. Her greatest puzzle was when she spotted at night a couple having sex. She watched them from afar and was very aroused and yet confused. The man had his back on the ground while the woman was on him. While they were doing it, they caressed each other lovingly all over their bodies. That was odd to Sheeva.

She was not new to sex, in fact, she had been shacked for the first time back some 15000 years ago. But every time for her was the same way. She had the honor of being one of Prince Goro's mates, so whenever he wanted sex, he would go to her chamber and without a word just strip her naked and mount her. Sex for her was not at all pleasant, and she remembered it as something she rather not do.

Day after day she witnessed activities alien to her, but the more she watched, the more different she felt and the more she desired to have a taste of what humans do.

Not all human "customs' were to her liking. She has seen many muggers at night and at first she stood out of it, but when she saw one of them murder a young couple she jumped in and with a single roundhouse kick she knocked his head clean off his torso. Since then she has tried to stop any such people, sometimes at the cost of her own disclosure.

It did not take long for the media to be interested in this. So far it has only caught the attention of cheesy gossip newspapers, nothing serious, so not many people followed up on the story. It went unnoticed by everyone except for the boy who had seen her and saved her life. He knew better than to try to tell his story, they wouldn't believe him. He himself sometimes does not believe his own story.

He was determined to find this Sheeva woman, and since the papers say most mugger murders happen on a certain area of Central Park, that is exactly where he will go.

He arrives at the park at 9 PM and takes a long stroll inside. On an area, near some benches he hears some moaning. It sounded like a woman; he felt he was close. He could see some shadows on a park bench and decided to go to them. Just as he was getting closer, a hand came out of nowhere and while covering his mouth, dragged him to the bushes.

Once they were both under cover, the boy's kidnapper let go of him. When he turned to face his assailant, he was met by the surprise he was facing the same person he was looking for. "Sheeva!" He shouted. Sheeva quickly covered his mouth again and instructed him to be quiet. Lowering their voices to a near whisper they began to talk.

"Why did you drag me in here?" Asked the boy.

"You were looking for me."

"How do you know?"

"You have walked this path three times tonight. I have seen you."

"What are you going to do with me?"

"Fear not, I will not harm you."

"Then why-?"

"Follow me." She got down on all fours (all sixes on her case), and crawled behind some bushes. He also got on all fours and crawled behind her. He followed her closely, taking the advantage of admiring her incredibly delicious bottom. In fact, he followed so closely and without paying attention to where he was going, when she stopped he slammed his face against her firm buttocks, accidentally of course.

"Hey!" She said somewhat annoyed.

"Sorry! Didn't see you stop."

She had stopped behind some bushes. He crawled to her side and asked her why she had led him to that spot. She answered by pointing to a couple sitting on a bench on the other side of the bushes. He looked at them and saw how they were making out while fondling with each other.

"So? " I asked.

"I have seen over 65 pairs of humans, some of the same gender, some from different do this. I am very intrigued about your mating rituals because they are much different to how we perceive mating."

They both retreated to a secluded area of the park. When they arrived, she sat on the ground and asked him to do the same. "So, What do you call that mouth sucking?"

"Mouth sucking? Oh, you mean kissing!"


"Couples sometimes kiss as a way to express affection and love. The sensation is very pleasurable and sometimes intoxicating, in a good way."

"So it is not sucking?"

"No, well yes, sometimes, it is hard to explain."

She still looked confused. He tried to explain but it is not something you can teach with words. "You say it is enjoyable?"

"Yes, very much so!"

"To both or just to the male?"


She kept quiet, thinking about how strange the humans do things. No Shokan had ever heard of such foolishness. The males and the females both enjoying sex, that is preposterous.

"I am curious. If this all is so alien to you, how does your people have foreplay?"


"Foreplay, you know, what you do to turn each other on and get in the mood for sex."

"You want to know how we mate?"


"Well I'll tell you. Our males are what you call assholes and I had the "honor' of having being chosen by the biggest asshole of them all. Prince Goro was my mate, or I was his to be precise. I had no choice in the matter. I hate him so much. You see, whenever Goro wanted sex he just came to me or any other of his many "wives' and simply take us by force. I am not as strong as him but I could have killed him since I am a better warrior but he was the prince, and the leader of the royal army where I was a proud officer. Even when The Emperor reassigned me to being Lady Sindel's right hand and protector, Goro would still come, drag me out of her chamber and take me in the hall way."

"How terrible!"


"Is it so for every woman of your species?"

"Unfortunately yes."

He slid closer to her and put his face an inch away from hers. "Close your eyes!" the boy said. "What are you doing?" She asked. "Call it a cultural exchange. Now please close your eyes." She cautiously did what he asked. He paused for a second to take a good look at her. He observed her face, with features clearly alien, like the pointed ears, large cheek bones and strange bumps over her eyebrows; was in its own way pretty. She had an interesting unconventional beauty. Her body was very lean with a very developed muscle tone. Her thighs were awesome, large, powerful and perfectly proportionate. On her chest she had the most voluptuous pair of mammaries he had ever seen. Who cares if she had four arms, and was close to two feet taller than him, and had red eyes and three toes. Who cares, she is still a fox. At least to him she was.

He pressed his lips against hers and felt how her body shivered as did his. He kept their lips together for an instant and then receded. She opened her eyes and smiled. "That was nice!" She said. "Now, next time open your mouth a little." He instructed. She closed her eyes again, inviting him for another kiss. He again got close and pressed his lips against hers, but this time she opened her mouth as did he. For the first time on her very long life, Sheeva felt the kiss of a man. She was surprised to feel his tongue enter her mouth and began to pull away but when she felt both their tongues touch she stopped.

Her whole body was ravaged by an electric tingling starting on the back of her head moving down her back and end on her vagina. She at first was still, letting him do all the work and feeling how his tongue explored the inside of her mouth. Sheeva leaned forward and laid on him. She then began to do the same, although not as gently as he did. "Hey, take it easy. This is not a fight!" He shouted when Sheeva's tongue almost ripped one of his teeth off. She started to be more careful but still kept it rough.

She liked being the oppressor since she is many dozen times stronger than he is. She grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him down to the ground and she laid on top of him. He felt her weight on him and found it a little hard to breath but at the same time he was thrilled to feel her amazing breasts pressed against his chest. She kissed him again, now more passionately than ever.

As she kept kissing him, he used his hands to caress her back. He felt every ridge and muscle on her toned physique. With every tender caress he gave her, Sheeva moaned, but when he finally got the nerve to move down and stroke ample buttocks she stopped. He got frightened and stopped also. She had opened her eyes and was looking intensely at him.

She remained quiet for what felt like an eternity when suddenly- "Please repeat!" She said to his surprise. She didn't have to tell him twice. He immediately placed both hands on her generous rump and began to rub and squeeze it. She felt great pleasure from this and moaned even louder.

"Show me more!" She commanded and the human was more than happy to oblige. He rolled her on her back and laid on top of her. He took the red straps that covered her breasts and spread them to the sides allowing her majestic boobs to pop loose. He grabbed hold of both her teats and began to fondle with them. He put his face against them and began kissing and licking and nibbling their smooth surface. She felt more pleasure than any sex she has ever had.

She specially enjoyed how his tongue played with her nipples. The first time she felt it she was caught off guard and was shocked by the sensation. She had never thought it possible for her breasts to give her that much pleasure.

He was very impressed, to say the least. She had the most delicious pair of tits he had ever seen. Although she was an alien, the shape, size, and softness of her breasts were perfect by human standards. Her chest was also very impressing. She had a thick dual layer of pectoral muscle. She needed it for her extra pair of arms.

He then grabbed onto her thick belt and unlocked it. Sheeva understood fast and finished removing it herself and along it her panties as well. Her cunt was left completely visible. The first thing he noticed was how completely devoid of pubic hair it was. He put his hand on it and felt how impossibly smooth and soft the skin was. He also felt how moist her reddish lips were, a sign she was more than ready.

He took off his pants and laid on top of her. He inserted himself inside her and began softly to thrust. Her pussy immediately responded, although at first it was hard for her to feel him inside. For centuries she has had Goro force his way inside, and he was a very large man. In comparison this human was almost unnoticeable. On the other hand, she had been turned on so hot, even the small presence inside her was enough to drive her wild.

It didn't take much time or effort for Sheeva to have a huge orgasm. Her whole body tightened and her legs hugged his waist. She was so lost in the moment, she didn't notice how hard she was tightening her legs around him.

Once her tremendous orgasm died down, she noticed her partner slumped on her. He had red marks around his waist where her legs had gripped him. She got a little scared and checked if he was still alive. She was glad to see he was breathing still. She was glad she didn't squeeze any harder because had she wanted it she could of literally cut him in two with her thighs.

Sheeva laid back against a tree and rested. The orgasm had left her very tired and wanted to rest so that when her partner wakes up she gets him to do it again. The tranquility of the night began to have an effect on her and very soon she was sound asleep.

A few hours passed then an electrifying noise woke her up. As she opened her eyes she saw seven Baraka soldiers led by a large Centuriad General. Behind them she catches a glimpse of a portal similar to the one that brought her to earth. The gateway shrunk in size and finally disappeared.

"Greetings Lady Sheeva!" Said the General "I hope you enjoyed your stay in this pathetic world because now we have come to destroy it!"


To be continued-