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Most of these entries present the same data as Diana's index pages, just restructured into table form. Occasionally, however, you will run across my added notation. This denotes where I have made an adjustment for a file that does not provide information in conformance with Diana's formatting guidelines. If you're curious about my note system, read here.
LondonBy C2K, goes transatlantic(11/Mar/07)
PreludeBy C2K, gains control of her family(14/Mar/07)
RedBy C2K, Python's Lair, The Cage and a new champion(17/Oct/07)
Alley Boxing: Maria's new lifeBy C2K, is far from home, but she far from helpless(30/Mar/11)
Self-Defense Practice (F/m ball-busting) Chapter 1by CaligulaGirlfriend practices disabling boyfriend thru nut-crunching!(31/May/97)
Self-Defense Practice (F/m ball-busting) Chapter 3By CaligulaIt concerns ball-busting by a woman and her boyfriend.(31/May/97)
Married Without ChildrenBy CaligulaFF/m, ball-busting(14/Jun/97)
Denise, The WrestlerBy calwrest69@gmail.comA short story about a fictional wrestling match that leads to an intense sexual encounter.(15/Nov/09)
Bon VoyageBy
Bon [DD]Kassie scissors him into submission(03/Nov/97)
Whore to an amazonby cambridge, odysseus1250@yahoo.comHe aids the beautiful Amazon Otrere and is taken by her(21/Jan/05)
The Coven's Super Halloweenby: CANUN6(24/Oct/99)
THE MARVEL, THE WITCH AND THE VOODOOby CANUN6Supergirl and Zatanna help Mary Marvel when troubled by a pesky young witch.(31/Oct/02)
Bodacious Bettinaby Caprishus, Caprishus@aol.comGetting what you want in the personals can hurt(25/Jul/00)
A Different Charlotte's Webby Caprishus, Caprishus@aol.comThis Jackson is an irresistable force, not immovable object(13/Aug/00)
Office political muscle (formerly "Catherine")adapted by Caprishus, Caprishus@aol.comAmazon makes it not just business, but personal(25/Jul/00)
Honey: Part 1Captain AvatarHoney is granted the power to make people and herself grow(09/Jan/99)
Valkyrie under waterBy Captain Corc(11/Sep/15)
The Quest for a Valkyrie, part 1by CaptainCorcCaptain Corc sets off on his Quest(02/Jun/98)
Benita South StreetBy CaptainCorc with apologies and gratitude to the shade of Damon Runyon(15/Aug/98)
Carmen's 17th story about wrestling and boxingCarmen [*@] RNMEXGYM@aol.comBrief informative life reflections of my fighting life Part 17(31/Mar/10)
From India with love - Part 1by
The exhibition matchby Cathartica(02/Dec/98)
Daughter's friend shows her strengthby CatmanNew neighbour enjoys using her strength on me(04/Dec/10)
Humanity's Sluttiest Soldier: An Attack on Titan StoryBy Catullus Sedecim,"Humanity's Strongest Soldier" is subjected to a surprise inspection of his 'Equipment'(28/Jun/19)
Brutal Bunny BrawlersBy Catullus Sedecim, MafiaKirby@gmail.comA human discovers the danger of fighting anthros - And the excitement of owning them(19/Jul/19)
Lady Molly on Assignement - A Ballbusting Beatdownby
For the Love of Gunsby CGManWhen Betty's friends feel she is spending too much time training her biceps, they intervene. FMG(18/Nov/07)
Clash of the supermodels literally! [IN](12/May/17) [IN](30/Dec/17)
A GIANT [IN](23/Mar/18)
Super bimbos part 2by
Superbimbos [IN](18/Apr/20)
A date with [IN](24/Apr/21)
Giant Muscular Streetwalkerby CharlesAn encounter with a big, muscular streetwalker.(13/Feb/03)
Super Mother and DaughterBy Charles Peterson(31/May/97)
Matt and Terry Super MomBy Charles Peterson(12/Jun/01)
Young LoveBy Charon(31/May/97)
The price of manhoodBy CharonViolence, sex, femdom, femuscle and a bunch of other stuff(11/Aug/97)
The Shamber Chronicles, Part 1By Chaucer mawgren@hotmail.comSecurity guards meet a gorgeous, dizzy blonde and her devastating fists(12/Aug/06)
The Shamber Chronicles, Part 5By Chaucer mawgren@hotmail.comAccomplishing the task and escaping is smooth as silk, almost.(09/Sep/06)
The Shamber Chronicles, Part 6By Chaucer mawgren@hotmail.comShamber's fists show themselves to be effective and versatile.(09/Sep/06)
The Shamber Chronicles, Part 3By Chaucer, ( punches her way through trouble . . . for a while(21/Aug/06)
The Shamber Chronicles, Part 2By Chaucer. ( working her way inside, Shamber's fists begin making a difference(16/Aug/06)
The Shamber Chronicles, Part 4By Chaucer; mawgren@hotmail.comShamber fights to complete the mission and for her survival(01/Sep/06)
Carried by a Strong WomanBy Cheryl at ccs46@hotmail.comA woman bodybuilder hires me to do a lift and carry video with her(16/Jul/99)
SPIKEBy Cheryl at ccs46@hotmail.comA lesbian woman forces herself to have her way with me(12/Jun/99)
The Teachers new pet a.k.a. His fatal crushchloroformmeplease [404] [EX](10/Aug/17)
The Christian Chronicles 1: The true events in the life of a muscle obsessed Christian Williams
The Christian Chronicles 2: The true events in the life of a muscle obsessed Christian Williams
Christine Beats Up Bradby Christine(09/Oct/20)
Christine Beats Up Tanyaby Christine(28/Jul/20)
Christine Beats Up the Shirt Guyby Christine(11/Sep/20)
Supermarket Beatdownby Christine(26/Aug/20)
Christine Beats Up JoleneChristine at [IN](20/Dec/19)
Christine Beats Up JasonChristine at [DD](30/May/20)
Christine Beats Up ChuckChristine at [DD](08/Jun/20)
Christine Beat Up DavidChristine at [IN](05/Apr/20)
Christine Beats Up David AgainChristine at [IN](25/Apr/20)
Christine Beats Up Jason AgainChristine at [DD](12/Jun/20)
Christine Beats Up JimmyChristine at [DD](22/May/20)
Don't you ever slap a woman's buttby ChryslerWhy wimps should avoid doing so(16/Apr/11)
Monica XLby Chuckcjc(22/Jul/06)
Looming LargeChutney Ferret [IN](02/Jul/01)
Angel of Mercyby Chutney FerretHow one small man meets the women of his dreams.(14/Jan/06)
Beach Apartmentby Cindy V.Femdom and humiliation(20/Jan/98)
DON'T DO ITBy CJ(23/Aug/20)
Violet wrestles Nikki--her first real testC. JamesMy girlfriend proves her power on the mat(18/Mar/00)
Swift FoxBy cjgta15@hotmail.comWhat a few wild berries could really do.(12/Aug/06)
Supergirl vs the Super Troopsby
Karen and the quiet roomC J Wood [IN](20/Feb/04)
Supergirl vs. Brenda Brutovby CK(26/Dec/05)
A Tribute to Muscleboundby CKayote CKayote@worldnet.att.netA Goddess shows the author the ropes(07/Jul/05)
The Guestby Claudio Alviggi, klaatu@tin.itMy immense friend from overseas(17/May/98)
A new generationBy clickFollowing the hostage we now skip a generation to see how the revolution has progressed in the interim(20/Mar/98)
The hostageBy ClickA company is invaded by some powerful women. They take hostages and have some(03/May/98)
cloaked shadowsby cloakedshadowsnovels@gmail.compart 1(30/Sep/14)
Timmy's New Life, part 1by C.L.T.A young man is brought to heel by tall dominant women(31/Dec/11)
Timmy's New Life, part 2by C.L.T.A young man is brought to heel by tall dominant women(11/Sep/15)
Timmy's New Life, part 3by C.L.T.A young man is brought to heel by tall dominant women(11/Feb/12)
Timmy's New Life, part 4 PREVIEWby C.L.T.A young man is brought to heel by tall dominant women(18/Mar/12)
Timmy's New Life, part 4by C.L.T.A young man is brought to heel by tall dominant women(22/Apr/12)
Timmy's New Life: Chapter 5by C.L.T.A young man is brought to heel by tall dominant women(24/May/13)
Timmy's New Life: The Story So Far, part 1by C.L.T.A young man is brought to heel by tall dominant women(12/Sep/15)
Timmy's New Life: The Story So Far, part 2by C.L.T.A young man is brought to heel by tall dominant women(12/Sep/15)
The Prickly Rose: Who needs Thorns when you can have a Rose?by C-master, CmasterUK@go.comThe tough gang leader gets more than her bargained for and a surprise new gang member.(16/May/00)
The Amazonian Jungle QueenBy cobbk5@yahoo.comTwo hunters are crushed to death, the third experiences muscle sex of a lifetime.(25/Mar/07)
Pauline Part 1; Pauline crushes allby cobbk5@yahoo.comPauline crushes a judge with poor judgment between her huge thighs.(31/Dec/07)
Pauline Part 2; Pauline crushes allby cobbk5@yahoo.comPauline goes from crushing a judge to a crushing vigilante(02/Jan/08)
Pauline Part 3; Pauline crushes allby cobbk5@yahoo.comPauline satisfies her crushing urge, but at what price?(09/Jan/08)
Pauline Part 4; Pauline crushes allby cobbk5@yahoo.comPauline works out her muscle lust on a muscular trainer.(09/Jan/08)
Pauline Part 5; Pauline crushes allby cobbk5@yahoo.comChuck helps Pauline find another outlet for her muscle lusting obsessions.(17/Mar/08)
Star of something wonderfulBy Cocky, gypppomc1@gmail.comA brief taster to see if my kinda thing is liked here, A short scene between Her and him. A love story written in blood.(19/Feb/07)
First FightBy CoEd BoxerThe story of a young man's first trip into the boxing ring with a woman(07/Aug/98)
Sparring PartnerBy CoEd BoxerA man fights a woman against his better judgement, and likes it.(07/Aug/98)
Sparring Partner IIBy CoEd BoxerA woman seeks revenge on the man who knocked her out.(11/Aug/98)
The Dating GameBy COEDBoxerThe story of how I got started boxing with my girlfriend(11/Sep/15)
Wrestling - still a man's world?by CoentraoA grown man is challenged by a small girl in a wrestling match.(10/Feb/14)
Survivor2 - The MutantsBy Colt at colt13@my-deja.comThe women Survivors go on an expedition and the balance of power changes.(30/Apr/01)
Her favorite teacherby Comletely Yours(26/Apr/18)
The Barque River BridgeCommander Viac am Malacar del Kalix, AGXCC [IN](01/May/07)
Braxton Ridge ForayCommander Viac am Malacar del Kalix, AGXCC [IN](01/May/07)
A New Day -- Love ReturnsCommander Viac am Malacar del Kalix, AGXCC [IN](28/Jan/07)
The Nestike Forest AffairCommander Viac am Malacar del Kalix, AGXCC [IN](08/Jun/07)
Lethal Force Airborneby Commander Viac am Malacar del Kalix, AGXCC Chronicler(03/May/07)
Karen's Journal, page 1: Rickby CommonSwift, nmercenary@hotmail.comRick's attempts to overpower Karen are thwarted by skilled feet and fists.(11/Sep/15)
Jessikaby Completely Yours(12/Apr/18)
Empress Riaby Conceptfan(17/Feb/02)
Little Bit Of Funby Conceptfan(14/Jan/02)
Lorrenby Conceptfan(15/Mar/02)
Milena's Diaryby Conceptfan(09/Apr/02)
Shorts - Number 1by Conceptfan(02/Mar/02)
Shorts - Number 3by Conceptfan(15/Mar/02)
The Super Modelsby Conceptfan(13/Jan/02)
Beaten upby Conceptfan(30/May/02)
My First Timeby contender(22/Sep/09)
Wonder Woman - Broken Inside and Outby cooteegurl12(08/Oct/17)
CorbinBy Corbin, nex_xus@hotmail.comThe mostly true story of Corbin, a very athletic and beautiful woman (so people say) and the trials and tribulations with a world that just won't leave ME alone!(23/May/04)
The College Years, part 7By Corbin, nex_xus@hotmail.comThe amazing true story of a girl that's me who simply refuses to conform.(16/Apr/04)
Conquerors and Concubinesby cornishrugby@aol.comThe Heroic versus the Helpless(23/Jul/05)
Who's The Cuckold Now?By CounterCounterCultureA sleazy porn producer gets his comeuppance(23/Sep/13)
Aaron's Applesby countryboy(08/Mar/10)
Mother In Law's Giftby countryboy(08/Mar/10)
Mother in Law's Strap-on Loveby countryboy(05/Mar/10)
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - The Sleepy Spy Affair, Ch. 1by Coyote, coyote4531@hotmail.comAgent Solo is knocked out and kidnapped by long-legged operatives.(06/Jan/03)
Sleep Another Dayby Coyote: coyote4531@hotmail.comJames Bond is put to sleep by a long-legged spy.(23/Nov/02)
The Slaying Of An Angel,by CrazychildThe evil slayer, Faith attacks Angel in an ally and takes him completely by surprise. Who will win; the superhuman bitch or the Vampire with a soul?(08/May/00)
Searching The Gem part 1By crb2533A band of mercenaries is searching for a treasure(14/Mar/15)
Black Cat VS CatwomanCrimsonRash and Foreshadow [EX](08/Sep/16)
Along Came an OrchidCrimsonVlkyrie|Tiffany Anderson [LK](02/Oct/16)
A Miss Masque AdventureCrimsonVlkyrie|Tiffany Anderson [EX]Miss Masque: An Orchid's Kiss - Part 1(17/Feb/17)
Crimson and OrchidCrimsonVlkyrie|Tiffany Anderson [EX] [EX](11/Aug/17)
Crimson Valkyrie vs. NemesisCrimsonVlkyrie|Tiffany Anderson [EX] [EX] [EX](30/Jun/16)
BeverlyBy Cris LeyvenMy accounts of dating an older, muscular woman.(14/Jun/99)
Church of MuscleBy Cris LeyvenA powerful woman takes control of a men's church retreat. (Cynthia Sanders Fantasy #3)(14/Jun/99)
THE NEIGHBOR LADYBy Cris LeyvenMrs. Sanders had the biggest muscles I had EVER seen!!(17/Sep/99)
Upstairs seductionBy Cris LeyvenThe muscular Cynthia seduces a boy next door. (Mrs. Sanders Fantasy #1)(17/Sep/99)
Caught PeekingBy Cris LeyvenCynthia rapes her voyeuristic admirer. (Cynthia Sanders fantasy #2)(14/Jun/99)
Calves and Other ThingsBy Cris LeyvenMy exposure to physically powerful women through my life.(14/Jun/99)
Fight DenBy Crossmanx at - - comments and ideas welcome.Where do you go when you just want to enjoy a good old fashion, fight?(10/Feb/18)
Kimberly is now a CrowA story about a young woman who becomes a giantess and has an adventure.(15/Mar/13)
Kimberly is now a CrowChapter 2. Action in the city.(23/Mar/13)
Cammy White's snapgasmCrunchgasm [IN]Cammy mixes business and pleasure as she uses a scientist all the way to his last breath.(23/Jul/18)
Momiji's AscentBy Crunchgasm, contact at arktilentor@yahoo.comMomiji is strong, and ready to dethrone the Dragon Clan leader Ryu ... in a most erotic way.(26/Dec/18)
Wonderous Age of Woman-part 1By Crunchgasm, contact at arktilentor@yahoo.comWonder Woman, the perfect heroine, experiences events that would lead her to become a mankiller driven by need to orgasm from destroying male anatomies.(24/Jul/18)
Wonderous Age of Woman-part 3By Crunchgasm, contact at arktilentor@yahoo.comDiana overcomes an obstacle, while her new views on sexuality take on a more clear shape.(24/Jul/18)
Dark Street JusticeBy Crunchgasm, contact at arktilentor@yahoo.comMarjean Holden, a famous martial artist, destroys racist goons during street riots.(26/Dec/19)
Kunoichi, mistresses of love and deathBy Crunchgasm, contact at arktilentor@yahoo.comAyane and Kasumi, two deadly kunoichi complete a mission, but also get intimate.(22/Jul/19)
The deadly body of TakiBy Crunchgasm, contact at arktilentor@yahoo.comTaki, a red-suited kunoichi finds a way to realize her erotic fantasies in a dangerous mission(15/Jun/19)
Sonya Blade- FemmefatalityBy Crunchgasm, contact at arktilentor@yahoo.comSonya Blade sets on a path that would make her into a destroyer of men, starting with Kano.(10/Apr/20)
Wonderous Age of Woman-part 4By Crunchgasm, contact at arktilentor@yahoo.comDiana leaves no man alive, terrorist or innocent, as she ends the takeover of the lab.(24/May/20)
Sonya Blade- Femmefatality 2By Crunchgasm, contact at arktilentor@yahoo.comSonya Blade ruins the plans of male Kombatants, finding pleasure in ultimate triumph over them.(04/Feb/21)
Wonderous Age of Woman-part 2By Crunchgasm, contact for feedback/questions at arktilentor@yahoo.comDiana becomes more and more dominant, displaying her strength with gory, brutal kills.(24/Jul/18)
Big Game Hunter Part 2Curia-DD [LK](30/Jun/16)
Big Game Hunter ConclusionCuria-DD [LK](30/Jun/16)
CookiesCuria-DD [LK](18/Jun/16)
Fausta Gets a New Toy for Her PetCuria-DD [LK](30/Jun/16)
WonderDollCuria-DD [LK](30/Jun/16)
Wonder Woman vs. HeatCuria-DD [404](30/Jun/16)
Wonder Woman-Temple of ArklopsCuria-DD [EX](17/Aug/17)
Curia vs. DamianaCuria-DD [LK](03/Sep/17)
WonderdollCuria-DD [EX](06/Aug/17)
Big Game Hunter - Chapter 1Curia-DD [404] [EX](30/Jun/16)
Big Game Hunter Part 3Curia-DD [404] [EX](30/Jun/16)
Big Game Hunter Part 4Curia-DD [404] [EX](30/Jun/16)
The CollectorCuria-DD [404] [EX](18/Jun/16)
KELI'S FIRST TITLE DEFENSE FOR THE MIXED CHAMPIONSHIPby CyberwolfKeli fights in the first defense of her Mixed Wrestling Title(18/Jan/05)
Peggy's Floor Mattby Cyrpent, cyrpent@mfire.comA mother and her sister begin molding her son's future(30/Jul/03)
Peggy's Welcome Mattby Cyrpent, cyrpent@mfire.comA mother and her sister begin molding her son's future, part 1(30/Jul/03)
Francesca and the Scuba-Burglar.Czubrowski [EX](26/Nov/17)
Francesca, the Scuba-Spy HuntressCzubrowski [LK](26/Nov/17)
She-Hulk, the green prey.Czubrowski [EX](26/Nov/17)
She-Hulk, the green prey.Czubrowski [EX](04/Dec/17)

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