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Most of these entries present the same data as Diana's index pages, just restructured into table form. Occasionally, however, you will run across my added notation. This denotes where I have made an adjustment for a file that does not provide information in conformance with Diana's formatting guidelines. If you're curious about my note system, read here.
Michael Gets [IN](12/Dec/05)
The devil within the chestBy Daedalus 98Many have risked their lives to possess the vast wealth within the area known as ###The Chest###.(11/Sep/13)
The Rapist's Next LessonBy Daedalus 98Tom Fink's next Encounter with the Amazon Tina(04/Aug/13)
The ChestBy Daedalus98(03/Aug/13)
The Rapist Gets a LessonBy Daedalus98A hard man is good to beat, but a bad man is FUN to beat!(03/Aug/13)
The Education of Tom WillsBy Daedalus98Kali gets revenge on a COWARDLY Little Man!(05/Feb/20)
The Garden of the Goddessby Daedelus 98(15/Jun/19)
Kali Alaura - The Goddess of Destructionby Daedelus 98(05/Apr/20)
The Goddess's Puny Playthingsby Daedelus98Lori Labonte has a whole town at her Powerful feet!(01/Jun/20)
The Garden of the GoddessBy Daedelus98 and Goddess of Destruction - Kali AlauraWhat happens when uninvited guests crash the home of "The" Goddess of Destruction Kali Alaura?(30/Nov/20)
The Goddess’s GardenBy Daedelus98 and Goddess of Destruction - Kali AlauraWhat happens when uninvited pests from another world crash the home of “The" Goddess of Destruction Kali Alaura”? Find Out!(02/Nov/21)
The Garden of the GoddessBy Daedelus98 and Goddess of Destruction - Kali Alaura.(26/Dec/19)
The Perils of the Devil's TreasureBy Daedelus 98 and Madame Beatrice of madamebeatricedomination.comA short recollection of terror from the future in the vast reaches of deep space!(05/Aug/14)
Mother Wet T-shirt boxing First Timeby Da Freak(25/Apr/14)
Blank verse form of the Introduction to The Taina Brideby
How I learned to love and fear a strong [IN](12/Mar/07)
University girlDami#n this it is my first history I wait that they like sends me their comments and suggestions to [IN](29/May/05)
The TravellerBy Dan Burger"That's 1000 pounds, you can bench that" he asked with a quivering voice.(27/Jul/98)
LYNN by DANGEDANGE [IN]The continuation of a Mid-Summer Night's Fantasy(07/Aug/00)
Nebula - News Page 01by Daniel aka
TitaniaBy Daniel "Pendragon"Part One: The Making of a Titan(15/Nov/01)
AmazoniaAmazoniaBy Daniel 'Pendragon'(15/Nov/01)
JenBy Daniel 'Pendragon'(15/Nov/01)
MinervaBy Daniel 'Pendragon'(15/Nov/01)
Indenturedby DanKFemdom in a foreign, furry land: a human soldier turned slave. M/F fighting, plus sex.(09/Oct/08)
Neighborhood Associationsby DanKA strong, mature woman makes life hard for a family.(20/Oct/08)
Hijackedby DanKLesbian takes his girlfriend--with force.(08/Jan/09)
Indentured 2: Nightrunnersby DanKA proud soldier tries to escape his cruel Mistress.(29/Jul/09)
UNLIKELY SUSPECTSby DanKA muscular woman tangles with a thief. F/F.(08/Jan/09)
The Death of Lois Lane-KentBy Dan Larke, larked@yahoo.comA gem can be a girls best friend, and we are not talking a diamond(02/Apr/04)
'Doctors and Bodybuilders'By Dan T,
My Aunt Bea Nimble,By Da Porker(02/Sep/03)
Ironman vs. IronWOMAN Triathlonby Da Porker(07/Sep/03)
Case #10 - The Gangster ConspiracyDaria [EX](21/Mar/16)
The Dubious PageantDaria [EX]CHAPTER ONE(26/Jan/16)
Katie Spencer - The Snatched StarletDaria [EX](17/Apr/16)
Case #4 - Mystery on the Northern ExpressDaria [EX](15/Feb/16)
Case #3 - The Mystical JewelDaria [EX](10/Feb/16)
Case #5 - Phantom of the MallDaria [EX](19/Feb/16)
Katie Spencer: Case #6 - Fatal PassionDaria [EX](21/Feb/16)
Katie Spencer: Case #7 - Carnival of DangerDaria [EX](21/Feb/16)
Case #8 - The Payback AffairDaria [EX](26/Feb/16)
Case #9 - The Holiday IncursionsDaria [EX](26/Feb/16)
Katie Spencer - Invitation to PerilDaria [EX](21/Apr/16)
Lila Spencer - Night of MysteryDaria [EX](21/Mar/16)
Lila Spencer - Dance to DangerDaria [EX](26/Feb/16)
Lila Spencer - Wedding TiesDaria [EX](26/Feb/16)
Lila Spencer - A Christmas CaperDaria [EX](17/Apr/16)
Lila Spencer - Diva in DistressDaria [EX](07/Mar/16)
Lila Spencer - Vengeance is MineDaria [EX](06/Aug/16)
Lila Spencer - Rules of the GameDaria [EX](07/Mar/16)
Lila Spencer - Deadly PremonitionsDaria [EX](14/Apr/16)
Lila Spencer - Field Trip IntrigueDaria [EX](21/Apr/16)
Lila Spencer #13 - The Disney FactorDaria [EX](21/Apr/16)
Lila Spencer - Deadlier PremonitionsDaria [EX](21/Apr/16)
Lila Spencer - Trouble in ParadiseDaria [EX](10/Apr/16)
Lila Spencer - The Pirate's TreasureDaria [EX](28/Feb/16)
Stacey Campbell - Dressed to ThrillDaria [EX](21/Apr/16)
Tina Palermo & Jasmine Medina - Fatal ExposureDaria [EX](21/Apr/16)
Anna's Final BurglaryDarkLordMenchi [EX](17/Apr/16)
Arrow: The Ambushby Dark Magicianedited by michael-leonard(23/May/13)
Burying the pastby Dark Magician(29/Jan/13)
Conquered in every way:Dark Magician [*?](18/Jan/13)
Cristina: Seduced and Capturedby Dark Magicianedited by michael-leonard(23/May/13)
Golden eye: Alternate ending by dark magician.dark magician [IN](08/Apr/13)
The Beatdownby Dark Magicianedited by michael-leonard(27/May/13)
Deathly fetishby Dark Magician.(05/Aug/13)
The mannappingby Dark Magician.(20/Jun/13)
Model behaviorBy Dark Magician.(26/May/13)
Naimaby Dark Magician.(08/Apr/13)
The deathtrapby dark magician.(26/Feb/13)
The next Target:by Dark Magician.(21/Jan/13)
Wahiba's Vengeance and my Dark Magician.(24/Jan/13)
Power through blackmailDarkmagician [EX](21/Sep/16)
The Swimfanby DarkMagician(23/Nov/18)
Soccer Moms' Fight Club -- [!!]DarkMagician1999 [!!](30/May/16)
Fightqueen: In Fifty ShadesDarkmagician333 [LK](12/Oct/17)
ObnoxiousDarryn [IN](11/Jun/18)
My Ex-Girlfriend and Her Secret Wrestling Clubdarthdude92 [EX](03/Aug/16)
Cleaning up the Trashby Daryl Smith(02/Apr/18)
Lost ValkyrieBy DaveAbout Heidi Anderson, from the story 'DemonLust'(22/Aug/03)
Lost ValkyrieBy DaveAbout Heidi Anderson, from the story 'DemonLust'(14/Jul/03)
Lost ValkyrieBy DaveAbout Heidi Anderson, from the story 'DemonLust'(14/Jul/03)
Lost ValkyrieBy DaveAbout Heidi Anderson, from the story 'DemonLust'(14/Jul/03)
The $50 BetBy Dave HammondA woman's unusual method of seduction pays off in more ways than one.(10/Sep/03)
The TryoutBy DavidAmber makes the wrestling team(11/Sep/15)
PRINK GODDESSBy David(27/Jan/03)
The next generation!by DavidThe next generation of superhero learns there is more to becoming a hero then she knows(01/Jan/05)
There are all kinds of problems when you try to follow in your parent's foot prints!by DavidThe next generation!(01/Jun/05)
My strong girlfriendDavidMy girlfriend demonstrates her strength and how she can use it against me(21/Nov/06)
THE ACTRESSby DavidA director shooting a video with a very special actress(08/Sep/12)
THE ACTRESS KILLS AGAINby DavidA new movie for Elizabeth, the actress killer(12/Nov/12)
THE ACTRESS THE FINAL ACTDavid [DD]Nobody should threaten the slaves of a super goddess(11/Dec/12)
BEEN DOWN SO LONG IT LOOKS LIKE SHTUP TO MEBy David AlexanderA dark and funny fable of Amazons, Alcohol, and Sex(31/May/01)
A Walk in the CityBy David Annand ( runs into a young girl with a similar problem(10/Feb/00)
Morphenominal IIBy David Annand, DAnnand1@compuserve.comGary goes for a treatment to become a New Superman and gets more than he bargained for(11/Sep/00)
All for Her IIBy David Annand [](06/Mar/00)
THE SECRET POWER Part 1By Davide(29/Nov/00)
THE SECRET POWER - Part 2by Davide(05/Dec/00)
Carrie gets meanby David H. M.Carrie Caraway, a young and beautiful fitness model, doesn't back down when a thug challenges her to a fight in a boxing ring.(11/Nov/02)
CARRIE IN MEXICOBy David H. M.Fitness model Carrie Caraway tangles with a trio of nasty-minded males who learn a harsh lesson on the dangers of messing with her(05/Dec/02)
THE SCENT OF KIMBY David H. M.A gorgeous teen turns the tables on a handsome gigolo.(15/Dec/02)
A DAY IN ST TROPEZBy David H. M.A beautiful teen goes after the tough biker who beat up her boyfriend.(02/Jan/03)
EIGHTEEN AND DANGEROUS ON THE FRENCH RIVIERABy DAVID H. M.Beautiful and innocent Kim Blake encounters the criminal element in St. Tropez.(28/Feb/03)
RAVENBy David H. M.An adventure of a statuesque tour guide.(11/Jan/03)
Jayzon the incredibleBy David JanesChronicles of Boots and Biceps(20/Mar/98)
The BodyShopBy DAvid masschine@earthlink.netThis isn't a shop for cars(08/Oct/01)
Bed Time Storyby David SchockEven if your the world's greatest hero, your a coward when you sleep in your mother in law's house(08/Dec/02)
THE WAITING ROOMBy David Schock(08/Nov/02)
AssassinBy DaVID the kid.Assassin is sent to kill beautiful Chinese princess(27/Jun/02)
Camp humiliationBy DaVID the kid.High school boys encounter rich girls from private school at camp.(27/Jun/02)
Jennifer Farner KillsBy David Watts,
Keira Daley becomes a KillerBy David Watts,
Killer CopBy David Watts,
Keira gets angry at the gymBy David Watts,
Maggie KillsBy David Watts,
Martina Harris Get Very AngryBy David Watts,
Alice the Appartment Queendavosseaworth [EX](15/Jan/16)
Babysitting Gone Wrongdavosseaworth [EX](10/Aug/17)
My Girlfriend's Twindavosseaworth [EX](29/Oct/17)
Mistress Lizzie StoryBy Dawnraider(07/Aug/99)
Noisy neighboursBy Dawnraider(07/Aug/99)
Prison RegimeBy Dawnraider(07/Aug/99)
S&M Storyby Dawnrider UK(28/Nov/99)
Virgin Domby Dawnrider UKPage, a powerful prostitute, yearns to fulfill her dream: to become a cruel tormentor.(23/Sep/99)
Reluctant Subby Dawnrider UK(28/Nov/99)
MUSCLE LOCKDeacon [IN]Carmella Vs. Cleo A Battle Clan Diary(14/Nov/02)
A Civil ToneDeacon [IN](14/Nov/02)
THE COME BACKDEACON [IN]The Little Accountant's Fantasy(14/Nov/02)
The Loyalty of FriendsDEACON [IN](14/Nov/02)
A Need to KnowDeacon [IN](14/Nov/02)
Stairway StandoffDeacon [DD]The Battle between Brigitte and Chandelle(14/Nov/02)
Stairway Standoffby DeaconThe Battle between Brigitte and Chandelle(21/Oct/02)
Strangers in the NightDeacon [IN]Carmella Vs. Cleo A Battle Clan Diary(14/Nov/02)
A Civil ToneDeacon [IN](05/Mar/04)
The Rise of Sasha Mistress of PainDeacon [IN]Say My Shame Say My Shame, Beyonce' Vs LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson(20/Jun/04)
The Study Roomby DeaconEast Vs. West(18/Jan/04)
A Lady's AgreementDeacon [IN]Ki Toy vs. Melyssa(04/Jun/05)
The Python Vs. The LionessDeacon [IN]TuWanda's Karma(15/Feb/05)
A Lady's AgreementDeacon [IN]Ki Toy vs. Melyssa(12/Nov/05)
Trisha the DominatorBy Deacon(11/Apr/07)
Bon Voyage, ChienneBY DEACONTrechelle vs. Marie(27/Dec/07)
Better Than a Booty Callby DeaconTYRA BANKS VS NAOMI AMPBELL(17/Jun/08)
Bon Voyage, ChienneBY DEACONTrechelle vs. Marie(21/Apr/09)
Cum Kiss IIDeacon [*?]Garden House Brawl(28/Aug/09)
The Rise of Sasha Mistress of PainDeacon [IN](26/Apr/09)
THE PURESTDeacon [IN]Tales of MS.(21/Apr/09)
Lisa Raye's Biggest Hit ListDeacon [*?]Revenge of the Butterscotch Bombshell(22/Jun/10)
Makeba's Butterfly EffectDeacon [*?](22/Jun/10)
Roxey St. James vs. Trechelle Veroniqueby DeaconRound One(10/Aug/10)
Round TwoDeacon [IN]Roxey St. James vs. Trechelle Veronique(24/Aug/10)
The Beatdown Adventures of Roxy "Mother Don't Take No Mess" St. JamesDeacon [IN](18/Jul/10)
The Dirty Free-For-AllBy DeaconThe Return of Celissa Toussaint(19/Jul/11)
Meeting in the Ladies RoomTold by Deacon and G-ManThe Horrible Greek Secret(12/Jun/06)
Meeting in the Ladies RoomDeacon And G-Man [EX](03/Aug/06)
The Killing of Kirkby Dead Soul PoetrySuperior Uhura kills Capt. Kirk(13/Jul/99)
The Case of the Disappearing Cheerleader”By Deanna and Tracey(01/Jan/16)
THE ADVENTURES OF DEANNA AND TRACEYDeanna and Tracey [IN]The Fur Cap(01/Jan/16)
The Adventures of Deanna and TraceyBy Deanna and TraceyThe Principal's Girls(11/Aug/16)
The Adventures of Deanna and TraceyBy Deanna and TraceyThe Lair of the Octagon(11/Aug/16)
Danniver Beach: The Search for LaurenBy Deanna and TraceyWith the Bikini Snoopers, and special Guests.(17/Sep/17)
Love Hina: Muscle HouseBy Debido-San Brigandier0517@yahoo.comKaolla Su's new invention gets a bit out of hand...(22/Aug/05)
The armwrestling tomboyBy DelA true story about a muscular girl who ignited my interest in femuscle -- and a request(21/Dec/03)
A Fantasy FulfilledBy DemetriusDemetrius meets Sonia Fernandes(30/Jan/98)
When I met Aelisseby demon_integral lostellen@yahoo.comJack's fantasy girl, is actually a demoness, who kills with her legs...(13/Apr/11)
ellen, of darkby demon_integral lostellen@yahoo.comLong legs in leather first catch a man's eye, then, his body(03/Apr/11)
Katerina tests a pair of thugsby demon_integral lostellen@yahoo.comA slender, stunning tool of a Russian expediter destroys two goons(13/Apr/11)
Hi, I'm Linda, your neighbourby Demosthenes, themiscyra@hushmail.comI get a new neighbour and boy am I in for a surprise...(26/Dec/99)
Layla - You got me on my knees.Derek & the Dominoes .(08/Sep/04)
First Dayby Derob JacobsA Jacobs Hall Story(02/Jul/99)
Femdom Kidnaps Male Classmatederpstick|mike [LK](14/Jun/16)
The Night of the HuntressDesolationAngel [EX]Chapter I: Fox on the Run(01/Jan/16)
FightgirlDestroXXIV [EX](26/Nov/17)
She changed his life. Part determinedmind87(18/Jul/19)
Encounter in Petchburi streetby Deuce(25/May/98)
My younger cousinBy Dev(11/Apr/01)
My friend's momBy Dev(17/May/01)
The YachtBy devida@aol.comMixed wrestling(10/Jun/99)
Bad medicineBy Devilina Huntress, devilinahuntress@protonmail.comShe cured the shit out of him(05/May/21)
Hot And CruelBy Devilina Huntress, devilinahuntress@protonmail.comWhen the girls get bored(28/Jun/21)
Nerd GirlBy Devilina Huntress, devilinahuntress@protonmail.comWho?s laughing now?(22/May/21)
Horny AssassinBy Devilina Huntress, devilinahuntress@protonmail.comShe will hunt you down(06/Jun/21)
DevonnaDevonna [IN]Return of the holy one(17/May/03)
Tina and Dawn tame Scottby D. H. LaurentsTwo beauties wrestle and overpower a man's mind and body till he becomes their willing slave(13/Jun/02)
SANDY'S FITNESS CENTERBy D.H. LaurentsA babalicious fitness guru shows a man who is boss and teaches a class of women to do the same.(07/Sep/02)
On the cycle pathby dhugs@freeuk.comWhen this happens to you check your pension is performing(13/Apr/01)
Johnny's Punishmentby Diabolical, an293603@anon.penet.fiFemdom and cross-dressing(20/Jan/98)
Alicia's Summer Vacationby Diabolical, an293603@anon.penet.fiSibling Rivalry (humil tg femdom bd sm nc etc)(20/Jan/98)
A Tough LessonDiafoletten [EX]Pro(04/Jan/16)
Pulling the Valkyrie's braidsBy Diana the ValkyrieA young virgin plays a dangerous game(24/Apr/98)
TALE OF THE TAPEby dianesj2001@yahoo.comTwo very different women fight for superiority over each other in any way possible(25/Sep/03)
Catfight [IN]Two women meet to settle differences(18/Jan/04)
Sleeping Beautiesdietrich1us@yahoo.comPart I: The Slumber(30/Mar/02)
Sleeping [DD]Part II: The Slumber(04/Apr/02)
Destroyed by KateBy DimbottedKate's new date does not have a much fun as he was expecting.(01/Sep/15)
Queen of Fighters- Prologue/Chapter OneBy
Queen of Fighters- Chapter TwoBy
Queen of Fighters- Chapter Threeby DirtyVegasDan@Yahoo.comLeona Heidern gets the DVD treatment(15/Dec/01)
The GID before ChristmasDistressedGuy [IN](30/Nov/17)
Trick or TreatDistressedGuy [EX](30/Nov/17)
Battle of the [IN](29/Aug/11)
Jenn vs [IN](12/Jul/11)
Jenn vs Andrew - years [IN](23/Jul/11)
Jen vs [IN](13/Nov/11)
A Little To The LeftBy Dizzy Lee(29/Aug/02)
George and the Girl Gangby DJAfter his fight with Sue, George begins to believe the rumors of the Girl Gang(01/Mar/05)
Small girls Can Fight Tooby DJDonnie learns that it's sometimes better to back off, even when the girl is smaller.(24/Feb/05)
No Pain No GainDJ.Groove [DD](13/Oct/03)
NO Pain NO Gain BUT A Brand New Houseby DJ.Groove(15/Oct/03)
COLLEGE CATFIGHTby DJHSusan and Carolyn(03/Feb/98)
TALES OF THE GARTER & LACE PART 1 OF 3BY DJHF/F Boxing Story--1 of 3(23/Mar/98)
TALES OF THE GARTER AND LACEBY DJHF/F Boxing Story-number 2 of 3(26/Mar/98)
Meganby djubre666(06/Mar/12)
Gale vs DanaBy dlr360@netscape.netAn anguished husband watches his wife in the boxing ring(26/Jul/03)
Gillan's MakeoverBy DMAN E-mail:rogue48@clara.netGillian meets Scree and gets an interesting makeover(13/Mar/98)
The enforcerBy Dman, rogue48@clara.netScree is sent to earth to enforce order(28/Feb/98)
The giftBy Dman, rogue48@clara.netLeah gains superpowers and dishes out some punishment(26/Feb/98)
The Change.By dmaynardA young woman expriences an erotic FMG scene, and destroys her Father while having fun with her "big" brother. Over 18 only plz!(30/Jan/10)
Webcam Muscle 2by dmaynardSavage muscle woman brutalizes men on webcam(19/Mar/11)
Genetic Cocktail - Part 2by dmaynard July 2013 - voodoo_magik_0@yahoo.comEve and the Dr reveal a BIG surprise(15/Aug/14)
The couchby dmg(08/Feb/01)
Tales From The Couch part 2by dmg(08/Feb/01)
Tales From The Couch (pt 3)By dmg(08/Feb/01)
Tales From The Couch pt 4dmg [DD](13/Feb/01)
Tales From The Couch Pt 5by dmg(17/Feb/01)
Tales From The Couch Armageddonby dmg(20/Feb/01)
Becky: A Growth StoryBy DOCBecky GROWS Big & Strong(06/Feb/02)
The Void KnowsBy DocWolph(02/Aug/02)
The Void Knows: Part IIBy DocWolph(20/Sep/02)
The queen of herthaby
Tamara, Part Oneby Dominated; Email me at
Tamara, Part Twoby Dominated; Email me at
My "Boring" But True Stories as a BodybuilderBy DonnaThe first of my life stories(10/Jan/03)
My "Boring" But True Life Adventures - Part IIBy DonnaContinuing My So Called Life(17/Jan/03)
Women's wrestlingby Doug ReeseWomen's Wrestling...A New Look at the Future of Our Sport(10/Aug/97)
The tweeked time memoirs...A year of fantasy lived...By DownHere(25/Nov/03)
FEMBOX I: Something LostA Story By DRAGON(31/May/97)
Once again, the tale Drano BattlehammerThe egg of chaos(20/Feb/98)
A Stone's Throwby DrDan(21/Jan/02)
Las Hembrasby DrDan(17/Dec/04)
Corporate Jerkby DrDan.(25/Feb/10)
CROSS EXAMINEDBy DrDan ( watershed cross examination by a powerful female attorney changes the status of the male on a global scale.(15/Sep/98)
Supergirl Captured by the MobDr. Dominator [DD]Part 5 -Endless Humiliation(14/Jun/10)
###Dr. Dominator [DD](10/Jun/10)
Supergirl Captured by the MobDr. Dominator [IN]Note: All characters and names are property of DC Comics. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.(10/Jun/10)
Supergirl Captured by the MobDr. Dominator [IN]Part 8 - All Kinds of Trouble with That Crack(20/Jun/10)
Supergirl Captured by the MobDr. Dominator [IN]Part 9 - Devastated, Debauched and Defeated(20/Jun/10)
Supergirl Captured by the MobDr. Dominator [DD]Part 2 - A Near Escape(06/May/10)
Supergirl Captured by the MobBy Dr. DominatorPart 3 - A Terrible Pleasure(30/May/10)
Supergirl Captured by the MobBy Dr. DominatorPart 4 - The Best Laid Plans and All That(30/May/10)
Supergirl Captured by the MobBy Dr. DominatorPart 10 - More Training and More Trouble(02/Jul/10)
Supergirl Captured by the MobBy Dr. DominatorPart 11 - The Great Escape(02/Jul/10)
Supergirl Captured by the MobBy Dr. DominatorPart 12 - More Training and More Trouble(02/Jul/10)
Supergirl Captured by the MobBy Dr. Dominator **Part 13 - Graduation Evening(25/Jul/10)
Supergirl Captured by the MobBy Dr. Dominator **Part 14 - Randy's Big Night(25/Jul/10)
Supergirl Captured by the MobBy Dr. Dominator **Part 15 - Sergei's Rule and Tony's Tool(25/Jul/10)
Supergirl captured by the mobby drdominatorTrying to stop a mob protection scheme, Supergirl is captured with kryptonite slime.(30/Apr/10)
###Supergirl Captured by the [IN]Part 6 - A Very, Very Bad Day for the Blue and Red(10/Jun/10)
EmmaDrew [DD](09/Jun/00)
Emma part 2Drew [DD](24/Jun/00)
Emma: Chapter 3by Drew(27/Oct/04)
EMMA- CHPT 4Drew [DD](07/Aug/00)
Young and powerfulBy Dr. Funkenstein(31/May/97)
Shelly Brewton Can't Lose, Driver Lewis Can't Winby driver lewis brewton, driverlewis@hotmail.comHow my sister punished me for being a bad big brother(21/Nov/01)
A Knockout From the InsideBy (DRP76)f/f boxing(03/Feb/98)
Not the oneBy Dru(13/Apr/01)
Not the one - 2By Dru(14/Apr/01)
Not the one - part 3By Dru(16/Apr/01)
Not the one - part 5By Dru(21/Apr/01)
Maybe the oneDru [DD](12/May/01)
Not the one - part 7By Dru(30/Aug/15)
Not the one - part 8By Dru(23/May/01)
Not The One - part 9By Dru(28/May/01)
Not The One - part 10By Dru(02/Aug/01)
Stealing From a Thief,By Dru(20/Feb/01)
Stealing From a Thief, part 2By Dru(23/Feb/01)
Stealing From a Thief, part 3By Dru(23/Feb/01)
Not the one - part 5 [DD] [!!]Dru [DD] [!!](20/Apr/01)
GLORIABy (DSulli2081)(31/May/97)
Carmen vs. Kari....By DudeThe huge unbeatable fistfighting bodybuilder bites off a little too much(25/Apr/98)
Showdown...Annie vs. StacyBy DudeBareknuckle boxing(04/May/98)
The rematchby Dude(11/May/98)
I'm a Dude in Distressdudeindistress [EX](30/Nov/17)
RomeDunwoodie Hall [IN](31/May/97)
Gia and Nikki and the Death and Destruction of Dustmite Domming From the Bottomby Dustmite(12/Jun/05)
My new colleagueBy Dutcher, translated by TrevorJosef is in for a surprise when he is picking up his new colleage from the airport...(20/Nov/09)
My new colleague - Part 2By Dutcher, translated by TrevorJosef's new colleague turns out to be a woman, and what a woman...(22/Dec/09)

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