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If You Start to Feel Uncomfortable...eatpieoften [EX](04/Feb/16)
Leilani of the IsthalaBy EB, e_beelzebub@yahoo.comA warrior woman confronts the chief of the Hawk Clan.(22/Aug/10)
Love in a Nursing home.Ecoplen@aol.comShelia and Jon, forbidden love in a Nursing Home.(20/Apr/98)
Fun night for the babysitter.ED3765 [EX](15/Nov/15)
Underhanded Cheer tacticsED3765 [LK](19/Sep/16)
An Encounter in Atlantaby Ed HowdersheltA Mandi Steel Novel(07/Jan/03)
Rhianna's Challengeby Edward C. FrancisRhianna is determined to defeat her teacher once and for all.(31/May/97)
The Taking of Rhiannaby Edward C. FrancisRhianna, a tavern wench with an attitude, encounters a mysterious swordsman - who has peculiar designs for her.(31/May/97)
Maiden Victoriousby Edward C. FrancisA poem(15/Apr/98)
Dominated by two femalesEdward R. Coplen(26/Oct/99)
She Hulk of Earth 2," Chapter 8By EegoreGreen goddess Sheila Huckaby gets a taste of gamma-boosted lust(30/Aug/01)
She Hulk of Earth 2, Chapter 10By Eegore, eegore959@yahoo.comGreen goddess Sheila Huckaby faces an equally powerful adversary(26/Mar/02)
She Hulk of Earth 2, Chapter 1By Eegore, eegore959@yahoo.comAn accident in a military lab gives a pudgy, forlorn janitor a powerful gift(25/Apr/01)
She Hulk of Earth 2, Chapter 2By Eegore, eegore959@yahoo.comA reborn janitor takes inventory of new, jade-giantess body(25/Mar/01)
She Hulk of Earth 2, Chapter 3By Eegore, eegore959@yahoo.comA sexy Jade Giantess tests the strength of her newly acquired, incredible body(29/Apr/01)
She Hulk of Earth 2, Chapter 4By Eegore, eegore959@yahoo.comSheila, the newly formed jade goddess, has a fateful confrontation(29/Apr/01)
She Hulk of Earth 2, Chapter 5By Eegore, eegore959@yahoo.comSheila, her power gone, falls into the hands of her deadliest foe(29/Apr/01)
She Hulk of Earth 2, Chapter 6By Eegore, eegore959@yahoo.comSheila is desperate to regain her powers. But can she do it?(29/May/01)
She Hulk of Earth 2, Chapter 7By Eegore, eegore959@yahoo.comOur green Gammazon has an emotional reunion with her father(20/Dec/01)
SheHulk of Earth 2, Ch. 9By Eegore,
Sherry's Wedding Visit Matchby
Sherry re-educates Kirkby
Shirley and Sherry come home for a wedding and Shirley re-educates Kirkby
Me, My Sister, and the Volleyball Girls, Pt. 1by Elan, boh385@gmail.comMy sister learns the hard and humiliating way that there's always someone stronger(21/Jun/06)
Me, My Sister, and the Volleyball Girls, Pt. 2by Elan, boh385@gmail.comMy sister and I receive further punishment at the hands of the volleyball amazons . . .(02/Nov/06)
Superman is Scared and HumiliatedBy Elder Barry at erctwo@aol.comSuperman and the eight-foot teen(02/Mar/21)
Andi Malone – Teenage Teaserewrite of “Roommate’s little sister” ... By Elder Barry Erctwo@aol.comAndi and the roommates were stone cold killers(22/Sep/21)
Rich Bicep Blessed BitchesBy Elder Barry Erctwo@aol.comPretty damn big for girls(19/Apr/21)
Catwoman Gets FriskyBy Elder Barry - Erctwo@aol.comOops, someone shrunk the Superheroes(02/Mar/21)
Submissive Subservient SupermanBy Elder Barry - Erctwo@aol.comIntroducing Normal Man - Superman retires?(22/Mar/21)
The Mean Teen Ozark QueenBy Elder Barry - Erctwo@aol.comSuperman's Worst Nightmare(04/Mar/21)
THE MIGHTY QUINNBy Elder Barry - Erctwo@aol.comDeath is her curse(04/Mar/21)
Year 2075 – Superman is shakenBy Elder Barry - erctwo@aol.comThe faux-superhero is overwhelmed by a female alien(17/Sep/21)
The Roommate's 'little sister'By Elder Barry Erctwo@aol.comShe's eighteen... and legal in 37 states(22/May/21)
Maria 'Muscles' MarinaraBy Elder Barry Erctwo@aol.comThe Saucy Teenaged Bitch is Awesome(08/Mar/21)
SHEBy Elder Barry erctwo@aol.comHer size belied her might(03/May/21)
The Muscular Mrs. JonesEli090@hotmail.comWhat happens when a young boy meets his new friends bodybuilding soccer mom?(05/Nov/03)
The Muscular Mrs. Jones Part 2Eli090@hotmail.comWhat happens when a young boy meets his new friends bodybuilding soccer mom?(08/Nov/03)
EVOLUTIONby Elizabeth Parrris(19/Sep/16)
Chapter 14,Elliebi@aol.comTommy visits Vicki and her mother and gets into another fight.(09/Oct/99)
These Tysons Ain't Chicken!Elliebi@aol.comA story of a fighting family. Please let me know what you think of this.(06/Oct/99)
The Tysons, Chapter 11by Elliebi@aol.comThe return of Vicki and Carla(07/Oct/99)
The Tysons, Chapter 12by Elliebi@aol.comTeri and Brenda at the Fight Club(07/Oct/99)
Chapter 13,Elliebi@aol.comDiana arrives and resumes her wrestling career.(18/Oct/99)
Chapter 15Elliebi@aol.comThe mini-tournament and some badly beaten beauties(23/Nov/99)
Chapter 2, When The Going Gets ToughBy
Fighter For
The Office
Chapter 1 The Kommando Karla Riker Saga, In The BeginningBy
The Tysons Chapter 16, Pt 1, A Look Back by DonnaBy
The Tysons Chapter 16, Pt 2, A Look Back By DonnaBy
Ellie vs. Pete, summer of '84By
Match #1By or
Joseph and Mary, But This Ain't a Biblical Story, Part 1By Elliebi@aol.comEllie fights Joe and Mary issues a birthday challenge to Lee.(08/Feb/05)
Joseph and Mary, Part 2By
Lee vs. KayBy
Sons and Other WrestlersBy
The Little Ol' Lady from PasadenaBy or
The Lost WeekendBy or elesaa@comcast.netA match fought by Ellie and her husband against a rough couple.(08/Feb/05)
A Tag-team Grudge Matchby
Dee Martin vs. The SEWF Women's Champion, Millie BurgBy
SEWF Wrestlers Face Japanese Competitionelliebi001@yahoo.comDee and Ellie travel to Japan to face two tough wrestlers in a rough tag-team match. As always, your comments will be greatly appreciated.(21/Sep/09)
The Southwest Wrestling Federation Junior Championship MatchBy elliebi001 **Kasey Kimball vs. Lorenzo Bolton(27/Nov/08)
Mikey's sister gets muscles, part 1By Elmo, elmo101@excite.comMikey shouldn't have given bodybuilding supplements to his little sister(05/Sep/03)
Steve, part 1By Elmo, elmo101@excite.comSteve notices that his little sister is getting bigger(07/Mar/09)
Agent Cameo Ray Takes Down a Drug Lord- Hard.BY ELROHIR, elrohir57@Gmail.comHe expected trouble: he didn't know half of what she had planned for him.(05/Apr/13)
The wrestlerBy El ToroMeet me in St Louis(10/Aug/98)
The lady and the lakeBy EltoroEltoro meets a Valkyrie(16/Dec/97)
Judy and TedBy eltoroJudy and Ted meet, with a view to wrestling(15/Feb/98)
Judy and TedBy eltoroJudy and Ted meet, with a view to wrestling - part 2(22/Feb/98)
Debbieby eltoroThe toughest kid in the neighborhood(10/Jun/98)
Alex's Journal 1by
Raquel and Ursulaby EmeryTest of strength at Hollywood(15/Dec/97)
Get 'em again girls!by Emma PeelHazel, Margot, Carole, Moira and Liz become Emma's Avenger Ladies and wage war on men(20/Feb/03)
Emma's Avenger Ladies Take On The Biker Boysby Emma Peel(21/Feb/03)
Let's get 'em girls!by Emma Peel(17/Feb/03)
Hand creamBy EnglishboyAn indian girl puts an english boy in his place at work.(11/Feb/02)
Bill, M-J and the Night FlightEnglish Snoop [EX](26/Jan/16)
Night to Rememberby ERANOSTwo gymnasts tease Dave.(14/Jun/99)
Stacey meets her match by ERANOSERANOS [IN]Stacey and Rachel fight in a submission match.(27/May/99)
Stacy On The Roadby ERANOSStacy fights another young pretender.(06/Jun/99)
Two Gray Warriors Fight for a ManERCoplen@aol.comTwo gray warriors fight over a man, then the winner punishes the man she fought for.(16/Nov/99)
Kim the Power WrestlerBy Eric(31/May/97)
Buttedby Eric, EricRRobert@hotmail.comTwo friends fall prey to a girl's butt(25/Dec/11)
Jane's Surpriseby Eric GoossensA wife and her daughter become muscular and agressive(24/Aug/97)
Escape and Evasion: The HuntedBy Erick aka_erickyahoo.comHunter becomes the hunted in this crazy tale about a young girl who is captured by a couple of backwoods rednecks.(13/Jan/02)
Business as UsualBy Eric Robert, EricRRobert@hotmail.comAmanda destroys an angry client and bills him for her time(11/Sep/15)
The Fraternity MassacreBy Eric Robert, EricRRobert@hotmail.comShe kills seven brothers to satisfy her urges.(27/Mar/03)
Director of Marketingby Eric Robert, EricRRobert@hotmail.comA Japanese girl costs him the job (F/m, wrestling, humil)(27/Mar/03)
Bubble buttBy Eric Robert, EricRRobert@hotmail.comGreg picks a fight with the wrong girl.(17/Sep/09)
Hits like a girlBy Eric Robert, EricRRobert@hotmail.comBrett bites off more than he can chew.(18/Feb/09)
The New GirlBy Eric Robert, EricRRobert@hotmail.comNo one is prepared for Faina's wrestling skills.(15/Feb/09)
Natalia and Mark, Part 1By Eric Robert, EricRRobert@hotmail.comAn old rivalry turns into a new romance(25/Nov/12)
Natalia and Mark, Part 2By Eric Robert, EricRRobert@hotmail.comMark learns a little more about Natalia's adolescence(25/Nov/12)
ButterfaceBy Eric Robert, EricRRobert@hotmail.comThe annoying psychology student has a trick up her sleeve.(24/Aug/13)
Your fight with a little Vietnamese bratBy Eric Robert, EricRRobert@hotmail.comYour date's sister has decided to be a total little bitch.(24/Aug/13)
Celiaby Eric The RedHer massive body bulged and grew above me, titanic thighs crushing my sides(21/Dec/20)
Celia 2by Eric The RedCelia continued to rape and humiliate her boyfriend, his body betraying him as he was forced to arousal, suffering beneath her massive body.(22/Dec/20)
Jessicaby Eric The RedOhh, that's a nice, huge dick for such a little, weak boy, Jessica whispered, watching me as her legs massaged and flexed on my dick. The feeling was fucking unreal, the view of her legs, ass, and body enormous, powerful and massive above me, bringing me close to climax.(07/Dec/20)
Jessica 2by Eric The RedShe leaned back, arching her massive, rippling body into the padded bench, raising her meaty, dense legs onto my shoulders.(08/Dec/20)
Kristin Part 1by Eric the Red(16/Oct/20)
Kristin Part 2by Eric The RedWake up, toy. Your body belongs to me, and the longer you sleep, the less time you get to serve me.(16/Oct/20)
Laylaby Eric The RedLayla tensed her powerful arm, crushing his much weaker body to her(15/Dec/20)
Layla 2by Eric The RedYou can't stop me. You can do nothing.(15/Dec/20)
Meganby Eric The RedMegan came again on top of me, her orgasm bigger than before, a guttural, predatory moan escaping her pouty lips as her huge body tensed, slamming my dick into her at an insane speed, shaking the couch...(02/Dec/20)
Megan Part 2by Eric The RedShe lifted me by the neck, my hands going to her massive forearms, one on her choking hand, the other to the one wrapped around my cock, as she pulled me to her body.(03/Dec/20)
Sandraby Eric The Red(07/Oct/20)
Tanyaby Eric The RedTanya taunted, flexing tightly on my throat again(09/Dec/20)
Tanya 2by Eric The RedShe drained me completely, sucking my dick dry as I was smothered beneath her muscular thighs and ass, as I slowly blacked out, she continued to milk me, crushing and dominating my entire body.(23/Dec/20)
Yukiby Eric The RedBlurb for link:(17/Dec/20)
SallyBy Erwin Rommel(20/Jun/01)
CARMELA 1 - SHE MEETS BERNARDO ON A PLOTBy Esper, esper_cl@yahoo.esBernardo goes to study at his family's plot, where he often went as a child. There he meets Carmela, a woman fifteen years older than him, who has always done work for his family, and who knew him as a child. Gradually he knows his strength, the one that surprises him. They have several experiences. After twenty years they meet again.(04/Apr/21)
AN EMPLOYEE FOR DON TIRSOBy Esper, esper_cl@yahoo.esTirso, a widower with two married daughters, hires a new employee for his home. She's pretty and strong, and rather flirtatious. Facts to remember occur. There's an episode of violence on the street. This story happens in Santiago of Chile.(23/Feb/21)
GENARO AND TWO FOREIGNERSBy Esper, esper_cl@yahoo.esAt a gastronomic convention in Buenos Aires, Genaro, a Chilean man, meets two large ladies. Then they travel to Chile.(01/Jul/21)
Mighty Mouseby esterinarose@aol.comHere she comes to save the day!(08/May/04)
Teenage Toughie Part 4by esterinarose@aol.comDouble Trouble(07/May/04)
There's something about Mindyby
Behind You!EthereaS [LK](12/Jun/16)
Black and White...and BlackEthereaS [LK](16/Aug/16)
White Owl: Hazy Shade of DeWinterEthereaS [LK](30/Jun/16)
The Wonder baitEthereaS [EX](18/Jun/16)
Wonder Woman: InevitableEthereaS [LK](18/Jun/16)
Fausta's TreatEthereaS [EX](06/Aug/17)
Wonder Woman: InevitableEthereaS [EX] [EX](10/Aug/17)
Jenny part 1 Mark discovers Jenny's secretBy Ev(27/Jun/02)
The Leaderby
The Leader - Part 2by
Welcome to Evylia! [DD](08/Jul/07) [DD](08/Jul/07)
Evylia [DD]Readers may refer to Evylia01 & Evylia02 for the earlier part and Evylia for the introduction. The flow has been modifed to make the story more interesting.(08/Jul/07)
Evylia [IN](10/Jul/07)
Evylia [IN](21/Jul/07)
Evylia [IN](21/Jul/07)
A Softball Gameby Excluvius ( of the sexes softball, and what happens to the losers(05/Nov/99)
My Bet with Marshaby Excluvius ( boy is punished by his girlfriend and rescued by her mother, sort of.(09/Nov/99)
Tammy and PamBy woman helps a former fighter come out of her shell and turn from a wife and Mom back into the she cat she once was!(25/Jul/02)
The company picnicby explorerAttractive female co-worker surprises everyone at company picnic (l&c/wrestling).(17/Dec/98)
Chick Fight Storyby (ExtraLarge)(04/Apr/98)
The Asian lassby (ExtraLarge)f/f an odd little story...(13/May/98)

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