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Most of these entries present the same data as Diana's index pages, just restructured into table form. Occasionally, however, you will run across my added notation. This denotes where I have made an adjustment for a file that does not provide information in conformance with Diana's formatting guidelines. If you're curious about my note system, read here.
Dedicato a Federica D. P.By Fabio ScopesiLibera traduzione da "All Pain No Pleasure"(22/Jan/06)
Introducing....WillowFairyPrincessJess [EX](03/Feb/17)
The Rise Of WillowFairyPrincessJess [EX](05/Feb/17)
Belt Justice 3by Faith Mitchell [DD](10/Mar/04)
Brooke fights an admirerby Fan of Fit(07/Feb/07)
Jenny tries Ashtangaby Fan of Fit(17/Mar/07)
Tara vs. Kim, by Fan of FitFan of Fit [IN](08/Jun/07)
Rosie and Elizabethby Fan of Fit(20/Dec/07)
Alena at the Honky Tonkby Fan of Fit(20/Jun/08)
Erica's yoga encounterby Fan of Fit(26/Mar/08)
Jenny and Erica, part 2by Fan of Fit(17/Sep/09)
Yoga butt on displayby Fan of FitErica proves her yoga butt is superior. 21st century survival of the fittest.(31/Mar/11)
Joan vs. Johnby FantasyManA man is raped by his teenage neighbor after a tough wrestling match.(08/Dec/97)
My Secretaryby FantasyManA manager and his secretary wrestle for supremacy.(31/Oct/97)
Who Got the Part?by FantasyManA casting director must choose a heroine for a new TV series featuring mixed wrestling.(14/Feb/98)
THE MEETINGBy fbbfan3k, fbbfan3k@yahoo.comMy first live meeting with a bodybuilder in the most unexpected circumstances(07/Dec/03)
Stephanie Part IIIBy fbb.fantasy http://www.fbbfantasy.blogspot.comChapter three of an encounter between myself, and my girlfriend's personal trainer, Stephanie.(04/Mar/10)
Perfect RoommateBy Fbblvr37, fbblvr37@gmail.comLuke finds a roommate who shares his muscle fetish and transforms her body into the girl of his dreams.(30/Jul/16)
Perfect roommate part 2By Fbblvr37, fbblvr37@gmail.comLuke finds a roommate who shares his muscle fetish and transforms her body into the girl of his dreams.(30/Jul/16)
Perfect roommate part 3By Fbblvr37, fbblvr37@gmail.comLuke finds a roommate who shares his muscle fetish and transforms her body into the girl of his dreams.(04/Aug/16)
Perfect roommate part 4By Fbblvr37, fbblvr37@gmail.comLuke finds a roommate who shares his muscle fetish and transforms her body into the girl of his dreams.(28/Oct/16)
Unexpected VisitorBy Fbblvr37, fbblvr37@gmail.comA girl with car trouble has the most unbelievable biceps.(15/Nov/16)
Best Seat on the PlaneBy Fbblvr37, fbblvr37@gmail.comJohn sits next to a muscular woman on a plane and reveals his deepest secrets.(13/Jan/17)
Best Seat on the Plane Part 2By Fbblvr37, fbblvr37@gmail.comJohn and his musclebound girlfriend explore their desires.(27/Nov/17)
Swinging in the CaribbeanBy Fbblvr37, fbblvr37@gmail.comA married couple make quick friends with lesbian bodybuilders and sparks fly.(28/Jul/17)
Personal Assistant Part 1By Fbblvr37, fbblvr37@gmail.comHe gets the job for a huge breasted amazon.(14/Apr/21)
Personal Assistant Part 2By Fbblvr37, fbblvr37@gmail.comFirst day on the job is filled with surprises.(14/Apr/21)
Personal Assistant Part 3By Fbblvr37, fbblvr37@gmail.comJames gives Anna some pointers in the gym.(14/Apr/21)
Personal Assistant Part 4By Fbblvr37, fbblvr37@gmail.comJames meets Anna's 3 beautiful friends.(14/Apr/21)
SUPERMAN GETS COCKYby FemaleMuscleWorshipper89(14/Apr/16)
UNITY OVERPOWEREDby FemaleMuscleWorshipper89(14/Apr/16)
Bad Dad Pays the Pricefemavenger@hotmail.comSecond Annual entry to the "Father's Day" series from Femavenger's files(11/Jun/02)
The Goddaughter Part 1 - Donna Melissa Gilbertiby Femavenger. email femavenger@hotmail.comA Young Woman Seizes Control of her Family's Organized Crime Empire(28/Dec/01)
Beating Up Daddy - And Her Brother TooFemavenger - femavenger@hotmail.comSarah betrays the men in her family for fun and power(09/Dec/00)
CHEERLEADER BRUTALITYby Femavenger - femavenger@hotmail.comCorrupt policemen punished by teen cheerleaders(21/Aug/02)
The Goddaughter Part 2 - " Melissa Shows who's Boss/Tony's Humiliating Returnby femavenger - femavenger@hotmail.comMelissa expands her power as Family crime boss and imprisons her brother(28/Dec/01)
The Grady Bunch - A Femdom Father's Day Storyby Femavenger - Femavenger@hotmail.comHere's the story/ of a man named Grady/ and three lovely but deceptively dominant girls.(11/Jun/03)
Lady of my dreamsBy Fem_fanMy erotic wrestling match with an ex-Miss World Fitness(01/Jun/03)
MegaMan Meets His MatchBy
The Making of MelissaBy FfejL, FfejL2001@yahoo.comChapter one, the experiment(24/Mar/02)
MIXED FORTUNE By Friarby FFF More stores available from FFF boy he sees his sister wrestling her friend and joins in and lived to regret his decision.(11/Jun/04)
Caught by the burglarfightingfemalefan [DD](03/Sep/15)
Caught Againby fightingfemalefan(05/Sep/15)
Handed off (caught setting)by fightingfemalefan(05/Sep/15)
Domination WrestlingBy fightswitchA couple fights two women in a struggle for dominance(31/Mar/19)
Charby FinQ(12/Nov/20)
The older womanby FinQ(12/Nov/20)
Windmillsby FinQ(28/Sep/20)
She's Got Ballsby first timerShe's got balls unfortunately they were mine(24/Jun/06)
Big Male Bullsby first timerA woman's search for sexual equality finds that she is more than equal(18/May/06)
I finally found herby first timerA man's desires for a strong assertive female are finally fulfilled at the cost of his own manhood(05/May/06)
Muscular Womenby first timerA males sexual muscle fetish is fulfilled(20/May/06)
Power Milkingby first timerThe pure protein from them, its an acquired taste you know.(21/May/06)
Aesthetically Pleasingby first timerA commentary on things to cum(01/Aug/06)
Bachelorette Partyby first timerProfessional male stripper strips for the ladies(26/Oct/06)
Big Swingersby first timera guy with big balls meets two girls with a fetish(22/Sep/06)
The DroolerBy first timerAn embarrassing problem for him(01/Sep/06)
Femdom FarmsBy first timerA place where males are rendered docile!(03/Oct/06)
Testicle Festivalby first timerPlanet of the moon maidens(03/Aug/06)
Her Big Balled Bitchby first timerDaughter turns her father into her bitch.(02/Dec/06)
Humbler Nowby first timerSadistic wife finds pleasure in humiliating her husband in front of her friends.(27/Nov/06)
Humping Her Husbandby first timerA wife satisfies her sexual frustrations(16/Aug/06)
Muscle Fuckby first timerThe metamorphosis!(10/Aug/06)
Old Friendsby first timertwo old friends X lovers reunite(16/Sep/06)
The Pet Groomerby first timerDominatrix wife employs a grooming service.(31/Dec/06)
The Pink Ranger Rulesby first timerEpisode 3- Zordon gives Kimberly special instructions.(13/Oct/06)
The Pink Ranger Rules - 2by first timerEpisode-4 Kimberly and Trini use Rita Repulsa brother as a lure.(19/Oct/06)
A Daughters RevengeBy first timerPsychology mythology biology(18/Aug/06)
A Daughters Revenge chapter 2by first timerRhea becomes a woman!(18/Aug/06)
Ridden Hard & Put Up Wetby first timerTo be all a man can be if more not a man(21/Oct/06)
Rodeo Romanceby first timerThe excitement of seeing her first rodeo and the erotic way the big bulls testicles go flying(29/Jun/06)
Ship Wreckedby first timerSurvival of the fittest(26/Oct/06)
Spectacleby first timerErotic tale told in the future(18/Nov/06)
Staying Powerby first timerA woman's search for sexual gratification.(11/Oct/06)
The Gelding Bladeby first timerA story of futurities femdom harvesters(18/Dec/06)
She wants a winnerby first timerIn competition females are ruthless(25/Aug/06)
Fighting For Herby first timerLadies night fights.(25/May/07)
Fleeting Gloryby first timerTales from the arena.(30/Mar/07)
The Voice Of Gazeby first timerHis acceptance into a matriarchal society.(28/Jan/07)
Masqueradeby first timerA holloween party reveals her husbands nature and her own!(05/Mar/07)
The Pink Ranger Rules - 3first timer [DD]Episode - 5 Kimberly castrates Rita Repulsa's brother Rito in front of the male rangers.(19/Jan/07)
The Pink Ranger Rules - 4by first timerEpisode - 6 After Kimberly's single handed defeat and castration of Rito she feels invincible.(28/Jan/07)
Vurners Vet Supplyby first timerWife receives a vet supply catalog in the mail.(06/May/07)
At the hands of DelilahBy First TimerThe real story of Sampson and Delilah(17/Apr/08)
The new LX-7 seriesFirst timerIn the year 2525(12/Jun/08)
It's in the nature of the maleby first timer(30/Apr/08)
Power Milking part 2by first-timerThe essence of her power(21/May/06)
Tug-of-Warby first-timerArrr! "It be a manly sport"! Until she showed!(27/Feb/07)
The champBy Fistman(31/Dec/98)
The ChallengerBy Fistman(31/Dec/98)
List of Muscular StrippersBy FistmanThe noticably muscular exotic dancer list(01/May/00)
The Sony Mavica CD1000by Fistman(26/Apr/01)
BIG LIST OF MUSCULAR DANCERSFistman [DD]Updated 07/02/2006(12/Jul/01)
List of Muscular exotic dancersby
Tahitian dreamsFitness FreakTalia takes Tom on a wild erotic ride in paradise(11/Dec/09)
Talia's conquestFitness FreakTalia uses her incredibly fit body to make Tom hers(11/Dec/09)
Talia's Cruise: Part 1By Fitness Freak18 year old Talia sexually masters unsuspecting passengers on a Mediterranean cruise with her incredibly fit body.(17/Dec/09)
Talia's flashbackFitness FreakTalia shows her principal why she's the most irresistable girl in school(11/Dec/09)
Before we head outFitness FreakTalia's back and she can't help but take Justin on a wild ride before heading out for the night.(10/Jun/14)
Boy Wonder DefloweredBy Flamingo BoyA weekend off is more than Robin bargains for!(04/Oct/07)
Wonder Woman's Final MissionBy Flamingo BoyWonder Woman must unconditionally to save Wonder Girl(01/Aug/07)
The End of Batgirl as We Know Her - For Her Own GoodBy Flamingo BoyA boring mission turns out to be a disaster for Batgirl (or is it?)(26/Sep/07)
Transformation: Date Rapeby FlorencioA genetically transformed high school girl flexes out of her clothes(01/May/98)
Poetry on her muscularityBy Forcée LatenteSince 2018(28/Feb/18)
M'Lady Muscleby Forrest Curran(31/May/97)
M'Lady Muscle [*+]Forrest Curran [DD]Chapter Six:||Doctor Deanna's Prescription||or||Puppet On A G-String [AA]||(31/May/97)
M'Lady Muscle [AA]by||Forrest Curran [AA]Chapter Nine:||A Surrender to Slavehood [AA](31/May/97)
Stepmom Wore MuscleBy Forrest Curran(31/May/97)
Ursula Parkheart, P.I. : The Flexing Detectiveby Forrest CurranThe Adventure of the Amorous Amazon(31/May/97)
Ursula Parkheart, P.I. : The Flexing Detectiveby Forrest CurranThe Adventure of the Amorous Amazon(31/May/97)
Ursula Parkheart, P.I. : The Flexing Detectiveby Forrest CurranThe Adventure of the Amorous Amazon(31/May/97)
Ursula Parkheart, P.I. : The Flexing Detectiveby Forrest CurranThe Adventure of the Amorous Amazon(31/May/97)
The Man Who Loved Karla Nelsen, part 1By Forrest CurranA man can love, can't he?(08/Oct/97)
The Man Who Loved Karla Nelsen, part 2By Forrest CurranA man can love more, can't he?(11/Sep/15)
Crawfish Johnny Meets the LadyFlex ExpressBy Forrest Curran(13/Apr/99)
Ursula Parkheart, P.I.: The Flexing DetectiveForrest Curran [DD]In Case of The Lucky Loser(04/Dec/98)
Ursula Parkheart, P.I.:Forrest Curran [IN]The Case of the Lucky Loser++Chapter Two: Ursula Uncovered(25/Feb/00)
The IntruderForsakenspirit90@aol.comA paid muscle-bound amazon assassin breaks into my house and takes full control of me.(11/Mar/02)
Cross your HeartBy FoX
Cross your HeartBy FoX,
HousewifeFP909 [LK](13/Nov/16)
the new female orderby fps 7000, altered females battle to mate(14/Feb/07)
Gymnast Neighbor, Part 1By Fragilistic traditional story of friendship, love and broken bones(28/Oct/09)
Gymnast Neighbor, Part 2By Fragilistic traditional story of friendship, love and broken bones(02/Nov/09)
The InterviewBy Fragilistic
KhutulunBy Fragilistic bit of poetic license with history(20/Oct/10)
RematchBy Fragilistic wrestling rematch that doesn't go exactly how the man expected(29/Jul/10)
ShipwreckedBy Fragilistic
The ReceptionistBy Fragilistic
The Receptionist part 2By Fragilistic
Fantasy Female Wrestling Club, Part 1By Fragilistic,
Fantasy Female Wrestling Club, Part 2By Fragilistic,
SmushedBy Fragilistic, enters the kingdom of a powerful amazon queen with dire consequences(06/Oct/09)
The CometBy Fragilistic, strange phenomenon leads to a shift in the balance of power(22/Oct/09)
The Village, part 1By Fragilistic, women rule and men obey(12/Oct/09)
The Village, part 2By Fragilistic, women rule and men obey, or else(15/Oct/09)
The InterrogationBy Fragilistic,
Virtual WifeBy Fragilistic,'s bigger, stronger, faster and a whole lot smarter than you.(04/Mar/10)
She's got legsBy Fragilistic young man meets an amazing woman on a European train journey(17/Aug/10)
SmallerBy Fragilistic man's relationship with his wife changes dramatically(23/Jul/10)
Smaller Part 2By Fragilistic man's relationship with his wife changes dramatically(10/Aug/10)
Celebrity Kickboxing Story/X-Rated for S & VBy Frank Black(31/May/97)
Warrior Goddessby Frank BlackThe women gladiators of the 21st century(11/Sep/15)
Love: Impossibleby Frank Salmon and Sirius english version .(17/Mar/07)
Growth: Impossibleby Frank Salmon, Germany. Translation by Jim Moskowitz.(10/Aug/97)
Growth: Impossibleby Frank Salmon; Translation by Jim Moskowitz.(17/Mar/07)
Danielleby Fravlov32(21/Feb/09)
SUMMER SOCKBy Fred(01/Jun/00)
Tanya's First Beatdownby Freddie Fantom FreddieFantom@gmail.comTanya tells Karen the story of her first beatdown(16/Oct/16)
SandyBy Freddy BSM16@hotmail.comA beach date turns into a fistfight(26/Oct/99)
Gail vs. HollyBy Fred, easywriter1300@yahoo.comI help Gail train to fight a No holds barred match, a tune up match before meeting Dawn again.(29/Dec/04)
Gail and DawnBy Fred, easywriter1300@yahoo.comI arrange the tiebreaker boxing match between these two hellcats.(20/Dec/04)
Gail vs Hea in a no holds barred catfight.By Fred, easywriter1300@yahoo.comGail fights a tune up match before meeting Dawn again.(09/Aug/05)
Wonder Woman: She Wolf of the SSfreefall [EX](17/Sep/17)
WONDER WOMAN : FAUSTA'S REVENGEFree---Fall [EX] [EX] [EX] [EX] [EX] [EX] [EX] [EX] [EX](25/Jan/17)
League of Superheroines 1 - Freefall
League of Superheroines #2 - Hopeby Freefall
League of Superheroines #4 Gloryby Freefall
How I met Louiseby
How I met Louiseby Taxi Home(27/Apr/04)
How I met Louiseby 3 A Drink(30/May/04)
How I met Louise Chapter 4 In the
How I met Louise Chapter [DD]New Friends(03/Aug/04)
My little cousinBy frogsieTerry is beaten by his 13 year old cousin.(15/Mar/03)
Kimberlyby frogsieThe teenage girl surprise her tutor with her amazing strengh.(05/Dec/97)
Little powerhouseby frogsieShe carries him for 2 miles.(15/Dec/97)
Annieby frogsieShe's stronger then she seems.(20/Apr/98)
AwakeningBy FrogsieWayne discover the strenght of his sisters(31/Aug/98)
The gamesby FrogsieA driver is carried by the athlete who is assigned to him.(31/Aug/98)
My humiliationby frogsieBeaten at arm wrestling by his best friend's little sister and her friend(31/Aug/98)
JoannaBy FrogsieA young cheerleader show her tremendous strenght by lifting two football players(31/Aug/98)
My date with a Jockby frogsieEddie goes on a date with the star of the women soccer team.(31/Aug/98)
Girl next doorBy FrogsieLuke had a wonderful day with his young neighbor.(31/Aug/98)
The poolby FrogsieDan didn't think that his day at the pool would be so much fun.(31/Aug/98)
Younger sisterby frogsieSean is raped by his girlfriend's little sister.(31/Aug/98)
BabysittingBy frogsieDuncan learn a lot in a night(22/Nov/99)
Daughter's powerby FrogsieA man discover the strenght of his daughter.(08/Jun/99)
Daughter's power III : CindyBy FrogsieClint discover that her daughter's best friend is strong too.(23/Nov/99)
Hang overby frogsieDave gets drunk at a party and Fay take care of him(22/Nov/99)
The shrinkBy frogsieA man confess is passion for female muscle to a shrink(11/Sep/15)
The gamesby FrogsieA driver is carried by the athlete who is assigned to him.(22/Jan/05)
Girl scoutBy frogsieA chief scout hurt his legs on a trip(22/Jan/05)
The TripBy frogsieA young man's life changed forever when he visit his parent's friends.(22/Jan/05)
Chapter one of my story- The Fungo(05/Jun/02)
Nikki Looks Backby Futuresex 4000 @ inbox . com(17/Mar/13)

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