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A Wrestling FamilyBy GResponses to
The title fightBy GJillian & Patty Ann fight for the title.(04/Jul/06)
Jenny, part 1By gabby103.Teenage giantess dominates father and son.(15/Nov/06)
The good wifeBy GabrielA battered wife finds weights in the basement(18/Aug/97)
A little funGaggedBoy [LK](26/Jul/16)
The Japanese DominaBy Gaijin(04/Aug/00)
chrysalisby gailya parable of sorts.....(06/Sep/99)
Gaily's powerlifting competitionBy Gaily(02/May/01)
In the Coils of Kaligalaxy advisory [EX](15/Jun/17)
To the top Part 1By: Galland. Gallandjg26@yahoo.comA young woman gives in to her boxing curiosity.(12/Feb/00)
Celebrity Penthouse Fights: Ronda Rousey vs Bella Thornegameking [EX](06/Jan/16)
Spy vis-a-vis Spygameking [EX](14/Jun/16)
Brooke Burke & Carol Growgamoto [IN]Muscle Beach 2002(13/Jul/02)
The Planby Gamoto
The Tutorialby Gamoto
Brutal SurpriseBy GARA dominant wife confronts her husband's lover(02/Jul/99)
The Man Stealerby GARA big, tough blonde decides to take another woman's man(23/Dec/00)
RememberingBy GARThe memory of a life stolen doesn't go away(26/Feb/06)
UnthinkableBy GARGood muscle meets bad attitude(21/Jun/06)
Dream of EscapeBy GARAn abused husband, his dominant wife and his amazon mistress(18/Nov/06)
The Exciting Snow StormBy: (Gartoon)(31/May/97)
My personal hell in the long term care facility.By Gary M.(15/Aug/09)
Laundry Day IVGavin K., puts the seal on Malcolm's domestic training and finds some new uses for him.(27/Jul/01)
Hand-to-handby Gemma of Burgos, translated by rafa 40 y-o mom tells her torrid judo conquest of her chosen Apollo(15/Jan/98)
Baywatch Beach BattleGena Lee Nolin vs. Pamela Anderson(19/Jan/99)
AMAZON PROFESSORBy George(31/May/97)
Jillian Russell attempts to avenge her knockout loss to Darla ChristensenBy George Russell(24/Oct/05)
My wife Jill defends her title against Darla ChristansenBy George RussellComments to
Jillian Russell vrs. Jennifer Woo in Thai BoxingBy George RussellComments to
LAMENTBy George,
EROTIKOS PROHIBITUS AIGYPTOSGeorge Thomas Young [IN]The Tale of Azor the Atlantian++The Amazon Queen's Slave Boy(31/May/97)
BJ's BackGerbil [IN]BJ punishes Stacie's half-brother(07/Jun/98)
Teaching Manners For MommaBy GerbilSeventeen year old Jan wrestles cross-town rival jerk(18/Dec/98)
An Army of One WomanBy Gersheimer
An Army of One Woman, part 2By Gersheimer gersheimer77@seznam.czedited by michael-leonard(07/Jun/16)
An army of one woman, part 3; conclusionBy Gersheimer gersheimer77@seznam.czedited by michael-leonard(20/Jun/16)
Montenegrin Mountains, Part 1. Another true story.By Gersheimer
Montenegrin Mountains, Part 2. Another true story.By Gersheimer gersheimer77@seznam.cz1877: Continued excerpts from a travel diary of a 19th century botanist from his sometimes adventurous journeys through the interior of the Balkan Peninsula in unsteady times.(18/Jun/15)
Montenegrin Mountains Part 3 ? conclusion. Another true story.By Gersheimer
Verena 1By Gersheimer gersheimer77@seznam.cz1943: Escaped French pilot rescued by a huge German woman - his future wife. A war-time romance(19/Jun/15)
Verena 1By Gersheimer gersheimer77@seznam.czA war-time romance; an improbable but true story. Part 1(17/Apr/15)
Verena 2By Gersheimer gersheimer77@seznam.cz1943: Escaped French pilot rescued by a huge German woman - his future wife. A war-time romance(17/Apr/15)
Verena 2By Gersheimer gersheimer77@seznam.czA war-time romance; an improbable but true story. Part 2(17/Apr/15)
Verena 3By Gersheimer gersheimer77@seznam.czA war-time romance; an improbable, but true story. Part 3(02/May/15)
Verena 4By Gersheimer gersheimer77@seznam.czA war-time romance; an improbable but true story. Part 4(02/May/15)
Verena 5By Gersheimer gersheimer77@seznam.cz1943: Escaped French pilot rescued by a huge German woman - his future wife.(10/May/15)
The Ballad of Sonny JakeGES [IN]or||How Little Jake Got His Name Changed(31/May/97)
The Tempby GES(31/May/97)
Prenuptial Affairby GESA Story of Mixed Boxing(24/Aug/97)
Affair IIby GesA Story of Mixed boxing(24/Aug/97)
Ballad of a Woman Boxerby GESA mixed match(24/Aug/97)
Mother- Daughter Actby GESA Story of Mixed Boxing(24/Aug/97)
Mother-Daughter Act IIby GESA Story of Mixed Boxing(24/Aug/97)
The Temp IIby GESA Femdom Boxing Fantasy(22/Jun/97)
The Temp IIIby GESA Femdon Spanking Fantasy(22/Jun/97)
ExperienceBy GES **An Incident of Mixed Boxing(09/Aug/98)
Sea Storyby GES **Mixed Boxing(09/Aug/98)
#5 Family wrestlingBy G Glfm@aol.comThe Family-wrestling League keeps growing.(02/May/07)
Family Wrestling 6By G GLm@aol.comHappy birthday Brad(02/May/07)
A little hungryBy GhenKai, Kaiokibuto@hotmail.comA powerful creature finds a couple of surprises during an outing for snacks(10/Sep/15)
A little hungry 2By GhenKai, Kaiokibuto@hotmail.comA powerful creature finds a couple of surprises during an outing for snacks(05/Dec/00)
A Little Hungry 3By GhenKai, **It's escape, or capture.(30/Jan/01)
A Little Hungry 4By GhenKai, Kaiokibuto@hotmail.comAftermath, with the moon on the rise.(30/Jan/01)
A Little Hungry 5By GhenKai, Kaiokibuto@hotmail.comUnleashed.(20/Mar/01)
A Little Hungry 6By Ghenkai, Kaiokibuto@hotmail.comSearching for a way out'(09/Jun/01)
A Little Hungry 7By GhenKai, Kaiokibuto@Hotmail.comTraveling the Night, Beware of Were!(20/Aug/01)
A Little Hungry 8By GhenKai, Kaiokibuto@hotmail.comLong Walk Home...(18/Dec/01)
A Little Hungry 9By GhenKai, Kaiokibuto@hotmail.comRumble In The Mountains(31/Mar/02)
A Little Hungry 10By GhenKai, Veggittova@yahoo.comInsane Restoration(15/Jan/03)
A Little Lethal Ladyby Ginger(17/Jun/03)
LOLITE NEL FAR [IN](19/Aug/05)
Broken Jawby GJA poem(02/Jan/16)
Brain Foodby GJ(10/Feb/19)
Face Brokeby Glass Jaw       (06/Jan/17)
The Lessonby GlassJaw(23/Oct/17)
BATGIRL in "Terror Cove"by (Glavas K)(10/May/98)
Alisa Brinsbannen - "Alisa the Strong"by gleese(01/Aug/07)
Alisa's First Boyfriendby gleese(01/Aug/07)
Caroline the shy Musclegirlby gleeseCaroline isn't all she seems...(01/Aug/07)
Extreme Muscle Worshipby gleese(01/Aug/07)
Caroline the shy Musclegirlby glen102Caroline isn't all she seems...(09/Aug/02)
Toy Gun Fun: Bikini Assassin vs. Ten Guardsby GlikthronMan decides to play a toy gun shoot-out game with a scantily clad woman(04/Dec/13)
Angela in chargeBy GlockguyA wife trained in Jiu Jitsu torments her husband one night, to the excitement of their teenage son.(20/Mar/07)
The Brady warby gloryfemthe Brady's go to war against each other(14/Jul/04)
Conquest of the FemsBy gloryfem.Female army attack the kingdom of Fords(28/Sep/04)
Trisha the DominatorG-Man [IN]Action Cartoon/Episode # 1++"Encounter with a Shero"(07/Apr/02)
A Thing of BeautyBy G-ManBeyonce' and Shakira Vs Ashanti and Jay Lo(20/Aug/02)
Something Old Something Newby G-ManThe Bridal Battle(15/Jun/02)
Denyce Graves Vs India Arieby G-ManProject Flash Back(15/Jun/02)
Gwen Stephani Vs Pinkby G-ManLike White on Rice(15/Jun/02)
Red Eyed FuryG-Man [IN]1 "Return of the Baddest B!%@#! On the Block"(21/Jul/02)
Unevenly MatchedG-Man [IN]Tag Team Massacre(20/May/02)
In Deacon's EyesG-Man [IN]Lynette VS Dawnique(14/Nov/02)
Kelis Vs Macy GrayG-Man [IN]Crack House Brawl(14/Nov/02)
Lauryn Hill Vs LiL KimG-Man [IN]Rap Diva Beef(14/Nov/02)
Mirror Images 2G-Man [IN](14/Nov/02)
MONEY TALKSG-Man [IN](14/Nov/02)
Money Talks 2G-Man [DD](14/Nov/02)
Office Politicsby G-ManMakeba's Dream Come True(05/Oct/02)
OLYMPIC CHALLENGEG-MAN [IN]Finally! G-Man has come back to the Olympics!(14/Nov/02)
The Other RumbleG-Man [IN](14/Nov/02)
Secrets Revealed VIIG-Man [DD](14/Nov/02)
Secrets Revealed VIIIG-Man [IN](14/Nov/02)
Something Old Something NewG-Man [IN]The Bridal Battle(14/Nov/02)
Return of the Holy OneBy G-Man"Desert Scorpion Match" Devonna vs Shaheeda(17/May/03)
OLYMPIC CHALLENGEby G-manSerena Williams Vs Marian Jones(07/Apr/03)
When the Cat's Awayby G-manOffice Politics II(20/Mar/03)
When the Cat's AwayG-Man [IN]Office Politics II(24/Sep/03)
Fort Worth Fury IG-Man [IN]A Fight Freedom(20/Jun/04)
The Python Vs. The Lionessby G-ManTuWanda's Karma(18/Jan/04)
Fortworth Fury IIG-Man [DD]The Latin Showdown(11/Mar/05)
Fort Worth FuryG-man [IN]Part III The Brick House Brawl||(11/Mar/05)
Unevenly MatchedG-Man [IN]Tag Team Massacre(09/May/06)
A Thing of BeautyG-Man [IN]Beyonce' and Shakira Vs Ashanti and Jay Lo(15/Jun/07)
Body Rock Don't Stop!G-Man [IN]Bonita vs. Immensia(15/Jun/07)
Lauryn Hill Vs LiL KimG-Man [IN]Rap Diva Beef(15/Jun/07)
The Battle Clan's Exoticaby Gman(22/Apr/02)
IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCEEDby GmanJasmin Vs Anne-Marie 2nd Battle(06/Dec/02)
Tutuila/Ashanti Tangoby GmanSamoa Vs Ashanti(06/Dec/02)
Unevenly Matchedby GmanTag Team Massacre(06/Dec/02)
Femaria, City of WomenBy Goddessclub.comDaniel thought he was going on just another business trip but instead he discovers a whole new world that he never even knew existed.(27/Oct/04)
Female HerculesBy godfather da pimp
maasi and meby goldendoggy(13/Oct/02)
scientist goldendoggy
Ackivasha in Camelotby Goupil(21/May/06)
Akira and the Holy Grailby Goupil(29/Apr/06)
Lillianby Goupil(14/May/06)
The Promby Goupil(02/May/06)
Transferenceby Goupil(27/Apr/06)
Where To?by Goupil(21/May/06)
Melissa's second ballbusting, day oneG-power g_power2000@hotmail.comMelissa realizes a lifelong dream by punishing her brother(18/Sep/00)
Melissa 3 - Big Brother's Long WeekendG-Power - g_power2000@hotmail.comMelissa repeatedly defeats and humiliates her big brother(07/Oct/00)
Melissa 4 - Sunday, Painful SundayG-Power - g_power2000@hotmail.comLittle Sister continues torturing John's Balls and Brain(09/Oct/00)
Melissa's first ballbustingby g_power g_power2000@hotmail.comA young girl punishes an unruly bus passenger.(08/Aug/00)
PhD Research: By 2030, Every man will be subservient to every woman and girl.By Grad StudentAcademic experts agree: Females will take over soon. Will castrations follow?(28/May/04)
THE LAW OF FIVESBy GrayfaceThe Law of Fives states simply that: ALL THINGS HAPPEN IN FIVES, OR ARE DEVISIBLE BY OR ARE MULTIPLES OF FIVE, OR ARE SOMEHOW DIRECLY OR INDIRECLY APPROPRIAT TO 5. The Law of Fives is never wrong. ---Principa Discordia(21/Sep/02)
Big Little Sister Redux: Eclipse Revisitedby greaposin which a young man begins to wither under the affections of his girlfriends little sister(13/May/03)
A Broken Manby greapos(03/Mar/03)
Eclipse: The Waning of John Blakeby greaposin which a man finds himself slowly falling under the power of his burgeoning wife(14/Mar/03)
Hell Hath No Fury: An Eclipse Vignetteby greapos(03/Mar/03)
A Rose BloomsSubmitted by Greatguy87(03/Jan/16)
NUMBERSBy Greenman(12/Sep/99)
SafewordBy Greenman(12/Sep/99)
Aunt Joan and Jenny - The Story Continues.By gregnick1@hotmail.comJoan reflects on Jenny's progress 6 months after their fateful weekend of dominance.(04/Nov/05)
Birthday Videos for Joan pt.1By gregnick1@hotmail.comA few people were indeed harmed in the making of Jenny's home movie.(25/Mar/06)
Family Wrestling IIBy G responses GLfm@aol.comVivian in the spotlight.(09/Sep/06)
Family Wrestling IIIBy G responses GLfm@aol.comA shift in power.(09/Sep/06)
Ringside AnnouncersBy G responses GLfm@aol.comA view from behind the microphones(09/Sep/06)
Rematch for the titleBy G responses GLfm@aol.comDavid and Patty Ann go at it again.(02/May/07)
Family wrestling IVBy G responses to GLfm@aol.comSome up some down.(02/May/07)
PaybackGreyGhost64 [EX](15/Nov/15)
Reunion With LisaBy GrimmA man is reunited with his ex-wife, and boy, has she changed.(01/Oct/04)
Nadia Proves Her pointby groatsA chat-up line has unexpected consequences(27/Jan/11)
Tackle Ballwritten on 01/02/2014 by Groin Crush Girl(01/Feb/14)
Homage sequelsGroincrushgirl [IN](29/Nov/10)
The Execution Gameby Groincrushgirl(22/Apr/11)
The Hookers Take Out The Trashby Groincrushgirl(26/Apr/11)
Amazons victoriousgroincrushgirl [EX] [EX] [EX] [EX](13/Feb/18)
A Whole Lot Of Men Are Overwhealmed By Some Gorgeous Curvy Celeb BabesBy Groinkickgirl(22/Mar/07)
Crocodiles 2Groinkickgirl [DD](05/Feb/08)
Just Another Fun Class For the GirlsGroinkickgirl [IN](10/May/08)
Keira Knightley vs Catherine Zeta JonesGroinkickgirl [EX](10/May/08)
A Lesson In Womens Self DefenceGroinkickgirl [EX](05/Feb/08)
To fix a marriageby guinessA wife seeks to gain her husband's interests again.(26/Feb/98)
To fix a marriage part 2by guinessA woman seeks to humiliate her husband to get his affections back(26/Feb/98)
Wedding Night-The Girdleby gunthern61@yahoo.comThe wedding night of Peter and Gretchen is unusual, to say the least.(01/Aug/03)
Young Girls, Big GunsBy Guy Little(14/Jan/02)

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