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A Blowjob and a Fuck, easy (femdom)By H9Girl teaches boy who not to mess w/ by giving him a BJ and fuck in her own way.(20/Mar/99)
The [IN](31/May/97)
Contest at the beach- part 13By HankThe workout of Dany and Joe gets more and more arousing(23/Nov/07)
Never Trust A Lady Wrestler - Mixed Pro Battler RoyalBy Hank EdwardsAn amateur male encounters nine professional lady wrestlers in this fictionalized account of a 1969 battle royal.(26/Feb/98)
All Pro Mixed Tag MatchBy Hank EdwardsThe Fabulous Moolah and Toni Rose get to fight future champ Bob Backlund(11/Sep/15)
Pro Ladies Tag Team Match - 1963By Hank EdwardsPenny Banner and Ann Casey Face Judy Grable and Rita Cortez in a Fictional Ladies Tag Team Match.(11/Sep/15)
Cop-killerby Hank heynow50000@yahoo.comMelissa, psychotic fitness-girl, takes on the law enforcement community(23/Feb/03)
SonanaHank Salamander [LK](21/Dec/19)
Julieby Hank Salamander(20/Nov/19)
Luluby Hank Salamander(27/Oct/19)
Lulu Part 2by Hank Salamander(27/Oct/19)
Kate's story Chapter 1By Happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comThe tell of a young giantess and her dealings with the normal world.(12/Jul/04)
Kate's story Chapter 2By Happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comThe tell of a young giantess and her dealings with the normal world.(06/Aug/04)
Going Super chapter 3By: mailto:Happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comThe story of a woman and her ever growing abilities.(30/Aug/04)
Kate's story Chapter 3bBy Happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comThe tell of a young giantess and her dealings with the normal world.(22/Oct/04)
Going SuperBy Happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comThe story of a woman and her ever growing abilities.(06/Aug/04)
Going SuperBy Happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comThe story of a woman and her ever growing abilities.(06/Aug/04)
Going Super chapter 4By: Happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comThe story of a woman and her ever growing abilities.(28/Mar/05)
Going Super chapter 5By: Happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comThe story of a woman and her ever growing abilities.(28/Mar/05)
Kate's Storyhappiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comKate finally leaves the facility.(10/May/05)
Going Super chapter 6Happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comKate's official work begins.(24/May/05)
Kate's story Chapter 4By Happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comThe tell of a growing girl and her dealings with the world.(06/Jan/05)
Going Super Chapter 8by happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comKate's strength continues to increase an old enemy learns a painful lesson.(12/Sep/05)
Going Super Chapter [DD]Novel concluded and the next generation is arriving(09/Nov/05)
Kate's [DD]Kate grows up a bit more and the wedding.(04/Jul/05)
Kate's story chapter 8by happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comKate says good buy to her little camp and moves to her new home.(12/Sep/05)
Kate's story chapter [DD]Kate in her new home(02/Jan/06)
Modifications Chapter 1By: happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comRachael's plans to gain super-fem status don't go as planned(16/Sep/06)
Modifications chapter: 2By: Happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comRachael's road to recovery is coming to an end.(16/Sep/06)
Modifications chapter 3By: Happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comRachael wonders how to make some money with her strength.(16/Sep/06)
Modifications chapter 4By: Happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comEven little ants can ruin a good time.(16/Sep/06)
Modifications chapter 5By: Happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comAn army of one.(16/Sep/06)
Modifications chapter 6By: Happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comTime to shake the world political seen a little.(16/Sep/06)
Modifications chapter 7By: happiest_in_shadows@yahoo.comBetrayal is a dangerous thing.(16/Sep/06)
HardbodyPaul's storyBy HardbodyPaulChapter One(03/Mar/98)
Session with Sandy Bouwmanby HardbodyPaulPaul has his first encounter with Sandy(02/Apr/98)
The WSE, 1998by HardbodyPaul(10/Nov/98)
Belt Justice, by Faith
Belt Justice2, by Faith Mitchellhardtriwoman@yahoo.comThis story continues characters and story line from Belt Justice. The plot contains female domination and hard spankings.(28/Feb/04)
Chapter 4Harley K. GrantA very physical party leads to a further invitation.(28/Sep/11)
Amazons on Campus, Chapter 5Harley K. Grant [DD]I'm a rugger hugger.(08/Oct/11)
Amazons on Campus, Chapter 1By Harley K. Grant, harleykgrant@yahoo.comAn unexpected beating by an Amazon, and an unexpected apology.(15/Sep/11)
Amazons on Campus, Chapter 2By Harley K. Grant, harleykgrant@yahoo.comI get a present I never expected.(17/Sep/11)
Amazons on Campus, Chapter 3By Harley K. Grant, harleykgrant@yahoo.comAn end, but a beginning(20/Sep/11)
The First Time I Was Really Beaten by a GirlHarold Stonicifer [IN](02/Jun/10)
A True Story of Female DominanceHarold Stonicifer [IN](09/Jun/10)
Beaten by my Smaller Girlfriend, a True Storyby Harold Stonicifer(10/Jun/10)
My First Sexual Experience Being Dominatedby Harold Stonicifer(19/Jul/10)
Broken in by my Girlfriendby Harold Stonicifer(06/Jul/10)
The Parisian ApacheBy HatmanThe apache tries to take a girl but gets a surprise(31/Oct/08)
June and the decoratorBy HatmanJune teaches a pervert a lesson(15/Jan/09)
The Gym - Chapter 1by HatmanAngela turns her husband into a slave and takes a lover.(18/Aug/10)
The Alternative English DictionaryHC ( [IN]English slang - a part of The Alternative Dictionaries collection.(31/May/97)
Anik's powerBy
The WitchesHeadmistress [404] [EX](06/Sep/17)
Romeo and JulietBy: HealthyMan@webtv.netMontagues and Capulets(04/May/98)
The HitchhikerBy Hegesias ( shy boy is offered a ride by some bad girls.(06/Sep/98)
The ProfessionalBy Hegesias ( story about a woman with a job to do.(07/Sep/98)
The BurglarBy Hegesias ( female burglar comes across a teenage boy and has some fun.(04/Sep/98)
A blonde beating date.heisenberg [EX](11/Oct/17)
Equestrienne TrampleHellBentForLeatherA spoiled debutante tramples a man beneath her horse(05/Dec/98)
Hel's Chroniclesby HelSpelsChronicle I - The Birth Of Hel(13/Apr/03)
Oooohs and OZ -- Part OneBy HENSPURSQueen Alice comes to America to foil an evil plot from somewhere over the rainbow.(11/Jan/10)
SHE-BAD the SAILOR - Part One of TwoBy HENSPURSSinbad Jr.'s brawny daughter prepares to battle a terrible family curse due to strike.(14/Jan/10)
The Invisible Tomboy 2: Road Raging.By Henspurs cockscomb@juno.comA feisty invisible chick gets in a high-octane fight.(03/Sep/08)
The Doppel-Crosser: Chapter OneBy Henspurs mailto:cockscomb@juno.comA shape-shifting Amazon has to deal with exposure.(09/Sep/08)
The INVISIBLE TOMBOY 3: Doctor's OrdersBy HENSPURS cockscomb@juno.comOur unseen heroine acts Against Doctor's Advice(27/Dec/09)
The Doppel-Crosser: Chapter TwoBy HENSPURS cockscomb@juno.comA Shape-shifting Amazon reveals herself.(10/Jan/10)
The INVISIBLE TOMBOY 4: Boxer RebellionBy HENSPURS cockscomb@juno.comCornered, our unseen heroine knuckles down with an elusive opponent and grabs some new wheels.(18/Jan/10)
RESULTS MAY VARY--Episode OneBy HENSPURS cockscomb@juno.comHaggard Housewife taps unexpected source for Growth and Energy.(05/Jan/10)
###RESULTS MAY VARY---Episode TwoBy HENSPURS cockscomb@juno.comAmbitious Super-Mom uses son to secure power.(22/Jan/10)
THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GLOP----Part OneBy HENSPURS cockscomb@juno.comThe combined essences of heroes and villains give a young novice a leg-up onto the pedestal of Amazons.(27/Oct/10)
The Invisible Tomboy.By Henspurs cockscomb@juno.comA feisty chick with a strange power takes charge.(30/Aug/08)
Evolution - Part 1by
Evolution - Part 2by
Made to ServiceBy Hers2Control@yahoo.comThe Maid makes him the Made(08/Aug/06)
Made to Service - the sequelBy Hers2Control@yahoo.comWhen the room was not made, the maid was not pleased...(08/Aug/06)
Ch'Krasa'Kthby Hex119A metaphysical female muscle growth story(14/Aug/98)
Mayn-Assah-Yaram-Sayahby Hex119a metaphysical female muscle growth story(02/Jan/99)
Country picnicheynow50000@yahoo.comCandy terrorises the folks(23/Feb/03)
Cop-killer 2by heynow50000@yahoo.comMelissa is arrested - but definitely not detained(23/Feb/03)
Flat encountersby heynow50000@yahoo.comRachel has fun with her landlord.(25/Feb/03)
Martial arts champion Zara destroys two British copsby heynow50000(09/Apr/13)
Kristie wrestles Denise, Introby Hi Bob@hibob11985@gmail.comKristie discovers a passion for submission wrestling. Denise discovers a worthy opponent.(17/Feb/19)
Dreamsby HighWatcherPart 1(06/Dec/03)
Dreamsby HighWatcherPart 2(06/Dec/03)
Dreamsby HighWatcherPart 3(06/Dec/03)
Yvonne 01: What made Yvonne workout againby HopearmsWhat made Yvonne workout again ... and what created the fire inside her(13/Nov/07)
AthenaBy horuvex(09/Jan/06)
CoatlicueBy horuvex(29/Mar/06)
Consumed by JanetBy horuvex(09/Apr/06)
Eaten AliveBy horuvex(01/Jun/06)
Magic WishBy horuvex(29/Mar/06)
The Rise of NatashaBy Horuvex(20/May/06)
New OrderBy Horuvex(09/Jan/06)
The DiminishingBy horuvex(09/Apr/06)
A shrinking story by shrink_meister2003Re-write by horuvex(09/Apr/06)
Tara's Rise to PowerBy Horuvex: 2003(09/Apr/06)
Food for ThoughtBy Howard(29/Jan/03)
Julie Owns Me (24/Jan/21)
A soccer moms humilation
Mixed wrestling: my first experiencesBy Hubert Z.How I was challenged by my two "little" nieces(07/Oct/02)
Mistress Sarah Owns MeBy Humble - bolt2112@gmail.comHow I gave up everything to be with my Mistress.(02/Oct/08)
Sheikhani Zeenat - [IN](28/Jun/01)

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