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Shaynaby JPart 1(31/Oct/02)
Shaynaby JPart 2(20/Sep/02)
Shaynaby JPart 3(20/Sep/02)
Shaynaby JPart 4(20/Sep/02)
Shaynaby JPart 5(20/Sep/02)
Shaynaby JPart 6(20/Sep/02)
Shaynaby JPart 7(20/Sep/02)
Shaynaby JPart 8(20/Sep/02)
Shaynaby JPart 9(18/Sep/15)
Shaynaby JPart 10(18/Sep/15)
Foriegn InvasionJaat007 [EX](14/Feb/18)
Danny's StoryBy JabberwockDanny tells of his meeting with Sheila's mother and the beating she gives him.(03/Aug/05)
The RematchBy JabberwockMan forces rematch with Mary who uses fists and panties to humiliate him.(27/Jul/03)
Sheila's StoryBy JabberwockA man falls for a boxing woman(12/Aug/03)
The Skirt-Lifterby JabberwockA teenage boy learns not to bother certain girls(21/Dec/03)
Caught Red-handed and Punishedby JabberwockTeenage panty fetishist gets caught stealing and punished for it(18/Jan/04)
Vicki Barefoot, private eyeBy JackA two-fisted female private investigator dishes out some justice(22/Dec/02)
Flying FistsBy JackHollis teaches Beth and her attackers a lesson(30/Mar/03)
Fists, feet, and justiceBy JackA female self-defense teacher takes justice into her own hands and feet!(30/May/03)
Take that!!!By JackA beautiful woman beats the stuffing out of two guys who have it coming.(30/Jun/03)
Kristin Kicks AssBy JackA gorgeous model uses her fists and bare feet to mercilessly demolish some badguys!(27/Sep/03)
Barefoot JusticeBy JackA reformed female bad-ass uses her skilled bare feet to put four bullies into some well-deserved pain.(29/Jun/04)
Total PainJack [*?]A two-fisted, barefooted waitress gives Joe the beating he deserves(27/Jul/04)
Skilled SolesBy JackA female art gallery owner beats up two bullies with her always bare feet!(25/Jun/05)
Skilled Soles, part 2By JackTwo women, four bare feet, ten men beaten into unbearable pain(25/Jun/05)
Tough feet and a bloody badguyBy JackA barefooted female reporter beats a serial killer until he begs for mercy(02/Feb/05)
Beating up the badguysBy JackA ballerina's bare feet effortlessly beat two badguys into the hospital!(25/Nov/05)
Kicking Ass with Bare FeetJack [DD]Five barefooted female martial artists beat a gang of drug dealers to a pulp.(04/Jun/06)
The Barefoot WomanBy JackA female self-defense instructor and her students beats ten drug dealers into pure agony.(02/Jan/06)
The Barefoot Woman 2By JackA criminal bodyguard gets the beating of his life from a barefooted woman.(02/Jan/06)
Vicki Barefoot and her Butt-Kicking Bare Feet!!! (Part 2)By JackA beautiful, barefooting female private eye demolishes the Mafia with her tough soles(04/Jul/06)
Vicki Barefoot and her Butt-Kicking Bare Feet!!! Part 1By JackA female private investigator kicks the crap out of the Mafia with her dirty soles.(03/Jul/06)
Vicki Barefoot and her Butt-Kicking Bare Feet!!! Part 2By JackA beautiful, barefooting female private eye demolishes the Mafia with her tough soles(16/Jul/06)
Barefooted babe, bloodied badguyBy JackJessica always goes barefoot, especially when beating up badguys!(09/Aug/07)
Taking Out the Trash in Bare FeetBy JackBeautiful, barefooted Catherine beats the crap out of the badguys(30/Jun/07)
Julianna Takes out the TrashBy JackTwo punks learn some manners from a female self-defense instructor(09/Aug/07)
Just Desserts Served by Bare Female FeetBy JackA beautiful, barefooted woman beats a crime lord within an inch of his life!(09/Jan/08)
Tables Turned with Bare FeetBy JackTwo college girls lure a pair of rapists and give them what they deserve.(01/Jul/08)
Taking out the trash in Bare Feet, part 2By JackCatherine and Kristi reminisce about beating up badguys(14/Jul/08)
Barefootin':Justice Comes in Small Packages!By JackJuliana and Kristi use wits, fists, and bare feet to demolish a fraternity of rapists(09/Oct/09)
Barefooted Heroine:The Freeing of the SolesBy JackRayden gets some new recruits to kick evil###s ass with bare female feet.(17/Sep/09)
Barefooted Heroine:The Freeing of the Soles 2By JackRayden gets some new recruits to kick evil's ass with bare female feet.(05/Dec/09)
Taking out the Trash in Bare Feet, Episode 3by JackTwo barefooted sisters beat the badguys senseless!(07/Jan/09)
And Stay Down!by JackLaura wipes the alley floor with three bullies who have it coming(20/Sep/10)
This is How It's DoneBy JackThree beautiful, barefooted women come together to fight crime(04/Jul/11)
WHAT THEY DESERVEBY JACKBeautiful, barefooted Amber beats up rapists(09/Dec/12)
A Barefooted SoleBy JackJacqueline and her partners in shoelessness demolish many evil men(07/Dec/12)
The Power of the Bare FootBy JackKara beats the shit out of three evil men(09/Dec/12)
Save My SolesBy JackA barefooted heroine becomes a woman and a warrior by beating the shit out of rapists(16/Jun/13)
Bare Feet ForeverBy JackA two-fisted woman beats the shit out a badguy and becomes a full-time barefooter(23/Sep/14)
The Disco DaysBy Jack and Jimmy BSM16@hotmail.comThe story of two college guys who are taught a lesson from the "weaker sex"(21/Oct/99)
Puyallup, part 1by Jack Flint(22/Sep/05)
Tina and the time machineby Jack HeartA female bodybuilder finds herself back in King Arthurs time(28/Jun/01)
How It All Beganby Jack Knowles jack_knowles@yahoo.comThis is the story of the first time I was physically dominated by a stronger woman.(11/Sep/15)
Louise, My Knight in Shining ArmorBy Jack KSM16@hotmail.comA female co-worker comes to my rescue against a male bully(11/Oct/99)
Property Of Mistress DebbieBy JacksminpinA guy's life is taken over by an "overbearing" blind date(23/Dec/14)
Landscape Gals New HouseboytoyBy JacksminpinTwo gals from a landscaping company grab and train a new toy(15/Dec/14)
LeeannimalBy JacksminpinA gal decides to rape her room mate(23/Dec/14)
Elizabeth shows Tasha "the ropes"By JacksminpinTasha decides to share her boyfriend with the Dom next door(25/Dec/14)
The Stable Handby JacksminpinA horse trainer is "trained" by a stable hand(28/Dec/14)
The Evil Magicianjak2002003 [EX](29/May/16)
Who's Getting Raped Here?By Jake(08/Apr/03)
BATTLIN Bab-BOTSBy Jake Edwards [aka Phillippe][from the Scifi Novel,,,"The MBA"](08/Dec/97)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Part VIIIBy J. Allan J.A bragging Gargarean youth is taught a lesson by an Amazon and her twin sister(03/Mar/12)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Part VIII:By J. Allan J.Myria's birthday party(01/Aug/12)
Homians revisited, Part I: Sleeping with the enemy.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkA Homian and an Amazon share a night of ball-busting and sexual submission.(12/Aug/10)
Homians revisited, Part II: The king's scheming.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkA Homian officer defects to Amazonia to uphold the fragile peace.(12/Aug/10)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Part I: Beginning a new life with an Amazon.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkMyria and Lucius are married by the Amazon Queen Heta.(28/Sep/10)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Part VI: Sex slave of the Amazons.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkLucius is used as a sex slave by four horny Amazons.(02/Nov/11)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Interlude: The Amazons versus the Cappadocians, Part 1.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkThe Cappadocians march against the Amazons.(01/May/11)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Part II: How the Amazons became female dominated.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkLucius meets the librarian Gemmalina and studies the history of the Amazons.(10/Mar/11)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Interlude: The Amazons versus the Cappadocians, Part 2.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkAn Amazon and a Cappadocian officer fight a duel on the battlefield.(01/May/11)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Part III: The war against the Gorgons.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkMyria introduces Lucius to wrestling torture.(13/Mar/11)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Interlude: The Amazons versus the Cappadocians, Part 3.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkThe Amazons torture a Cappadocian officer to death after the battle.(01/May/11)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Part IV: Departure from Themiskyra.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkMyria and Lucius enjoy passionate sex with Gemmalina.(31/Mar/11)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Part V: Family life with an Amazon.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkMyria and Lucius shack up together in the nation of Gargareans.(22/Aug/11)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Part VII: Tormentress Eudoxia.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkMyria submits Lucius to heavy needle torture in the hands of Tormentress Eudoxia.(23/Dec/11)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Part VIIIBy J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkTormentress Eudoxia reveals how she once was gang-raped by a group of young Thermodonian soldiers(23/Dec/11)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Part IX: The birth of Callista.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkMyria gives birth to her firstborn girl child, Callista.(07/Oct/12)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Part X: Protecting the Hittite princess.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkA young slender Amazon fights a duel to the death against a big brute barbarian.(01/Mar/13)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Chapter XI: The birth of Gibbus.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkMyria gives birth to Lucius' son, Gibbus.()
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Chapter XII: The sisters in arms, part 1.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkMyria is finally called back to the Amazon wars.(12/Feb/17)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Chapter XII The sisters in arms, part 2.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkMyria gets to present her battle plan at the war counsel of the Amazons.(09/Feb/17)
Living in the shadow of Amazons, Chapter XII: The sisters in arms, part 3.By J. Allan J. - jallanj@yahoo.dkThe battle of the Amazons against the Colchians.(10/Feb/18)
Gym Conquerorby James E_olasJennie shows off her strength to Brian(30/Sep/97)
Corinna-Female Warrior. The BeginningBy JanetLife as Larry knows it is over now, Corrina has made sure of that(07/Dec/02)
Corinna - Female Warrior Part III.By JanetThe Mistresses Apprentice(02/Feb/03)
Corinna-Female Warrior. Part IIBy JanetThings go from bad to really bad as Corinna puts her Stepfather through the hoop.(18/Jan/03)
The Last Weekend - SundayBy Janet and Her slaveSunday never was the boy's favorite day, the women made sure that this Sunday would be one to be remembered.(22/Nov/02)
The Last WeekendBy Janet and Her slave. E-mail me on
The last weekendBy Janet and her slave. guys had a big weekend planned but the six girls they met had bigger plans for them.(14/Oct/02)
Jackie and JesseBy Jared86, jared86@cheerful.comTrue love isnt always the same old story.(27/Nov/04)
The rapists punishmentBy Jared
Pippa the Valkyrieby Jarl RavensbeardA young Valkyrie's First Mission.(05/Feb/07)
The Sci-Fi Fan Fiction Page: Fantasy Section: The Odd Couple [HTM]by Jason Thorn ( **THE ODD COUPLE(31/May/97)
Make One Wish!By JAX , jax_box@yahoo.comBianca's one muscular wish comes true!!!!!!!!!(11/Sep/15)
TRUE ARMWRESTLING STORIES 1Collected by Jay Knox (e-mail from Diana's Message Board "Armwrestling"(11/Sep/15)
TRUE ARMWRESTLING STORIES 2 //Collected by Jay Knox (e-mail from Diana's Message Board "Armwrestling"(11/Sep/15)
TRUE ARMWRESTLING STORIES 3 //Collected by Jay Knox (e-mail from Diana's Message Board "Armwrestling"(04/Feb/00)
TRUE ARMWRESTLING STORIES 4Collected by Jay Knox (e-mail from Diana's Message Board "Armwrestling"(11/Sep/15)
TRUE ARMWRESTLING STORIES 5Collected by Jay Knox (e-mail from Diana's Message Board "Armwrestling"(05/Aug/00)
The CandidateBy Jay MartinA story of female sexual & physical domination with a sadistic touch(24/Feb/04)
In PrivateBy Jayne_E(27/Jul/16)
The ConfrontationBy Jayne EllisA Female Wrestling NoveletteFor Adults Only c 2015.(27/Jul/16)
Annie and Brad Alone. Part 1By Jay Nemo
Annie and Brad Alone. Part 2By Jay Nemo
Annie and Brad Not Quite Alone part 3By Jay Nemo
Jilly Millyby jay nemo, nemojay@hotmail.comEpilogue(12/Dec/02)
Supergirl vs Helga Hammerfist 1Jay Nemo, [DD](23/Dec/03)
Supergirl vs Helga Hammerfist 2Jay Nemo, [DD](23/Dec/03)
Supergirl vs Helga Hammerfist 3Jay Nemo, [DD](23/Dec/03)
Supergirl vs Helga Hammerfist 4Jay Nemo, [DD](23/Dec/03)
Supergirl vs Helga Hammerfist (5)Jay Nemo, [DD](29/Dec/03)
Supergirl vs Helga Hammerfist (6)Jay Nemo, [DD](29/Dec/03)
Supergirl vs Helga Hammerfist (7)by Jay Nemo,
Joshby JdeanJosh felt a pair of small hands rest on his massive shoulders(10/Jul/03)
When Katie met TedBy Jdean7200@yahoo.comBig, buff Ted is challenged to a friendly fight by a small girl. It doesn't go well for him - or does it?(17/Sep/20)
3 hunks defeated, part 1 of 4by
3 hunks defeated, part 2 of 4by
3 hunks defeated, part 3 of 4by
3 hunks defeated, part 4by
Anne Beats BoysBy Jdean72000@yahoo.comAn update of Hardie's story, this sequel to Bullies Beaten finds the male bullies attacking a small young girl. It does not go well for them.(30/Jul/20)
Battle of willsBy An update of Hardie's classic story, a teen-aged girl fights her bigger, stronger male cousin for an inheritance.(27/Oct/20)
Bullies beatenby jdean72000@yahoo.comAn update of Hardie's classic story of 2 muscular bullies dominated and ballbusted by 2 girls.(17/Jul/20)
Bullies beaten 3by jdean72000@yahoo.comThe girls take on the boys' fathers in an epic fight of physical and sexual domination.(21/Aug/20)
Cheatbeat 1By Jdean72000@yahoo.comAn update of Hardie's classic story, Judy beats up and subjugates big, muscular Greg.(29/Sep/20)
Cheatbeat 2By Jdean72000@yahoo.comAn update of Hardie's classic story, Judy beats up and humiliates big, athletic Martin.(29/Sep/20)
Cheatbeat 3By Jdean72000@yahoo.comAn update of Hardie's classic story, Mandy beats and humiliates her big, strong brother, Martin.(29/Sep/20)
Chores for the boysBy
Chores part 2By
Hunky husband defeatedby jdean72000@gmail.comA sequel of sorts to Bullies Beaten where a muscular male is physically and sexually dominated by his smaller wife.(17/Jul/20)
Hunky husband defeated part 2by Jdean72000@yahoo.comCarol invites 2 girls to physically and sexually dominate her muscular husband while she has some fun with one of the girls' big, strong bullies.(12/Aug/20)
Jane's giftBy Jdean72000@yahoo.comJane unleashes her secret against her big, muscular, lazy boyfriend.(14/Oct/20)
Tamed by a tomboyBy Jdean72000@yahoo.comAn update of Hardie's classic story where a muscular young male is beaten, ballbusted and sexually dominated by a smaller girl and her friends.(27/Jul/20)
Tamed tearaway.By jdean72000@yahoo.comAn update of Hardie's classic story, a young girl beats up, ballbusts and sexually dominates her big, muscular foster brother.(16/Nov/20)
Too EasyBy Jdean72000@yahoo.comAn update of Hardie's classic story, Bobby is beaten up by his young stepsister(23/Dec/20)
Bullies Beaten part 4By Jdean72000@yahoo.comA big, muscular man tries to get revenge on the younger, smaller woman who ruined his life. The evening doesn't go the way he planned.(16/Mar/21)
Jubilee vs. SabretoothJdean72000@yahoo.comThe large, beastly mutant is physically, mentally and sexually dominated by the smaller, younger member of the X-Men.(06/Jul/21)
Ryu vs. Kannaby Jdean72000@yahoo.comThe big, muscular male street fighter is physically and sexually dominated in a fight by a smaller, younger woman.(28/Sep/21)
These Boots are Made for BustinJdean72000@yahoo.comA mother and daughter physically, mentally and sexually dominate the big, muscular men on their farm.(29/Apr/21)
School for talented girls part 1by jeah(08/Jun/03)
The Fair Fightby Jed(01/Feb/01)
Vice Catsby J. Edwards [west]Catfight in a bar(08/Dec/97)
TaraJefferson [IN](22/Oct/17)
Challenge to the Champ -- Part 3by Jeff Suarez(11/Aug/05)
Gina: Challenge to the [DD](30/Dec/04)
Gina -- Challenge to the Champ -- Part 2by
THE RECREATION OF BOBBY JOHNSON - part IBy Jennifer LastigBased on the story 'Making the perfect husband' by another author(21/Dec/99)
Femaile fun on the farmBy Jenny(25/Jan/02)
Kevin ButlerJenny Blyth [DD]Chapter 1(09/Dec/01)
A Mannapping, Part 1By JENNY BLYTHE VLBT40D@prodigy. com(31/May/97)
Plane Meeting - Part 5By Jeremy IngelsGetting to know her on a flight back home a business man socialized with a beautiful blonde fbb and lives from one adventure into another .(30/Jun/02)
Plane meeting 10by Jeremy IngelsGetting to know her on a flight back home a business man socialized with a beautiful blonde fbb and lives from one adventure into another .(27/Sep/04)
A Chronicle of Young Strength 1a-Adult VersionBy Jeremy Wilson iceshanty62@hotmail.comA pre-teen girl shows impressive strength and muscle(01/Jun/04)
Cane Danceby Jeri ( bellydancer meets her match(01/Nov/04)
My Wrestling Match With SusanBy Jerry, BSM16@hotmail.comA beach touch football game leads to a heated wrestling match(08/Oct/99)
The Female RapistBy Jerry VEGA987@hotmail.comA female serial rapist terrorizes men in a quiet community.(28/Nov/99)
Tag TeamBy Jesica Justice(21/Mar/10)
The wrestling chronicles of Jessica Justiceby Jessica Anderson nl(20/Nov/05)
Christina the champBy Jessica Justice(24/Apr/07)
Queen Christina,By Jessica Justice(24/Apr/07)
USABY Jessica Justice(24/Apr/07)
Christina the champBy Jessica Justice(21/Mar/10)
The chronicles of Jessica justiceby Jessica justice(21/Mar/10)
The organizationBy Jessica Justice(21/Mar/10)
USAby Jessica Justice(21/Mar/10)
The Case of the Colossal CrusherBy Jgrimm **A Par broiled Detective Story(31/Jan/02)
ExperimentBy Jgrimm jgrimm@prodigy.netMoral of today's story: Test subjects should always be volunteers...(08/Jan/02)
Save Changesjgrimm jgrimm@prodigy.netSome new morphing software has unexpected results.(12/May/02)
Muscle GirlNew Lyrics by Jgrimm ( to the tune of 'Skater Boy' by Avril Lavigne(07/Oct/02)
Thai Boxing - Jillian Russell vs. Jennifer Wooby JillianJillian Russell meets Jennifer Woo in a rematch fighting under Mr. Chung's modified Thai boxing rules.(17/Jan/06)
Jillian Russell defends her title against Maria
Jillian Russell vs. Jennifer Woo in a Thai Boxing Rematchby
Jordan McKenzie Battles an Asian Lady on board a [IN](21/May/12)
Jillian Russell and Jennifer Woo in an MMA style FightBy Jillian & George Russell(21/Jul/06)
Jillian Russell vs. Jennifer Wooby Jillian RussellMy First Fight Without George(10/Jan/06)
Boxing Tournament in Grenadaby Jillian RussellTwelve ladies, including Jillian Russell duke it out on the Caribbean island of Grenada.(22/Aug/06)
Boxing Tournament in Grenada Part 3Jillian Russell [*@]
Boxing Tournament in Grenada Part 5 Championship MatchBy Jillian RussellComments to
Boxing Tournament in Grenada Part 2By Jillian RussellComments to
Boxing Tournament in Grenada - Part 5 Championship MatchBy Jillian RussellComments to
Female Boxing Tournament in GrenadaBy Jillian RussellComments to
Boxing Tournament in Grenada Part 3By Jillian RussellComments to
Boxing Tournament in Grenada Part 4By Jillian RussellComments to
Boxing Tournament in Grenada Part 4By Jillian Russell
Boxing Tournament in Grenada (Part 2)By Jillian Russell, jillian37dd@yahoo.comTwelve ladies, including Jillian Russell, duke it out on the Caribbean island of Grenada. Part 2 narrows the group to four semi finalists.(25/Aug/06)
Tasha and MillaJim [DD](21/Jul/07)
EWW part 2Jim [DD](12/Sep/15)
EWW, part 5Jim [DD](12/Sep/07)
EWW, part 6Jim [DD](23/Oct/07)
EWW part 7by Jim(24/Oct/07)
EWW part 9Jim [DD](25/Oct/07)
E.W.W. PART 10.BY JIM(02/Nov/07)
EWW part 12Jim [DD](02/Nov/07)
Hercules and HelenaJim [DD](12/Sep/07)
Jennifer Sanders part 2Jim [DD](23/Sep/07)
Jennifer, part 3Jim [DD](22/Oct/07)
Spanish Roseby Jim(31/Dec/07)
Jennifer SandersJim [DD](20/Dec/07)
World Survival FightingJim [DD](30/May/08)
The 'Have a Ball In Aruba' Clubby Jim, ballsr4fun@yahoo.comPoor Dave didn't realize that the wives liked Aruba for more than just the beaches(31/Aug/02)
The ChallengeBy Jim LakeA 16-year-old girl offers to fight the school's entire wrestling team by herself.(09/Dec/02)
The Gymnastby Jim Lake(05/Nov/02)
The TomboyBy Jim Lake(13/Sep/02)
A follow up to Mick Sloan's story titled "Newylweds"By Jim Lake(17/Nov/02)
The Tomboy, Part 8:By Jim LakeSix against two in football isn't fair when one of the two is a girl.(05/Jan/03)
Newlyweds Part III based on characters created by Mick SloanBy Jim Lake(06/Sep/03)
HIGH SCHOOL HUMILIATION.By Jim LakeDustin is the king of his high school until a tiny eighth grade girl turns him into her personal slave.(02/Dec/03)
TOMBOYS TAKE OVERBy Jim LakeTwo little girls beat their older, male cousins at every sport.(24/Nov/04)
StephanieBy (Jimlftr)(31/May/97)
E.W.W. TUESDAY NIGHT SHOWby Jimmie(21/Apr/08)
E.W.W FRIDAY SHOWby Jimmie(11/Sep/15)
E.W.W's DAY OF THE WINNERby Jimmie(21/May/08)
E.W.W's DAY OF THE WINNER'Sby Jimmie(21/May/08)
The Heavyweight boxing division, part 1by Jimmie(10/Mar/08)
TUESDAY'S E.W.W IS BACKby Jimmie(27/Aug/08)
E.W.W. TRYOUTS PART 3by Jimmie.(20/Feb/08)
Encounter with the Schoolmarm : A Victorian tale of painjimp [EX](05/Jun/16)
Planet of the 10 Foot AmazonsBy Jim Reynolds, altered by 1of4He goes to a world where the women are ten feet tall(30/May/98)
Return to the Planet of The 10 Foot Amazons.By Jim Reynolds, altered by 1of4.He returns to the world of the 10 foot Amazons.(30/May/98)
Superman vs GigantaBy jimward896@yahoo.comSuperman fights Giganta after an accident at Star Labs bulks her up!(23/Jul/12)
The IslandJim Woodward [EX]Alison becomes very strong(23/Sep/97)
Tuesday night showby
E.W.W. TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS VS A MYSTERY WOMAN.jj.pp.pp.mixed matches [*?](12/Sep/07)
E.W.W. OPEN CHALLENGEjj.pp.pp.mixed matches [*?](17/Sep/07)
ULTIMATE FIGHTER NO MATCH FOR GIRLFRIEND.jj.pp.pp.mixed matches [*?](26/Sep/07)
E.W.W. REMATCH MISS VIKKI VS VOSS BLACKby jj.pp.pp.mixed matches.(12/Sep/15)
Sarah was big - part 1by jkshred@yahoo.comFlat out mean - she ALWAYS gets what she wants. First she must eliminate a rival(26/Sep/06)
Sarah was big - Chapter 2by jkshred@yahoo.comFlat out mean - she ALWAYS gets what she wants. Sarah gets bigger and terrorizes a gym owner.(13/Oct/06)
Sarah was big - Chapter [IN]Buxom, muscle bound bitch terrorizes the gym owners wife and turns on her boyfriend(30/Nov/06)
Sarah was big - Chapter [IN]Buxom, muscle bound bitch continues to terrorize the gym owners wife and her former boyfriend(12/Dec/06)
Sarah was big - Chapter [IN]Buxom, muscle bound bitch finishes the Gym Owners wife and more(12/Dec/06)
Sarah was big Chapter 10By JK Shred and Red and RippedSarah flaunts her power(08/Mar/07)
Sarah was Big Chapter 11By JK Shred and Red and RippedThe Governor gets a visit(08/Mar/07)
Sarah was big Chapter Sixjkshred and red and ripped [DD]The ultra-strong, ultra-stacked bitch needs to destroy more people(09/Jan/07)
Sarah was big Chapter 7jkshred and red and ripped [DD]Not nearly through for the night Sarah "finishes off" the restaurant before going home(25/Jan/07)
Sarah was big - Chapter 9By jkshred and red and rippeda male/female writing team let us know what you think at
Sarah was big - chapter 8By jkshred and red and ripped - a male/female writing team - let us know what you think of our style.Sarah returns home with a vengeance(12/Feb/07)
The Three SistersJLambert [EX](07/Dec/17)
The BabysitterBy J-MacChapter 1: I got the gig(04/Jul/05)
The Babysitter's RevengeBy J-Mac(15/Sep/05)
She encounters BurglarsBy j. mailo,
The DeanBy jmanI meet a REAL problem student(02/May/03)
AURORA, SEXY ASSASSINJoaquin d'Bootboy [EX]EPISODE III: Booted Supermodel Supreme(20/Oct/08)
Jenny and Donna, part 3 - Humiliation in the Wrestling RoomBy Jobber JoeDonna lures senior classmates, Jenny and Joe, to the wrestling room(08/Dec/03)
Jenny and Donna, Part 5 - Donna claims anotherby Jobber JoeJoey meets his match, and then some(10/Dec/03)
Jenny and Donna - Final Part (6)- "Spoils of Victory"By Jobber JoeJenny and Joey pay homage to new young Goddess, Donna(10/Dec/03)
Tam-Ra, Part 1 - Warming to a duelBy Jobber JoeWonder Woman prepares to duel a mysterious young challenger(31/Dec/03)
Battle Royal, Part 1By Jobber Joe20 Women gather for a wrestling Battle Royal(10/Feb/04)
Battle Royal, part 2By Jobber JoeThe 20 women ring battle begins(10/Feb/04)
Battle Royal, part 3By Jobber JoeBattle continues at 20 minute mark(11/Feb/04)
Battle Royal, part 4By Jobber JoeDesperate times set in for many as the battle rages past 30 minutes(12/Feb/04)
Battle Royal, Part 5By Jobber JoeTen "survivors" move past the 40 minute mark in exhausting battle(13/Feb/04)
Battle Royal, part 6By Jobber JoeThe epic battle rages on toward one hour on the match clock(14/Feb/04)
Jenny and Donna, continued - Flashback!By Jobber JoeFormer wrestling champ, Jenny, tells pal, Joey, what really happened(20/Jan/04)
Tam-Ra, part 2 - Wonder Woman's Fateful DuelBy Jobber JoeYoung Tam-Ra challenges Wonder Woman for Amazon Supremacy(05/Jan/04)
Tam-Ra, Part 4 - Superman to the rescue?By Jobber JoeSuperman fights to free the enslaved Wonder Woman(08/Jan/04)
Tam-Ra, Part 5 - Night DreamsBy Jobber JoeSupergirl has some "issues" to deal with as she prepares to fight young Amazon, Tam-Ra(20/Jan/04)
Tam-Ra, part 6 - The Boxing RingBy Jobber JoeSupergirl fights the young amazon, Tam-Ra(26/Jan/04)
Tam-Ra, Part 7 - Knockout!By Jobber JoeSupergirl and Tam-Ra continue their fight to a knockout finish!(27/Jan/04)
Tam-Ra, Part 8 - "Mistress of the World"By Jobber JoeIn a Pay-per-View TV Interview, Tam-Ra displays her "Victory Spoils"(03/Feb/04)
Tam-Ra, part 3 - Amazon SupremacyBy Jobber JoeWonder Woman struggles against a young tormentor(05/Jan/04)
Donna and Jenny, Part 1;by Jobber JoeFormer campus champ, Jenny, attempts a wrestling comeback at a summer tournament(26/Oct/04)
Donna and Jenny, Part 2; "The Birthday Party"by Jobber Joe(12/Feb/05)
Donna and Jenny, Part 3by Jobber JoeFighting for her Favor(18/Feb/05)
Jenny and Donna - Goddess fallen, Goddess arisenBy JobberJoeOn a small college campus, gorgeous super athlete, Jenny, faces her greatest wrestling challenge(05/Dec/03)
Jenny and Donna, part 2 - Tormented by the New GoddessBy JobberJoeWith his Goddess vanquished, Joey is confronted by her young conqueror in a gym class(05/Dec/03)
Jenny & Donna, part 4 - PlaytoyBy JobberJoeFormer campus champ, Jenny, becomes a plaything for both Donna and pal, Linda(09/Dec/03)
Donna and Jenny, Part 4: "May the best legs win" -by Jobber Joe
Donna and Jenny, Part 5: "Final Meltdown"by Jobber Joe
Battle Royal, part 7By Jobber Joe ( great ones succumb as the battle royal moves into its second hour(18/Feb/04)
The Lifeguard's Worst NightmareBy JoeA true story of being beaten up and robbed(06/Oct/99)
WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE - PART 1By JoeI see my old friend's sister for the first time in years(13/Jul/02)
WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE - PART 2By JoeSusie and I get to know each other(18/Jul/02)
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WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE - PART 6By JoeSusie and I watch a videotape(06/Aug/02)
WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE - PART 7By JoeFourth of July with Susie(23/Aug/02)
JaimieBy Joe Albanese,
Diane, The Muscular Trainerby Johan(28/Dec/06)
My Strong Russian Friendby Johan(28/Dec/06)
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THE EOMHS, AN OVERVIEWby John AlexanderOn Valkyries and Eomhs, some useful insights into the Valkyrie courtship and marriage(31/Oct/97)
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BUSTEDby John AlexanderA visit from two Valkyries(31/Oct/97)
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Playboy Playmate of the Year Catfightby John J.Stacey Sanchez vs. Karen McDougal(25/Jan/99)
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Samantha the Divorce Negotiation Specialist ? Samantha vs. MarissaWritten by John J. ? jjcatfights at sbcglobal dot net - Copyright 2014A gorgeous underground fighter is a divorce negotiator, reaching her settlements by fighting.(08/Apr/14)
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Julie discovers her true orientationby JulieJulie finds that losing at boxing can have a profound effect on one's sexlife(09/Nov/12)
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