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Annette Gives An Arsehole A Lesson - A Brief Sceneby Lady Luck(22/Aug/02)
I Am Woman - A Poemby Lady Luck(12/Aug/02)
LisaBy Lady Luck(06/Aug/02)
Paula - A Short StoryBy Lady Luck(15/Aug/02)
PoemBy Lady Luck(08/Aug/02)
Angela - Avenging Angelby Lady Luck(07/Oct/02)
EmmaBy Lady Luck(30/Oct/02)
I Love To See A Woman Fight A Manby Lady Luck(20/Oct/02)
The Football Match, Boys v Girlsby Lady Luck(04/Sep/02)
I Am Woman (a reprise)by Lady Luck(29/Aug/02)
Judo Jane Tames A ScumbagA Poem by Lady Luck(10/Nov/02)
Janet's Spot On. Men Are Weird.By Lady Luck(29/Dec/02)
Lady Luck Writes Againby Lady Luck(28/Aug/02)
Male Pigsby Lady Luck(03/Sep/02)
Menby Lady Luck(23/Oct/02)
Paula Meets Chieko In Tokyoby Lady Luck(04/Sep/02)
Emma Peel - Queen Of The Screen. A Fight Scene In Tribute To My Favourite TV Characterby Lady Luck(27/Dec/02)
Some Ramblings And Then My Friend Sheila Takes Revengeby Lady Luck(16/Sep/02)
Lisa's Fitness Programme For Womenby Lady Luck(24/Feb/03)
Ingrid Socks It To Them And Then We Make Out Togetherby Lady Luck(25/Jan/03)
Ingrid And I Continuedby Lady Luck(29/Jan/03)
Ingridby Lady Luck(01/Feb/03)
Aren't Men The Saddest Creatures?by Lady Luck(24/Jan/03)
The Times Are Changing - A Poemby Lady Luck(11/Feb/03)
Project A-ko: Gift of the Magamiby Lady Tesser and David Schock(19/Dec/02)
The Projectby Lajos(14/Jan/02)
The Barbie.By Lanman(31/May/97)
Rusty's BikeL Anonymous [DD](31/May/97)
Rusty's Collection ServiceBy L AnonymousBusinessman is destroyed by sexy loan collector.(31/May/97)
First night with Laura.By Larry DarrellTotally controlled by an Amazon(07/May/01)
Meet Diva WeatherspoonBy Lashay SpearsYoung Jeff is seduced, then tortured and raped by a beautiful woman. (Black characters)(01/Aug/99)
Erin's delights.By
Confessions of a Muscular WomanBy Laura B. lauraflex@hotmail.comChapter One. How I came to know Ted.(19/Jan/05)
The Confessions of a Muscular WomanBy Laura B. lauraflex@hotmail.comChapter Two. How I came to love myself.(21/Jan/05)
The Confessions of a Muscular WomanBy Laura B. lauraflex@hotmail.comChapter Three. Regarding Matt.(23/Jan/05)
The Confessions of a Muscular WomanBy Laura B. lauraflex@hotmail.comChapter Four. Close Encounters of the Quad Kind.(25/Jan/05)
The Confessions of a Muscular WomanBy Laura B. lauraflex@hotmail.comChapter Five. In Which I Claim My Very First Vassal.(31/Jan/05)
The Confessions of a Muscular WomanBy Laura B. lauraflex@hotmail.comChapter Six. In Which I Take Him.(02/Feb/05)
The Pacific NorthwestLaurence Lasky [DD]After M.'s departure, Piglet almost never left San(31/May/97)
THE BERKELEY LESBIANSLaurence Lasky [IN](28/Mar/99)
The World's Strongest WomanBy L. Curtis Totty(22/Apr/02)
Olive Oyl and The Sea Hag's CurseBy Leee
BerniceBy LegsA man spots an old lover on the street.(21/Dec/03)
The revengeBy Lemon Sugar Sting(25/Apr/09)
The summer jobBy Lemon Sugar StingTwo young men learn# not to underestimate# female martial artists(25/Apr/09)
Dream Machine Xby Leonard ThropeA mysterious invention causes three women play out their petty jealousies on a titanic scale.(02/Oct/01)
Power Juice Xby Leonard ThropeHigh school students vie for control of a secret rapid-growth serum.(11/Dec/01)
Joining the Bandby LeowulfIn which a new gelding is born to an Amazon(15/Feb/04)
My First True Mixed-Wrestling Experienceby Leroy Brown(31/Jan/07)
The Reunionby letourneau(11/Aug/98)
Intensive Training 1: Samus AranBy L. Horatius Catullus, MafiaKirby@Gmail.comSamus Aran invites the Wii Fit Trainer to ‘Teach her a Lesson.’ The trainer complies, excessively(06/Sep/19)
The Dance Room brawlLiamTrub [EX]Dance room 228. Finals week. Morning.(30/Dec/15)
The Dance Room brawlLiamTrub [EX]Dance room 228. Finals week. Morning.(14/Jun/16)
Mega guy world worst superhero pat 4by lilguyIn a battle with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Someone find out his secret ID(04/Aug/03)
My First Orgasmby Linda E.mail:- linda.el@tesco.netA boy is beaten at boxing by a younger girl(11/Sep/15)
Pig LatinBy: Lingster(31/May/97)
MIGHTY MORPHIN' AMAZON CHEERLEADERSby LingsterTracy and her friends grow huge muscles and create havok at their high school.(18/Jun/97)
The Amazon ArtifactBy LingsterJennie finds an amazing artifact with strange powers(20/Sep/97)
The Amazon Artifact (Pt. 1 of 8)By: Lingster ( ancient relic draws strength from men causing women to grow strong.(23/Jun/97)
JACK-MORMONby Linton Lewis(18/Dec/03)
Ms.I.O.Union?By Lisa Bavington(06/Jul/02)
Red Sonja: The Queen of Acheronliterfull12 [LK](14/Aug/16)
Red Sonja: Betrayedliterfull12 [LK](16/Aug/16)
Casey Butler and the Jobliterfull12 [LK](03/Aug/16)
Casey Butler's Lost Opportunityliterfull12 [LK](26/Jul/16)
Casey Bulter: Amateur Courierliterfull12 [LK](26/Jul/16)
Casey Butler and The Wormwood Mansionliterfull12 [LK](26/Jul/16)
Casey Butler and Mistress Claw Part Oneliterfull12 [LK](27/Jul/16)
Casey Butler and Mistress Claw Part 2literfull12 [LK](27/Jul/16)
Casey Butler and Mistress Claw Part 3: The Pitliterfull12 [LK](27/Jul/16)
Casey Butler and The Pitliterfull12 [LK](28/Jul/16)
Red Sonja and The Death Dealerliterfull12 [LK](13/Aug/16)
Red Sonja: The Price of Deceptionliterfull12 [LK](16/Aug/16)
Red Sonja: On The Marketliterfull12 [LK](16/Aug/16)
Red Sonja: Capturedliterfull12 [LK](11/Aug/16)
Casey Butler and The Return of Clawliterfull12 [LK](02/Sep/16)
Nocturne: Rough NightLiterfull12 [EX](30/Jan/17)
Be careful what you wish [IN](22/May/02)
My Mistress the Magician,By Little B.(26/Jul/02)
the master and the servant - part 1by
three and three - part 1by
Tom and Cindy - Part 1by
Rachel and Liana - A True BDSM Sorority WelcomeLittleShiro-kun [LK](28/Aug/16)
Rescue Gone WrongLittleShiro-kun [LK](10/Sep/16)
Hotel BondageLittleShiro-kun [EX](29/Nov/17)
Attack on Interstate 8By Littlesilverstar, silverstar222b@yahoo.comA young college student becomes the target of a highway predator(10/Oct/06)
Toyedby LittletoyToyed with by a giantess(16/Sep/97)
The BouncerBy LivA growth story.(14/Nov/00)
The Gymnast: A growth story by LivLiv [IN](22/Oct/01)
Happy Birthday, Part IILiverpool Kiss [DD]Dog Day Afternoon. A 'Tail' of Forced Bi(14/Apr/06)
OMG Part ThreeLiverpool Kiss [DD]The Office Bitch(29/Feb/12)
OMGLiverpool Kiss [DD]Part 5, Thailand(29/Apr/12)
OMGLiverpool Kiss [DD]Part 6 Thailand II(10/Jun/12)
OMG. Travels with my MistressLiverpool Kiss [DD]Part 7(14/Aug/12)
To Be the Best I Can BeLiverpool Kiss [DD]Part Two(28/Jan/18)
To Be the Best I can BeLiverpool Kiss [DD]Part 3(31/Jan/18)
The Return of Mistress LolaBy Lola Powers, woteverlolawants@gmail.comMistress Lola is back with more firsthand accounts of her desires and adventures.(14/Nov/15)
Whatever Lola WantsBy Lola Powers, woteverlolawants@gmail.comIntroducing Lola Powers, the ultimate Amazon goddess(07/Nov/15)
Mistress Lola's University Adventures, Part OneBy Lola Powers, woteverlolawants@gmail.comMistress Lola takes over a sorority and gets even with a woman who mistreated her favorite male slave.(10/May/16)
Mistress Lola’s High School AdventuresBy Lola Powers, story of Mistress Lola when she was in high school(27/Mar/16)
The matchBy lomaxBoris' size and strength are no match for Heather's rock-hard body(10/Aug/00)
Tina's nightBy lomaxTina's muscles enable her to easily beat her would-be assailants(22/Sep/00)
Tina's DayBy LomaxTina shows her boxing teacher who's really stronger(23/May/01)
Fantasy Island Revisited. Part 1By Lomax(30/Aug/03)
Rudy's NightBy LomaxHeather easily beats up 4 men while Rudy watches(15/May/05)
Tina, Part 11Lomax [DD]Alan discovers that Tina's muscles are harder than the rocks in geology class.(04/Jul/05)
Alan Watches TinaBy LomaxTransfixed, Alan watches Tina demolish another, much bigger opponent, in the ring.(31/Jan/06)
###Heather###s next matchBy LomaxHeather easily overcomes another, much larger, opponent.(31/Jan/06)
Tina vs. Herbertby LomaxTina humiliates the class thug in armwrestling(25/Aug/06)
Frank's Story - Part 2by LomaxChapter 2: "She's Got Rocks"(04/Feb/07)
Frank's Story - Part 1by Lomax(19/Jan/07)
Lauren finally finds the love of her life.By
Loosing to Norma - The smell of defeatby loone11 looner11@web.deThe story is about a young man loosing to a beautyfull, domineering lady in several contests(11/Sep/15)
Loosing to Norma Part 3 - Under her spell -by looner11@web.deAfter kicking my ass in a wrestling match, I became the servant of the beautyful Norma(30/Sep/07)
Losing to Norma 4 - humiliated in publicby looner11@web.deNorma challenged me to a boxing match and a lot of people watch my humiliating defeat(17/Nov/07)
Loosing to Norma 5 - Becoming her propertyby looner11@web.deLast part of the Norma tale(19/Feb/08)
A modern Amazonby looner11@web.deA businessman meets a modern Amazon(02/Oct/08)
A modern Amazon 2by Looner11@web.deMiss Keller shows a businessman that she is not only better in business(02/Oct/08)
A modern Amazone 3by looner11@web.deA business man loses to a business woman in a fight and becomes her slave(13/Dec/08)
Loosing to Norma Part 2 - Total surrender -by looner11 , looner11@web.deThings get worse when Norma challanged me to a wrestling match(11/Sep/15)
A fight between ages.looney22247@hotmail.comThe gray headed warrior has to go up against a 21 year old.(07/Dec/99)
A Girl's Motivationby loozer78
Sheeva's ChroniclesBy **Chapter 1 : Banishment(10/Feb/00)
lost in the lostby
A Ride HomeLouis E. Gray [IN](09/May/06)
Amandaby Louise LewisAmanda forces Andy to submit completely(02/Oct/97)
CONTROL/ALT/DELETE. MALES, Chapter Twoby Louise LewisKali and Jayne demonstrate their abilities on Ian(02/Oct/97)
CONTROL/ALT/DELETE MALESby Louise Lewis.Jayne and Kali, destroyers of men(21/Sep/97)
She Wants it NOWLoveNotWarHe's not in the mood but she knows he can't resist her(15/Nov/00)
Breakfast meet-upby Lovestospar(03/Dec/16)
Cat-call gone Lovestospar(03/Dec/16)
Her house, her rulesby Lovestospar(03/Dec/16)
I want that key back!by Lovestospar(03/Dec/16)
Lend a handby Lovestospar(03/Dec/16)
Like prey to a pythonby Lovestospar(03/Dec/16)
Home Sparring Sessionby Lovestospar(10/Dec/17)
Life with a Taekwondo Goddess pt.1,by Lovestospar(05/Oct/17)
Bronyalthr212 [DD](12/Aug/10)
Bronya: Torture Queenby lthr212Part 2: Journey To Her Torture Chamber(11/Jul/11)
CindyBy Lucky GuyMy wife Cindy and her best friend Diane.(31/May/97)
Cindy vs. Diane: Boxing At The Danceby Lucky Guy **(31/May/97)
Cindy vs. Annby Lucky Guy(22/Apr/98)
Blind dateby Luffarungen(07/Jan/03)
The Blind dateBy Luffarungen(08/Sep/03)
The Great Date - part LuffarungenLift & Carry story(08/Sep/03)
The Great Date part Luffarungena LIFT & Carry story(27/Sep/03)
John and the stepsisterLuffarungen [IN](08/Feb/04)
Tom's dateLuffarungen [IN](31/Dec/04)
The kidnapping - a L&C Story.By luffarungen(24/Oct/07)
Dysfunctinal FamilyLuffarungen [IN](13/Aug/08)
Blind dateby Luffarungen(24/Apr/10)
Dysfunctional Familyby luffarungen(02/Feb/10)
Dysfunctional FamilyBy LuffarungenThis story is part 2 about this family.(02/Feb/10)
The Great Date ' part LuffarungenLift & Carry story(24/Apr/10)
The Great Date ' part LuffarungenLift & Carry story(24/Apr/10)
Lizaby Luffarungen(24/Apr/10)
Nadiaby Luffarungen(24/Apr/10)
A strong waitressBy Luffarungen.(11/Mar/03)
A strong older womanBy luffarungen.(11/Dec/07)
Joanna's introduction to L and CBy Luffarungen
Eric's first babysittingLuffarungen ( [IN](05/Jun/05)
Photo shootBy luffarungen -
A little lift and carry storyBy Luffarungen,
Nadia and BenBy luffarungen,
Babysitting sistersBy Luffarungen,
The Odd CoupleBy Luffarungen, luffarungen@hotmail.comOlder woman dominates her younger, taller boyfriend.(12/Jan/21)
Jane River and Ethan Fox: The brothers problemby Lukas Kampf(E-Mail: to avenge his bully brother Dillan, Wayne meets two new students(20/Jan/17)
Jane River and Ethan Fox: The bullies problemby Lukas Kampf(E-Mail: up Wayne has attracted some unwanted attention to Jane(12/Feb/17)
ENLSG 5: Vexing IntentionBy Luke Talen(25/Jul/10)
ENLSG 5: Vexing IntentionBy Luke Talen(22/Jun/11)
Kitten vs. Youby lurker1001 aka Angus McLeod(22/Dec/17)
The Roommateby lyonsr_98Story about the danger or wrestling with a woman.(08/Mar/02)
The Scaleby lyonsr_98@yahoo.comA simple scale show just how strong a girl can be.(22/Mar/02)

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