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Most of these entries present the same data as Diana's index pages, just restructured into table form. Occasionally, however, you will run across my added notation. This denotes where I have made an adjustment for a file that does not provide information in conformance with Diana's formatting guidelines. If you're curious about my note system, read here.
The Bartender with the Black BeltMA AdamsCarly the bartender has to put a drunk customer in his place(24/Mar/02)
Little Sis Gets Evenby ma_adamsCammi evens the score with Jason using her TKD skills(21/Nov/02)
Wednesday Night WrestlingBy (MacOde)More girls having fun(15/May/98)
Roommate WarsBy MadcatJoey gets more than he bargained for.(19/Oct/14)
Brutal Muscle Encounter Or Not? Starring TomBy Mad Jones madick12@yahoo.comThis is a story about a man who gets a visit from an unexpected woman that is determined to manhandle him and use him for her own twisted sexual cause.(02/Dec/02)
I Lay Me Down To Restby Madman(17/Jul/06)
The Amazon Twins Get an AllyBy Madman who missed Mensa by only 85 IQ points(21/Aug/17)
Amanda Jones Student Sleuth: The Saber CaseMad-Man-with-a-Pen [EX](06/Mar/16)
Cate's NapMad-Man-with-a-Pen [EX](18/Mar/16)
Batgirl in Catnap!Mad-Man-with-a-Pen [EX](06/Mar/16)
Double Danger: Hermione's Sleepy EncounterMad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](30/Jun/16)
Double Danger: The Ginny DetourMad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](30/Jun/16)
Double Danger: Fleur FallsMad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](30/Jun/16)
Power of the EnchantressMad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](26/Jun/16)
The Fox and the SleuthMad-Man-with-a-Pen [EX](10/Apr/16)
Supergirl: The Green Eyes of JealousyMad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](27/Jul/16)
Ms. Marvel's Night OutMad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](18/Jun/16)
Amanda Jones: A Night at the MuseumMad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](27/Jul/16)
The Mistress of the Night vs The Mistress of SleepMad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](09/Aug/16)
Poolside EncounterMad-Man-with-a-Pen [EX](06/Mar/16)
Power Girl: Test SubjectMad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](18/Jun/16)
A Taste of Shadow paired with a Drink of DynamoMad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](19/Jun/16)
Shadow Samurai: Under the Big Top Part 1Mad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](06/Aug/16)
Shadow Samurai: Under the Big Top Part 2Mad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](06/Aug/16)
Shadow Samurai: Under the Big Top Part 3Mad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](06/Aug/16)
Shadow Samurai: Under the Big Top Part 4Mad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](06/Aug/16)
SHIELD Girls Night OutMad-Man-with-a-Pen [EX](11/Apr/16)
Taking a bite out of Steel Supergirl vs VampireMad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](17/Jun/16)
Power Girl and Supergirl vs The Night Witch!Mad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](30/Jun/16)
XOXO from Amelia PondMad-Man-with-a-Pen [EX](17/Jun/16)
Ziva meets NyxMad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](16/Apr/16)
Wonder Woman-Wonder Girl: Revenge of the Baroness!Mad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](06/Sep/17)
Wonder Woman: The D-Day TrapMad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](04/Aug/17)
Wonder Woman: Revenge of the Deadly ToysMad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](10/Aug/17)
Wonder Woman in a Shocking Trap!Mad-Man-with-a-Pen [LK](06/Sep/17)
LindaMag [IN](12/Mar/00)
Mengran and Hans Part 1by
Mengran and Hans - Part 2by
Of Horses and Menby Magia (August 1997), translation from the Italian by Raf (January 1998)Of Linda's mare and Ugo's stallion, and animal passions by the sea(25/Jan/98)
Amy Bulks Up - Part 1by Magic Man(05/Jan/02)
Elf's playBy Magik Marauder(14/Aug/02)
Mike Part 1 - TammyMAK-PA@MSN.COM [DD]A young Amazon teaches neighborhood boys a lesson(14/Jun/97)
Mike Part 2 - Little SisterMAK-PA@MSN.COM [DD]Little Sister is Stronger Than Big Brother.(14/Jun/97)
Mike Part 3 - Mom and DadMAK-PA@MSN.COM [DD]Mom Teaches Dad a Lesson in Manners.(14/Jun/97)
Mike Part 1 - TammyStory by: MAK-PA@MSN.COMA girl in town shows the boys what damage and pleasure an Amazon can cause(08/Jan/98)
Mike Part 2 - Little SisterStory by: MAK-PA@MSN.COMMike's little sister gets stronger than him, so does her younger friend(08/Jan/98)
Mike Part 3 - Mom and DadStory by: MAK-PA@MSN.COMMom teaches Dad a lesson that he will never forget with her new muscles(08/Jan/98)
Mike Part 4 - Mom's BoyfriendStory By: MAK-PA@MSN.COMMom's new boyfriend crosses the line and pays the price(08/Jan/98)
Mary Part 1 - Starting High SchoolBy: MAK-PA@MSN.COMMary shows her superior strength in high school sports and learns about sex(08/Jan/98)
Schoolgirl's amazing growth spurt 1By Malleni(30/Sep/01)
MandyMandy [IN](29/Nov/12)
SheHulk:The Forgotten Froffessionby Maniac(06/Mar/99)
Fighting Kat Dennings A Competitive Wrestling Storymannj [EX](21/Jul/16)
An Abuser's Vicious PunishmentBy marcus3@gmail.comA killer and mutilator of females, young and old, is caught, punished and has his treatment video recorded by two young, beautiful cruel ladies.(27/Dec/18)
Letters to Moshi, an addition to the Hardie stories.By Marcus In DisguiseMoshi is gone, but the humiliation continues for Yokito.(09/Nov/05)
The Loincloth and The Book.By Marcus in Disguise, magic has gone out of the words, "Me Tarzan, you Jane."(13/Jun/06)
Oops!by Marcus in Disguise, having buns of steel, Superman feels the pain of a tiny lady's spanking.(20/May/06)
7'4" vs. 4'7"by Marcus in Disguise. snnz3a@earthlnk.netAn oversized boy fights an undersized girl. Guess who wins!(25/Nov/05)
A Birds Eye View - A Facesitting marcuswriter3@gmail(03/Dec/18)
AN EXTRACT FROM A DAY'S WORKby marcuswriter3@gmail.comA sadistic female assassin exacts her own justice.(25/Nov/18)
Angel of No Mercy.By marcuswriter3@gmailLady Ara brutally destroys and humiliates as she avenges some abused women at the hands of an evil man!(29/Nov/18)
The First EncounterBy marcuswriter3@gmailLady Ara begins her domination on a pathetic subject(28/Nov/18)
A Mother, a Daughter, and my Uncle. Then came Ara. Part 2By
A Mother, a Daughter, and my Uncle. Then came
A Mother, a Daughter, and my Uncle. Then came Ara. Part threeby
Bro and Sis In-laws and Out-lawsby marcuswriter3@gmail.comA thief and scam artist enlists his naive Sister in the subduing of the aged owner of the house he decided to burgle.(12/Feb/19)
YOU WERE MADE TO SERVE ME. YOU WERE marcuswriter3@gmail.comA young man, a young woman. The woman owned him and had always done so. Even before he was born. BOOK ONE; Before The Beginning.(08/Apr/19)
EVOLUTIONby Mardee Louise PrynneOur heroine is a young girl who evloves into a very forceful teen. She has a need for the companionship of girls and will even alter boys to meet her special needs.(20/Jun/01)
SCHOOLYARD TERROR, Part Iby Mardee Louise PrynneIn which we meet a lithe, young amazon who immediately establishes herself as a force to be, not reckoned with but simply to be obeyed.(19/Jun/01)
SCHOOLYARD TERROR, Part IIby Mardee Louise Prynne(22/Jun/01)
SCHOOLYARD TERROR, 3by Mardee Louise Prynne(24/Jun/01)
SCHOOLYARD TERROR, Part 4by Mardee Louise Prynne(24/Jun/01)
SCHOOLYARD TERROR, Part 5by Mardee Louise Prynne(27/Jun/01)
Turnaboutby Mardee Louise Prynne(21/Jun/01)
SUBWAY TALE, Part IIby Mardee Louise Prynne(03/Nov/01)
SUBWAY TALEby Mardee Louise PrynneHis intent to molest a girl on a crowded subway ends to her satisfaction and to his surprise.(22/Oct/01)
The country girlBy
Female genes IIby
My fat little sisterBy
My little fat sister IIBy **(26/Jul/05)
My little fat sister IIIBy **(26/Jul/05)
RinaMarfam@walla.comA story about a man who finds out his loving wife is stronger then him and learns to deal with it(11/Sep/15)
Margarita is a lethal mixed martial artist on top of the world!Margarita [IN](18/Feb/08)
My Girlfriend's Ex-GirlfriendMario99999 [LK](10/Oct/17)
LiftsBy Mark(31/May/97)
Sweettooth ChocolatesBy Mark(31/May/97)
KathyBy Mark(03/Nov/98)
Kimby MarkShe decides it's time to tie up loose ends...(10/Feb/19)
The [IN](29/Mar/20)
The school dinner [IN](29/Mar/20)
The School: Office [IN](29/Mar/20)
Daddy [IN](17/Feb/21)
Mommy Knows [IN](15/Feb/21)
Top of the Classby MarkusA bullyboy is out-muscled by a new girl in school(18/Jun/02)
Three girlsBy Martin Cooper(13/May/99)
Jewelby Martin Cooper(20/May/99)
Castrated by My SistersBy Martin Cooper(20/May/99)
Top Bitches,by Martin Cooper(13/May/99)
JAKE'S LESSONBy Martin Harris(31/May/97)
Castration As A Surprise Christmas Presentby Martin (four letters oh, not four numbers 0)My Wife takes me to see a girl castrate a man in the wrestling arena: then home for more!(08/Jan/06)
Castrated by a Young Girl FighterBy MartinOOOO@Hotmail.comA tough male warrior is defeated and castrated by a pretty little girlie.(04/Dec/05)
Jewel CastrAtes me During a Pub Fightby Martinoooo@hotmail.comI am tricked into a pub fight: the girl us and castrates me.(29/Dec/05)
Castrated by The Office Girlsby MartinOOOO@hotmail.comI, a Domineering boss am humiliated, defeated and castrated by my office girls(29/Dec/05)
Girl Power! Girls' Sexual Dominance of Menby MartinOOOO@hotmail.comA route to sexual happiness and feeling secure(08/Jan/06)
Castrated in Revenge for Rapeby (four letters oh, not four numbers 0)A Schoolgirl seduces me, her PT Teacher and castates me at the moment of rape.(08/Jan/06)
Castrated by a girl at schoolby (four letters oh, not four numbers 0)The schoolgirls are shown how to castrate a man(08/Jan/06)
Boy and Girl vs.Ko and JoeBy Marty the Gorilla(14/Jun/99)
Jungle Boy vs. K.O.KittyBy Marty the Gorilla(05/Aug/99)
Daniel P. Dork, Sex SlaveBy Marty the Gorilla(14/Jun/99)
Jungle Girl vs. Joltin' JoeBy Marty the Gorilla(20/May/99)
A Lil' GrowthBy MasschineA guy with a special talent gets in trouble for doing it again(27/Dec/02)
Stephanie Discovers Her Passionby Massive MuscleStephanie discovers her hidden passion for wrestling and control(18/Jun/01)
Stephanie's First Matchby Massive MuscleStephanie's first match, she discovers a love for wrestling, and women?(18/Jun/01)
Strippedby MattA track team tradition goes awry.(08/Feb/05)
Bitch Slappedby
The Steam Roomby Matthew HubbardA tall and muscular ebony alien uses him for her pleasure(20/Sep/97)
The Hall of The Champion (The Steam Room Part II)by Matthew HubbardThe tall and muscular ebony alien introduces him to her friends(20/Sep/97)
My Cheating Heartby Matt matt2323@writeme.comThe first time I cheated on a girl, my first humiliation.(09/Mar/05)
Stage Fightby Matt matt2323@writeme.comAssigned to help my ex put on a play.(25/Jun/05)
Cruel Mommy 2Mature Muscle LoverThomas' nightmare at the hands of his cruel muscle mom and her friends begins.(03/Oct/05)
Cruel Mommy 4Mature Muscle LoverMommy's wrath.(03/Oct/05)
Boxing Lessonby Mature Muscle LoverNever mess with accounts.(01/Oct/05)
Cruel MommyMature Muscle LoverEvil muscle mom's son comes back 14 years after she gave him away at birth.(03/Oct/05)
Cruel Mommy 3Mature Muscle LoverThe shopping trip.(03/Oct/05)
New kid makes friendsby Max Doubt (Max gets a boyfriend and puts finish to Jake(04/Sep/99)
New kid makes friendsby Max Doubt (Max gets a boyfriend and puts finish to Jake(04/Sep/99)
New kid in townby Max Doubt ( high school bullies decide to pick on the wrong girl!(04/Sep/99)
Schoolgirl Catfightby Max Doubt ( young teen gets bested and bare breasted(06/Apr/00)
Sweet Asia's RevengeMaynard Peabody [IN]Slaughter at Sly Billie's(14/Nov/02)
Dear Battle Clan,Maynard Peabody [IN](14/Nov/02)
Neal and John are enslavedmbpmbp [EX](02/Jun/16)
The mixed wrestling tournamentMC [IN]A battle of the sexes(16/Dec/97)
Newcomers Guide to the ChatroomBy MC(06/Jun/03)
Incomplete CompilationMCInvictus3 unfinished probably forever stories involving violence and domination(26/Jan/11)
Ultimate ControlMcInvictus(11/Apr/11)
Batgirl: Blow-up Doll - by MD James (1/4) (M/F, breast enlargement)by MD James
Natasha And Dane's First Timeme and Horror93 [IN](18/Nov/18)
Jenny Bond Masterpiece!mega23101982 [LK](17/Aug/17)
Rachael's Story 06mehrjessica [LK](17/Oct/17)
THE KIDNAPPINGby MelanieAll he lived for was to be controlled, now he was in for a big surprise!(20/May/10)
Dead In The WaterBy MeliadusA teenage gymnast drowns a frail old man.(13/Aug/98)
Death by Gymnastby MELIADUSOld man murdered by fifteen year old gymnasts body and feet.(26/Jul/98)
Three storiesby Melissa(01/Aug/99)
Cinderella's funBy memyselfCinderella beats up a guy(09/Jun/07)
The Delicious Destruction of PeterModified by Men Out Of Their MindsShawne physically destroys a man, breaks ribs and ...(06/Dec/00)
A Primitive Meredith Jaussaud(04/Jul/02)
I Am Meredith Jaussaud(04/Jul/02)
BLIND DATE 3by MERZ: mrmerz@yahoo.comBetty Hunt finds a new sport and a man to play with(22/Apr/02)
Meteor 77 - part 2by
Gentle strength Chapter 1by Mez261ukA young husband finds that his wife is stronger than him, but in a nice way.(17/Feb/12)
Sharla and the slaverBy mez261ukA tale of strong women taking control in ancient times(17/Feb/12)
DATE RAPEby Michael Elkwhat happens when a simple rape goes terribly wrong(06/Dec/03)
to catch a thiefby Michael Elkhe picked the wrong woman to rob(04/Dec/03)
In The Arms of an Angelby Michael ElkA young man finds himself the unwilling captive of a dominatrix.(27/Sep/04)
My First Mixed Wrestling MatchBy Michael ElkWhere I meet a pretty tough French Canadian girl.(27/Oct/04)
AnnetteBy Michael ElkAnnette and I wrestle.(04/Nov/04)
Leonaby Michael ElkA true story of my first mixed wrestling(26/May/05)
My Life of Crime - Monique shows me why it is preferable to go straight.By Michael Elk(17/Feb/05)
SUMATRA - After the WarBy Michael ElkA young man encounters a female soldier.(04/Feb/06)
An Understanding With Carlyby Michael ElkCarly bullies my little sister, and I step in(19/Jan/07)
Cindyby Michael ElkAn escort surrprise(15/Sep/07)
Damien and Corinneby Michael ElkA purse snatcher gets more than a purse(16/Aug/07)
The kidnapingby Michael ElkI pay the price for having rich parents(22/May/08)
In The Arms of an Angel - A rewriteby Michael ElkA rewrite of the sex scene, in response to the critique by Spiros Bousbouras. Hope you enjoy.(01/Jul/08)
The Pondby Michael ElkA young man gets a lesson in more than swimming.(25/Aug/09)
My Seductionby Michael Elk(13/Sep/11)
Gabriella: A young man is taken against his Michael Elk(08/Jul/11)
Heather Rousseau, Private Eyeby Michael ElkHeather gets more than she bargains for while on a case(24/Oct/12)
My Subjugation of Supergirlby Michael ElkHow does one overcome the power of a superhero ?(14/Sep/12)
Camino de Santiago 1by Michael ElkA young man is kidnaped on a hiking trail(22/Jan/16)
Camino de Santiago 2by Michael ElkA young man is kidnapped and enslaved(29/Jan/16)
Karen - How I lose my freedomby Michael Elk(11/Aug/17)
Nora: She is an anti-masker who I confront with dire consequencesBy Michael Elk(06/Feb/21)
His Awful Marriage - chapter 1Michael Freemont [DD](13/Apr/02)
His Awful Marriage - chapter 2by Michael Freemont(14/Apr/02)
His Awful Marriage - chapter 3by Michael Freemont(15/Apr/02)
His Awful Marriage - chapter 4by Michael Freemont(16/Apr/02)
His Awful Marriage - chapter 5by Michael Freemont(17/Apr/02)
His Awful Marriage - chapter 6by Michael Freemont(18/Apr/02)
His Awful Marriage - chapter 7by Michael Freemont(18/Apr/02)
His Awful Marriage - chapter 8by Michael Freemont(19/Apr/02)
His Awful Marriage - chapter 9by Michael Freemont(20/Apr/02)
His Awful Marriage - chapter 10by Michael Freemont(22/Apr/02)
His Awful Marriage - chapter 11by Michael Freemont(22/Apr/02)
His Awful Marriage - chapter 12by Michael Freemont(23/Apr/02)
His Awful Marriage - chapter 13by Michael Freemont(24/Apr/02)
His Awful Marriage - chapter 14by Michael Freemont(25/Apr/02)
His Awful Marriage - final chapterby Michael Freemont(26/Apr/02)
SHELLEYBy Michele LeMuscle, Revised by Rob Colburn colburn@hotmail.comShelley improves her grades(07/May/01)
How I spent my Summer VacationBy MichelleThe story of two busty women in Las Vegas who end up fighting for their men(07/May/01)
Vegas 2001 Part 2by Michelle(07/Sep/01)
Gail vs. Michelle in a tiebreaker.By Michelle & PilotMy wife, Gail, faces Michelle in a tit squeezing tiebreaker with a no rules last round.(27/May/01)
In Laws Fightby Michellepuma@hotmail.comA fight from 10 years ago where I mixed it up with my brother in laws new girl friend!(10/Jul/01)
The Catfighter V The BoxerBy michellepuma@hotmail.comA real fight I recently had vers a female boxer at our health club....(22/Mar/02)
How I Got StartedBy Michelle Puma ' michellepuma@hotmail.comThe story of how a wife and a mother started fighting other women for the enjoyment of her husband and herself(14/May/01)
Michelle vrs the AmazonBy Michelle Puma michellepuma@hotmailcomMichelle and her husband watch a mud wrestling show and Michelle becomes part of the entertainment.(16/May/01)
Family Feud Chapter 1by Mickey One(22/Nov/02)
Family Feud Chapter 2by Mickey One(05/Dec/02)
Family Feud Chapter 3by Mickey One(18/Dec/02)
Angie's Trophiesby Mickey One(03/Jan/03)
Angie's Trophies...Continuesby Mickey One(21/Jan/03)
Angies Trophies......and thoughts of Albert Einsteinby Mickey OneA work of fiction conceived and writtten by Mickey One(05/Feb/03)
MIKO THE MANby mico(01/May/98)
Women Against Menby mico(16/May/98)
The Class BrainBy Midnite WriterRebecca shows a classmate that she's smarter and stronger than he is(09/Apr/02)
The Dinner GuestBy Midnite WriterBobby learns that spying on Rebecca is a bad idea(05/Apr/02)
pinned at the partyby midnite writercharlie picks on the wrong girl and pays the price(31/Mar/02)
An Unusual Day at the Golf CourseBy Midnite WriterHe may have beat her at golf, but at what price?(15/Jul/02)
A Lesson in RespectBy Midnite WriterA husband is humiliated by his wife in front of their friends(08/Jun/02)
Step Dad Loses Control of the HouseBy Midnite WriterMom and Daughter take command of the man of the house(10/Jun/02)
Lois' Time to Fly ama transMighty Lingster(31/May/97)
THE MONKEY'S PAWby Mighty LingsterShe grows as big and muscular as her huge breasts.(23/Jun/97)
Building BrandMighty LingsterGood natured story about some college kids who mess around with some magical muscle cream.(14/Nov/00)
Lois' Time to Flyby Mighty Lingster(12/Sep/01)
Fightby migneron(23/Aug/07)
RobinMike [DD]Robin and Phil had been friends ever since they attended grammar school(31/May/97)
Robin and Phil againBy Mike(31/May/97)
Robin and Phil - round threeBy Mike(31/May/97)
Statsby Mike(02/Sep/01)
ENSIGN TORRES - THE EARLY YEARSBy MikeTorres pressed down hard with her hip, smothering her helpless captive ...(28/Aug/01)
Yena and The Ying and YangBy MikeYena had time to watch the young Amazon Gabrielle perform in the Squat Smother event ...(28/Aug/01)
CHARMED - TO DEATHMike [IN](14/Jul/04)
ConnieBy mike1969A surprise visit from a Canadian hardbody.(25/Jan/07)
WARD [IN](09/Dec/10)
Queen of the KillBy Mike3121A Hunger Games Type Story. Depicted in this story are naked females using their bodies to smother and kill young males.(03/Dec/13)
Sex KillsBy Mike3121(28/May/15)
Diana, The Early [IN](01/Jan/11)
Tinkering with Destiny and Busty Nicki DopplerBy Mike DillonA close encounter of the best kind with a time traveler(14/May/01)
MURRAY AND THE MUSCLEWOMANBy Mike L.At 6 feet, 2 inches and 180 pounds of pure muscle, she was a sight to behold.(28/Mar/98)
THE MIDGET AND THE MUSCLEWOMAN PART 2By MIKE L.Murray Gets a Piece while Amy Gets The Whole Enchilada(09/Apr/98)
The TOPhotoGuy Story, an Autobiographyby Mike Sheehan.(22/Aug/00)
Tina vs. the War Machinesby
Marissa protects the shipby Mike.yc2201@gmail.comHugely muscled warrior-babe is sent to single-handedly protect a sailing ship. She does a Herculean workout while the whole crew watches. Some sensual muscle-worship occurs after.(09/Jul/21)
Showing off at the Club 2mike.yc2201@gmail.comA powerful female bodybuilder performs a sensual strength exhibition.(16/Jul/21)
Kelly's SisterBy Mike York My15000@aol.comAfter getting beaten by Kelly, a college senior now wrestles her younger sister.(17/Apr/98)
Dominated by Kelly.By Mike York, My15000@aol.comA young High School Student wrestles her tutor.(17/Apr/98)
Rude AwakeningBy MildManInVaDaughter and friend dominate father with small penis(10/Oct/06)
Big Brother's Baby BonerBy MildManInVa18 YO Sister and friends humiliate college big brother with tiny penis(16/Oct/06)
Big Delia Meets Little DickieBy MildManInVaBBW Strong woman dominates older man with short penis(10/Oct/06)
GirlScouts From HellBy MildManInVaGirl Scouts dominate male counselor with small penis(10/Oct/06)
Gymnasts From HellBy MildManInVaDaughter and friend dominate and humiliate small cocked father(10/Oct/06)
Mommy's Plan For My Puny PenisBy MildManInVaMother advises son with short penis how to defend himself(16/Oct/06)
The Devil Wears PigtailsBy MildManInVa(10/Oct/06)
Tale Of A Small PenisBy MildManInVaDominant Psychiatrist straightens out submissive male with small penis(10/Oct/06)
Sorority Girls From HellBy MildManInVaSorority Girls dominate Professor with small penis for initiation(10/Oct/06)
Teenaged Boss From HellBy MildManInVa18 YO Vice President hires 53 year old male with small penis as Executive Assistant(15/Oct/06)
Angel Strikesby
Jasmine Medina #7 "AMUSEMENT PARK PERIL"Mirage [EX](29/Sep/16)
Jasmine Medina-Teen Sleuth "Mystery at Soccer CampMirage [EX](20/Aug/16)
Jasmine Medina: ADVENTURE AT APACHE LAKEMirage [EX](10/Sep/16)
Jasmine Medina #6 "LESSONS IN FEAR"Mirage [EX]LESSONS IN FEAR CH 1(16/Sep/16)
Jasmine Medina #3 "PERILOUS RIVALRYMirage [EX](27/Aug/16)
Wonder Woman vs Supergirlby MirandaThe world's two most famous superheroines in body shattering battle for supremacy.(17/Jan/03)
First The Best . . . Then The Restby MirandaSpecial formulas lead to the domination of the Superman.(07/Apr/03)
Wonder Woman Lashes Outby Miranda(07/Apr/03)
A Charity Match Means Giving Till It Hurtsby MirandaA charity wrestling match is not an event of goodwill forWonder Woman(03/Dec/03)
Sentenced by Amazonby MirandaFollowing the challenge trial outcome, WW executes sentence(21/Feb/04)
Trial By Amazonby MirandaAlone, I face a suspicious WW following her "uncharitable" wrestling charity match(01/Jan/04)
The Fruits In This Case, Melons of Victoryby MirandaWhoever wins, your girlfriend's melons are gonna get squeezed(25/Mar/05)
Nightmareby MirandaOnly in her dreams - hopefully(04/May/06)
Powdered Power [HTM]by Miranda **(Cheetah sends out others to harry her prey)(29/Mar/06)
The Cat's Trap - Part 1by MirandaWW pays a painful ransom to my 'kidnappers' to try and secure my release(30/Jun/07)
Laura vs. Benby Miss Laura, mk92787@hotmail.comAn optimistic male squares off against a veteran amateur in the wrestling ring.(27/Jan/09)
Miss Laura: Paybackby Miss Laura, mk92787@hotmail.comLaura accepts a wrestling offer from someone who humiliated her long ago, but in her revenge will she go too far?(03/Jul/09)
Miss Laura: Showdownby Miss Laura, mk92787@hotmail.comTina harassed Laura. Laura hurt Tina's sister. After months of drama, they finally go at it, but who will exact her revenge on whom?(27/Dec/09)
Miss Laura: Her Sister's Keeperby Miss Laura, mk92787@hotmail.comLaura finally confronts someone who had been giving her a headache for months. But instead of a challenge, this person has a favor to ask of her.(19/Dec/09)
Miss Laura vs. Chuckby Miss Laura, mk92787@hotmail.comLaura meets her match and takes him for a ride around the wrestling ring.(25/Apr/09)
Miss Laura vs. Jeffby Miss Laura, mk92787@hotmail.comLaura puts the squeeze on a scrawnier male who made the foolish mistake of showing up to the wrestling ring late.(10/Feb/09)
Miss Laura vs. Scottby Miss Laura, mk92787@hotmail.comLaura takes an online buddy, her youngest opponent ever, to school, so to speak.(27/Mar/09)
Miss Laura vs. Wayneby Miss Laura, mk92787@hotmail.comLaura looks for a wrestling challenge and finds it, one that almost leaves her breathless.(26/May/09)
Miss Laura: Wannabeby Miss Laura, mk92787@hotmail.comLaura takes on a wrestling poser who needs to be taken down a peg or two.(10/Jun/09)
Miss Laura: The Gauntlet part oneby Miss Laura,
Miss Laura: The Gauntlet part twoby Miss Laura,
Easy Score AgainBy Mistress Kate(22/Jun/03)
Devoted to Serviceby Mistress Pleasuredome(16/Dec/06)
A stately processionBy Mitch GregoryA proud public official wrestles his ex-girlfriend for his cushy job(08/Jun/18)
Digital tortureBy Mitch GregoryFrom her perspective, he brought this upon himself(01/Nov/18)
Beach EncounterBy mixedfighter@hotmail.comA college graduate gets a lesson in fighting from a beach babe(13/Jul/99)
The Devious Helenby Mixedfighter@hotmail.comAn account of a private match with Helen of San Franscisco(26/Mar/00)
The marineBy Mixedfighter(15/Jun/00)
Parking Lot Madnessby
Gus boxes Annieby mixedfighterca@yahoo.comA brutal mixed boxing match where Gus learns who really is the stronger sex(29/Sep/05)
Gus Meets his Match - A mixed boxing [IN](27/Sep/05)
Back in The Ringby
The Comebackby
In The Leagueby
A New Division in The [DD](12/Oct/09)
The Lessonby
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Sex-Pin Wrestling Tales. Story 1: First Timersby Mr. E, stacyhugger@yahoo.caIt's "Sex-Pin Wrestling" between two new, nervous opposite sexed fighters!(15/Mar/09)
Sex-Hug Rematch!by Mr. E. - stacyhugger@yahoo.caA male competitor is both nervous and excited to "sex-hug wrestle" a beautiful female contender he once defeated, but who now seems like a new and more muscular wrestler!(28/Nov/09)
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Jane picks up a third [IN](21/Apr/08)
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Power of light (2), Neodystrophin(5) crossover.By Myostatinus, myostatinus@yahoo.comLights making muscles grow, strobe in a strip joint, genetically enhanced superbabes caught in the crossfire.(16/Feb/03)

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