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FIVE PERCENTby NadieRosemary was so much larger than him that she could still handily overpower him.(08/Jun/98)
A Star is Bornby Nancy(28/Apr/19)
He Likes it. Hey Mikey!by Nancy(26/Mar/19)
He Likes it. Hey Mikey! Part 2by Nancy(28/Mar/19)
He Likes it. Hey Mikey! Part 3by Nancy(01/Apr/19)
Nancy Schools TomNancy at [IN](13/Feb/19)
Movie Fight Leads to Real Fight by Nancyby
Demons, Part 1By NathanThe Capture(03/Mar/98)
Demons, part 2by NathanThe Transformation(03/Mar/98)
Demons, Part 3By NathanThe Escape(25/Mar/98)
Mary the farm girlBy Neckbreaker (male),
The beautiful blonde ballbreakerBy nedisall@hotmail.comI meet a beautiful sexy woman who enjoys destroying men's balls(27/Feb/07)
Sally and menelek [IN]Chapter 3 : My life by nelek(27/Dec/09)
Sally and meby nelekChapter 4 : Skeletons in the closet(03/Apr/10)
Sally and MeBy NelekChapter 5: The Workout(15/Jun/11)
Sally and MeBy NelekChapter 6: The Workout Part II(03/Dec/11)
Sally and MeBy NelekChapter 7: The Workout Part III(07/Feb/13)
Sally and me - At the poolby nelek nelek@gmx.atThe first installment in a series about the incredibly strong, tall, muscular and beautiful girl living with me(05/Sep/09)
Sally and meby nelek nelek@gmx.atChapter 2 : Never wake a sleeping giant(05/Sep/09)
My girlfriend and I (True story)by Nemo ddddd59@hotmail.comThis is an account on the experience I had with my first girlfriend.(04/May/05)
Miya Chapter 1 - ArrivalBy NeptuneStrong alien female arrives on Earth(04/Apr/99)
Miya Chapter 2- First EncounterBy NeptuneMiya meets a trucker(10/Apr/99)
Miya Chapter 3 - Retrieval AttemptBy NeptuneMiya meets some soldiers(10/May/99)
Only one will remain - Chap 1By NeptuneCheerleader vs School Office Worker(23/Nov/99)
Only one will remain - Chap 2By NeptuneHousewife vs Actress(23/Nov/99)
Only one will remain - Chap 3By NeptunePro Athlete vs Shop Attendant(28/Dec/99)
Only one will remain - Chap 4By NeptuneConstruction Worker vs Army Officer(28/Dec/99)
Brandi - OriginBy NeptuneA better woman is made(31/Jul/99)
Brandi - GymBy NeptuneBrandi clears out the gym(31/Jul/99)
Brandi 3 - PlayBy NeptuneBrandi clears out the bar(11/Aug/99)
Brandi 4 - WorkBy NeptuneBrandi goes nuts at the construction site(28/Aug/99)
Brandi 5 - ArmyBy NeptuneBrandi is recruited by her country(02/Sep/99)
Only one will remain - Chap 5By NeptuneHigh School Cheerleader vs Shop Attendant(16/May/00)
Only one will remain - Chap 6By NeptuneHousewife vs Construction Worker(16/May/00)
Wonder Woman and the Amazonsby NerdWonder Woman then removed her bustier and satin briefs ...(10/May/98)
The Amazons Are Cheeringby NerrawThe young Amazon plants one foot upon the massive chest of her vanquished Enemy and she raises her arms in VICTORY!(08/Aug/09)
Anna out of handby Newmark(22/Oct/06)
Amazon cousin, movie nightby Newmark(22/Oct/06)
Rewrite of Chelgi's 'Amazon Cousin'by Newmark(22/Oct/06)
Amazon cousin, morning showerby Newmark(22/Oct/06)
Anna 1: exposed by [IN](22/Oct/06)
Anna Loraine, Our [IN](22/Oct/06)
Anna 4: my strange but loving [IN](22/Oct/06)
Anna and Her Little [IN](22/Oct/06)
Anna 7: Anna Grows Up in [IN](22/Oct/06)
Anna [IN](22/Oct/06)
Telemesh 1: Job [IN](22/Oct/06)
Scarlett NC-17Nicepuppy [EX](01/Dec/15)
Democrat vs. RepublicanNicepuppy [EX](21/Jul/16)
Who will wash the dishes?Nicepuppy [EX](11/Jun/16)
Humiliated: Wrestling MomNicepuppy [EX](22/May/16)
Beat by girlfriend's momNicepuppy [LK](22/May/16)
Fourth of July Picnic: Brat Attack!Nicepuppy [EX](26/Jan/16)
Boxing DominationNicepuppy [LK](22/May/16)
All relationships are about power PG-13Nicepuppy [EX]A story inspired by the great session wrestler Robin "Suzie" Johnson...(16/May/16)
Neighbor Teaches a LessonNicepuppy [EX](16/May/16)
MistakesNicepuppy [LK]A match inspired by the great wrestler Mutiny(22/May/16)
Mom winsNicepuppy [EX](11/Jun/16)
Such are the dreams of the everyday housewife PGNicepuppy [LK](22/May/16)
Sybil vs. the MattdogNicepuppy [EX]One of many stories about the great Sybil Starr.(14/Jun/16)
Intergenerational Pro/Sex Bout (NC-17)Nicepuppy [EX]Inspired by C's Generational Family Mixed Tag match.(02/Oct/17)
Can a woman rape a man? NC-17Nicepuppy [EX](13/May/17)
Old High School Teacher PGNicepuppy [EX](13/May/17)
Kim the Yoga Teacher, Another Story PG-13Nicepuppy [EX](13/May/17)
Kim the Yoga Teacher PG-13Nicepuppy [LK](13/May/17)
Diana's HuntBy Nicholas Klinsman femme fatale begins her murderous vendetta(22/Mar/02)
The Huntresses of Scythia: Part IBy Nicholas Klinsman small but deadly band of female warriors inflicts appalling casualties upon an invading army.(06/Apr/02)
The Agony of DefeatBy Nicholas Klinsman women teach a male stalker the meaning of female domination(16/Jul/02)
More Ferocious than the MaleBy Nicholas Klinsman, combative female destroys and humiliates a male challenger(17/Apr/02)
To Die ForBy Nicholas Klinsman, woman overwhelms her ex husband when he tries to rape her.(06/Apr/02)
Scythian AssassinetteBy Nicholas Klinsman, female warrior applies her deadly trade(21/Jun/02)
Revenge Not So SweetBy Nicholas Klinsman, determined woman makes three male attackers pay a painful price(06/Jul/02)
One Hot DayBy:
One Step Aheadby Nightowl email: song_of_the_wild@yahoo.comIntroducing Tiger Lady, the erotic female wrestler(11/Dec/00)
ButtonsBy Nightowl e-mail: song_of_the_wild@yahoo.comAn erotic story of late-night bondage and gentle domination(11/Dec/00)
Candi & Francesca vs Stacy & Peterby NightOwl, song_of_the_wild@yahoo.comMixed tag team erotic wrestling(10/May/04)
By NimaNima [IN](21/Jun/03)
Jennifer Portman: Slave Market part 1Nitz85|Ronnie [EX] [EX] [EX] [EX] [EX](03/May/16)
Jennifer Portman: alternate ending: SM Halloween,Nitz85|Ronnie [EX] [EX](03/May/16)
Susanneby N.LangerAfter shrunken by his ex-girlfriend he must watch her having sex with her new lover and join them.(11/Sep/15)
Nerds Rule, parts 1 - 3nmahol@yahoo.comFormer nerd turned scissor expert subjugates and humiliates her older brother(11/Oct/15)
Teen Scissor Starby nmahol@yahoo.comThick thighed track athlete finishes her high school career on top of her professor(09/Aug/12)
A Teacher's Pet?Nobody-Really-Knows [404] [EX](12/Oct/17)
Courtneyby NoBruteCourtney (Femdom/Humiliation) Chapt 1(20/Jan/98)
Shelly's Boxing Lessonby NoBrute, nobrute@aol.comRob learns about boxing(20/Jan/98)
Late summer in Italyby NoizomAn exhausted CEO travels to the South part of Italy for a late summer vacation, and meets the muscular amazon of his dreams.(09/Sep/17)
Late summer in Italy, part NoizomAn exhausted CEO travels to the South part of  Italy for a late summer vacation, and meets the muscular amazon of his dreams, part 2.(13/Sep/17)
Elevator Tripby NoizomA muscular goddess ovepowers and humiliates me during a long elevator trip(10/Aug/17)
An exhausted CEO travels to the South part of  Italy for a late summer vacation, and meets the muscular amazon of his dreams, part Noizom(20/Sep/17)
On the farmby Noizom(12/Aug/17)
Photography sessionBy Noizom(18/Aug/17)
Muscular hitchhikerby NoizomA muscular hitchhiker almost gets into trouble on the highway(22/Jun/18)
A walk to the high stand by NoizomNoizom [IN]A sunday walk to the high stand with a muscular amazon(17/May/18)
Ocean Cruise Part 1: The NoizomUniversity student works on an ocean cruise ship as a masseur and meets the muscular Amazon of his life(03/Aug/18)
Ocean cruise Part 2: At The Noizom(06/Aug/18)
Ocean Cruise Part 3: VIP Noizom(06/Aug/18)
Being a temporary roommate for a few days with a muscular amazonby Noizom(23/Feb/18)
Temporary teacherBy NoizomA secondary school teacher is getting into muscular trouble after his lesson(25/May/18)
Tutoringby NoizomGiving some math lesson in the neighbourhood have some muscle-dream benefits(07/Sep/18)
My Amazon SisterBy Nomans LandA woman's beautiful, buff sister comes for a visit and turns her world upside down.(15/Jul/04)
Amazing Grace: The Fall of Supermanby Nomans LandSuperman's final defeat at the hands of an old enemy.(25/Apr/07)
The Other Side Of Nirvanaby Nom D. Guerre(28/Dec/98)
Chapter Twenty-NineNom D. GuerreThis Side Of Nirvana(20/Feb/99)
Balance Of NatureBy Nomdreserv(13/Apr/04)
The Little Guy part 1: The Big Sisterby No NameA little brother and cruel older sister.(26/Apr/99)
Me versus the WWFby No NameA fan with a big mouth is manhandled by the women of WWF.(04/Apr/99)
Jennifer Lopez vs. Cindy Crawford.By NO NAMECindy made an insult she regrets now.(05/Jul/99)
The Little Guy part II:The Painful VacationBy No NameCarman's home all-week and Walter is her stress toy.(25/May/99)
The Little Guy part3:Lena's TurnBy: NO NAMELena has some fun at Walter's expense(30/Dec/99)
About NY Muscle Club ShowsNYMC [DD](12/Feb/02)
NY Muscle ClubNYMC [IN](12/Feb/02)
Caught on CameraBy NZ JohnGuy caught on camera getting an arse kicking(09/Apr/02)
Me, My Friend, And His Stepsister,by
Me, My Friend, And His Stepsister II,by
The Hot & Heavy Cousinby
The Hot & Heavy Cousin - Part II,by FictionalJeff Lee meets his new cousin Stephanie and discovers that this was not the family summer party that he expected.(29/Mar/01)
The San Fransisco Gang Bang,by Non Story - Edited For Effect(25/Mar/01)
The Stepsister,by
Karen the Lifeguardby OdlawA college student lifeguard sees his beautiful colleague after a year away at college, where she has transformed her physique.(31/Oct/97)
Confession of a Session Schmoeby Odlaw(05/Feb/03)
Kelly, a farm wife meets her husband's lover in the ring.By
Kelly Continues BoxingBy oldcowboyrob@netscape.netKelly continues boxing as she meets Jennifer in a 6 rounder.(15/Aug/05)
I found this on the web and thought it might be
New Esperienceby
Wrestling Jadeby
The Scissor Holdby olds0442(04/Oct/05)
Better Than a Booty CallOle Deacon [IN]TYRA BANKS VS NAOMI CAMPBELL(03/Aug/06)
Olgaby Olgafan(22/Apr/02)
Enslaved by Aunt AliciaBy oliverc olivercromwell2004@yahoo.comAunt Alicia is a sexy amazon and a sexual predator, no doubt about it. But what hormonal boy wouldn't want to be her prey?(30/Mar/11)
Kidnapped into Sexual Slaveryby
Officer Jocelynby
Enslaved by Aunt Alicia, Part IIby
The traffic stopby
The future - Part 1by
Tale of Victoria, erotic hypnosisoneeyedstranger [EX](30/Nov/17)
New old neighbourby only the strong(31/Aug/01)
New Old Neighbor part 2by Only The Strong(02/Sep/01)
How to Replace a NannyBy Only The Strong(06/Dec/01)
A Very Personable AssistantBy Only The Strong(09/Dec/01)
The SitterBy only the strong(17/Nov/01)
From Sitter to NannyBy Only the Strong(26/Nov/01)
The PantherBy Only The Strong(18/Jan/02)
Hunting The PantherBy: Only The Strong(28/Feb/02)
Calling out the PantherBy Only The Strong(09/Jul/02)
The Archonas - Part oneby oraclestories@gmail.comCastaways(10/Apr/14)
Eve part 1by
Halloween MistressOverLooker [LK](27/Nov/16)
Motel MayhemOverLooker [EX](17/Feb/17)
Mature Halloween Party - Halloween Special 2015OverLooker [EX] [EX](27/Nov/16)

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