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Most of these entries present the same data as Diana's index pages, just restructured into table form. Occasionally, however, you will run across my added notation. This denotes where I have made an adjustment for a file that does not provide information in conformance with Diana's formatting guidelines. If you're curious about my note system, read here.
Trick or TreatBy P(05/Aug/04)
The DojoBy Painseeker(31/May/97)
Fun with Sheila Burgess and her Satyrby Pan(08/Mar/01)
The Daisy of TrohaBy Pan(04/Apr/02)
The Daisy of Troha, part 2By Pan(22/Mar/02)
Finding Their Waypan314 [IN](02/Jul/99)
In Fetishpan314 [IN]A poem(01/Jul/99)
Sightingsby pan314a poem(28/Aug/99)
Riding Fantasy 1by Par NodomaA woman rides her favorite mount.(27/May/03)
Riding Fantasy 2by Par NodomaPushups for two.(02/Jun/03)
InterludeBy Par NodomaThird in the series. Yes, our heroes have names.(09/Jun/03)
A very big mistake: Jessi vs TrishBy Parrot(26/Nov/98)
Girl's Locker Room BrawlBy Parrot(01/Mar/01)
The Yosemite Park IncidentBy Parrot(28/Jan/01)
Lucky RuntParrot [IN](14/Jul/03)
The traffic stopBy
Tom and Cindy - Part 1By
adventurephisevenx - part 1by parthianemail :
John and Mariko - part 1by parthian(28/Jul/14)
The Roommate - Part 1by parthian(28/Jul/14)
the traffic stop - part 1by parthian(28/Jul/14)
three and three - part 2by parthian(30/Jul/14)
west meets east - part 1by parthian(28/Jul/14)
Tom and Cindy - Part 2by parthian.(28/Jul/14)
ANOTHER ADVENTURE FOR PATRICIA JONESBY Patricia JonesA young writer proves to a man that what she wrote is the truth(25/Feb/13)
Scientific analysis of why the female is the stronger sexBy Pau BrasiProving what we all now already, girls are stronger than guys(28/Apr/12)
The History of the Amazons, where reality is more astounding than myth!By Pau BrasiControversial facts about Amazons reluctantly being acknowledged as truth in academia(02/May/12)
The Triumphant Wifeby Paul Benjamin(31/May/97)
MUSCLEGIRLBy Paul Bunyan(20/Apr/99)
The Study RoomPaulo T. Wentworth III, Esquire [IN]East Vs. West(14/Nov/02)
The French Soldier's Legs.By Paul.
A Beach of a Taleby Paul Schilling ( gets revenge for being humiliated twice.(30/Jun/98)
A Beach of a Tale: Part Twoby Paul Schilling ( gets revenge for being humiliated twice.(08/Jul/98)
Title: A Beach of a Tale: Part Threeby Paul Schilling ( Karoline gets revenge for being humiliated twice.(27/Jul/98)
A Beach of a Tale: Part Fourby Paul Schilling ( Karoline gets revenge for being humiliated twice.(17/Aug/98)
A Beach of a Tale: Part Fiveby Paul Schilling ( Karoline gets revenge for being humiliated twice.(13/Sep/98)
Boyfriend vs Girlfriend in sex wrestling [IN](15/Feb/10) [IN](08/Sep/10) [IN](08/Sep/10) [IN](08/Sep/10)
SheilaBy Pedro(02/Mar/02)
Peggy boxes Natashaby peggtythoman@yahoo.comMrs. Thoman meets a busty young boxing babe in the ring in a test of boxing skills...(30/Nov/03)
The story of a boxing match between wife and a woman who turned out to be a "ringer"by Peggy Thoman(08/Oct/03)
The Professor's Daughter (and her friends) [IN](25/Apr/02)
All the wayby Perl(24/Jul/03)
Enslaved [IN](04/Apr/09)
Isabelle and Jimby Phil FarrellA true story(07/Jan/15)
Isabelle and Philby Phil FarrellFlashbacks to a Modern Marriage as seen from Bobby's Perspective(05/Jan/16)
Imbiggert 1. At the Airport -- Andrew's perspectiveby Phil Farrell. A true story from 2010(27/Mar/16)
Isabelle's Perspectiveby Phil Farrell phlfrrll@yahoo.comOn Isabelle and Jim A true Story(07/Jun/15)
Isabelle and Jim:by Phil Farrell phlfrrll@yahoo.comJim's Perspective(17/Oct/15)
MileenaBy PhoenixShe was stronger than any man(22/Jun/97)
Mileena IIBy Phoenix(09/Apr/98)
Sarah's new strengthby Phoenix(26/Jul/98)
Conjugal Visitsby Pierre LaFluerFrench Kiss of Death(05/Oct/02)
Bridgetpilf41 [EX](05/Jul/17)
My wife's first boxing matchBy PilotMy busty wife boxes her first match, which ends with a knockout.(13/Mar/01)
My wife's rematch with ColleenBy PilotMy amply endowed wife challenges Colleen to a boxing rematch.(03/Apr/01)
GailPilot [IN]My wife, Gail, accepts a challenge from Michelle(02/Sep/01)
Michelle vs. Gail in a catfightBy PilotMy wife's 40ds reluctantly face Michelle's 37dds in a catfight(22/May/01)
A topless boxing match for Walter's birthday.By PilotCan my wife's bare 40d breasts endure the brute force of Jackie's fists?(11/May/01)
My wife's first topless matchBy PilotMy wife boxes topless against a black lady, who proves to be a worthy opponent(08/Jun/01)
Gail vs. Gwenby pilot13013(17/May/02)
Gail faces Gwen again in the boxing ring.By pilot13013@netscape.netOne lady ends up flat on the canvas.(12/Jun/02)
Review of the 1998 WSEBy PJ(05/Dec/98)
Flight from heavenBy pk4hz600 Comments to pk4hz600@hotmail.comA powerful flight attendant makes herself at home(08/Sep/02)
Belle vs. Maiby Playerville(12/Apr/10)
Belle vs. Divaby Playerville(02/Apr/10)
Dinah vs. Leilaniby Playerville(29/Apr/10)
Dinah vs. Leilani 2by Playerville(29/Apr/10)
Heidi vs. Tamakiby Playerville(28/Apr/10)
Hine vs. Maiby Playerville(28/Mar/10)
Hine vs. Mariaby Playerville(02/Apr/10)
Hine vs. Wongby Playerville(27/Mar/10)
Katrina vs. Maiby Playerville(07/Apr/10)
Katrina vs. Tamakiby Playerville(29/Apr/10)
Katrina vs. Hye-youngby Playerville(02/Apr/10)
Kendra vs. Leilaniby Playerville(28/Apr/10)
Kimie vs. Mariaby Playerville(10/Apr/10)
Kimie vs. Maria IIby Playerville(10/Apr/10)
Kimie vs. Mariaby Playerville(27/Mar/10)
Kimie vs. Maria IIby Playerville(27/Mar/10)
Loni vs. Hye-youngby Playerville(27/Mar/10)
Loni vs. Yoshikeby Playerville(02/Apr/10)
Mai vs. Adelizby Playerville(29/Apr/10)
Mai vs. Debbieby Playerville(02/Apr/10)
Matilda vs. Heidiby Playerville(27/Mar/10)
Matilda vs. Wongby Playerville(02/Apr/10)
Matilda vs. Wong IIby Playerville(02/Apr/10)
Matilda vs. Wong IIIby Playerville(04/Apr/10)
Matilda vs. Wong IVby Playerville(04/Apr/10)
Tomoe vs. Masakoby Playerville(29/Apr/10)
Tomoe vs. Mercedesby Playerville(02/Apr/10)
Tomoe vs. Mercedes IIby Playerville(04/Apr/10)
Tui vs. Mariaby Playerville(04/Apr/10)
Vincenza vs. Jeanneby Playerville(28/Apr/10)
Vincenza vs. Tuiby Playerville(28/Mar/10)
Vincenza vs. Yoshikeby Playerville(06/Apr/10)
Yoshike vs. Tuiby Playerville(27/Mar/10)
Yoshike vs. Tui IIby Playerville(27/Mar/10)
Women's Combat League: Knock Outs and Submissions Volume 1by Playerville,
Women's Combat League: Knock Outs and Submissions Volume 2by Playerville,
Women's Combat League: Knock Outs and Submissions Volume 3by Playerville,
Women's Combat League: Knock Outs and Submissions Volume 4by Playerville,
Sonnet #1by Poet Vic(06/Apr/00)
LOOK BEFORE YOU RAPE!by: "POGI" el_macho_pogi@yahoo.comA Cute Teenage Girl permanently disables a Would-be Rapist(30/Apr/01)
Or...How Scoring System Helped Derail Women's BodybuildingBy Polyglot(05/Sep/99)
A true Girl vs BoyPook_ca888@hotmail.comThe day I watched a young girl take on a boy in the ring.(16/Jun/02)
Surprise at the shopping mallPook_ca888@hotmail.comA violent catfight between two women with a rather embarrassing twist for one of them(16/Jun/02)
Battle of the sexesPook_ca888@hotmail.comA true account of an amazing contest between the sexes on TV(20/Jun/02)
Mixed Boxing Matchby pook_ca888@hotmail.comfemale vs male(10/Oct/03)
Angelina and the skinheadsby Power2comintern, power2comintern@yahoo.comA Progressive woman deals with racist skinheads(10/Jan/12)
Girls gone MUSCLE!!!By PowerfulCarolyn(18/Jun/04)
Heather learnsby powerfulCarolyn(15/Jun/04)
ULTIMATE MEGAN!!! Part 1By PowerfulCarolyn(19/Jun/04)
ULTIMATE MEGAN!!! Part 2By PowerfulCarolyn(15/Jun/04)
THE STORY OF MEGAN MUSCLES part 2By PowerfulCarolyn Dec/2001(21/Dec/01)
THE STORY OF MEGAN MUSCLES part 1By PowerfulCarolyn
Megan and Bruce - 1By PowerfulCarolyn
So you want to workout with Megan muscles?By PowerfulCarolyn
The Janitor meets Megan MusclesBy PowerfulCarolyn
FIGHT WITH COUSINBy P. Ravi Krishnan(13/Apr/01)
The Leopards Lunchby PREY ITEMMegan's leopard gets to eat.(03/Feb/98)
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (The story of Gabrielle Vasquez)By PRGA young girl is turned into a superhuman killer.(17/Feb/00)
Lita Takes On Christian Part I,by Primevalspirit@hotmail.comChristian underestimates the strength and skill of Lita, and Lita punishes the weak.(04/Nov/00)
The Girl Who Was My Friend (Contains many adult materials)By Primevalspirit@hotmail.comAdam learns more about his crazy friend Jen ... the hard way.(19/Oct/00)
Wrestling With HollyBy
The Squeeze Factual - Part Iby Primevalspirit99@aol.comSpending a little time with my sisters best friend turned out to be the weirdest and most memorable experience of my entire life. They definitely do not make girls like they used to.(26/Jul/01)
Callon Rebellion - Part 1By
The Wednesday Night ClubBy prman, patrick_35@yahoo.comA reporter discovers a secret women's club at his peril.(25/Aug/00)
Open Source Peregrine: The BeginningBy Project PeregrineTo be you?(16/Sep/06)
Cannibal Women of Avagodro###s Jungle of Lethal Bodily InjuryBy
Thoroughly Modern MelanippeBy
The Place for a Man to BeBy pr_squared@hotmail.comBe careful what you wish for.(05/Aug/04)
The adventures of Danny Archer, Chapter 1: Sweeping up the chem labBy psycho unimportant - psycho@email.comA spin-off of the Mastermind Formula story.(09/Apr/06)
New Beginningby P-TowneHe lives out his most cherished fantasy.(28/Sep/98)
Muscle storyby P-TowneBig guy, bigger girlfriend(02/Dec/98)
Muscle story IIby P-TowneBig guy, bigger girlfriend...the saga continues(08/Dec/98)
Workplace DisagreementPudjols [EX](30/May/16) [IN](18/Mar/08)
Sandy Answers a Special Requestby
ARCHIBALDBy Punch(01/Nov/99)
Bridesmaids RevisitedBy PunchSomething borrowed, something black and blue!(05/Nov/99)
LesbianaBy PunchA sexfight for domination.(09/Nov/99)
Maggie & BerthaBy Punch(24/Oct/99)
Top NunBy PunchBeing a tale of religious inpropriety and catfighting nuns.(01/Nov/99)
Geishaby PunchJapanese courtesans take matters into their own hands(03/Nov/99)
A Beating 1by Purat Noe(26/Apr/06)
JodiPygmalion [IN]An afterschool special not made for tv(13/Apr/03)
Catfight Club at the Catholic CollegeBy PygmalionA coed vs. a Nun(12/Apr/03)
The TroublemakerBy Pygmalion(21/Apr/03)
Same Ol' Crapby Pygmalion(17/Apr/03)
Unchartered Watersby Pygmalion(04/May/03)
The Troublemaker Returnsby Pygmalion(25/Apr/03)
Horse Hockey: Paige vs.PennyPygmalion [IN](18/Oct/03)
Trinity vs. Mrs. Ashby Pygmalion(08/Nov/03)
Trinity vs. Mrs.Ash IIby Pygmalion(02/Dec/03)
Backyard Boxing: A special dayby Pygmalion(08/Mar/04)
Too Many Cooks?by Pygmalion(23/May/04)
Diner Duke outPygmalion [IN](20/Apr/04)
War of the Worlds: Two worlds collidePygmalion [IN](23/Jan/04)
Giantess Professor vs. small freshmen co-edBy Pygmalion(11/Sep/04)
Arresting BeautyPygmalion [*?](21/May/07)
Female Cop vs. Female Hoodlum:By Pygmalion(06/Oct/07)
Foreign ExchangeBy Pygmalion(31/Jul/07)
May Flower has landedBy Pygmalion(15/Feb/08)
Queen Dhalia vs Peasant Woman Sukioby Pygmalion(31/Jul/19)
What Happened next door?Pygmalion [IN](04/Jun/19)
The Tennis ClubPygmalion and Friend [IN](27/Jun/03)
An ode to Reno 911's Clementine JohnsonPygmalion as Dirk [IN](16/Aug/05)
So that's how the other half livesPygmalion as well as Kayley and Cindy [IN](15/Sep/03)
Middle ManagementPygmalion [IN]A harsh lesson in doing what is expected(08/Jun/03)
Who wants to beat up a millionairePygmalion [IN](10/Jul/03)
East vs. West: A throwback to the cold warby PYGMALION
The KeeperBy QuadhousePart 6(18/Aug/16)
THE CHAMPIONSHIPBy Quinton(31/May/97)
The Championship IIby QuintonSynopsis: Keli fights in the first defense of her Mixed Wrestling(31/May/97)
Easy Gainer: Chapter 1By: Qwerty1 Qwertyone234@gmail.comAlex and Anna investigate a new gym and someone has fast results.(06/Jan/13)

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