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Most of these entries present the same data as Diana's index pages, just restructured into table form. Occasionally, however, you will run across my added notation. This denotes where I have made an adjustment for a file that does not provide information in conformance with Diana's formatting guidelines. If you're curious about my note system, read here.
My Big Sisterby Rabheed SameelYounger, but bigger and stronger than her brother(20/Jan/98)
Koed last niteBy Rachel dlr360@netscape.netA knockout can be erotic.(22/Mar/03)
Koed last nite - Part 2By Rachel e-mail dlr360@netscape.netAn erotic weekend at Margaret's.(15/May/03)
Koed last nite - Part 3By Rachel e-mail dlr360@netscape.netMargaret and I lace the gloves on for a bout scheduled to go 8 rounds.(06/Jun/03)
Good Girls Do Not Take Their Clothes Off In Front of BoysBy Ralph Zucker(27/Sep/04)
#cana is lecherousRam#n Valdez Guab# [IN](21/Jul/04)
Chapter 10 The Taina Bride dreams of Battle and DeathRamon Valdez Guaba(12/Jun/01)
Cupey wrestles for cruel pleasure (Taina Bride fragment)Ramon Valdez Guaba [IN](02/Sep/02)
Special DeliveryBy Randi FitzRob gets beaten badly by Donna.(09/Aug/98)
Rogue Versus Fairchild!By RandolfEnough Said!(10/Mar/98)
Cory Everson Versus Renita HarrisBy Randolph(12/Mar/98)
Neon Muscle Genesis Evangelion Part 4By Rashianu-Debido a.k.a Debido-San **Everyday Life!(19/Oct/05)
Team Firaga: Linna and Kizuna meet!By Rashianu Debido,
Neon Muscle Genesis Evangelion Training Continues!By Rashianu-Debido
Team Evolution's BeginningsBy Rashianu-Debido,
The Goddesses of Planet AthenaBy Rashianu-Debido,
Neon Muscle Genesis EvangelionBy Rashianu-Debido Dranzer0517@email.comAsuka powers up to handle a new way of Piloting her Eva!(06/Jun/04)
Neon Muscle Genesis Evangelion Part 2By Rashianu-Debido Dranzer0517@email.comAsuka and Rei start training!!(14/Jun/04)
Emily always gets her wayby RAVEmily shows how strong women can control large men(11/Feb/03)
Encounter, Incentive"by Rax(06/Feb/08)
Encounter, Incentive Part 2: Sex, Thighs, and VideotapeRax [*@]
My Competition With Lenaby Rax(22/Feb/08)
This is The Tara Trilogy: Part 1: "I Can Take You."Rax [DD](18/Jan/08)
The Tara Trilogy, Part Two: The MatRax [DD](24/Jan/08)
The Tara Trilogy, Part Three: The Fightby Rax(31/Jan/08)
Encounter/Incentive, Part 4 EndgameRaxx [IN](21/May/10)
Encounter, Incentive, Part 3: Nikki's story.By Raxx(25/Feb/10)
Tara vs. Michael: The emailsby Raxx(27/Jan/10)
Tara vs. Michael: Q&A and The Marathon Matchby Raxx.(09/Feb/10)
Twins by ERANOSBy sisters entertain their younger brother.(28/May/99)
Houseguest 2rcress232 [EX](29/Nov/15)
Houseguest 3rcress232 [EX](29/Nov/15)
Houseguest 4rcress232 [EX](29/Nov/15)
Houseguest 1rcress232 [EX](19/May/17)
Scheilaby rdpfbb(09/Apr/02)
Translation in english of the story "A Ilha" [IN]The Island(07/Apr/02)
Scheila 2rdpfbb [IN](01/May/02)
The Beauty Hunterreacherfan [EX](01/Jan/16)
Elissa Jones: Detective in Perilreacherfan [EX](01/Jan/16)
Jennifer: The Importance of Looking Over Your Shoulderreacherfan [EX](01/Jan/16)
Jennifer: Dungeon Dangerreacherfan [EX](01/Jan/16)
Kristen gets caughtreacherfan [EX](01/Jan/16)
Rae: Daring Detectivereacherfan [EX](01/Jan/16)
University Students get BallbustedBy RedFlame, kahleeong97@gmail.comTwo handsome young male university students, a medical student and an IT student get ballbusted by their cute, lolicon girl housemate.(05/Apr/18)
University Students get Ballbusted (PART 2)By RedFlame, kahleeong97@gmail.comTwo handsome young male university students, a medical student and an IT student get ballbusted by their cute, lolicon girl housemate.(25/Apr/18)
RedBy RedRiter redriter@2die4.comThe Python's Lair, The Cage and a new champion.(11/Mar/02)
Red : The end of a reign of terror, part 1By RedRiter redriter@2die4.comRed infiltrates a major crime boss's base then ends his reign of terror permanently(12/Mar/02)
Two muscular moms duke it out, part 1By reer2222@yahoo.comTwo fit moms who are rivals fight at the local swimming in their bikinis, both women have very defined bodies.(03/Apr/04)
Two muscular moms duke it out, part IIBy reer2222@yahoo.comTwo fit moms who are rivals, compete in a figure competition.(02/Jul/10)
There's Something About Mindyby renarose1114@yahoo.comNote from author: This is a first hand account of a fight I witnessed last summer. The names have been changed to protect the identities of the combatants.(28/Apr/09)
SIR VICTORBy Rex rexlovell@yahoo.comHow Sir Victor met the wicked Queen Ivana, and what befell him(09/Jul/99)
XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESSBy Reynaldo J. Antonio **(31/May/97)
The story of Lisaby Rhozimaka self defense story(04/Mar/14)
Tracy the Valkyrieby RicTracy, the very strong teenager(25/Jun/97)
SPANKED STRAIGHTBy Ricardo(10/Mar/08)
MY FIRST FIGHT WITH ATHENARichard, Devon [IN](19/Nov/12)
MY SECOND FIGHT WITH ATHENARichard, Devon [DD](27/Feb/13)
GIRL'S PREY:A FIGHT TO THE DEATHBy Richard FreemanThe jungle's most savage killer is no match for a teenaged girl.(21/May/99)
BEAST SMASHERRichard Freeman(20/Jun/06)
More about The Neighbor Ladyby Rich CarsonI couldn't believe it when I read Cris Leyven's story.(11/Sep/00)
The Seduction of a SuperheroBy Richie RichPart One(25/Jan/99)
MillieRichW [IN](31/May/97)
An Interview With the Blue Valley Fourby Rick G-----Part 1 An introduction(12/Jan/04)
Slave Girls From the Planet Nurtz part oneby Rick PowersGirls being held as slaves on an alien planet discover a way to escape.(03/May/09)
Slave Girls From the Planet Nurtz part twoby Rick PowersGirls being held as slaves on an alien planet discover a way to escape.(30/Jan/09)
Slave girls, part 3Rick Powers [DD](16/Mar/09)
One Day In the LairBy Rick PowersMighty morphin madness.(18/Jul/10)
The Inheritance part 2by Rick PowersSome mysteries get solved while new ones await.(21/Jul/10)
The SeedsBy Rick PowersA young woman receives a wonderful gift from her old auntie.(18/Jul/10)
My wife - part 1Ricoh San Juan [DD](10/Mar/20)
My Wife - A Real Life Ball Busting Story Part 2By Ricoh San Juan(12/Mar/20)
My Wife - A Real Life Ball Busting Story Part 3By Ricoh San Juan(17/Mar/20)
My Wife - A Real Life Ball Busting Story Part 4By Ricoh San Juan(22/Mar/20)
Their extremely large beautiful mistress rides them as hard and as long she wants. Part 1By rider456.(14/Jan/01)
The beach ridersBy Rider ( and saddle riding(14/Jun/97)
The Beach Riders, Part 2By Rider ( riding(28/Jun/97)
Riding highBy Rider ( rides on Carol, then he does the same(14/Jun/97)
Riding High, Part 2By Rider, MountingUp@aol.comA sequel to "Riding High"(09/May/01)
Riding High, Part 3By Rider, MountingUp@aol.comPart three of the riding story.(06/Dec/97)
Riding High, Part 3By Rider,
Aliana's Rebirth, part 1by RiflemanIIIThe beginning of a work by me, RiflemanIII, where a civilized doctor slowly awakens her inner amazon. Hope you enjoy.(01/Dec/05)
Batgirl and the Prisoners of Glendaby Rift GlenBatgirl sorts out two headstrong females.(20/Mar/98)
Grace vs Dougby RingerDoug failed at wrestling, now he must box Grace to win her attention(25/Jul/02)
Jade vs Hollyby RingerBlack and Blonde coeds box, the victix wins more than the fight(25/Jul/02)
One Step Behindby RingerMarion loses everything to a young, blonde boxing predator(25/Jul/02)
I Like the Oddsby RingerA female heavyweight takes on three losers at the gym(25/Jul/02)
Roxy vs Camronby RingerBlack Female destroys a White Male heavyweight sexboxing champ(25/Jul/02)
Shantelleby RingerA big female MP beats a disrespectful male soldier in the ring(25/Jul/02)
Don't Mess With a WinnerBy RingerBrad is goaded into boxing the most popular girl in school(05/Aug/02)
Jennifer's Post Gym WorkoutBy RipTiteJennifer uses some thugs to cool-down with after an intense workout.(03/Jul/03)
The Megan Kale Project ' Part 1By RipTiteUnable to afford student life, Megan sells her body to medical science.(08/Jul/03)
The Megan Kale Project ' Part 2By RipTiteMegan experiments with her new found strength and body.(08/Jul/03)
The Megan Kale Project ' Part 3By RipTiteMegan reveals herself to housemate Suzi, discovering lesbian tendencies.(08/Jul/03)
The Megan Kale Project ' Part 4By RipTiteChecking up on her progress, Megan reveals to GeneMec her side effects.(12/Jul/03)
Sexual Healing IIBy Ristard McSean(27/Feb/03)
The Blue NecklaceBy Ristard McSean(27/Feb/03)
Wordprocesser of the Gods.By Ristard McSean,
LindaBy rlcThe summer I found out how strong my best friends sister was.(30/Jun/05)
Vickiby rlcMy babysitter introduces me to a lifetime of admiration and desire for strong female legs.(03/Jul/05)
The Continuing Saga of Vicki and RCBy RLCAfter a few years apart Vicki and RC are re-united(08/Jul/05)
Vicki confessesby RLCVicki confesses she's hooked on Lift and Carry too!(12/Jul/05)
MiriamBy Robby(20/Apr/00)
Vickie's SecretRevised by Rob Colburn 4/30/01 colburnrt@hotmail.comShe can DO this!(30/Apr/01)
Carl's new lifeBy Rob DunnCarl wakes up to a whole new world and way of life(16/Jun/02)
Wrestling Session with KylaBy Rob email:zygerria@aol.comA review of my session with Kyla(10/May/04)
The True Nature of Betty McGregorBy Robert Adam MorrisonBetty hides her true nature from her friends and family(08/Jul/98)
Kalsis' Potion of Strengthby Robert Adam MorrisonA magical strength potion is gained by an adventuring party, but its effects are unpredictable(18/Jun/98)
Kalsis' Potion of Strength, Part IIby Robert Adam MorrisonA magical strength potion is gained by an adventuring party, but its effects are unpredictable(24/Jun/98)
Kalsis' Potion of Strength, Part IIIby Robert Adam MorrisonKardan's adventuring party continues to become awed at the effects of the magical strength potion.(24/Jun/98)
Kalsis' Potion of Strength, Part IVby Robert Adam MorrisonKardan returns to his home village, leaving Neme to deal with his old(30/Jun/98)
Kiana's Appeal for Flexingby Robert Adam MorrisonA fitness show host hides a great secret from her audience.(11/Sep/15)
Sailor Moon Muscles UpBy Robert Adam MorrisonSailor Moon has to get buff to battle a new foe(15/Nov/98)
Sailor Moon: The Muscle Chronicles IBy Robert Adam MorrisonA buff Sailor Moon battles the Negaverse(11/Sep/15)
The True Nature of Betty McGregor Episode TwoBy Robert Adam MorrisonMighty Girl battles toe-to-toe with a new foe known only as Skullcracker(28/Nov/02)
Alpha Centaurian's Updated Tales of FemalesBy Robert Adam Morrison (Alpha Centaurian)A collection of new versions of old verse(14/Nov/01)
Bio-TerrorBy Robert MorrisonA rogue experiment causes terror in a local hospital, but has enhancing results!(07/Jun/98)
The Twelfth HoleBy Robert MorrisonA caddy has an amourous encounter at a golf course with a muscular beauty(11/Jun/98)
Naked dancerBy Robert RhysA chunky musclegirl in a nude dance club(08/Jan/98)
The School - Chapter 1by robfromnyThe adventures and experiences of several people associated with a very special School run by girls.(03/Oct/06)
The School ##' Chapter [IN]The adventures and experiences of several people associated with a very special School run by girls.(11/Oct/06)
LilyaBy RobojoejoeThe adventures of an adopted muscle girl and her little "big" brother(20/Jan/21)
The Perils of Dating PaulineBy RobojoejoeAn alpha woman learns to embrace her superiority, and her man.(30/Mar/21)
The Prisonerby RobojoejoeTwo brothers, one bad and the other good, have their lives changed by three massive muscle women(13/Mar/21)
The Prisoner 2- The Sessionby RobojoejoeStan finds out what a "session" means to the massive muscle god Angie.(27/Mar/21)
Dominated by my Sister - Part 1Rob
Dominated by my Sisterby Rob rl15000@yahoo.comPart 5(28/Apr/05)
Wrestling SisterBy: Rob. ZYGERRIA@aol.comA high school senior learns a lot from his athletic kid sister.(23/Dec/98)
DOUBLE TROUBLEBy Roger Downs(01/Jun/00)
The involuntary babyBy Roger Emerson(21/Aug/05)
The Perfection of Amazon and LoverboyBy Roger Emerson,
Speed bag Mistressby RogueChapter 1 The new slave(23/Apr/09)
Sybil vs Uschi III--The Final FallBy Roogs roogs@hotmail.comThe final fall in a brutal, sensual topless wrestling match between a blonde and brunette.(29/Sep/98)
Sybil vs. UschiBy Roogs roogs@hotmail.comVoluptuous blonde goes toe-to-toe with amazon brunette in a topless pro wrestling match(23/Mar/98)
Sybil vs. Uschi II--the second fall.By Roogs, **Can the voluptuous blonde make a comeback in this match, or is it all over?(27/Mar/98)
Planet of miseryBy Rory fitandrunning@talk21.comTransported to an alien planet to provide food for its giant female inhabitants.(16/Nov/03)
Power Playby RossTina Lockwood and Joanne Lee(30/Jun/98)
Jennifer Capriati versus Serena WilliamsBy Rossi(23/Dec/01)
Marion Jones versus Venus WilliamsBy Rossi(23/Dec/01)
Sharon versus MariannaBy Rossi(20/Dec/01)
Mansfield versus BelliniBy Rossi(09/Apr/02)
Tag Team TerrorBy Rossi(13/Jan/02)
Stepfather's decentBy rosyMiddle-aged man loses control to his pre-teen stepdaughter(29/Mar/02)
R'Quel vs Lyndsyby R'QuelMy first night at an underground fight club(27/Jun/03)
3 An Extremely Personal War Between the Tribesby RRffIn helping the Aurorae commander determine the extent of a threat to the tribe, Silver encounters an old adversary(01/Sep/14)
3b An Extremely Personal War Between the Tribes -- Part 2by RRffThe Syren plot of conquest enters its second phase(01/Sep/14)
4b To the Victress -- Part 2by RRffSilver's, and Princess Ashlym's turn to enjoy 'spoiling' and playing, and being 'spoiled' and played(01/Sep/14)
4 To the Victress . .by RRff. . goes the opportunity to 'spoil', the loser's body, and to be 'spoiled' themselves(01/Sep/14)
Gavels for Guilty Guts -- Continuedby RRff fntastkfmm@gmailAfter the verdict is pronounced, one heroine is subjected to the consequences of her defeat(24/Jun/14)
The Doublingby RRff fntastkfmm@gmailXanora pays her sentence for bringing a false accusation against her rival(24/Jun/14)
Gavels for Guilty Gutsby RRff Reno R'QuL, the Phntastk Phemme fntastkfmm@gmailA long standing dispute between the eldest daughters of two important tribal families is settled according to ancient tradition(24/Jun/14)
Neighbourly Knockingby RRff R'Quel, the Phntastk Phemme fntastkfmm@gmailTwo young neighbours physically give upclose and personal introductions to each other(24/Jun/14)
Spanked during the commercial breakBy RTRA TRUE spanking story, F/M girlfriend/boyfriend(20/Jun/03)
The Karen Next DoorBy Rude Boi, rudeboi66@yahoo.comThe neighborhood Karen teaches a man to mind his own business(28/Jun/20)
House RulesBy Rude Boy, rudeboi66@yahoo.comA father is bullied by his Crossfit loving teen daughter(28/Jun/20)
IOUBy Rude Boy, rudeboi66@yahoo.comA mother cashes in on her son's birthday, and she has a big surprise for him.(28/Jun/20)
TriggeredBy Rude Boy, rudeboi66@yahoo.comA college student is taught the importance of Trigger Warnings(28/Jun/20)
The Karen Next DoorBy Rude Boy, rudeboi66@yahoo.comThe neighborhood Karen teaches a man to mind his own business(26/Mar/21)
The Spy Who Broke MeBy Rude Boy, rudeboi66@yahoo.comA super-spy meets his match(26/Mar/21)
Who's Your Daddy?By Rude Boy, rudeboi66@yahoo.comA husband is outclassed by his wife's personal trainer(26/Mar/21)
Vegas Shemale-Female Death Fight!by Rudrah Subrahmin(09/Oct/07)
Intergender WrestlingBy RufusA young man wrestles a bi-sexual couple(20/Jun/02)
No Contest.By Rulla(16/Apr/98)
BEGINNERS LUCKBy RullaKylie and Rulla(15/Apr/98)
Big Sue - chapter oneBy Rulla(04/Aug/98)
Amazon Loveby RunnerEnslaved by an amazon(11/Aug/97)
Runner Joins a GymBy Runner(06/Apr/00)
How Runner Broke His NoseBy Runner(21/Jun/00)
Runner Wrestles RimaBy Runner(06/Apr/00)
Lucy's Rough Ride HomeBy Russell Iles(12/Apr/02)
Stella's New ClothesBy Russell Iles(12/Apr/02)
Vanity CaseBy Russell IlesTeam Trident(10/Apr/02)
Team TridentBy Russell Iles(10/Apr/02)
Vanity CaseBy Russell Iles(10/Apr/02)
VANITY CASEBy Russell IlesMission one.(10/Apr/02)
Vanity CaseBy Russell IlesCargo of fear Part two and part three(15/Apr/02)
VANITY CASEBy Russell IlesTEAM TRIDENT Part Four(10/Apr/02)

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