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The Experimentby Sabers(04/Nov/03)
Super Sensual Solace Starr 1By Sage26, blumace22@yahoo.comAfter a night at the club I witness a not so typical ass whooping.(25/Jun/06)
Super Sensual Solace Starr 2By Sage26, blumace22@yahoo.comAfter killing 3 more beasts the muscular amazon introduces herself.(10/May/06)
LARA THE LIFEGUARDby SailorColin2000@yahoo.comThis store is basically Bay Watch with a twist and role reversal.(16/Aug/02)
KO'd by Kathy (Mixed Boxing True Story)Sam [IN](17/Jan/07)
The Teacher's Storyby Sam James(14/Jan/03)
HURTING by Sandi StoneSandi Stone/Steve Gordon [IN]twist and tear and pull and rip(31/May/97)
An erotic threesome with my huge female muscles - plus photosBy Sandy, Pumpmeup@yahoo.comSandy recounts her muscle-sex encounter with Mexie & Jack at a high school reunion(22/Apr/08)
A Night of TerrorBy San Kirkpatrick Picard(03/Jun/21)
A night of terror, Part 3San Kirkpatrick Picard [IN]I ran for the door, but Katie's long legs caught up to me despite me being closer to(08/Jun/21)
A Night of Terror - Part TwoBy San Kirkpatrick Picard.(05/Jun/21)
Ravenhawk's Fallby SantosRavenhawk wrestles Dominatriss(11/Sep/15)
Lady Tomahawk Vs. Mona Monarchby SantosA very brutal match(04/Dec/97)
Sara & Peter - a wrestling lifestyle couple.Sara [IN](16/May/06)
Sweet Revenge on the Judo Mat.Sarah [IN](10/Jan/08)
Drug Ladysatyadru [EX](26/Jun/16)
Samantha Grows Musclesby Scheherazade the AmazonIn this story Samantha, a stronger than usual but otherwise ordinary former cheerleader, keeps working out hard even after her husband stops. The results are predictable.(17/Dec/18)
Samantha Grows Muscles Part Two - Another Surprise of Davidby Scheherazade the AmazonIn which Samantha's husband David, the former college athlete decides to build himself back up and equal or surpass his wife's new strength. He is dreaming!(20/Dec/18)
The Housewife Changesby Scheherezade the Amazon(18/Nov/18)
Sarahby Scheherezade the Amazon(18/Nov/18)
The Housewife Changes - Part Eight The Strength Extravaganza RocksScheherezade the Amazon [DD]In this section of the story, the women plan and carry out the strength extravaganza in which Sarah arm-wrestles a surprise visitor. There is a lot of sex and of muscle fantasy.(27/Nov/18)
The Housewife Changed Cont. Sarah's life GoalsScheherezade the Amazon [DD]In which Sarah, Richard and Alanna plan to save battered women and Sarah keeps pushing the limits of her strength.(20/Nov/18)
Amazonika Emerges - Part Four of 'The Housewife Changes'Scheherezade the Amazon [DD]Sarah comes to realize she has a purpose, other than pleasing her husband, in being strong.(20/Nov/18)
The Housewife Changes - Part Nine - Amazonika Conquers Allby Scheherezade the AmazonIn this section, Sarah completes her bike race and seeks revenge on a number of abusers. She also gets a few surprises at home that will change her future.(05/Dec/18)
The Housewife Changes, Part Seven - More women are empoweredScheherezade the Amazon [DD]In this episode, Sarah convinces a feminist that her way will work, she hosts a part, and finds a lover for Alanna Hussell(24/Nov/18)
A Housewife Changes continued - Part Six - The Lessons of TexasScheherezade the Amazon [DD]In this episode Sarah conquers a few challenges, and comes up with plans to carry out her goals, gets even stronger and has a lot of sex.(22/Nov/18)
The Housewife Changes - Part Ten - Other Families' Storiesby Scheherezade the AmazonIn which two different women show their husbands who is boss in their respective households.(12/Dec/18)
RichardScheherezade the Amazon [DD](19/Nov/18)
Tiara's Painfully Erotic Scissors Domination - Round 1By ScissorvictimA beautiful athletic Asian escort teaches me how sexy strong thighs can leave a man completely helpless(25/Feb/13)
The End GameBy scribbler(02/Sep/20)
Hard Body Honey: Chap. OneBy Scuba(25/Jun/06)
Young Muscle Lover: Part ThreeBy Scuba(26/Apr/06)
Young Muscle Lover: Part TwoBy Scuba(19/Apr/06)
Young Muscle Lover: Part OneScuba [DD](16/Apr/06)
PowerFemme, Part I- The Goddess FormulaBy SeaRaven(02/Oct/99)
PowerFemme Part II: The Birth of a TigressBy SeaRaven and MarkNew(08/Apr/00)
PowerFemme Part IIIBy SeaRaven and MarkNewPower-Lust: Never make Eileen mad...(10/Aug/00)
Mike and Jenni. Part I.By SeaRaven with special thanks to MarkNewJenni gets big, with a little 'help' from Mike.(12/Sep/03)
Mike and Jenni. Part II.By SeaRaven with special thanks to MarkNewMike 'helps' Jenni Again.(18/Sep/03)
The Last ConfessionBy Secret, strong is it realistically possible for a young girl to get? Find out here...(05/Sep/01)
Emma from the Gymby secretvalentine92@hotmail.comA mixed wrestling story set in a gym with an all female audience.(29/Mar/06)
Dottyby secretvalentine92@hotmail.comA young man is beaten, dominated and humiliated by his 60 year old neigbour.(18/Aug/06)
My SuperiorBy secretvalentine92@hotmail.comA short story of how an older woman embarrasses a young man in the pool.(14/Aug/07)
Drinks with 3 Female FriendsBy secretvalentine92@hotmail.comA man goes out for a few drinks with 3 female friends and is humiliated by them.(06/Feb/09)
The Transformation of Jenny Chapter 2: Her first awakeningsBy Selgrin buckman28@hotmail.comThis is the continuing story about an innocent female teenager who transforms into a curvaceous, athletic lust storm whenever she gets aroused.(25/Mar/99)
The transformation of Jenny Chapter 3: Jenny ArousedBy Selgrin buckman28@hotmail.comThis is the continuing story about an innocent female teenager who transforms into a curvaceous, athletic lust storm whenever she gets aroused.(28/Mar/99)
The transformation of jennyBy Selgrin, buckman28@hotmail.comThis story is about an innocent female teenager who transforms into a curvaceous, athletic lust storm whenever she gets aroused.(25/Mar/99)
The Transformation of Jenny Chapter 4: Masturbation FireBy Selgrin, selgrin@yahoo.comThis is the continuing story about an innocent girl who transforms into a powerful lust storm whenever she gets aroused.(06/Apr/08)
The Phantom Strikessendthemtosleep|Don [EX](15/Oct/17)
My neighbor ladyby sensitivecarpenter(20/Nov/10)
Conquered - part Iby sensualriderCarmen uses sex to conquer him(22/Jan/98)
Conquered - part IIBy sensualriderCarmen uses sex to conquer him(22/Jan/98)
The Amazon Chronicles - Part IBy Senyor Dave Lifesabitch@Apexmail.comA Chronicle of the Time of the Amazon Empire(23/Jul/00)
Men are from Venus, Women are from Marsby SenyorDave, SenyorDave@AOL.COMLife isn't so great for men in the year 2160(19/May/98)
The Rogue Juggernaut Abominationby Seraph-D(11/Mar/07)
Jana's Morning SqueezeBy Session Man(04/Dec/12)
Jana and her bear hugBy Session Man(27/Nov/12)
Jana and her body scissorsBy Session Man(19/Nov/12)
Mid-section crush agonyBy Session Man(13/Mar/12)
Session Gone Wrongby Session Man(19/Feb/12)
Underground Wrestling Death MatchesBy Session ManRound One(05/Apr/12)
Underground Wrestling Death MatchesBy Session Man(09/Apr/12)
Rebecca - Female Bodybuilder/WrestlerBy Session Man(15/Jan/13)
Strap-on ballbusting tortureBy Severin(09/Dec/01)
Gorillia my dreamsby S.G.Misty Storm reduces a 700 pound Gorillia to a helpless pile of fur(28/Dec/01)
One Night Changed EverythingBy SG e-mail comments to sggs4224@yahoo.comI was beaten up by my date and everything changed for me.(09/May/04)
Radiation- Part 1By: Sgiwy, sgiwy@yahoo.comA woman becomes 'super' thanks to her husband's radioactivity(17/Jun/03)
Radiation- Part 2By Sgiwy, sgiwy@yahoo.comA superwoman increases her power(22/Jun/03)
Fatal marital issueBy Sgjc883@aol.comA mature beauty, a disgusting father, a broken body(04/Jul/02)
FATAL LAST DANCEBy Sgjc883@aol.comA mature beauty, an expectant lover, a broken body.(22/Jun/02)
FATAL FIRST [IN]A mature beauty, an office Romeo, a broken body.(26/May/02)
Fatal e-mail messageby Sgjc883@aol.comA mature beauty, an Internet geek, a broken body.(30/May/02)
FATAL FAMILY MATTERS; [IN]A mature beauty, an errant husband, a broken body.(05/Jun/02)
FATAL ROOM SERVICEby Sgjc883@aol.comA mature beauty, a lecherous waiter, and a broken body.(10/Jun/02)
FATAL TENNIS MATCHBy Sgjc883@aol.comA mature beauty, a bad loser, a broken body(14/Jul/02)
FATAL BIRTHDAY PARTYBy Sgjc883@aol.comA mature beauty, a birthday wish, a broken body(09/Oct/02)
My Session With Heather FineBy
Classic Guysby SGTSLog Entry One. -Abstract and Self-Funded Research Proposal-(28/Oct/05)
The Coming Outby ShadeA husband and wife of 20 years experience a sexy & sudden role-reversal(31/May/97)
Confessions of Jennyby ShadeWhat it feels like to be a STRONG middle aged mother.(28/Jul/98)
Two AmazonsBy ShadoRydrTwo Amazons, muscular fight/love triangle story(28/Sep/97)
Supermarket SquabbleBy Shadow NinjaEdited by Max(13/Oct/06)
Bonnie Bicepsby Shamus(02/Mar/06)
Katieshamus1975@hotmail.comI meet the woman of my dreams by jman(13/Jun/01)
MollyBy Shamus, shamus3741@aol.comA high school student learns about his neighbor's sister's strength(04/Apr/99)
Molly, part 2By Shamus, shamus3741@aol.comJim learns more about Molly as the two grow closer together(10/Apr/99)
Little Sister Reverses the Roles - Part 2by Shanfan - email shanfan902@hotmail.comDebbie continues to transform big brother into baby brother(12/May/02)
Little Sister Reverses the Roles Part 1by Shanfan, email shanfan902@hotmail.comHow my "Baby Sister" became my Babysitter(14/Mar/02)
Shannen D. vs. the Congressmanby Shanfan - shanfan902@hotmail.comRepublican actress gives a congressman a liberal beating(24/Sep/00)
The Toughest Match I Ever Hadby Sharla Garcia ( wins a tough, hard fought match with Matt.(22/Feb/98)
CatalystSharon BestA Supergirl story(17/Oct/97)
Three victimsBy Sheila Burgess(11/Apr/99)
Breaking of Dan Newmanby Shelton Gregory, msxstoy@hotmail.comPt. 1 (femdom, mc, torture)(04/Mar/02)
Judy's Jewelsby Shelton Gregory,
Angela racks and breaksShoe ( kicks butt at pool, then just kicks butt.(17/Nov/99)
Tiny Timby shrink_meister2003A shrinking story(11/Feb/03)
A brief account of my first wrestling adventureBy Shy Guy, How? And what happened? When I wrestled Sonia Fernandez(11/Sep/15)
Pulling the Valkyrie's pig tailsBy Shy Guy, Shy_Guy@innocent.comA young warrior plays a dangerous game(23/Apr/98)
APRIL AND A LUCKY BUTTERFLYBy Sidd XIII sidd1333@yahoo.comThis is a story of a ninja girl stealing power from her foe, becoming invincible and having various kinds of ancient weapons broken on her body.(08/Feb/11)
How Our Buddy Really Got His Ass Kicked"by Sid
Business Part 1by Sikorksi(13/Dec/98)
AdoptionBy Sikorski(25/Aug/98)
The Blind Dateby SikorskiA blind date turns strange.(27/Jul/98)
The SikorskiThe hotel landlady and I.(02/Aug/98)
The SikorskiThe hotel landlady and I, part 2.(03/Aug/98)
The SikorskiThe hotel landlady and I, part 3.(03/Aug/98)
The Salesman Part One.By Sikorski.(06/Aug/98)
The cheerleaders' partyBy SilentChris, likesmusculargirls@yahoo.comA scrawny teenager has a sex party with six muscular cheerleaders(08/Sep/02)
Ultimate Power Ultimately Corrupts - PrologueBy Silentcrs, silentc123-mail@yahoo.comGive young women power and they may not use it ethically(07/Jun/10)
Ultimate Power Ultimately Corrupts - Chapter 3 - The BridesmaidBy Silentcrs, silentc123-mail@yahoo.comGive young women power and they may not use it ethically(14/Jun/10)
Ultimate Power Ultimately Corrupts - Chapter 1 - The CheerleaderBy Silentcrs, silentc123-mail@yahoo.comGive young women power and they may not use it ethically(07/Jun/10)
Ultimate Power Ultimately Corrupts - Chapter 2 - The LifeguardBy Silentcrs, silentc123-mail@yahoo.comGive young women power and they may not use it ethically(07/Jun/10)
Ultimate Power Ultimately Corrupts - Chapter 4 - The TripletsBy Silentcrs, silentc123-mail@yahoo.comGive young women power and they may not use it ethically(23/Jun/10)
Ultimate Power Ultimately Corrupts - Chapter 5 - The DetectiveBy Silentcrs, silentc123-mail@yahoo.comGive young women power and they may not use it ethically(06/Jul/10)
Abducted in LondonSilklover [EX](05/Jun/16)
Clara's LessonBy Simon BSM16@hotmail.comA 12 year-old girl teaches a 14 year-old bully how to treat people(12/Oct/99)
Clara ReturnsBy Simon BSM16@hotmail.comMale college junior is assaulted by two tough female bikers(14/Oct/99)
Friday funby Sitting Duck, a Norwegian mixed boxing enthusiast.A story about a bold, young man, who suddenly finds himself being challenged to a boxing match by a girl.(25/Jul/03)
My Fantasy Girlby SixPackJohnny finds out just how big and strong his old friend Jill has become(10/Feb/01)
A Disagreement at SchoolBy SJNA young female bodybuilder discovers that lifting weights improves more than her appearance.(06/Nov/98)
Lap Dance Domination: Makala overpowers SK(29/May/01)
Dead, Naked Sentriesby SkeeboVara "silences" Omphale's girl guards and lays out their lovely nude corpses(24/May/98)
The Making of a Submissive Exby Skip(15/Feb/18)
White Owl In A most Dangerous GameSkytower [EX](22/Dec/17)
Rape reversal on a burglarBy Slave2Pussy Ballbusting2017@walla.comBurglar messes with the wrong woman(06/Jan/18)
Wrestling Domination Part 3A story submitted by : slave jim88 %%(27/Aug/16)
Wrestling Domination Chapter 1&2by slave jim88(08/Sep/09)
Female Supremacy sexual slavery male submissionby slave jim88Chapter 6(20/Sep/09)
Female Supremacy sexual slavery male submission T&Dby slave jim88Chapter 8 Sunday(20/Sep/09)
FD Training.slave jim88 [DD](08/Sep/09)
FD Training Part 2 Chapters 3,4 & 5by slave jim88(08/Sep/09)
Wrestling Domination Part 1slave jim88 [DD](19/Aug/16)
Wrestling Domination Part 2slave jim88 [DD](19/Aug/16)
Wrestling Domination Part 6by slave jim88(19/Oct/16)
Wrestling Domination Part 7by slave jim88(19/Oct/16)
Wrestling Domination Part 4by slave jim88(29/Sep/16)
Wrestling Domination Part 5by slave jim88 **(29/Sep/16)
Wrestling Domination Part 8,9,10by slave jim88(07/Jan/17)
Wrestling Domination Part 12slave jim88 [DD](03/May/17)
Wrestling Domination Part 12slave jim88 [DD](27/May/17)
Wrestling Domination Part 13slave jim88 [DD](09/Jul/17)
Wrestling Domination Part 15slave jim88 [DD]For the next few years he served as her slave.(13/Apr/19)
Teen FemdomBy Slave Shoelicker ( a riding crop(19/Feb/98)
Karate Girls UnlimitedBy SleepWalkerChapter 1: Kidnapped!(08/May/02)
Knocked OutBy SleepWalkerRound 1: The Pressure's On(08/May/02)
Karate Girls Unlimitedby SleepWalkerIn which the commander gives a demonstration and Bond gets taken advantage of!(22/May/02)
Karate Girls Unlimitedby SleepWalker bob102655@yahoo.comChapter 2: Escape Thwarted!(14/May/02)
Karate Karate Girls Unlimited, Chapter 4by SleepWalker bob102655@yahoo.comAn agent makes a run for it, but is brought down by tranquilizer darts!(29/May/02)
Evil GoddessBy Slika
Power GameBy Slika
GODDESSby Slika Power
Caf' SocietyBy Slika Power
Sally's conquestBy Slika Power, slikapower@hotmail.comLynne discovers her destiny is to worship a muscle goddess(21/Jul/01)
Debbie's last boxing session.By Smac.Debbie decides to go out with a bang, by boxing with a man.(10/Feb/00)
Bigger is better.By smogPart 1.(11/Sep/15)
Bigger is better.By smogPart 2.(06/Mar/00)
Bigger is better.By smogPart 3.(15/Aug/07)
Bigger is better.By smogPart 4.(15/Aug/07)
Bigger is better.By smogPart 5.(15/Aug/07)
Bigger is better.By smogPart 6.(06/Mar/00)
The other GirlBy Smog(01/May/05)
Lisa (altered) .by Smog.(17/Jun/00)
My friends little sister.By Smog.(30/Dec/00)
Superman meets Alexa.By Smog.(07/Apr/03)
Supermans Defeat - The end of the free world.By Smog.(12/Jan/04)
The other Girl.By Smog.(08/Jun/05)
My favorite web-cam girl.By smog.(11/May/05)
The other Girl.By Smog.(20/Sep/05)
My girlfriend has muscles.By Smog.(07/May/06)
What a party!!! Part 2By Smog.(09/Feb/06)
What a party!!! Part 3By Smog.(29/Mar/06)
What a partyBy Smog.(04/Jan/06)
My girlfriend has muscle. Part 2By Smog.How the girl from the party became my girlfriend - check out the story "What a party!"(09/Jul/07)
Getting revenge on Lai or ...By Smog.Part 1.(13/Aug/07)
Monica, part I.By Smog.(21/Dec/09)
Tammy stole my girlfriend.By Smog.(21/Dec/09)
Monica the bully.By Smog.(22/Feb/10)
Monica, part IIBy Smog.(01/Feb/10)
Monica - a workout with a bully.By Smog.(29/Mar/10)
Monica - a bully or a dreamgirl.By Smog.(03/May/10)
The muscular roommate ##' part 1.By Smog.(25/Jun/10)
The muscular roommate part 1.By Smog.(02/Aug/10)
The muscular roommate - part 2.By Smog.(20/Sep/10)
Monica the muscle girl part 1.By Smog.(10/Jun/11)
Connie - my sister's "friend" - part III.By Smog.(06/Mar/12)
Connie - my sister's "friend" - part IIII.By Smog.(24/Apr/12)
Connie - my sister's friend part II.By Smog.(30/Jan/12)
Connie - my sister's friend - part I.By Smog.(06/Jan/12)
Couples Championship Wrestling League…by Smurfking(17/Aug/18)
ANNA'S GYMby SMW ( man is amazed by the power of a female bodybuilder(04/Sep/98) [IN](31/May/09)
Dominant Denise:by SoA250@hotmail.comA young man discovers that he has a new "Keeper"(23/Feb/08)
A Beautiful Friendshipby
The General vs DelilahBy Socrates(01/Oct/08)
The General versus Delilah, reworkedBy Socrates:
College Internship To Die ForBy Solestruck(15/Dec/04)
Collection of 6 Stories from YouthBy Solestruck(15/Dec/04)
Indulgent Next Door Neighbor - True StoryBy Solestruck December 6, 2004(08/Dec/04)
The Lucky Intern True StoryBy Solestruck December 6, 2004(06/Dec/04)
MAGGIEby SolomonA semi-sequel to "Lydia"(31/Oct/97)
A Satisfied CustomerBy: SoniaFanSonia shows him she is all she said she was and more.(03/Feb/98)
Doubting Thomas - A Sonia Fernandes AdventureBy: Sonia ( shows Tom what she can do.(26/Feb/98)
The wrong markby Sparrer22(25/Aug/06)
Cymbalineby SpectatorA test of strength(17/Apr/17)
Oscar nightby SpectatorPam and Giselle(20/Feb/98)
Cymbaline part threeby SpectatorA test of strength(15/Sep/98)
Suburban Warfareby Spectator(24/Jun/98)
Maria discovers her forcesby Spectator 2A young girl notices she has very special abilities(10/Oct/06)
Maria is testing her powersby spectator2@web.deSecond part of "Maria discovers her powers".(21/Oct/06)
Taniaby Spike(20/Feb/05)
Tania part 2Spike [DD](05/Mar/05)
Accidentally Married an AmazonBy Spitfire(20/Nov/02)
Amazon AdviceBy SpitfireAccentuate the Positive. Eliminate the Negative!(20/Nov/02)
Amazon-Sized HangoverBy Spitfire(20/Nov/02)
Amazon Hangover pt.2.By SpitfireSobriety isn't so bad!(05/Dec/02)
Comaby Spitfire(05/Dec/02)
Be Re-e-e-ally Careful What You Fantasize About..By Spitfire(22/Dec/02)
The VortexBy Spitfire(26/Nov/02)
13th AnniversaryBy Spitfire(30/Jan/03)
Beware of Those Personal Ads!By Spitfire(20/May/03)
Amazonic Psycho X-Wife###s Revenge!By Spitfire(01/Jun/03)
Amazonic Psycho Ex-Wife###s Revenge IIBy Spitfire(01/Jun/03)
Good Samaritan!By Spitfire(06/Jun/03)
Good Samaritan 2By Spitfire(06/Jun/03)
Good Samaritan 3By SpitfireNo Good Deed Goes Unpunished!(06/Jun/03)
Good Samaritan 4By SpitfireBack From Afghanistan(06/Jun/03)
One Man's Shrinking RoleBy Spitfire(27/Feb/03)
One Last Ditch Effort at a Cry for Help!By Spitfire(17/Jun/03)
A Prophecy From The Little Man From The Wrong Side Of The TracksBy Spitfire(25/Jun/03)
The Bride of Dr. AmasteinBy Spitfire(14/Feb/03)
The Amazon Butterfly EffectBy Spitfire(17/Jul/05)
Magic Shoes?By SpitfireShelly buys an old pair of platforms to look taller...and man! They worked too well!(12/Aug/05)
Sweet Sixteenthby SportsterA teenage girl decides to have some fun with her ex-coach(22/Feb/98)
Kevin's Family Chapter 1: Aunt Loriby SportsterKevin's aunt shows him who's the boss.(11/Sep/15)
Kevin's FamilySportster [DD]Chapter 2: Cousin Monica||Monica takes the car keys from Kevin(24/Dec/98)
Kevin's Family Chapter 3: Cousin VickyBy SportsterKevin and Vicky argue over the remote control(26/Dec/98)
New ChallengeBy SportsterA field hockey player wants a new toy(01/Jan/01)
Happy Anniversary Seanby SqLoverAnn plans a rough celebration for Sean with the help of a friend.(16/Jun/01)
My Neighbor Mr. Kellyby SqLoverA co-ed wrestles an older man into submission.(04/Jun/01)
A session with an escortBy Squishedfish(18/Jan/99)
Try a Little Fantasyby Sqz890(21/Sep/01)
My Mother's Dressby (Simon)Spanking and humiliation(20/Jan/98)
Muscle Eruptionby
The girl in a CamaroBy Stacey Smith.(19/Nov/03)
My First Orgasmby Stacy B(08/Jan/04)
The Taming of Amazoniaby Stacy BarehuggerA boy raised by an Amazon and an Amazonian boy-killer wrestle naked.(12/Jul/00)
The Muscle ShirtBy StanTrue story of how an athletic male discovers that his wife and sister are stronger than him(05/Oct/99)
Suzie's Revengeby steelbound773Disclaimer this is fantasy and I do not Advocate this type of violence on any one.(18/Oct/12)
I think you hiding somethingby step brother stepbro63@yahoo.comA 17 years old boy gets outsmarted, outwrestled and charmed by his step sister(06/Apr/02)
I think you hiding something - 2by step brother stepbro63@yahoo.comA 16 years old girl pins her step brother in front of her best friend(11/Apr/02)
Sorority gang rapeBy Stephanie C.A wimpy freshman discovers what tall, and femininely athletic girls do to join a sorority.(11/Mar/05)
Christina, the goddess of justice (a video play in 2 acts)By Stephen Crawford ( fat woman finds an alternative to losing weight. Ah, the wonders of modern science.(30/Jun/00)
Vegas 2001 - Part 3by Steve(07/Sep/01)
The Auditorby Steve B(23/Jul/02)
Cardio Kickboxing Classby Steve b(30/Apr/02)
Cardio Kickboxing Class Continued : The dangerous Kellyby Steve b(07/May/02)
Neighborhood Advocate turned Outlawby Steve bA story about a female martial arts expert using her skills to clean up the neighborhood.(20/Aug/02)
The Personnel Managerby Steve b(11/Jun/02)
THE WAITRESS, she had enoughby Steve b(12/Jun/02)
Amelia's First Kickboxing matchby Steve B(10/Sep/02)
The Blonde in the Steve b. **(28/May/03)
Cardio Kickboxing Chapter 3By StevebKelly punishes my college friends(21/May/02)
Cardio Kickboxing Chapter 4 - Kelly in the dojoSteveb [DD](29/May/02)
The BeatingBy Steve BSM16@hotmail.comBoyfriend and girlfriend are brutally beaten by a jealous female(09/Oct/99)
A collection of poemsBy Steven Gordon(31/May/97)
The Labby Steve Palmer(28/May/21)
My Wife's Bar Room Brawlby Steve_silver37@hotmail.comHow my wife Michelle settled the score with a big blonde one night at a local bar.(08/Jul/01)
There's Something About MelissaBy Steve TFighting babe Melissa plays with her menagerie(19/May/06)
Two-Watt Bulb in a $1000-Dollar Suit (Part One)By Steve TA ruthless businessman is beaten, mind-controlled and feminised(17/Jan/06)
Two-Watt Bulb in a $1000-Dollar Suit Part TwoBy Steve TA ruthless businessman is beaten, mind-controlled and feminised(17/Jan/06)
A Day at the MallBy 'Steve the Z"(12/Jul/02)
IN CASE OF EMERGENCYBy 'Steve The Z'(02/Mar/02)
TARZELLASteve the Z [DD](06/May/03)
Tarzellaby Steve the Z(08/May/03)
The Experimentby Steve the Z(30/Jun/03)
The Supergirl Phenomenonby Steve the Z(26/Jul/03)
TARZELLAby Steve the Z **Chapter 4(11/Nov/03)
The Time Machineby Steve the Zthe movie sequal I'D like to see!(28/Aug/03)
Tarzellaby Steve the ZChapter 5(02/Jan/04)
Betty and the Beamby Steve the Z(07/Mar/08)
MJ and the SpiderA Short What-if? by Steve the Z(22/Jan/09)
PYRAMID POWERby Steve the ZAlan and Susan make a life-changing anthropological discovery(05/Jan/10)
4 storiesby Steve the ZThe 1st one is unfinished, and I apologize in advance if it offends anyone due to the current crisis in Japan, but the story was written many months ago and in no way reflects one way or the other on the situation there.(24/Mar/11)
Like Mother, Like Daughterby Steve the Z(20/Aug/11)
Wonder Woman on topBy Steve TrevorA master criminal is overpowered and dominated by Wonder Woman(23/Jun/06)
Deadlier than the maleBy Steve W ( thoughts on the Modesty Blaise vs Mr. Sexton fight in The Silver Mistress(03/Jul/06)
The Cheetah Lives!by Steve ZinkPart 1(21/Sep/98)
The Cheetah Lives!by Steve ZinkPart 2(21/Sep/98)
Cheetah Livesby Steve ZinkPart 3(21/Sep/98)
The Further Perils of Wonder Womanby Steve Zink, SZink22446@aol.comMistaken Identity 2 - The Cat is Back(21/Sep/98)
The Further Perils of Wonder Womanby Steve Zink, **Mistaken Identity 3a(21/Sep/98)
The Further Perils of Wonder Womanby Steve Zink, **Mistaken Identity 3b(21/Sep/98)
A brighter tomorrow Layla and DannyStevie, littlesteviestories@gmail.comA world where women have been engineered into sex goddesses and men into their good little boys(27/Jul/15)
The Neighbor's DaughterBy StewartWe move into a new house - and life is not the same(20/Oct/02)
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She Winsby SturgeonF/m, CBT, yowza!(11/Sep/15)
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Under her bedby subbySister's point of view and Part 2 of mine, as I begin to serve her.(05/Jun/08)
Under Her Bed - Part 3by subbyPatricia has her mock trial and makes me come to her volleyball game. Then I have to take her and her friends to celebrate.(08/Jun/08)
Under her bed Part 4by subbyPatricia tells her brother her surprise at the pizza parlor, but also has to punish him.(18/Jun/08)
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Under Her Bed Part 7by subbyBrother attends game, and the three girls have to save him.(23/Jul/08)
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