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Most of these entries present the same data as Diana's index pages, just restructured into table form. Occasionally, however, you will run across my added notation. This denotes where I have made an adjustment for a file that does not provide information in conformance with Diana's formatting guidelines. If you're curious about my note system, read here.
Alyson's Gameby Xavier St. Cloud, xavierstcloud2@hotmail.comAlyson Hannigan destroys Nicholas with some help from Sarah(29/Feb/04)
Sharpen Your Fangs, Cause It's Not The EndBy SFEX3 - Cracker JackInterpol Agent and Street Fighter extraordinaire Chun Li Xiang takes a challenge from professional wrestler Rainbow Mika; F/F wrestling/fighting(26/Jul/04)
A.S.S. PART 1by xxxecilLise(31/Mar/02)
Larvaeby XXXecil(13/Jul/02)
XXXecil's 'Nymph a maniacs'by XXXecilPart 1(21/Jul/10)
Bisexual WifeBy yarrum130@netscape.netA husband shares his wife with her female lover.(23/Jul/02)
Bisexual Wife-Part 2By yarrum130@netscape.netOur king sized bed and the boxing tournament with the German ladies.(18/Aug/02)
Bisexual Wife - Part 3By yarrum130@netscape.netBoxing in Europe(18/Aug/02)
Bisexual Wife-Part 4By yarrum130@netscape.netHouse Parties(31/Oct/02)
WONDER WOMAN GETS PHYSICALBy Yenocnc, mf, rape(10/Apr/99)
The FamilyBy Zakfar zakfar2000@yahoo.comAn autobiography of the daughter of an abusive wife.(10/Aug/09)
Power of a girl - A true story about my ex-gf and her physical [IN](14/Nov/00)
The librarian ZedA mature librarian sexually and physically overpowers two teenagers.(17/Aug/07)
The teacherBy ZedA meeting with a mature teacher turns to a lesson for an arrogant parent.(10/Feb/00)
Downfall of the DjinnZEDARCVUNN [IN]Based on the Wishmaster movies(16/Nov/03)
Scarlettby ZekeA session review(12/Apr/05)
Playing the trainer, as if I know what I'm Zeke(12/Apr/05)
An Otherwise Ordinary DayBy Zeppelin(11/Nov/98)
Domestic AbuseBy ZesparaBeatings cause Betty to exchange positions with her husband, the Hulk.(30/May/98)
The SpellBy: Zimbra1Experimenting with self improvements in college and other clich's(19/Oct/02)
Fitness Centerzimbra1Carol grows to like the gym.(01/Oct/03)
Fitness Center pt2by Zimbra1Carol gets some really good results at the gym(12/Oct/03)
Introduction to psychology - part students meet in a psychology class.(02/Sep/13)
judge mentalBy ZTV25A small clerk is sexually harassed by an Amazonian judge.(17/May/16)
SoonBy ZTV25One text changes his life forever.(06/Aug/16)
Harriet's BoysBy ZTV25 ztvdfemdomtales@gmail.comSchool nurse becomes obsessed with three bondage loving students(27/Mar/18)
Freak ShowBy ZTV25 ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comA dwarf at the circus is stalked by a tall beauty.(13/Jul/16)
Judge Mental: Week 2By ZTV25 ZTVfemdomtales@gmail.comJudge Guerra shows her little clerk who’s boss.(05/Jun/16)
Judge Mental: Week ThreeBy ZTV25 ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comBrett's fall from law clerk to sex slave comes to an end.(31/Jul/16)
Jungle FeverBy ZTV25 ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comTwo young men go in search of a legend but she finds them(29/Dec/16)
Jungle Fever: First InfectionBy ZTV25 ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comOne year before Jungle Fever a lottery winner becomes a jungle girl(29/Dec/16)
She Was a VisionBy ZTV25 ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comA large powerful woman rescues a small helpless man ... or does she?(13/Jul/16)
Herja's ArenaBy ZTV25 ( female muscle loving high school student meets the amazon of his dreams(19/Jan/17)
Amaris Adaraby ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comA model at comic con makes a teenage dream come true.(16/Oct/16)
The Adventures of Abigail: Home Run!By ZTVFemdomtalesAbigail helps herself to a barely legal little leaguer.(04/May/21)
Free boy toyZTVFemdomtales [EX] [EX](05/Jul/18)
The Amazon of OrlandoZTVFemdomtales [EX] [EX] [EX](26/Jul/17)
Abigail's California AdventureZTVFemdomtales [EX] [EX](17/Nov/17)
Prisoners of the Kinky Clown MILFs!By ZTVFemdomtales & DrebintooyouFunhouse becomes a hunting ground of mini-giantess sexual predator older clown ladies(02/Jul/21)
A Warm, Soft Place to SleepBy ZTVFemdomtales formally ZTV25 ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comFreezing white boy saved by small but powerful black woman(26/Aug/17)
A Warm, Soft Place to Sleep 2By ZTVfemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comOne year later she returns.(26/Oct/17)
Bookedby ZTVFemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comA cougar gives a mouse shelter from the storm … in her ropes.(17/Sep/18)
The Amazon's RevengeBy ZTVFemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comThief breaks into an Amazon's house on a very bad day.(07/Jun/18)
The MILF Who Stole MeBy ZTVfemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comSexy older jogger runs off with cute boy(29/Aug/18)
Somebody Save Me - Part 3By ZTVFemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comPart 3 of 4. Lust creeps in.(27/Jun/19)
Somebody Save Me - Part IBy ZTVfemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comPart 1 of 4. Kidnapper for hire gets new assignment.(28/Apr/19)
Rough Stuff and Bunny BoyBy ZTVFemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comHe wants to be dominated, she's just the wolf for the job(19/May/19)
Somebody Save Me - Part 2By ZTVfemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comPart 2 of 4. Professional kidnapper becomes rescuer for hire.(27/May/19)
Somebody Save Me - Part 4By ZTVFemdomtales / 4 of 4. Reunion(19/Aug/19)
The Amazon's Revenge Pt. IIby ZTVFemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comAs time goes on revenge becomes something ... more(25/Mar/20)
Beta – Part 2By ZTVFemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comPart 2 of 4. Meet The Dom(10/Sep/21)
Beta – Part 3By ZTVFemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comPart 3 of 4. Beta becomes Dom’s new sidekick(17/Sep/21)
Slumber SnakeBy ZTVFemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comTai doesn’t trust older women(27/Oct/21)
Abducted by Abigail: Rock’a’SexyBy ZTVFemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comAbi is hired to steal KPOP group(01/Oct/21)
The Maid: The RescueBy ZTVFemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comFemdom spy sets out to save captive demigoddess(07/Oct/21)
Just for DecorationBy ZTVFemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comHanding out candy leads him to becoming a Halloween decoration(07/Oct/21)
The Handservant TaleBy ZTVfemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comShe explains to the Halloween party how she got her slaves.(11/Oct/21)
MistakeBy ZTVFemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comBe careful which clubs you drunkenly stumble into on Halloween Night(26/Oct/21)
The Cheerleader’s Boy ToyBy ZTVFemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comFrat boy gets hazed.(13/Oct/21)
Meter ReaderBy ZTVFemdomtales ztvfemdomtales@gmail.comShe wants his lips(07/Jan/21)
Cassie’s Curses: Goth CuriousBy ZTVFemdomtales ztvfemomtales@gmail.comJane has strange dreams about her new co-worker(26/Oct/21)
Prisoners of the Kinky Clown MILFs 2! This Again!By ZTVFemdomtales & DrebintooyouThe clowns play with their prey(07/Oct/21)
BOYS DON'T QUEEF--Part Threeby ZUIDERZEE(12/Jul/04)
The Spriggan: Adventures of an Amazon Hobbit: Part 6By ZuiderZee.(30/Oct/02)
Conflict of Interest: Part Oneby ZuiderZee ( in power for the wrong reason.(28/Feb/99)
Conflict of Interest: Part SixBy ZuiderZee ( in power for the wrong reasons.(09/Jun/99)
The Sprigganby ZuiderZee ( of an Amazon Hobbit: Part 1(01/Jul/99)
The Sprigganby ZuiderZee ( of an Amazon Hobbit: Part 2(05/Aug/99)
Conflict of Interest: Part EightBy Zuiderzee ( in Power for the wrong reasons.(29/Jun/04)
Conflict of Interest: Part 10By Zuiderzee ( in Power for the wrong reasons.(07/Jul/04)
The Spriggan: Adventures of an Amazon Hobbit: Part 9By Zuiderzee (
The Spriggan: Adventures of an Amazon Hobbit: Part 8By Zuiderzee ongoing yarn of an adventuresome she-halfling and her escalating woes with brigands, berserkers and her own shifting proportions.(19/Jun/04)
Conflict of Interest: Part 5By ZuiderZee ( in power for the wrong reasons(16/Apr/99)
Conflict of Interest: Part 9By Zuiderzee ( in Power for the wrong reasons.(03/Jul/04)
BOYS DON'T QUEEF-Part Threeby ZUIDERZEE ( intended version! With the fussin', fightin', feudin' & fornicatin' what was missin' before!(14/Jul/04)
BOYS DON'T QUEEF: Part FourBy Zuiderzee ( trashy teen Tomboys turn truculent--tryst & tussle TV tourist to transcendence(19/Jul/04)
In the Belly of the She-Beast: Part OneBy Zuiderzee ( African Giantess tale-recounted by one who thinks he's gotten away.(06/Aug/04)
Conflict of Interest: Part Twoby ZuiderZee. ( woman in power for the wrong reasons.(01/Mar/99)
Conflict of Interest: Part 3by ZuiderZee. ( in power for the wrong reasons(09/Mar/99)
Conflict of Interest: Part ZuiderZee. ( in power for the wrong reasons.(25/Mar/99)
Conflict of Interest: Part 7by ZuiderZee. ( in Power for the Wrong Reasons.(12/Aug/99)
The Mammarian Candy Date: Part 2By Zuiderzee: zuiderzee@yahoo.comSuper-equipped, Super-endowed She-Spy continues on her Secret Mission to turn a a developing Boy into a Good Egg--and vice-versa!(31/Jul/04)
The Mammarian Candy Date: Part 1By Zuiderzee: zuiderzee@yahoo.comSuper-Equipped, Super-Endowed She-Spy prepares to neutralize her opposite number--who is more than ready to pry into her designer genes.(21/Jul/04)
The Sprigganby ZuiderZee zuiderzee98@hotmail.comAdventures of an Amazon Hobbit: Part 3(07/Oct/02)
The Sprigganby ZuiderZee zuiderzee98@hotmail.comAdventures of an Amazon Hobbit: Part 4(10/Oct/02)
The Spriggan: Adventures of an Amazon Hobbit: Part 5By ZuiderZee
The Spriggan: Adventures of an Amazon Hobbit: Part 7By ZuiderZee

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