Authors of Misc: Profiles

by The Notetaker

Who are all these authors?

Over the years, many, many writers have contributed to Diana's site. While I can only cover a fraction of them, I've written some brief profiles to help you find authors who may interest you. These particular authors have been selected because they're: a) personal favorites, b) prolific, and/or c) easily summarized.

Agua - Agua writes in serials about organized conflict between men and women - armies, teams, gangs - in which the females target the male weak spot! Female victories are offset by occasional sharp setbacks.

amazonboy - This boy writes of young men who are dominated sexually, but beyond that, it is hard to pin down an element that is true of every story. Tall women, MILFs, strapon dildos, and incest appear frequently.

Caligula - This author (see also kacz) specializes in incestuous ballbusting stories, featuring sadistic mothers and sisters who often abuse testicles to the point of rupture.

Cheryl - Both of her contributions are related by straight women who are shocked to find themselves swept off their feet by a muscular dyke lift and carry.

Deacon - A prolific author of catfighting Battle Clan stories, sometimes co-authored with G-Man.

dmg - This writer contributed a series, "Tales From The Couch", about a prison psychiatrist and his interviews with a young prisoner who prefers to kill with squeezes from her powerful legs.

First Timer - FT writes about big-balled bulls, and the girls who take those bulls by their balls. (FT got his start at the Eunuch Archive as an author of castration stories, but some of his later tales limit themselves to ballbusting.)

frogsie - frogsie is a romantic, whose narrators are smitten by an athletic girl who bests him in a test or demonstration of strength, then sweeps him off his feet for a prodigous feat of lift and carry.

G-Man - A prolific author of catfighting Battle Clan stories, sometimes co-authored with Deacon.

ImP - ImP's heroines punish miscreants of various stripes, teaching them a lesson in respecting women. Some are subdued quickly, others try to put up a fight.

Jack - Jack's bare-footed crack martial artists are crusaders for justice, administering devastating kicks to bullies, goons, and rapists.

Luffarungen - This author offers a mix of tussles with girls who use wrestling holds, and peaceful lift and carry.

Mardee Louise Prynne - Tales of tomboys. (Outside Diana, Prynne is known as an author of TG stories, but most of her stories here eschew that element.)

Martin Cooper - This author (also MartinOOOO) prefers the first-person form, related by a male whose encounter with a deceptively waifish, seemingly vulnerable girl ends in his castration.

MSSCOTT33 - Tales of female black belts, often featuring an adult sensei who has trained a class of younger girls into fearsome fighters.

Nicholas Klinsman - Klinsman's women tend to be ruthless and lethal, not necessarily starting fights, but not hesitating to end them.

Playerville - MMA catfight tournaments.

Ringer - Ringer is a crafter of boxing tales, split between F/F and F/M.

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