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Video reviews

Before you buy a video, you might like to hear some opinions about it.

Everyone loves a good video. But how do you know which ones are good? By reading reviews, of course. The reviews in this section were done by people who are not associated with the company selling the video; just ordinary customers.

Send me your video reviews. Say what you thing about the video, what you liked and what you didn't like. Speak your mind, but I'd rather have a glowing review of a video you liked, than a slag-off of one you didn't. It's better to know what to buy, than what to avoid.

The reviews tend to say that the videos are good. That's because if you get a poor video, you're likely to just shrug your shoulders, whereas if you see a good one, you want to recommend it to your friends. Also, if someone sends me a review that says merely "XYZ video was terrible" I can't really use that review, because unless it says *why*, that might not be relevant. For example, if the video was about scissors and you were expecting headlocks, you might be very disappointed, whereas a scissors fan would be delighted.

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