Cock and bull story

by Nerraw


Female Bullfighter faces an unusual opponent in the bull ring of Madrid!


The posters have been pasted on walls all over the city. "BULLFIGHT!" screams the headline in big bold letters. But pictured on the poster is the face of a beautiful young Spanish woman! Her face is beautiful and very feminine, and yet at the same time is stern and shows fierce courage and an extremely dominant personality. Her full bodied long black hair and her blood red lips form a striking contrast to the light complexion of her face. She is dressed in the traditional gold embroidered costume of a Matador. Printed under her picture in letters only slightly smaller than the headline are the words, "Featuring the brave and beautiful Matadora, Carmelita Montez!"


Carmelita will soon become the first woman to be allowed to fight in the Bull Ring of Madrid in over a century. She has gained her reputation for her skill and courage by fighting in the bull rings of small towns and villages. As her popularity grew, young girls looked upon her as their heroine and as their role model. Men would throw themselves upon the ground in her path in the hopes that they might experience the thrill of being trampled beneath her dainty feet. At last her popularity became so great that even the Male Chauvinist Officials did not dare to bar her from the Bull Ring of Madrid!



But as Carmelita Montez's fame and popularity grew, so did the jealousy of her many male rivals. Most of the male matadors consider Bullfighting to be a sport for men only, and they resent the fact that a woman has dared to enter into their domain. Foremost among these men is MANuel Del Torro, who's name means "Man of the Bull". MANuel is Spain's number one bullfighter. He is a brutal hulk of a man who stands seven and a half feet tall, and he weighs five hundred and fifty five pounds of hard bulging muscle.



MANuel Del Torro is never seen in public without his black fur Matador hat on his bald head. This hat is quite a bit larger than the standard cap that Matadors wear. The people of Spain all believe that this vain and arrogant man always wears this hat in order to hide his bald head. The truth is that he always wears this Matador cap in order to hide his terrible secret.


This arrogant Matador stands before his full length mirror as he flexes his massive muscles. He is naked except for the Matador cap that he always wears. And as he flexes his muscles he is talking to himself. "There is no fucking way that some uppity little cunt is good enough to fight in the Bull

Ring of Madrid!", MANuel proclaims as he thumps his massive chest with a huge fist, " I will teach that uppity little cunt a lesson! I will teach that cunt that Bullfighting is for MEN, and that a woman is no good for anything except for fucking! I will teach that bitch that her place is in the kitchen!".


The big man's mind wanders back into the past as he continues flexing in the mirror and talking to himself. "My mother was raped by a bull!", MANual Del Torro proclaims as though that is something that he should be proud of. "And that is why I am as strong as a bull! And that is why I never appear in public without this hat on my head! This hat hides my secret! Not only am I as strong as a bull, but I also have HORNS like a bull!" Suddenly MANual rips off his Matador cap revealing that he does indeed have razor sharp bull horns growing out of the sides of his head! "Tomorrow I will teach that uppity little cunt a lesson in the bull ring of Madrid!", the Bull man roars into the mirror as he beats his broad muscular chest with clenched fists, "Because I have both the strength of a BULL and I have the brain of a MAN!"



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As Carmelita Montez inters the bull ring of Madrid, she is confronted not by a Bull as she had expected, but by MANuel Del Torro! The spectators gasp in shock as they see that MANuel has entered the arena completely naked and his long thick penis has swelled into a raging hard on! But the people are even more shocked as they see him for the first time without his Matador cap on his head and they discover for the first time that the man has razor sharp bull horns growing out of his head! The Bull Man beats his massive chest with clenched fists as he addresses both the spectators in the stands and the Matadora, Carmelita Montez. The sound of his fists beating against his chest is much like a base drum that can be heard throughout the arena!


"Many times have I entered the Bull Ring of Madrid as the Matador!", MANuel Del Torro roars in the most fierce and intimidating voice that he can muster, "But today I have chosen to enter this Bull Ring as the BULL! First I will impale this bitch with the ONE HORN that I got between my legs! Then I will impale her with the TWO HORNS that are on my head! I will make this uppity little cunt wish that she had stayed in her fucking place in the fucking kitchen where ALL women belong!" The spectators gasp in total awe of the striking contrast between the seven and a half foot tall and five hundred and fifty five pound body of this naked brute, and the five foot one inch tall and one hundred and ten pound woman who faces him upon the floor of the arena!



Carmelita begins her performance with a few simple Veronica passes. She allows the Bull Man's horn to graze her rib cage as he passes by her. She knows that this arrogant bully will not want to kill her until the very climax of the bullfight!


Next the Picador enters the arena. He is a burly man on horseback who is armed with an eight foot lance. His job is to weaken the Bull Man by piercing his massive muscles with the lance. This is so that the Matadora can kill MANuel more easily. But MANuel Del Torro suddenly charges upon the horseman without warning, knocking both the horse and rider to the ground! The brutal Bull Man grabs hold of the hapless Picador, and he easily tosses the two hundred and thirty five pound man thirty feet up into the air! MANuel skillfully impales the falling body upon his horns, killing the man instantly. He struts arrogantly around the Bull Ring while beating his massive chest with his fists, and with the corpse flopping limply while impaled upon the horns on his head. Then the fans scream in horror as with a violent twisting motion of his big bull neck, MANuel Del Torro hurls the body of the dead Picador up into the stands!


Then the Bull Man looks at Carmelita with an expression of pure evil upon his brutal face. "That takes care of your Picador!", he bellows at her, "Before he got the chance to weaken my muscles with his lance! And none of your men will have the courage to get into the Bull Ring with me and to stick their banderillas into my body! For they all know that I have the strength of a Bull and I have the brain of a MAN! Now you are going to have to face your Bull at his full male power!"


But Carmelita Montez has a surprise for the over confidant Bull Man! As he charges by her, the Matadora places her banderillas into his heavily muscled body herself. Three times the man charges at Carmelita, and three times he howls in pain as she shoves the sharp barbs of two of the brightly collared sticks into his back. "Those fucking things hurt, cunt!", he bellows in rage. Then he vigorously shakes his body, and he sends the six banderillas flying into the air like the spines on a porcupine. "Up until this time, I have just been playing with you, cunt!", the big brute cries in anger, "But now I will show you no mercy!"



The next faze of the Bullfight is called the Faena. The Faena is where the Matadora must demonstrate her skill and courage in handling the massive brute to her fans. The female fans scream their approval as the Matadora dedicates the body of the Bull Man that she is about to kill to a cause that is dear to her heart. "I dedicate the body of this brutal beast that I am about to kill," she cries stridently, "to the cause of FEMALE SUPREMACY over the MALE! And to the ultimate triumph of woman over man in the age old battle of the sexes!" She begins her Faena with the rough wrenching Passes De Castigo! These passes are designed to show MANuel Del Torro who the boss is. Carmelita continues with these passes until at last the huge Bull Man begins to show signs of growing tired and short of breath!


After Carmelita Montez has established her total dominance over the massive brute, she begins to perform her more ornate passes. This is now the very climax of the Bullfight. MANuel Del Torro is trying to kill her now! He is charging at her body rather than at the cape. But Carmelita out maneuvers him and she outwits him at every turn. She dazzles him with her cape work, and she makes a total fool out of him. The fans are ecstatic now as they scream "OLE!" at the top of their lungs each time that the big brute charges past her. The spectators are totally amazed at the way that Carmelita can totally dominate not just a dumb beast but a MAN in the Bull Ring of Madrid! At last the Matadora concludes her fabulous Faena with a beautifully executed and extremely dangerous Pass of Death!



The final faze of the Bullfight is called the "Moment of Truth". MANuel Del Torro knows that his career as a Matador is finished because of the way that Carmelita Montez has so totally humiliated him and dominated him in the Bull Ring of Madrid as thousands of fans looked on. But now he is

determined to exact his final revenge upon this upity little bitch who has inflicted such massive humiliation upon him. "You have humiliated me in front of thousands of my fans, cunt!", the huge man bellows as he thumps his big bull chest with a clenched fist, "But now I will teach you that when you fuck with the Bull, you are going to get the HORNS!" And then he charges upon her with the berserker fury of a madman!


But the Matadora evades the slashing razor sharp horns of his attack upon her with a swift cat like agility. And at the same time she angles the thin blade of her sword up under his ribs, and she severs his aorta with the precision of a surgeon. But MANuel Del Torro does not instantly fall dead

at her feet as expected. Instead he goes to the farthest end of the arena in preparation for a final charge upon his female foe. "You fucking cunt!" he yells at Carmelita at the top of his lungs, "You have killed me! But I am going to get you before I die!"



Carmelita waits calmly as the massive brute hurls his seven and a half foot tall and five hundred and fifty five pound body upon her in a last desperate charge. He gains momentum and he runs faster and faster as he gets closer to the small woman who is in his path. Then when he is only thirty feet away from his intended victim, his head and his chest arch backwards and he falls down on his knees. His momentum propels him forward and his body slides along the floor of the arena in this kneeling position with his head and chest arched backwards, and with both of his massive arms dangling limply down at his sides. The cheering screaming fans go completely wild as the massive sliding body comes to a complete stop just two feet from the small woman who had stood so calmly in its path. The huge carcass remains in its kneeling position without moving a muscle. Carmelita has executed a perfect kill!



Carmelita Montez looks calmly down upon the enormous carcass of the dead Bull Man with an expression of smug superiority upon her stunningly beautiful face. "You had the strength of a Bull, and the brain of a man!", she says to him, "But the brain of a man is no match for the brain of a WOMAN! The Bull dies bravely in the arena! But you died only as a fool! As an expression of my contempt for you, I spit in your face!" The triumphant Matadora hawks and she spits into the dead man's upturned face. Then she places her foot on his big bull chest. "You big brainless slab of muscle!", she cries stridently as she shoves her foot forcefully against his chest, "Fall down! For it is not fitting that the carcass of a fool should remain kneeling erect in the Bull Ring of Madrid!" MANuel falls back upon the floor of the arena with a loud crash. He lies spread eagled upon his back with his massive erection sticking up into the air at a jaunty angle as though it were a monument to the triumph of woman over man in the age old battle of the sexes!


By this time the crowd which has gone completely wild are chanting "CARMELITA! CARMELITA! CARMELITA! CARMELITA!" as the victorious Matadora holds her sword high in the air! Then Carmelita slices off MANuel Del Torro's enormous erection and his testicles with her sword in such a way that they are still attached to each other. The spectators give Carmelita Montez a thunderous ovation as she places her foot on MANuel Del Torro's big bull chest and she holds her trophy high in the air for all to see! Carmelita has been granted the highest award that is possible for a Matadora to receive! She has been awarded both the penis and the testicles of the

dead Bull Man!