Homians 2 
                                     By Hardie  c 1998 
Haran against Mila in single combat   
The story so far. Under Princess Lida, fifty Amazon warriors penetrated the Homian Officer Training Camp and slaughtered
the male soldiers. Three of the men were kept alive. Two were to be pitted against Amazons in single combat.  One contest
had already been resolved, with the Amazon girl Candi destroying the mighty Homian warrior, Thoran. The third male captive
was Zarab, the Camp Commandant. Lida reasoned that, if the Homian training was superior to that of the Amazons, then the
Camp Commandant was the best person to pass on the details of that training! Meanwhile, the second contest was about to
The second captive was brought forward. He was another perfect specimen of male power and strength. Standing six foot, six inches tall, the massively muscled
Homian dwarfed Mila, his Amazon opponent, who was head and shoulders smaller than the man. 
Apart from her boots, Mila chose to fight naked. In contrast to the male's huge bulk, the girl was slightly built but well proportioned. Her gamin like face was framed
in a bubble of unruly black hair, a winsome smile giving her a deceptive air of vulnerability. She carried her slender, shapely figure with the grace of a dancer and the
confidence of a girl warrior. She seemed totally unperturbed at having to fight a highly trained male soldier who was more than twice her size, and showed no
emotion whatsoever when the man was given an even greater advantage. 
Princess Lida ran her eyes appreciatively over the naked body of the huge Homian. 
"You appear to have the physique to test my warrior," she said. "However, your friend was a great disappointment, and, despite his mighty muscles, was easily
killed by an Amazon girl. To make the contest more even, you may use a sword. Mila will be unarmed." 
The Amazons gasped as their Princess gave the Homian his weapon. Haran couldn't believe his luck. They were actually giving him a sword to use in a fight against
an unarmed little girl! He flexed his arm, feeling the weight of the sword, sending the blade slicing and slashing at terrifying speed as the weapon responded to his
skill.  'This,' he thought, 'won't take long!' 
Lida moved back to stand beside the Camp Commandant. Like all the Homian Officers, he was well over six feet tall, much taller than the Amazon Princess. His
powerful arms were folded behind his back and tied in position. Lida made him open his legs. She slid her hand under his buttocks. Her fingers closed on his
dangling balls. 
"When the Commandant yells, the fight will begin," announced Lida. Then she squeezed the hapless man's balls! He yelled! 
Haran advanced slowly towards the slight form of his Amazon opponent. He made the sword scythe the air in intricate patterns as he sought to intimidate the girl. 
"I am a merciful man," he said. "I will kill you quickly, girl. Mind you, I'd rather pierce you with this," he leered, thrusting his pelvis forward and lewdly lifting his
cock, "than with this!" He raised his sword to strike. 
Mila had been tensing her smooth female muscles, waiting for her opportunity. Now that it presented itself she sprang with the speed of a fighting mongoose, 
attaching herself to the Homian's huge body like a limpet to a rock. Her legs straddled the man's waist, one arm wound round his thick neck as she pressed her
curvaceous little body into his mighty chest, while she used her free hand to jab at the male warrior's vulnerable eyes. 
Haran bellowed with rage as the girl's fingers found their target. His arm came up to protect his damaged eyes as he desperately tried to stab the girl with his sword.
But there are two places where stabbing with a sword isn't much use. One is where the target is too far away. The other is when the target is too close. And Mila
was like a second skin! 
Before the injured Homian could work out what to do, the girl dropped from her perch on his body, sank onto her haunches, then launched herself upwards with all
the strength of her powerful female legs. Her fist exploded in the man's dangling balls, then her knee followed, and her fingers stabbed his eyes once more and she
was gone. 
The Amazon girls yelled with delight at the sight of the huge male soldier doubled over, clutching his shattered balls, eyes streaming, moaning with pain as the little
girl danced round him like a stoat round a rabbit.  
Coolly picking her targets, the girl drove her flying feet and flashing fists into the huge man's most vulnerable spots. Pain lanced through the mighty male body as the
young female warrior kicked her victim in the kidneys, stomped his sensitive shins and powered her knee into a muscular thigh, deadening the leg.  
The male fighter was in a state of panic. Half blinded, limping, badly hurt and under severe attack from the girl, all he could do was flail wildly with his sword in an
attempt to keep the female demon at bay. 
But she kept coming, attacking his left side where his sword couldn't easily reach, pounding his magnificent body with relentless savagery, sliding through his
defenses with sinuous ease to pick him off in a whirl of bobbing hair and flashing limbs.  
Mila wanted to wear the man down, to draw the strength  from his powerful, male body - a body which she knew could take unbelievable amounts of punishment.  
She thought of one of the Amazon sayings; 'Men were made to take punishment.  Women were made to dish it out.' And, because the man was using his left hand
solely to protect his balls, the girl was finding it ludicrously easy to dish it out. 
She slid gracefully past his slashing blade and smashed her fists into the Homian's muscled stomach with combination punches of bewildering speed.  She avoided a
backhand slash and drove her foot into the man's kidney, forcing a cry of pain from his open mouth. She stomped down on his instep, ducked under the swinging
sword and plunged a straight finger jab into the soldier's soft sternum, making him drop his head, gasping, as the air was driven from his lungs. 
Cruelly, the girl speared her fingers into the floundering male's vulnerable eyes, then forced him to stumble blindly backwards as she hammered him with her tiny
Haran roared with pain and anger. He tried to rally his senses. He whirled around in a circle, slashing his sword horizontally, making the lithe young girl dance back
out of reach. Through the tears streaming from his damaged eyes, the male soldier made out her blurred form bobbing and weaving away from his scything sword. 
With a roar of rage, he charged, bloodlust swamping his brain as, dragging his dead leg, he threw himself at the frail looking girl who was causing him so much pain. 
Mila had never been so excited in her short life. She had fought and killed several male warriors in combat, but she had never tested herself against such a huge
opponent as this, and unarmed! The girl found she was enjoying the thrill of pitting her sinuous, female body and cool fighting brain against the huge bulk of the
massively muscled man. She was going to destroy him in front of her fellow Amazons and show them how easily a girl could defeat even the mightiest of armed men. 
She waited until the very last moment. Then, just as it looked certain she would be hacked to death by the charging Homian, the lissome Amazon swayed aside,
sank onto her haunches and cut the man's legs from under him with a sweep of a shapely female limb. The huge male warrior staggered like a drunk for a few paces,
arms flailing, trying to keep his balance, then he crashed to the ground, momentarily dazed by his fall. 
The girl was on him in a flash. Leaping high in the air she landed in the small of the man's muscular back, driving both heels into the sprawling soldier's spine,
breaking ribs, driving the air from his lungs, causing him to bellow in pain as she drove home her attack. 
She dropped across the width of the Homian's back, slid one arm under his thick neck and locked it into a sleeper hold. 
Haran felt the girl on his back, choking him with her slender arms. He had to do something.  He was a male, a warrior, a Homian Officer. He couldn't let a slip of a
girl strangle him to death. Summoning all his vast strength, Haran braced his corded neck muscles against the girl's strangle hold. He positioned his hands under his
broad, powerful shoulders and pushed upwards. 
The Amazons gasped in amazement as the immensely strong young man pushed himself onto his hands and knees, the girl still clinging to his back. Then, thigh
muscles bulging, and despite his injured leg, he began to stand up. 
Mila let go her hold immediately the man began to push himself upright. With his feet apart and legs braced, he was in a most vulnerable position. She dropped from
his broad back, reached between his legs before he could react, grabbed him by the balls and squeezed!
Haran's body arched backwards as the terrible pain shot through his massive frame. Screaming, dropping his sword, he clutched at his burning balls with both
hands, just as Mila hauled down on his tortured testicles with all her might, pulling them towards her, forcing the howling male to stumble backwards to try to relieve
the pressure. 
To the delight of the watching girl warriors, the Amazon slowly pulled the huge man backwards across the arena by the balls. The man was totally helpless. Despite
his enormous strength and massive bulk, he was powerless in the hands of the slender young girl. All he could do was allow himself to be marched around, pain
blasting his brain as the girl led him by the balls. 
She began to move faster, pulling her hapless victim with her until he could keep up no longer. Losing his balance, the huge Homian fighter tumbled over, the
excruciating pain from the resultant pressure on his balls sending his senses swimming as he lay curled up, moaning, unable to think of anything apart from the agony
in his groin.
Mila stepped over the man's writhing body, then drove her heel backwards into his tear stained face, smashing his nose; and again, splitting his lips and breaking
He tried to roll away from the female demon who was tearing his body apart, but there was no escape from her. The girl stalked her prey across the width of the
arena, clinically kicking the bulging biceps in his arms and the exposed parts of his wilting body as he desperately tried to escape. 
Coolly Mila drove the scrambling male backwards until he tumbled against one of the camp buildings.  She stepped back and watched as the man, gibbering with
fear, pulled himself up with arms severely weakened by the girl's savage attack, and tried to sidle along the wall to get away from the terrible woman warrior. 
"Now then, sunshine," purred Mila, as she closed with him and pushed his wilting body against the wall. "I thought you wanted to pierce me with this!" 
She took his thick cock in her silky fingers and shook it. 
"See how you feel about it after I've finished giving you a girl beating, shall we?"
She held him helpless by the cock. Her fist flashed into the man's corded stomach, again and again, pulping the sculpted muscles into a mass of jelly. Slowly, the
huge male slid down the wall, tears streaming from his damaged eyes, crying out as each of the girl's blows sunk into his broken body. 
Mila pulled him from the wall by his cock, grasped his hair, pulled his head into position and smashed her knee into the Homian warrior's face. The girl calmly
stepped back as the man's Herculean frame crashed face down on the ground. 
She dropped on to the man's strong back, straddling him with her smoothly tanned thighs. Carefully she picked her spot and slashed the side of her hand into the
Homian Officer's thick neck, shorting out the nerves, sending him slumping into a state of semi-consciousness. 
Sliding down the man's broad back, the girl grabbed his massive arm by the wrist and twisted it up behind his shoulders. 'By Herra,' she thought, 'his arm's as big as
my thigh. Ah well, it'll soon be useless.' And she forced the arm up until the muscles bulged. Then holding his arm in position with one hand, the girl pounded the
muscles to a pulp with her other fist. When she let go the man's arm, it flopped to his side, nerveless, useless. 
Haran had nothing left. Blind, one leg damaged, one arm severely weakened and the other completely out of action, the shattered male lay sobbing, all pride gone.
Pain, fear and shame swamped his body in waves as he begged the girl to stop hurting him. 
Now she had hold of his foot, twisting it until he had to roll over onto his back, his beautiful, powerfully muscled male body lying sprawled at the feet of the girl
fighter who had broken him.  
Daintily the nubile young girl stepped between the defeated male's massive thighs and started to rub his cock and balls with her foot. Almost immediately, despite his
pain, the man responded. To gasps from the watching girls, his cock rose majestically from its nest of black hair, swelling and soaring in an enormous erection. 
"Did you enjoy being beaten by a girl, soldier boy?" taunted Mila. "Was it good when an Amazon girl warrior smashed you to defeat? You are such a beautiful, big
She tweaked his rampant cock with her toe. 
"All these lovely muscles, but so useless against a little girl. Tut,, tut, fancy begging a girl for mercy. That's no way for a warrior to behave. But, of course, you're
 only a man. A man broken by a woman." 
The girl lowered herself onto the defeated male warrior's barrel like chest and grasped his hair with one hand. She raised his battered face and began to smack it
backwards and forwards. 
"Now we're going to stand up and you're going to show all the girls how you milk yourself, man child," she hissed. "And I'm going to spank you while you do it.
Spank while you wank, see. First, I want you to crawl over and bring me your sword. Don't cry. You'll enjoy wanking in front of all the girls!" 
The Amazons watched with disdain at the sight of the broken Homian soldier painfully crawling across the arena to do the bidding of the nubile young woman who
had beaten him. They had no sympathy for the once proud, mighty male warrior, who was demeaning himself before a slip of a girl.  The female warriors were
embarrassed by the man's cowardice as he begged for mercy from his Amazon conqueror. Whimpering with shame and fear, the man brought the sword to the
beautiful young girl, and gave it to her with a hand shaking with terror. 
Mila stood regally in the centre of the arena, hand on hips, feet apart, a smile on her lovely young face as she watched the male warrior, who's spirit she had 
destroyed, bring her his weapon. 
The girl got her hulking victim to his feet. She stood behind his massive, trembling frame, pulling on his hair so that his huge body curved backwards, making his
cock stand out like a cannon on a tank. 
"That's the position I want you to keep," she told the sobbing man. "Now wank!" 
The girl spanked the wanking soldier with the flat of his sword as he used his good hand to pump his cock. The Amazons gasped in awe as his body tautened, then
shuddered, and his male milk erupted from his cock in great thumping spurts. 
Mila, with undulating grace which underlined her femininity, moved round in front of her quivering male victim. She reached up with both hands and held him by his
bulging biceps.  Then, with nonchalant ferocity, the girl drove her knee into the man's taut balls. The male soldier screamed and doubled over. The girl wrapped her
arm round the man's neck in a side head lock and walked his stooped frame over to Princess Lida and the camp Commandant. 
"Here is your elite Homian warrior, Princess," she smiled, tweaking the man's nose. "He begs for mercy! A big, strong man begging for mercy from a little girl. Poor
boy! Didn't anyone ever tell you... Amazons show no mercy!" 
She made him lie at her feet, ignoring his pitiful pleas. Then she knelt astride his chest, feeling her female juices flow as she fastened her slender fingers round the
whimpering man's throat.  She squeezed. ........ To Lida's astonishment, the Camp Commandant had viewed the destruction of one of his officers with mounting
excitement. Now his cock jutted out in a massive erection, which Lida took in her hand and twisted. 
"I see you enjoyed watching a man being beaten by a woman. Now that we've killed all your Officers, I will bring my Amazon task force forward and we will seek
out and destroy the rest of the Homian army. That should get you very excited, seeing hundreds of men being beaten by women. You, of course, will tell us all we
need to know about your army's location." 
She squeezed his balls with one hand and twisted the man's throbbing cock with the other. "And you will tell us!" She smiled!