Diana the Valkyrie

Diana the Valkyrie's Sponsorships

A different kind of sponsorship

There's not very much sponsorship money available in this field, but people competing have all sorts of expenses. Food, (fish, chicken and other high protein, low-fat foods), vitamins, travelling to events, entry fees - it all costs money.

On the other hand, there are the fans. People who are ready and willing to support their favourites. $10 isn't much, but if a few hundred people each give $10 per month, it soon adds up.

How can we bring them together? How can we find a way for the fans to support their favourite women?

The answer, of course, is a web site. I'm already looking after a few dozen web sites.

But isn't it expensive to put up and maintain a web site? One hears stories about hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to make a web site. But I don't think that's a good idea. If it's done the Diana the Valkyrie way, then it costs nothing. Jane Doe pays nothing. She doesn't even need to buy a camera.

I provide the web space, and the bandwidth. I do the access control, and maintain the security. I do the billings, and the membership administration, and the user admin support, and the technical support. I make the web site. I add the new pictures and video, update the "What's New" lists and the web site stays fresh and bigger and better each month.

Jane Doe provides the content - pictures and video. She uses a digital camera, which I can provide - this can take stills and video. She sends me the pictures and video, and I do the rest. We share the revenue from the site.

I'm already doing this for a bunch of people, and it's working fine.