Superwoman Speaks Out
A sexy story dictated by Caroline Everson, aka Superwoman.
By Paul Smith (

Note: Only suitable for those over 21 years of age.

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"Hi, I'm Caroline Everson. I'm 21 years old and weigh 185 pounds, mostly due to my huge muscles. I'm 5' 6" tall and my measurements are an astounding 100-20-44. My hobbies include benchpressing battleships, mangling metal and fucking handsome men like you. Go ahead and touch me if you want."

"Ooh! That feels good! I love the feeling of your fingers against my stomach. I can tell by the bulge in your trousers that you like muscular women. Do you like my abs? Impressive, aren't they? Even now, the ridges in them are an inch deep, but look what happens when I flex them. You'd better be careful that you don't get your fingers caught in the ridges as the muscles tighten!"

"MMmmm! What do you think now? The troughs in my abs are almost 2 inches deep now - I bet you've never seen abs as defined as those before, have you? It's not just my stomach that's muscular, though - have a look at my arms. They're not even flexed at the moment, but they're still 15 inches around - look how large they get when I tense them. My biceps are now an incredible 20 inches in circumference. You can rub your hands over them if you like."

"Oooohh! That feels good. Squeese them harder! UHHhh! I LOVE it when you do that! You've probably already noticed my nipples are becoming bigger. Look how they're lifting up my tight white t-shirt - they must each be at least 2 inches long and about one and a half inches thick. They're pulsing bigger with each heartbeat. MMmmm! I'm really enjoying showing myself to you. Why don't you help me take my shirt off?"

"That's better, thanks. I just love the feeling of cold air brushing across my wet nipples, but I'd like it even more if you would hold them in your warm hands. Oh, that's even better - I really love it when you chew on my warm teats like that. Bite as hard as you like, you won't be able to hurt me."

"Ohhh YESSS! That feels good! Bite harder! HARDER! OHHH YYEEESSS! I love the way you're lapping up my breast milk - but there seems to be too much for you - it's leaking out from the side of your mouth. Why don't you slide your lips off my nipple for a minute and I'll show you what these babies can do."

"Ok, you're really gonna like this. I'm walking over to a car and grasping the sides of its bonnet in my bare hands. Have you noticed how easily my fingertips crumple the thick steel? It feels like moist tissue paper to me - in fact, I have to be really careful not to obliterate it completely by mistake. Now, I'm tearing the bonnet clean off the vehicle and folding it in half like laundry. I'm now folding it over a couple more times so that it's now about half a metre square, and about 2 inches thick. Now, I'm pressing this lump of twisted metal against my right nipple. Look how easily my erect teat sinks into the steel - it's like a knife through butter! Ok, now I want you to chew on my left nipple, like you were before."

"MMmmm! Chew as hard as you can! OOOOHHHHHH! Yes, YESS, OHH YYESSSSS! That feels sooo good. my...MMmm..nipples - see how...MMMMM...they're growing..mmm..bigger?...UUHHHH...The being...OOOhh..forced peel back-OH!-wards like..oh! OH! OHH!..moist putty! oh! OH!-kay, you c-AH!-n stop chewing my n-IH!-pples now! UUUHHHH!"

(Panting hard) "Wow! You really know how to turn a girl on. You'll have to wait a moment while I get my breath back. (Panting slightly) Phew! Ok, why don't you unbutton my jeans for me? No, no wait, I've got a better idea."

"I'm placing the palm of my hand against the crotch of my jeans and pressing very gently. Look! Did you see that whiff of smoke? That was my jeans being vaporised! Don't believe me? Look what's under my palm. You see? The denim has been burned away in the exact shape of my hand, revealing my warm, moist vagina underneath."

"I'm now flexing my leg muscles, making my jeans whine painfully as they're stretched like a melted cheese. My jeans are slowly ripping apart under the strain. Now they're completely shredded and are fluttering to the floor so that you can see my faultless legs in all their glory. They're long, tanned and thick with rippling muscle. Each one is capable of effortlessly supporting any weight imaginable. In fact, every muscle in my body is infinitely strong, which means that I'm by far the most powerful being in the whole universe. I hope that you're not too intimidated - some guys are, but I can tell that you're different. You really like strong girls, don't you?"

"Yes, I thought so. Well, how about a quick demonstration of some of my strength? I can tell by the bulge in your shorts that you'd like that. Ok, I'm walking over to the car that I tore the bonnet from earlier. I'm now sinking my hands into the engine block, making the cast iron whine painfully. The metal is crumpling like foil as I casually press down with my palms. I'm curling my right hand into a fist - watch how the iron oozes out from between my fingers like liquorish. I'm squeesing it harder now, making it turn red hot. This is just so easy - the metal feels like water to me!"

"I'm now using my secure grip to rip the engine out of the car. Several metal tubes are being torn apart as I easily lift the 600 pound block of iron out of the protesting vehicle. I'm holding the engine above my head, making my incredibly large, pert breasts stretch up towards my thick, muscular neck. Now, I'm easily pressing my arms together, crumpling up the engine block as if it is made of paper. Despite the fact that my arms are exerting thousands of tonnes of brute force, I still can't feel the slightest resistance!"

"The block is being crushed smaller and smaller by my rippling physique, as I easily reduce it to the size of a football - yet I'm casually compacting the chunk of mangled metal smaller still! It's now about the size of a tennis ball, and still shrinking. My muscles are exerting literally MILLIONS of tonnes of pressure at the moment, but I'm still nowhere near my limit! I'm placing the engine block (which is now about the size of a pea) between my thumb and forefinger on my left hand. I'm now pressing my fingers together, easily unleashing the *TRILLIONS* of tonnes of force needed to crush the engine block out of existance altogether! Look, when I open my fingers, there's nothing there! Cool, huh?"

"I'm walking back towards the remains of the car and jumping onto the roof. I'm now straddling it, placing my muscle-packed thighs on either side of the car. Watch as I gently squeese my powerful legs together. Even though the roof is crumpling up like tissue paper, I'm still not exerting anywhere near my full strength. The windows just shattered, exploding onto the pavement. The seats inside the car have started to be pushed together, making the fabric split, allowing the foam padding to burst outwards. The seats are now about half their size, but yet I'm still no even slowing down. The roof is bending upwards, making the hard steel rub against my cunt. OOHHH! That's feelss ssooo gooood! Mmmmm... The seats have now been obliterated completely, and my feet are now pressing against the handbrake, easily mashing it like warm butter."

"Oh, that's odd. I can't squeese my thighs any closer together. Hang on, I can see why now - my thighs are touching each other, and I didn't even realise it! Somehow, I expected the car to put up more resistance than that. Still, it was fun while it lasted."

"Ok, I'm now reaching to my side and grasping the metal railings between my fingertips. Ooops! I just crushed straight through the cast iron completely by mistake, smearing the solid metal like melted cheese! Right, I've now grasped a different section of the bar with slightly less force and I'm slowly ripping it from the ground. The concrete that the railings are attached to is starting to split and crumble like french bread, easily splintering at my command."

"I'm now holding a 50 foot section of the railing up in the air, easily supporting the 5 tonne mass with just my left arm. I'm rubbing the iron over my erect nipples, making them slice through the two inch thick rods like wet soap. Oooooh, that feels good! I'm folding the heavy metal against my enormous breasts, crushing the thick iron like warm sticks of cheese. Now, I'm casually spreading the remains of the railing over my chest like melted butter, effortlessly overpowering the puny metal. As I press against the iron with a little more force, it is quickly crushed out of existance, my fingertips having effortlessly exerted many trillions of tonnes of brute force!"

"There's only one thing that I enjoy more than using my strength, and that's fucking you. Please take me NOW. That's it, take off your jeans and boxer shorts. Now step towards me. That's good. I've just placed a single hand on your butt and lifted you clean in the air. I'm moving you closer, so that your erect penis slips into my moist cunt."

(Panting harder and harder) "Mmmm! That feels sooo gooood! Ohhh! I love it when you thrust your hips back and forth. Do it harder! Harder! MMmmmm! Oooohhhh! UUuhhhh! OOOOOHHHHH! UUUUHHHHHHH! YESSSS! HARDER! OH, GOOD GOD, YES! YESS! YYEEEESSSSSSS!!"

(Climatic scream)

"That was amazing! Want to do it again?"