#17:  Mighty Lass Arrives!

by RW

"What happened to you?" a concerned Linda Danvers, a.k.a. Supergirl, asks Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman (and her cousin).  The pair are at an outdoor cafe in beautiful downtown Metropolis on a lazy spring afternoon, sipping cafe lattés and watching the few people strolling on the city's sidewalks.

"Well, remember when a few cities were hit by mysterious beams from outer space?" Clark asks.  Linda shivers slightly as she recalls reports of the beams.  She didn't hear about them because, at the time, she was unconscious and lying in a hospital.  She had gone into space to check on some missing satellites and was captured briefly by Maxima, Ruler of Androg and a Kryptonian like the Maid of Might.  As Supergirl, Linda was ultimately *thrown away* when the evil Maxima decided that she wanted Superman, not his cousin.  Maxima wanted Superman as her mate and hated the fact that he refused to cooperate with her.  Maxima blasted several Earth cities from orbit to lure the Man of Steel into space to capture him.

Linda briefly recounts her own confrontation with the hermaphroditic queen.  "N-not really," Linda finally stammers, referring to his question about beams from space.  "As I said, I wasn't in such good shape at the time, Clark," she continues.  "That witch Maxima . . ."

"Oh, don't remind me!" Clark interjects, shuddering as if shaking off a bad memory.  "Anyway, I went into space and found her ship.  I was pulled aboard like you were, and I spent about two weeks as her captive.  She was bad enough as a woman!  Let's just say that that bitch, with a penis and balls added, was my worst nightmare!"

"How did you escape?" Linda asks, wide-eyed, her lovely red lips forming an "0" as she listens to her cousin.

"After we got back to her planet, I managed to get my hands on her Neuralyzer Ray and turned it on her.  I then let some of the locals get into the palace.  Last I saw of the woman, she was hanging from a pair of metal devices that pumped Neuralyzer radiation into her body whenever she used her muscles.  Like the device she used on you in her ship.  With any luck, she won't get free again!"

"When she used that ray on me, I hated the feeling it gave me!  I felt so weak, so drained of energy!" Linda exclaims.  She recalls the helplessness she felt when chained by those cuffs and belatedly feels sorry for what Maxima must be experiencing now.

"I've been back for about two days, now," Clark continues.  "Anything happening I should know about?" he asks, changing the subject.  He leans back in his chair and crosses his legs.  The slight grimace on his face suggests he feels a twinge of pain from the simple effort of crossing his legs.

Linda ponders her answer.  Should she tell him about her recent problems with Intergang?  About the escape of MixMaster?  Ultimately, her commitment to truth compels her to tell Clark about both.  She explains how, in several recent encounters with some criminals (members of Intergang, she suspects), she seemed to *black out* and can't remember anything about her confrontations or how the criminals got away.  No weapons seem to be the cause but she's not sure why she can't remember what happened when she confronted suspected Intergang members.

She also explains her recent experiences in the desert southwest after several super criminals escaped from federal marshals.  "I recaptured Swift Bear but I barely escaped from MixMaster," she concludes.  "I'm not looking forward to yet another battle with that woman, but I guess it comes with the job, eh?"

"Unfortunately, it does," Clark replies.  "When you hear about her being active somewhere, though, do me a favor and take along some help, okay?  Call anyone you like - me, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Batgirl - anyone, but get some extra help bringing down that woman.  She's too clever and too powerful for just one person to handle, Kara!"

"Okay, I'll remember that, Kal," Linda replies.  "I'm just glad you got away from Maxima!  So why did you ask me to come here?"

"Well, I'm glad we're done with that bitch, too," he says.  "While I was . . . away . . . Luthor took advantage of the situation and expanded his filthy reach into new rackets.  One of my most reliable snitches said Luthor has begun smuggling aliens into the U.S. on some of his company's ships.  Apparently, he's also been receiving and re-selling U.S. Defense Department technology and secrets.  Both of these operations must be shut down as soon as possible, for rather obvious reasons.  I cannot, however, be in two places at once, so I thought I'd see if you can help me?"


Clark slides a large brown envelope across the table to his cousin.  "Here's a list of Luthor's ships and their last known locations.  Can you see if you can find them, see if there are any illegal aliens aboard?  The sooner we stop this practice, the sooner these people will be out of danger.  Smugglers typically will dump their human cargo overseas if there is a chance they'll be captured by the law.  Or just to clear the decks so the smuggler's ship can go back for more *pilgrims*."

Linda grimaces at the thought of men, women and children suddenly shoved off a ship far out at sea, left to sink or to be eaten by sharks.  "Glad to help, Kal," the disguised blonde says, picking up the envelope.  "I'll get right to work on the people behind these ships!" she says, rising to leave the table.  "How these humans treat each other . . .!"

"If you find a ship smuggling people, take the ship back to the port it just left.  Authorities there can handle the crew and deal with the immigrants," the Man of Tomorrow finishes.  "And don't forget about getting help to handle MixMaster!" Superman admonishes.  "And be careful on this mission, Kara.  The smugglers are more dangerous and methodical than you might expect, given the way they look.  They will have considered many ways to keep someone like you or me from disrupting their lucrative trade in human flesh.  Add to that equation Lex Luthor and any technology he might have given them and you can see why I asked for you to come here.  Most heroes and heroines wouldn't stand a chance against Luthor!

"And maybe this will keep you out of MixMaster's way for a while," Superman thinks to himself as his cousin walks briskly away from the cafe, the skirt of her severe brown business suit tightly wrapped around her shapely thighs making her pantyhose rub together as she walks.  Superman has to struggle for a moment to suppress the vision of his cousin as an incredibly beautiful and sensual woman, his memories of the one time he was forced by MixMaster to have intercourse with her, of how snugly her pussy enveloped his manhood . . .

*  *  *  *  *

The next few days were busy (but boring) for the Girl of Steel.  She flew to half a dozen ports on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  When she arrived at each, she changed into her Linda Danvers disguise and checked with shipping agents, portmasters, and dock workers about Luthor's ships.  Whenever she received a hard lead on one of his ships, she would change back into her red, blue and yellow costume and take to the air to find the ship.  Thus far, a quick inspection with her X-ray vision cleared all but two of his ships - all were carrying cargo other than humans.  She hesitated to say *legitimate* cargo - knowing Luthor as she did (by his reputation), she doubted that all the cargo was really legal.

Currently in the port of Kingston, Jamaica, Linda Danvers finally runs across someone who had some information about the S.S. Liberty Bell, one of the two Luthor-owned ships she hasn't inspected yet.  The ship had sailed at sundown, just three hours earlier.  The listed course was to Miami, Florida.  Linda thanks the longshoreman who told her about the Bell and slips down a corridor between several large containers.  In seconds, the woman in the business suit is replaced by the costumed heroine.  She leaps into the air and flexes her powerful leg muscles, propelling her lithe body northward along the likely track of the Liberty Bell.

Back on the dock, the longshoreman jumps slightly at the sudden *WHOOSH* that accompanies Supergirl's departure.  Slightly shaken, he pulls a cell phone from his pocket and punches in a number.  After a saying a few words into the tiny electronic marvel, he follows his instructions and tosses the phone into the water beside the pier and turns back into the shadows.  If the criminals keep their word to him, his debts to the local criminal syndicate will be erased with that call.  He smiles to himself at the prospect of getting a fresh start on life, unaware that in two days he will be gunned down by Luthor's men during a drive-by shooting at the end of this same pier.

*  *  *  *  *

"Thar she blows!" a jubilant Supergirl says to herself as she spots the Liberty Bell.  All of twenty minutes were required for this heroine to track down the ship.  Apparently it IS on a course for Miami!  The ship is a small inter-island ship - less than 1500 tons, probably.  There is a single large hold between the quarterdeck and forecastle.

As the Girl of Steel gets closer to the ship, she focuses her super vision on the vessel and begins searching it for human contraband - people being smuggled into the U.S. for exhorbitant fees.  She immediately sees that there are roughly a hundred people jammed into the small hold.  "Bingo!" she says exultantly as she dives toward the ship.

When this job for Superman began, Supergirl had decided to just shove any smuggler ships back to their last port.  Over the past day or so, though, she realized that although a ship may look like it's smuggling people to the U.S., there MIGHT be another story (she's not sure what it could be, but there are more things in heaven and earth . . .).  Thus, as Supergirl nears the Bell, she gently lands on the deck outside the wheelhouse of the ship near the stern of the ship.  Only the helmsman and another are in the wheelhouse at this late hour; they jump when they hear her unexpected knock on the door.

"I'd like a moment to talk with you and with those people down in your hold," Supergirl says boldly as she enters the wheelhouse.

"Y-you . . . you can't just . . . just BARGE onto my ship," one man, probably the captain, says to the Maid of Might, "where's yer search warrant?"

"I'm a deputized agent for INTERPOL, Captain," she gently explains in an even tone as she advances toward the man.  "And here at sea, American laws about search warrants and such don't apply.  Be a nice guy and tell me about those people.  What do you say?"

"They all booked passage on us," he says indignantly.  "It's strictly legit . . ."

"To pack them in like sardines?"

"Hey, it's only a short hop from Kingston to Miami.  An' I put a lot in the hold so's I can get a better profit margin.  I gotta make a livin', don't I?" he asks, backing away from the steadily-advancing blonde.  He backs up against the far side of the wheelhouse, nervously wringing his hands as the stunning blonde moves so close the tips of her shiny red boots touch those of his scuffed brown workboots.  Her lovely round breasts, straining against the blue fabric which contains them,  almost brush against the man's chest and the scent of the woman wafts over the man like a fresh breeze from the sea.  He can't help getting the start of an erection from her sheer presence.

"*You* have to make a profit?" she asks, arching one eyebrow, "but I thought Mr. Lex Luthor owns this ship?"

Suddenly caught in the lie, the man begins to sweat profusely.  "Er, ah, well . . . that's a, whatcha call it, a figger of speech, Supergirl," he manages to stammer.  "Yeah, Mr. Luthor owns the Bell, but he ain't never even seen her!"

"So is this smuggling your idea or his," Supergirl asks.  She raises one arm and puts her hand against the bulkhead, beside the left side of the man's head.  Her deep blue eyes seem to bore into the man's face as she peels the veils of lies away from the truth of this situation.  She's leaning so close to the man that his erection flows to full fruition and he can barely focus on the conversation he's having with the spectacular beauty.  Spectacular, but also very dangerous to criminals, as he knows so well.  Behind her the helmsman gulps and turns back to look where he's steering the ship.

"Yeah, uh, I mean, no, uh," the man says, flustered beyond belief, "I mean, Luthor don't know I'm carry people on this run.  He, uh, he thinks I'm returning to Miami empty.  Yeah, right.  So I keep the money those people paid me for passage.  But they ain't being smuggled, lady!  This is legit!"

"Well, let's just go down and see what they have to say, shall we?" Supergirl asks sweetly, smiling at the man.  She steps back slightly away from him, turns, and beckons for him to lead her down to the main deck.

"Uh, why don't you go down there yerself," he says, shifting against the wall.  "I gotta unlock the hatch - it's electronic, and, uh, yeah, and I'll light up the deck for yah so's yah kin see better!" he says, waving his arms, his voice breaking several times.  From fear?

"Okay," Supergirl says, staring at the man, "but no tricks!  I can be back up here in a heartbeat and you *don't* want to get me angry with you!  Understand?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever yah say, Supergirl," the man says as he moves toward the console behind the helmsman.  "I don't want no trouble wit yah, Supergirl.  I'm just doing my job.  I'm legit.  Jest go on down to the main deck and I'll take care of everything up here.  I'll be down to join you in a second.  Jest go on down, okay?"

The Girl of Steel pauses for a moment, looking at the man quizzically.  "He seems nervous, but I don't see how he can stop me from returning this ship to Kingston," she muses to herself.  Supergirl abruptly turns and leaves the wheelhouse.  She leaps over the railing and gently floats down to the main deck, landing just a foot or so from the large hatch covering the hold.  Her short red skirt flutters briefly as she lands, baring more of her creamy white thighs.  She turns and looks back toward the wheelhouse and her super vision shows the captain flipping a pair of switches on the console behind the helmsman.  The well deck is suddenly brightly lit by four floodlights, bathing the heroine in the harsh glare of pseudo-daylight.

Supergirl turns back toward the hatch cover, expecting to hear its locks released, and doesn't see the captain flip another pair of switches on the console.  She hears a loud click - two, in fact, but the hatch remains locked in place.  Turning back toward the wheelhouse, she's suddenly hit with two streams of energy shot from muzzles peeking through the bulkhead below the wheelhouse.  The beams hit her in her stomach and chest and fling her body back across the length of the well deck to slam into the bulkhead of the forecastle.

"Uunhh!" she grunts as the rays hit her super body.  "AAAIIIEEE!" she screams as she flies backward, propelled by the power behind the two ray weapons.  Her body slams into the bulkhead and she slides down it, settling on her butt on the well deck.  Supergirl shakes her head to clear it - the power of the rays has dazed her slightly!  She's not given time to recover, though.  Once again, two ray beams shoot across the length of the well deck and again slam into the Maid of Might's body - both hit her face and drive the back of her head into the bulkhead behind her.

"AAAIIIOOOOWWWW!" she cries as the beams hammer her lovely face.  The one second burn seems to last an eternity to the girl as the incredible energies batter her.  Her hands fly up to try to protect her face, then slump to her sides as the beams stop again.  Her head throbs like a mistuned piston engine.  She can barely keep her eyes open this time, due to the incredible power of the rays.  As the stunned heroine sits on the deck, two men rush from a room below the wheelhouse.  Each is carrying something that looks like a rifle with a huge barrel.

The stricken Maid of Might tries to shove herself off the deck - her hands manage to lift her butt off it, when the two sailors reach her.  "Sit there!" one commands, "or we'll fire again!"

"SHOOT THE BITCH!" the captain suddenly yells from the quarterdeck outside the wheelhouse.  "Don't let her recover!"

"N-no more," Supergirl gasps, raising one hand to protect her face.  She's back on her butt, her face just inches from these devastating weapons.  A blast this close . . .

"SHOOT THE FUCKIN' BITCH!!" the captain yells again.

*ZZZZZZZZ* sizzles around the well deck as the two weapons fire at the heroine - one into her chest, the other into her face.  "AAAIII . . . " she screams as her body shudders against the solid bulkhead.  A second later and she falls onto her side, unconscious from the tremendous energies that have battered her body.  The wall behind her has splintered and cracked from the battering of her invulnerable body.  There's not a mark on the heroine but she's out for the count.

"WE DID IT!" one of the sailors shouts, clapping his comrade on the back.  "We nailed Supergirl!"

"Get her down to that cabin we set up," the captain shouts.  "Step lively, lads, before she recovers!"

*  *  *  *  *

"Nnnh, wh-where am I?" Supergirl asks as she struggles to regain consciousness.  As her mind clears, she senses that she's lying on her back and her bed is moving!  Slowly, dimly, she recalls that she had been on that smuggler's ship . . .

"Rao!  What did they hit me with?" she asks herself as she starts to sit up.  As she swings her legs over the side of the cot on which she's seated, she swoons briefly, then groans as a familiar weakness washes over her body.  "Nnnggh, k-krypt-Kryptonite," she says.   Looking around the room through slightly-closed eyes, the Maid of Might spots a glowing greenish brick, about the size of a Palm Pilot, on a table near her cot.  She tries to rise to her feet but falls back onto the cot, on her butt, as the rocking ship and the hellish radiation sap her ability to stand.  "Oohh!", she moans, "mu-must get away . . . away from . . ."

"Away from what?" a voice beside the girl asks.  A thick muscular hand reaches down grabs the heroine by her jaw and turns her head.  Through blurry eyes, the Girl of Steel sees a tall, bald white man.  "We've only just come together, my dear," he says, venom dripping from his voice, "and you want to leave already?  Not a very good guest, are you?"

"L-Luthor . . ." Supergirl gasps as she realizes the man's identity.  "Why . . . how!"

"We didn't know who was asking questions about our ships - just some woman with dark hair.  Thought it might be Wonder Woman," Luthor explains to the heroine, releasing her jaw.  Her head falls back against the ship's bulkhead and *thumps* loudly.   She tries to focus her eyes and suppress the aching pain caused by the green K.  The green Kryptonite's rays continue to ravage her super body, rendering her weak as a kitten before the most dangerous criminal on the planet.

"I set a trap for whoever was asking questions - limited the smuggling to the Bell.  I also sent down two pulse rifles - a new development of LexCorp.  I was pretty sure they would slow down any of you hero types.  When I got the call that you were involved, I took my fastest helicopter and rushed down here to meet the Bell.  Brought along that little green goodie, just for you!  I've only been here ten minutes - we cut it pretty close.  I don't know if these people could have stopped you a second time, now that you know what the rifles can do, even to your super body.  And you do have a super body, my dear!"  Luthor leans forward and again cups her jaw in his hand and lifts her face up toward his.  Again he smiles at the weakened woman.

"Now, the question is, what do I do with you?" Luthor asks.  "I could easily just kill you here, now, and be done with you.  That might get Supes a little upset, though, and I'm not ready to deal with him and the Justice League, just yet.  Maybe I should just keep you out of circulation for a while.  Fill him with worry and concern.  I wonder . . . if I sent him part of your costume and told him to leave me and my operations alone . . ."

"S-Superman won't . . . won't deal with you," Supergirl manages to say.  "He won't deal with terrorists like you!"

"Brave words, girl," Luthor says as the smile on his face fades away, "but I think you underestimate Mr. Goody Two Shoes.  I rather suspect that if he thought I could really harm you, he might just back off.  So I have to find a way to convince him that I have you and can hurt you."

"What are you . . . mmmmnn . . . going to do?" she asks, wincing as a pain stabs through her super body.

"First, let's get you back to Metropolis," Luthor says, reaching down for the Maid of Might.  His two muscular hands slip under her armpits and he easily lifts her to her feet.  As he starts toward the hatch to leave the room, he suddenly stops and reaches back to the table to pick up the small bar of green K.  "Can't forget your *gift*, can I?" he asks, laughing as the girl's eyes slowly close, overwhelmed by the now-too-close green K.

*  *  *  *  *

"OOhhhh!" Supergirl groans as she again regains consciousness.  She slowly becomes aware that she's in a large room - a warehouse?  "Nooo!" she hisses when she sees that her tunic and cape have been removed.  All she has left is her skirt and boots!  Her magnificent breasts seem to defy gravity - no droop, no sag.  She shakes her head again to clear the cobwebs from her mind.  Her golden tresses fly about as her head shakes and her breasts quiver slightly from the motion.

Looking around, Supergirl sees that each of her wrists is bound by very thick, shiny metal cuffs.  These are then affixed to thicker chains which reach up toward a ceiling beam.  Looking down, she observes two more of the cuffs around her booted ankles, likewise affixed to chains.  These shorter chains lead to metal rings on the floor.  She's tightly bound - she tries to pull her hands down from ceiling but can't budge them.  Her legs are slightly spread and so close to the rings on the floor that she can't move them either.  On the ground a few feet to her front lies the hated block of green K - far enough to not do permanent damage, but too close for her to regain her full powers.  She struggles mightily for several minutes against the chains and manacles but only manages to work up a sweat.  As her perspiration-covered body glistens in the rays of sunlight piercing the windows high along one wall of the warehouse, the Maid of Might hears a door open behind her.

"Awake again, are we," Luthor's voice booms and echoes in the cavernous warehouse.  The arch-villain and three others approach the heroine and stop in front of her.  The men with Luthor stand behind him and beyond the green K bar.  One man, holding a small digital camera, stands off to one side so he can see the whole tableau.  The other two are each holding one of the tachyon pulse rifles.  Luthor is wearing his purple *combat suit*, with jets on his boots, strength-enhancing gloves, and a utility belt filled with unknown but certainly Hellish devices.  He stands confidently with legs slightly spread and hands on his hips, near the captive heroine, certain that she can't cause any trouble.

"D-damn you, Luthor, why have you taken off my blouse!?" the Girl of Steel spits at the villain.  She struggles again in her bonds, sagging slightly toward him as if charging.  All she does is thrust her breasts toward the villain.  Luthor laughs coldly at her vain attack.

His gloved hands reach out and each envelops one of  Supergirl's luscious breasts.  "The manacles are another marvelous invention of mine - a combination of depleted uranium and titanium, Supergirl.  Even if you had your full powers, I think you'd have to strain to break free.  In your current condition . . ."

The purple-clad villain moves closer to his lovely captive.  Luthor's hands rise up toward her chest and Supergirl tries to pull her body away from them.  She's unable to move much due to the shackles which hold her.  Using the enhanced power of the exo-skeleton in his gloves, Luthor wraps his hands around each breast and squeezes her two globes, grinning as she winces from the pain.  His hands slide off her breasts slightly and he grabs her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.  Each nipple is now slightly engorged with blood and the villain squeezes each until the heroine moans from the pleasure/pain.

"My, my," Luthor smirks at the helpless heroine, "one might almost think you enjoy being held captive, bound, helpless . . ."

"N-not in . . . nnnhh . . . not in your wildest dreams, you foul pig," she hisses back at the man, aware that she's lying through her teeth.  "OOhhmmnn," she moans when he gently caresses her breasts, then again lightly squeezes her nipples.  She sags in her restraints and can feel herself lubricating in anticipation of *something else*.  "Puh-please . . . stop, Luthor, d-don't do this!  I'm . . . Supergirl.  You c-can't . . ." she pants.

"Oh no," she thinks to herself, "he's right, my body is reacting to my bondage and helplessness.  I am a slut!"  Despair washes across her soul as she surrenders her self to the pleasure coursing through her body.  "MMnnnnh," she moans as he runs his gloves down from her breasts, one hand on each side of her super body, down past the top of her skirt, down to the front of her thighs, then upward, with each hand's palm against the inside of one of her thighs.

The villain moves around behind the Maid of Might and as his left hand cups one of her breasts, his right hand slips inside the top of her skirt and glides across her hairless pubic mound and between her legs.  The woman moans loudly as the tip of one gloved finger slides between her nether lips and lightly touches her clit.  Her tongue slips between her ruby lips and applies a bit of moisture to the lips.  Her eyes close and her body shudders as his touch sends a shock up through her super body.

"Mmmnnhh, s-stop, please . . . nnnnhh . . . don't do this, Luthor," Supergirl whimpers in a deep, throaty voice while the finger continues to tease her clit.  If not for the chains holding her up, she would be down on her knees, weakened by both the green K and by Luthor's ministrations.  Her head drops down backward against Luthor's chest and her eyes close.  The villain leans forward and sniffs her hair.  He brings his left hand up to move her hair away from her neck, then leans forward.  As his hand returns to caress her left breast, he breathes gently on her ear, then darts the tip of his tongue out and across her earlobe.

"OOOhhhhh, Raoooo!" Supergirl moans as her body responds to Luthor's efforts.  She can feel an orgasm building inside her as the man continues to play with her ear/neck, her breasts, and her clit.  Suddenly she can't restrain her body any longer.  "AAAAAHHHHHH!!" she cries as a powerful orgasm rips through her body.  Her juices slide down her thigh as her body convulses in pleasure.

"You getting all this?" Luthor coldly asks his cameraman.

"Yes sir, Mr. Lu-thor!" the man replies, his own dick prominently pushing outward against his slacks.  The two guards are also experience powerful erections from the sight of their boss ravishing this heroine.

Luthor looks toward the camera and says, "Take a slow pan shot and show the green K."  The camera's focus dutifully drops to the floor and slides to the small rectangular block.  After lingering a second or two, the camera swings back to focus on the captive woman and Luthor, still standing behind her.  "Now, Superman, as you can see, I've got Supergirl.  I'm taking REALLY good care of her, as you can see.  But if you EVER interfere with my operations . . ."  Luthor steps away from the Maid of Might and nods at his two gunsels.

*ZZZZZZZZAAPPPPPP* the guns hiss as each sends a tachyon ray into the heroine's weakened body.  The powerful blasts thrust her body backward and she screams in pain as the beams hit her belly.  Surely the chains must break!  But no, after the two-second burst, she sags forward, her head lolling on her chest, moaning from the powerful blast.  "AGAIN!" Luthor roars and *ZZZZZZZAAPPPPPP* another powerful pair of rays hits the woman's belly.  Again her body is thrown backward and again she screams from the pain of the blast.  When the blasts stop, she again sags forward.  This time, she's sobbing from the Hellish pain of the tachyon beams.

"Now, I'm not sure that my tachyon rays can actually kill Supergirl," Luthor says into the camera as he returns to Supergirl's side.  "I mean, even with the green K near her and her body obviously weakend, you'll notice that there isn't even a bruise on her super body.  Whatever is happening to her, the tachyon rays clearly hurt her but will they kill her?  Who can say?  She's the first (and I hope not the last) Kryptonian to experience the rays, Superman.

"Question is, do you want to risk her life looking for her or me, or messing with my operations?  I guarantee you that if you come near me, or if I think you're likely to find her, I'll have a dozen men with tachyon rifles in her constantly blasting her and I'll have that small block of green K shoved so far up her cute little ass you'd have to cut her open to remove it!

"Even if my rifles don't break through her invulnerable hide, Superman, I'm reasonably certain that the pain she'll suffer from the rifles and the green K will either kill her or drive her mad.  So yah gotta ask yourself, punk: do you feel lucky?  If you agree to cooperate with me, Supergirl will come to no . . . serious . . . harm.  I may even let her go free some day," the villain says, chuckling at his powerful bargaining position.  "Place a classified ad in the Planet that says just *Lex, I agree* and we'll proceed from there."

"Stop the camera, Jenkins," Luthor says abruptly to his minion.  "I want you to personally deliver a copy of that to Clark Kent at the Daily Planet and tell him it's for Superman's eyes only.  Don't give it to anyone else and be sure to impress on Kent that only Superman should see it."

"But boss, I thought we used . . ." Jenkins asks in a tremulous voice.

"Yes, yes, we used my special film - only someone with sophisticated electronics or super vision should be able to see what's on the cartridge," Luthor agrees, "but I wouldn't put it past that prick Kent to send it over to Star Labs for analysis.  Tell Kent I rigged the film to play only once - if he plays it, Superman won't see it and there will be *dire consequences*.   That should ensure Mr. Kent's cooperation!"

"Luthor," Supergirl asks in a soft, little-girl voice as Luthor starts walking toward the exit.  "Lex, please, can you cover me up?  I don't care if you put my blouse back on me or just throw a towel over me, but I'd like . . ."

"I don't really care what you'd like," Luthor snarls at his captive.  "And no, I don't believe I will cover you.  I want you to experience a little humbling, a little humiliation, while you're my guest."  Luthor uses his boot to nudge the small block of green K two feet closer to the Maid of Might.  A grimace of pain washes across her face as the radiation, now closer to her super body, ravages her.

"Why don't you hang out here, Supergirl," Luthor says, laughing at his lame joke, "maybe I'll be back in a day or so to see how you're doing.  Brown, Rashid," he says to the two men carrying tachyon rifles, "stay here and keep an eye on her.  If she causes any trouble, keep blasting her until she passes out.  I'll have you relieved in four hours.  Oh, and *have fun*, if you know what I mean!"

"YES SIR!, Mr. Lu-thor!" the two men reply in a chorus, immediately understanding Luthor's intent.  By the time the super villain reaches the door leading out of the warehouse, Brown and Rashid have already taken positions on either side of the crippled Girl of Steel and each is fondling one of her perfect breasts.

"Oohhh, Rao, noooo!" Supergirl whines, "puh-please . . . don't do this to me!"  She vainly wriggles in her restraints but the incredibly strong manacles severely limit her ability to evade the touches of Luthor's henchmen.  "MMnnnh, s-stop!" she begs as their calloused hands grope and squeeze her breasts.  "NNOOO!" she cries as Rashid slips a hand under her skirt and toys with her nether lips.   "Rao help me," she begs as the men continue to play with her super body.  Like their boss, they soon cause the heroine to orgasm.  Unlike Luthor, though, they aren't content to quit at one orgasm and by the time their relief arrives, the Girl of Steel's legs, boots, and the floor under her is slick with her juices.

Then the relief crew begins their time with her.

*  *  *  *  *

"I spent mosta yesterday and this morning at Kent's desk, Mr. Luthor," Jenkins says fearfully, "an' I even asked some of the people around his desk about him.  He ain't been seen for a day or two and hasn't called in.  They don't know where he is - prob'ly doin' some undercover work, Mr. Luthor, or so that kid Jimmy Olson says."

"You still have the tape?" Luthor asks.  When Jenkins nods in the affirmative, Luthor continues, "Well, keep going back every two hours or so until you can catch Kent at his desk.  Damned inconvenient of him to disappear when we most need to have him contact Supes."

*  *  *  *  *

Four days later, the Girl of Steel is totally broken in spirit.  She's been aroused and orgasming almost continuously for the last four days as Luthor's henchmen hold contests to see who can get her to cum the fastest, or use the most bizarre method to get her to cum, or get the biggest reaction from her when she cums.  None had moved the block of green K so her skin is now slightly green from radiation poisoning.  She can't keep her eyes open, nor can she even focus on more than one thought.  Her every fiber, her total being is focused on the stimulation of her body and the rise toward, or drop away from the next orgasm.  Even her super body has reached its limit - her mouth is dry and her super body is dehydrated from all the cumming she's done.

Luthor enters the warehouse as the latest pair of guards, plus his aide, Mercy, torment the stricken heroine.  Mercy is clad in a black, one-piece lycra catsuit, black calf-high boots and black leather gloves.  Lex again wears his purple combat suit.

"If only them boot cuffs was further apart," Kelso says to Mercy, "we could do her properly.  They's too close together, though.  We can't get her legs spread far enough apart to fuck her."

"That's why I brought this down," Mercy says in a silky yet somehow evil voice.  She reaches into a plastic shopping bag from Safeway and pulls out two huge studded dildoes and an unopened pack of eight "D" batteries.  "Put batteries in these in for me," she says to Kelso, handing him the tools and the batteries.

"Whatever are you doing to our guest, Mercy?" Luthor asks as he reaches the trio.  "My god, she looks like shit!" he exclaims as he gets a good view of Supergirl.  Her hair hangs in ropy strings, covering her face and lying limply across her shoulders or down her back.  Her head lolls about, chin on her chest, a trickle of drool  on the edge of her mouth.  Her body sags in its restraints.  There is a thick coating of dried cum on her legs, skirt, boots and the floor beneath her.  Although her eyes are open, she shows no awareness that Luthor is here.

"From what the guards tell me, Boss," Mercy begins, running one hand through her short blond hair, "your guest has been having the best sex of her life - she's been having almost continuous orgasms for the last four days.  Don't know how her body does it, but every few minutes or so she spasms and pumps out more juices. Kelso says she can have a good orgasm less than two minutes after the last good orgasm!  I don't know any woman who can recover so fast for so long.   Boss, we may have discovered an unlimited energy machine!"

"Hmm," Luthor says, watching as Mercy moves to stand behind Supergirl.  Kelso hands her one of the huge dildoes and the villainess runs the device between the blonde's thighs, coating the tip with her juices.  "I wish I knew whether she was still a threat to me, in this condition," Luthor continues.  "Has she shown any signs that she's aware of her surroundings?  Can you tell if she's faking or not?"

"ERRRRHHHH!  IN!" Mercy says triumphantly as she finally shoves the tip of the dildo between Supergirl's butt checks and into her asshole.  Mercy twists and turns and SHOVES the device deeper and deeper into the Maid of Might.  "Nope, we can't tell if she's faking or not, Boss."

"No . . . no more," Supergirl moans in a soft, barely heard voice as she feels the tool forcing its way up her anus.  Her eyes don't even open as she continues to moan softly, weakly shifting her body, trying to ease the pain being inflicted on her ass.

"THERE!" Mercy crows as the full nine inch length of the dildo finally settles into the heroine's hole.  "Gimme the other one!" she barks at Kelso.  After the man gives it to her, Mercy drops to one knee behind the Maid of Might.  Mercy lifts up the back of Supergirl's skirt and again strokes the dildo against her thighs, coating the plastic tool with Kryptonian cum.  This time Mercy works the point of the tool into Supergirl's nether lips, prying it into her vagina.  "Just a little more . . ." Mercy grunts, finally RAMMING the tool upward and into the heroine's sex canal.

"AAAAOOOWWWW!" a suddenly reanimated Supergirl gasps as the tool plunges into her body.  "NNMMNNNMMNNOOOOO!!" she cries when Mercy flicks a switch on the base of each dildo, causing it to start vibrating inside the Girl of Steel.  Her weakened body shudders convulsively as the studs on each dildo abrade her skin, stimulating her, move her towards yet another orgasm.  "OOOHHhhhhh!" she pants as her body again orgasms, again dribbles her juices past the tool inside her and down her once-creamy (now cummy) white thighs.

Lex smiles as he watches the helpless blonde's body weakly shift and squirm as orgasms again wrack her body.  "Mercy," he suddenly says, turning to his aide, "would you please pull your toys out of her for a moment?  I'd like to try something and I don't want to risk damaging them."  That he didn't mind damaging Supergirl went unsaid.

After the black-clad villainess removes the two dildoes (causing the Maid of Might to again moan piteously from the sensations between her legs), Luthor picks up one of his tachyon rifles and stands roughly ten feet in front of Supergirl.  Raising the gun to his hip level, he snaps off a short burst that hits the heroine roughly between her shapely breasts.  Supergirl screams like a wounded animal and violently convulses as the incredible energy rips into her super body.  After two seconds of burn, the weapon falls silent and the only sound in the warehouse is the sizzle as dried cum smolders on Supergirl's legs and her pitiful moaning.

"You bruised her, Boss!" Mercy cries out seconds later.  There's a large purple stain on Supergirl's body, between and halfway covering her breasts.  "Try another shot, pleaseeee!" the woman begs, enjoying the heroine's torment.

"Just for you, my dear," Luthor says, smiling at his aide.  Again the rifle hums, again fearful energies hit the Kryptonian's body, this time close to her navel.  As the tachyon burst hammers her super body, she shakes like a doll in a dog's mouth and seems to be straining against the manacles, straining to fly backward away from the beams.

"She ain't so invulnerable no more, huh Boss?" Kelso says, gaping at the large purple stain now covering her belly.  The pug moves close to Supergirl and punches her in the gut.  To the surprise of everyone in the room, Supergirl gasps and cries out in pain while Kelso looks incredulously at his fist.  "It ain't broke, Mr. Lu-thor," the man says, shocked at the result.  "She ain't hard as steel no more, Boss!  What's that mean?"

"That means, I think, that a combination of non-stop orgasms, green K and the tachyon beams have altered the structure of the Kryptonian, at the molecular level," Luthor says a moment later after examining the heroine's body.  "Neuman, do you still carry a knife?" Luthor asks the other male guard.  As the man nods yes, he pulls it from a belt sheath and hands the tool to his boss.

Dropping to his knees in front of the now-unconscious Girl of Steel, Luthor slowly pushes the blade of the knife into the deepest purple patch on her taut stomach.  The skin dimples and stretches but doesn't break.  Next, Luthor drags the edge across her stomach, again and again, each time pressing the blade harder into her stomach.  The skin remains unbroken.  Finally, Luthor rams the blade against her abdomen.  Her stomach dimples from the impact but the still the blade can't pierce her skin.

"Interesting," Luthor says, handing the blade back to Neuman.  "Kelso, I want you to get one of those pipes over there and hit Supergirl on the jaw with it."

A moment later, Kelso stands in front of the heroine, holding a one-inch pipe like a baseball bat.  He swings the pipe with all his strength and neatly connects the bat to her jaw, snapping her head back with incredible force.  Kelso drops the pipe and holds his hands, trying to kill the pain caused when the bat and Supergirl's chin connected.  As Kelso moves away from her, Luthor steps forward and looks intently at her jaw.

"Bruised her, by god!" he says triumphantly.

"Mercy, I want you to stay with her for another day or two," Luthor says, stepping away from Supergirl.  He moves the green K bar some two feet away from her as he talks with his aide, "Check back in, oh, three hours, and fire at her again.  See if she gets another hematoma.  Get one of these men to hit her jaw again and see if she still bruises.  Oh, and you can return your little toys to their *super sheathes*, too.  Report back to me what you see.  Repeat this every few hours until Wednesday, and keep track of the effect on her body."

As Luthor heads toward the exit from the warehouse, Mercy and the two men begin to reinsert the dildoes into the body of the unconscious heroine.  This time, she doesn't moan or show any reaction as the two pleasure toys are turned on.

*  *  *  *  *

Two days later, Luthor returns to the warehouse and his captive.  Still no contact with Kent but also no sign of Superman, either.  At least the vigilante isn't disrupting Luthor's operations.

As the super criminal nears the super heroine, he shouts at the two henchmen currently watching the woman, "Release her!".  They quickly unclasp the manacles holding Supergirl's wrists.  She immediately sags to her knees and falls forward - not flat on her face because the manacles on her boots prevent her from falling forward too far.  After the men unlock the ankle manacles, though, her body slides forward slightly and she settles into a fully prone position at Luthor's feet.

"She's been mostly unconscious for the last day or so, Mr. Luthor," one man, kneeling beside the Maid of Might, says to his boss.

Luthor bends down and grabs a handful of blond hair.  He pulls it upward, revealing her face.  Her eyes are closed and there are several small purple blotches on her white skin, signs of blows that were landed on her face sometime in the recent past.  Her torso, front and rear, and both arms are almost covered with purple stain from the battering her super body has received from Luthor's goons.

After a few moments, the unconscious heroine is held upright, one henchman's hands in each of her armpits.  Her head hangs forward on her chest and her once-lustrous blond tresses are limp yellow strings hanging from her head.  Luthor picks up the block of green K and motions for his men to follow him.  They take the heroine out of the warehouse and deposit her unconscious body onto the back seat of Luthor's white stretch HUMVEE limo.  The super criminal climbs into the vehicle and positions the defeated and broken Maid of Might so that her head rests in his lap.  "Follow me back to my headquarters," he commands his men as he closes the rear door of the Hummer.  "Let's go, Mercy," he says to his aide, sitting behind the wheel of odd-looking limo.

"Whatcha gonna do with her, Boss?" Mercy asks, looking briefly into the rear view mirror to watch Luthor's face for any clues to his feelings.

"From your reports," Luthor muses, absentmindedly stroking Supergirl's hair like a Bond villain petting a cat, "she's been unconscious for the last day or so.  Her super body has been orgasming and from time to time she reacts to blows or tachyon shots, but she doesn't seem to be able to regain consciousness.  We'll keep her in one of the holding rooms in the headquarters for a day or so.  I want to observe her, see if she recovers.

"I suspect, my dear Mercy," Luthor says, a grim smile on his face, "we may have destroyed her mind with the pleasure and pain she's had over the last week.  If so, we can dump her somewhere and forget about her bothering us ever again.  Or we can sell her body to someone who wants a brainless heroine to play with.  Hmmm, that prospect intrigues even me!"

*  *  *  *  *

Two days pass and Supergirl finally opens her eyes.  "Mmmnnhh," she moans as a hand goes to her head, "whuh-where . . . where am I?"

"Who am I?" she asks herself, wrinkling her brow.  The befuddled woman looks around her and observes that she's clad only in white cotton briefs.  She's in a small room with a chair, a cot, and a camera mounted below the ceiling in one corner.

One of Luthor's henchmen sits in another room watching the monitor which records both audio and visual signals from the holding cell.  The man immediately picks up the "hot-line" to Luthor's office.  "She's awake, Mr. Luthor," he says into the phone.  "She's actin' like she don't know who she is, sir."

A few minutes later, the door to Supergirl's cell opens and Luthor, clad once again in his purple combat suit, enters the cell.  He's accompanied by Mercy, this time in a white lycra catsuit, white calf-high boots and white leather gloves.  As the two tower over the heroine, still sitting on the cot, they notice that she's having a hard time focusing her eyes or holding her head steady.  Luthor reaches down and slips one glove under the heroine's face, clasping her jaw in a hand which is capable of crushing steel (thanks to the exo-skeleton in the glove).

As Luthor slowly squeezes his fingers together as if he was squeezing the juice from an orange, he says to the stricken heroine, "I thought you would never awaken, my dear!  How do you feel?"

"Mmmnn, s-stop, you're hurting me," Supergirl protests, raising her hand and trying to brush his hand off her jaw.  Luthor immediately releases her jaw - it had taken almost all of his strength and the glove's exo-skeleton but she felt him!  He hurt her!

"I'm . . . I'm not sure . . . do you know who I am?" Supergirl asks him, looking up into his eyes with a quizzical expression on her face, then looks into Mercy's eyes.  "Everything is so . . . fuzzy," she says, raising a hand to her forehead.  She bends her head forward slightly and cups it in both hands.  "I hurt all over," she continues, looking up again.  This time she notices there are still some black and blue marks on her body and arms.  "What . . . what happened to me?" she asks plaintively.

"A very bad man attacked you," Luthor says, patting the woman on her shoulder, "but we managed to get you away from him.  You're safe here," he concludes.

"A man . . . who . . . when?" the befuddled heroine asks, looking again at Luthor.

"Yes, he calls himself Superman," Luthor says.  "You work for me as one of my staff.  I don't know your real name - you've always worn a special costume since you came to work for me."

"C-costume?  Work for you?  I'm so confused," Supergirl says, shaking her head.

"There are evil people who make it hard for honest businessmen like me to do our jobs," Luthor says.  "You work for me, protecting me and my special projects from these powerful evil people.  You have amazing powers, my dear, that you have put at my disposal."  Supergirl's brow furrows as her clouded mind tries to comprehend what she's being told.

"You've been through quite an ordeal.  Why don't you lie back and rest," Mercy says, comforting the heroine.  Mercy helps Supergirl lie back on the cot and gently pats the blonde's cheek.  "Don't worry, we'll help you remember who you are!"

"But . . . but what IS my name," Supergirl asks from the cot.  "And who are you?"

"Er, ah, Mighty Lass, your name is Mighty Lass, and I'm Mr. Luthor, your boss, and this is Mercy, my aide," Luthor says quickly.  "Now do as Mercy says and rest up a bit.  I'll return later and we can talk, okay?"

"Mighty Lass?" Supergirl asks, a perplexed look on her face.  "I don't remember . . ." she says as Luthor and Mercy leave the small cell.

"What do you have in mind, Boss?" Mercy asks Luthor as the two leave the bewildered blonde behind.

"See what we have in the way of something we can use to make a new costume for her.  Should have a large *M* on it, somewhere," Luthor says as the two move quickly down the hall away from Supergirl's cell.  "If we work this right, we can bring her over to the *dark side* and use her to take down Superman before she recovers her mind.  We might even be able to use her against the Justice League!

"Go see what you can dig up for her to wear, Mercy," Luthor says, turning away from her and down another corridor.  "I have to think up a story to feed to her.  And we better move fast - no telling how long till she regains her memory."

*  *  *  *  *

An hour or so later, Luthor and Mercy meet outside Supergirl's cell.  "What did you get?" Luthor asks his lovely aide.

"We had something called *GatorSkin* down in R&D, Boss," Mercy replies.  "Toughest fabric we have - stops bullets, fire, knives, you name it.  Who knows, maybe it will be as tough as her old super suit?  I tried to put together something that will hide her identity a little and also doesn't look at all like her old costume.  There's a hood with lead fibers lining it, too - might stop Superman from seeing who she is."

"Sounds good," Luthor replies.  "we don't want her to suddenly remember who she is, nor do we want any heroes trying to help her regain her identity!  You know, this might be the start of a new career for her, as my *enforcer*.  Now, now, Mercy, don't pout, you're still my aide, you're still my *first lady*.  So don't take personally anything I say to her while I try to turn her to our side."

They enter the small cell and find the woman sound asleep on her cot, her lovely breasts slowly rising and falling with her breaths.  As Mercy stands at the foot of the cot, holding a bundle in her hands, Luthor sits on the edge of the cot and gently caresses Supergirl's cheek with his gloved hand.  Slowly her eyes flicker open, then a smile crosses her face at the sight of Luthor looking down on her.

"MMnhhh, you were right," Supergirl says, rising to a seated position beside Luthor, "I did need a little sleep.  But I still don't remember anything."

"Why don't you get dressed first," Luthor says, standing.  As he rises, he takes her hand and helps her rise to her feet.  She looks down at her battered and bruised body and groans slightly from the effort of rising.  "Mercy here has your costume.  Maybe when you see yourself in your costume you'll recall who you are!"

Supergirl takes the bundle from the white-clad villainess and deposits it on the cot.  As she opens the bundle, she pulls out items of clothing and spreads them across the cot.  Mercy interrupts the heroine and points at the white briefs Supergirl is wearing and makes motions to remove them.  Sheepishly, Supergirl drops the cotton briefs to the floor and stands naked before the cot, Luthor and Mercy.

The Girl of Steel reaches down and takes the first part of her costume, a green leotard that covers her from crotch to wrist.  She steps into it, running her hand on the shiny pebble-like covering of the fabric.  Next she steps into a pair of shiny, ankle-high green boots.  A pair of white gloves, also made of the shiny pebbly fabric, cover her hands up to her wrists.  Finally, she picks up and dons a hood that covers her entire head down to her shoulders.   Even her eyes and mouth are covered by the fabric of the hood.  "This is odd," she says in a muffled voice, "how am I supposed to see what I'm doing?" she asks Luthor.

"Just concentrate, Mighty Lass, and you'll be able to see through the hood," Luthor says, patting the girl on her shoulder.

"Oh, wow, you're right!" she exclaims as she suddenly sees everything as if nothing covers her eyes.

"Let me help you," Mercy says, stepping closer to the heroine.  Mercy carefully tucks Supergirl's blond tresses up inside the hood, then tightens the back of the hood to keep her hair concealed.

Supergirl bends back over the cot and retrieves the last part of *her costume* - a wide black belt (also made of GatorSkin) with a large black *M* on the clasp.  Supergirl slips the belt around her thin waist and closes the clasp, then steps back away from Luthor and Mercy.  "What do you think?" she asks coyly.

"Excellent, my dear, just excellent," Luthor says, beaming a smile at the woman.  "Let's go down to my exercise room so we can re-acquaint you with your special powers and abilities!"  Together the three leave the small cell.  As they walk down the hall, first Luthor puts an arm around Mighty Lass' shoulder, then Mercy puts an arm around the green-clad woman's waist.  Mighty Lass looks left, then right, and puts her arms around the waists of two villains on either side.  Inside the hood, she smiles - her friends will help her regain her memory, she feels.  The smile quickly fades - then what?