#24: A Fork in the Road

by RW

Parts of this story were suggested by a fan, A. Cooley.

"Flash is such a pig," Batgirl says into her helmet, knowing that Supergirl, riding pillion on the Batgirl motorcycle, can hear her.

"Mmnnh, yeah, I guess so," Supergirl replies, barely loud enough for the Cowled Crusader to hear.  She thinks that every muscle in her body aches and she's as tired as she's ever been from all the recent battles she's been in.  Finally, she's had some massive orgasms the last few days and even those have taken their toll on her energy levels.   "You know, he does seem to care about his friends and has a genuinely good heart," Supergirl says in Flash's defense.

"But he IS a pig," Supergirl finishes.  The two heroines laugh as they roar through the pre-dawn traffic in the city.

At this moment, Batgirl and Supergirl are racing through downtown Metropolis on Batgirl's motorcycle.  Supergirl is on the back seat of the bike, her arms wrapped around Batgirl's waist, hands clasped just above Batgirl's utility belt buckle, chin resting on Batgirl's left shoulder.  Supergirl's cape and skirt flap as the bike races through the light traffic.  They've just defeated a criminal, a female ninja warrior, who had a large chunk of red Kryptonite.  Red K affects each Kryptonian differently.  It might change their bodies, change their powers, or do other bizarre things to them.  The effects of an exposure can last for thirty minutes or for many days.  This current piece caused a rebound whenever Supergirl used her powers - muscle spasms and extremely painful burning sensations when she used her strength or invulnerability, blinding pain and vision loss when she used her super vision, and so on.

"Thanks for the ride, Batgirl," Supergirl says.  "I'm just too bushed to make that long flight back to Leesburg right now."

"Take you to the JLA Headquarters?  I'm sure they have a cot available," Batgirl says, "or ..."

"Or ... what?"

Batgirl hesitates, unsure whether she should continue.  After a short silence, the Dominoed Daredoll says in a softer voice, "Or ... I, um, I could take you back to my place.  I have an extra bed, a hot tub and some merlot."

"Sounds good to me," Supergirl replies casually.

"Be there in a few," Batgirl says, grinning broadly inside her helmet.

*  *  *  *  *

"This is a nice place, Batgirl," Supergirl says after they drive the Batgirl motorcycle into a hidden garage under a nondescript townhouse.

"Batman set it up for me.  It's like the one I have in Washington, D.C., but doesn't have all my clothes or other stuff," Batgirl says as she hangs her helmet on a hook over the bike.  "Come on in," she continues.  As she turns toward the door, she reaches a black-gloved hand out to Supergirl.  Much to Batgirl's surprise, Supergirl takes the proferred hand and follows the black-clad heroine up a short flight of stairs to her apartment.

"Just sit anywhere," the distaff Dark Knight says, releasing the blonde's hand, "while I get us some wine.  Are you hungry?"

"A little, I guess," Supergirl says, flopping down on the sofa.  She starts to cross her legs, then feels twinges of pain in her thighs - residual effects of the red K.  She's at one end of the sofa with her legs slightly spread, boots on the floor.

By the time Batgirl reenters the room, carrying a tray with a bottle of merlot and some cheese and crackers, Supergirl's head has dropped back onto the top of the couch and she's in a half-asleep, half-awake state of mind.  The Dominoed Daredoll pauses a moment to look at her gorgeous friend.  Supergirl's skirt has ridden up a little, baring the inside of her white thighs and shows a hint, just a dark hint, of the blue leotard bottom at the junction of the legs.   As Batgirl takes this in, her return makes the Girl of Steel lift her head off the back of the sofa.  She smiles at her fellow heroine.  "Stay awake, sleepy-head," Batgirl chides in a nervous voice as she puts the goodies on the coffee table, hands shaking slightly.

Batgirl settles onto the sofa, one leg curled up under her butt, her knee brushing against Supergirl's thigh.  Batgirl's other leg, on the floor, slides forward until her black boot and black-clad calf press against Supergirl's red boot and bare calf.  Supergirl turns and looks quizzically for a second at Batgirl, then reaches for a glass of wine and a cracker.

A moment later, Batgirl decides to take a risk and break the silence.  "Don't take this the wrong way, Kara," Batgirl says, "but you look really beat!  Now, I know I may not have super strength but ..." and Batgirl takes the half-empty wine glass from Supergirl's hand and puts it on the table.  "Turn around," Batgirl commands, and Supergirl slowly turns on the couch so that she's sitting on one leg and her back faces Batgirl.  Supergirl places her forearms on the arm of the couch and leans forward.  She jerks slightly when Batgirl's hands grab the Girl of Steel's shoulders.  The Cowled Crusader begins to deeply massage Supergirl's shoulders and neck, digging her thumbs into the blonde's indestructible body.  Even though the effort is a puny attempt to ease the ache Supergirl feels, the massage DOES feel good.  REALLY good, in fact.  After a few seconds, the Girl of Steel groans slightly and her head begins flopping in concert with Batgirl's massage.  Emboldened by this response, the black-clad woman leans forward and uses her nose to part the blond tresses of her friend.  Batgirl gently kisses Supergirl's neck, between the top of her cape and the base of her skull.  The Girl of Steel responds with slight shudder.

Several minutes later, Batgirl slides backward on the couch and pulls Supergirl with her, laying her down with her head in Batgirl's lap.  As the Girl of Steel looks up at the Dominoed Daredoll, Batgirl begins massaging the temples of the Maid of Might.  "Ooohh, that feels nice," Supergirl moans as Batgirl's gloved fingers move in slow circles on the sides of Supergirl's head.  Supergirl's eyes close and her breathing becomes deeper.

"We ... uh, we've known each other for, what, two years now?" Batgirl stammers.  Supergirl opens her eyes and looks up at her companion.

"Yeah, I guess so," the fully-relaxed Supergirl replies.  "Why?"

"The guys in the Justice League are really great - even the Flash, but they're ... guys.  Wonder Woman is too ... too intense?  Know what I mean?" Batgirl asks.  Supergirl nods agreement.  "Anyway, you're the first woman I've encountered in the heroine business who is, like, a normal person, someone I can talk to, if you know what I mean."

"I do, and thanks!"

"Supergirl, I'm comfortable being around you.  I think you're as honest and trustworthy as anyone I know.  I think I'd trust you with my feelings, even my life, if it came to that, so ..." Batgirl says tentatively, raising one hand to the side of her cowl.  With a single swift move, she raises the cowl (and the red wig) off her head, revealing her face and black hair to the Girl of Steel.  "When I'm not chasing bad guys, I'm Barbara Gordon.  My friends call me Babs.  When I'm not in Gotham, I live in Georgetown, part of Washington, D.C. where I work as a Congresswoman."

Startled, Supergirl rises into a seated position and turns around, placing one leg under her butt and facing Batgirl, who's still sitting sideways on the couch, facing (and touching a knee against) Supergirl.  "I ... I don't know what to say," Supergirl stammers.  "Well, I guess I should say that I also trust you, Barbara.  Funny as it sounds, I feel safe around you, too.  You know me as Kara Zor-el but when I'm not in this outfit, my name is Linda ... Linda Danvers, and I live in Leesburg, Virginia.  Glad to 'meet' you, Babs."

"Good to 'meet' you, too, Linda," Batgirl impishly replies.  Impulsively, she leans forward and as one hand goes behind the Girl of Steel's head to cup the base of her skull, Batgirl's lips brush lightly against Supergirl's in a soft, gentle kiss.  Batgirl's other hand slides softly onto Supergirl's thigh, just above her knee.  When Supergirl moans softly, Batgirl boldly flickers her tongue against Supergirl's luscious red lips.

Both women are surprised when Supergirl's lips part slightly.  Batgirl seizes her chance and slides her tongue into Supergirl's mouth.  At the same time, Batgirl's gloved hand pulls Supergirl's face closer, grips her head and blond hair tighter.  Supergirl moans again so Batgirl slides her other hand slowly up Supergirl's leg until it brushes aside the red skirt and reaches the top of Supergirl's creamy white thigh.  Supergirl shudders briefly and moans throatily from Batgirl's touch and sensuous kiss.

An eternity later, Batgirl pulls her face away from the Maid of Might. Supergirl is panting heavily, her face is flushed, and her eyes are half closed.  Batgirl slowly drags her fingers through Supergirl's blond tresses and slides her right hand down to and around to the side of Supergirl's face, cupping it in her glove.  Batgirl's left hand slides up Supergirl's side, pressing against the heroine's blue-clad ribs until it stops just below her armpit.  The Maid of Might has a dreamy expression on her face as the now-unCowled Crusader begins to push on the Girl of Steel, pushing her backward until her neck is on the arm of the couch.  Batgirl slides forward and her knees straddle Supergirl's waist, two black-gloved hands on either side of Supergirl's hair, on the arm of the couch.

"Bat- ... Barbara ... I, uh, I'm not gay," Supergirl stammers as she looks up at the face of her friend.  Batgirl's expression is hard to interpret - serious, warm, affectionate, but also like a predator looking at its prey.

"Supergirl - Linda, I've been with men, sometimes willingly, sometimes not, but you're the first woman I WANT to be with," Batgirl admits a second later in a deep, throaty voice.  For many long seconds, the two costumed women stare at each other, the 5'7", wiry brunette on top and the more muscular 5'8" blonde beneath.  Finally, Supergirl smiles weakly and Batgirl lowers herself down on top of the Girl of Steel.  Batgirl's breasts, encased in a mix of Kevlar©, rubber and spandex, press hard against Supergirl's larger mounds and make a slight grinding noise; the only noise in the apartment other than soft moans and gasps as the two women passionately kiss each other, tongues sparing for dominance.  Their hands rub each other's body with almost frantic (but loving) fury as they lose contact with any reality beyond each other's body and their own feelings.

The two women finally break free from their kiss, each panting heavily, each woman's chest heaving.  "Does this <puff> come off?" Batgirl asks, grabbing some of Supergirl's blue tunic in her gloved hand.

"Does this?" the Girl of Steel replies, grabbing some of Batgirl's top.  The tough, bullet-proof fabric bends as easily as a cotton t-shirt in Supergirl's powerful hand.

"Me first," Batgirl says, rising up to sit straddling Supergirl's hips.  Batgirl quickly pulls off her gauntlets and tosses them to the floor, then unfastens nylon clasps running down her back, under her cape.  She rises off the couch slightly to remove her boots, then in one deft motion, slides her cape and bodysuit off her shoulders, down past her small, taut breasts, over her hips and down to the floor.  Beneath her costume her body is covered by a black sports bra, black panties, and thigh-high white silk stockings, with frilly tops.

Supergirl takes one look at the stockings and begins to laugh, slowly at first, then faster.  Batgirl returns the 'compliment' by punching Supergirl's shoulder, then laughing too.  "Have any bad guys seen your 'hooker hose'?" Supergirl finally manages to ask.

"Not hooker!," Batgirl replies sharply, "lady-like!  From an older, more refined time!  I love the feel of silk on my body, especially when wearing that awful Batsuit.  I tried to line it with silk but the effect wasn't good.  Made clumps in the wrong place.  So sometimes I go out with my stockings on.  And I'm NOT a hooker, you meanie!" Batgirl says, punching Supergirl's rock-hard abs.

"Well, then I guess it's my turn," Supergirl says, starting to rise off her back.  Before she can rise more than an inch off the couch, Batgirl puts her hand in the middle of Supergirl's 'S' logo and gently but firmly pushes the Girl of Steel down onto her back.

"Let me, darling," Batgirl says, smiling at her companion.  First she grabs the waistband of Supergirl's red skirt and yellow belt and, with the Girl of Steel rising her hips off the couch and helping, Barbara slides the skirt and belt down Supergirl's long, muscular legs, tossing them across the room.  Supergirl starts again to rise to a seated position to remove her cape and tunic but again Batgirl stops her and 'forces' the Maid of Might down onto her back.  Barbara slides down the couch and lifts Supergirl's right leg into the air, rests the red boot's heel on her now-bare shoulder and gently kneads the blond heroine's calf and thigh muscles until the blue-clad woman moans with satisfaction.  Batgirl repeats the massage on Supergirl's left leg and again is rewarded by satisfied moans from the Girl of Steel.

With the Maid of Might lying on her back, her eyes half-closed, Barbara proceeds to remove Supergirl's two red boots, struggling at first, then yanking each off.  She tosses them aside to land near the skirt and belt.  "Mmmnh ... sh-should I ... get up now?" Supergirl asks languidly.

"Not yet," Batgirl replies.  She lifts Supergirl's left foot and wraps her mouth around Linda's big toe.  The Girl of Steel squeaks in surprise, then as Barbara continues to slurp and suck on the toes while her hands caress and drag nails along Supergirl's calfs and thighs, the Maid of Might shudders and moans deeply.  For five or ten minutes, the unCowled Crusader continues to suck Linda's toes, on each foot, and to stroke her long legs as if playing a harp.  Every minute or so, Supergirl moans or gasps from the effort, or tries to twist free (without much interest in the possibilty of ending this 'torture').

"Bah ... Barb'ra, nnnoo ... no more," Supergirl finally pleads as waves of arousal begin to surge through her body.  Barbara does stop, but only because she notices a spreading wet spot on the blue fabric between Supergirl's legs.  Sliding across the sofa between Linda's long legs, Batgirl reaches down and grasps Supergirl by her arms and pulls her up to a seated position.

"How does this rig come off," Barbara says in a mock-harsh voice, struggling to pull the tunic down off her shoulders.  The Kryptonian fabric fits too tightly for a human to remove so Supergirl helps by pulling her top and cape down, off her shoulders, down past her large 36C breasts to her slim waist line.  Linda lifts her right leg over Batgirl's head and rises to her feet to lower the rest of her tunic and cape down past her ankles.  Supergirl kicks the costume top across the room onto the TV set, then turns back to face Batgirl who's still kneeling on the couch.  Batgirl examines the nude Maid of Might's body, from her long muscular legs, past her small blond bush, up past six-pack abs to the gravity-defying breasts, and finally to Supergirl's smiling face.

"Like what you see, Barbara?" Linda asks coyly.  A thin trickle of her juices slides down the inside of her thigh, making the Maid of Might blush briefly.  Standing naked before this young brunette somehow doesn't embarass the Girl of Steel - it seems ... right.  The scent of wild flowers seems to fill the room from her juices.

"I'll like it better in a moment," Batgirl replies, easily rising off the couch.  She quickly removes her black panties and bra, dropping both on the couch.  Then she presses her body against Supergirl's and forces the taller heroine to back up.  The Girl of Steel willingly lets Batgirl push her backwards, now completely trusting her fellow heroine.

"Where are we ..." Linda starts to ask.  Barbara puts her left index finger up against the blonde's lips, says "Ssshh!" and continues to push the Girl of Steel backwards - mainly by pressing against the blonde's breasts with her own smaller ones.  A few seconds later and Linda suddenly topples onto her back, pressed down onto Batgirl's bed as the distaff Dark Knight falls on top of the blonde, pinning her to the bed.

"I thought you promised me wine and a hot tub," Linda says with feigned hurt. Her arms are wrapped around Barbara, gently stroking the brunette's back with long languid strokes by her nails.  Batgirl purrs briefly as goosebumps rise on her back and arms.

"Oh, I'm sure I'll make you whine and feel hot, 'tubby'," snarls Barbara with fake ferocity.  The two women wriggle on the bed, moving toward the head so their legs don't hang off the end of the bed.  When Supergirl's head reaches the pillows, Batgirl again rises up to sit on the Kryptonian's blond bush.  Kara's blond tresses are spread, fan-like, across Barbara's pillow.  "First I need to make sure you don't act like a man and sneak out of here after I fall asleep!" Barbara says, smiling at the flattened heroine.  Linda sticks her tongue out at the brunette.

Batgirl reaches over to a nightstand and pulls a pair of Batcuffs out of a drawer and holds them before Supergirl's face.  "These are made of the strongest metal Batman could find - depleted uranium.  Same stuff used in tank shells.  Let's see how well they do at keeping you in your place!"

Supergirl again feels a wetness between her legs.  As the Dominoed Daredoll cuffs each of Supergirl's hands to a bedpost, Supergirl's body shudders and the wetness between her legs increases.  She hasn't felt this aroused, this sensually-charged since she was captured and dominated by Swift Bear*.  Suddenly she starts breathing faster as the second cuff snaps shut, completing her bondage.  Batgirl notices Supergirl's eyes and nostrils widen, as if she's anxious about the cuffs.  "Don't worry, darling," Batgirl says softly, stroking the blonde's golden tresses, "just please trust me, okay?"  Supergirl slowly nods assent and slows her breathing. Her two perfect breasts rise and fall with her breathing, capped by small dark pink aureolae and topped by small - make that growing dark pink nubbins.

Barbara says nothing as she curls into a tight ball with her butt hanging off the side of the bed and her face over Linda's blond bush.  The distaff Dark Knight drops her head down and uses fingers on her right hand to spread apart Supergirl's legs and then separate her nether lips.  Barbara's head dips lower and her tongue flicks lovingly against Supergirl's clitoris, causing the Girl of Steel to moan deeply from the attention.  Barbara's left hand reaches up and gently kneads and caresses Supergirl's breasts.  She pauses often to drag a finger nail around the Maid of Might's thick, blood-filled nipples or to gently squeeze one between thumb and forefinger.

Supergirl moans louder and begins to slide around on the bed, rising her hips off it, shoving her vagina harder against Batgirl's face.  Kara's clit seems to grow outward from its hiding place, getting larger and larger as Barbara's tongue strokes it.  When it reaches about one inch in length, Batgirl playful nibbles on the super-clit, sending powerful shudders of pleasure coursing through Supergirl's body.  Her hips squirm and rise off the bed as if unsure if the Girl of Steel wants more or less of the Dominoed Daredoll's attentions.  On one upward swing, Barbara suddenly slips the middle finger of her right hand into Supergirl's anus, squeezes the tip of a nipple with her left hand and bites the blood-engorged clit, all at the same time.

"MMMMOOOOOOHHHHH  RAAAAOOOO YYYEEESSSSS!!!" Supergirl cries out, her body shuddering and teeth clenched from a titanic clitoral orgasm.  A creamy white juice spurts from between her legs, splattering Barbara's chin.  Batgirl manages to pull her head from between Supergirl's legs just a heartbeat before the Kryptonian's legs come together in response to the massive climax.  As the love spasm continues, Supergirl's arm flexes and one bedpost snaps and breaks, freeing her left hand. "nnnnnnnnhhhhh nnnnnnhhhh nnnnnhhhh," Linda moans, gasping for breath. Her mind wars with itself - do I want this to continue or not?  Why does it feel soooo gooood???

"OOOoohhh, Buh-Bar'bra ... mmmnnnhh ... n-no more ... <pant> that - that was wonderful," Supergirl finally manages to say to her lover. Despite her star-fueled powers, she feels as weak as a kitten after that massive release.

"I'LL tell you when we're finished, woman," Barbara says sternly.  Her commanding tone makes Supergirl shudder again from the images that appear in her mind, images of being dominated, controlled and raped by evil-doers.  Linda finally sinks back onto the bed, still deep in aftershocks from the climax, anxiously awaiting Barbara's next move.  CAN she be trusted?  If I feel like this after one orgasm, what will I feel like when she finishes with me?  Batgirl finally gets Supergirl's attention again.

"You've broken my bed, you vixen!" Batgirl snarls theatrically at her friend.  In a second, Batgirl opens the blonde's left cuff, removes and discards the remnants of the bedpost, and then recuffs the heroine to the other bedpost, so both arms are tied to the same bedpost.

Before the Maid of Might can react to this new bondage, Barbara slides around on the bed so that her back is against the headboard and her legs straddle Supergirl's biceps.  Batgirl's shaved pussy looms over Supergirl's face and the brunette's thigh-high silk stockings brush sensually against the blonde's arms, pinning them against her head.  As Batgirl settles her pussy onto Supergirl's face, the Dominoed Daredoll commands, "You know what you have to do, girl, 'OR ELSE'!"  The Girl of Steel laughs briefly before her tongue begins to flicker, slowly at first, then faster and faster against Batgirl's nether lips.  The brunette leans forward and begins to trombone four fingers in and out of Supergirl's vagina.  At the same time, Batgirl begins to lick and nibble Supergirl's clitoris again.  Barbara's other hand caresses and squeezes one of Linda's butt cheeks.  After a few moments, both women are in a slurping, sucking and moaning frenzy.  Batgirl grinds her vagina against the Girl of Steel's face and begins to work on Linda's 'G' spot, from inside and outside her vagina. Batgirl's own clit begins to sneak from under its protective hood, only to be lovingly licked and caressed by Kara's tongue.

Once more, the Girl of Steel cries out from pleasure, "OOOOOHHHHH YYYEEESSSS, BABSSSS!" as a Batgirl-induced vaginal orgasm rips through her super body.  More creamy juice squirts from between the blonde's legs and again Barbara barely avoids being crushed as Supergirl's thighs involuntarily squeeze together.  And this time as she flexes her leg muscles, the two women rise off the bed in flight, a shaky flight as the Girl of Steel's body shudders massively from pleasure.  Batgirl squeezes her thighs together tightly against Supergirl's arms, lest she fall off the floating blonde.  The bedpost groans but the flight is short and both women land back on the bed in a gentle bounce, with Linda still cuffed to the bedpost and smothered by Batgirl's nether region..

Seconds after landing, Barbara sits upright and even arches her back as Supergirl's tonguing causes the brunette to have her own clitoral orgasm.  "NNNNNNNGGGGHHHH, OHGODOHGODOHGOD!!" Batgirl cries as HER body shudders from the sensual tidal wave.  Her own juices pour out onto Supergirl's face; Supergirl manages to lap up most of the juices but traces land on her nose and cheeks.

Minutes after the orgasm passes, Batgirl slowly rises off the bed and turns to face Supergirl.  The blonde's eyes are closed and there's a beautific smile on her face.,  Her body glows from the two orgasms she's had.  Her breasts slowly rise and fall, enticing the distaff Dark Knight to drag a cupped hand across one mound, gently pressing inward when the hand covers the nipple.  "Wait here, now," Batgirl orders the semi-conscious blonde, turning to hobble stiff-legged into the bathroom.  Moments later, she returns to the bedside with a warm, wet handcloth and a towel.

Again Linda moans softly as Barbara uses the warm wet cloth to clean Supergirl's body.  The Maid of Might never opens her eyes or says anything - she just moans from some deep place inside her soul, relishing the afterglow of two powerful orgasms. After finishing, Barbara gently towels the blonde's body dry.

Linda is nearly asleep when Barbara finally climbs back into bed with her.  Batgirl rolls the Girl of Steel onto her left side and 'spoons' her so that Barbara's body is snuggled tightly against Linda's back.  The blonde heroine is still cuffed to the bedpost and quickly falls asleep, exhausted from all the energy she's had to use in the past few days, from the pain caused by red K exposure, and from several powerful orgasms.  Barbara too begins to fall asleep, her left arm under Supergirl's head, her right hand dragging fingernails in slow circles around Supergirl's belly.

"Hmmm," Barbara wonders as she's about to fall asleep, "how would a navel ring look on her?"

*  *  *  *  *

Sunlight streams into Barbara Gordon's bedroom, shining brightly into her face.  With extreme reluctance, she rolls over and opens her eyes, saying, "I guess it's time to get up."  The clock on the nightstand says it's after 10 a.m.

"Linda!" Babs suddenly gasps.  She turns around to see two Batcuffs still fastened to one bedpost, their other ends twisted open.

"Oh, no, don't tell me ..." Barbara begins to say, thinking her companion from the night before left without a word.  Suddenly the smell of fresh hot coffee tickles her nose.  "Can't be!?" she wonders.

After visiting the bathroom, Barbara slips on a pair of white silk panties, nicely complementing the thigh-high white silk stockings still on her legs.  She rushes out of the bedroom and into the kitchen to see the Girl of Steel standing with her back against a counter, nursing a cup of coffee.  Supergirl has on her tunic top and cape and a drowsy, happy smile.

"Sorry about the cuffs, Bat- uh, Barbara," the Maid of Might says sheepishly.  "Wanna cup?"

Barbara moves to Supergirl and stands so close that their hips seem to be fused together.  Barbara's bare breasts press against the blue fabric of Supergirl's leotard-like tunic.  The brunette takes the cup away from Supergirl, takes a sip, then places it on a counter-top.  "I want a lot more than a cup, darling," Barbara says, "but I've got to return to D.C. this afternoon.  I have to pack and get ready."

After an eternity of looking into each other's eyes, Barbara continues, asking, "So, am I ever going to see you again?"

"I ... I honestly don't know, Barbara," the Maid of Might replies softly.  "I need to think about what happened last night.  It was so wonderful, Babs, but also a bit unsettling for me.  I've been bound and raped by a number of villains and villainesses and I don't know if I want my friends doing it to me, too.  I also don't know if I want a woman doing it to me, having sex with me.  Do you understand?"

"Of course I do, darling.  Just know that I think I'm falling in love with you and I do want to see you again.  I prefer to be in control - a reaction to my own history of being bound and raped, I guess.  I don't know how I'd react if you 'controlled' me.  I'd like to find out, though ... sometime," Barbara says, leaning forward to kiss Supergirl on her lips.

Five minutes later, the two women end their kiss and both go 'WHEW' - their hands were not idle during the long kiss.  "Get dressed and get out of here," Barbara commands, backing away from the Maid of Might.  "Now, or I'll never catch the shuttle flight to D.C."

"I could fly you," Supergirl offers.

"No, and thanks, but I'll take the shuttle.  Just don't forget to visit me in Georgetown when you return to Leesburg, okay?  Otherwise, I'll have to hunt you down and hurt you!"

"I'll be there, Babs," Supergirl promises, grinning broadly.  Batgirl returns to the bedroom, executing a 'happy hop' as she enters the room.  Supergirl moves slowly, somewhat stiffly, into the living room to pull on her skirt and belt, then each of her red calf-high boots.  Seems hard to pull on the boots today - or maybe just hard to lift a leg off the ground long enough to pull on a boot.  She returns to the bedroom and stands in the doorway, watching Barbara, who by now has donned a short black leather skirt and a white Wonderbra©.

"I ... umm, I'm going, Barbara," Supergirl stammers.

"One last kiss," Batgirl says, rushing to the Maid of Might.  They wrap their arms around each other and kiss deeply for several moments, finally separating.  "NOW GET OUT OF HERE!" Batgirl commands.

"See you later, Barbara," a smiling Supergirl says, heading to the secret entrance/exit from Batgirl's townhouse.

*  *  *  *  *

"How's the new girl doing," Lex Luthor asks Mercy Graves, his Executive Assistant.  A blonde with short hair, Mercy is clad in a red leather catsuit with black thigh-high boots and forearm-length black leather gauntlets.  The zipper on the front of the catsuit is open to a point well below her average-sized breasts, revealing the creamy skin of her unsupported breasts.  A holster on her left hip holds a black object that looks like a futuristic pistol.  Luthor has on a $1,500 Italian-made suit, cut to fit his body like a glove.

"Better than I thought she would, Boss," Mercy replies, sitting on a chair across the desk from Lex.  "I've had her working with our other new kid, Meteorite, the last three days."

"And?" Luthor asks, arching one eyebrow.  He knows that Mercy treats everyone as if she was a cat, teasing them with bits of information until they beg for more.  "What else do you have for me?"

"Well, we managed to get her down 18 pounds, so that she fits into that Mighty Lass costume Supergirl wore*.  But more importantly, when she and Meteorite were 'playing', Misty discovered that she could fly!" Mercy says triumphantly.

"She can FLY?" an incredulous Luthor blurts out.  "But how ..."

"Don't know, Boss. Misty says her mother Night Owl could fly. Meteorite and I suspect she somehow discovered she could rise and fall just like clouds like her mother.  Anyway, that's our best guess.  She's not very fast - maybe a top speed of thirty or forty miles an hour.  But she CAN fly and generate any kind of clouds you can think of - dark, black, almost solid things or thin, wispy, almost clear ones."

"Well, she won't conquer the world with those powers, but maybe we'll find a use for her."

"We changed her costume a bit - still the green leotard and ankle boots, but we dropped the hood and added a small mask to cover just the top half of her face.  She doesn't have a secret identity to protect since she's living here.  More for effect than anything else."

"What about Meteorite?"

"He's still pretty rocky, Boss," Mercy says, biting her lower lip.  "Not much of a team player. Loses his temper VERY easily.  Thinks he's the best super villain around - most powerful, smartest, humma humma humma."

"I hope you disabused him of those mistaken beliefs, Mercy," Luthor says, leaning forward in his plush seat.

"Well, Boss, I tried to," Mercy says, laughing.  "I had Misty crush him inside a super-dense cloud, then drop and pin him to the floor.  She finally let him up when he agreed with her that she's more powerful.  He doesn't like her, doesn't like most women in 'costumes', including me!, so I don't know if the 'lesson' sank in."

Luthor laughs with Mercy.  "Well done, anyway, Mercy!  What's next for our two 'special agents'?"

Mercy thinks for a few moments, then tells Luthor, "Boss, a snitch working at Metropolis General Hospital called to report a fight involving Supergirl and Batgirl.  Apparently, Supergirl was injured or something and was hauled out of a building strapped to a stretcher.  A few hours later, some woman in black was brought into the hospital and confined to the security area of the hospital.  My snitch says she's the one who decked Blondie."

"Hmmm," Luthor muses, "now someone like THAT might be useful in our little group, Mercy."  Luthor rises from his desk and stands to look out his window across Metropolis.

"Let our new special agents know that I would be very happy if they brought this woman to my headquarters, Mercy."

"Will do, Boss," the blonde replies, turning to leave the room.

*  *  *  *  *

After leaving Barbara Gordon's townhouse via the secret Batcycle door, Supergirl slowly rises into the air, her cape fluttering, a dreamy smile on her face.  She's more relaxed and satiated than she's been in a long time.  "Sex with a friend is much better than being raped by an enemy," she decides as she rises above Metropolis.  The Girl of Steel begins flying toward Justice League headquarters, reflecting about her feelings about last night, about having intercourse with Batgirl.  "I do care for Barbara," she realizes, "and she certainly cares about me - loves me, whatever that means.  I don't want to give up on men but, really, how can I ever really have a 'normal' relationship with anyone who's not Kryptonian?  I'd probably have to lose my powers and invulnerability and I don't want to do that."

"Then there's the whole issue of having my ... my lover doing dangerous things," Supergirl reasons.  "Bad enoough that I have to risk my life to save the world.  At least I have my super powers.  Barbara just has a bitchin' black outfit and some gadgets in her toolbelt.  One bullet and she could be dead or crippled for life.  Then what?  How could I let whoever did that to her just have his or her day in court?  How could I not melt the fiend with my super vision!"

"And then, if I do continue seeing Barbara," she thinks, "do I really want her to dominate me as she did last night?  Ghu knows I get enough of that from super villains!  Maybe it's a response to my super ..." she suddenly stops mid-thought when she spots two figures flying over the city, maybe a mile away.  Her super vision quickly reveals that the two figures are not heroes she knows.

"Might be new super humans in town," she reasons, and flexes her leg muscles, causing her body to shoot toward the distant figures at super speed.  A heartbeat later, the Maid of Might pulls up from behind the strangers, taking station beside them, flying at a relatively slow speed several hundred feet above the city.

"I hope your flight is cleared with the FAA," Supergirl says, smiling at the two costumed figures.  Her sudden appearance surprises them both and they begin to bank away from her.  The man is wearing a one-piece body suit of a dark red, pebbled fabric.  He also wears black calf-high shiny leather boots.  A pistol-like object is in a holster on the left side of his waist.  The woman wears a familiar-looking green pebbled leotard, short green ankle boots, and a green Domino mask.  Around her waist is a black belt with a large "M" on the belt buckle.

"Supergirl!" the flying woman spits out.  "YOU FUCKIN' BITCH!!"

"Oooh, someone's not very friendly today," Supergirl replies, pulling away from the flying duo.  "Hey, isn't that my old Mighty Lass costume!"  She recognizes it from the time when Luthor had her brainwashed into thinking she was his loyal aide.*  "Who are you?  My Gosh, you're Misty!"

The man pulls the pistol from its holster and snaps off a shot at the Girl of Tomorrow.  The pistol, created by Luthor's scientists, is a smaller version of the tachyon rifles which have caused her problems in the past.  His shot is poorly aimed and clips her left shoulder.  Even so, Supergirl shrieks from the impact of the heavily-concentrated tachyons on her shoulder.  She spins briefly and loses a few feet of altitude before recovering.  A grim look on her face convinces the man that the pistol might not be powerful enough to stop her before she got to him.  He peels away and drops off to the left and backward, increasing his speed as he heads away from the two flying women.

The young brunette in green, at the same time, rolls onto her side facing the Maid of Might and points a finger at the heroine.  Suddenly, the Girl of Steel is enveloped by a thick, sticky mass of ... of cloud?  Supergirl tries to disperse the cloud by flapping her arms at super speed.  The Maid of Might is unable to disperse the cloud - it grows thicker even as the outer edges fly away from her flapping arms.  Her movement isn't completely restricted - she can move freely, but inside the cloud she can feel the dense material pressing against her super body.  The closer she tries to move toward Misty, though, the harder the cloud becomes. It is forming around her, compressing against her super body faster than she can disperse it!  And it's keeping her from even touching her foe.

"What is this ...?" Supergirl asks herself angrily as she continues the losing battle against the white, fluffy material flowing out of Misty's hands and enveloping her super body.  And the day started off soooo nice!

"The beginning of the end for you, you cunt!" Misty snarls viciously.

As the Maid of Might continues her futile attempt to disperse the cloud, Misty suddenly makes four darker tentacle-like streams of 'cloud-stuff' form and snake toward the Girl of Steel.  Supergirl gasps in shock as one tendril slides up her skirt and insinuates itself around the blue fabric of her leotard-like top and penetrates her nether lips.  At the same time, a second tendril forces its way into the Maid of Might's anus.  The last two tendrils coil around the Girl of Steel's breasts.

"AAhhh ... S-Stop this!" an enraged Supergirl screams as she feels her body being violated.  She reaches down between her legs to pull out one of the black tendrils and her hand slides right through it!  The tendril is solid only inside the Girl of Steel!  There's nothing outside her body to grab - just thin, wispy 'cloud-stuff'!  The one in her anus is the same way.  After a second, Supergirl realizes she can't remove the two tentacles that are sliding sinuously in and out of her nether holes.  "Mmmmmnnnn ... M-Misty ... puh-please ... stopppp!!" an anguished Supergirl shamefully begs as her body starts to react to this strange rape.

Supergirl manages to remove the two tendrils wrapped around her breasts - they are solid and can be grabbed like any rope or vine.  When they suddenly jerk away, then return to wrap around her wrists, Supergirl again easily manages to free herself - her super powers are far stronger than Misty's manipulated mists - IF she can get to them!  But before she can gloat about this small victory, her body shudders from the first orgasm caused by Misty's dark tendrils.

Two more dark tendrils float toward the heroine and slip inside her tunic at the neckline.  Again Supergirl tries to yank out the offending bits of cloud-stuff but once again, the portion outside her tunic is vapor-thin.  The same cannot be said for the parts inside her tunic.  The dark ropy tendrils slide around the bases of each super-breast and coil higher and higher until each breast is enveloped in Misty's cloud-stuff.  Then the tendrils begin to squeeze Supergirl's trapped tits.

"AAAHHH," the Girl of Steel cries as the impossibly-dense cloud-stuff actually begins to hurt her still-tender tits.  She struggles, shakes her body from side to side, trying to ease the incredible pressures squeezing her lovely globes.  Nothing works.

"Ooooooo ... mmmnnn ... nnnooo mmoorrreee!!" Supergirl pants as another orgasm rips her highly-aroused super body.  Misty's creations are now making a massive assault on the blue-clad heroine's body - some bits gently rub her thighs, others stroke her hair, and still others caress her butt cheeks.  The piece in her butt twists and turns like a snake while the one in her vagina swells and begins to slowly turn inside the heroine's love canal.  The tendrils inside her tunic continue to inexorably squeeze her breasts, finally starting to hurt her with the pressure they're exerting.  Supergirl feels like she's being raped by a dozen people at the same time.  She might be able to ignore one or two of Misty's many manifestations, but all of them at once, plus the tendrils in her nether holes and around her breasts, drive the Maid of Might crazy with arousal.  Again a powerful orgasm-caused shudder wracks her super body.  She's aware that she's no longer even trying to fight back - in fact, she's now being held aloft by Misty's attacks!  Her arms and legs flop uselessly as Misty's cloud-stuff continues to assault the Maid of Might's body.

"I killed you once," Misty snarls as, like an orchestra conductor, she waves her hands, directing her cloud-like creations in their attack on Supergirl.  "MixMaster made me stop, brought you back to life*.  Well, she isn't here now, you bitch.  I'm gonna kill you for killing my momma!"  Misty is insane - despite 'proof' that Supergirl didn't kill Night Owl*, Misty believes she must kill the Girl of Steel.

"Puh-please ... please, Misty, <pant> I didn't <groan> didn't kill your <gasp> your mother," Supergirl states.  "M-Mix- <nnnnh>"

"Quit your lying, bitch!" Misty replies, increasing her assault.  The Girl of Steel  flops about uselessly, her head jerking from side to side.  Perspiration coats many of the long blond tresses, making them stick together as they flop around the heroine's head.  Amazingly, Misty's assault with 'cloud-stuff' has reduced the strongest woman on the planet to an orgasming puppet - one who's drifting toward unconsciousness from the brutal rape.

"NOW YOU DIE, CUNT!" Misty screams.  Another dark tendril flows from her fingertips.  This one forces its way into the stricken heroine's mouth, pulsing like a snake sliding into a pipe.  "I'm gonna fill you with so much of my cloudy stuff, you'll never draw another breath, you fuckin' bitch!" the green-clad woman screams at the now-unconscious Girl of Steel.  More and more of the foul vapor solidifies and enters Supergirl's body, filling her lungs with ever-more-dense cloud-stuff.

"MY TURN!" a voice suddenly shouts from below the women.  Meteorite soars upward toward the beaten Girl of Steel.  His hands are clenched together and glow brightly.  As he nears the Maid of Might, his body suddenly becomes ultra-dense and he rams into Supergirl's side like a freight train.  The impact causes a loud <BOOOOMM> over the city's skyline and Supergirl's body goes cartwheeling off away from Misty, bits of cloud-stuff spewing from every orifice as Misty loses control of her creations.

"YOU IDIOT!!" Misty screams as Meteorite, now flying shakily after hitting Supergirl's invulnerable body, drops down toward the city.  "I HAD HER!  I WAS KILLING HER!" the enraged villainess screams as she turns to chase after the Maid of Might.  Supergirl's unconscious body continues to fly rapidly away, arcing higher and higher. Mysty tries to create cloud formations to capture the Girl of Steel but she streaks away too fast for the green-clad villainess.

"SHITSHITSHITSHIT!" Mysty screams as the Maid of Might continues her wild flight across the skies of Metropolis.

With her slow flying speed, Misty soon loses sight of Supergirl, who's body has disappeared from sight.  "I'm going to kill that idiot Meteorite!" she resolves.

"Hey, woman, we need to get that woman Lex wants," Meteorite yells as he pulls up to Misty's side.  "Focus on our mission, not your personal gripe with Supergirl, or Lex will crush you!"  The man turns back toward police headquarters.

"We'll meet again, Supergirl," Misty resolves, turning to follow the man, "and now that I know how to defeat you, there's no way you'll survive our next meeting!"

*  *  *  *  *

Several hours later, Supergirl regains consciousness.  She's lying in an alley far from downtown Metropolis.  The top half of her body has lain in a puddle in the alley so the top of her tunic, her cape and her hair are wet and dirty.  Her entire body aches intensely from the many massive orgasms Misty inflicted on the Maid of Might. Her body suddenly begins to bounce in the water as she coughs wretchedly.  Black goo spews from her mouth and runs down her cheeks, into the water beneath her head.  Finally, after several minutes, the coughing jag stops.  Her eyes slowly open and she gasps mightily for air.

"Ooohhh.   G-Great Rao," Supergirl says to herself a few minutes later as she sits up, her butt still in the puddle.  "I never thought Misty was that great a threat.  But how do I fight something I can't touch?  And who was that guy?"  She thinks perhaps she needs to hit Misty, not her cloud creations, but recalls that no matter how hard she tried, she wasn't able to get near the green-clad villainess.  "Maybe someone at the League can tell me how to stop her when I can't touch her but she can certainly 'touch' me."

Slowly, painfully, the Girl of Steel struggles to her feet.  Once on her feet, she has to lean against a brick wall and as one hand supports her body, her other goes to her chest as another coughing spasm wracks her beaten body.  She bends at the waist and throws up black gunk, splashing it on her hair and costume.  Finally, ten minutes later, she feels strong enough to leap into the air.  Many muscles scream in agony with the effort and her flight is shaky and erratic but she's able to slowly head toward the Justice League headquarters.

The Maid of Might finally arrives at the League building, her body still sore and stiff from her confrontation with Misty.  Her costume is a mess, as is her hair.  Flecks of black are on either cheek.  Supergirl opens the door and slowly enters the main hall of the League.  Looking around the building, Supergirl spots the Batman working at a computer terminal in a room off the main hall.

"Batman ... can I ask you a question," the sorely-fatigued heroine asks the black-clad hero.

"Sure, Supergirl," he replies, looking at the screen.  "Is Batgirl with you?  Hawkman said you two ... hold it!  Just got word - two costumed characters broke that ninja woman out of Metropolis General.  Hmmm.  Don't recognize them.  Have you ever seen them before?"

Looking at the computer screen's images, the Girl of Steel replies in a massively tired voice, "Yeah, the woman is Misty - former member of MixMaster's gang?  Don't know who the guy is but he has a pretty powerful gun.  They both fly, too."

"WHAAT!!??" Batman says, turning his seat around to face the Maid of Might.  Only his incredible powers of concentration keep him from gasping at the sight of the bedraggled heroine.  She's stained and dirty and her hair, now dry, still hangs from her head in ropy blond strands with black stains on the ends.  She looks like shit.  "You've, ah, you've seen them?"

Supergirl sits in a chair beside the Caped Crusader and rests her head in her hands.  A few moments pass before Supergirl manages to lift her head and say, "Yeah, I saw them.  They beat the crap out of me a few hours ago.  I gotta talk with you about that."  She can barely keep her eyes open.  Where to begin?


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