#28: The Dynamic Duo

by RW

Parts of this story were suggested by two fans, A. Cooley.

(Note: This story is more or less based on the Kryptonian Supergirl Kara Zor-el of the 1980s, who was killed off by D.C. Comics; many of the other characters are from that era as well, but there are some 'current' characters/events and new characters.  Hope this mishmash isn't too confusing.)

"Well, CRAP!  This isn't what I expected!" Kara Zor-el says with disgust.  She's standing in the bedroom of her modest condo in Leesburg, VA.  Dangling from her right hand is a blue and red unitard - fabric from neck/wrist to ankles, with straps under the arches of her feet.  It's the spare costume sent to her by friends in the miniaturized bottle city of Kandor (a remnant of old Krypton, shrunken by Brainiac and now in Superman's Fortress of Solitude).

Two nights ago, the Gotham City villainess Poison Ivy broke into the U.S. Botanic Gardens in Washington, D.C. to steal a rare plant.  Batgirl and Supergirl were there to thwart the theft but the plant turned out to be from doomed Krypton and it emitted enough green Kryptonite radiation to lay low the Maid of Might.  Normal knockout gas took care of the Dominoed Daredoll.  Both awoke with all or part of their costumes missing - bg was almost nude while Supergirl only had her tunic (Ivy couldn't remove it from her body).  When Supergirl lost her original costume*, she had a spare to wear.  Superman got another spare for her from Kandor - once the costume was enlarged and in Earth's atmosphere, it became as indestructible as her old costume.  But Supergirl never actually LOOKED at what the folks in Kandor sent to her.  It arrived rolled in a tight ball and she stashed it in a hidden nook in her bedroom, assuming it was like her old costume.  She didn't have time to try it on when she got it and forgot about trying it on later.

It is decidedly NOT like her old costume.  "Well, let's see how it looks, at least," she says with resignation in her voice.  A heartbeat later she looks at herself in the mirror.  The blue unitard (with the characteristic 'S' over her breasts) looks like bodypaint - although it covers all of her body and has somewhat thicker fabric to cover her nipples and waist, every curve and nook on her body can be seen in the glittery blue fabric.  Calf-high, low-heeled red boots and a red cape remind her of her missing costume.  A thin yellow belt (purely for decorative purposes) hangs loosely around her waist.  A new addition is a pair of tight, forearm-length red gloves.  "Well, this really sucks!" she decides after looking at herself in the mirror.  "I'll just have to go after Ivy to get my old costume back," she thinks.  "At least those prudes in Kandor didn't send a mask or hood for the costume - but why'd they have to make it so tight!  Great Ghu, if I have to pee, I'll have to take off the gloves, the belt and the unitard to do so!  Only a man could design a costume like this!"

*  *  *  *  *

The famous figure of America's mighty hero, Batman, stands atop one of the lintel stones at Britain's pre-Druid ruin called Stonehenge.  Down the hill, his famous Batplane rests on the grass.  He calls out "Britannia" several times, but nothing happens.  "I'm sure I'm on the right stone," he thinks.  "She's GOT to be here!  I need to see her.  Britannia!"  Tourists below look up at the Caped Crusader and talk about the man's odd behavior.  He ignores them completely.

*  *  *  *  *

Later that day, as the Maid of Might, in her new costume flies northward towards Metropolis, she reasons, "Ivy knows the plant is from Krypton.   Since she doesn't battle Superman or me and is a skilled botanist, she could keep part of the plant for herself, for insurance, and sell parts of it for big bucks.  Sell parts to villains who DO battle us on a regular basis.  Like Lex Luthor.  She could also sell him the parts of my costume she stole, as well.  Luthor would go nuts for a plant that grows green K and for pieces of my costume and Ivy would become a very wealthy woman, very quickly."

"Luthor is the most likely buyer for my costume and a green K plant, so I'll check his place out first.  I probably should get help from the Justice League but I'm too embarassed to tell them I was stripped by a villainess with no super powers.  Besides, who knows what Batman told them about our battle with Alyssa!*

Minutes later, the Girl of Steel softly alights on the balcony of Lex's luxurious office at LexCorp Towers.  She slides open his balcony door and steps inside, surprising Luthor and his nubile assistant, the lovely Mercy Graves, as they admire a new display in his office.  Luthor has on his usual expensive business suit.  Mercy, a stunningly-attractive six foot tall blonde, has a body that could stop traffic.  She's clad in a black, one-piece leather and spandex catsuit, black calf-high boots and black leather gloves.  There is a large holster on a thick belt around her waist, holding something that looks like a prop from a Star Wars© movie.

"Well, well, well," Luthor says in his deep, sonorous voice.  "Look who just dropped in, Mercy.  It's your former lover, Supergirl."*

"I was NEVER her lover, Lex," the indignant Girl of Steel replies, stamping one boot on the floor for emphasis, "at least not willingly!"

"Don't you find me attractive, Supergirl?" Mercy asks in a sexy 'fuck-me' voice.  She moves closer to the Girl of Steel, who turns partially to keep both humans in view.

"You took advantage of me after you captured and tortured me ... made me lose my memory ... you ... you're,"  the Girl of Steel sputters, rage burning in her heart.

"Nice threads you're wearing," Mercy says in an approving and sultry voice, moving closer to the Girl of Tomorrow.  "Mmmm, better than leather, even, I'll bet.  Why, I can tell from here whether you're an 'innie' or an 'outie'!  Now THAT'S a sheer fabric, darling!  Did you buy the threads in town or did Superman whip them up special just for you.  If he did, he must have gotten a titanic hard-on imagining you in them!"

"Leave him out of this, you horrible woman!" Supergirl hisses at the tall blonde, so angry she's almost vibrating.  "He's not like that.  He's my COUSIN!  He ... we ..."

"I wonder, Supergirl, if you've had time to notice my newest objet d'art?"  Lex interrupts the Maid of Might, moving to his left and raising his right hand.

"My COSTUME!" Supergirl gasps.  Against the wall behind Luthor is a low credenza with two wide doors on the front.  Atop the credenza is a long, wide planter, containing half a dozen eight-inch high bonsai trees.  Small carefully-cropped stalks of grass carpet the ground between the trees, making the planter look like a minature meadow, with rolling hills, small trees and grass.  But the pièce de résistance is a wide glass case on the wall above the planter.   Supergirl's stolen costume, including a fake tunic like the one back in Leesburg, adorns a half-mannequin's body, with her boots beside the half-mannequin.

"You can almost imagine the famous Girl of Steel flying over the countryside, can't you?"  Mercy says, moving closer to the Maid of Might.

"Amazing what you can get on E-Bay, isn't it?" Luthor says, laughing at the intensely angry Maid of Might.   Her cheeks are almost red from the bottled-up anger in her.

"YOU GOT THAT FROM POISON IVY!" Supergirl bellows, shattering the glass in the cabinet and cracking several of the office's windows.  The two humans stagger backward, hands on their ears, moaning from the pain of the super shout.

Supergirl looks at the stunned pair, then strides toward her costume.   On the way, she snatches the odd-looking pistol out of Mercy's holster and crushes it in one hand.  Two long strides (assisted with her flying ability) and she reaches the credenza, stopping less than two inches from it.  Her hand reaches for her old costume when she suddenly feels a familiar weakness and dizziness.  Her hand drops down to prop her against the credenza and her other hand goes to her head.  She shakes her head, her blond tresses flying from side to side, in a vain attempt to shake off the crushing weakness overpowering her alien body.

"Kuh-Kryptonite!" she gasps.  With a supreme effort of will, she starts to move away from the credenza.  Supergirl takes one step backward and bumps into Mercy's rock-hard body.  Mercy's body hungrily hugs the heroine's body and the black-clad woman wraps her arms around the Maid of Might's chest, pinning her arms to her side.  As Mercy's large breasts press against Supergirl's cape, Luthor's assistant pushes the weakened heroine closer to the credenza.

"Ooohhh, nnooooo!" Supergirl moans as increased pain wracks her super body.  Whatever they're using, it's a potent form of green K.  Like the stuff Poison Ivy had down in D.C.  Luthor DID get part of that Kryptonite plant from Ivy!  Now nearer the wall, the Maid of Might's body slumps in Mercy's arms.  To hold the heroine upright, Mercy shifts her hold and grabs Supergirl's left breast with her right hand and Supergirl's right breast with her left hand.  Mercy's arms prop up the sagging Girl of Steel.

"Mmmmn, these are as nice as I remember them, honey," Mercy whispers into the Girl of Steel's ear.  Mercy squeezes and fondles the plump round mounds on Supergirl's chest, making sure to also caress and pinch the nipples hidden under her costume.

"Mmmnnoooohhhh ... st-stop ... y-you <nnnnh> you can't doooooo ..." Supergirl moans piteously, too weakened by the powerful green K radiation to prevent Mercy from molesting her super body.  And despite the poisoning, her body responds to Mercy's attentions - small hard nubbins begin to tent the blue fabric on Supergirl's chest.

"Oohh, someone is having a good time!" Mercy gloats as she feels the hard nipples growing under her gloved fingers.  Mercy squeezes each one as hard as she can, causing the Maid of Might to moan softly.

"Much as I enjoy watching someone torment this bothersome heroine, Mercy," Lex says, moving to stand beside the two women, "I have work to do today."   One of his eyebrows arches as a tiny dark spot appears on the heroine's blue-clad crotch, following two long, loud moans.  Lex grabs a clump of blond hair over the heroine's forehead and lifts her face upward to face him.  Her eyes are nearly closed - from pain or pleasure?

"Supergirl!  Wake up, you slut!" Lex shouts at the woman.  Her eyes try to focus on him.  "My new display case is specially-designed to protect the contents.  If you or any of the other mutant freaks try to get this costume, you will suffer pain or possibly death.  Do you understand me?"

Supergirl manages to move her lips in a silent 'yes' in response to Luthor's statement.  Then she moans deeply as a new wave of pain courses through her body.  This is as bad as her meeting with Ivy in D.C.!

Luthor turns and leaves his office.  In the doorway, he turns back and says to Mercy, "Be sure that StupidGirl is not here when I return in two hours.  Toss her off the balcony, flush her down the toilet, I don't care.  Just don't kill her - her freak friends will be too angry with me and might sour some plans I've been making with Misty.  Let her suffer for a while, then get rid of her - ALIVE, Mercy!"

"Right, Boss," Mercy replies, a sour look on her face as she watches Lex leave.  After the door closes, Mercy pulls the Maid of Might some six feet away from the credenza and rudely drops the woman onto her back - her head thumps hard on the carpet-covered marble floor.  Mercy then straddles the heroine's body, one black boot on either side of the blonde's waist, and squats down onto her crotch.  Mercy grinds her groin against Supergirl's mons.  Mercy leans forward and continues to aggressively caress and stroke the Girl of Steel's breast.  As Supergirl moans from the sensation, Mercy leans forward and brushes her lips against the Maid of Might's.

"Oooh, you LIKE that, do you?" Mercy asks, pulling her face away from Supergirl's.  Seconds earlier, as Mercy used her lips to tease the blonde's closed lips, Supergirl suddenly parted HER lips and began probing Mercy's lips.  Of course, Mercy replied by snaking out her tongue and soon the two women began to French kiss each other while Mercy continued to grind her vagina against Supergirl's mons and massage the heroine's breasts.

By now, Supergirl is recovering nicely from her exposure to the green K.  If not for the sensual assault from Mercy, the Girl of Steel could already be back on her feet.  But Mercy's erotic attack is now clouding the heroine's mind with intense waves of pleasure, not pain.  Her mind swirls with erotic images of being trapped, pinned to the floor under the tall, leather-clad villainess, helpless against her will.  In her confused mind Supergirl has the recent green K-caused memory of feeling weak and helpless in the taller woman's arms.  The Girl of Steel whimpers softly, a slave of the images in her mind and the delicious sensations now coursing through her amazing body.  Images which will vanish if she just opens her damn eyes and tries to stand up!  But almost unconsciously, the Maid of Might reaches up with her hands and begins to rub Mercy's back.   After caressing the woman's leather-covered back several times, Supergirl reaches one hand around to Mercy's front side and begins to lower the woman's zipper.   A second later, Supergirl slips one gloved hand inside Mercy's jumpsuit and begins to gently squeeze and caress Mercy's left breast through her lacy white bra.  Skilled from practice with Batgirl, the Girl of Steel quickly makes Mercy's nipples swell with blood and arousal - her moans bring a smile to Supergirl's face - at least she's achieved one small victory.

"OOhhhh, yeah, baby, that's it," Mercy coos in response to the cuddling.   Mercy shifts her hips slightly and lies half-on the Maid of Might, placing one leg outside Supergirl's waist, the other between her legs.  The villainess continues to caress and kiss her captive but now also begins to rub her thigh against Supergirl's nether lips, applying crushing pressure against the heroine's clit.  Mercy's lips move down to Supergirl's chest and the taller woman viciously bites the massively-swollen nipples tenting the fabric on the heroine's chest.  Mercy knows the savage bites will arouse, not hurt the Maid of Might.  She's right.

"OOOOOHHHHHH!" Supergirl moans as pleasure washes in waves through her super body.  She's recovered from her exposure to the green K - she COULD throw Mercy across the office and end this torment - she could ... "MMMNNNNNNHHHHH!!"

"You're mine now, little girl," Mercy hisses into Supergirl's ear, then teasing it with a furtive tongue.  "And you'll stay mine until I decide - I DECIDE - to let you go free! Understand?"  Supergirl again flashes back to Batgirl's bondage, Alyssa's bondage, the ninja's bondage, all the way back to Zod's magical control over her powers*, and all the times others have overpowered her amazing star-fueled energies.

"Yyhheesss," she says, her body shuddering from the goose bumps sweeping across her body.  "How can I let her dominate me - I'm ... I'm Supergirl!" she thinks, then <GASP> Mercy bites a nipple at the same time that her right thumb presses hard against the Girl of Steel's clit.  "St-stop, Mercy, you ... I ... I don't want <nnnh> want you to do this."

"Shut up, woman," Mercy commands.  "You'll do what I want you to do.  And I just want to make you cum!"

"N-no, I <mmmn> I won't!" Supergirl replies, with no heart in her answer.  Weakened my green K and Mercy's relentless assault, her will is evaporating despite her desire to just escape this office and this cruel woman.

"The rule is, the harder you try not to cum, the harder I'll MAKE you cum!  But you're NOT gonna cum unless I make you!"


"Okay, Missy, I'll stop," Mercy says, grinning evilly at her captive.  She stops caressing the Maid of Might and acts as if she's going to rise off the heroine's supine body.

"Uhhh ... nooo, d-don't stop!" Supergirl begs.  Her sexual release is so close!

Sensing the blond heroine's defeat, Mercy lightly strokes the heroine's left breast and begins to vigorously tease and caress her clit through the blue unitard.  Despite the thickness of the fabric, Mercy can easily feel the swelling love bud between the heroine's legs.  And as Mercy crushes the bud against Supergirl's body, the woman moans and suddenly arches her back off her floor.  The blue fabric between her legs rapidly darkens as the Maid of Might pumps out her love juices.   Her super body shudders and falls back on the floor, spent, defeated ... broken!  She pants heavily from her own exertions, her costume has numerous stains from her perspiration.  She lies as weak and beaten as if she was still being poisoned by green K instead of a mighty climax partially caused by her own traitorous emotions.

"Ooohhh, you're not done, my little blue bird," Mercy hisses at her prisoner.  "Now it's your turn to satisfy me, and if you don't ... well, the green K is not far away!"  Supergirl's befuddled mind can't separate weakness from a massive climax from green K poisoning.  She's sooo weak, exhausted from her own exertions.  As she lies on the carpet with her eyes closed, her mighty arms lying limp and unused at her sides, she hears a <ZZZZZIIIIPPPPP> sound.  Supergirl opens her eyes in time to see Mercy's shaved pussy descending toward her face.

Mercy drops onto the heroine's face after placing a knee on each of the heroine's biceps, pinning the woman to the floor.  The dominatrix that is Mercy Graves begins to rub Supergirl's head, making long strokes with her fingers through the heroine's hair and massaging her scalp.   "Do a good job down there and I MIGHT just let you go, Supergirl," Mercy orders, positioning her nether region over the Maid of Might's mouth.

Supergirl needs no further direction.  Her tongue begins to flick across Mercy's thick nether lips and tries to find the bud concealed nearby.   "Mmmmn, tthhaaaatt's right, honey," Mercy moans as Supergirl's tongue begins to arouse the villainess.  <GASP> "You're fu ... fantastic!" Mercy crows as the Maid of Might expertly services her.  Suddenly Mercy rises slightly off the Girl of Steel as the super woman effortlessly moves her arm around behind Mercy's back.  "What - OOOHHH MMMYYYYY GGGAAAWWWDDD!" Mercy gasps as Supergirl drives two fingers up her anus.  Mercy suddenly explodes in a massive orgasm and almost falls off the Maid of Might's face.   Graves' love juices splatter onto Supergirl's face, causing her to feel even more shame from her new weakness.  Suddenly a second, less powerful orgasm rips through Mercy's body as Supergirl continues to probe the taller woman's anus and slurping sounds confirm that the mighty heroine is sucking down Mercy's jism as it splashes on her mouth.  "Mmmnn - MMMOOORRREEE!" Mercy demands, grinding her cunt against Supergirl's face.

The Girl of Steel complies with her new mistress' demands.  Supergirl continues to suck Mercy's nether region and trombone her gloved fingers in and out of the woman's ass.  At the same time, Supergirl slips her other arm free and reaches down between her legs to stroke and crush her own clit through the very wet fabric between her legs.  Soon the two women are rocking and moaning in a terrific frenzy.  Both seem to explode with orgasmic pleasure at the same time and Mercy wants to fall off the smaller blonde's face, roll into a ball, and hug herself and moan from the amazing pleasure given by the Girl of Steel, but she cannot.   Supergirl holds the black-clad bitch too tightly and continues to tongue the woman's crotch and attack her anus.

Suddenly Supergirl moans as she experiences another orgasm, fueled partly by her own fingers, fueled partly by the images in her mind of her superheroine career crashing in flames sparked by her own burning emotions.  The Maid of Might releases Graves and the human falls off the Maid of Might as the Kryptonian collapses back on the floor, spent and exhausted from her mighty climaxes.  Her eyes slowly close.  At the heroine's side, Mercy smiles like the cat who swallowed the canary and gently strokes the blonde's stringy wet hair, brushing strands off the woman's face.  Supergirl's low moans means Mercy has won.

*  *  *  *  *

As the sun begins to set over the ancient stone ring, Batman prepares to leave the perch when he suddenly vanishes ...

... and reappears in Britannia's lair.

"What do you want, man?" the English Enchantress asks Batman.   She's wearing just her snug unitard, gloves and black leather buccaneer boots and is sitting cross-legged in her overstuffed chair.

"I ... I just wanted to see you again, Britannia," the man says sheepishly.   "I NEED to see you again, to hold you, to make love to you."  He can feel himself getting hard under his costume in anticipation of intercourse with this vision of loveliness.  Part of mind rages against his behavior.   He's a crimefighter.  She's a crimefighter.  He should be focused on nabbing criminals, not chasing her like a horny teenager.  WHY can't he get her sight, her smell, her taste out of his mind!!??

"Well, I'm sure that would please you, man, but at this time it certainly wouldn't please me," the witch replies, imperiously.  She has him under her thumb, enslaved to her by her magicks.*   She can see him getting an erection.  How crude!  But does she still want him?  One more time?  She no longer NEEDS him - the seed he left in her is growing nicely.  She makes her decision.   She mutters a brief spell that makes him forget how to contact her, then disappears him ...

... and the Caped Crusader reappears on the the lintel stone with bittersweet memories of the English Enchantress.  "How did I get up here?" he asks himself.  "How can I return to Britannia's home to see her again?"  A chilly sunset wind blows across the Salisbury plain, whipping his black cape around his waist.  At last, the confused crimefighter leaps off the stone and slowly walks toward his plane, a sense of sadness and loss filling his mind.

Inside her lair, Britannia sighs and thinks, "Silly, silly man.   As if ANY mortal could control ME!"

*  *  *  *  *

"C'mon, honey, time to get up," Mercy says to the dozing Maid of Might.   Graves easily gets to her feet, closes her costume and reaches a hand down to the Girl of Steel, pulling her up onto her butt.  "I want to make a deal with you, Supergirl," Mercy says.  "I've been with Lex ever since he got me off the street eight years ago.  I rose through the ranks of LexCorp to become his assistant.  I'd take a bullet for Lex, and he knows it.  And now he's letting that BITCH Misty shake her young fanny and slip in between us.  I want her GONE but Lex won't send her away unless he no longer needs her.  Or unless someone with super powers could take her out for me."

Sitting on the floor, still dazed from sex, Supergirl looks up at the tall blonde.  "What ... what do you want?"

"I want to make a deal.  I'll return a piece of your old costume for every little task you perform for me," Mercy says, pulling the heroine to her shaky feet.  "The first thing is for you to come downstairs with me, to my quarters.  We need to talk and Lex doesn't want you in his office."

"What?  Why?" the Girl of Steel asks, looking at her old costume, then at Mercy.  Her mind clears.  "I think I'll just take my costume and leave, Mercy.  Besides, you're evil.  And you're ..."  Suddenly the Maid of Might races across the office at super speed and as she reaches over the planter, as the first waves of green K radiation begin to sap her super energy, two blasts of intense white light flash on either side of her and twin beams from concealed tachyon rifles hit her, in her stomach and on her face, and blast her back across the office.  Her body slams against the wall and craters it, then she sags to the floor, her butt on her shiny red boots.

"OOOOWWWW!" she moans, her hands lying limply at her sides.  She can barely remain conscious after a second exposure to green K and two blasts from super weapons designed by Luthor.  Her eyes are almost closed from the pain.

"Lex told you no one could reach the costume," Mercy scolds the Maid of Might.  "Unless ... unless that person knows how to disable the defenses.  Now, if you want to get your costume back, get off your ass and follow me!"

The Girl of Steel slowly, painfully pulls herself to her feet, using the wall for support.  After she regains her feet, she weaves slightly and slowly begins to move toward the black-clad villainess.  Mercy uses her index finger to signal 'come here' and turns toward the office door.  The mighty heroine slowly follows Graves out of the office.

*  *  *  *  *

The two women reach Graves' suite without encountering Lex or any employees of LexCorp.  As Mercy ushers the Girl of Steel into the suite, Graves roughly slaps the heroine's taut blue-clad butt.  Supergirl turns to scold the woman but balks, aware that, for the moment at least, Mercy has the upper hand.  Stopping inside the woman's living room, Supergirl turns to Graves and asks, "Okay, what's your deal.  What do I have to do to get my costume back?  And I won't do anything illegal for you!"

"Oh, no, Supergirl, I wouldn't ask you to break the law," Mercy replies in a smooth-as-silk voice.  "In fact, I just want you to enforce the law.  I want you to capture Misty."

Supergirl thinks for a minute, recalling how Misty has beaten her twice thus far.  Even though the woman's mutant power is just the ability to shape air molecules, she's managed to hone her skill into a formidable weapon.  The Girl of Steel wants so desperately to get her costume back.  Does she have to make a deal with this feminine devil?   "I ... I don't know ..." she says tentatively. "How can I, a force for justice and goodness work with you, a handmaiden of evil?"

"Fine.  Here's the door," Mercy says, opening it.  "Find your own way out, you pathetic 'loser for justice'!"  Mercy turns her back on the heroine, increasing her sense of shame.

"Ooohhh, Rao, okay, Mercy, I'll try to capture her," Supergirl says resignedly.  "She IS a criminal.  Capturing her is something I'd have to do anyway."  Her mind screams at her, "You're giving up to this woman!  How can you consider yourself to be America's Darling?   How can you face any of the other heroines, knowing that you're becoming the partner of ... no, a puppet controlled by a mere human woman?"

Graves turns back to face the heroine.  The shoulders of the Girl of Steel are slumped in defeat.  "You're mine, now!" Mercy thinks as she crosses the room to the Maid of Might.  The taller woman wraps her arms around Supergirl and pulls the smaller woman to her bosom.   Supergirl resists for a second, then sighs and collapses into Mercy's arms.   A brief sob escapes her lips.  Graves smiles wickedly into Supergirl's blond hair, still not dry from her rape.

"You've soiled your costume, Supergirl, you can't go after Misty looking like this," Mercy tells the blonde.  The taller woman continues to hold the heroine in a tight bear hug and when she tries to pull away, she immediately gives up, even though her super strength far surpasses Graves' human strength.  "Take your costume off - we can clean it and you can take a shower before you go after Misty."  Mercy releases the Maid of Might and pushes her back a step.  Luthor's aide has to struggle to contain her glee at how totally she's dominating the Girl of Steel.  Her resistance is nearly non-existent.  So it's time to ramp up the pressure on the pathetic little heroine.

Supergirl removes her yellow belt, then her forearm-length red gloves.   As she bends over to remove her boots, Mercy reaches out and places a hand on each shoulder, as if helping the Maid of Might stay on her feet.   The defeated heroine smiles at Mercy's generous gesture.  After removing the two boots, Supergirl rises up and her delicate-looking hands grab the collar of her unitard.  Her Kryptonian strength may be the only force that can spread the tight unitard neckline wide enough to slide the costume down her body.  As she lowers the costume, her face reddens when her breasts appear.  Her face reddens deeper when the costume slides down below her waist and not only exposes her blond bush, but also her dried cum inside the suit and on her thighs.

"My, my, my, you really made a mess there, didn't you?" Mercy chastises the heroine.  Supergirl's expression is priceless - 'ashamed and defeated' clearly written on her lovely face.  "Bring that with you," Graves says, pointing at the costume as she turns toward the bathroom.  The taller blonde leads the way into a large bathroom and stoops to turn on hot water in the tub.

"You can kneel there," she tells Supergirl and points beside the tub.   "Wash your costume first, then we'll clean you up."

The sticky, naked heroine kneels, as directed, and begins to use hand soap to scrub the inside of her unitard.  Then she scrubs her gloves, especially the fingertips.  A few moments later, she stops and blasts the wet parts of her outfit with her heat vision, drying them in seconds.   She rises and turns toward Mercy, who's now as nude as the Girl of Steel.  

Mercy moves past the Maid of Might and sits on the cold porcelain edge of the tub and crosses her legs.  She raises one leg up and points her toes at the Girl of Steel.  "Before we clean you off, my dear, I want you to do a little cleaning first - I want you to clean my toes.  With your mouth."  Supergirl looks at Mercy with a combination of disgust and even budding anger.  How dare she ask America's most powerful superheroine to suck her toes!  How DARE she ..."

"Okay," Supergirl meekly replies.  "If this will help me get my costume back from that witch, I guess I'll have to 'satisfy' her," Kara reasons.  She slowly drops to her knees and cups a hand around Graves' ankle.  The Maid of Tomorrow looks at the woman for any sign of mercy (pun intended) but the woman's cold blue eyes just glare down at the kneeling blonde.  Every fiber of Supergirl's being screams against this demeaning act but slowly, tentatively, she lowers her head and wraps her mouth around Mercy's big toe.  The Maid of Might begins to slurp and suck on the woman's toe like a pale popsicle.  For several minutes, the sounds of Kara's sucking and Mercy's moans fill the sumptuous bathroom.  The heroine quickly sucks and massages each toe, then puffs on it with a slight shot of hot breath to dry it, before moving on to the next toe.

"You're mmmnnn quite good aaaatt this, Supergirl," Mercy says after the Girl of Steel finishes with the little toe.  Luthor's aide drops her foot to the floor and raises her other foot up, resting her leg on her knee.  "Just one more foot and we can turn to your needs, darling," Graves says, as if they are two women doing each other's nails  Supergirl seems to work faster on the left foot and finishes sooner.  "Did you do a good job, Supergirl?" Mercy asks.  "Let me see.  Hmmm, I guess it will have to do - this time."

"Now, step into the shower," Mercy orders, using one hand to guide the Maid of Might to the shower.  Even from the back, Supergirl's body is a vision of pert loveliness.  "And I'm gonna OWN that sweet ass!" Mercy realizes silently.  "Just have to turn her into my bitch."

Inside the hot shower, Mercy positions Supergirl so that the water hits above her breast and cascades down between her love mounds, across her flat stomach, and onto her golden bush.  Mercy grabs a cloth and bar of soap and reaches around the Maid of Might's body, forcing her own body against Supergirl's back.  As Mercy's shaved crotch presses against Supergirl's butt and the villainess' breasts bore into Supergirl's back, Mercy lathers the cloth, then begins to scrub the front of Supergirl's body.  The sudsy cloth moves up and down the front of the heroine, soaping her neck, upper chest, breasts, belly, and bush.  Mercy scrubs vigorously and Supergirl's body goes limp from the sensuous feeling of having her body cleaned.  Her head starts to roll around on her neck like it's on a spring, not made of flesh and bone.  She moans softly as the cloth pleasures her super body.  As Mercy swirls the cloth around the woman's body, Mercy slips her other hand down and pushes it between Supergirl's legs.

Supergirl suddenly sags when Mercy's hand brushes against her sensitive nether lips.  Smiling cruelly, Mercy squats behind the Girl of Steel and moves the washcloth up and down the heroine's legs, cleaning the cum stains.  At the same time, Graves' fingers continue to probe and explore the Maid of Might's nether lips.  Seconds later, the Girl of Steel sags against the tile wall of the shower stall and groans from the pleasure once again coursing through her super body.  Pleasure and images of her body being manipulated by Mercy.  Supergirl knows she shouldn't let Graves do this to her, and she's not certain whether she's letting Mercy do this to recover the costume or because she's developing an attraction to being dominated and raped.

"Damn Barbara!" Kara thinks, "she opened the door and now Mercy has found the way in.  How can I ever be oooohhhhhh RRAAAAOOOOO!!," Supergirl gasps when Mercy presses the engorged clit against the body of the Girl of Steel.  Supergirl can barely stand.  Mercy drops the washcloth and runs her free hand up the inside of Kara's legs, up to her ass, and plunges two fingers into the shorter woman's anus.  Like someone who's been shot, the Maid of Might drops to her knees and falls foreward, her head against the tile.  She groans loudly and her body shudders as Mercy again totally dominates the woman's mind and body.  For several minutes, Supergirl's cries of pleasure fill the small stall.

"OOhh, yeeaahh, uunnhh, mmmmnnn, yyyeeEEESSS, fu-faster ... YYEESSS, FFAASSSTTERR, HHAARRDDEERRRR!!" the helpless heroine cries as her body rocks and shudders, both from her own pleasure and Mercy's forceful handling of the heroine's vagina and ass.  "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH DDDOONNN'TTT SSTTOOOPPP!! RRRRAAAAOOOOOO!!" Supergirl cries out when a massive orgasm rips through her super body, pumping jism into Mercy's hand.  Graves continues without mercy (again, pun intended) to work on the Maid of Might, even as she begs for Mercy to stop.

"Nuh-no ... morrreeee, plleaaseee!" Supergirl pleads, weakened from the massive climax.  But Graves is relentless.  Seconds later, Supergirl has another titanic orgasm - this time her hands smash tiles on the wall she's leaning against.  "OOOooooohhhhhh nnnooo!"

Mercy stops her relentless assault on the heroine's body and rises to her feet, towering over the smaller blonde kneeling on the floor.  The Maid of Might leans against one wall for support and her super body shudders from orgasmic aftershocks.  She pants hard, struggling for breath under the strong spray from the shower head.  She slowly falls down to sit on one taut butt cheek on the wet tile floor.  "If you've finished pleasuring yourself, finish cleaning yourself and get out of here, Supergirl.  You need to dry off, dress and get after Misty."  With that said, Mercy drops the washcloth on Supergirl's thigh and leaves the shower stall, pausing long enough to turn the water temperature to maximum.  Clouds of steam fill the stall, hiding Supergirl's shame as she sobs softly, her shoulders hunched and shaking.

A few minutes later, the squeaky-clean Girl of Steel steps out of the shower and grabs a towel on the sink.  Seconds later, she begins to don her costume and quickly finishes, pulling on her left boot as the last item.  The heroine walks out of the bathroom and spots Mercy.  The villainess is clad in a red leather catsuit with black thigh-high boots and forearm-length black leather gauntlets.  The zipper on the front of the catsuit is open to a point well below her 40C breasts, revealing the creamy skin of her unsupported breasts..  And she has a riding crop in one gloved hand.

"Oh, Rao, what now?" Supergirl wonders as she slowly moves across the room.

"You can let yourself out, Supergirl," Mercy says.  "Turn left, go through the door in front of you.  It opens into a hidden elevator.  Take that to the 'Garage' level and you can leave the building through the garage.  Use your super speed to avoid being seen by any of the many security cameras.  After you've completed your task and turned Misty over to the authorities, and it's broadcast on the local news, you may return the same way - take the elevator to the 44th floor.  But call to set up an appointment before you come, Supergirl," Mercy says in a brush-off voice, handing the heroine a card.  Supergirl looks sheepishly at the card in her gloved hand, then tries to decide where to put it.  She has an idea where she'd like to put it, but that won't help her get her costume back.  She finally shoves it into the top of one of her shiny red boots.

"When you finish the task and return here, I'll have a piece of your costume for you, my dear.  We can also discuss how you can get more of your costume back," Mercy says, slapping the riding crop against her gloved palm.  "You may leave now."

The broken Maid of Might's head drops to her chest and she crosses the floor to the door.  Mercy says nothing else as the once-mighty heroine leaves.  The Girl of Steel resolves that she will not cry!  She CAN'T cry!


*  *  *  *  *

The rest of the day finishes without incident.  While flying high over Metropolis, the Girl of Steel stopped several car chases, 7-11 robberies, and even helped a traffic helicopter which lost power and dropped from the sky.  She basked in the heartfelt 'thanks' she received from the people she helped. Now she starts to regain some of her old self-confidence after a string of solid victories.  Much better than being mentally and physically abused by evil people, she decides.

She's about to turn toward home when her super hearing detects the sound of an alarm on the waterfront.  The Girl of Steel banks toward the river and flexes her muscular thighs, ramping up her speed.  As she nears the waterfront, she uses her super hearing and super vision to locate the alarm's source, indifferent to the setting sun.  A quick scan shows movement inside a large warehouse.  The padlock on the door lies on the ground, broken into several pieces.

Looking inside the building, she quickly sees that in addition to two average street-level thugs, there is a costumed man examining boxes in a large warehouse.  The man is wearing a one-piece body suit made of a dark red, pebbled fabric.  He also wears black calf-high shiny leather boots.  A pistol-like object is in a holster on the left side of his waist.  She recalls that this man, Meteorite, carries a pistol which works like the tachyon rifles - it can cause her some pain.   No sign of Misty.  "'This looks like a job' ..." Supergirl says, smirking, as she dives toward the building.

Silent as a cat, the Maid of Might glides toward the warehouse's large door and floats inside, never touching ground.  Kara holds the bottom corners of her cape in her hands so it doesn't flap and make a noise as she approaches these villains.  She continues to scan the area as she slowly approaches the criminals - this doesn't seem to be a trap, just a break-in she's going to break-up!  But a heroine can't be too careful these days!

"I don't think this warehouse is a self-service facility, boys," she says after gently landing ten feet behind the three men.

"Hunh?"   "What the ...!"   "You!"   the men stammer after turning to face the sexy feminine voice.

"Who are you?" thug #1 asks.  "You s'posed to be someone like Supergirl or Superman?"

"I AM Supergirl, felon, and you're under arrest," she says, moving toward the men.  Thug #2 quickly reaches for a tachyon rifle at his side but Supergirl fires an intense stream of heat vision at the weapon.  When the man's hand touches the weapon, he screams and pulls his burnt hand away from the gun.

"What's with the new fashions, Blondie?" Meteorite asks, moving sideways to his left.  Seeing the man's moves, thug #1 on the right, carrying a tachyon rifle slung over one shoulder, begins to move to his right.   They're trying to outflank her - as IF!

"You know how women like to try on new fashions," she says, trying to keep her eyes on the two with weapons.  Suddenly thug #1 begins to pull the rifle off his shoulder.  Supergirl immediately focuses on the rifle and fires a burst of heat vision at the handgrip.  The thug screams and drops the rifle to the ground.  He shakes his hand to cool it off.

During the two seconds when Supergirl had her attention on thug #1, thug #2 (in the center of the three thieves) began racing toward her.  She turns to face him and holds up her left hand just as he reaches her.  His chest hits her hand and it feels like he's been kicked by the biggest, meanest bull in the Kansas City stockyards.  He recoils back, gasping for air, holding his chest.  He folds down onto the floor, unconscious.

Meteorite used the distraction caused by his two lackeys to draw the tachyon pistol out of his holster and, this time, aim it carefully at the Maid of Might.  He fires just as the Girl of Steel turns her face toward him.  The bolt of hellish white energy hits her between her eyes and blasts her backward several steps before she collapses onto the floor on her butt.  Groaning from pain, one gloved hand goes to her face and massages it, trying to ease the pain.

"C'mon, c'mon, C'MON!" Meteorite complains at the pistol as it hums, recycling for the next shot.  He wants to hammer the heroine into unconsciousness NOW!  "COME ONNN!!"  Supergirl shakes her head from side to side and lowers her hand away from her eyes.  She blinks and looks at Meteorite.  Any second now ...

The hum stops and Meteorite pulls the trigger again and another powerful blast hits the woman between the eyes.  This second blast makes her skid backward a few feet on her tight blue butt, across the warehouse floor.  When she stops she falls onto her back and this time both hands reach up to her head to soothe the pain.  The two shots in the same place have put black flash marks on her forehead from the tremendous energy stopped by the bridge of her nose.

"You won't escape this time!" Meteorite snarls as he approaches the Girl of Steel.  Holstering his pistol, Meteorite drops to one knee beside the Maid of Might and clenches his hands together in a large fist.  The mutant's hands change their density to incredible thickness and begin to glow from the energies used to compress molecules together.  A heartbeat later, Meteorite slams his twin fists down onto Supergirl's flat stomach.  The glowing white hands hit her belly with a loud <BBOOOOOMMM> and drive her midsection an inch into the concrete and she cries out in pain.

Her legs and the top of her body seem to bounce off the floor and a "WWOOOOOFFF!!" escapes her lips in reaction to the powerful hit.  But Meteorite feels pain, too.  This isn't quite the case of an irresistible force versus an immovable object, this is a mutant human versus a fit Kryptonian, and the Kryptonian wins, this time.  Meteorite rises to his feet, cursing the pain in his hands from pounding on the girl's stomach.  In the past, he's destroyed case-hardened steel with his bare hands but the soft, sexy belly of the Girl of Steel seems to have destroyed HIS hands.  Not really, but they hurt like the dickens!

But his blow DID hurt the Maid of Might.  After he hit her, she rolled over onto one side away from him and is now groaning and holding her stomach.  "You and that bitch Misty made me look bad to Mr. Luthor," he snarls at the heroine.  "I guess I won't look so bad if I defeat you and bring yer body back to him, hey, chickie?"  Meteorite isn't the sharpest pencil in the box.  He kicks Supergirl in the small of her back, using all his strength (but, sadly, none of his mutant powers).  She doesn't react at all but he has to hop around on one foot until the other stops throbbing.  Rage consumes his twenty-watt bulb of a brain and he decides (at last) to punish her with his special powers.  He leaps into the air and begins to circle the warehouse near the roof, letting the molecules in his hands compress together again.  When they glow white-hot two seconds later, he banks around and begins to dive on the woman's body.  By now, Supergirl has managed to rise to her hands and knees and has one hand on her stomach, trying to stop the pain from his last blow.

Meteorite screams like a wild animal and dives toward the Maid of Might at full speed.  She raises her head to see what's going to happen next when the man crashes into her back, his intensely-hot and incredibly dense hands striking her just above her waist.  A titanic <BBBOOOOOOOMMMM> fills the warehouse and the shock wave knocks over boxes, lift trucks, and the two thugs who were trying to get back on their feet.  The mighty impact drives Supergirl's torso belly-first into the cold concrete floor of the warehouse to a depth of several inches.  Her arms, legs and neck are outside the small crater and are bent back, almost unnaturally.  She screams and moans from the incredible pain in her back, pain so intense she can barely remain conscious.

After hitting Supergirl's back, Meteorite bounced off the woman (that old irresistible force, immovable object thing again), did a few cartwheels in the air, landing unceremoniously on his back a few feet from the heroine.  Although shaken by the impact, he recovers more quickly and scrambles to his feet.  He takes a few shaky steps toward the Girl of Steel and can see her eyes almost closed, a grimace on her lovely face.

"C-can't ... do another ... hit like that," he declares.  "It's like the bitch is invulnerable or somethin'!"  Meteorite looks down at the blonde, buried in concrete, unmoving.  "Maybe from here on I'll just shoot the bitch until she stops movin'," he decides.

Since his pistol has recharged, Meteorite pulls it from his holster, squats down and holds it an inch or two away from the top of her head.  He can see her starting to recover from the blasts and his punches.  He must act quickly!   Meteorite pulls the trigger with the pistol just two inches from the top of her head.  As the bolt of energy blasts out of the barrel, it hits her invulnerable head and the backblast disintegrates the pistol and most of Meteorite's left arm.  It also blasts him backward across the floor of the warehouse.

The shot drives the girl's head deeply into the concrete the floor.  She also loses consciousness from the terrible blow.  As she lies embedded in the floor, on her stomach, the two thugs finally manage to get to their feet.  A quick look around the warehouse shows the blonde buried in the floor, a thin trail of smoke rising from the top of her head.  Their boss Meteorite lies several feet away with most of one arm missing and a growing pool of blood around him.  "Should we take her back to Mr. Luthor?" #2 asks.

"You wanna be around her when she wakes up?"

"Let's blow this pop stand!"

*  *  *  *  *

A few hours later, Supergirl moans and with agonizing slowness rises up on her hands and knees.  Again she has to stop and cradle her head in one gloved hand.  Her head feels like it's three sizes too big to fit her hair.  She pauses for a few seconds to let the world stop spinning, then looks around the warehouse with pain-clouded eyes.  The common thugs are long gone.  Meteorite is still lying against one wall.  A quick look with her super vision (which makes her head feel a nasty spike of pain) reveals to the Maid of Might that the rookie villain is dead - blood loss, probably, given the pool on the floor where his arm should be.

"R-Rao," she mutters as she carefully rises to her feet.  "Good thing Misty wasn't here <nnngghh>.  If I had to fight both, I don't think I'd have won."

"But that also also means she's still loose and doing something with Luthor.  And Mercy won't give me back my costume until I do stop Misty."  The Girl of Steel slowly walks toward the warehouse door.  "What can I do to get out of this mess?  I've got to see Barbara.  Maybe she can help me!"  The Maid of Might rises into the air, her body a solid mass of muscles aching from the punishment she's received.  She slowly climbs higher into the air and heads toward Gotham City, some thirty miles down the coast from Metropolis.

*  *  *  *  *

"Police Commissioner Gordon has been trying to reach you for the last two days, sir," the English butler Alfred says to Bruce Wayne upon his return to stately Wayne mansion.  The flight back from England was long and lonely, the ache to be with Britannia unfulfilled.  Now Bruce just wants to get to bed.

"Did it seem important, Alfred?"

"He was quite agitated, sir.  He said it was most urgent that you contact him upon your return."

A few minutes later, Batman manages to reach Commissioner Gorden.  "What's up, Jim?" He can barely keep his eyes open.

"It's Batgirl, Batman," the Commissioner says.  "She was brought into Gotham General hospital about four hours ago.  Robin is with her now.  He's all right - some bruises, a broken arm, but apparently the Joker shot Batgirl in the back during their attempt to capture him."

"Great Scott!" Bruce says, "How bad is she?"

"She's still undergoing surgery.  The bullet is very close to her spine.  Robin was able to get the doctors to leave on her cowl but they had to remove the rest of her costume to work on her.  He's with her now, in surgery."

"Excuse me, Jim," Bruce says, "but I think I'd better get down there to see what I can do to help her.  I WILL get back to you, later."

"Good luck, my friend," Gordon replies.  "We don't know who she is under that mask, but she has been a valiant crimefighter since her arrival ten years ago and our lives are richer for her being here.   Of course my office will cut any red tape which needs to be passed to help her."

The Caped Crusader arrives at Gotham General a short time later and consults with the head of surgery.  "I have assurances that millionaire Bruce Wayne will pay all her medical costs, doctor," Batman says.  "When she's stable, Mr. Wayne wants to move her to other facilities to recuperate - medical facilities, that is.  Her care will be as excellent there as it would be here in GG.  Oh, and be sure that all her medical records list her as 'Jane Smith', please.  To prevent anyone from tracking her down as Batgirl."

"Robin said pretty much what you've said, Batman," the medico replies.  "Except for the cash bit, and he said to call her 'Jane Doe' but I know a name like that is the first thing someone looks for when trying to track someone injured and taken to a hospital.  There won't be a police report, either.  Commissioner Gordon already called and waived the need for one."

"Great!" Batman says, smiling for the first time in days.  "Well, since Batgirl and Robin are still in surgery, and I have something else to do, I'll take your leave.  I'll call back in the morning to see if Mr. Wayne is here."

*  *  *  *  *

"I wonder where she is?" Supergirl asks herself as she floats over Gotham.  Using her keen super vision, the Maid of Might has scanned Barbara Gordon's townhouse in Gotham and her apartment in Metropolis, as well as her condo in D.C.  She's also quickly scanned the streets of Gotham City, looking for the Batgirl Motorcycle.  No luck.  "No sign of her, Robin or the Joker.  And Batman's probably still in England or wherever, on 'business'.  Maybe I can get a lead at the Justice League HQ in Metropolis."

"I sure hope nothing's happened to her!" Supergirl thinks.  Anxiety begins to fill her mind when she thinks about how dangerous and unpredictable the Joker has been in the past.  "Batman should have stayed in town to help them!"


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