#30: Junkyard Wars

by RW

(Note: This story is more or less based on the Kryptonian Supergirl Kara Zor-el of the 1980s, who was killed off by D.C. Comics; many of the other characters are from that era as well, but there are some 'current' characters/events and new characters.  Hope this mishmash isn't too confusing.)

"Well, well, well, I do believe that I've discovered a new weakness of the mighty Girl of Steel!" Mercy Graves, Lex Luthor's aide says to herself as she looks down at the gorgeous blond figure asleep in Mercy's bed in her suite in the LexCorp Building.  Mercy is again wearing her ankle-length white silk robe, tied loosely at the waist with a thin cord.  Strap-ons with four inch heels add more height to the 6 foot tall dominatrix.

Supergirl's lovely blond tresses lie across the pillows.  One arm is stretched over to where Mercy had been sleeping, the other lies across the stomach of the Maid of Might.  Beneath the satin covers, she is naked.  Even in the darkened bedroom, the rise and fall of her 36C chest is visible - and enticing.

"I think when she has a sexual climax, she must expend tremendous amounts of energy.  That makes sense," the short-haired blonde reasons, "because normal humans burn a lot of calories in sex.  I know when I climax, my muscles tense, my heart races, and I feel like I've run a marathon.   Especially when a woman like Supergirl is my partner.  Afterwards, I feel spent, drained.

"But after the last two 'romps' with the Girl of Steel and the time we tortured her when we captured her*" Mercy thinks, "I've seen her collapse from exhaustion after several orgasms - even pass out! nbsp;So I think that intense sexual stimulation, resulting in numerous orgasms, must severely drain her energy levels.  She's still invulnerable, but her muscles are useless and she has even become unconscious.  This must be how Misty defeated her the other day - too much stimulation and Blondie here went unconscious.*   If that bozo Meteorite hadn't interferred, who knows - Misty might have killed the Girl of Steel!

"Another interesting thought occurs," Mercy continues thinking, "I believe the little blond bimbo is developing an attraction for BD/SM.  She seems to climax quicker when she's bound, helpless and dominated.   And I think she enjoys having me dominate her.  She eventually obeys most of my commands, like a good little submissive.  If I kept her around long enough, she might even become dependent, like a drug addict, for sexually submissive orgasms.

"And after Supergirl defeats Misty, I'll find a way to use this weakness to sex, domination and orgasms to destroy her," Mercy thinks.  "Because even with Misty gone, Lex will still be infatuated with the thought of possessing little miss Supertits here as a lover, as my rival, and I don't want any competition for Lex's attentions.  I just need to be sure that Supergirl destroys Misty and is then destroyed in a way that doesn't lead the law back to Lex or me."

The Maid of Might begins to stir on the bed, moaning softly and moving her hand from Mercy's side of the bed to cover one of her breasts.   "This looks interesting," Mercy says, sitting on the side of the bed.   Graves' face suddenly smiles as she adopts an act for the Maid of Might.   Mercy reaches down and forces her fingers and the satin sheet between the Girl of Steel's legs, up against her nether lips.  As the tall blonde abrades the heroine's pussy lips, the Maid of Might moans and begins to unconsciously toy with her own nipple, causing the shiny red satin sheet to make two little tents on her chest.  The Girl of Steel opens her eyes slightly and moans as pleasurable feelings begin to stir within her alien body.  She smiles when she sees Mercy smiling down at her.

"Ooohhh, whu-what ... mmmnn ... what are nnnnhh you doing," Supergirl asks Mercy.  Apparently she's so sleepy (or weakened from the orgasms of last night) she doesn't raise her head off the pillow.  Her eyes are also half-closed.  She licks her lips, leaving them shining with a thin veneer of moisture.  Mercy leans down to run her tongue along the super lips, then rises back to her seated position.

Luthor's aide laughs gently at the Girl of Steel writhing slowly on the bed as her body is being aroused.  "Just trying to help you start the day with a bang, darling," Mercy replies, smiling at her own joke.  "Just lie there and enjoy the moment, my lovely super girlfriend," Mercy says, leaning forward to play with the girl's other breast.  The Maid of Might closes her eyes and raises both her arms up toward the headboard.  Mercy raises one eyebrow when she realizes that the Girl of Steel is putting herself, in her mind at least, in bondage and tied to the headboard.

"If you move, I'll stop and leave you unfulfilled," Graves says in a stern voice.  Mercy wants to help Supergirl establish a mental image of being bound and assaulted.  "Keep your hands up there and keep your eyes closed, and I'll take care of you, darling."The Girl of Steel moans as Mercy pulls down the covers to expose the heroine's belly, then Mercy moves her mouth down to envelop one of Supergirl's breasts while her hand massages and kneeds the other.  Graves begins to work earnestly on the heroine, roughly massaging her nether lips and clit while squeezing and sucking her breasts, occasionally pinching or biting the swollen buds at the end of each mound.

Supergirl twists her body and moans as the dominatrix works on her body.   The Girl of Steel does try to keep her arms near the headboard and her legs spread, following Mercy's command.  Perspiration beads form on her forehead as her muscles struggle to keep her 'bound' to the bed.   Muscles that fight her other muscles to follow the command of a cruel human female. The Girl of Steel moans as images of her self-imposed bondage fill her mind, telling her that she's captured and controlled by someone else.   When Mercy forces the satin sheet and three fingers into Supergirl's vagina, she screams in pleasure.  Graves can feel how wet the girl has become in less than two minutes, unaware that the girl's own mind is adding fuel to her sexual fires.

"Be sure you keep your legs apart, Supergirl," Mercy orders her captive.   "I don't want your ridiculous muscles crushing my hand between your delicious thighs!"

"NNnnhh, y-yes, mistress," the Girl of Steel replies absentmindedly, whimpering from the sensations and images bombarding her brain.  Last night Mercy established herself as Supergirl's *mistress* and in her half-conscious and aroused state, the Girl of Steel still thinks of Mercy as *mistress*.   In her mind, she visualizes herself as shackled by unbreakable ankle restraints of some unknown metal, pinning her legs apart, opening her inner self, her vagina, to exploitation by evildoers!  "Mmmnnhhhh, <pant> oooohhhh ... nnooooooo ... mmoorrrree!" she moans in ecstasy fueled by her *helplessness*.

Mercy smiles and doubles her efforts to bring the heroine to orgasm.   "She called me 'mistress'," Mercy crows to herself.  "I've WON!"

"Oohhh, yesssss YYEESSSSS ... DON'T STOPPP ... nnnh nnNNNGGHH NNNNGGGGHHHHH OOOOHHH - I'mmnh CUMMING!" Supergirl moans.  Her body shudders and Mercy notices that the orgasming woman is doing all she can to stay on the bed with her legs spread and her hands above her head.  Like an isometric workout, her super muscles clearly ARE working against each other to keep her body in one place and shape even though she wants to thrash her arms and pin her thighs together.

"That has to burn off a lot of her energy!" Mercy says to herself in triumph.  "And for Christ's sake, she's like a faucet down there, spewing into my sheets and hand!"  Even though the Girl of Steel has had her climax, Mercy continues to assault the woman's body.

"Muh-Mercy ... sttopp!" Supergirl moans as a new sensual tidal wave forms inside her body and mind, "I ... nnooo more ... mmmnnhh.  Puh-please ... stopp!"  She feels utterly helpless to stop the tall blonde even though she could easily throw Mercy through any wall of the apartment.   She's more a slave of her own mind than a slave of Graves'.

"Quiet, girl!  I want you to lie there and don't move!" Mercy says in her most harsh voice.  Mercy shrugs off the top of her robe and slides her upper body onto the Girl of Steel.   Graves grinds her breasts against Supergirl's.  With her free hand, Mercy grabs the back of Supergirl's neck.  Graves then presses her lips against the Maid of Might's and together the two women begin a duel with their tongues.

"Mmmnn mmmnnnnn mmmnnnn!" Mercy moans, knowing from experience what the result will be.  She can feel a dampness between her own legs.   She's experiencing pleasure from dominating the mightiest woman on Earth just as that same heroine is being aroused from Mercy's domination!   What a RUSH!!

"Mmmnnn nnnNNNNGGGHH NNNNNGGGHHHH!" Supergirl moans back, her head filling with visions of Mercy responding to the kiss.  The press of Mercy's large soft breasts against her own invulnerable mounds, the caresses on the back of her neck, the amazing fingers inside her!  The chains or whatever holding her to the bed, keeping her legs spread (or so her sensually-overloaded mind imagines).   "Ohhhh, Rao!" she moans inside her mind as another climax begins within her vagina.  She pulls her mouth away from Mercy's to moan, "ooohhh Muh-Mercy ... yyeesss ... YESSS NNNNNGGGHHHH NNNNGGGHH OOOOHHHH!" as her sex explodes in a second, greater orgasm.

Again Mercy watches the heroine's body buck and writhe against her own muscles.  "She's literally fighting herself," Mercy thinks.   "And who else to beat the Maid of Might than the Maid of Might?"

As the heroine's thrashing slowly subsides, she lowers her arms and wraps them around Graves, pinning the woman against her super body.   "Ooohhh, Mercy!" Supergirl whimpers, her body drenched with sweat.   "Don't go!"

Mercy pulls her soaked fingers and the drenched sheet from the girl's vagina and rises to a sitting position beside the Girl of Steel.   "I think you've had enough for now, sweetheart," Mercy tells the heroine in a cold, dispassionate voice.  "Why don't you get into the shower and clean off?  I have some work to do, so I shan't be joining you, this time."

Mercy rises off the bed and leaves the room.  Supergirl watches her ... her lover?  "Why won't she stay here and cuddle?" the heroine wonders as the dominatrix leaves the room.   After a few heartbeats filled with anguish, the Maid of Might slowly recovers and climbs out of the bed, moaning softly from the aches in her muscles.  She is still weak and 'achy' after last night's 'date'.*   Her energy level is way down and she can feel it.  She feels like she's spent a week moving the Himalayas around.  The Girl of Steel slowly crosses the bedroom and enters Mercy's private bathroom.  Inside, she enters the shower stall and begins to clean her body.  As she runs the washcloth over her breasts, her hand unconsciously goes down between her thighs.  Another orgasm will feel soooo good, she suddenly decides, slipping three fingers between her legs.

Supergirl runs the washcloth in slow, languid circles around her chest mounds, and her nipples rise to the occasion, forming inch-long buds atop the mounds.  "Mmmnnhh," she moans as she raises the beast within her.   She closes her eyes and imagines Barbara Gordon standing behind her, kissing her neck and ear, caressing her breast ... "Oohhhh, yessss," she moans as warmth spreads from her pulsing groin through her body.  In her mind, the hands stroking her body are those of Batgirl, not her own.

After her arousal seems to reach a threshhold, she recalls a new, darker image.   She visualizes an image of Mercy, in the shower but wearing a wet, gleaming leather catsuit, gloves and thighboots, thrusting her fingers deeply into her love canal.   "MMmmmnnhhh ... yyeesSSS," she gasps as a tidal wave of pleasure builds within her body.  "OOOOHHHHHHHH YYEEESSSSS!" she cries out as her third orgasm of the morning blasts her body and mind in a numbing assault.  This time her thighs do smash together, pinning her hand inside her body.  She drops the washcloth and, mid-orgasm, pinches one of her blood-engorged nipples, adding fuel to the orgasmic fire raging inside her body.  "Ohhhhhh Rraaooooo!!   MMOORRRREEE!!"  After an eternity of tidal waves of pleasure hammering at her mind, the torrent subsides.  "MMyyyy gooddddsss that nnnhhh was nice!" she gasps inside her orgasm-fogged mind.

Supergirl sags against the wall of the shower as the hot, steamy spray pummels her skin.  She shakes uncontrollably from the post-orgasmic muscle spasms and pants for air, mewing softly between spasms.  She finally recovers enough energy to stand upright and conclude her shower.   This time she concentrates on just cleaning her body and a few minutes later steps from the shower, still weak, still drained of energy.

"Here's a cup of coffee for you," Mercy says as the naked heroine steps from the shower.  Supergirl looks warily at the dominatrix, then takes the cup and makes a small sip.  It's hot and tasty.

"Thank you," Supergirl says, smiling at the dominatrix and finishing the steaming hot brew.  Her invulnerability prevents the hot brew from burning her and it DOES seem to refresh her.  She begins to towel herself dry as Mercy looks on appreciatively from her seat on the toilet lid.

"Would you like to take some of these with you, inside you?" Graves asks, pointing at the three balls, each over an inch in diameter, sitting on the sink beside a tube of K-Y Jelly®.  Beside the balls is the four-inch long, inch-wide steel butt plug Mercy put in the Maid of Might.  There is a small trace of green K inside the plug.  "Might make for an interesting day, don't you think?"

"Especially with one of the balls already bumped up against your cervix," Mercy thinks to herself, recalling that she couldn't get all the balls out of the Maid of Might last night.

"Oh, no," Supergirl says, recalling how every movement seemed to make the balls jostle inside her and cause several vaginal orgasms.  "Not this time, mistr- ... uh, Mercy," the Girl of Steel replies, shaking her head.  "And DEFINITELY not that plug!"

"Fine!  Well, then, I think you should just get dressed and get out of here, then," Mercy says, rising off the toilet lid.  She brushes off the younger heroine with practiced coldness.   "Oh, and the news channel reports that there is some kind of ruckus near Star Labs.   None of the usual hero types are around.  'This looks like a job ...!'" Graves finishes with a flourish.  She doesn't add that the news reported that all the heroes were scouring Gotham City for the Joker.   For some reason, the Girl of Steel doesn't seem to know that Batgirl was shot - why tell her and possibly ruin the fun?

"Is it Misty?" Supergirl asks, suddenly aware that she's still extremely fatigued and even weak, for some reason.  Not the pain of green Kryptonite poisoning, but something ... why does she feel so weak?

"No, she's busy with Lex - AGAIN, that BITCH!" Mercy growls, stamping a heel on the tiled floor.

The two women move out to the bedroom and the Maid of Might begins to dress in her spare costume - sadly aware that parts of her old uniform are still upstairs in a well-defended case in Luthor's office.  At least she now has one of her old boots back - payment for going on a 'date' with Mercy last night.  The Girl of Steel first steps into a full-body blue unitard (with the characteristic 'S' over her breasts) that covers her body from wrist/neck to inside her boots and looks like porno-movie bodypaint - although it covers all of her body and has somewhat thicker fabric to cover her nipples and crotch, every curve and nook on her body can be seen in the glittery blue fabric.  When she pulls it up to cover her nakedness, she feels relieved and somehow more powerful, more heroic.  She ties a thin yellow belt (purely decorative) around her waist, then dons her  calf-length boots, red with yellow trim.   She almost topples over as she pulls on the second boot - again that strange weakness!  Lack of energy?  She puts on her red butt-length cape and fastens it to her unitard.  Finally she pulls on two elbow-length red gloves.  "I ought to leave these off," she thinks, "but for some reason, I like to have them on."  Finally she picks up the boot Mercy removed from Luthor's collection.  Graves replaced the one in Luthor's display case with a realistic copy.  Inside the boot is almost ten thousand dollars, money Supergirl 'earned' last night at a strip club.   The Girl of Steel folds and compresses the boot and slips it into a pouch hidden in her cape, planning to drop off the money later at the Humane Society.

"How should I leave, Mercy?" Supergirl asks the tall blonde, looking up at the woman with her eyes, not tilting her head upward.  Supergirl stands 5'8" in her flat-heeled boots and Mercy looms over the heroine at 6'4" in her high heels.  Mercy smiles inwardly - the effect puts the Maid of Might in the classic pose of a 'sub' - head down, shoulders relaxed, looking up at the 'dom' for orders!

"You know the way, honey," Mercy replies imperiously.  "Out the front door, down the elevator, and out through the garage.  Make sure no one sees you."

Humiliated by this demeaning way to leave the LexCorp Building, the Maid of Might leaves the bedroom with Mercy and goes to the front door.   Mercy opens it and takes a quick look down the hall, then presses a hand into Supergirl's back.  "Get going, darling," Mercy says, planting a dry, quick kiss on the heroine's cheek.  "Don't call or come back here until you've defeated Misty," Graves adds as the Maid of Might leaves the suite.

Supergirl has a confused expression on her face when she looks back at the domiinatrix.  Her expression clears and she heads toward the elevator, her shoulders slumped slightly.  Part of her wants to return to Mercy.  Suddenly she decides she has probably seen too much of Mercy, lately.  "I need to find Barbara," she decides as she enters the elevator.  "Maybe she can help me get out of this devilish deal with Mercy and help me get my costume back."  And my dignitity, she thinks.

*  *  *  *  *

Fifteen minutes later, Supergirl arrives at the Star Labs complex outside Metropolis.  She gasps when she sees the scene below her.  Lab guards are firing rifles and machine guns at three large rectangular metal boxes.  Bullets bounce off the boxes.  Each has a small metal nameplate on the front of the box.  Atop two of the boxes are glass-like hemispheres.  These look like the boxes she battled when a Dr. Kerber tried to use her brain stem cells to turn his aide, NightGale, into a super woman.*  All of the boxes are massive lead-lined monsters on treads.  Each has an arm sticking out of its left and right side.  Massive metal jaws (like giant pliars) are at the end of each arm.  The one without a hemisphere, called 'Harry' by Dr. Kerber, has a long metal arm with a depleted-uranium metal cube on the end.  A closer look with her super vision reveals a gray-clad woman wearing a helmet sitting inside the hemisphere on 'Tom'.  A man with a similar outfit can be seen inside the hemisphere on 'Dick'.   Dick also has a pair of rifles (?) sticking out the hemisphere, making it look like the ball turret on a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber from World War II.

The robots are crawling across Star Labs' parking lot, crushing trees and cars with equal ease, with Tom on the left, Harry in the middle, and Dick on the right.  Dick is shooting at the Lab guards with what now seems to be some kind of new and powerful weapon.  Chunks of concrete in the lot fly into the air when a shot hits the ground.  When a guard is hit, his body explodes in a violent blast of blood and guts.

"MixMaster!" Supergirl says when her super vision shows her the costumed villainess inside Tom.  "And she's obviously using  Kerber's modified machines!"  MixMaster has the unique ability to take any group of ideas or tools and combine them into her own unique 'killer application'.   Obviously she's done that with the three robots Supergirl left in the warehouse after she defeated Dr. Kerber.  The Girl of Steel hesitates briefly, recalling the savage beating she received from the machines (unaware that she was weakened from exposure to green K hidden on her costume).

"The Lab guards won't stop those machines," Supergirl decides.   "I'll have to stop them, myself."  Like a true heroine, the Girl of Steel dives toward the massive metal monsters, hoping she will have more success against them this time around.  She's aware that her energy level isn't anywhere near normal.  Nonetheless, she has to do something!   She decides to stop Tom first - obviously MixMaster is controlling Harry somehow, since it doesn't seem to have a rider inside.

Like a bolt of blue lightning, the Maid of Might dives toward MixMaster's robot.  Bullets from the Lab's guards' guns bounce ineffectually off her alien body as she swoops down and under the front right corner of the robot.  Using her star-fueled super strength, the Girl of Steel lifts the corner of the heavy machine.  It rises off the ground with the left track still moving before MixMaster realizes that one of those meddling superheroes is beneath the vehicle.  MixMaster quickly puts the left arm out to one side to prevent the machine from tipping over.  The left arm bends at its new 'elbow', then bends its new 'wrist' and digs the jaws at the end of the arm into the lot.  Concrete shards fly away from the jaws as they drag on the pavement.  The Maid of Might has the right tread off the ground now and with only one track working, the vehicle begins to swerve to the left.  Supergirl slowly backs up, following the machine as it turns.  Why can't she toss this thing onto its side, she wonders?  How weak IS she?  Perspiration forms on her forehead and her arms begin to scream in protest as she tries to flip the box in its left side.

The metal in the arm groans as the Maid of Might continues lifting the massive box.  "Why won't this damned thing tip over!?" she yells over the sounds of combat.  Her head turns and her super vision reveals Tom's left arm propping up the device.  "Gotta ... nnh ... gotta tip this over!" she resolves and puts more of her Kryptonian energy to work on toppling the box.  Metal in Tom's left arm groans and cracks as it's twisted in ways outside its operating specs.  Her leg, back and arm muscles begin to ache as if asking her to stop this effort.  "Maybe if nnnh I fly upward I'll uuhh be able to tip it over," she decides.

"Help me, Digger!" MixMaster screams over the radio to the driver of Dick, on the right side of the attacking force. The second manned robot backs up until the operator can see around the back end of Harry.   He spots the heroine under the front end of Tom.  Her feet are about a foot off the ground now as she tries to lift the massive box into the air.

"Looks like some blond sheila in blue jammies and red cape, mate!" the Australian mercenary shouts over the radio to his leader.  "Bloody hell!  She's holdin' up the front end of yer box, mate!"

"SUPERGIRL!" MixMaster screams inside her helmet at the same instant that Dick fires at the Maid of Might.  MixMaster has hated the Girl of Steel since they first met a long time ago.*

Back far enough to get a clean shot at the Girl of Steel, Digger aims his weapons, two small particle beam cannon prototypes stolen from LexCorp, and fires at the woman in his viewsight.  Twin beams of charged ion particles hit the heroine's left waist and right thigh and blast her backward under the box, causing her to drop it and fall from the air.  "AAAAAOOOOWWWW!!" Supergirl screams from the pain caused by the twin blasts as her body drops onto the parking lot.  She flops onto her belly, her arms holding the blast-struck parts of her body.  "Puh-pain ... in- ... incredible nnnhh pain!" she complains, her face looking down at the parking lot.

The flying superbitch has foiled many of MixMaster's plans.  Now the villainess intends to kill the woman once and for all.  "Blast HER!" MixMaster commands even as Dick's shot hits the heroine.

"Nnnnh, great Ghu ... that hurt!" Supergirl moans.  Suddenly she gasps as Tom, no longer held up, drops with a tremendous <CLANG> to the ground just inches away, its heavy wide tread crunching and cracking the concrete.  The Girl of Steel lies on her belly with both arms under her body and watches the tread moving toward her.  She struggles to pull her hands from under her body but her muscles feel like jelly and she can't raise her arms or her legs.  Suddenly the tread grinds onto her back, pinning her body under the 40-ton behemoth.

The Maid of Might isn't hurt by this, she's just pinned and apparently too drained of energy to free herself as the monster passes over her body like she's a speed bump.  Suddenly part of her cape gets caught between the tread and one roller wheel and Supergirl feels her body being dragged along under the tread.  Her arms flail uselessly - they can't bend backward to free her cape from the mechanism!  She slides slowly under the moving tread, her breasts grinding long furrows in the hard concrete parking lot, moving backward with the track as the machine again heads toward Star Labs.  And as Dick approaches with its cannons, she moans from the effect of having her breasts used as plows.  She moans from the tingling sensation on her breasts and nipples!  "Oh, Rao, no, not now!" she begs, trying to ignore the stimulation of her boobs, the arousal from 'being beaten' again.

"KILL HER KILL HER KILLHER!!" MixMaster screams over the radio to Digger.   She can feel the machine bouncing as it grinds the invulnerable body of the Girl of Steel into the pavement below, but MixMaster can't see or grasp her foe with Tom's arms.  MixMaster fiddles with the control console at her side, turning Harry toward Tom's right side, to use its hammer and jaws.  Outside the composite glass hemisphere, small arms fire from the guards continues to bounce off the lumbering leviathans of doom.

Supergirl's body reaches the end of the track and for a brief second, no roller wheel is on her cape.  The Maid of Might doesn't realize this, though, as she's still on her belly looking at the ground, not up into the track mechanism.  Then the rear drive wheel captures her cape within its sprockets and continues to roll, but now pulling the heroine off the ground by her neck.  The cape passes through the drive wheel and just as Supergirl feels her head slam against the back of the robot, her cape slips out of the track and she again falls to the ground, landing on her belly.  Tom continues to pull away from her as Dick and Harry grind toward her.

"Sssooo ... weak!" Supergirl moans to herself as she tries to rise.   The Maid of Might starts to rise to her feet and this time makes it up on her left knee and right foot when Harry nears her and grabs her lower body with its left vise-like jaws.  They squeeze together, pinning her left arm against her thigh.   "Nnnngh!" Supergirl grunts at the unexpected power of the machine.  "MixMaster ... ungh ... strengthened these <mmnnhh> things!"

Supergirl struggles within the jaws, hammering the top of the arm with her right fist.  "How can this ... nnnh ... thing hold ... me?" she pants, suddenly shocked that she's feeling so fatigued!  "But, I don't GET tired!" she protests in her mind as her free hand continues to smash, with little result, on Harry's arm.  Her effort only yields cracks in the jaws and bits of metal which have dented or even come off the jaws.   Suddenly her helplessness begins to evoke images of being dominated.   Weak.  Beaten.  At the control of an evil woman.  A wetness begins to form between her legs.  "C-can't ... surrender," she pants.   "All in my mind ... not ... me!"

MixMaster spins Tom around so she can see Harry and the Maid of Might.   MixMaster grins gleefully inside her helmet at the superheroine's plight.   "Crush her, my lovely!" MixMaster commands the huge uncaring battlebot.   She manipulates the console and giggles hysterically when she sees Supergirl's legs thrash as her free right arm batters uselessly the top of Harry's vise jaws in a futile attempt to free herself.  "Cqn the mighty Supergirl be this weak?  HOW can she be so weak, ineffectual?" MixMaster wonders.   "This should be studied," she thinks.

Tom continues to crawl toward Supergirl and its right arm reaches out to grab the part of Supergirl's body above Harry's vise grip and succeeds in pinning her right arm against her upper body, raised uselessly beside her head, caught in the middle of a powerful hit on Harry's arm.   Except for her head, right arm and legs, the two jaws have her pinned in their grasp.  MixMaster tries to rotate the two behemoths now facing each other, sending Harry to the left while she moves Tom to its leftward, in an attempt to tear the Girl of Steel into two parts.  As the two vehicles turn to their left, Supergirl's shrieks are accompanied by the whine of servo motors and the groan of overtaxed metal stretching beyond its limits.

"Gods!" Supergirl moans as the top part of her body moves one way and the bottom half moves the other way.  Only her incredible Kryptonian constitution prevents the two monsters from ripping her into two pieces.   But the strain on her rib and stomach muscles to stop them is titanic.   She tries to free her arms, one held against her body by each talon, but she can't get enough leverage.  She CAN hear the metal protesting her effort, and she can maybe feel some headway against Harry's lower grip, but she can also see Dick coming at her, with its two weapons aimed at her head.

"Gotta end this fight soon!" she realizes as her energy levels continue to drop from her mighty exertions.  She entered battle weakened by multiple orgasms over the last few days and now she's far from being all the mighty Kryptonian superheroine she could be.  "AArrrgghhh!" she cries as she pulls a muscle in her left arm trying to free it from Harry.   It's been a LONG time since the Girl of Steel pulled a muscle!  The pain is a mind-numbing reminder that she needs to rest and recharge her incredible energy!  But how?  "Gotta use my heat vision!" she concludes. "Only ... ohhh, only way!"

Dick rumbles to within ten feet of the captured heroine and fires his particle beam weapons at the golden tresses and white skin of Supergirl's head, sticking out above Tom's talon.  Digger has to aim carefully lest he hit Tom and MixMaster, so he aims a bit high, and only one stream of charged ion particles hits the top of Supergirl's head.  Again she screams in pain from the powerful energy hitting her forehead at the hairline.  "Drop her so I can get a better shot, mate!" Digger radios MixMaster.  He keeps aiming at the heroine as, several seconds later, first Harry, then Tom opens its vise grip jaws and drops the Maid of Might to the concrete.  She lands on her butt in a heap of limp legs and arms, too shaken and confused from the mighty blast against her head to react.

"Sooo weak!" Supergirl moans to herself, now panting heavily.   Every muscle in her body is screaming in pain from her efforts.  "Need ... to rest," she realizes.

As Digger takes aim at the heroine, she collapses into a bundle on her legs and arms, the top of her head facing Dick's guns.  MixMaster screams, "Fire the damn cannons!".

Digger lines up his target.  Just as the Girl of Steel seems to raise her head, the cannons let loose another round of charged particles.   The kinetic energy pummels the superheroine's invulnerable body.   The Girl of Steel skids backward across the parking lot, steam rising from her hair, barely conscious.  She lies still, on her side, just feet from the surviving Lab guards.  One rushes to help the stricken heroine only to be blasted by Dick's cannons - his body shatters into pieces.

MixMaster raises Tom's left arm but it groans when the servos in it fail to respond.  "Bitch broke my arm!" MixMaster hisses, her rage rising even higher.  It must have been damaged when she used it to keep Supergirl from flipping Tom onto its side.  Slowly Tom moves on its treads toward the Maid of Might, angling to one side so the working right arm can grab the heroine's body.

As Tom heads toward Supergirl, Harry rushes up on Tom's right side and moves slightly ahead, raising its overhead arm high above the robot.   Dick swings around Tom's left side and continues firing at the few remaining guards who finally decide that discretion is the better part of valor.   They flee back toward the Lab's glass door, hoping to survive inside the building.  All but two are cut down like dogs before they reach the door.  Their small arms fire failed to do a thing against the lumbering metal monsters.

A groggy Maid of Might rises on her knees, then up on her hands as the slaughter continues around her and two gigantic machines bear down on her.   She puts one gloved hand beside her head to stop the spinning in her mind and catch her breath, unaware of the looming threats.  "C-can't nnnh can't take mummm much more of this," she moans.  Her body shakes as she totters on her hand and knees, too weak to rise to her feet.

Suddenly Harry closes in and MixMaster flips a control level on her console.  Harry's overhead arm swings forward and drives the solid depleted-uranium cube on its overhead arm onto Supergirl's back, hammering her down onto her belly and several inches into the concrete of the lot.   "AAAAOOOWWW!" the heroine cries out as incredible pain strikes her spine.   As blessed unconsciousness sweeps over the Girl of Steel, Harry delivers a second mighty blast at the woman's head, smashing it completely into the concrete.  The mighty blow also causes the depleted uranium block to crack and weakens its supporting arm.  As the arm starts to raise for another strike, metal groans and suddenly the arm stops.  Despite MixMaster's best efforts, she can neither raise nor lower the arm.

"Open a hole for us, Digger," MixMaster orders her companion.   "I'll deal with this bitch!"  Dick crawls across the lot toward the front door of the Labs just as the last guards get inside.  Security personnel lower a metal grate down to protect the glass facade of the entrance.

Up on the roof of the Labs, security guards break out their anti-aircraft defenses and other heavy weapons.  A Bushmaster 25mm cannon, rifles, M-60 machine guns and Light Anti-tank Weapons (LAWs) on the roof begin to blast at the machines.  The plunging fire from the Bushmanster and the LAW High Explosive Anti-Tank or HEAT rounds begin to score solid hits on the tops of the robots.  Dents and rips appear in the tops of all three machines.  A lucky shot bends up a slab of metal that blocks Dick's turret from rotating.  Screaming with frustration, Digger fires shot after shot at the grate in front of the door.  He jinks Dick left and right as he pours ion particles against the top of the grate.   Just as a last pair of shots cuts the grate loose, letting it fall forward with a loud <CLANG> onto the patio before the door, a LAW gets in a lucky shot that shatters the sphere on Tom.  The explosive energy of the HEAT round hits Digger and blasts his body into charred meat.   As the remaining bits of his dead body fall forward, the machine turns away from Star Labs toward Tom.

"This ENDS it, BITCH!" MixMaster screams as her machine approaches the heroine's body.  Suddenly her line of sight shows a shadow on the ground approaching her rapidly from her left side.  MixMaster looks up in time to see Dick's right arm, fully extended, moving toward the side of her box.  "NOOOO, you fuckin' idiot!" Dr. Collins screams at her now-dead companion.  Suddenly Tom shudders to a halt as its damaged left arm gets tangled in Dick's right arm.  MixMaster looks at her henchman, preparing to hurl blistering invective at the man over the radio when she sees the smoking remains of the top part of his body.

Dr. Collins pauses a moment and pushes several buttons on her console.   Now all three machines are slaved to her unit.  And as soon as she completes the task, she realizes that the men on the roof of Star Labs are now firing half a dozen tachyon rifles at her dome, plus the Bushman and LAW rockets.  She can see holes being punched into the top of Tom.  She can't remain here, vulnerable to damage from fires she can't suppress.  Then she sees the red cape fluttering on the ground.

"NNOOO!!" she screams at the unconscious heroine, "I won't let you get away again!"  Despite the fire coming from the roof, MixMaster turns Dick aside and presses on toward the Girl of Tomorrow's body.  Cracks appear in the composite glass hemisphere and threaten to breach it but MixMaster finally gets near the Maid of Might.  Using Tom's good right arm, MixMaster digs at the concrete, pulling aside chunks of rubble.   Suddenly she gets lucky and snags part of Supergirl's cape in the talon.   "YESS!" she gloats as the arm slowly pulls the Girl of Steel's body out of the rubble.  Collins throws her box into reverse and begins to back away from Star Labs.  As she moves out of rifle range, she flips controls and directs her other 'bots to follow her.  Slowly the three juggernauts move away from Star Labs.  Supergirl dangles like a fish on a hook, unconscious, limp.

"Try to call the Justice League, call the SCU, call the Army, call SOMEONE!" Dr. Benevidez, Lab director yells at his security chief.  "Tell them that Supergirl's been captured by some monster tanks!"  A few seconds later, he has a team launch a prototype of the Labs' Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), named the BirdDog, to follow the hulking robo-cubes as they move away from the Labs.

*  *  *  *  *

The three metal monsters clank slowly away from the battleground, Dick in front, then Tom and Harry last.  MixMaster swings Tom's right arm around so she can keep an eye on Supergirl as she dangles at the end of the clenched jaws, held aloft by its grip on her cape.  "You just sleep tight, girl," MixMaster snarls at the unconscious heroine.  "Once we get back to base, I'll make sure you cause me no more trouble."

As the odd formation drives through the Metropolis suburb Starland, MixMaster uses Harry's arms to bring down buildings on either side of their route, strewing rubble in the streets behind them.  The vehicles stop twice to pull bridges down onto the roadway, adding to barriers to any pursuers, with MixMaster unaware that the little BirdDog UAV is following them, a mile overhead, tracking their movements.  As the three 'bots head into a warehouse district on the edge of town, MixMaster skillfully drives the three robots into a huge building.  Harry crawls inside and peels off to the left, Dick to the right, and Tom up the center, carrying the prize.  MixMaster clicks the remote garage door opener and the massive metal door slowly slides down, hiding them from any pursuers.

High over the warehouse, BirdDog makes lazy circles around the building and sends live video coverage back to Star Labs.  Back at Star Labs, Dr. Benevidez pats the UAV's technician/pilot on the shoulder.  "We have them now!" he gloats.  But who to give the information to?   The Justice League is in Gotham City and the SCU didn't respond to his call for help.

*  *  *  *  *

MixMaster climbs out of Tom and drops to the ground beside the huge metal box.  She moves around to the front and looks up at the unconscious Girl of Steel, dangling from Tom's claw-like hand by her cape.  "Looks like she's been hung," MixMaster chortles.  "As she should be!"   When the Maid of Might moans moments later, MixMaster aims a small box, like a TV remote, at Tom.  The massive jaws part slightly and the Girl of Steel drops down onto the cold concrete floor of the warehouse.   She lies on the floor, unconscious.

"Diablo!" MixMaster shouts.  "Get out here!  I need your help."

A heartbeat later, a man comes from a small office.  He's tall, wiry and wearing a red body suit made of a silk/kevlar mix, knee-high black boots and a red and black hood which covers all of his head except his nose, mouth and eyes.  He looks like a cheesy Mexican wrestler.   Diablo has a taser-like baton hanging in a sheath on the other side of his waist.

"Sí Señorita, ¿Qué está sucediendo?" the man asks as he runs toward the two women.

"English, Diablo!" MixMaster commands.  "Help me drag this garbage into the work room."  Dr. Allie Collins, the MixMaster, is in her *super soldier* body suit, which utilizes the best research products of America's Defense-related research, stolen from scientists and R&D firms before they can deliver their products to the military. Her gray full-body suit, made of special fabrics packed with unique capabilities, hugs every curve on her remarkably fit and athletic-looking body. She wears a large belt with several pouches on it. A thin back pack and a special helmet, covering her whole face and sporting a shiny reflective face guard, shiny spike-heel boots and gloves like her body suit complete the outfit.  The suit is sealed against chemical or biological attacks and has its own air supply.

"Is this the famous Supergirl?" he asks with wonder in his voice.   "I met her once, many months ago, in Dallas."

"Yes, that's when she tried to stop the Columbian operation I was hired to guard.  She helped Superman escape and forced me to flee the city."*

"What will you do with her when she awakens, Señorita?   She is very powerful, no?"

"She is very powerful, yes, Diablo," MixMaster replies.

Diablo picks up the Maid of Might in his arms and follows MixMaster across the warehouse to a large room inside the building.  As they enter the work room, Diablo asks, "Señorita, what has happened to Digger?  Did this woman kill him?"

MixMaster pauses a moment, then lies, "Yes ... yes she DID kill Digger.   His 'bot was damaged and he tried to bail out but she hit him with her heat vision and fried him.  He <choke> he died before my eyes.   He's still in his cab, outside.  Later you'll have to see he gets a decent burial for me, please?"

"Of course, Señorita, it will be done!"  MixMaster leaves the room and returns five minutes later with a heavy metal object which she puts around Supergirl's left wrist, then connects the thing to a hook hanging from the ceiling near one wall.  With Diablo's help, the pair manage to put similar huge cuffs on her other wrist and on her booted ankles.  The two ankle-cuffs are joined together by a clasp, as are the hand cuffs.  Her hands hang from the cable and hook above her head and she's about an inch off the ground, her body stretched from the weight at her ankles.

"Get those red lights we stashed in the storeroom!" MixMaster orders the man.  Diablo returns minutes later with three flood lights which he connects to electrical outlets.  Seconds later he turns all three on and the Maid of Might is bathed in bright red light - red light that mimics the radiation of the red sun of her home, Krypton.

"Between the lights and those cuffs, she should be quiet for a while, Diablo," MixMaster explains.  "Let's see what we can do to fix the damaged battlebots."  The two villains hurry from the work room and begin to repair the damages sustained by the three robots in the attack on Star Labs.

*  *  *  *  *

"I haven't been able to contact Justice League or the Special Crimes Unit," Dr. Benevidez tells his staff back at Star Labs.  "I think we'll have to go after them, ourselves.  I believe we owe it to Supergirl.   She made them stop their attack on us but was somehow defeated.  Possibly there was Kryptonite in one of the boxes.  I don't know.  Captain Stephens, do you have a team who can break into that warehouse?"

"I believe we can assemble a team, Director," the captain replies.   The captain is a tall, tough-looking woman with impressive musculature, even under her tight-fitting uniform.  "I'll form a team and get over there.  We can monitor the BirdDog from the van we set up for it."

"Excellent.  Go and help Supergirl!"

*  *  *  *  *

"Aaaooowwww," the Maid of Might moans as she slowly regains consciousness.   "Mmmnnhhh ... soo weak.  Where nnnhh am I?"  The first thing she notices is the glaring red lights shining on her.  "Must be red ... sunlight," she concludes.  "This room must be lead-lined," she realizes, after trying to see through the walls with her super vision.

After a few minutes, her head has cleared enough and she is now ready to try to escape.  "NNnnnnhhh!" she grunts as she tries to free her hands from the stout cuffs on her wrists.  She can't get any leverage and just pulling on them has no effect.  She tries to burn them with her heat vision but the cuffs only glow slightly - her powers are too weak under the harsh red light - and from her recent, strenuous exertions, both in and out of bed.

MixMaster and Diablo return to the small room while the Maid of Might is trying to free herself.  MixMaster laughs cruelly when she sees the look of helplessness on the Girl of Steel's face.  "I don't think you'll get away this time, Supergirl," MixMaster gloats.  "All your buddies are in Gotham City looking for the Joker and no one else knows where we are.  So we have enough time."

"Enough time for what, you insane bitch," Supergirl hisses at her foe.   "What does she mean, 'my buddies are in Gotham City'?" Supergirl wonders.   "Hunting Joker?  Batgirl was supposed to be hunting him?"

"Unlike you, after I heard about a big battle in a warehouse outside Metropolis, involving you and some robots, I did some research.  I learned that a Dr. Kerber was involved.  I found his office.   I hacked into his computer and got his notes and other information.   That led me to the warehouse where I found and fixed the 'bots.  Gave them upgrades.  Arnold was destroyed but his parts were put to good use."

A chill runs up Supergirl's back.  Kerber planned to create someone with super powers using her own brain stem cells.  If MixMaster found that research ...

"I know what you're thinking, you once-mighty heroine," MixMaster says.   "Yes, after you've been under these red lights for a day or so, you'll be so vulnerable that my lasers can cut away your skin.  Then I can dig out your brain stem cells.  I read how NightGale became super powered with your cells.  Unlike Kerber, though, I'm not going to make tiny cuts and leave you alive to steal more cells in the future.   No, no, my dear,  I'm going to burn your head off your body and take ALL your brain stem cells!   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

"Will there be enough for both of us to become super?" Diablo asks his boss.

"Oh, of course, Diablo" she says, patting him on his shoulder and lying to the man.  She has no idea how many cells she can harvest from the Maid of Might and anyway, she wants to use them all on herself, not this second-rate wannabe super villain!

MixMaster and Diablo turn to leave the room when Diablo leans close to the villainess and whispers something in her ear.  She smiles, chuckles, nods her head and leaves the room, closing the door behind her.   Diablo turns to face the Girl of Steel.

"Ah, my lovely amor," he says as he slowly walks toward the captive heroine, "mi jefe says I may 'play' with you for a while.   As long as I don't release you, that is."  The cocky Latino moves closer to the Maid of Might, stopping just in front of her.  His eyes move up and down her incredibly taut body, undressing her in his mind.   The man reaches out his left hand to wrap it around her right waist, low enough for his fingers to touch her butt cheek.

"Get your hands off me, you pig!" Supergirl yells at the man.   Diablo just smiles at the woman.  She struggles and shakes in her bondage but weakened from sex, combat and the red lights, her mighty strength is too depleted to break the metal cuffs.  All she can do is shake her body and move it slightly away from the man.  She tries to burn his eyes with a blast of heat vision but he shows no indication that he's even aware of her action.  The Girl of Steel sags in her restraints, helpless against this ... this pig.

Diablo wants to 'PLAY' with his own captive super heroine!  The man moves closer until he's almost touching her body and places his right hand over her left hip, and now fingers from both his hands press against the woman's butt.  The red lights are softening her invulnerable body and as he squeezes his fingers into her butt, he can feel them almost making headway, almost making dents in her butt cheeks.  She squirms harder to escape his touch but fails to free get his hands off her body.

"St-stop this!" Supergirl barks at the man, "you pig, you better leave me alone!"  She fumes in anger ... and in the futility of trying to stop this man given her current state.

"You have spirit, chica - I like that!" Diablo replies, sliding his hands up alongside her body, then around in front to cup her breasts on their bottoms.  Supergirl squirms even more vigorously, trying to get her body away from his exploring hands, but fails.

"Oohh ... stop ... d-don't do nnnnhh this," she whimpers as the man's hands squeeze her breasts and send shivers of pleasure through her body.   Her head falls forward onto her chest and her eyes close.  Once again, images of her super powered body being helplessly dominated fills her mind.   And as the images flood her mind, her arousal level increases as well.   "Nnnnhhh!" she moans when Diablo squeezes her breasts like lemons.   No juice comes out of her breasts, but there is a spreading wetness between her thighs.   The more he squeezes and kneads her 36C mounds, the more her nipples swell and push out the blue fabric, the wetter her crotch becomes.

The man pinches her swollen nipples and Supergirl cries out, "OOOOhhhhhh, sttoopppp!"  Her head rocks backward, bumping into the wall, as a tidal wave of sensual pleasure blasts through her body.  Then, to her horror, Diablo slips one hand down between her legs and begins to rub her nether lips - roughly!   "OOOOOHhhhhh, nnnoooooOOOO!" she begs.   Diablo laughs at her silly pleas.

Diablo continues to assault the heroine's weakened body, smiling as her moans become louder and more frequent.  He pulls the baton from his belt pouch, dials it for 'Full Power', and slides it between the woman's legs, placing the tip against her clit.  As the woman begs him to stop, Diablo clicks the switch and a massive jolt of electricity hits the Maid of Might's clit.  Her body bucks and bounces as the baton continues to pump shocks into her super body. "AAAAOOOWWW AAAIIIIIEEEEE!!" she screams in agony.  Suddenly the woman's body stiffens and her head falls backward.  "NNNNNHHHHHH OOOOOHHHHHH!!" she moans as a mighty orgasm rips through her body.   The wetness between her legs increases.  Finally, Diablo pulls the depleted baton away from the sobbing heroine.  She's gasping and panting like a fish out of water.

"Now I will show you my especial poderes, my special powers, chica," Diablo says to the Maid of Might, sliding his hands upward to cover her breasts.  His face forms a grimace, as if he's having a hard time taking a shit, and suddenly his hands begin to emit a reddish glow.   He slowly pulls his hands away from her breasts and two balls of fire form in his hands.  The balls of flame change from red to blue to white, then suddenly fly from his hands to her breasts, enveloping them in a white-hot furnace.

"AAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!" Supergirl screams.  Weakened by the red light radiation, the fire burns her through her costume.  She can FEEL the fire's heat trying to melt through her costume and then her precious breasts.  "OOOOWWWWWWW!! STOP!" she begs as the balls of fire slowly dissipate.  Her costume glows brightly where it was burned and her chest throbs with pain.

"Well, well, well, I wonder if my fires would hurt you as much if you were not under these red lights," the man says, more to himself than to the Girl of Steel.  Supergirl's chin rests on her chest and tears stream from her eyes.  The two mounds on her chest continue to glow a dull red and heat waves shimmer off them.

Diablo again approaches Supergirl, who now seems to shrink away from the man to avoid another hot touch.  "Oh, my, women are always so warm down here," he says, sliding a hand between her legs to rub her crotch.   "Let's see how you respond to more heat, eh, chica?"

"Ohhh, noooo, please ... don't do that!" she begs, actually afraid of how much her tender nether region will suffer given her current low level of invulnerability.  Again she thrashes in her restraints, trying desperately to get free and away from these damned lights and this cruel man.   Her efforts fail miserably.

Diablo holds one hand between her legs and lets another fireball form in his palm.  Again, the heat increases from red to white-hot and this time it soars upward to crash against her costume and through it to her sex, bathing her vagina in incredible heat.

"AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!! OOHHH OOOHHH AAAAAOOOWWWW!!" Supergirl screams as the flame ball burns into her not-so-super body.  Her head shakes from left to right, her movements so violent her sweaty blond tresses snap like small whips.  She screams piteously even as the heat slackens, back down to a red blur between her legs.  Her breath comes in ragged gasps and her body sags in its restraints.  Inside her vagina, the steel ben wa ball melts and slips down her love canal until the molten steel slides out of her vaginal lips forms a metal slug outside her nether lips.

"Nn-nnoo mmoorreee!" she moans as the pain in her breasts and vagina slowly fade away.  Her body is drenched with perspiration and her hair hangs in wet strings from her head.  The shocks to her system were so severe that her heart beats like a jackhammer.

*  *  *  *  *

"Get ready, men," Captain Stephens tells the dozen Star Labs security men with her outside MixMaster's warehouse.  The BirdDog made it very easy to find the warehouse and watch it for any signs.  They saw nothing but the infrared camera in the BirdDog did show two hot spikes.  "Keep your eyes open, men," the burly woman tells her men.  "The heat may be from Supergirl, it may be from whoever captured her.  Go in low and keep firing.  You can't hurt the Girl of Steel."

*  *  *  *  *

"I would love to take you outside and see how you fare against my powers in the sunlight, chica, but MixMaster was most specific that you must remain here, and alive, until she is ready for you," Diablo says, stepping back from the heroine.  "I will just have to amuse myself by ...


The sudden blast makes the room shudder and Diablo drops down in a crouch, looking at the door to this small room.  He rushes to the door and looks outside.  "Infierno!" he shouts and slams the door shut.   "The place is swarming with policías or soldiers!  This is your doing, gringa!"  He moves toward the Girl of Steel when ...


... the door blasts open in a mighty explosion.  A stream of bullets from a 7.62 mm M-60 machine gun pours into the room.  The gun only fires for ten or fifteen seconds but in that time, it cuts Diablo in half as over fifty rounds track across his back.  The spray continues and hits the Maid of Might in her stomach.  Scores of the large-caliber shells hammer her belly, making her scream in pain.  When the machine gun stops, Supergirl dangles from her wrist cuffs, sobbing from all the painful hits she's taken today.  She's vaguely aware of other sounds - sounds of battle, raging outside this small slice of Hell.

*  *  *  *  *

"Everything is secure, ma'am," Sergeant Duzak reports to Captain Stephens.   "One man down on their side, none on our side.  We found Supergirl, too.  We're trying to free her.  She seems hurt or something.   She's ... she's crying!  Never thought I'd see that.  They musta did somethin' to her, hunh?  Oh, and she's got some monster cuffs on her wrists and ankles, Cap.  And weird red lights in the room.   Gives me the willies just bein' in that room!"

"Only one hostile?" Captain Stephens asks, all business.

"Only one.  Four if you count those three tank things.  One of them tried to stop us by swinging a big freakin' metal arm down, but the block on the end fell of and it seemed to, well, die.  Oh, and we found a skirt and blouse and high heels in one room.  Unless that guy we waxed liked to dress up, there was a woman around here, too.   Uh, in addition to Supergirl, I mean."

"Have our men make another sweep, Duzak," she orders, heading toward the small room holding the Girl of Steel.  "I'll see if I can free 'the hero',"  she says with a bit of sarcasm in her voice.  "Check the BirdDog's tapes for anyone leaving the building."

"Roger that, Cap!" Duzak says as he motions several of the men to follow him.

*  *  *  *  *

"Supergirl, wake up," Captain Stephens says to the Maid of Might, shaking the woman by her shoulders.   Then the captain grabs the Girl of Steel's chin and lifts her head up.   "Took quite a beating today, did you?" she asks the beaten heroine in a soft voice.  The Maid of Might's eyes are closed and her breathing is ragged, but she's obviously still alive.  Slugs from the chain gun litter the floor below her body, each one flattened from contact with her body.  Still invulnerable, somewhat, despite the red lights.

"Tuh-turn off ... the red lights <moan> please," Supergirl says, her eyes now open, her stomach still aching from the chain gun's hammering slugs.

"Red lights?  What do they have to do with anything?" the security chief asks.  Dutifully, she reaches down and unplugs the three lights, plunging the room into darkness.  In the dark, Captain Stephens can see Supergirl's breasts and crotch glowing with a dull red light.

"Do you know your, uh, your private parts are glowing, Supergirl?" the tall human asks.

"Yes," Supergirl replies slowly.  "He ... Diablo ... he could make flames appear.  Burned me.  Still ... hurts.  Need to rest.   Can you open these cuffs?"

"Hey, you're the super type.  Can't you?"

"No, still too weak.  I can barely stay awake as it is.  Can't break these cuffs until ... uh, until I rest up," Supergirl replies, hoping to keep hidden the fact that, in this lead-lined room and under the harsh glare of red sun radiation, she's significantly weaker than she should be.

"Well, I think we have some C-4 explosives.  We could blast them open."

"Blow up the chain and drag me outside.  I should recover fairly soon then."

*  *  *  *  *

Fifteen or twenty minutes later, the Star Labs team reassembles outside the warehouse, beside their van.  Supergirl sits on the step leading into the back of the van, her head propped up by her hands, her elbows on her knees.  She's not aware that her cuffs were loaded into the van, for study back at Star Labs.  

Captain Stephens stands beside the Girl of Steel.  "Do you feel strong enough to fly ... wherever you fly to?" the tall, black-clad woman asks the Maid of Might.

"I will in a few minutes, I guess," Supergirl replies, not raising her head.   "I feel so drained from everything that's happened in the last few days," she realizes in her mind.  "I need to go away someplace and rest up," she thinks.

"How come you're not with the others in Gotham City?" Captain Stephens asks the Girl of Steel.   "I mean, I'm glad you were still here in Metropolis, Supergirl. If you weren't here, these people," she says, sweeping her arm toward the warehouse, "would have gotten into the Labs and done who knows what, but ..."

"What ... what do you mean about Gotham City?" Supergirl asks, raising her head off her hands to look up at the security guard chief.

"Hunh?  Oh, the Justice League," she replies.  "They're in Gotham looking for the Joker.  I'd hate to be in his shoes!   He never should have shot Batgirl ..."

"WHAT!!" Supergirl gasps, rising to her feet.   "Batgirl was shot!?"

"Yeah," Captain Stephens replies, stepping back away from the heroine.  "Shot in the back, the papers say.  Batman moved her to a secret location this morning.  Sheesh!  Don't you check the news?"

"I've uh, I've been pretty busy," Supergirl stammers.  The shock of the news now makes her legs feel like jelly and she drops back to a seat on the back step of the van.  Conflicting images crash through her mind - happiness of thoughts about being with Babs, warmth from their bond, pain at her injury, helplessness at her inability to protect her friend.

"Look, Supergirl, we can give you a lift back to Star Labs if you want ..."

"No ... I've got to go find out about Batgirl," Supergirl says, again rising to her feet.  Before the captain can say anything else, the Girl of Steel takes two steps and floats upward into the air.  She slowly rises and banks to the east, back toward League headquarters.

*  *  *  *  *

Long after sunset, the League headquarters is dark and empty.  Supergirl could easily crash through the huge wooden doors, but instead places one gloved hand on the door, then rests her forehead on the door.  "Batgirl ..." she sobs, thinking of her friend.   "I miss you so much ...  I need you so badly."


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