RAVEN STRIKE 5:  Political Party Animal

by RW

<Thanks and a hat tip to jarthron for a plot line in this episode that will appear in future stories.>

Kate Windrunner is running late, AGAIN!  For the past three weeks, since defeating Dr. Trimble and Chameleon, the Super Heroes Foundation (SHF) has had her working night and day on one assignment after another.   She's made a wad of cash for being a glorified rent-a-cop in her superheroine persona of Raven, but she hasn't had much free time.  Her laundry is piling up, she hasn't seen her good friend, Dallas cop Susan Books in two weeks, and hasn't had any time to spend tracking down MixMaster's presence here in Dallas, Texas.

Supergirl and Raven discovered a link between the late criminal genius (MixMaster), the SHF and an unknown organization called Omega Society or something like that.  Raven promised to help Supergirl by finding out what the links mean, but hasn't had time to follow her leads.   With each passing day, she becomes more frustrated with the pace of her life.

As she rushes out of her apartment and heads down the steps, two at a time, to go grocery shopping, she spins around a corner in the stairwell and slams into a stack of boxes.  "HEY!" a male voice yells as he and the boxes fall down the steps.  Kate leaps forward and manages to grab the jacket of the falling man, stopping him from landing on his back and plunging down half a dozen steps.

"Wow!" the handsome young twenty-something says, smiling at Kate as she holds one collar of his jacket with one hand.  Seeing that the man has regained his balance, Kate releases the clump of leather in her hand.   "You're pretty strong, lady!" the man says.  "Hi!  My name is Mike.  Mike Ramirez.  I'm moving into 306."

"'Wow' backatcha!" Kate muses as she looks at the tall (6'2") Latino for a bit too long.  Suddenly she snaps out of her daydream and replies, "Oh ... Uuh ... yeah.  Hi backatcha!  My name's Kate.   Kate Windrunner.  I'm 308.  I mean I live in 308, I'm not 308 years old or anything.  And I'm babbling!"  The man is wearing a green and black leather jacket with the word 'Kawasaki'® on each sleeve and 'ZX-12R'® across his chest.  The zipper is open and she can see a green and black t-shirt with the words, 'No Fear' on it.   "So, do you ride or are you a wannabe?" she asks, picking up on the motorcycle motif of his clothing.  The boxes she knocked out of his arms seem to have been forgotten by both.

"Yeah, I ride," he replies, smiling a bit.  "You too, I take it?"

"Yeah.  Whadaya have?"

"The best!  Ninja ZX-12R!  What about you?"

Kate is about to reply that she rides a souped-up BMW, but that's only when she's Raven.  She has to talk about her 'civilian' ride, so she sheepishly replies, "Honda Rebel, 450cc."

Mike smiles condescendingly, then says, "That's a good starter bike for a girl, I suppose.  But I have 'a need for speed'!"

"You'll certainly get it with that Ninja.  Hot bike.  So, just moving in, eh?  Where did you come from?"

"Oh, I lived in San Antonio until I went to college in San Marcos.   Now I have a job up here as an electrical engineer.  Nice pay, some perks.  And lotsa free time to go riding.  What's your story, uh, Kate."

"Uhm, look, I have to run," she says abruptly.  "But why don't you come over around five this afternoon for something cold?  We can chat before I go to work.  And I'm sorry, again, for knocking your boxes down."  Before the startled man can reply, Kate turns and continues running down the stairwell, two steps at a time.  She finally reaches the bottom (without slamming into anyone else) and heads out on her errands, cursing the limited carrying space in the soft luggage on her little bike.

"Mike must have a pretty good job.  Just out of college and he has an $11,000 bike!  Must be nice ..."

*  *  *  *  *

"I want to hear ALL about this guy!" Susan Books says, that night as she and Kate chill out at a local bar with some cold drinks.  This is the first night Kate's had free in two weeks.  She's in SERIOUS need of decompression.  She takes a sip of her drink and exhales.   She describes Mike to her friend and talks about his visit earlier today for iced tea.  She blushes when she hears herself describing him - it's pretty obvious that she's interested in him.  Inwardly, Susan Books despairs.  She wanted to explore something with Kate but Kate's never been interested in other women.

"Well, I have other news for you, girlfriend," Susan says, changing the subject, to avoid the hurt.   "Someone wants to meet you, give you a gift."

"Who?  What?" the dark-haird Native American says, grabbing Susan's arm.  She releases it quickly - Kate suspects that Susan has more-than-professional interest in her.

"Mayor Murphy wants to deputize you!  Private ceremony.  Just tell me when to set it up!"

"No way!"

"Way, girlfriend," Susan replies, genuinely happy for her friend.   "You need to spend a week in one of our training classes, and you'll have authority to arrest people where there's evidence of a crime.  Not a full-fledged deputization, but better than nothing!"

"Sounds good to me!  Set up the thing with the mayor," Kate says.   Suddenly she remembers the shock she got the first time she met the mayor.   Not only did the woman humiliate her in public and fail to remember her name, but the stuffy old broad (must be all of 42) GRABBED HER ASS!(1)

"Okay, I'll set it up," Books says.  She neglects to mention that she had to reveal Kate's identity to the mayor - some kind of legal crap.   It was done with Kate's best interests in mind.  Shouldn't be problem, should it?

*  *  *  *  *

Nothing happens for the next few days, except for a brief second 'date' with Mike.  He offers her a ride, which she accepts, and they meet down in the parking garage early on a Sunday morning, dressed in motorcycle leathers.  He wears the green and black Kawasaki® 'racing' colors while Kate wears a fringed black leather jacket, tight white spandex tights under black leather chaps, and cowgirl boots.  Both slip on full-face helmets and hop onto his big cafe racer bike.  She slips her arms around his waist and snuggles close to his back as the bike fires up and roars out of the garage.

Mike takes the two turns out to the street at 20 m.p.h., the bike leaning way over, then pops a wheelie as he revvs up the powerful 1200cc engine.   Kate squeals as the front of the bike rises off the pavement, threatening to dump her off the back of the bike.  Her grip on Mike's waist is solid (should be, with her strength), so she just hangs on for the ride.   He heads out of Dallas to the north and for a few hours, Kate forgets about being Raven and just enjoys riding pillion on Mike's bike.

They stop for lunch in Denton at a small burger joint and as they dismount from the big black bike, she blushes - she bumps into Mike several times and finally has to wrap her arm around his waist to keep from falling on her ass.  She isn't sure if she's being clumsy or just wants to rub up against the man.  Her mind is spinning and there's a great big grin on her face - she's having fun with this guy!  Somehow, she manages to snuggle closer to him on the too-short ride back to Dallas.

*  *  *  *  *

"Come in, Raven, come in," Mayor Cathy Murphy says as Kate, in her Raven persona, arrives at the woman's office two weeks later.  Raven has taken the week-long criminal justice class required for her to be certified as an auxiliary police officer of the Dallas P.D.  Today she gets her badge!

Kate is dressed in her Raven costume, a jet black synthetic fabric with a kind of pebbly surface, designed by Wayne Industries.  It tightly covers her 5'6" 36C-23-33 body and looks as if it's derived from Batgirl's costume, except it has a V-neck that exposes the top of her breasts and it has a partially-concealed zipper running the length of the front of her body.  Extra material in the right places lifts and separates her breasts into two cones on the front of her costume, highlighting them.  The costume has black flat-heeled, calf-high boots and gauntlet-style gloves that run up to the middle of her forearm.   There is even a half-cowl that covers the top half of her face and the top of her head but leaves her hair, in back, and her ears exposed.  The fabric fits her like a second skin.   The profile of a red-colored bird's head is above the left breast.   Around her waist is a utility belt with 4 pouches on it.

Raven stands in the doorway for a second, then enters the large office.   She lets Mayor Murphy lead her to a chair, then settles down on the plush leather fabric.  Her costume makes delicious squeaking noises as it rubs against the leather.  Murphy smiles awkwardly, then sits in a chair facing Raven.  The stylish politician has on a white suit (which contrasts nicely with her red hair) with a skirt that is barely above the knee and 3-inch red high heels.  When she crosses her legs, Raven can see a bit of thigh exposed.   The black-clad heroine briefly muses - she's in black, the mayor's in white, yet she is the heroine and the mayor is 'bad' (for grabbing Raven's ass).  Good and evil aren't necessarily black and white, Kate decides.

"I've wanted to meet you since our last meeting," Murphy says.   "I'm sorry that Officer Books couldn't make it."

"Her boss, Commander Scott, had to see her at the last minute," Raven says.  Suddenly she wonders if this WAS a coincidence.  The appointment had been set over a week ago.  The mayor had time ...

"Ah.  Well, perhaps she can join us later," Murphy says, breaking Raven's chain of thought.   "Perhaps she has told you that I've arranged to get you deputized by the Dallas P.D.?  Good.  And I understand that you've completed the class.  Good.  Now, in addition to fighting crime, you'll have some, uh, some other duties to perform."

"Like what?" Raven replies.  The hair on the back of her neck suddenly rises.  This is getting hinky really fast.

The mayor glides to her feet.  Despite her age, Cathy Murphy is lean and fit, and has the grace of a cat.   She crosses the distance and slips around behind Raven.  As the black-clad heroine turns, Murphy puts her hands down on the heroine's shoulders and begins to massage them.   "You were very naughty to slap my hand away during the award ceremony, Raven," the mayor says.

"I'll be even more naughty when I leave," Kate says, rising to her feet.   She manages to make two steps toward the office door when the mayor stops her cold.

"If you leave now, Katherine Windrunner, things will become very difficult for you and Officer Books."

Kate stands as still as a statue.  Her mind races as she tries to deduce how the mayor know's her secret identity.  Not even the SHF knows her secret identity!  Her body burns with shock and anger but she won't show it to this woman.  Not now, not yet.  "What do you want?" Raven asks, turning back to face the mayor.  The mayor, 6' in heels, walks slowly toward the heroine.

"I want you to guard me, spend some time with me, serve as my, uh, my bodyguard," the mayor says, stopping in front of the heroine.  Murphy raises a hand and lightly caresses Raven's cheek.  "I want to have the most powerful woman in Dallas under my, uh, under my control, as it were.   You see, I'm a very powerful woman, not just in Dallas, not even just in Texas.  I have influential friends throughout the country, Raven, and I can get a variety of things done with just a snap of my fingers.   I can easily crush people I don't like, but I can also be a valuable ally to my friends."

"I don't want to be your friend," Raven says, stepping backward from the mayor.  "If you want to play this shit, count me out.  Keep your damn badge or whatever it is.  I'll stick to working for the SHF."   Kate turns and begins to stride toward the office door.

"If you walk out that door, be sure to give my regards to Mike and Maureen."

Raven freezes as her hand touches the doorknob.  She spins around and glares at the mayor.  "What?  What did you say?"

"The Dempseys, up in Chicago?  They raised you when your folks died, didn't they?"

Raven's body shakes from anger and helplessness.  This woman knows too much.  "Maybe I can stall for time, get the Dempseys under cover ..." she thinks.

"I called in a debt and someone is watching them, even as we speak.   If they try to leave town, or if you do anything against me ..."

"All right, all right!" Raven says, raising a gloved hand toward Murphy.   "I don't have much free time any more, though.  I have a job ..."

"And when you go to work today, you'll find that I've made arrangements with ... what's his name, Kelso?  Yes, I've made arrangements with him to have you spend some time guarding me.  A personal security detail, as it were.  Like tonight.  I want you to test the security of my mansion by trying to get in without detection.  I think your best bet might be to come over the northeast wall and enter via the doors on the north side of the building, but you can be creative.  I really do want someone to test my defenses.  Who better than a powerful woman like yourself.  So perhaps I'll see you tonight?  Try to come before 11, okay?"

*  *  *  *  *

A few hours later in the gym at the offices of the SHF, Raven almost destroys some of the Nautilus© equipment as she vents her anger in an extreme workout.  Her feral grunts as she works on the machines, the way she lets the heavy weights slam down after she lifts them, all indicate that something is eating at the woman.

"What's up, Raven?" Banshee asks.  The 5'8" tall with an average build is one of the local super heroes.   His costume is a green body-suit with brown leather boots and gloves and a small brown mask over his eyes.   Banshee can direct sound from his mouth into a target and do anything from shatter glass to melt metal.  Like the other heroes, he is an aquaintance, not really a friend of Raven.  She has few friends.

"No ... nothing I can talk about <UUUNNHHHH!!>," Raven groans as she bench presses 1,200 pounds.   The lift bar bends from the weight and then crashes down onto the supports when she sets it down.   She's only breathing heavily when she sits up and looks at Banshee.  "Thanks ... for asking ... though," she says, smiling at the man.  "Something I have ... to work out for ... myself."

She thinks back to the recent meeting she had with Stan Kelso, head of the Dallas office of the SHF.  She begged and pleaded with the man to reject the contract with Mayor Murphy but he was adamant.   She HAD to guard the mayor, on the mayor's schedule.  That job was more important than any other she might get, he told her.  "Obviously," Raven realizes, "the mayor is starting to pull her strings.  How do I get out of this?!?"  She even was so bold as to send an e-mail message from the office to Batman's secret account, asking him for ideas on how to get out of this situation.

"Penny for your thoughts?" someone says, interrupting her thoughts as she towels the perspiration off her head.  She turns and sees Thunder, another of the local heroes, standing behind her.  She smiles weakly at him and shakes her head.  "What's up, kiddo?  Seems like you lost your best friend."

"Can't talk about it yet," she replies.  "I need to check some things out, first."  She quickly leaves the gym and races home.   When she gets there, she parks her bike in a dark part of the garage and covers it, then slips on the long black coat given to her with her new costume.  It makes her look fashionable, but not like someone in costume.   She removes her half-cowl and now looks like a woman in a long leather coat.  With her costume disguised, she begins walking up to her apartment.   On the landing for the second floor, she abruptly runs into Mike.

"Oh, hi, Kate!" he says, smiling at her, "'sup?".  He looks very attractive in a grey business suit.  His left eyebrow arches at the sight of Kate, clad in a long black leather coat in the 90 degree Texas weather.   Her forehead has small beads of sweat on it.  "Bit overdressed, aren't you?"

"Trying to, uh, impress someone," she lies.  "Gotta run!" and she rushes away.

Mike watches her backside as she runs upstairs and notices that she's wearing boots and leather (?) pants?  "Must have really thin blood if she has to wear all that leather in this heat," he thinks as he continues down the steps.

*  *  *  *  *

Three hooded figures are seated around a small table in one of the fashionable high-rises in downtown Dallas.  "We can start to move, now," the Chairman says.  These three are the leaders of the Dallas chapter of Intergang, a nationwide crime cartel which had its head office in Metropolis smashed by Supergirl and Wonder Woman.(2)

"Are you sure we can operate freely?" Number Two asks.

"As far as I know, our main threat is Raven and she's going to be busy for the next few nights.   Isn't that right, Number Three?"

"Absolutely!   While I was sitting in the mayor's outer office, I overheard her and Murphy talking today.   Shouting, even.  After she left, the mayor had me clear her evening schedule for the next week."

"And I know that the Foundation has work for her almost every day this week," the Chairman says.   "Between those two jobs, she will be too tired to come after us.  So let's get our crews out there!  Here's a list of places that won't be protected by the SHF, and some that we can hit even though they are guarded, so to speak, by the SHF," he says, sliding some printouts across the table.  "Make sure we hit these hard before the cops wise up."

*  *  *  *  *

Around ten p.m., Raven parks her bike in bushes near the mayor's mansion and gingerly steps close to the wall around the estate.  She easily vaults up onto the wall and looks around.  No sign of guards or, more importantly, guard dogs.  The black-clad woman drops fifteen feet down into the estate grounds and scampers toward the north side of the house, easily leaping over an eight-foot high wall surrounding a small patio.  Sure enough, there are patio doors leading into the house.   She tries one and it opens to her touch.

Inside the house, Raven moves slowly out of the sun room and into a cental corridor.  She can see a light at the top of the stairs.  She rushes up them and toward the light shining from a room near the head of the stairs.  Raven slowly slides the door open and enters, hoping to catch the mayor doing something SHE might not want known.  Instead, Raven is suddenly surprised by the voice of Mayor Murphy off to her left.   The heroine spins to her side and spots the woman standing in a dark alcove.   Murphy leaves the alcove and walks slowly, sensuously toward the black-clad heroine.

"I began to think you might not come, Raven," Murphy says in a deep, throaty voice.  She's wearing a flimsy white negligée and 'girly' slippers.   And no undergarments.  Her nipples are clearly visible and are like two hard little nubbins at the end of her nice 34C breasts.

"Didn't mean to come so late," Raven lies.  "Since you're getting ready for bed, I'll just let myself out."

"I don't think so," the mayor says, cupping Raven's chin in one hand.   The heroine acts to move away but the mayor suddenly grabs the woman's bicep.  "I paid Kelso for your company from six until six a.m., Raven.   If you leave early, I'll call him at home and make sure that you never work as a super heroine again."  The mayor moves closer and wraps her other hand around Raven's waist and pulls the shorter heroine close.

Kate's eyes grow large behind her cowl as she's snared in the mayor's embrace.  "Kelso isn't a pimp, for me or any of the super heroines!" she snarls indignantly.  And when Murphy brings her lips close, Kate tries to back away, then bends back at the waist.  Murphy just closes in and cups a hand behind the woman's head, holding it still.  At first, Murphy's lips just brush against Raven's, then the older woman's tongue teases the other's lips and tries to force them apart.  Raven keeps her lips tightly closed as she endures the mayor's crude attentions.   Finally the mayor stops trying to kiss her guest.

"Perhaps I need to make myself clearer, Katherine," the mayor says sternly as she releases the young woman and watches her back away.  Using her name reminds Raven that the mayor knows her secret identity.  "If you don't keep me happy and satisfied, you and your friends and family will suffer.  So instead of playing the cold, distant prude, I think you need to start showing me that you CAN keep me happy and satisfied.   Because if you can't, then I can't ensure the safety of your family and friends."

"I'm not sure, but I think this is criminal behavior," Raven replies indignantly.   "Why don't we call the cops and see?"

"Phone's beside the bed.  Oh, and I'm sure they'll like to see the tape I have of you breaking into my estate."

"You hired me for tonight!  You just said you had me from six p.m. until six a.m.!"

"I lied.  I called Kelso late this afternoon and cancelled the job tonight.  Don't you check your phone messages, darling?  I wasn't expecting you, so when you arrived, I was surprised.  Especially since my estate was closed for the night.  Then you attacked me," Murphy says.  She then opens the front of her flimsy negligée and sensuously drags a long red fingernail down between her breasts.  "Go ahead and call the police.  You'll be in jail and exposed in a few hours."

A frown crosses Raven's face.  Check and mate!  And then the mayor moves closer and again wraps her arms around Raven.  Again the mayor tries to kiss Kate.  She keeps her lips closed at first, until the mayor growls softly.  With great reluctance, Kate slowly parts her lips and feels the mayor's tongue slip inside.  She closes her eyes and fights down the desire to throw up as the older woman's tongue pokes and probes around inside her mouth.  She's relieved when the woman finally stops.

"I imagine everyone has fantasies at one time or another," Murphy says, dragging a finger nail across Raven's cheek, down the front of her neck, and along the crack between the heroine's breasts.  Raven squirms when the nail reaches her cleavage but doesn't retreat - the mayor still has one arm around her back.  "As a powerful woman, one of my fantasies is to dominate others.  Especially others who are possibly more powerful than me.  Especially strong, vital women.  Now, I can't do that to Wonder Woman or Supergirl, but I can dominate you, can't I?  Can't I, Raven?  CAN'T I?" the woman screams when the young woman doesn't reply.

"Yeah, sure, I guess so," Raven replies.  "So what, you sick bitch?"   She definitely does not like the way this is going.  Her mind races feverishly as she tries to think of a way to get Murphy's claws out of her.   Everything that comes to mind is blocked by what the woman could or might do to her or those close to her.  She doesn't flinch when the mayor slaps her face for what she said.

"So," the mayor says a moment later, putting her hands on Raven's shoulders, "get down on your knees, little super heroine."  She then pushes ever so slightly on Raven's shoulders.  The heroine resists at first, then slowly drops to her knees in front of the mayor.  "That's a good girl, Raven," the mayor says, patting the heroine on her head.  "Now you can rise to your feet.  That's good.

"Now, here's how we're going to play.  In a moment, I want you to leave the room and return when I call you.  Then you will proceed to attack me.  Don't use your super powers, of course.  Pull your punches or miss me.  Now, I know some martial arts and I'll use them against you, but of course I couldn't hurt you, could I?  No.   So we'll have a little fight, then when I ask 'Who sent you?', overpower me and toss me on the bed, on my back.  There are ropes on the floor - tie my wrists to the bedposts.  All clear?  Then let's have some fun!"

"Such lame shit!" Raven mutters as she leaves the room.  At least with her gloves on she won't feel anything when she touches the ropes, which she notices are made of hemp.

As the door closes, Her Honor leaps into bed and crawls under the covers.   She calls out to Raven, then presses a button on a remote on her nightstand.   When Raven walks back into the bedroom, Murphy climbs out of bed and adopts a pose of someone who's being threatened by a mugger.  Raven looks at her a second in disgust, then rushes the woman, readying a punch.

Raven throws the punch but the mayor manages to catch the fist in mid-air and executes a flawless over-the-shoulder throw that drops the black-clad heroine on her butt on the floor.  As she sits there swallowing the shame and humiliation of this 'game', the mayor chops down on Raven's collarbone with a board-shattering side-of-the-hand blow.  Raven grunts, then drops to her side as if injured (which she is not).  Murphy puts a fuzzy slipper on Raven's ribs and nudges the heroine onto her belly, then does a knee-drop onto the woman's back, knocking the air out of Kate's lungs.

The mayor rises and plants a slipper in the middle of Raven's back, reaches down and grabs a handful of her mid-length hair.  She then lifts Raven's head off the floor, bending her back sharply.  At first, Raven is shocked, then pained by the severe backbreaking move.  "Hey!" she shouts, flailing her arms, trying to reach the mayor's hands.  Raven finally decides to roll over and uses her greater strength to topple the mayor onto the floor.  Both women rise to their feet at the same time and both drop into crouches like veteran martial artists, which they are.  Raven looks harshly at the mayor but the older woman just smiles back at the young heroine.

Now the mayor charges the heroine, stabbing at the black-clad woman with a series of karate chops.   Raven dutifully backs away, parrying some blows, letting others hit her.  Suddenly she grabs one of Murphy's wrists and easily executes a shoulder toss that deposits the older woman (HARD) on her plush ass.  The mayor grunts, then rocks forward to climb to her feet.  Raven doesn't give the woman time - Murphy's hair is grabbed from behind and the mayor is pulled backward until she drops down on her back as she's dragged across the carpet.

Points to the mayor, though, when she kicks upward with one leg and her foot hits Raven's jaw, snapping her head back and making her drop the mayor.  Cathy Murphy rises quickly to her feet and as Raven slowly rises, the mayor lashes out and again the tip of her foot connects with the heroine's jaw, knocking Raven onto the floor on her ass.  She sits still for a moment, looking at the mayor.  With amazing speed, Raven lashes out with one leg and sweeps the mayor's feet from under her, toppling the tall redhead down on her ass again.

Both women scramble to their feet and again circle warily.  "Who sent you?" the mayor asks, panting lightly from the exertion.

Raven doesn't reply, she just rushes the redhead as ordered.  The black-haired heroine deftly manages to get close enough to wrap the mayor in a bear hug.  Murphy hammers at Raven's face and neck but it has no effect on the heroine.  Kate then puts a hand around the front of the mayor's neck and bends her back, cutting off her air supply.  Murphy thrashes, hits Raven, and eventually falls limp in the heroine's arms.  Raven waits a bit, then lifts the mayor off the ground and carries her to the bed, where she deposits the older woman on her back.  Per instructions, Kate ties the mayor's wrists to the ropes on the bedposts.  Some time ago she inhaled some strange chemical fumes and became extremely sensitive to fiber products, even when wearing gloves. (3)  She's grateful that the odd sensitivity no longer bothers her.

The mayor opens her eyes in a narrow slit and whispers to Raven, "Now I want you to sexually ravage me until I have a good orgasm."

Raven rises off the bed and looks down at the mayor and replies, "Now you're just full of shit, lady!  I don't like doing that to women and I sure as Hell won't do it to you!  I'm outta here!"

She turns to walk away and the mayor hisses, "And I'm sick of your attitude.   Get over here and ravage me or I'll make your life so bad you'll wish you were dead!"

Again Kate pauses and considers her situation.  She might get out of town, but Books wouldn't leave.   She's up for sergeant in a few months.  And her aunt and uncle have lived in the same house for almost 40 years.  Getting them to move would be like asking the California Redwoods to go to Oregon.  She might be able to guard them, but it wouldn't be 24-7 and would raise questions with her uncle Mike that she doesn't want to have to answer.  An eternity later, Raven turns and moves back to the bed.  She looks down at the mayor, her face flushed with anger and revulsion.

"Make me cum and I'll let you go," Murphy says breathlessly.  When she sees Raven's face, and assumes that the heroine might bolt, Murphy adds hastily, "Use just your hands, Raven.  You don't have to do cunnilingus on me --- unless you want to."

Disgust is written all over Raven's face as she reaches down toward the body on the bed.  One gloved hand brushes aside the negligée and her fingers grab the woman's left breast and squeeze it delicately.   The other gloved hand gently strokes Murphy's exposed and remarkably-taut belly.  Not a bad belly for a 40-something!  After a few moments, the mayor asks, "Is this how you do foreplay?  If it is, you have a lot to learn.  I've been aroused more by city council meetings!   SATISFY ME!!"

Raven starts to remove her gloves but the mayor abruptly says, "Leave your costume on, Raven.  I'd like to feel the cool fabric against my skin.  And I don't want you to ever take your mask off around me.   I already know who you are and Kate Windrunner isn't the woman I want to dominate, Raven is."

Kate looks sadly at the mayor, then climbs onto the bed, kneeling between the woman's legs.  With great reluctance, she moves aside the last of the woman's negligée and gingerly runs a finger along the woman's nether lips.  Her other hand slowly strokes Murphy's thighs and belly.   After just a few moments of this, the 'captive' moans in a deep and husky voice and her body shudders.  When Kate slides a finger between the mayor's vaginal lips and into her love canal, the redhead rises off the bed, arching her back.

"In for a penny ..." Raven muses, watching the mayor writhe on her bed.   Raven presses her thumb against the blood-engorged clit of her 'prisoner' while sliding two fingers in and out of the woman's vagina.  Now Murphy's moans and gasps come more frequently and her body almost leaps off the bed.  When Raven reaches down to squeeze the woman's left breast, the mayor shakes her head from side to side and gasps loudly.

"Oooohhh ... yes ... Yes ... MMMNNNNHHH ... YYYYEEESSSS!!" Murphy pants as she rises higher and higher on a surging tide of pleasure.  "DDDOONNN'TTT ... SSTTOOPPPPP!!  AAAIIIEEEEEEESSSSSS!!" she cries as Raven pinches the large red nipple on her left breast.  By now, Raven's fingers are fucking the mayor and banging her clit so rapidly that Murphy can barely stay conscious.

Suddenly Murphy bounds off the bed, her belly arched high in the air and screams "AAAAIIIIEEEEEEEE!!" as a powerful orgasm, caused by both Raven's hands and the mayor's sick desire to control a super heroine and force her to take her.  The mayor's body bucks on the bed for almost a minute from aftershocks.  Raven watches disgustedly and looks at the juices on her gloved fingers.  She rubs the mess onto the mayor's thigh and the blanket but knows she's going to have to clean the glove several times to remove the stigma of touching the woman's privates.

Raven rises off the bed and begins to walk out of the bedroom.  Just before she reaches the door, the mayor says, in a weak voice, "You've done ... well.  Come back ... tomorrow night."

"We'll see," Raven says as she leaves the room.  "I almost want to burn my gloves after that.  I don't know how, but I have to find some way to get out of her clutches before this gets out of hand!"  During the ride home to northern Dallas, the heroine's anger builds.  She hits the LBJ Expressway and finds herself doing 80 and weaving around traffic.   Kate has to consciously slow the bike and take deep breaths to soothe the humiliation she feels.

*  *  *  *  *

The next day, Kate rises early and resolves to go to the SHF and get Kelso to reassign her.  She's thought hard about how she might deal with Mayor Murphy and her threats, but can't identify any way to avoid her or not obey her that doesn't put her friends and family at risk.   After her morning toilet, she's about to get dressed in her costume (using spare gloves while the pair she wore last night dry out) when the doorbell rings.  Still in her bathrobe, Kate goes to the door and opens it.   There's a package deliveryman with a small package for her, which she signs for and takes.  Back in the apartment, the woman opens the package and finds a video cassette and a note that just says "PLAY ME".

Kate Windrunner has had a powerful sense of curiosity ever since she was a little girl.  She shoves the cassette into her VCR, fires up the TV and plops on the sofa with her remote.  At first the image is dark and grainy, then it becomes bright green, as if shot through night vision goggles.  She watches, her mouth open, as the TV shows Raven dropping off the high fence in a single powerful leap, then racing across the grounds of the mayor's estate and leaping over a tall wall to get to the patio outside the doors on the north side.  The mansion's lights are out, so this is basically photographic proof of someone in her costume, with the ability to leap over a tall fence, entering the mayor's mansion illegally.

The tape skips a bit, then shows the inside of Murphy's bedroom.   The door opens and someone in a Raven costume enters.  The mayor leaps off her bed.  A fight ensues and again the costumed figure seems to use super powers during the fight.  The mayor (horrors!) loses and is tied to her own bed, then is raped by the raven-haired avenger!   Raven leaves and some time later a servant responds to the mayor's screams, arrives and unties 'her honor'.

The tape skips a third time and a still photo of Raven appears onscreen as an electronically-modified voice says,  "The originals of the two tapes will be made available to the police if you don't show up at my house tonight, or if you do ANYTHING to get out of your obligation, Raven.   If anything happens to me, the tapes will be released and your family and friends will suffer.  Most of your duties will only be at night, but you may also have some duties in the daytime or on trips I might take.

"You're my bitch, now.  Be at my house by nine p.m."  The tape ends abruptly, leaving Kate, on the couch, sobbing softly.  Not even the police can help her now.  Murphy has photographic proof that Raven is a criminal!  She's trapped, and all her dreams of becoming a super heroine like Supergirl or even Batgirl seem to be finished.

Just before leaving for her job with the SHF, Kate sends another e-mail to the Caped Crusader in Gotham, explaining her plight in more detail.  "I ... I hope he can help," she says after drawing a ragged breath.   After sitting for a moment, hoping that Batman might read and answer her at once, she rises and gets ready for another job as Raven.

*  *  *  *  *

"What are we escorting, anyway?" Raven asks Banshee later that day.   The two super heroes are riding in the back of a Blinks armored car as it roars through the western suburbs toward Ft. Worth.  There is a large box on the floor.  A driver and guard sit in the front of the vehicle.

"Don't know, Raven," Banshee says.  "Sure wish you could stay the night with me.  Gonna be lonely sitting with this box until it's picked up in the morning."

"Wish I could!  You have NO idea!" Raven says, reluctant to tell the man that she's supposed to make yet another visit to Mayor Murphy's house tonight.  Well, Banshee should be able to guard whatever's in the box.  After Banshee is left on the third floor of an office building near downtown Ft. Worth, the armored car takes Raven back to Dallas and her bike.

Just before 8 p.m., she pulls up to the front gate at the Mayor's mansion and the metal gate easily swings open, admitting her to the grounds.   Raven slowly glides her big bike forward, stopping at the front door of the mansion.  She removes her helmet and locks the bike, then goes up a few steps to the front door.  Raven hides her surprise when the door is opened by a woman - not the mayor.  "Her Honor is upstairs and to the left," the woman says, closing the door behind Raven.

As the heroine ascends the steps, she wonders what's on Murphy's schedule for tonight.  She notes that she is not going to the bedroom but to another room on the second floor.  The black-clad woman slowly heads down a side hallway and stops at a door which is partially open.   Kate gingerly pushes the door open all the way and slowly steps into the room.  The door suddenly slams shut behind her and before Kate can react, a rope drops over her shoulders  and pins her arms to her sides.   At the other end of the rope is someone, obviously Mayor Cathy Murphy, dressed in a white PVC catsuit, white bicep-length gloves, red thigh-high boots, a butt-long white and red-lined cape and a white domino mask.   The top part of the catsuit is held together by a zipper which is currently around her belly button, exposing a substantial amount of her cleavage.   Her thick mane of red hair cascades over her shoulders.  She makes a very stunning costumed character.

"At last, you've fallen into my trap!" Murphy exclaims with too much melodrama.   "Now, foul Black Raven, you shall feel the wrath of the mighty White Owl!"   The 'White Owl' then wraps several more loops of nylon rope around Raven, tightly pinning Kate's arms to her sides.

Raven watches this with disgust written on her face.  At first.   Then the mayor proceeds to use more rope to tie up her legs and then even more rope around her arms.  "I think you've used enough rope," Raven says in a deadpan voice to the scampering White Owl.

Murphy looks up from her work and smiles, then says, "Just a bit more!"   She disappears from Raven's sight for a moment, then returns, standing behind the bound heroine, resting her chin on her shoulder.   Murphy kisses Raven's ear, then says, "Say goodnight, Gracie!" giggles, and clamps a damp cloth over the heroine's mouth.  Her other hand hits clamps down hard on Raven's pubic mound, forcing her to gasp from shock and surprise.  Suddenly Raven realizes that she's just inhaled a deep breath of chloroform, or something similar to that sickly-sweet-smelling potion.  As she struggles against the ropes around her body, she topples onto the floor.  Raven tries to get free but the mayor continues to press the damp cloth against her mouth and the heroine swallows more vapors from the cloth.  A few moments later, Raven's eyes slowly close as the powerful sedative takes effect.

*  *  *  *  *

"Nnnhhh," Raven groans some time later.  Her mouth feels like it's been filled with dirt for two days.   There's a foul, metallic after-taste, as well.  Her vision slowly clears and she looks around her.   "Damn that bitch!" Raven curses.  She's chained to an 'X' frame - by her wrists, ankles and belly.  Her costume is still on but the zipper which runs down the front has been pulled all the way down to its end, just above her crotch.  Residual effects of the chloroform make it hard for her head to remain upright but she succeeds at last and begins to pull on the chain holding her right hand.  The links slowly groan and seem to yield slightly when <CRAAACCCKKK!!> a bull-whip hits her midsection and wraps around her belly and the metal frame.  It does no damage to her or her costume, nor does a second <CRAAACCCKKK!!> lash which wraps around her neck, but the whip does get her attention.

Mayor Murphy cackles with glee as she continues to crack the whip at the chained heroine.  The whip doesn't hurt Raven but she decides she might avoid future hassles and get released sooner by playing along with the woman's fetish fantasies.  So the young woman fakes gasps of pain and hurt and struggles to escape the whipping for five minutes as the white-clad vixen lashes the black-clad heroine.   She's not a very good actor but the mayor is satisfied with the performance.

"I <puff> see that <pant> I've broken <puff> you!" the mayor gloats, finally stopping the whipping.  Her brow is covered in perspiration and her hair is starting to clump into wet bunches.  Her whip hand drops to her side and she drops the bullwhip on the floor as if it weighs fifty pounds.  The woman slowly makes her way to Raven's side and slips a gloved hand inside the woman's costume, just below her large breasts.

"Hey!" Raven says in response.  "You've had your fun.  Just release me and we'll call it a day."

"I've just <puff> begun to have my fun!" the redhead replies, sliding her hand upward to cup and caress Raven's left brest.  Murphy leans down and uses her lips to brush aside Raven's costume and gently wrap her lips around Raven's right breast.  At the same time, her other hand reaches into Raven's costume and plunges toward her crotch, gliding over her trimmed bush.

"HEY!  CUT THAT OUT!!" the captive heroine bleats as her body begins to get aroused by the mayor's probing fingers.  "Don't - don't nnnnhhh doooo that!" the bound prisoner moans weakly as Murphy's gloved fingers slide into her wet love canal and tease the hard nub of her clit.  The mayor's white PVC gloves feel cool against Raven's hot skin.  The two women settle into a frenzied rhythm of the mayor finger-fucking the heroine even as she ravishes the woman's breasts and lips.  Raven, in turn, bucks and writhes on the X-frame as tidal waves of pleasure surge through her body.  As she nears an explosive orgasm, as her panting and moaning start to cycle upward in tone and volume, Murphy stops working on the woman and leaves Raven hanging off the frame, panting and huffing.

"Ooohhhh ... d-don't stop nowwww!" the heroine moans, oblivious to her danger.  Every time she has powerful orgasms, the little Trimblers in her blood system drain of some of the odd energy which gives her super powers.  Certainly the mayor doesn't know this?  The redhead isn't even trying to induce an orgasm, but is withholding one!  Raven squirms on her bondage rack, her body running at high rpm but her gear stuck in neutral.  "Please ... <pant> don't stop!" she begs.

A minute later, Murphy again attacks the heroine's body.  Once again she expertly strokes and probes Raven's body, hitting all the right buttons.   And maddeningly, once the heroine's body begins riding the crest of an orgasmic wave higher and higher, Murphy stops and backs away from Raven.   "OHH ... BUT WWWHHHYYYY??" Raven asks, gasping for air, her pussy begging for release.

For the next THREE HOURS, White Owl continues her cruel game of stimulating Raven toward orgasm, then stopping at the last minute.  Somewhere along the way, Raven's ravaged brain drifts off into fantasies about being taken by Thunder, Banshee, and even Batman.  Her orgasm-starved body has managed to burn off most of the energy in her Trimblers from the adrenaline in her blood, as well as higher blood pressure from her arousal.   Even though she had no orgasms, the arousal still managed to drain her of most of her super powers.  Now she's a drenching-wet and dazed woman, a plaything for Murphy.

"Wake up, super slut!" Murphy, or rather, White Owl says, slapping Raven's cheek.  The black-haired woman's head flashes sideways and the skin reddens.  A second slap on the other cheek tosses Raven's head the other way and Murphy's broad grin slowly dissolves.  There is a thin trickle of blood on the heroine's lips.  As Raven's eyes slowly open into two slits, White Owl asks, "Aren't... Aren't you invulnerable!?!?  How come a slap makes you bleed?"

Raven doesn't respond, she just looks up at the mayor through half-closed eyes.  Her breathing is ragged and her body aches from stress and straining against her bonds.  When she doesn't respond and her eyes close again, the mayor unlocks the ankle, wrist and belly restraints and gently lowers the heroine to the floor.  "Raven!  Are you all right?  I didn't mean to hurt you!  I just wanted to ... Oh, I don't know, I was playing.  I LIKE to dominate powerful women, that's all.   Wake up, Raven, please wake up!"

Some ten or fifteen minutes later, Kate finally manages to open her eyes.  She looks up as sees the face of the mayor, full of her anguish at possibly harming the super heroine.  Raven slowly rises up on one elbow and says, thickly, "I ... have a job today ... in Fort Worth.   I have to leave."  Surprisingly, White Owl helps Raven to her feet and walks with her to the head of the stairs.

"Would you like some breakfast before you go?" the mayor asks.

"No," the exhausted heroine replies, "I just want to get home and rest."

"You can rest here, if you want.  I won't do anything else to you ... today," Murphy says, wrapping an arm around Raven's shoulder.  The heroine pulls away from the woman.

"It's okay.  I'll be better at home.  Gotta check my e-mail, too."

*  *  *  *  *

Back in her apartment an hour later, the bedraggled super heroine pulls off her costume and gets ready for a shower.  She considers masturbating for a few minutes to release the tension, then decides against it.   She has to relieve Banshee in Fort Worth in two hours and needs her full strength for that.  At the last minute, she stands, buck naked, before her laptop, checking her mail.

There is only one message and it's from Kelso, addressed to all heroes in the Dallas chapter.  "Banshee disappeared while on a job last night.   The box he was guarding disappeared as well.  Everyone must assemble in my office at ... " and Kate slams a palm over her mouth.  "I left him there alone!"

"I've got twenty minutes to be downtown!"  She runs to her bedroom and dons the costume she just pulled off, the one that is still drenched with her perspiration and lubrication.  "Whew!  I hope this isn't too funky!"  It is.

Thirty minutes later, Raven rushes into the conference room at SHF Headquarters and slinks into a seat beside Force.  The small Latina smiles at Raven, then leans away from her.  The 95 degree temperature outside didn't improve Raven's odor.  She manages to focus on Stan Kelso as he repeats, for her benefit, the details.  When guards went into the room that Banshee was guarding, the box and Banshee were both missing and there were signs of a fight.  Kelso has no further information.   Suddenly his secretary bursts into the room and hands him a video casette.   Raven balks, assuming it is the one the mayor made, but relaxes when Kelso announces that the video is a surveillance tape.

Raven's eyes widen at the sights on the video.  They show the hallway outside the room Banshee was in.  They also show the back of a woman dressed in a black leather teddy, thigh-high black stiletto-heeled boots, bicep-length black leather gloves, and a bullwhip on a belt on her waist.   She removes the whip outside the room, opens the door, and cracks the whip into the room.  Another crack and she rushes into the room.   Several men join her a moment later and in a few minutes, the woman leaves the room, followed by men carrying Banshee's body and the box.  From the front, the tall, white-haired woman can be seen wearing a mask which covers the top half of her face.

"She ... she's in jail!" Raven blurts as the cassette stops.  "This can't be her!"  Force just sits in her chair, her mouth covered by one hand.  Her eyes are as wide as saucers at the sight of the images on the video.

"Who?" Kelso and some of the others ask.

"Muh-Mistress Ursula!" Force says.  Her body is now visibly shaking at the sight.

"We beat her several months ago, turned her over to the cops!"(4) Raven says.  "But there's no mistaking - that's her!"  Raven continues to describe the battle she and Force had with the dominatrix, Mistress Ursula and her cohorts at the Dallas Diamond Exchange.

Kelso finally interrupts to say, "We'll have to tell the police about this.  You two <he points at Force and Raven> stick around, the rest of you can go."

As the others leave the conference room, Raven muses silently, "If I wasn't being humiliated by that bitch Murphy, I might have been able to help Banshee guard whatever was stolen.  If he's hurt ...!"

*  *  *  *  *

"Well, that went like a charm!" the hooded chairman of the Dallas Intergang cell gloats.  "We retrieved the manuscripts and artifacts of the eighteenth century alchemist Count Cagliostro.  We can sell those for a nice coin.   Mistress Ursula did a nice job for us."

"When I hired her," another member of the Intergang-Dallas inner circle says, "I made certain that she didn't know me or my ties to Intergang.   What's our next job?"

The chairman just smiles like a contented cat.


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