Chapter 3

by Alissa C & RW

(Note: This story is more or less based on the cartoon character She-ra and other Masters of the Universe characters.  It is meant as adult fan fiction. Written with help and ideas from Foocominic with the She-ra's erotic club)

She-ra in chainsThe mighty super heroine known as She-ra hangs from chains, her famous costume lying on the floor at her feet.  She feels weak, beaten, and her shame is immense!  Her formidable strength and energy are almost completely gone.  How did the Horde villains, Catra and General Kane, rob her of her energies?  After capturning her they strapped She-ra to the MegaBeam and captured her jism as they put anything and everything up her ass!  Forbidden to break her virginity by Horde Prime himself, they had to find ... other, more imaginative ways to get the woman to cum.   A special aphrodesiac gel made by HordeWorks worked very well at stimulating the woman.  The more they used it on her, the more she came and the more she wanted of the gel.

For two days now she's been tortured and sexually abused - and worse, the sexual abuse always stopped short of her receiving an orgasm.  A mind-ripping vaginal orgasm - her first - is always put off to *save* her for Horde Prime.

*  *  *  *  *

"Get her ready for transport," General Kane orders two Horde troopers on the third day of She-ra's captivity.  The three are in the small room holding the MegaBeam's control system and She-ra.  The two troopers move behind the terribly-weakened heroine.  She-ra is so exhausted and drained from the tortures and sexual ravishings done to her on the three-day trip to Horde World, she's unconscious.  Her head hangs backward and her magnificent breasts jut forward as delicious, tempting targets for fondling, sucking, squeezing or whatever.

After unhooking her cuffs, the two troopers wrap their metal arms around the woman and drag her from the cell.  "Time for you to meet your new master, heroine," General Kane tells the reviving woman.

Through half-closed eyes, She-ra looks at Kane and begs, "puh-please ... don't do this ... I ..."

"KANE!  How DARE you take her without my presence!" Catra screams at the man.  She rushes down the corridor from the spaceship control deck to confront Kane.  "I demand the right to accompany you to Horde Prime to deliver her!"

"Fine, Catra, you can come with us," Kane replies smoothly.  "I was just going to send one of these troopers to call you after we got the woman fully awake," he lies with practiced ease.  "Go get that large metal container," he tells one of the troopers, pointing to the jar holding She-ra's magical energies, drained from her body by many orgasms.  "We will drop this off at HordeWorks on our way to Horde Prime."

*  *  *  *  *

Outside Kane's huge starship, the small party stops on a platform that overlooks the base of the ship.  "Wait a moment," Kane orders.  He turns She-ra around to face the ship.  The woman is barely conscious so Kane slaps her cheeks a few times until she opens her eyes fully.

"Watch this!" Kane orders, grabbing a handful of golden hair behind She-ra's head.  He twists her face until she looks down at the base of his starship.  Suddenly two huge doors open and form ramps leading from the ship's cavernous holds onto the landing dock.  A moment later, a loud humming noise begins.  Soon the noise resolves into the cries and laments of hundreds of Etherians as they move out of the ship onto the dock.

"Nnnooooo!" She-ra begs as she tries to turn her head away from this terrible sight.  Hundreds - a thousand or more of her friends and neighbors were captured by her magical energies and brought to Horde World for enslavement - enslavement for the rest of their lives.  Tears fall down the heroine's cheeks as she spots Princess Glimmer, Hurley Burley, Bow, Madam Razz, and even her horse, Swift Wind!  "NNNOOOOOOOO!!" She-ra cries when some of the people below spot her standing naked on the platform above them.

"She-ra!"    "Help us!"   "What's going on?"  her friends cry out at the sight of the mighty heroine, naked, shackled, guarded by Catra and Kane.  Their despair plummets to new depths - their mighty champion has fallen, there is no hope for them.

"<gasp> .. Nooooo! Swift <choke> ... Swift Wind! You tooooo!?!" she cries at the sight of her beloved horse being led down the ramp by a Horde trooper.

Kane and Catra keep She-ra exposed on the edge of the platform.  They want her to see every one of her friends walk off into captivity on Horde World and they want the captives to see their last chance for freedom defeated and humiliated.  Both the future slaves and the mighty She-ra will think twice before causing trouble, lest repercussions fall upon the others.

*  *  *  *  *

After the holds have disgorged the last of the new slaves, She-ra, Kane, Catra, and two Horde troopers enter Horde City, walking toward the hulking building housing HordeWorks.  One trooper shoves She-ra along the street, the other carries a huge metal cannister.  Kane holds She-ra's fabled *Sword of Power* in one hand.  Denizens of Horde City gape at the sight of the naked blonde who looks so much like the Etherian heroine, She-ra.  Catra frequently stops to gloat with her fellow mercenaries about *her* successful capture of the mighty heroine.  Other Horde mercenaries, including Grizzlor and Leech, join the entourage.  They take turns punching She-ra, pulling her hair, or twisting the attractive red knobs on her breast.

"Oohhh, st-stop ... don't!" the heroine pleads as she stumbles through Horde City.   Unable to resist the taunts and torments inflicted on her by her foes, She-ra helplessly cries and begs for them to stop.  The cruel villains merely laugh at the captive heroine and increase their torments.  By the time the party reaches HordeWorks, she's bruised and cut from the many punishments she receives during the short walk through Horde City.  And as she moves through the town, the chilly and dank air of Horde City makes goose bumps rise on her body and her nipples swell with blood, making them tempting targets for the mercenaries' attacks.  The cobblestones of the street have a thin veneer of frost and ice on them and her bare feet quickly become numb from the cold.

"Hey, let me guard her!" Grizzlor demands.  "I can guard her better than a stupid ol' trooper!"

Catra and General Kane look at each other for a moment, then relent.  "Okay," Catra says, "but if you harm her ..."

"I won't!" the beast-man replies hastily, raising a palm toward Catra's face.

"Oh no, I was going to say, IF you harm her, it's okay, as long as you don't affect her virrrginity," Catra purrs, patting Grizzlor on his shoulder.  With that, the beast-man moves in front of She-ra and digs his claws into her creamy white breasts, drawing blood around his dirty claws.  She-ra shrieks in pain and struggles to get away from Grizzlor but can't with Kane and Catra holding her elbows.  When the foul beast slides one paw down her belly, raking it with his claws and drawing more blood, She-ra's cries fill the city streets.  Around her, other Horde mercenaries shout and clap with glee at her situation.

Sensing that Kane and Catra want to get moving again, Grizzlor takes one last swipe at She-ra, slapping her face and dragging his claws across her tight cheek.  Four rivulets of blood form below her left eye, from near her ear to near her mouth.  She-ra screams in pain and struggles with all her depleted energies, trying to lift her hands up to her face to stop the horrible pain from Grizzlor's vicious attack.  Her entire body burns from the cuts caused by his dirty claws.  Catra and Kane increase their grip on her elbows and she's too weak to wrest them away to raise her arms.  Her head falls forward in shame as her blood drops down her front, soiling her legs.

After reaching HordeWorks, Catra, Kane, Grizzlor, She-ra and a Horde trooper carrying the metal jar enter the factory.  The other mercenaries mill around outside the factory.  They intend to escort She-ra to Horde Prime if she comes out of the R & D facility soon.  Meanwhile, the party moves upstairs toward ShadowWeaver's lab, stopping briefly at a grungy-looking water tap to clean the caked blood off their captive. The cold water makes the woman shudder and she winces when her recent cuts are vigorously scrubbed by the villains.  "Weaver!" Catra yells, "we have a jug of She-ra's magical energy here for you."

Beside Catra, Kane growls in a soft voice at the way the woman is taking all the credit for every aspect of this operation.  "Catra, it was I who started this project when I left here six days ago, so please let me take some of the credit!"

"Of course I'll share the credit with you, my dear, dear General Kane," Catra says in a sickeningly sweet voice.  "I'm sure there's enough credit for all of us."  Kane bristles at the woman's attempt to steal HIS glory.  He's about to deck her with a solid punch when ShadowWeaver suddenly joins the small group.

"Aaahhh, you've managed to capture the mighty heroine of the rebellion!" Weaver hisses.  She moves close to She-ra and gently cups one of the heroine's breasts in her hand.  She-ra flinches and tries to back away but the trooper behind her won't let her move.  "My extraction engine worked well, then?" Weaver asks Kane.  Now both of Weaver's hands is squeezing and caressing one of She-ra's love mounds and the blonde moans in pleasure at the tender feminine touch of the villainess.

"Worked like a charm," Kane replies.  "She responds better to cuddling than to torture."

"Really?" Weaver asks.  "Well, since we don't need her juices right now ..." and <SMACK> Weaver suddenly slaps She-ra's cheek with the back of her hand.  Blond hair flies as the woman's head snaps sideways from the sudden and vicious attack.  <SMACK>  <SMACK>  <SMACK> as Weaver slaps She-ra again and again, rocking the heroine's head from side to side.  When Weaver finally stops, She-ra is visibly crying from the pain.

"MMMMMRRRRROOOOWWWW!!" Catra gloats at She-ra's obvious pain.  "More! MORE!!"

"No, save some of her for Horde Prime, Weaver," Kane says, moving closer to the two women.

"Well then, before you run off to Horde Prime, I want She-ra to see this," Weaver says.  She leads the small group over to one bench and points to a cannon-like weapon atop it.  The cannon is aimed at a small hole in the side of a large metal chamber lined with shiny white walls.  "This is the time splitter," Weaver explains.  "We will use your energies, She-ra, to split time!  With YOUR help, we can travel forward or backward in time!  Imagine Etheria falling into our hands BEFORE you were born (assuming you WERE born and didn't crawl out from under some rock).  The possibilities are limitless, all thanks to your energies!"

The Horde trooper deposits the cannister with She-ra's magical energies on the bench by the time splitter and ShadowWeaver hooks it up to the device.  She gives the trooper instructions and a small metal wrench and it moves into the metal chamber.  Weaver then fiddles with some dials on the splitter and finally pulls a switch on the box.  The trooper vanishes!  "I sent him back five minutes," Weaver explains.  "I also sent him fifty feet away from here, so that when he materializes, he doesn't destroy any of my equipment.  At this time, we can only send someone a short distance in space and a week or so in time, but we will increase that time and distance now that we have her cum."  A second later, the trooper reenters the room from the hallway and walks over to Weaver, handing her the wrench.

"MMMMMEEERRRROOOWWWWW!!" Catra roars.  "We can have FUN with that little toy!"

"Amazing work, ShadowWeaver," Kane says in a cool tone that masks his feelings about the weapon.

"Gods, nooooo!" She-ra moans, fully-aware that her energies make this weapon possible.

Kane lays She-ra's Sword of Power on the bench beside the cannister and follows Weaver and Catra into another room.  They have the trooper grab one of the blonde's elbows in its vice-like grip and hold her.  Grizzlor moves close to the woman and begins to paw her perfect body, dragging his nails across her creamy white skin.  Still terribly weak, she moans when he cuts furrows in her belly and back.  He stoops before the woman to sniff her love canal and licks at her mons with a rough, scratchy tongue, making her cringe away from him.

"Pl-puh-please, Grizzlor, d-don't do this!" she begs.  After mauling her butt cheeks and thighs, front and rear, the man-beast rises to his feet in front of the heroine.

"You always treat me like a joke, She-ra," Grizzlor explains.  "Not a joke!  Not an animal!  You learn ... you learn good, She-ra!" he rants, waving a fist in front of the woman's face.  She cowers fearfully, knowing that his claws can easily disfigure her face in her weakened state.

"Well, it's time to take this one <Kane points to She-ra> to her new master," Kane says and he, Catra and wvr re-enter the lab.  He nods at the trooper guarding her and the creature jabs his assault rifle into her back, pushing the woman toward the doorway of the lab.  Grizzlor joins the group as they head toward Horde Prime's throne room, stopping briefly again to clean her newest wounds.

*  *  *  *  *

"We have a ..." Kane says, kneeling before Horde Prime.

"...special treat ..." Catra interjects, also dropping to one knee before the ruler of Horde World.

"... for you, milord," Kane concludes.  He slaps She-ra's butt cheek, forcing the woman to move closer to Horde Prime's imposing throne.  Grizzlor and the Horde trooper stand meekly at the back of the throne room, watching the heroine's descent into Hell.

"So ..." Horde Prime says slowly, looking down at the heroine.  "This is the mighty She-ra.  Tiara and wrist guards - anything else left of her costume?"  Horde Prime rises off his throne and stands in front of it.  His current image is of a 6' 5" blue-skinned male with short horns on either side of his forehead and long black hair in a pony-tail.  He has on black thigh-high boots and trunks, leather wrist guards with metal studs sticking out, and a hooded red cape that reaches down almost to his knees.  His maleness makes a huge bulge in the front of his trunks and it gets larger as he slowly walks down the four steps toward the captive heroine.

"Her boots and shards of the rest of her costume, milord.   I left her sword at HordeWorks," Kane replies subserviently.  He dumps a red, white and gold bundle on the floor beside the woman.  "Came apart when we whipped her," Kane explains, "to make her more controllable for you, majesty."  He hopes that Horde Prime won't be upset with this.

"Not a problem, General," Horde Prime says amiably when he reaches the floor level of the throne room.  He looms over She-ra as he walks around behind the bound woman.  She starts to turn to continue to face him but he reaches out one of his huge hands, grabs her shoulder, and pins her in place.  As he moves behind the woman, he puts his other hand on her other shoulder and looks at her bare buttocks.  "Catra, I believe that Weaver gave you one of her toys ...?"

"Herrrrre, my leader," Catra purrs, handing the Power Whip to Horde Prime.

"Goddess, nooooo," She-ra thinks.  "Horde Prime!  What vile things he must have planned for me!  I ... I must find a way to escape!"  She struggles valiantly, shaking her shoulders, stamping her bare feet on the cold tile floor of his throne room, but can't escape his powerful grip.  She feels his mighty fingers digging into her milky white shoulders.  "Noooo, you must not do this!" she demands with false pride.  "Stop this, Horde Prime, lest you feel the wrath of the Goddess of Grayskull!"  His soft chuckle and continued squeezing of her shoulders answers her plea.

Although she can't see what's happening, She-ra quickly guesses that the dreaded whip is about to touch her tender flesh again.  "Ooohhhh, nnnooooo!!  Don't!" she begs.  She hears a whirring sound and suddenly Horde Prime lifts her arms up over her head.  She-ra looks up to see a hook descending from the ceiling.  Horde Prime holds her arms up and neatly drops the link between her cuffs over the hook.  Another whirring sound and suddenly She-ra feels her arms being lifted up by the hook, stretching her back and making her shoulders cry out in pain.

"Ssttoooooppppp!" she cries as terrible pain lances through her shoulders.  So much of her mighty super powers were bled off by the Power Whip and the MegaBeam.  She's barely more than a normal woman in strength and endurance now.  Another whipping by that thing might kill her!  She dangles in the air, her feet several inches above the floor of the room, facing Horde Prime's throne.  All her foes stand behind her, including Horde Prime, who probably holds that ...


"UNH-UNH-UNH-UNH NNNNOOOOOO!!!" She-ra screams as the devastating whip cracks through the air and wraps around her narrow waist, the tip striking at one curvaceous hip.  When Horde Prime presses the stud on the handle and the whip begins to draw magical energy from She-ra's body, the pain is almost unbearable.  The stricken woman bucks and bounces as the air crackles with the sound of the Power Whip bleeding off more of her power.  "NNHH NNHHH NNNHHH NNNHHH," she moans until the lash finally stops shocking her body and falls away from her waist.  She hangs limply from the hook, her body aching terribly from the whip.  If only ...


"AAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!" She-ra roars as the deadly lash strikes her body again, this time wrapping around her chest, covering her delicious breasts with its coils.  Again Horde Prime presses the activating stud and once again terrible arcane energies developed by ShadowWeaver roar down the lash and rip the living magical energies from She-ra's body.  Again the poor woman bucks and twists in a vain attempt to escape from the lash.  Her tender breasts seem to explode in pain and for a short eternity, she stops breathing as the lash sizzles and sucks her energies.  "no more!" the exhausted woman begs weakly but ...


Again the Hellish lash wraps around the heroine's waist and the tip rips savagely into her mons, drawing blood and staining the yellow hairs.  Even when the whip is charged and begins to draw her super energies, She-ra makes no response.  She's passed out from all the pain her body has had to endure.  Horde Prime flicks his wrist and the lash falls off her body.  He coils the whip and hands it to Catra, then moves closer to She-ra.

"Bring her," Horde Prime orders the mercenaries and as the ruler of the Horde leaves his throne room, Kane, Catra and Grizzlor rush to the unconscious blonde's body and lift her off the meathook.  Grizzlor throws the woman over one shoulder and the trio rush to join Horde Prime.  They catch up with him as he enters one of his dungeons.  As he approaches the door, his body changes and drops down to a 5'8" height and less-broad shoulders to navigate the narrow passageway.  He slowly descends cold, narrow stone steps into the inky blackness, closely followed by hunched-over Kane and Catra.  Grizzlor follows, struggling to get down the narrow circular staircase with his huge body and his feminine bundle.

The group finally reached the bottom of the circular staircase - a dank, dark, drippy dungeon lit by a few torches along the walls.  "Kane, Grizzlor, clean her up and put her on the *horse*," Horde Prime orders two of his companions.  "You may leave us, Catra."

Rebuffed by his *Imperious Leader* tone and aware that she can't call him on it, Catra turns abruptly, her cape swishing deliciously behind her back, and stomps back up the staircase.  Long after her bootsteps are no longer heard by the men, the villainess seethes from being kicked out.  "I EARNED the right to play with her!" Catra fumed.  "Horde Prime had no right to eject ME!"

Meanwhile, back in the dungeon, Kane and Grizzlor carry the unconscious heroine over to a metal and fabric frame.  The base looks like a sawhorse found in many workshops.  At the top, on either end of the horse, are two arms that project up and outward one one side.  There are cuffs at the end of each bar and two more cuffs on the legs of the *horse*.  On the middle, in place of a saddle, there is a thick band of fabric.   Kane and Grizzlor hook She-ra's bare ankles to the cuffs on the legs of the horse, place her belly on the fabric, and stretch her arms over the top of the horse to the cuffs at the ends of the top poles.  Her body is thus pinned with her ass exquisitely exposed for whatever attention Horde Prime wishes to visit upon it.  The upper half of her body hangs precariously over one side of the horse and parallel to the ground.  There's enough room for someone to move his hips close to her lips (either the ones on her face or in her nether regions).  They use a damp rag to scrub some of the new blood off her body.  She moans but doesn't regain consciousness.

Horde Prime gestures once and Kane picks up a bucket from the floor.  He flexes his arms and sloshes the load of ice water inside the bucket outward.  The water hits the heroine in her face and douses that and her upper body.  She gasps from the shock and shakes violently in her restraints, then realizes that she's too weak to burst even the thin, inch-thick metal tying her to the horse.  "Oooohhhh, whu-whu-what now, you bastard," she asks Horde Prime, beside her.  Parts of her tender flesh were ripped open by the latest whipping - the touch of cold water on those raw patches burns intensely.

"I was going to just rape you, but I see you need sterner measures, first, She-ra," Horde Prime replies, gently cupping one hand under her chin to lift her face up to look at him.  "You have made my conquest of Etheria a constant headache for many years, She-ra, and now you will have the opportunity to apologize, by serving me as my faithful mistress."

"NEVER, foul fiend!"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Horde Prime says, nodding at Kane and Grizzlor who are smiling at the scene.  "As I said, I think you need sterner measures.  Grizzlor, would you like to begin?"

"Yes, master!" the man-beast grunts.  He looks around, then takes a riding crop from a hook on a nearby wall.  For the next few minutes the thing works like a demon, whipping She-ra's perfect white ass with the crop, until it becomes a streaked red mass.  She-ra's screams and shrieks dwindle away and her soft sobbing is the only sound in the dungeon, apart from panting by Grizzlor.  At one point, the pain is so intense, She-ra soils herself and the whip.  Her humiliation overwhelms her mind and she belatedly wonders how long before she loses her mind to the tortures she faces.

"Your turn, Kane," Horde Prime says, leaning against a moss-covered wall of the dungeon.  The Horde General steps closer to the heroine and pulls down his skin-tight red-and-black leggings.

"I wanted you to do this on the ship, She-ra, but I also didn't want to risk your escape," Kane says, pulling out his man-meat.  "I'd have had to have released you and let you drop to your knees to do this properly."  He trombones the shaft with his black-gloved left hand as his right hand lifts She-ra's head up by pulling on her blond tresses.  "Wake up, woman!" he commands as her eyes begin to close.  He stops stroking his tool long enough to slap her cheek, making the woman's head snap to her left before jerking to a stop - he still holds her golden tresses.

As his tool rises to its full 9" length, Kane steps close to the woman's face and, holding her head up by the hair and his right hand, his left hand pinches her the joint of her jaw and forces her mouth open.  He inserts his manhood through the slit and hisses as her teeth drag along the top of his shaft.  "You'd better not bite me, She-ra," Kane warns the heroine.  "And you'd better learn how to do this on me - I'm sure our merciful Master will not have the patience with your training which I have!"

She-ra looks up at Kane through bleary eyes, her mouth filled with his penis, nearly gagging on the meat inside her mouth and pressing down her throat.  She groans weakly as Kane begins to thrust his hips backward and foreward.  He now holds her head with both hands and rocks his head backward as her mouth begins to arouse him.  Harder and harder he slams into her, the skin above his tool battering her nose mercilessly.  Her moans are delicious pleasure - they tickle his tool.  Her thick lips are tight on his penis and quickly build him toward an orgasm.  Just a few minutes after starting, Kane suddenly freezes and arches his back.  Holding tightly onto the woman's head, he pumps jism into her mouth.  She-ra gasps and struggles - his groin is pressed so tightly against her face she can't breathe through her nose or mouth!  She feels like she's going to drown from all the sticky goo pouring into her mouth.  Finally, she manages to open the sides of her mouth to gasp for air.  Kane's milky white cum slithers out past her ruby red lips and across her cheek.

While watching Kane, Horde Prime's own tool begins to grow and swell.  Upon Kane's finish, She-ra slumps in her bondage, beaten and nearly unconscious.  Now the Horde ruler wants to take this troublesome heroine, to show her who her master is, and will be, for the rest of her life.  "Leave us," Horde Prime orders Kane and Grizzlor.  After Kane pulls up his leggings, the two mercs turn and head upstairs, leaving the shape-shifter alone with the Princess of Power.

"Now that you're my prisoner, my slave, here on Horde World," Horde Prime asks as he steps beside She-ra, out of her line-of-sight, "you must realize the situation you're in.  Who could come to your rescue, woman, now that I have you?"

The barely-conscious woman doesn't react for several breaths, then gasps, "Suh-sea-Seahawk."

Prime thinks for a moment, then his body morphs into a good approximation of the Etherian malcontent and sometime Horde associate.  *Seahawk* then steps in front of the woman and gently lifts her head up ... up ... up until the angle is so severe her neck must snap.  "She-ra ... my darling ... wake up!" Horde Prime says.

"Sea-Seahawk?" the addled woman asks.  "Whu-what are ... are you doing ... here?"

"I've come to rescue you, my love!"

"Ooooohhhh, Seahawk!"

Horde Prime gently removes the wrist cuffs from the woman, then helps her to stand beside the horse.  As she totters above him on unsteady feet, the shapeshifter unlocks the cuffs on her ankles.  He then rises and lifts her, one arm beneath her back, the other beneath her knees, and carries her across the dungeon to a large flat table.  He gently lays the woman on the table on her back, then steps back to look at her.  She-ra is almost unconscious but still manages to smile at *her saviour*.  She even reaches up to grasp his hand in hers.  *Seahawk* squeezes her hand and smiles at the beaten woman.

Horde Prime reaches down and rubs one hand on her belly, making her moan from the pleasureable feeling.  He leans down and gently kisses her large reddish aureole and She-ra gasps at the touch of his lips.  As the mighty heroine lies helplessly on her back on the table, Horde Prime, still disguised as Seahawk, moves around the end of the table to stand between her ankles.  He slowly pulls the woman down the table, holding her first by her knees, then her thighs, until her crotch is at the end of the table.  His groin area grows fuzzy, then a penis appears.  Five, six, eight inches long, the thing continues to grow until it becomes an obscene carrot-shaped object, twelve inches long, the size of a child's finger at one end, three inches thick near his body.

"I must recharge your magical energies, my love," Horde Prime tells the woman, "and this is the fastest way.  Are you ready for me?"

"Whu-what?  I ... but ... oooohh, yyyeessss, Seahawk, do it!"

Horde Prime slowly inserts the small tip of his tool into her love canal and, with a mind of its own, like a serpent, it begins to twist and turn and convulse as it slides into the woman.  It slithers inside her, rubbing against the walls of her love canal until it finally reaches her intact hymen and pauses for a second.

"AAAoooowwww.  What ...?" She-ra asks as a short sharp pain occurs between her legs.  She starts to rise off her back but *her lover, Seahawk* gently pushes on her chest, forcing her onto her back.  She doesn't resist.  Seahawk will treat her well - he's always been a good friend.  The disguised ruler of Horde World  leans forward and his mouth surrounds the tempting tip of one of her breasts.  As his lips press on the tender flesh, his tongue plays across her engorged nipple.  "OOouuuuuuunnnnhhh!" She-ra moans as pleasure surges through her body.  "Yesss, Seahawk, my love, that feels soooo goood!" Suddenly her eyes open when she feels roughly half of his shaft inside her - inside her and where no man has gone before!  "Whu-what are you doing, Seahawk?" the confused woman asks plaintively.

Horde Prime pushes harder and harder against the tight pussy of She-ra, driving more and more of his tool into her virginal canal.  A cruel smile flickers across his face - "I'm doing to you what you've done to my forces for many years, She-ra!" he gloats, plunging harder and harder into the woman.  Suddenly a second *tool* begins to form, below his *penis*.  Like the first one, this new tool begins to grow and, although longer, it's also slimmer.  This second tool snakes its way under her body and stealthily penetrates her anus.  Again She-ra's eyes open wide from surprise as the new penetration begins.

"AAooowww!  AAAOOOWWWWW!!  Stop, Seahawk ... you're ... you're hurting meeee!"

"Hush my darling, and you will soon be ready to escape," Horde Prime lies, making the thoroughly-confused woman calm down and work with him.  Their bodies begin to sweat as their rhythmic thrusting gets harder and harder.  She-ra yelps from pleasure/pain (?) as *Seahawk's* twin tools plunge into her body.  She cries for more when his lips and tongue savagely attack one of her bulbous tits.  She gasps in pleasure as his hands run over her creamy white skin.

"OOohhhhh, yes, yes, YYEESSSS!!" She-ra moans as her libido swells toward a mighty orgasm.

Suddenly her body arches off the table and she screams like a wounded beast.  For the first time in her life she experiences a vaginal orgasm and it rips through her body and crashes against her brain.  A second quickly follows and she seems to almost float off the table.  Then Horde Prime has his own orgasm, or what passes for one.  Slimy green goo pumps out of his two tools and into the heroine.  As She-ra's eyes close and she writhes on the table in ecstacy, Horde Prime slowly morphs back into his tall, purple form.

"<gasp> You ... you're ... not Seahawk ..." She-ra pants when she sees that the being between her legs, INSIDE her, is not her lover but is the evil Horde leader.  "NNnnnoooo!" she moans from this latest humiliation.  "Ooohhh, nnnooooo!!" she moans.  "What ... nnnnhhh ... what have you dooonnnneee!!"

"Only the first step in my plan to make you my mistress, She-ra!"

"NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!" her agonized cry fills the dungeon, echoing off the moss-covered stone walls.  "NNNOOOOOOO!!"  She sags downward.  Her body seems to have lost its will - her boobs sag on either side of her chest in defeat.  She begins to cry in loud gasps at the realization of what's been done to her.

"CATRA!!" Horde Prime calls out as he steps away from She-ra.  Moments later the Horde mercenary charges down the circular staircase and enters the dungeon.

"My lord?" the villainess asks when she skids to a halt on the slimy stone floor of the dungeon.

"Make this one presentable, Catra," the ruler of Horde World commands.  "I may play with her again, tonight, and she stinks of feces and sweat."

"At once, milord!"

Horde Prime heads up the stairs, leaving Catra and She-ra alone in the dark dungeon.  "My, my, my," Catra says in a sultry voice, "so far the mighty rebel leader has fallen, eh, She-rrrrrra?  You don't look so mighty now, heroine.  Has my lord tamed you, beast?"

"Not ... tamed," She-ra manages to say as she's helped to a seated position on the table.  Catra stands beside She-ra and is helping the blonde get to her feet.  As She-ra rises to her feet, she feels a slight surge in energy.  Maybe *Seahawk*/Horde Prime was right - the orgasm DID recharge her energies?  Can she hope as much?

Emboldened by this surging feeling of power, She-ra suddenly jerks her arm upward and her elbow hits Catra's jaw with a loud <CRACK>.  Catra falls backward and lands on the table top, barely conscious.  She-ra turns around and clasps her hands together, she then swings them down to hit the red-covered belly of the villainess with a solid <THUD>.  This snaps Catra back upward but before she rises far, She-ra swings her clasped fists in a roundhouse punch that hits the woman's cheek <THWACK> and knocks her onto the floor on her side.

She-ra pants and has to lean on the table after this mighty exertion.  "Now, to escape this demon-filled planet!" she resolves.  "But I think I should put something on before I leave!"  The heroine quickly strips Catra of her cape, mask, leotard and boots.  She-ra quickly dons the villainess' costume and pulls the cape's hood up to cover her blond tresses.  She looks around the dungeon and finds a ball gag and takes that and the unconscious Catra to a set of shackles on one wall.  The naked mercenary is quickly locked in the cuffs and as She-ra begins to put the ball gag on the woman, Catra begins to revive.  She struggles and hisses around the gag but can't stop She-ra from completing her task.  The cat is penned - for now!

"Give my regards to Horde Prime!" She-ra says, smiling at her foe.  She slowly begins to ascend the stairs leading from the dungeon.  "Hope I don't meet him or his mercs on the way home!"  She mentally pauses and asks herself, "and just how DO I get home?"

*  *  *  *  *

"Maybe I do have one chance," She-ra decides, racing through the dark streets of Horde City dressed as Catra.  She makes her way to HordeWorks, hoping that most of the weapons designers have gone for the day.  She cautiously enters the dark, empty lab and spots her sword still stiting on the bench.  Suddenly a Horde trooper walks into the lab - probably one of the nighttime guards.  With one swift and skillful swipe, she rams the sword upward and into the thing's *neck*, decapitating the trooper.  It falls backward with a loud metal clang.

"Better get out of here before they return," She-ra realizes.  She twirls her sword in a warm-up swing and slices a huge hole in the cannister holding her magical jism and most of it splatters onto the workbench and the floor below.

She-ra can hear the heavy thud of more Horde troopers nearing the lab.  "Gotta move!" she says to herself.  "Hope there's enough *juice* in this thing!"  She fiddles with some dials on the time splitter and steps into the metal chamber as the weapon discharges a beam into it.  She vanishes from sight as the hulking grey troopers enter the lab.

*  *  *  *  *

"What happened here?" Weaver asks, the next morning, seeing the remains of the destroyed trooper.  She gasps in shock at the sight of the metal cannister, chopped in half and drained of the energy she wants for her arcane techno-magics.  General Kane and Horde Prime have come to the lab to see what effect She-ra's energies will have on Weaver's techno-magic devices.

"She-ra!"  Horde Prime and Kane gasp at the same time.  "She did this!"

Just then a naked Catra enters the lab.  "Errrrr, did you see a blonde wearing my costume in here?  I think maybe I lost She-ra - my memory is kinda fuzzy."

"CATRA!" Horde Prime screams.

*  *  *  *  *

Ten and a half days earlier, a blonde carrying a huge sword and wearing wrist guards, a tiara and what looks like Catra's costume suddenly materializes in a small alcove near ShadowWeaver's lab in HordeWorks.  She quickly raises her sword but no one and no troopers are nearby.  She-ra slowly leaves the alcove and tiptoes on into the lab.  She sees a Horde trooper inside talking with the Weaver, who seems to be quite upset about something.  On a nearby bench is the time splitter device.  After a few minutes, Weaver moves through a doorway into a distant part of the lab and the trooper moves toward the door and She-ra.

She-ra waits until the trooper passes through the doorway, then springs out at him.  He pauses for a moment as his circuitry tries to classify this woman as friend or foe.  Looks like Catra ...  One deft swipe of her Sword of Protection resolves the issue and decapitates the metal man.  As it begins to fall to the floor, she drops her sword and catches the meta lman by its chest.  The helmet and her sword hit the ground but don't make much noise.  She hopes!

Suddenly She-ra notices that the robot has Catra's coiled Power Whip in one hand.  "Must getting it ready to send to Catra before she and Kane leave for Etheria!" Princess of Power says.  "I don't think you should have this, Miss Kitty."  She-ra picks up her sword and easily cuts the whip into three pieces - most of the lash, some lash and some handle, and the rest of the handle.  She then picks up the pieces and the trooper's head and carries them into a storeroom beside the lab.  A second later she retrieves the trooper's body and returns to the storeroom.

*  *  *  *  *

Two hours later, a *Horde trooper* carrying a sword clanks up the gangway into General Kane's personal spacer, a huge cargo carrier with holds large enough to hold, oh, say over a thousand humans and animals.  "That must be the last trooper so let's get going," Kane says in a cold, matter-of-fact voice.  The hold door slams shut and the massive ship rises off the pad at Horde City, headed for Etheria.  "Too bad Weaver lost that Power Whip she made for Catra," Kane thinks.  "It would have made a nice gift for me to give her, along with the bad news that I'm in charge of the operation to capture the infamous She-ra."

*  *  *  *  *

She-ra becomes Adora A few days later, in the dark hours before dawn, a naked She-ra moves through the shadows outside the deserted village of Columbiad.  She was finally able to shed the Horde trooper armor in which she had to hide during the flight back to Etheria with Kane.  She carries her sword in one hand, fearfully hoping no one will spot her.  Back on Etheria, she feels stronger, but knows that her energy is nothing like it should be.

"I will come here tomorrow - at least, the other me will come here, and will attack the Horde supply team and might be captured by Kane and Catra.  I've got to finish my preparations before they or my other self gets here!"  With that, the naked blonde raises the Sword of Protection over her head and says, "For the Love of GreySkull....... I am Adora!" but nothing happens.  "The other me must be Adora, now!" She-ra realizes, "and there can't be two Adoras or two She-ra's at the same time.  I'll have to wait until morning when I become ... became ... will have ... oh, whatever!"

As the sun rises over the horizon, She-ra again rises to her feet and holds aloft her sword of Protection.  Again she utters "For the Love of GreySkull....... I am Adora!" and this time a bolt of lightning stikes her, changing her into a fully-clad human rebel named Adora.

Adora become She-ra"Great, it worked!" Adora thinks.  "Now, I've got to wait and stay hidden - I'll be here soon!  Heheheh!"

*  *  *  *  *

She-ra falls into the pitThe rebel leader She-ra slowly, quietly approaches the village of Columbiad.  As she nears the village, she curses, "Sheol!"  when the ground suddenly opens below her!  A pit trap that she didn't see.  She was too busy checking the huts for Horde warriors.  After falling some twenty feet, the Princess of Power rises to her feet and dusts off her knees and skirt, then looks upward.  "I made enough noise to raise the dead but no one has bothered to see what they caught!  How curious."  The heroine bends slightly at the knees and with a powerful flex of her leg muscles, easily leaps upward to the rim of the pit trap where she lands delicately on one boot.  Looking back toward her horse, Swift Wind, the woman begins to edge into the run-down village.

When She-ra turns back toward the village, a gasp escapes from her ruby-colored lips.  "Who?"  She immediately drops into a defensive crouch with her sword in her hand.

"Don't panic, sister," Adora (the version of She-ra who escaped from Horde World) says softly, holding both hands up as she approaches her mirror image.  "I'm really you!  I was - I will be captured by Catra and another person if I ... if you ... oohh, I don't know how to explain this!  Look, I'm from your future.  If you go into the village, you'll be captured and horribly tortured.  There's nothing here for you.  Go away and help Hurley-Burley in his attack on Saranc."

Adora can see the suspicion in the eyes of She-ra.  "Here, does anyone else know this?" Adora asks.  She raises her sword up and says, "For the Honor of GreySkull....... I am She-ra!!!!" and of course nothing happens because there is already a She-ra.  "Now, who else but you would know that your secret identity is Adora and would know what she has to say to become She-ra?  And look at this sword!"

"You've convinced me, sister," She-ra says.  "No one else could know all of that.  What happens if I do leave here.  If I don't attack this village ..."

"... I - or rather, you won't get captured," Adora says.  "I don't know what will happen then, sister.  But whatever happens will be better than what happens to the rebel cause and to us if you are captured."

"Well, you've convinced me that you know a lot about me," She-ra says, clasping Adora by the wrist.   "So what do we do now, *sister*?"

"I think if we try to change ..."

"Into who?"

"Well, let me try the change into you."  Adora moves closer to She-ra and the two women embrace closely, crushing their bodies against each other.  Adora looks deeply into She-ra's eyes, raises her sword and says, "For the Honor of GreySkull....... I am She-ra!!!!"  This time there IS a blast of blinding light and suddenly the two women shimmer and blur.  The bright light around the huddled bodies slowly fades and now there is just one person, She-ra.

The mighty heroine suddenly begins to cry uncontrollably.  "My goddess, what she endured ... How can I ever be the same person, knowing what foul things were done to her on the ship and on Horde World!? "  A few minutes later she regains her composure and says to herself, "Well, from the memories I got from my other self, I realize that there is a terrible trap, and future for me if I go into the village.   I think she was right.  I will go help Hurley-Burley.  He's earnest enough, but sometimes he's too earnest."

She-ra leaves the village and re-mounts her horse, Swift Wind, who looks at her quizzically.  Didn't she just go into the village?  Since Catra and Kane didn't capture *a* She-ra, she was never tortured and taken to Horde World.  Kane never got her jism to power the MegaBeam, rebels weren't captured, and ShadowWeaver never got the cannister of jism to power her hellish devices.  But unfortunately, She-ra now has the memories of the humiliation and pain that might have been and knows the pain of having had her spirit broken by sexual abuse.

"I wish I didn't know what she went through," She-ra says to herself, choking, as she and Swift Wind gallop toward Saranac to help the rebels. 

*  *  *  *  *

A few days later, Kane and Catra return to Horde World.  They haven't captured She-ra, they don't have a hold full of captives - in short, they've failed.   "Well, you really screwed up, Kane!" Catra gloats as their huge ship lands on Horde World.  "I hope Horde Prime isn't too rough on you.  But you know he doesn't like failurrrrrres.  And as you said on the trip out to Etheria, this WAS yourrrrr operations, mmmeerrrooowww!"

Kane says nothing but his hand tightens into a power fist.  He'd lash out at the woman but that would do nothing for his situation.  "Ah, well, what the Hell," he thinks.  His gloved left hand snakes out to hit the woman's jutting jaw.  She folds like a cardboard cutout and drops to the floor, unconscious.  "Humphf!  I guess it does make me feel better!"  The general slowly walks off his ship toward the palace and Horde Prime.

LiviaSome time later that night, after Horde Prime thoroughly chews out the general for his lousy planning, Kane is in his quarters and half-undressed.  Suddenly the door opens and a young woman enters.  The comely woman with dark-brown hair is dressed like a gladiator - metal and leather bustier, skirt, and knee-high boots, wrist guards and a short sword in a sheath on her side.

"Hello, General Kane," she says.  "May I come in?"

"Who sent you?"

"No one *sends me*, general, I go where I wish," the woman replies, crossing the room toward the Horde officer.  "And now I wish to visit with you."   She looks hungrily at Kane, who's wearing just his black-and-red tights.   His belly and pec muscles ripple and glisten in the darkened bedroom.   The woman moves close to Kane and the side of his bed and slowly unhooks her skirt and lets it and her sword drop to the floor.  As the man watches this lovely vision, she puts one foot on the bed and slowly removes the boot on that leg.  She then takes off her other boot the same way, and drops them to the floor.  Finally, she unhooks her brassiere and as it falls away from her torso, her tight 36C breasts pop free.

Kane looks at the woman's tight, well-muscled body, and again asks the woman, "Who sent you?"  He also asks, "Just who the Hell are you?"   He starts to back away from the woman but she grabs the waistline of his tights and begins to pull them down.  He grabs her wrists as if to stop her but the woman steps closer and rubs her bare nipples against his chest.   The nipples harden into small tight nubs and Kane's body responds - his tool begins to grow within his tights.  He also stops resisting this woman.

"Let's just see the total package," the brunette says, slipping his leggings down to his ankles.  She deftly lifts first one, then the other leg and removes the leggings from the general.  As she rises, she drags finger nails along the man's legs, making his malehood swell further.   When her hands reach his groin, one grabs his member while the other cups his scrotum.

"NNnnnnhhh," Kane grunts at the sensuous feeling between his legs.   "She's good," he thinks, classifying the woman as a first-class whore and gift from Horde Prime.  "Hheeyyy!" Kane yelps when the woman knocks him onto the bed on his back.  She quickly hops onto the bed, planting a knee beside each of his hips as she settles onto his erection.  She gasps when his thick penis penetrates her body, then he gasps when he's fully-swallowed by her tight pussy.

For several minutes, the nameless brunette rises and lowers her body on Kane's long thick tool.  As she rubs his belly and his legs, sometimes scratching him with her nails, the man plays with her breasts, making her emit small yelps and moans of pleasure.  Their rhythm gets faster and faster as each moves toward climax - Kane is the first to pop.  His hips buck upward, lifting the brown-haired houri off the bed as his jism pumps into her love canal.  Seconds later, the woman also explodes and almost falls off the man from a tremendous orgasm.  She collapses down onto his chest, driving her warm, sweaty breasts against his equally-wet chest, her cheek on his shoulder.

"That was ... magnificent, General Kane!" the woman gushes as her hands play with his body.

"Quite good ... yes," he says, trying to recover his breath.  "Now!  You still haven't told me your name or who sent you?"  The woman shifts atop his body and his tool slurps out of her pussy with a wet <PLOP> as she fidgets on the bed.  "What are you doing, woman?"

The brunette rises back to a seated position, still over the general's crotch.  Now she's holding her short sword in her right hand.   "My name is Livia and I'm your replacement, General Kane!"  Before the man can react, Livia slams her upraised sword down into Kane's chest, pinning his body to the bed.

"Now She-ra, YOU'RE NEXT!!!!!" the woman roars, pulling the sword out of Kane's chest to hold it upright in victory.


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